Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 12 - A Disquiet Follows My Soul - full transcript

Adama considers Saul and Tyrol's suggestion that the Fleet should integrate Cylon jump technology since it will triple the distance they will be able to cover before they run out of fuel. ...

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

It looks like Mommy's gonna get
some sleep tonight after all.

Stay the frak away from me!

I heard you. You're Cylons!

I know that you've been spending
a lot of time interrogating the Six.

I'm not torturing her, if
that's what you're worried about.

Cottle tells me she's pregnant.

You just gonna
lie down and quit?

I was wrong about everything.

And all those people who listened
and trusted me, they're dead.

We will find a new home.

This is a promise
I intend to keep.

Get the Cylon Baseship
on the horn.

See if our new allies want
to come along for the ride.


"There is a languor of the life.

"More imminent than pain.

"'Tis pain's successor."

"When the soul has
suffered all it can"

I don't see anything.

Wait, I see something.

Where? Right there. Wait. No?

No, I thought I saw it.
Saw what?

Everyone shut
the frak up for a second.

Got it. There.

Yeah, there it is.

I see it.

I see it!

Oh, my God. There it is.
It's so beautiful!

I still don't see anything.

Try looking
with your eyes. Eye.

Here, Colonel.

See, this is the head, shoulder,
and there's a little hand.

I'll be damned.

It's our baby, Saul. Our baby.

Baby boy.

A boy?

Yeah. Look, right there.

Did we say we wanted to know?

You didn't say you didn't.

I have a son.

I need a drink.

Here. Next best thing.

That's a lot of smoking
around a pregnant lady.

She'll live.

Look at that, Saul.

Do you know what
that is, really?

That's the future of
the entire Cylon race.

It doesn't even have a name yet and
already loading up on the expectations.

All he has to do is be born.

No Cylon-Cylon pairing has
ever produced a child, ever.

Believe me, it's been tried.

What matters is that our
love produced a child.

That means it's...

That means it's possible for our race
to survive, even without resurrection.

The Cylon nation will survive.

Ishay, get me the
fetal monitor.

I wanna work up a complete
bio-physical profile on this savior.

Sorry, Felix.

He's backed up today, but he
shouldn't be much longer.

No problem. At least the
Cylons are having fun, right?


I mean,
Earth's a cinder, Dee's dead,

suicides are up,
the Fleet's a mess,

the President's
missing in action,

but, hey, gotta make sure
the Cylons are taken care of.

Rub this into the skin.

It'll help with the drying
and the chapping, all right?

No, no, frak.

I've gone through two jars of that stuff already.
It doesn't do anything.

The end cap needs to
be refitted.

I already told him, it's too high
on one side, but he won't listen.

Yeah. I'm sorry, Felix.
I'm really sorry.

Look, I promise I will get you
in there as soon as I can.

- It's just been crazy.
- I need help!

I need help!
It's busy today, Chief.

He's peeing blood.
It's gonna be a while.

Get him to bed three.

I'll go and get the doctor.

Wait. Sorry. No problem.

Ishay, where's the damn
fetal monitor?

Can't keep those
toasters waiting.


Admiral! Admiral!
Admiral! Admiral!

- Yes.
- Admiral.

Given that the identities of four of
the so-called "Final Five Cylons"

have been well-publicized,

don't you think you owe the public
an accounting of their activities

aboard Galactica and Colonial One
since the attack on the Colonies?


Well, we're looking forward,
not backward.


Is Colonel Tigh still serving
as executive officer?

And aren't you concerned
about having a Cylon

as second-in-command
of the Fleet?

I'm not going to discuss military
protocol or chain of command

in a public forum.

Admiral! Yes.

Is it true you're contemplating
forming a permanent alliance

with the rebel Cylons
currently in this Fleet?

I'm not gonna talk
about hypotheticals.

Mr. Vice President, would
you support such a move?

No comment.

Serious. Unbelievable.

Where is President Roslin?

Thank you, Playa.

The President is resting
comfortably aboard Galactica.

Last question. Yes, Sekou. Lee.

Do you have any information on
the identity of the fifth Cylon?

We believe the fifth Cylon
to be dead.

But you're not sure?

