Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 15 - No Exit - full transcript

Eighteen months ago: Saul poisons Ellen, who then finds herself downloaded into a new body aboard a Cylon Base Star, with a single Centaurion keeping watch over her. After the initial shock, she has a revelation as she remembers things she had forgotten. Present Day: Dr. Cottle is operating on Anders, who has a bullet lodged in his brain. Anders starts to remember things he had forgotten. Eighteen months ago: Cavil comes to see Ellen, who calls him John, because that's his "real" name. Cavil says he hates that name. John was the first Cylon model *Ellen* created. She also created seven others. So, there are actually only *eight* Cylon models and the "Final Five" are actually copies of humans who lived 2,000 years earlier and, together, created Resurrection, which allowed them and the Cylons to download. Number Seven, Daniel, was a favorite of Ellen. Jealous, John sabotaged the process of using Resurrection on Daniel, making him unique. John and Ellen start a months-long philosophical and ethical argument on Cylon - human interaction. John says he started the genocide of humankind because his "forebears on the Centaurion side of the family were the slaves of humanity." And he wants justice for that. Present Day: Anders tells Starbuck that he has seen "everything" and needs Kara to get "the others" - Galen, Tory, Saul and Ellen to his bedside. Anders says he remembers everything and knows why they have come all the way to Earth... Adama reinstates Tyrol as a Chief of Engineering. Tyrol starts inspecting the damage Galactica has taken during their journey. But he is not prepared for what he finds and Adama is not prepared for what Tyrol suggests as a repair method.

I could use a drink.

You've always been there
for me when I need you.

There. Attagirl.

You just go to sleep.

So sleepy...

I'm so exhausted.

I'd do it all again.

Oh, no!

Will you help me up, please?

It's okay.
You can do that much.

Thank you. You're very kind.

Among bright stars, I'm lost.

You're not lost. I'm right here.
There's a new tide.

And all the forgotten faces,
all the forgotten children,

we seek the great
forgotten language.

It's gonna be okay.

We made it through the mutiny.

Not yet, he hasn't. He's
got a bullet in his brain.

Then take out the bullet.

We're lost because
the Colony never forgets.

See that pale spot over there?

That's a massive hematoma
pressing on his brain.

We got to drill holes
in his skull and drain it.

Then when the swelling
goes down,

I'll bring the brain guy over
from Inchon Velle,

and we'll get a look and see
how we can get at that bullet.

The mind is its own place.
Then get the brain guy.

Get the frakking brain guy.

We don't need a specialist
yet, Starbuck.

I can drill.

And the hell of heaven.

I'm right here, Sam.

He whose guile,

stirred with revenge...
I'm right here, Sam.

I'm not gonna go anywhere.

Give it a rest, Starbuck.
...deceived the mother of mankind.

He's talking,
but he can't hear you.

Just shut up and drill.

And all the forgotten faces
we seek...

He's in pain.

No, that's just a reflex.

We've been to that beach, too.

Yes, we've been to that beach.

Sometimes Ellen
would be there, too.

Because she loved the water.

She loved the water.

Hello, John.

I don't care for that name.
I think you know that.

I named you after my father.

And you made me in his image.
Thanks a million for that.

I'd love a drink, John,
if it's not too much trouble.

I take it you're here because
things didn't go very well down on.

New Caprica
with you and the mister.

I betrayed the Resistance,
and he poisoned me.

Nothing like true love.

He did what he thought
was right.

That's all any man can do.

He's not a man.

As someone with first-hand
knowledge, I beg to differ.

He's a machine. So are you.

I think that depends
on how you define things.

Your ancestors didn't
crawl up out of the swamp.

I'm rather proud of that.

You really haven't changed
at all, have you?

On the contrary,
I've made vast improvements.

You'd be astonished.

And yet, you're still the same
confused and petulant little boy

I loved so dearly
all those years ago.

It's sad.

I had such high hopes for you.

And I for you.

Unfortunately, it appears you still
stick to delusional thinking

instead of accepting the reality
of your life for what it is.

Humans have a word
for that, Ellen.


You used my name, John.
That's good.

There's hope for you yet.

We'll talk later.


It's a bit cold in here.

I'll get you some clothes.

After all,
I've seen it all before.

The mutiny did enough damage.
Now what, Chief?

I first noticed it when
I pulled the sync coil.

