Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 13 - The Oath - full transcript

The Fleet refuses to cooperate with Cylon engineers and Adama decides to put and end to it. He sends the Quorum a message stating that unless they wish to join Zarek in the cell, they get their people in line. However, Gaeta is already freed Zarek with the help of other would-be-revolutionists. They allow Zarek to leave Galactica on a raptor. He lands on Colonial One and enters a gathering of the Quorum. Meanwhile, Anders gets ambushed and captured. At the CIC, Gaeta cleverly manipulates everyone else until the time is at hand for the revolution to begin.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica...

- What about the FTL question?
- It's possible.

It's labour intensive.
Lotta grunt work but we should be able

to upgrade the jump drives of the entire
fleet with Cylon technology.

Not gonna be easy to sell
the quorum on this one.

Question has been called.
All in favour.

All opposed.
The vote is 11 to 1.

Motion carries.
No Cylon will board a ship in this fleet

without permission of its people.

Ten of our ships refuse
a direct order from the flagship.

Another 12 won't even
respond to our hails.

They're not doing anything illegal.

Jump drive upgrades
is a military decision.

And you alone get to make
that determination?

Yes, Mr. Gaeta.

Do you have a problem with that?

Sir, tylium ship's pulling
out of formation.

They're spinning up their FTL drives.

Hitei Kan has jumped away, sir.

Taking all our fuel with them.

You think I know where
the tylium ship is?

I know that you do.

Hitei Kan, this is Athena.

Stand by to be boarded.

The world is frakked.

It's upside down and somebody's
gotta turn it right side up.

- Are you that man?
- I'm one of them.

- I need a partner.
- You've got one.

Every revolution begins
with one small act.

Somebody close that hatch.

Let's talk.

It's fresh.
You want a cup?

Ever since they started grinding it out
of algae I've lost the taste.

We got three more civilian
captains pitching fits,

refusing to allow the Cylon
engineers on board.

I thought we settled that
a couple days ago.

Well, the tylium ship didn't
get the message.

They're screamin' bloody murder
to anyone who'll listen,

claiming they're being illegally
seized by our marines.

I'm tired of this.

Go to Lee.

Tell the quorum that if they
don't get their ships in line,

they can all share a blanket
in Zarek's cell.

I'll make the call, but...

Smells good.

Hello, Colonel.

- Madam President.
- How's it going?

You were saying, Saul?

It's just...

Given the fleet's mood
toward Cylons... might not want me
taking point on this.

I'll be up there in a minute.

Mr. Vice President.

Rumours are already starting to spread.
Good luck keeping the lid on it.

Believe me, the fleet's the least
of our worries.

You're clear, sir.
And Connor called in.

We're good to go with
the small arms locker.

- C deck?
- Narcho and Private Paley.

They're all over it.

Move out, Corporal.

Our biggest problem
is still the quorum.

You can isolate them
for a few hours, but...

They'll huff and puff,

but reality will trump their sense of
duty soon enough, with one exception.

- We've been through this.
- He's a wild card.

Talkin' about the admiral's son.

Well, push his buttons.
I hear you're good at that.

The colonel's right, you know.

The fleet has never been comfortable
with this blanket Cylon amnesty thing.

This coffee is terrible.

Sicking Lee on the quorum is only
gonna be seen as a shot across the bow.

He can hedge it all he wants, but the delegates
will see it comes straight from you.

- Lee can handle it.
- Yes, he can, and so can you.

And I'm not getting involved.

Lee can take care of himself and
you can take care of yourself...

and I am not getting pulled back in.


The legendary Adama silence.

I can see right through it.

This passive-aggressive
pretence that you are okay

if I don't get involved.

- I don't do passive-aggressive.
- Yes, you do.

You just don't know that's what it is.


- Get some rest.
- Rest?

I'll try to make it home for supper.

I'll have it ready.

Cantrell's the key.
Tell Lee.

If he can get the Cantr...

I'm not...

Son of a bitch!

I got a fuel leak over here!
Frakkin' spark will blow the whole place.

Hey, you guys. I need all of you
to clear the deck now.


Sitrep, Lieutenant.

Raptor's transponder's down for the count,
and LSO's good to go, sir.

What the hell?
What are you doing?

This ship's on hold for
an emergency medical transport,

not some bogus, VIP shuttle.