No, but we believe
she died some time ago.


How do you know it was a woman?

That was the last question.

Thank you all very much
for coming.

My Gods, I can't believe I said that.
What was that about?

Forget about it.

A permanent alliance between
this government and the Cylons,

any Cylons,
is out of the question.

I hope you both know that.

Yeah, well, it's not your call.

Is it yours?

Are you the President again?

Sorry, I get confused what
your job is on any given day.

Laura Roslin is still the President.
She'll make the final call.

And where is Laura Roslin?

Oh. That's right. "Resting
comfortably aboard Galactica."

Funny how she kind of dropped out of sight
ever since her prophecies about Earth

turned out to be
a bunch of crap.

We're done here.

If you try to shove an alliance
with the Cylons down our throats,

there'll be consequences,

I promise you.

Thank you, Mr. Zarek.

Makes it a little bit easier

to know who to hold responsible if
there's an unfortunate incident.

I'm not hard to find, Admiral.

I'm right here,
running the government.

For now.

I have nothing for them.


The words will come, Gaius.
They always do.

But they're not his.

They're only mine.

And I'm making them up.

God speaks through you to them.

When you go out there,
you are divinely inspired.

You are the instrument that he
uses to speak with his people.

Really? So what if I go out there
and tell them God's a fraud

and a hoax and a lie?

I am sorry,
ladies and gentlemen.

The coaster's
come off the tracks,

so enjoy the final thrilling
ride through the air,

because the stop at the bottom
will be a terminal one.

You won't.

I could.

God won't let you.

He has a plan, Gaius.

And dying out here in the
trackless wastes of deep space

seems to be part of that plan.

After all you've been through,

all you've experienced, you still
take counsel of your fears,

when all you have to do

is put yourself into his hands,

into my hands.

I'm human, my love.

And if you were human or
Cylon or mortal in any way,

you'd understand
that to be alive,

you have to let go.
Just let go.

What are you going to say?

I don't know.
Perhaps I'll be inspired.

The feeling on the Baseship is that
we'd rather take our chances with you

than risk running into
Cavil's forces alone.


Yeah. We, the Cylons.

That description fit anyone
around here you know?

Have this discussion
another time.

What about the FTL question?

It's possible.

It's labor-intensive,
a lot of grunt work,

but we should be able to
upgrade all the jump drives

in the entire Fleet
with Cylon technology.

It's not gonna be easy to
sell the Quorum on this one.

Frak the Quorum.

These are civilian ships.
What are you going to do?

Upgrade their engines
at gunpoint?

We need the Quorum to get
civilian cooperation.

All right.

What will it take to get
the Quorum to sign off?

Well, the first issue's gonna be
whether we can make these upgrades

with Galactica personnel only.

It's one thing to accept
Cylon technology.

It's quite another to have actual
Cylons aboard their ships.

I barely understand
this stuff. I'm...

We are gonna need
teams of Sharons and Sixes,

possibly Leobens,
just to do the installations.

They'll go nuts.
We gotta sell them on it.

Point out the benefits.

Athena tells me the upgrade should
triple the Fleet's jump capacity.

And that's conservative.

Their technology... Our
technology is way ahead of ours.


Maybe you'd like a chart
to keep it all straight.

What do you think?


Tripling jump capacity triples our
chances of finding a habitable planet

before we run out of food
and fuel.

That I might be able to sell.

What's the catch?

'Cause there is a catch,
right, former Chief?

We wanna be part of the Fleet,
not just along for the ride.

Full members, citizens, seat at
the Quorum, the whole thing.

- What?
- Are you insane?


You want Cylon technology, we want
safety in case Cavil's forces arrive.

Now if we're citizens,

your oath states that you protect
us, just like everybody else.

And the other Cylons,

they really think that that
will guarantee your safety?

Yes, they do.

I've convinced them that the Admiral takes
these sorts of things very seriously,

that he would rather lose the
Fleet than break the oath.

Unlike certain other people.

Unlike certain other people.

I understand the argument.

It makes sense from
their perspective.

You're not seriously
thinking about this?


You're not seriously
thinking about this, sir?

All options are
on the table, Mr. Gaeta.