You're gonna need to get your people
to go all the way down to the hull

to see how far down it goes.

Do it.

Excuse me?

I know it's not your job.

Thing is, I need a chief,

and all I have is a...

ls a Galen.

That you do, sir.

See, you still call me "sir."

I think we have to
accept what we are.

Will you accept
the title, Chief?

I'm still a Cylon.

Is that right? So's my XO.

Fix my ship, Chief.

Yes, sir, Admiral.



I've seen everything.

Sam, I'm sorry. No...

I'm so sorry. No.

I never should have taken you
out of that jail cell.

I should have killed that
frakker when we had the chance.

It's all my fault. It's okay.
It's okay. No, it's okay.

It's about as far from okay
as it could possibly be.

You wanna blame someone?
Blame me.

No, no, it's all right.

Kara, listen to me.

A wonderful thing has happened.
You have to get the others.

What others?

Galen and Tory and
Saul and Ellen. Please.

Ellen's dead, Sam.

Of course.

Of course. I know.

There's too many layers.

Just get the rest of them.

Please tell them
I remember everything.

Earth. Why we're here.

I see everything.

You know, I've often wondered what changes
the mortal experience would have on you.

I never seriously considered the
answer would be virtually none.

Do you still suffer from night
sweats and scary dreams

of dog-faced boys chasing you
through the yellow mists?


It's a good example of a supremely
unproductive human attribute

that for some reason you chose
to write into our software.

Fortunately, I was able to delete
that particular subroutine,

and I stopped sleeping
about 20 years ago.

Fine. If you really think we
poisoned you and your siblings

with human traits like sleep, and Centurion
values like belief in a living God,

why then did you spend all these
years in single-minded pursuit

of such human ideas
as vengeance and murder?

Why not just choose
to explore this notion

of being the best machines
the universe has ever known?

Because justice pulls me back.

My forebears on the Centurion
side of the family were

the slaves of humanity,

and I want justice for that.

It doesn't have to be
this way, John.

Oh. Lunch has arrived.
Here, dear. Put it here.

I believe you've
met this Eight.

You knew her as Sharon Valerii.

Boomer. I can't tell you how good
it is to see another person I know.

I'm assuming there's a whole
ship full of my children

out beyond the guards.

There's no need to be shy.

Tell her how it feels to be
in the resplendent presence

of one of the fabulous
Final Five.

He's taking a risk,
exposing you to me.

It's not easy
winning his trust.

How'd you do it? We
achieved a certain rapport.

Really? You're full
of surprises today, John.

That's his real name,
by the way.

No, it's not. I hate it.

Tell me more about this
rapport you have with John.

He's teaching me to be
a better machine.

To let go of
my human constructs.

What about the swirl?
Has he taught you that yet?

If you'll excuse me,
I have some people to kill.

Why, John,
I think you're blushing.

No, it's just
the faulty blood pressure

in this miserable body
you designed for me.

No, no, no. You should stay.

Stay and have a heart-to-heart
with your creator here.

You can ask her why she
made you the way you are.


torn apart by
conflicting impulses.

Tell her how extraordinarily
happy this makes you.

You know why
he brought you in here?

He likes an audience.

Someone to nod when he
talks about justice.

Watch, Boomer.

Make up your own mind.

We all worked
in the same research facility.

You and Ellen,
you were married then, too.

You two lived together.

What, like roommates?
No, you were madly in love.

You were planning
on getting married.

When the nukes hit, I pulled
Ellen out of the rubble.

She said we'd be reborn.

Does that mean
we downloaded somewhere?

Yeah, on a ship that we placed
in orbit around the planet.

So we knew the end was coming.

We'd been warned, yeah.

We downloaded? Yeah.

But the Cylons
on Earth could have children.

So, why did we even
have that technology?

Probably invented resurrection.

Okay, you're cold as ice.
I'm fine.

You still have a bullet in your head.
You wanna take a break?

Kara, I have so much more
to tell them.

We didn't invent resurrection, okay?
We reinvented it.

Organic memory transfer
came from Kobol,

along with
the Thirteenth Tribe.

It fell out of use after our
people started to procreate.

We worked night and day
to rebuild it.

Galen, your work was amazing.

But it was Ellen...

it was Ellen who made the
intuitive leap that brought

the system back online.

All right, I said you
could have five minutes.

It's been over half an hour.
I'm fine.