I'm sorry, Chief, I assumed
the LSO called it in.

This bird's been cleared
for launch, ASAP.

No, I didn't get the order.

Our new mission takes priority.

The admiral believes
that Zarek may have

an attempt on his life
here on Galactica.

Given the vice president's
controversial status,

he's being transferred
to Colonial One.

All right.
Soon as I confirm it with CIC.

You have confirmation.


The admiral doesn't want
this leaking out.

I'm sorry,
I can't take your word for it.

Well, good riddance.

Frakker's been up Adama's ass since
he transferred in from Pegasus.

He won't be the last.

- Get on that ship.
- Not yet.

- Damn it, I need you...
- I know what you need.

I also know a little about revolution,
Mr. Gaeta.

Success doesn't hinge
on some grand operatic ideal

or the will of the people.
It hangs in the cumulative moments,

each one building on the next,
and it could be lost

with the slightest hesitation.

I started this, and I'll see it through.

Now get on that frakkin' ship.

Colonel Tigh, sitrep.

CAP is out.

Dradis shows no enemy contacts.

Fleet's still jacked up on
Zarek's anti-Cylon bull.

Lee's giving the quorum a shove,
but it'd take a cavity search

to find the backbone
in that sorry bunch.

Felix, I'm showing a launch,

but we don't have anything
listed in the flight log.

Laird probably rescheduled and
it didn't make it into the system.

See if you can find the update.

I've got Nowart rounding up every marine
that can still pull a trigger.

So if you get fed up playing
chicken with these bastards,

say the word.

Hitei Kan was a special case.

We have to shoot up
every ship we go into,

you can kiss this alliance goodbye.

Nothing. I better call down to
the deck just to make sure.

Hold up. Is that your launch?
I'm not seeing a squawk code.

Is there a problem?

We've got an unidentified
contact off the flight deck.

No transponder ID.
I'm thinking dradis ghost.

Last thing I need.

Four years without a pit stop.
Equipment's sketchy as hell.

Mr. Gaeta, order a full
diagnostic on dradis.

Yes, sir, right away.

Order, order!

I remind you once again that Mr. Zarek
was taken into custody

because he was agitating
against a lawful order.

Now, these Cylon FTL drives are essential

if the fleet is going to move on.

Mr. Vice President.

Don't look so surprised, Lee.

Even your father knows when
he's holding a losing hand.

I'll take it.

- I used to be pretty good at this game.
- Oh, yeah?

Makin' the shot.

Winnin' the big game.

Can't believe that used
to matter to me.

That life back in the colonies...

It's like a dream to me now.

And the further away we get...

Gods, I remember you and me
back at Joe's bar,

slammin' drinks, shootin' pyramid.

Those were good times.

They were, weren't they?

I really...

I really thought there was somethin'
between us, you know?

And when that didn't happen,
I wondered, "was it me?"

- No, Diana, I was...
- You know, now I'm thinkin' no.

Maybe it was somethin' else.

Some Cylon thing.

Your programming.

Cos I know it's been months,
but I just can't let it go.

Cool it!
Save it!

We got him.

Save it.

Private Jaffe.

Log this.

Yes, sir.

Admiral, I'm getting a fire
warning on deck C

near the main antenna array.

Order the damage control team to C deck.

Have them report back to me
with their assessment ASAP.

Yes, sir.

Admiral, if the wireless
array goes down,

we could lose communications
across the fleet.

Given our current situation,

I'm thinking this fire
might not be an accident.

Zarek's true believers would have
a field day if we went dark.

Very well.

Have the marine fire unit accompany
the DC party

and prepare an evacuation
of all personnel from C deck.

Yes, sir.

Look at you, the proud papa.

When I named you Hotdog,
I sure as hell got that right.

Knock it off.

Come on, don't be shy.

There had to have been other conquests
for the great Brendan Constanza.

You frakked half the fleet.

What do you have to show for it?

Fire in compartment C.

Evacuate sections 29 through 42.


You heard the alarm, Captain.
Evac the area. I'm in charge here.

Since when did they put pilots
in charge of damage control?

- Hey, I'm talkin'...
- Take your frakkin' hands off me.

Gods. Nobody even knows
what you are any more.

Son of a bitch.