This is a political decision.

We'll have to run it
by the President.

Thank you all.

Galen, how's your boy?

Yeah, we don't know.

Well, you'll both
be in our prayers.

A little attitude problem
these days, Mr. Gaeta?

Something you want to
get off your chest?

Not particularly.

Well, then let's get
something straight.

I don't give a frak what you think about
me or the Cylons or anything else.

You wear the uniform,
you obey the rules.

That means you lock up
your personal crap,

and treat the old man
with the respect he's due,

or you'll find yourself shoveling
waste on the recycling ship.

I make myself clear? Crystal.

Something else you want to say?

Not yet.

You let me know.

You can count on it, sir.

Get the frak out of my sight.

You know, the President's
stopped returning my calls.

She's going through a rough patch.
We all are.

She'll get through it.

Just take time.


But we're gonna need to know her
stance on this citizenship thing

sooner rather than later.

I'll talk to you
about it later.

Get me the President.

Acute renal failure.

I think we caught it in time
to manage with dialysis.

However, there is a chance that this
could lead to chronic renal failure.

And if that happens,
he's gonna lose a kidney.

What's the next step?
What do I do?

Do I give some blood,
build up a supply?

Well, we have enough of his
type in the blood bank.

He's half Cylon.

You got a lot of half-Cylon blood
just lying around, do you?

No, no, you're right.
I hadn't thought about that.

We should tap a
vein and start a supply right away.

This is ridiculous.
You have to tell him!

Ishay! Tell me what?

This little boy could die!

His father should know.

Ishay, zip it!

What the hell is
she talking about?

We'll talk about this later.

I guess you
better come with me.

Hey, buddy. How's it going?
Daddy's just gone for a minute.

All right.

This is gonna be a shock.

But I want you to know
that I was bound by

confidentiality in this.

Even though she's dead now,
it still applied.


You're talking about Cally.

What the frak does she...

I'm not his father, am I?

I'm sorry.

She found out she was pregnant
just before you got married.

She wasn't sure that
you were the father.

She wanted me to terminate the pregnancy.
The procedure is illegal,

but there are ways around it.

However, she decided
to keep it.

Then later on she asked
me to do a paternity test

because she wanted to know.

And it wasn't me.


He doesn't know, either.

And I'll be damned if he's gonna
find out that he's a father

from a pissed-off
former deck chief

with a Cylon chip
on his shoulder.

No, I'll have to tell him.

I'll tell him, and then the two of
you can work it out on your own.

Take care of him.


If we can sway public opinion
towards us, or at least not against us,

Lee thinks that Zarek and
the Quorum can be handled.

He's probably right.

I'm so stiff.

You sure you're up for this?

Yeah, just...

I'm just stretching,
a little aerobics.

Truth is, I haven't
felt this good in months.

Oh. That hurts. It's good.

When do you have to go in for
another Doloxan treatment?



Lee thinks,
and I agree with him,

that you should
address the Fleet.

Make a public declaration

that an alliance with the Cylons is
critical for our long-term survival.

Sure. Not just yet, though.

I need a little time.

It's what I told them.

We need you, Laura.

I know that you're tired,
but we need you.

I hear you.

I do. Trust me.
I need a little time.



Just don't overdo it,
all right?

I won't.

Captain Thrace...

Whatever it is,
I'm not in the mood, Felix.

So you think I should give
a frak about your mood?

Okay, let's have it.

You tried to throw me
out an airlock once.

Still crying about that?

The charges at the time were collaborating
with an enemy in a time of war.

Waiting for the punch line.

Turns out, the jury that convicted
me was made of two Cylons

and a woman married to a Cylon.

Rim shot.

Big Bligh, applause,
applause, applause.

Are we done?

Oh. No, wait.
I'm sorry, I forgot.

We haven't gotten to
the leg yet.

Fifty billion people are dead and I'm
supposed to give a frak about your leg?

Yeah, who killed those
50 billion people, Kara?

It wasn't me.
No, it was your husband.

Are you enjoying yourself?

Is this how you get
your kicks these days?

Oh. Wait, I'm sorry.
I meant half-kicks.

What was Sam doing on Caprica
before he so conveniently met you?

