Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 14 - Blood on the Scales - full transcript

Roslin is on board a raptor en route to the Rebel Cylon Base Star, but Gaeta has ordered to engage and destroy it. The marines have used a stun grenade on Adama and Tigh. Roslin manages to get a wireless transmission out for everyone to hear and learn what Gaeta has done. She and the others barely make it to the Base Star, where she convinces Tory and the other Cylons to use the Fleet as a cover in order to prevent Gaeta from attacking it. She also believes that Adama will be able to save the rest of the Final Four. Temporarily safe, the Rebel Cylons start voting on whether they should just jump away and count their losses. Adama is brought before Gaeta and Tigh is thrown to the brig with Caprica Six, Anders, Athena, Helo and their child Hera. Zarek comes aboard Galactica on Colonial One with the Quorum. At Gaeta's insisting, Zarek agrees to put Adama on trial for treason, with Romo Lampkin assigned as his defence lawyer. There's just one problem: The Quorum refuses to recognize Zarek's authority. However, Zarek is hell-bent on following his "The truth is told by those left standing" maxim. Only Tyrol, who's alone, and Lee, whose with Starbuck, are Galactica's last hope.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

The world is frakked.
It's upside down

and somebody's gotta
turn it right side up.

Are you that man?

I'm one of them.

Combat, Gaeta.

We've got civilians
arming themselves down here.


Sergeant of the Guards,
get your marines in here!

Nobody gets in or out!

What the hell are you doing?

Admiral Adama, I am removing
you from command of this ship.

Admiral, don't do this.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a guy
like you run me off my own ship.

The Colonel and I
are gonna make sure

that the President's Raptor
gets out of here safely.

No, Dad, you can't stay here...

I'm depending on you.

Make sure these animals
don't dishonor this ship.

I'll see you soon.

Look out!

Raptor just took off
from an aft airlock.

Arm all weapons.
Engage the target and destroy.

Narcho, Galactica.

Hostile Raptor outbound.

Bearing six,
three, four at two.

Order your flight to engage
the target and destroy.

Roger, Galactica.

Well, well, well...
It's the brig rat.


Galactica, Narcho.

Blind out of the sixth gate.

Breaking, going Zone 5
to pursue.

Red Viper ll, Narcho.

The target's in your front
yard, Hotdog. Engage.

Narcho, Hotdog, tally.
I got her.

Colonial Raptor, Red Viper ll.

Identify yourself immediately.

Repeat, identify.

Hotdog, dig the crap out of your ears.
Engage and destroy!

Narcho, Hotdog. Target in range.
Waiting for Raptor ID.

Damn it, Hotdog.

Galactica, Narcho,
coming around.

Bearing niner, three, four.
Still no joy.

Hotdog, Narcho.

Destroy the target
or disengage.

I repeat, destroy
the target or disengage.

Where's the... Where?

This is President Laura Roslin

aboard the Raptor. Do not fire.

Gage, jam her transmission.

I escaped from the mutineers
who have taken over Galactica.

- Gage!
- They're firing...

Grabbed it, sir.

They're still on us.
Sit down and hang on.

Hotdog, Narcho.
Target status, report.

I don't know.
That was the President.

She's on board the target.

We've got Adama and Tigh.

They were in
the auxiliary airlock.

Put Tigh and Adama down
with the Cylon prisoners.

Belay that.
Put Tigh with the Cylons.

Bring Adama up here now.


patch me through to Red ll.

Lieutenant Constanza,
Galactica Actual.

You were given an order,
now follow it.

Hotdog, stop frakking thinking
and shoot, Gods damn it!

Galactica, Narcho, tally.
I have the target.

Maneuvering into position.

Frak, Narcho!

I'm in, I'm in.

They've got
a missile lock on us.

Missiles missed the target.

The Raptor boarded
the Baseship.

Why are we under attack? Colonial
Vipers are firing on our ship.

You're not under attack,
they're firing at us.

What did you do?

Their government
has lost control.

Our government has
not lost control.

Excuse me, how would you
describe it, Madam President?

Adama is a fugitive.
Gaeta has an army,

and Zarek has control
of Colonial One.

Adama is free.
Don't listen to him.

The last time we saw Adama,

he was cornered in an
airlock with Colonel Tigh.

If you were forced to escape, Gaeta and
Zarek must have substantial support.

They don't!

In fact, we're here because a pilot
refused to shoot us down. Tell him.

Yes, but the other
pilot had no qualms

about shooting down the
President of the Colonies.

If they're
willing to do that...

It's not safe. We have to jump.

I have to agree.

what about the Final Four?

Tyrol, Anders, Tigh, they're still over there.
What about them?