Grab as much as you can carry
and get up to the hangar deck.

You, take those four people on D deck.

Anybody asks any questions,

you tell 'em it's routine,
Admiral's orders.

Gaeta, CIC.

This is Starbuck,
get me the admiral now.

He's busy, Captain.

Godsdamnit, we've got civilians
arming themselves down here!


Gaeta, CIC.

This is Lee Adama.
Get my father on the line.

I'm sorry, Lee, we're having
a bit of an emergency right now.

Is it serious?

Nothing damage control can't handle,

but you know the admiral.

I thought I did.

Well, maybe you can help.

Do you have any idea why
Tom Zarek was released?

Released, when?

Oh, that's just perfect. First he tells me
to threaten the delegates with jail,

then he blindsides me
by giving Zarek a pass.

Doesn't make sense to me either.

As soon as your father gets back,
I'll be sure that he knows you called.

Problems on the home front?

I have to say, Lee, you don't seem
particularly happy to see me.

I'm glad you're out.

My father overreached
when he had you arrested.

But I hope you changed your mind
about the Cylon FTLs.

We need those drives.

At least the admiral thinks we do.

Problem with you is that you're
tryin' to have it both ways.

Honour thy father

or be true to your oath
as the Caprican representative.

At some point the two don't mix.

Do you know why he released me?

Because I'm only a threat if
he recognises civilian authority.

Afraid our experiment in democracy
is about to end.

Adama entertained it until now
because of Roslin.

- But since she abdicated the throne...
- No, he wouldn't do that.

Really? Because he did it before.

Tell me, what excuse did he give this time
when he refused to take your call?

- You're leaving.
- For Galactica, to prove you wrong.

Sir, we just lost
communications ship-wide.

Switch to secondaries.

They're a no-go.
Backups are down as well.

And the fire seems to be escalating.
I'm seeing cascading system failures across the board.

Main antenna and back-up
both down at the same time?

With comms down, the damage control team
has no way of relaying the status of the fire.

Galactica, come in,
Galactica, come in.

Galactica, do you read?

So, you're tryin' to tell me that
all communications are still out?

- Yeah.
- What the hell's being done...

Whatever this is about,
you're making a big mistake.

Oh, sure, we're confused.

Maybe we should have a trial,
sort it all out.

After four years of fighting
with those Cylon things,

did you really think you could make
a deal with them?

So where are your
precious Cylons now?

Take it from someone who died once,

it's no fun.

- Let him go.
- Frak you.

I could do this all day.
Who's next? Racetrack?


Let him go.

We need to get the hell outta here.

Kara, now.

Follow me.



Hang on, buddy.

- You're gonna be all right.
- Frak!

I know, it tastes kinda yucky.

I'll get more sugar next time
in the galley, okay?


Sharon, you better get her finished up
and down to day care.

Helo? Helo?

- I don't know, just grab Hera...
- In here!

- Go ahead, Captain, grab for it!
- Okay, easy, easy, easy...

You want me, fine,
just leave them out of it!

Get her outta here, move!


Remember me, big man?

From Pegasus?

You and that toaster Tyrol
wasted my friend Thorne.


We didn't want that to happen.

You had a choice, but you backed
the skinjob over your own kind.

And to prove how messed up it was,
instead of showin' you the airlock,

your Cylon-loving Admiral
promoted you to CAG.

Frak you.


I'm savin' myself for your sweet,
toaster wife.

Skulls? Racetrack?
Gods, I flew with them.

Semper frakkin' Fi.
Damn it.

Way Connor was talkin',
they got people ready on every deck.

The hangar deck's just a beachhead.

They want the ship.

Zarek played me just right.

Must've made some new friends.

Yeah, with a hell of a lot of firepower.
Vipers, Raptors, gun batteries.

You know we can't do this alone.


Right now, all we can
count on is you and me.

Take a breath, Lee.

- Feels good bein' alive, doesn't it?
- What the hell was that?

Feelin' right for the first time in weeks.

Okay, Kara, my dad...
Where is he?

He was in CIC when
communications crapped out.

Okay, CIC's protected.
He won't give up without a fight.

- The president?
- Don't know.

- All right, cover with me.
- Go.

What do they have down there,
a forest fire?

Where the frak are my
damage reports?