You ever wonder?

You think maybe
he nuked a few cities,

executed a few
thousand prisoners?

I'm just wondering.

But then again,
maybe you're a Cylon, too.

At least I'm not a gimp.

One day, one day soon, there's
gonna be a reckoning, Kara.

And once again people are gonna have
to answer for what they've done.

Is that a threat?

You're godsdamn right
that's a threat.

Well, you know
where to find me, Felix.

And in case you're wondering, I
will definitely hit a cripple.

Or anyone else.

So, I guess a pity frak's
out of the question then?

Somebody close that hatch.

Let's talk.

Point of order, please! Order, please!
Thank you very much.

Delegate from Caprica
has the floor.

By increasing jump capacity,

we increase the odds that we can find a
habitable planet that we can call home.

Surely, my friends and
fellow delegates can agree

that the survival of the human race
has to be this Quorum's top priority,

regardless of
political consequences.

Mr. Vice President.
Mr. Vice President, please.

We are being asked to allow
Cylons unfettered access

to the most critical systems
on every ship in this Fleet?

Surely, the delegate from Caprica
can see the danger that this poses.

Absolutely. I acknowledge the
validity of your concerns.

Point of order, please!

The chair exercises its right
to bring a motion forward.

In prison, you start to confuse
your hopes and dreams with reality.

Start to believe that because
you want something to happen,

parole, a pardon,
an appeal, a writ,

you start to believe
that it will happen.

You live on wishes,

the way things should be
instead of the way they are.

And all because
you can't face reality.

The leaders of this Fleet are
succumbing to wishful thinking

because they
can't face reality.

And the reality is that the Roslin-Adama
administration has led us nowhere.

Earth was a mirage,

a fantasy they
dangled in front of us for

four long years in
order to maintain power,

a fantasy they dreamed up as a way to
hold on and control the government

over the democratic wishes
of the population.

So, now, what is our feckless
and dispirited leadership doing

to solidify their position
after failing us so miserably?

Turning to the Cylons.

The Cylons. For help.

Aren't the Cylons the reason we're
out here in the first place?

Aren't they the enemy?

Or are they suddenly
our friends

if that helps keep
Roslin-Adama in power?

Point of order, the chair needs to
bring a motion, not make a speech.

Thank you, Mr. Adama.

The chair moves that any decision on allowing
Cylons to board any ship in this Fleet

be made by the captain and the
people living on that ship

and not the Roslin-Adama

What we need
right now is unity.

This is a Fleet-wide issue.

We need to stand together.
It affects all of us.

Sagittaron calls the question.

Tauron seconds.

The question has been called and seconded.
All in favor?

All opposed?

The vote is 11-to-one.
Motion carries.

No Cylon will board
a ship in this Fleet

without permission
of its people.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ten birds?

That's frakking unacceptable.

What time is it?


Been up for an hour.

Tell Figurski I'll see him down
on his deck in 10 minutes.

He better be there in nine.

Mother frakking bitch.

You've got to get
a hold of this deck.

Yes, sir. I'm sorry,
sir, but what can I do?

I've got 20 men sick, I'm
working double crews...

Your people are not sick,
they're reporting sick.

It's a dodge,
a way to stay in bed,

and you know it. Yes, sir.

You used to pull the same crap
when Tyrol ran this place.

Yes, sir. I mean, no, sir...

Ten birds.

Ten off-line.

This frakking cannot happen!

Not on my ship!


Now you listen to me, Figurski.

You put on the biggest
pair of boots you got,

and you go down there and you
shove them up their ass.

Do you got me?
You get your crew up here!

And I want this place
cleaned up!

It looks like a garbage scow.

Get out of my sight!

Yes, sir.

You gotta be kidding me.


It's a big ship.

You ran the whole route?


It's more than
I've run in a long time.

You're flushed. You look good.

Thank you.

You're not supposed to
look good.

You're supposed to be in sickbay
with a tube in your arm.

Changed my mind.

Like hell.

You never intended to go.


Send me to the brig.
I can run there.

Cottle says you're experiencing
a moment of euphoria

as your body recovers from the
toxicity of the treatments.

So much for doctor-patient

Well, the President's health
is a security issue.