If you jump,
you'll never see them again.

If you stay put, you give
Adama a chance to save them.

Put your ship in
the middle of the Fleet.

Use the Fleet for cover.

Give Adama some time.

But what if... No, Gaeta
won't jeopardize the Fleet.

He doesn't have the guts!
Now, come on, do it!

Welcome back.

I had a feeling you
wouldn't be on that Raptor.

I care too much for this ship
to let it be overrun by rats.


If only you cared as much
about the people on it.

You have no frakkin' idea.

Well then, show me.

You want to save some lives?

Get on the radio
and call Roslin.

Tell her to come back
and surrender.


I'll ask you one
more time, Admiral.



You're the Admiral now.

So you call up Roslin.

Make her laugh.

All hands to battle stations.
Set Condition 1.

Gun battery, stand by.
Target bearing...

Sir. The Baseship.

They're moving into the Fleet.

They're hiding in the Fleet.

Battle stations, stand down.

Marine launch, blue squadron. Have
them quarantine the Baseship.

Gage, spin up our FTL.

Alert the ship captains
to do the same.

Kelly, prepare for
Mr. Zarek's arrival.

Now you're going to
shoot me, Mr. Gaeta.

"...shall we save the kids?"

And the attorney says,
"Frak them."

And the priest says,
"Do we have time?"

You're gross.

Damn it.

This is President Laura Roslin.

This is
the President speaking, the...

Hello. Hello!

Gods damn it.

It's okay,
he's going to feel better.

Wonder what Gaeta's gonna do.

In your case, cut off one
of your frakkin' legs.

I have a net over
the Baseship, you know.

You didn't have to bring
the whole Quorum with you.

If you're insisting
on the trial.

I'm insisting.

Then I want them where I
can keep an eye on them.

Look, I know you want
to do the right thing.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the
impression that you did, too.

I do. But we need to move on.

We can't move on until people have
answered for what they've done.

Which begins with Adama.

One world at a time, Tom.

I don't suppose anyone's
gonna feed my dog.

The Admiral is
charged with treason,


giving aid and comfort to the enemy
and gross dereliction of duty.

The punishment for these crimes
is death by firing squad.

Well, I'm not a very good shot.

The Admiral is entitled
to a court-martial.

We need a lawyer to
handle his defense.

They need a pimp.

Commander Gaeta will
represent the people.

Commander Gaeta...

Why are you doing this?

For justice.

Justice. Uh-huh.

So it'd be fair to assume
that should I choose to pass

on this field trip for justice,

Winkin' and Blinkin' over there will
use me instead for target practice?

Just get on with your job.



Bring in the judges.

I will be serving as judge.

I see, so we've run out
of ship's captains, then.

Captains are too busy
protecting their vessels

from the Cylon Baseship Admiral
Adama welcomed into their fleet.

Shove it up your ass.

I don't need a frakking lawyer.

You are charged with treason...
By who?

Desertion, with giving comfort

and aid to the enemy.
This is a joke.

And you will
answer for these crimes.

"Aid and comfort," oh, yeah.
I did bathe and wash them.

Made their meals.

I love the enemy.

Could I have a few minutes
with Mr. Adama?

Just to impress upon him
the gravity of these charges?


You want him to understand,
I know you do.

Make it quick.

This is the President.
This is Laura... Hello?

Hello? Hello?

We don't even have
the protection of the Fleet.

They've scattered.

And the Viper patrols,
they've gotten bold.

Some of them
checked their guns.

Gods damn it.

Firing into space. It's like
they're inviting us to react.

I think we should all talk.

"The world's upside down,"

"and someone has to turn it
right side up again."

Felix Gaeta said that to me.

He believes he's that someone.

I believe he's that someone.

But he has very
big shoes to fill.

I brought you here because I wanted him
to meet people who refuse to give up,

people who have the courage
to voice their dissent

but at the end of the day,
still stand by your president.

I think you should leave now.

Mr. Vice President.

- So say we all.
- Hear, hear.

So say.

I would stake my life on it.

Shoot them.

Point of order. Point of order!

Go get Mr. Gaeta.

I never agreed to this!

Yes, you did.
No, this is murder!

This is a coup that you began.

To take command and destroy our
enemies before they destroy us.

What've you done?

This is what happens.


No, it's a lie.

This is all based on lies.

Don't you get it?

We had the truth
on our side. Now...


The truth is told by
whoever's left standing.

Adama has to go.

There's no turning back now.

Sorry. It was a difficult choice
but we made our decision.

We're jumping away.

We have a chance to survive.

I'm sorry, I would've thought
as one of the Final Five,

you'd have a broader vision
than that.

