Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 11 - Sometimes a Great Notion - full transcript

Scouting the planet reveals that there is no life except plants. The destruction occurred about 2,000 years earlier. Among the ruins, skeletons and wrecks of a different kind of Centurions are found. But closer examination of the skeletons reveals they are Cylon! Could the 13th Tribe really have been all Cylons? Chief Tyrol, Colonel Tigh, Sam Anders and Tory remember living on the planet and dying there. How did they get to the colonies? Starbuck finds a piece of her Viper, and despite Leoben's warnings, starts to look for the cockpit... Roslin loses her faith in the Scrolls of Pythia. Apollo and Dualla seem to get back together, but he needs to figure out what to tell to the people of the Fleet... A tragedy prompts Adama to confront Saul.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I don't know what to
make of you and me.

I'm having trouble
accepting this.

We have to push forward,

keep the Fleet together,
find Earth.

3,600 years ago,

Pythia wrote about the exile and
the rebirth of the human race.

And the Lords anointed a leader

to guide the caravan of the
heavens to their new homeland.

I came back with D'Anna

to be with my people.

Because you're one of the Five.

You're one of the Final Five.

Turns out there's another kind
of Cylon we didn't know about,

and I'm one of them.

Get it out of my sight!

Put your hands on your
heads and face the Viper.

Do it now!

What the hell is going on?

They're Cylons.

There's something different about
this Viper, something's changed.

You gotta find it.

Well, it's a Colonial
emergency locator signal.

So you're all in agreement
this is the way to Earth?

It's a stretch, but it's the
best explanation we've got.

So the question is,
where do we go from here?

We go to Earth together.



Our scouts say it's the
same all over the planet.

No answers to our hails.
No signs of human life.

It's the same report
we got from ours.

This signal's pretty weak.

The emergency locator battery
must be running low on juice.

It was probably on
for a long time.

Low-level radiation.

Definitely in the water
and the food chain.

Better put word out not to eat
or drink anything down here.

Baltar just confirmed it.

The planet was nuked
about 2,000 years ago.

Squares with what our teams have
been finding all over the planet.

It's perfect.

We traded one nuked
civilization for another.

Let's get out of here.

Just don't give up.
Just don't give up.

Just don't fall apart.
Just don't... It's okay.

Easy, Dee. Take it easy.

Get me out of here.

Madam President!

Please, we need to know.

The president will be
making a statement in due course!

You will find out everything
in good time!

It's Colonial.

It's standard on all aircraft.

Part of our
inertial nav system.

Kara, what is it?
What does it mean?

The number on my
ship is 8757-NC.

I'm gonna get her!
I'm gonna get her!


No, stop!

I'm gonna go under the table!

Raptors down!

Appreciate it, Dee.

Oh, you kidding?

I look forward to this.
I look forward to this.

We'll be back soon,
okay? Thanks, Dee.

Bye, baby! Bye.

You have no idea
what's happened, do you, huh?

Today is just another day.

Hey, over here!

What is it?


We found a couple of these
scattered among the bones

in sites around the planet.


but they're not one of ours.

We've never seen this design.

So the Thirteenth Tribe settled
here and created their own Cylons.

And then the machines rose up
and killed their masters.

That's what we thought,
until we tested the bones.

250 skeletons so far. From four
different sites on the planet.

Using our protocols...
The results are conclusive.

What's your point?

They're not human.

They're Cylon.

All of them?

All of them.

The Thirteenth Tribe was Cylon.

The Thirteenth Tribe,
a tribe of Cylons,

came to this planet
and called it Earth.

Madam President, what
do we do about the Quorum?

You need to talk to them.

We need to tell them something.

It should come
from their president.

Carry the ball.

Bill, we need to talk.

There's a lot of things
I got to explain.

Fresh fruit here! Strawberries.

Fresh fruit here!

Can I have some of
those tiger lilies?

Four for one. Fresh fruit!

How many of these are ripe?

Get your fresh fruit here!

Strawberries! Fresh pineapple!

Fresh fruit!

If my Viper splattered all over
this planet, then who flew it here?

And what the hell
did I fly back to Galactica?

Maybe it's better
off not knowing.

You're always telling me to face
the truth and not run from it.

Why the sudden change of heart?

I've got a feeling you might
not like what you find.