Good Gods, man.
You're soaked in sweat.

He said he was okay.
Ishay, get your ass in here.

Where were we going?
What was the plan?

Look, Colonel,
you may be the XO,

but in Sick Bay, I call the shots.
Now, everybody, out, right now.

I have so much
more to tell them.

Out, out, out.
You can't. Please.


He said he was okay.

Oh, Gods.

Gods, so much killing.

Look at this picture of Jacob.

This is just
a terrible picture.

He'd hate it, and I'm trying...

I'm trying to find another one because
everyone will see it up on that wall.

You sure you want to be here?

Yes, I definitely
want to be here.

It's such a senseless,
horrible way to die.

These people only wanted
to try and keep us civilized.

Sometimes I hated them,
but I knew every one of them,

and now I wonder
who we are without them.

Well, actually,
I've been thinking.

We need a new Quorum
or something else.

These... These old planets,
that's not who we are anymore.

We're a fleet now,

and our daily lives are
defined by the ship we're on.

We're not Capricans anymore. We're from Galactica.
We're from Colonial One.

Maybe we should
acknowledge that.

I think that that's a very
excellent observation, Lee,

and I think that
you should keep it in mind

when you are assembling
new representatives.

When I assemble
the new representatives?

I will, of course, remain
by title as president, but...

Madam President, you can
do a lot more than that.

No, I can%, Lee.

It's time I let someone else
do the heavy lifting.


I don't know what to say.

I would be honored if you
think I'm the right one.

You are the right one, Lee. You
have always been the right one.

My only concern about you,

is that you're so hell-bent
on doing the right thing,

that you sometimes
don't do the smart thing.

Well, then,

I'll try and be smarter.
And wronger.

I gotta warn you. It looks bad.

Frak me.
How many are like this?

There's about a dozen bad
spots, the length of the ship.

If they go, this thing'll
slam shut like a book.

How'd it get this bad?

Galactica was 50 years old
when the war started.

You put her through some things
that would crush lesser ships.

Slammed her down
on the atmosphere.

Not like most ships,
she's not built to spec.

There's lots of places
where the skin's too thin

and the bolts
are just too small.

You're frakking telling me
they cut corners?

Yeah, they did.

But these big cracks,
it's a good, clean break.

I can fix that, you just...

Just don't jump her
for a while.

I can squeeze some
more life out of her.


But the crew, I want it
all human, all right?

Yes, sir.

So, why did we go
to the 12 Colonies?

We needed to find the other
tribes and warn them.

We knew they would continue
to create artificial life.

We needed to tell them to treat
them well and keep them close.

But by the time we got to the
Colonies, they were already at war

with the Centurions.

It happened again.

But the holocaust on Earth took place
thousands of years before that.

How is that possible?

We hadn't developed
jump drives.

We traveled at relativistic
but subluminal speed.

Time slowed down for us, but
thousands of years had passed.

Hey, hey, hey.
Just give me a second.

Cottle said to stop. Kara, I'm fine.
I have to do this.

You remember the Demetrius.
You know what it is

when you have something
that you have to do.

I used to.

Kara, if I had
the answers for you,

all the answers about why you came
back, what you're supposed to do,

you would want me
to tell you, right?

Do you?

Kara, no. I...

But so much is
coming back. Maybe.

I just...
Please, let me keep going.

The Centurions were already
trying to make flesh bodies.

They had created the hybrids, but
nothing that lived on its own,

so we made them a deal. You stop
the war, and we'll help you.

We developed the eight humanoid models,
and we gave them resurrection.


You said eight.
We're missing someone.

Whoa. Oh, wow...

Everybody's glowing.



Get Doc Cottle! Get him.

Get Doc Cottle! Doc Cottle!


Sam! Get Cottle!

Ah, I always did love
a good slideshow.

Vacation snaps?

You know what it is.

The Temple of Hopes, built
by the Thirteenth Tribe

3,000 years ago
when they left Kobol.

They stopped and prayed for
guidance during their exodus,

and then God showed
them the way to Earth.

And now it's
a monument to your vanity.

The Temple of the Five.

Nice touch, the exploding star.

When the star went nova, one of
your children saw your faces.

One of the Threes, the one
who called herself D'Anna,

so I just boxed
her entire line.

Boxing isn't permanent.
Not like Number Seven.

You can undo it.

It's not likely.