If he hasn't done it already, Gaeta
will airlock Tigh, Tyrol, Anders,

then he'll start with the rest.

Kara, Helo, Adama...

Don't. Stop.

His fate has been all but
decided, count on it.

Please, don't. Ours isn't yet.


No one believed that we would survive
the Cylon nuclear holocaust,

or the hell on New Caprica,

or the 50,000 other crises
we've lived through.

But we did, we're here.

We've made this veritable habit
out of defying the odds,

particularly William Adama.

And he is alive.

He is alive.

And he will take command
of this fleet again.

And when that day comes,
he's gonna know

who stuck with him and who ran.

Now who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

Hey, Chief.

Looking for a gun?

Hey, Aaron.

Sprung you, did they?

Long live the revolution.


Just shoot me now.

I'm too frakking
tired to get out.

You're a frakking machine.
Get out.

That's right, I'm a machine.

What does that make you?


This was a hell of a ship once.

Yeah, it really was.

Heard your kid's not a Cylon.

Could have told you
she was trouble.


It wouldn't have mattered.

Go on, keep going. Go!

Go on, skin job, go!


Forget it. You think if you
can get me to cooperate,

you'll get a pat on the back
instead of a bullet?

Don't let your pride
get in the way.

Put your innocence
on record for the Fleet.

Your statement...
I won't do a statement.

Gaeta and Zarek are gonna fail.

You really believe that?

What do you think?

I won't betray my beliefs
with a testimony.

You have people out there
mobilizing, I saw them.

Give them a chance to do something.
Stall or play dumb...

We've been ready to
proceed for some time.

Are you injured?

I behieve.
The word is "damaged."

No frakking way.
It's never gonna work.

Up close, I can take two of them
before you take your shots.

From back here,
with a side arm?

We've only got one
chance to get this right.

And I'm gonna take it.

Grenade! Look out!
Hit the ground!

Never pulled the pin.

Not funny.

Yeah, it would have been
if you'd thought of it.

No. Not funny.

Tigh. It's okay.

It's Kara.

It's Lee and Kara.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Where is he?

Give me a hand.

Bastards went to town on Helo.

Wait a minute. Where is he?
Where is my father?

Kelly took him.

What? You were with him.

What happened?

I don't frakking know!

Come on, damn it. Let's get out
of here before they find us.

I have Hera.

You Okay?

Go left.

Kara, frak that, let's go!

Got it, we'll catch up.


Oh, Gods! Okay... Oh, my...

Oh, my Gods!

Look at me, look at me.
Look at me, do you hear me?

Okay, okay, okay.

Kara! We can't stay here!

Watch his neck, Gods damn it.

We got to go!
We got to move Sam.

Take Hera and go
to Baltar's people.

No one wants to go near those nut jobs.
You'll be safe there.

Okay, he's gonna bleed out.
He's gonna go.

Don't move his head. Go!

I can take care of myself.
I won't leave.

Saul! We're gonna lose Sam!
Lee, go!

Lee, go, get your father!
Now go.


Okay, get him to Cottle.

Athena, go.

Okay, company, move out!

Okay, let's move, let's move.

Let's go, let's go.

Okay, baby.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

You deserted us on New Caprica.
You let us twist in the wind.

I saved your frakking ass.

Why can't you just admit

that you've been derelict
in your duties as an officer?

Not only do you give aid
and comfort to the enemy,

you were about to
grant them access...

Objection, he's badgering the witness. every jump drive

on every ship in this fleet.

About to? I did it.
I gave them access.

And you know what? I
didn't give them aid and comfort.

They gave it to me.

We just got word that Tigh
and the skin jobs escaped.

Don't worry, sir. We're on it.


Saul Tigh was killed
trying to escape.

I'm sorry.

But you did give aid
and comfort to the enemy.

Saul Tigh was a Cylon.

And even when you
discovered that he was,

you let him remain the XO,
didn't you?

I'm not answering any more
questions for you, Mr. Gaeta.

The prisoner is
guilty as charged.

This isn't a trial.
This is an asylum.

We're done here.

This is President Laura Roslin

speaking from
the Cylon Baseship.

Felix Gaeta has
seized Galactica by force.

The Cylons were
defending themselves.

They will not harm you.

I repeat,
the Cylons will not harm you.

Jam that signal.

Why the frak is she
still broadcasting?

I am asking all
ships' captains...

Where's Hoshi? ...Not to jump.

Get that little frak back into CIC.
Do not jump!

Shut down your FTL drives...

It worked.
They couldn't jam it.

I thought this
would do the trick.

Show me your frakking hands!

You have to help me
get him to Cottle.

No, no.
No, just on the way here,

me and my pen pal
were shot at two times.