Admiral, sensors are still
showing red,

but these trace gas readings
don't make any sense.

They're normal.

If something
was burnin' down there

the carbon monoxide levels would be
spikin' through the roof.

If the fire's compromised our sensors

it's possible all of our
readings are suspect.

With communications out,
we have no way of verifying anything.

All I know is I'm tired of being blind.

Private Jaffe.
Double-time it down to C deck.

Check in with the damage control team,
get their reports, and haul ass back.

Yes, sir.

Drop him.


See you real soon.


They're going to kill us.


Can you give me something
to stop the bleeding?

- Yeah, all right.
- Don't you see?

Our children represent everything
that the humans hate.

With resurrection gone,
the thought that the Cylon race

could survive through natural
procreation terrifies them.


You're scaring her.

Right now, they need us alive...

To use as bargaining chips
against the rebel Cylons.

Especially you.

Look, if you're expecting some grand wisdom,
you can forget it.

I don't have any more answers
than you do.

Well, you might wanna
keep that to yourself.

They're coming down.
We're headed toward 'em right now.

We can't hold 'em off.

Come on, hurry!

Out here through the hull!

We need more ammo!

Admiral, I checked the array.
The equipment's been jury-rigged...

Sergeant of the guards, get your marines in here!
Nobody gets in or out!

What the hell are you doing?!

What is this?!


Hold your fire!

Cease fire!

Hold your fire!

Nobody fires without my order!

Get your staff to stand down.

You son of a bitch!

Stand down, Colonel!


Stand down!

You killed this boy.

Admiral Adama, I am removing you
from command of this ship.

I am taking you into custody
on the charge of treason.

You swore an oath when you
put that uniform on.

You pledged to defend
this ship and her crew.

You swore the same allegiance.
What happened to your oath?

For seven years, I have done
my frakking job and for what?

Take orders from a Cylon?

To let machines network our ship?

No, you... You are not the leader
that you were when we started.

You're just a sad,
old man that has let his heart

and his affection for a Cylon
cloud his judgment.

I want you all to understand this!

If you do this...

...there will be no forgiveness.

No amnesty.

This boy...

...died honouring his uniform.


You'll die with nothing.

Sergeant of the guards, take the senior staff,
put them in a holding cell.

Place Admiral Adama and
Colonel Tigh under arrest.

Do it!

- Sir...
- Don't touch me!

Please, sir.

Take him.

This isn't right.
Where are the guards?

- Madam President, you're all right?
- I'm fine.

Get inside.

There's been an uprising.

I'm not sure how many
of the crew are involved.

It is widespread.

Your father must know about this.
Can't the marines stop it?

There should've been marines
outside that hatchway.

Madam President, we are in danger
of losing this ship.

Oh, my gods.

- Bill...
- Yeah, I don't know.

Without comm,
we can't get through to CIC.

But it is bigger than Galactica.

Zarek's already back on Colonial One.
He wants the presidency.

Of course.
Frakking Zarek.

He always had dangerous ideas.

It's not too late to stop this.

Address the fleet, call for calm.
The people will listen to you.

I'll do whatever it takes.

I will not allow Tom Zarek
to assume the presidency

under any circumstances.

I have an idea about the wireless.
Let's go.

Sir, intercom's up.

I'm getting multiple reports
of gunfire near the engine room.

Order Redwing to move in
with his marines.

I want that area secured.

Specialist Gage...

Stay with us.

Stack a heavy pile right here.
Stop them comin' in that door.

Come on, people, faster's better!
They could show up at anytime!

Let's go!

You understand I have
no desire to leave you.

No desire at all.

But I have to go.

If they're coming for anyone,
they're coming for me.

- And... And you'll all be safer.
- No, it's our fault, Gaius,

because we can't protect you,
and I am so sorry for that.

- All right, okay.
- Your transport will be here soon.

I want you to take this.

And I want you to know
that we will pray for you

and for your safe return, okay?

I'm deeply...


Okay, okay...

Mr. Tyrol?

Mr. Tyrol?

You are absolutely certain
that it's imperative I leave?

Look, I only know what Jeanne saw.

The hangar deck's gone.

CIC and weapons are next.
And then nobody's safe.

- Hang on.
- Right, right...

- So, we should be getting out of here soon...
- Go.