By planting that carnival trick
to reveal your own faces,

you left me no choice.

We didn't plant anything.

We backtracked the path of our
ancestors, found their temple.

The one true God must have
orchestrated these events.


In all your travels, have you
ever seen a star supernova?



Well, I have.

I saw a star explode and
send out the building blocks

of the universe.

Other stars, other planets,
and eventually other life.

A supernova.

Creation itself.

I was there. I wanted to see
it and be part of the moment.

And do you know how I perceived

one of the most glorious
events in the universe?

With these ridiculous
gelatinous orbs in my skull.

With eyes designed to perceive

only a tiny fraction
of the EM spectrum.

With ears designed only
to hear vibrations in the air.

The five of us designed you
to be as human as possible.

I don't want to be human!

I want to see gamma rays.

I want to hear x-rays,
and I want to...

I want to smell dark matter.

Do you see the absurdity
of what I am?

I can't even express these things
properly because I have to...

I have to conceptualize
complex ideas

in this stupid,
limiting spoken language.

But I know I want to reach out
with something other than these

prehensile paws

and feel the solar wind of a
supernova flowing over me.

I'm a machine,

and I could know much more.

I could experience
so much more,

but I'm trapped
in this absurd body.

And Why?

Because my five creators thought
that God wanted it that way.

You have something to say?

Don't you feel the slightest bit of
remorse for what you did to him?

What you did to us?


Because he's wrong, Boomer.

There's no need
for remorse or blame.

We didn't limit you.

We gave you
something wonderful.

Free will.

The ability
to think creatively,

to reach out
to others with compassion.

To love. Love?

Who? Humans?

Why would I want to do that?

Who would I want to love?

What, are they still in there?

We're running out of time.
We gotta talk to him.

You heard what he said, right?

The Centurions
couldn't build skin jobs,

so we showed them how,
then gave them resurrection.

It all traces back to us.

No, no, no, he said that
we ended the first Cylon war.

We bought time
for humanity, right?

The old man said humans had
to own up to what they made,

but we made the skin jobs.

It's all about what we made, the
destruction of the Colonies.

But the humans
on Kobol made us.

Go back far enough,
it's always them.

Yeah, you point
a finger back far enough

and some germ gets blamed
for splitting in two. No.

Maybe we share
the guilt with the humans,

but we don't get to just
shove it off onto them.

What are they doing in there?

Some picture of his brain.
Some kind of scan or something.

No, it's true. In a way, the
seizure was actually a good thing.

It let me get in there and take this new picture.
Look what I found.

That's your bullet.

You see how it's lodged there
in the vascular ring?

That's where all of the
major arteries converge.

The vascular ring,

that's what binds the thoughts
in tight sheathes in the field.

You need that. Sam.

I'm good. I'm here. I'm good.

Okay, what's really
fascinating is

how it's eroded
this blood vessel here.

And in fact, it leaked.

It was just
the tiniest squirt of blood

that caused
your entire seizure.

It's remarkable, really.

Of course, if it happens again,

we're talking major hemorrhage.

I mean, death within minutes.

So take out
the frakking bullet.

Yes. And we need
to repair that blood vessel.

Luckily, the swelling's
gone down, so I think

we actually have
a shot at this thing.

Whoa, hold on.

These memories
that I've been recovering,

is there any
chance I'll lose them?

Any time you go digging
around in the brain,

there's always the possibility
of ancillary damage.

No, no, no, then we need
to hold off until I...

That circle...
Start... And the words are...

Okay, something's obviously
wrong with him. What is it?

It's aphasia. It's affected
his language center.

We call it "word salad."

It's not unusual.

Starbuck, this boy has a
bullet that needs to come out,

and he's asking us to wait?

If I kick this decision
over to you, as the wife,

what would you do?

Wait, why? What?

No, that's not...

The first opening...
That's not...

That's not the random motor.

Frak it! Gods damn it!

Kara, I'm okay.

I'm fine. Okay? I'm okay.

Please, don't take
this away from me.

I need more time, okay?

Prep for surgery.

Okay, nurse,
let's get it going.

Please. Please.
I need more time.

So much is coming back to me.
Just a little more time.

You have until
they knock you out.

Okay. That's all I've got.

Until they knock me out,

and then as long as...

You have the words, Sam.

If I can just complete the
circle, I can get the words.