My resignation will be on
your desk in the hour.


I'm not gonna hand the
presidency over to Tom Zarek.

Then the status quo
will have to do.

Stop it. Listen, we need you.

Zarek's got the Quorum
in an uproar.

The press is going crazy.

The government is
spinning out of control.

Now, we need you.

Take your hands off me, Bill.

I've played my role
in this farce.

"A dying leader will guide
the people to the..."

Blah, blah, blah. Frakking...

Blah, blah.

I've been there,
I've done that. Now what?

Is there another role that I have
to play for the rest of my life?

Do you remember what we
said on New Caprica?

How we talked about
trying to live for today?

Well, you better
think about that, because

maybe tomorrow
really isn't coming.

Maybe today is
all we have left.

And maybe,

just maybe,

I've earned the right to
live a little before I die.

Haven't I?

What do you think?

Haven't I?

Yes, you've earned it.

I have. Well, guess what.

So have you.

Now get out of my way.

What manner of
forgiveness are you seeking?

Is it that of
disobedient children?

Are you... Are you children?

WOMAN 11 No. WOMAN 21 No.

Well, obviously,
you're a child.

We have some children here. But, to
the rest of you, in your mind's eye,

are you all just children

who've transgressed against
your father's divine will?

No, we've done nothing wrong.

Are you being punished for your
multitude of sins? Are you?

No. No.

Is this really our lot,

to have been led

by a father

to the promised land?

We shouldn't have to suffer.

Keep talking.

To paradise,

only to have paradise cruelly smashed
to bits before our very eyes?

Why? Why must we suffer?

Are these the actions of a
father towards his children?

No. No.

- What kind of father is that?
- It's not right.

This won't help. You're
letting anger blind you.

What have you done?

What have you done to
deserve this punishment?

What sins have you committed?

What dark thoughts have you
harbored that condemn you...

Condemn you

to wander through the
universe without hope,

without light?

So, you have to ask yourself,

what kind of a father
abandons his own children

to despair and loneliness?

No one! No one!

Perhaps we are not the ones
in need of forgiveness.

Perhaps we're not.

Perhaps we have been wronged.

Yes. That's right.

Perhaps it is God who should come down
here and beg for our forgiveness!

Am I right? Am I right?

Then shout it to God!

What have you
done for me lately?

Where have you been?

There is a disease
aboard the ship,

and it is a disease of denial!

Am I right?
Well, don't tell me.

Shout it to God!

Cottle told me. I didn't know.

We need... We should talk.

Get off me!

Feel better?

They'll do anything I
tell them to, won't they?

They're your flock. They'll
follow you even into blasphemy.

A flock. That's appropriate
for sheep, isn't it?

A father's contempt
for his children,

isn't that what you were
just preaching against?

Well, if I'm their father,

these people are in for more
trouble than they know.

It's a godsdamn uprising.

With all respect, Colonel, I don't think
we're there yet, but we do have a problem.

A problem? Ten of our ships refuse
a direct order from the flagship.

Another 12 won't even
respond to our hails.

They're not doing
anything illegal.

The Quorum gave every ship
the right to refuse

any Cylon or Cylon
technology aboard.

Jump drive upgrades
is a military decision

outside of the authority
of the Quorum.

And you alone get to make
that determination?


Yes, Mr. Gaeta.

I get to make
that determination.

You have a problem with that?

Admiral? I'm in receipt
of an emergency signal

from our marine commander
aboard the Hitei Kan.

The crew of the tylium ship
has mutinied.

They killed a Cylon
and two marines.

Scramble the mardet alert team
and launch the assault Raptor.

This is the X O.

Scramble the mardet alert team.

Mutiny aboard Hitei Kan.

Admiral, the tylium ship's
pulling out of formation

and spinning up
their FTL drives.

I want to talk to whoever's in
charge of that ship, right now.

Hitei Kan, Hitei Kan, this is
Galactica, please respond.

This is a priority signal
from Galactica actual

to the current commander
of your ship.

Sir, their drives
are spooled up.

Where's my assault team?

Raptors launching now.

Galactica, Athena.

We've cleared the bay and
are en route to Hitei Kan.