And getting hold of some weapons, maybe?

Jeanne, I don't want the statue.

You can keep the statue.

Keep the statue.


- Madam President...
- No, it's all right.

They know who I am.

I need to speak to Dr. Baltar.

No, you're not welcome in here.

Hey, hey, hey... I got this.
Go ahead.

Go on.

- I need to see Baltar.
- There's somethin' you need to know.

I got people all over the ship
givin' me information.

The admiral was just led
away from the CIC.

- Where to?
- No idea.

My guess would be the brig.

Don't trust the ship's comm systems.
We're using these.

The hangar deck's lost to us.

If you can get your father to the secondary
storage bay within the hour,

I'll get him off the ship.

- I'll handle the fleet.
- Go.

Why are you doin' this?

Old man deserves a better fate
than what he'll get from them.

Go find your father, Lee.

It's Nowart, isn't it?

- That's right, sir.
- I thought I remembered you, marine.

You put it on the line
when we took New Caprica.

- Got pretty hairy down there, sir.
- Hey, screw the war stories.

I remember you too, Maldonado.

Big mouth, not much of a soldier.

It doesn't matter.

Because when this is over,
there's gonna be a reckoning.

And live or die, it's how you act today
that's gonna matter.

So what's it gonna be, Nowart?

Admiral, don't do this.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a guy
like you run me off my own ship.

You wanna shoot?
Go on.

- Let's see if you got a pair.
- Don't want...

Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Put your hands behind your back.

You all right, Saul?

I'll live.

- What about him?
- I think...

We'll take him with us.

But obviously I have to
get back as quickly...

Going somewhere?

Yes, matter of fact, I am.

They consider it to be
a precautionary measure.


...given the delicate nature
of the fleet.

Very sensible, considering the fleet's
tearing itself to pieces right now.

Have you come to pray?

No, I have something
more tangible in mind.

There is a chance that we can
avoid more bloodshed,

if I address the fleet and reassure them
the Cylons mean no harm.

Well, your faith in your
oratorical skills is impressive.

And I'd love to help, but unfortunately,

communication down here,
just as dodgy as... as...

I know you have a wireless.

You've been using it to communicate
with your flock all these months.

It's a trick, Gaius.

- I wish it were.
- She's afraid of your teachings.

- She will take the wireless and she
will silence you... - All right, okay...


Thank you.

She's got a point, hasn't she?
I mean, if you can convince the fleet...

...why can't you convince her?

The thing is that I never really
believed in your conversion,

so I was counting on your well-honed
sense of self-preservation.

I'm so sick of your insinuations.

I recall your sudden allegiance to the
priestess Elosha and the scrolls of Pythia

the last time your political
fortunes were in doubt.

Tell me, how is that working out
for you now?

If it makes you happy,
maybe we're both frauds

and this is our last chance
to atone that.

Civilians are trying to barricade
the aft supply hold.

I'm on it.

Gaeta wants us to back up
Redwing in the engine room.

They got four civvies down,
but still some hold-outs.

We're gonna need some
more firepower.

Where were you taking us?

The brig.

Gaeta wants all essential
personnel and Cylons held...

Might see some
friendly faces there.

Get up.

Sir, ships' captains are calling.

They wanna know why Galactica's
not responding to their hails.

Put 'em up on speaker.
All of it.

And then get me a scrambled
line to Tom Zarek.

- We're unable to reach Galactica...
- Admiral Adama, do you read?

Are they going to jump away
like last time?

- Who's in charge of Galactica?
- Can't trust Admiral Adama.

Is any vessel in communication
with Colonial One?

I have Colonial One.

Mr. Zarek,

I've taken command of Galactica.

The admiral and his senior staff
are in custody.

Adama's still alive?

You sound disappointed.

It's a loose end.
I'm sure you have your reasons.

Still, congratulations are in order.

With the future of the fleet at stake
you've done a very courageous thing.

We can fine-tune
our rationalisations later.

I'm still bringing
communications back online.

And the fleet's in an uproar.

Don't worry. They'll fall in line.
Especially after I shower them...

Women and men of the fleet,

this is your President.

- What the frak?
- We have come to a crossroads

- in our long and painful journey.
- Tom, are you hearing this?

Turn on your wireless.

Of all the decisions...