Once by his own men.


He's gonna die.

I'm sorry.



10 ships shut down their FTL drives
after Roslin's transmission.

10 ships out of 35.

Frakking Roslin.

No, she did us a favor.

Now we're clear who's with
us and who's trouble.

Gage, give the jump coordinates
only to those ships

that kept their FTLs online.

Order them to jump immediately.

Yes, sir.

I need you to assemble
an execution detail.

Only men you can trust.

Secure the main
hangar deck launch tube.

Take Adama down there
and wait for me.

Can I count on you, Noel?

All down the line, sir.

Spying on me, Tom?

Let's just get through this and
move on, all right, Felix?

Where's the old man?

Where's the old man?
They're gonna shoot him.



Main hangar deck launch tube.

Come on, come on,
let's go, Gods damn it.


Wait! I'm coming with you.

Detail ready.



No! Shh.

You were dreaming.
I couldn't wake you.

Oh, God,
they're gonna shoot him.

I feel sick, I...


No, this is all wrong. It's wrong.
Please, stop, stop.

But... I want to
make you feel better.

Then cut off my legs.
I ran again.

I disappeared in
the nick of time again.

Fear makes people
behave differently.

I didn't run out of fear.
Not this time, anyway.

I ran away from those people.
God, "those people."

I've got a kind of
following on Galactica.

Like a fan club.

Publicly, I humor them. Privately, I
scorn their provincial intellects,

their unfailing willingness
to make me feel better.

I have to go back.

I have to go back,
they're my responsibility.

I am sorry.

Galactica. This is
President Laura Roslin.

Release all those being held
against their will

and return command
of this fleet

to Admiral William Adama.


You have five minutes!

Lieutenant Allison.

Carry out the execution.

Yes, sir.

Dad. Thank you, Son.

They told me you were dead.

For a while, I was, Bill.

I want to take back my ship.


Sorry, sir.

I've always respected you.

But I hate the Cylons.

And I can't take orders from a
leader who won't fight them.

Colonel. Stand down.

Tie him up.

Put me on speaker.

This is Tom Zarek,
President of the 12 Colonies.

It's over, Laura.

Saul Tigh was killed
attempting to escape.

Bill Adama was tried and
found guilty of his crimes.

A firing squad
executed him this morning.

It's done, Laura.

You need to think about the people
of this fleet now and surrender.


Not now, not ever.

Do you hear me?

I will use every cannon,

every bomb, every bullet,
every weapon I have

down to my own eyeteeth
to end you.

I swear it!

I'm coming for all of you!

So now we have a military leader
and a president, all in one.

And how would you have answered
her, if you would have been here?

Baseship's arming itself, sir.

Are we jump ready? Affirmative.

Set the rendezvous
jump coordinates.

Set your board to green.

There's been enough killing.

I'm leaving them behind
unless you object.

Galactica, this is
President Laura Roslin. Surrender.

Gods damn it.

Sir, board is green.

Count it down.

Jump in 10...







FTL just went offline.

Get a crew.

Get someone down to the
engine room right now.

Come on, move it!

Gaeta, launch your birds.

Gaeta, wake up.
What the frak are you doing?

Launch your birds!

Gaeta. Gaeta, we have to defend,
do you understand that?

Do you understand?
Gaeta, we need to defend!

"One day soon, there's
gonna be a reckoning."

Gun batteries have fixed target bearing.
Standing by to fire.

Gaeta, what the frak
is wrong with you?

Wake up!

Weapons hold!

Give me a weapon.

Put your weapons down!
Put your weapons down!

Drop your weapons!

Put them down, now!

Drop them, drop them!

On your knees!

Move it!


Connect me with the President.

Right away, Admiral.

Madam President.
This is the Admiral.

Stand down.

I repeat, Galactica's secured.
Stand down.


Oh, no.

I suppose a long time
ago, it was architecture.

There was a year there where I
scribbled floor plans on everything.

Dining room table,
patio tiles, rare books,

drove my parents crazy.

How old were you?

I don't know, eight, maybe?

I'll tell you one thing, though, I had
some pretty frakking amazing ideas.

Restaurants shaped like food.


And top-heavy buildings,
and stairways, every...

Everything had to
have a stairway.

Spoils of war.

When I was older,
then it became medicine,

and then engineering,

I think I would've made a better
architect than any of those, though.

And then, I discovered
science. And I...

I thought I was really,
really good at it.

Until I met you.

Felix... Don't.

And please, no religion.

I'm fine with how things
have worked out.

Really, Gaius, I am. I...

I just hope... I hope that

people realize eventually

who I am.

I know who you are, Felix.

I know who you are.



It stopped.