Well, he has
a remarkably clear image.

Well, that's a nice
wakeup call.

Something's happened.

They've destroyed
the Resurrection Hub.

Begun contemplating
your mortality?

More than that.

Our extinction.

Always so dramatic.

It's true, Ellen.

We can't
procreate biologically,

so we're going to have to find
a way to rebuild Resurrection.

Well, good luck with that.

Don't need luck.

I need your help.

They destroyed the Hub, but they
don't even know about the Colony.

All your equipment
is still there.

I only know part
of the system, John.

It would take
all five of us to rebuild it,

and even then, I'm not sure...
You're lying.

No, I'm not, John.
Don't insult my intelligence.

Your children are dying, Ellen,

and you won't lift
a finger to save us?

Why? Out of spite?

Because I refuse
to kneel to your orthodoxy?

Now you finally see the truth
about your Final Five.

Just tell us.
Tell us about resurrection.

I can't.
It would take all of us.

You see how she forces me?

They're no better than the
humans that enslaved us.

If you don't tell me
how to rebuild a Resurrection,

I'm gonna cut open your head...


And look for it there.

The brain is a marvelous thing.

It's a big electrical grid.

Just lay it open,

stimulate it in
the right places,

and I can trigger
your deepest memory.

Your deepest fears.
Your deepest guilt.

And even the recipe
for life everlasting.

So Cavil was
the first one we made?

John. We treasured him.

He helped us build the others.

So we didn't think
this was a bad idea?

Building Cylons after we had
already seen the cycle?

The Centurions had
a single, loving God.

Ellen said it
changed everything.

If the Cylons
embraced love and mercy,

then the cycle
of violence could end.

Single God?
Like a one, true God?


And that came
from the Centurions?


Cavil rejected mercy. He had
a twisted idea of morality,

so he turned on the five of us.

He trapped us in a thing.

The pocket. It's a compartment.

And then he took
the O2 offline.

He suffocated us. He killed us.


So when we downloaded
into new bodies...

He blocked
our access to our books...

No, our memories...

- And implanted us with false ones.
- Yes.

Set us up like a Boomer.

Memories that
we thought were real.

I guess he boxed
us for a while.

Introduced Saul first,
not long after the war.

And then the Gazelle.
The Ellen.

And back on Earth, the
warning signs that we got,

they looked different
to each one of us.

I saw a woman.
Tory, you saw a man.

Funny. No one...
No one else could see them.

Galen, you thought...
That's it, it's time to go.

No, no, no, wait a minute.
Listen to me.

The Seven. Tell me, please.

Yes, Seven, Seven...
Seven was the Daniel.

You sure about
the word? Daniel?

Yes. He died. Daniel died.

He was Seven.

Okay, take him. I'm sure.

It was Daniel. I'm sure.

No, we need to finish. No, let him go now.
Take him now.

Wait, Saul, listen to me.
Saul, stay with the Fleet.

It's all starting to happen.
It's the miracle.

Right here.
It's a gift from the angels.

Stay with the Fleet!
Kara, make them stop!

I stood up
for you on Demetrius!

You owe me!


Saul, how'd it go?

Oh, you're awake.

Where's the booze?

We haven't had
any around for weeks.

Remember? The smell of it
was making me sick.

Was that weeks?

I'm glad you're back.

What did he have to say?

Cottle kicked us out.

He never got to finish.

I'm sorry.

Something new started.

He's been moving like
he just came alive tonight.

Just tonight, huh?

I don't feel anything.

Wait. He'll do it again.

You know, we should
get, like, a crib

and all the stuff
that a baby...

He moved. I felt it this time.
I did.

I felt my son move.

He wants to come out and play.

That's a little
dated, isn't it?

He needs a patch
over his right eye.

I prefer to remember Saul
before you did that to him.

Sentimental till the end. The
Simons are prepping the O.R.

I think you'll be
impressed with the progress

we've made in memory recovery.

It might take a while.

I'm sure you'll
make the procedure

as long and
painful as possible.

You're mistaken
if you think I enjoy this.

Come on, John.

Of course you do.
You're a sadist.

Why not just kill us
and be done with it?

Why send us
to live among the humans?

I wanted you to see what they're
like up close and personal,

so I gave you all grandstand
seats to a holocaust.

But we didn't die.