- Where's this coming from?
- I don't know.

...assuming the presidency,

none was more frightening
or more difficult

than agreeing to this alliance
with the Cylons.

But we have come to a crossroads

in our long and painful journey.

Cylons and humans have been
at war for generations.

We know nothing else.

And we have been locked
in a struggle that has seen

both sides suffer unspeakable loss.
But with our supplies running low

and our options limited,
our former enemies

may represent our last,
perhaps our only hope.

To those in the fleet

- and on Galactica, who...
- Find that frequency, Gage.

...would reject this alliance,
I am asking you...

- Isolate the signal!
- Sir, I don't know how to.

Gods damn it.

I am begging you to reconsider
and place your trust back in those

who have brought you this far,

and to reject those traitors
who would use your fear of the Cylons

to destroy Colonial civilization...

- President Roslin, do you read?
- Galactica... you read?
We're getting static noise...

- ...and the president's communique is fading.
- Sir.

It's the vice president.

I couldn't get near the brig.

Even if he is in there...

What's goin' on?

This corridor...

It's all right, Lee.

We're all right.

Thank gods.

What the hell is this?

- Easy, he's our prisoner.
- Starbuck.

Lower your weapon.

They've taken over the ship.
If you want it back, this is the only way.

We don't have time
to take prisoners.

Get out outta my face.



They are not your men any more.
They are the enemy!

Felix Gaeta.

Who would've thought?

You probably knew him better than anyone
back on New Caprica.

Well, obviously his loyalties
were divided even back then.

Seems we both made rather bad choices when
it comes to our presidential aides-de-camp,

wouldn't you say?

How many men do you
think Gaeta has?

- Enough.
- Hold up here.

Middle of this mess, you really think
Tyrol's found a way off the ship?

- I don't know, you tell me. He's one of yours.
- You got a problem?

Yeah, I got a problem.

Your people annihilated
the human race.

- Keep it down.
- No, let the great statesman talk.

Now, you wanna know why Tom Zarek's
got so much clout in this fleet?

Because when you get past
the arrogance, he's right.

We can pretend to put it behind us,
exchange lofty words about an alliance,

but if this is what survival
has come to...

It's all we've got.
Now, calm down.

It's all they left us.

Secondary storage airlock this way.

Let's go.



It's Baltar.

- What do you want, Gaius?
- What do I want?

I want this to stop.

Right now. This is madness.

This doesn't become you, you know?

Or whatever they're gonna call
it when this thing is through.

I know you, Felix.

I know you're a good man.

You're an honourable man.

You wanna do the right thing.

Even your failings
have been understandable.

What, like serving in your
corrupt administration?

You know exactly what
I'm talking about.

Our little secret.

Sealed with a very special pen.

But I forgive you for that, Felix.
I'm telling you...

If you are hungry for redemption,
This is not the way.

- Goodbye, Gaius.
- Felix, please, listen to...

What's Raptor six-one-niner's mission?

Transporting human crew
from the Cylon baseship.

They should have called the LSO by now.

They're not headed for the hangar deck.

We're ready.

It's good to see you, Mr. Tyrol.

- Forgot this place was down here.
- Yeah, everybody did.

Got trashed during the raid
on New Caprica,

but I brought it back
online for this.

I came here because...

...I don't want you to worry about me.

And I know what you have to do.

This is section 12, copy.

- Go.
- Marine fire team just went past.

Looks like they're comin' your way.

- You got about two minutes.
- Mr. Tyrol.

Take them back the way we came.
You go with them, Colonel.

Come too far to walk out
on you now, Bill.

- What are you doing, sir?
- Colonel and I are gonna make sure

that the president's Raptor
gets outta here safely.

Initiating launch sequence.

Open it.

Admiral, Madam President, please...

Let's move it.
Get it open.

Prepare to launch.

Raptor just took off
from an aft airlock.

They're not responding
to my hails.

- Gage, who's on CAP?
- I got Hotdog, Narcho...

Get me Narcho on a wireless.
Scramble frequency.

What are your orders?

Arm all weapons.
Engage the target and destroy.

You could'a gone over with her, Bill.

I couldn't have lived with it.

- Come on!
- Let's go!

Look out!

It's been an honour to have
served with you, my friend.

All right, move.

Cover up.

Fire in the hole!