Hitei Kan, Hitei Kan,
this is Galactica. Please respond.

Mr. Hoshi!

I'm trying, Admiral,
but they're not...


They're communicating
with Colonial One, sir.

The President?

Can't be.
She's aboard Galactica.

Let's hear it.

MAN ON RADIO.' The dradis...

The dradis shows a Raptor and
Vipers heading straight for us!

They'll be here any minute.

They have no right to board
your ship without your permission.

Son of a bitch.

What should we do,
Mr. Vice President?

Every citizen has the right to
protect themselves from oppression.

Take whatever measures
you think necessary.

She jumped! Hitei Kan
has jumped away, sir!

Taking all our fuel with them.

You know, there are days
that I really hate this job.

Put me on scramble.


Galactica actual.

I read you, actual.

You're ordered to
board the Colonial One.

Locate and arrest
the Vice President.

Then bring him
back to Galactica.

Roger that, actual.

Arrest and return to Galactica.

What are my orders
if he resists?

In that case,

the use of deadly force
is authorized.

I repeat,

the use of deadly force
is authorized.

I'm sure you all have work.

Do it.

I don't know anything
about being a father.

It sucks.

Except for
the parts that don't.

He won't even know who I am.

He barely knows who I am.

Don't worry.
We'll make it work.


Yeah, we.

As much as I'd love to walk out
that frakking door right now.

All right.

Lessons in parenting.


If your kid's in the hospital,

you never leave him alone.

No matter what,
someone's always here.

You get first shift, Dad.


How long do I sit here?

Until I get back.

That'll be after I sober up.

Don't move
from that frakking chair.

Sworn statements,

transcripts of wireless
conversation, shipping records.

All kinds of documents, really,
compiled over the last year,

with one theme.

The buying and the selling of
the Vice President's office.

So, this is a conversation
about extortion.

No. About law and order.

But you can
call it what you want.

You see, I believe that you would
walk happily to the gallows

or languish in a cell
for the rest of your life,

if you can do it
as a martyr to your cause.

But the idea of being
publicly humiliated

as a corrupt politician
with your hand in the till,

well, that would scare you.

You're reaching.

Am I?

Graft. Bribery. Drug-running.

Gambling. Theft.
Even a murder or two.

Somehow, I don't think
that the legend and the myth,

Tom Zarek, the political prisoner
and a man of conscience,

can survive the airing
of that much dirty laundry.

You really think the Fleet
is going to sit still

for a long and
politically motivated trial

while you make an alliance
with the Cylons?

I think without the tylium
ship we're not going anywhere.

We're gonna sit
here for a long time.

At least we won't be bored.

You think I know
where the tylium ship is.

Yes, I do.


Because I know that you do.

Read the file.

Some juicy stuff.

Make a great story
for the press.

Murder and extortion.

You know what the difference
is between you and I, Admiral?

You wear that uniform,

and I don't.

You can cool your heels here
until I check these out.

I wouldn't eat the food.

What're you going to do
with that folder?

Put it in a safe place.

Here's our tylium ship.

Well, that was fast.
How did you do it?

I appealed to his intellect.

Should I send in a medic?

No, he's fine.

Well, you're not. Maybe you should see a medic.
You look like hell.

I feel like it, too.
I need to rest.

Well, you earned it.

Let me know when they find the tylium ship.
I'll be with the President.

You got it.


Give this to Hoshi.
Tell him to file it.

Laundry reports?

Hitei Kan, this is Athena.

Stand by to be boarded.

Any resistance will
be met with force.

This is your only warning.


Every revolution begins with
one small act of courage,

but I hope you know
how serious this is.

I hope you understand that
this will have consequences,

deadly consequences,

for a lot of people.

I've thought
about the consequences

and I'm ready for them.
We all are.

How many is "we"?


But once it starts,
we'll get more support.

People know something
has to be done.

The world is frakked.
It's upside down

and somebody's gotta
turn it right side up.

Are you that man?

I'm one of them.
But I need a partner.

You've got one.

That's good.
Take it from here, Saul.

See you in the morning.

They've found the tylium ship.


Do you care?


Neither do I. Hmm.

Good night.

Good night.