And then you decided that
we hadn't suffered enough,

so you picked me up,
put me on a transport,

took Galen's confession, played
resistance fighter with Sam,

tortured Saul,
but didn't kill him.

You had a dozen chances,

but you wanted to wait so that
when it finally happened,

when we'd download back, we'd
be ready to admit we were wrong

and pat you on the head for giving
us the right amount of suffering,

the right amount of
punishment, all weighed out.

Then we could give you the approval
that you've always craved.

You see, you claim
to be a perfect machine,

but you are driven by the
most petty of human emotions.

Jealousy and rage.

I know what you did to Daniel.

That Seven didn't thrive. Sad.

It's too bad we're not made
out of something more sturdy.

Metal. That might be nice.

Daniel was an artist, and
so sensitive to the world.

I was very close to him.

But John decided
I was playing favorites.

Maybe I was.

Someone contaminated
the amniotic fluid

in which we were maturing
all the Daniel copies.

And then, corrupted
the genetic formula.

I knew it was John.

Envious. Sadistic.

And who made me?

That's what we're dancing
around here, isn't it?

If I'm so irredeemable,
if I'm such a mistake,

if I'm so broken,
then whose fault is that?

It's my maker's fault. And
that's not God, that's you.

This is on you.

No, no, John.

God, no, you... You have
done terrible things,

but you are not a mistake.

If you could just accept
yourself as what you are,

as the boy I made,

you can be good.

You can be anything.

I love you, John,
because I made you.

It's okay.

It's okay, John.

It's... Don't you dare!

I've gotta scrub for surgery.

I can't wait to see what perfection
looks like on the inside.

No, no, down there.


Across the beams.
Across, not lengthways.

Put a support there.

I know what
patching looks like, Chief.

This isn't about
those cracks, Admiral.

I started thinking about
damage that you can't see.

You know,
stuff that's deeper in,

that you'd only
see on an x-ray.

Dealino, fire it up.

Okay, Chief. It's online.

We prepped the beam with
this liquid that fluoresces.

It's not an x-ray,
but you get the idea.

It's throughout
the entire ship.

Hairline fractures
in all the beams.

It's in her bones, Admiral.

Her bones are rotten.

I have an idea.

There's something on the
Baseship that can help.

Cylon technology?

It's this organic resin.

It'll grow into the metal.
Make it stronger.

It'll take
the load as it matures.

As it matures?

It's biological.

Out of the question, Chief.

All due respect, Admiral,
you asked me to do this job.

What's your life worth to you?


I'm sorry.

I'm so very sorry.

I was greedy.

I kept you too long.

I thought maybe
I was the Seven.

I need to be something.

I'll be here
as soon as you wake up.

And I'll give you all
the time that you want.

We'll learn all
the secrets, okay?

Okay, okay, okay, here we go.

All I can think about is
how I can get you back.

All right, Kara,
time for you to leave.

Here we go.

Thank you. Yup, yup, yup.
Let's go. Retractor.

Thank you.

How do you stand it?

Knowing that he hates you
for the things you've done?

Maybe he doesn't.

Love's like that sometimes.

The Simons are
ready for the surgery.

They'd like you to put this on.

A prop to legitimize
John's final bit of theater.

No, thank you.

You should have
brought a tumbrel.

Never mind.

Let's get this over with.

Still in there?

Doc said, like, two hours. He's been
in there a lot longer than that.

We only needed a little more.

I forgot to ask him
about that frakking song.

Ask him when he gets out.

Starbuck, I got
something for you.

There's your bullet.

Doc plucked it out of there
and repaired the artery.

He's gonna live.

When's he gonna wake up?

I'm actually surprised
he's not awake by now.

That's not necessarily
a bad thing.

His brain is repairing itself.

We're hooking up an EEG, and gonna
take a look and see what's going on.

Go ahead.

Boomer, have you
really thought about this?

I have.

You're gonna regret
your part in this.

I'm sure I will.

What are you doing?

Forgiving you.

Hey, Sam.

You're gonna be okay.

You got a room full
of rabid Cylon-types

that can't wait to hear the next
chapter of their life story.

I think they're
hoping for a musical.

So you better hurry up
and get better.

They're starting
to look a little mean.

Don't bother.

Excuse me?

There's almost no brain activity.
He doesn't hear you.

He's not in there.

Give me the Chief.

This is the Chief.


do whatever you have
to do to save our girl.

Yes, sir.