For me or you?

There you are.

The Raptor's ready to take
you back to Colonial One.

What are you doing in here?

I was just thinking

about all the pilots
who sat in those seats.

Gave their lives for a dream
of a new beginning on Earth.

I don't want their sacrifice
to be meaningless.

You've got that look again.

What look?

The one you had when your father
took Galactica back to New Caprica.

We stayed behind on Pegasus
with the civilian fleet.

You thought you'd
never see him again.

That easy to read, huh?

Just to me.

There were some good times for
us, weren't there, on Pegasus?


I remember what you told me.

We had to keep
the human race going.

And you did.

No, we did.

I couldn't have done
it without you, Dee.

You will this time, too.

I don't know how.

I don't know what the frak
I'm gonna tell the Quorum.

Good news is,
real estate prices are low.

Truth is, there is no happy
way to spin this thing.

So don't. Tell them the truth.

That's what people need to hear, and
you're the one they need to hear it from.

If anybody can give
them a reason to go on,

it's you, Apollo.

Would you...

I was gonna grab
a drink around 1900.

Would you join me?

It's a date.

Help me, Gods damn it!

If you've got an explanation
for this, now's the time.

I don't... I don't have one.

I was wrong.

About Earth.

Your Hybrid told me something.

Said that I was
the harbinger of death.

That I would lead
us all to our end.

She told you that?

Is it true?

Is it true?

If that's me lying there,
then what am I?

What am I?

What am I?

Watch it, don't move anything.

The hills
at the perimeter. Hills.

Another one right here,
next to it.

"So let us not talk falsely now"

"'cause the hour
is getting late."

You remember something?


I used to live here.

Me, too.

That song that switched us on,

I played it for
a woman I loved.

I remember.

You do?

You played it for all of us.

That was me.

We died in a holocaust.

Then why are we still alive?
That happened 2,000 years ago.

How did we get to the Colonies?

Come to think that
we were human?

2,000 years is
a long time to forget.

We've got to do something.

Morale's going down the toilet.

What are you doing?

The Pythian Prophecy.

Cottle told me that you didn't show
up for your Doloxan treatment.

That's right.

Do you want to tell me why?

I didn't feel like it.

You're gonna reschedule.

I don't think so.

you need your treatments.

No, I don't.

What are you doing?

You just gonna
lie down and quit?

You're the one who
made me believe in this.

You shouldn't
have listened to me.

When the Cylons first attacked,

you should've held your
ground and kept fighting.

Because I was wrong.

I was wrong about everything.

And all those
people who listened,

and they trusted me, and they
followed me, all those people,

they're dead.

That's not... Don't.

Stop. Stop.

Don't touch me.

Just go.

Burn. Burn.

Tell me again.

Oh, come on. You've heard
it three times, Dee.

I want to remember every word.

All right. I said,

"Ladies and gentlemen,
we now have a choice.

"We can either view
this as a catastrophe

"or an opportunity."

"I, Lee Adama,
ex-Acting President,

"former Commander of the
obliterated Battlestar Pegasus,

"Apollo to my friends,
I choose the latter.

"We're no longer enslaved

"by the ramblings of
Pythia." Of Pythia.

"No longer pecking
at the breadcrumbs

"of the Thirteenth Tribe."
Thirteenth Tribe.

"We are now free to go
where we want to go

"and be who we want to be."
And be who we want to be.

I'm so proud.

I think I managed to
stall a full-scale panic,

but I've got no
idea what to do next.

That is the best fun I have
had in a long, long time.

Thank you for that.

What? You're glowing.

Am I?

All I can think of is
that waste of a planet.

Felix, please.

I just want to hang on to this
feeling for as long as I can.


Huh. Look at that.

Little Ana's got
her smile back.

Sometimes I don't
even remember that's me.

It's so long ago.

She has no frakking idea
what's ahead of her.

Yeah. None of us do.

No. No. No. No.

I don't know.

It's gonna be okay.

We need... We need a medic.

She's gonna be okay.

We need a medic here!
We need a medic!



She kissed me good night
45 minutes ago,

and there was joy in her eyes.

So tell me,
why would she do this?

I don't frakking know.


What did you do?

I let you down.

I let everybody down.

- Give me your side arm.
- Sir?

Frakking now!

Leave it loaded. Yes, sir.

I think we should have that little
heart-to-heart you've been pining for.

Sit down, Cylon.

Looks like you've got
a head start on me, Bill.

Looks like you still don't know
when to shut your frakking mouth

and follow orders.

Bill, I am so sorry that I
didn't have the guts to tell you

when I first found out.

Frak you!

You got no guts.
You're a frakking machine.

Is that how it worked?

They program you to be
my friend

emulate all the qualities
I respect?

Tell me jokes,
and I'd laugh at them?


I was your friend because I chose to be.
I wanted to be.


Yeah, you know, Ellen was smarter
than I gave her credit for.

Don't go there, Bill.

Smarter than me.

She knew from the beginning that
there was something wrong with you.

That's why she went around

frakking half
the Colonial Fleet.

Shut your mouth!

Searching out,
trying to find a man

who had real blood
in his main vein.

Shut your frakking mouth!

She came on to me once,
like a dog in heat.

I could smell.
I could smell it.

She smelled so good.

Go on, do it. Do it. Do it!

Or I will. Go on, go on.

Do it.

Go on.

Oh, my Gods.
That's why you came here.

To do this.

You haven't got the frakking
guts to do it yourself.

I'm sorry, Bill.

This is one time
I can't help you.

I think we've both had enough.

Did I ever tell you about my summers
with my uncle when I was a kid?

Foxes would attack his henhouse

all the time.

Really pissed him off.

He'd wake me up.

We'd go with his hounds at night, up
into the hills, looking for the fox.

When the dogs
could smell the scent,

they'd go crazy.

The pack would become a team.

Force the fox toward the river.

So, what would the foxes do?

Half would turn and fight.

The other half would
try to swim across.

But my uncle told me
about a few that...

They'd swim halfway out,
turn with the current,

and ride it all
the way out to sea.

Fishermen would find
them a mile offshore,

just swimming.

Because they wanted to drown.


Or maybe they were just


Well, Gods damn it, Bill,

we can't swim out to sea.

I am the XO of this ship.

You are the commanding officer.

How is putting a bullet
in your head gonna help Dee?

It sure as frak isn't
gonna help all the others

who are thinking about doing
the same godsdamn thing.

And what are they gonna do without
the old man here to lead them?

Lead them where, Saul?



I hear you lost the signal.

You couldn't find the source.


I need to talk.
I've got to tell somebody.


You look like hell.
What's going on?



What about Dee?

She shot herself.

My Gods.

I don't... I don't understand.

No, neither do I, you know.

I'm trying to come up
with a neat answer.

But truth is,

I'll never know

'cause it's too frakking late.

Mr. Hoshi, take over
for Lieutenant Dualla.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Gaeta.


Find me the closest G-, F-
or K-Class star system.

Mr. Hoshi, get the
Cylon Baseship on the horn.

See if our new allies want
to come along for the ride.

Men and women of the fleet,
this is the admiral.

The discoveries of
the past few days

have been
painful for all of us.

As you know,

we cannot stay on Earth.

But this is not
a new challenge.

The 13 Tribes of Kobol
stood exactly on the same spot

that we are right now.

They experienced
dreadful losses.

Their planet was a graveyard.

They needed a home,

so they set out in
the void of deep space

with nothing but their
ships and their guts.

And the 13 succeeded.

They weren't supermen.

They were ordinary people
like us.

What they can accomplish,
we can accomplish.

We will find a new home.

This is a promise
I intend to keep.

All right, people, pack it up.

We're off this rock
in 15 minutes.

Let's go, guys,
we're moving out.


You'd better get back to your ship.
The fleet is about to jump.

No, I'm not going.

You know, all this is just gonna
happen again and again and again,

so I'm getting off
this merry-go-round.

I'm gonna die here with the
bones of my ancestors,

and it beats the hell out of
being out there with Cavil.

Gonna die in the cold and the dark
when Cavil catches up with us.

Well, I wouldn't
count the old man out.

He'll find us a home.

Don't you ever want to
stop fighting it, Colonel?


Don't you just want
to stop all of this?

And just ride
the tide out to sea.

ELLEN.' Saul!




I'll get you out!

Saul, it's okay.

It's okay.
Everything's in place.

We'll be reborn, again.



Ellen, you're the fifth.