Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 10 - The Passage - full transcript

The Colonial fleet makes a harrowing journey. Kat plays a vital role in the success or failure of the passage.


KAT: Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I was burnt out.

I started taking stims.

What are these?

By the look of her, she's been
taking them by the handful.


Let me go!
Hey, hey!

You know, coming in late for a
briefing 'cause you're hung over,

that's bad enough.

When you back out
on a mission...

You see, unlike you,
I don't take a bunch of pills,

and then climb in my cockpit so wired
that I can't land the frakking ship.

you're an embarrassment.

I need you back in the CIC.

It just ain't the same
without you in there,

intimidating the inmates.

No, no.

There are only 12
Cylon models,

but in the entire occupation on
New Caprica, I only saw seven.

Who are the final five?

I can't talk about that.

BALTAR: You have any idea
what it's talking about?

CAPRICA SIX: Most Cylons think the conscious
mind of the Hybrid has simply gone mad

and the vocalizations
we hear are meaningless.

But not everyone
thinks that.

You'll delete the order
from your logs. Execute.



It's okay, it's okay.

There is something beautiful,

between life and death.

ROSLIN: You mean there's
no food to be salvaged?

What about the good food
we had stored

before we started inadvertently
churning out the contaminated stuff?

Well, the newly processed bad food
went into the depleted storage system.

Everything's tainted.

But Sharon's out finding all
this algae for us to process.

It's tough to choke down,
but it's almost pure protein.

What if Sharon comes back and reports
there is no clear passage to this planet?

Then the question is, Doc,
how long can we survive?

With the rations we've been
on? I'd say seven to 10 days.

When is she due back?

She was due
three hours ago.

The radiation levels are high,
but she's strong and she's...

She'll be here any moment.


No, I'm sorry, you guys,
I don't have anything.

To share?

I told you, Starbuck, I don't have
anything. Get off my back, okay?

Yeah, I saw a protein bar
on your cot.

I gave it to Cottle.

Right. Right after
I gave him head.

Oh, so, what, now I'm a liar? Oh,
I don't know, if the shoe fits.

All right, can it!

Kat, get down here.

All right, for frak's sake,
everybody, eat.

We're getting paranoid
with this hunger.

KAT: Here, baby, eat this.

Oh, my Gods, that's good.



Somewhere to be, D'Anna?


You'll wake Caprica.

Look, I'd love to hang around
with you two all day, but...

I have things to do.

I'll never understand what
you all do all day long,

living on this thing
like fleas on a cat.

Where do you suppose she
takes herself off to, then?

You are not the only one
asking that.

I'm not?

What do you mean?

She's been doing things.

Doing things?

What things?

CREWMAN 1: Okay,
let's make it faster.

CREWMAN 2: Sorry about that. I've
got you, Lieutenant. Watch your step.

Go ahead,
I've got your helmet.

There you go.
I've got you, Athena.

Go ahead, walk her through.

Seven percent spray. Move around
to the starboard side for wash-down.

CREWMAN 3: Two-fourteen.

All the way down, Lieutenant.
Right through here, Lieutenant.

Right over here.

Radiation negative.

CREWMAN 4: Don't move!

There's a way
through the star cluster.

And I found the planet,
on the other side.

I skimmed it,
I took photos.

There's huge swaths of algae,
just like we thought.

It's black.

APOLLO: She's a Cylon. She can
handle a radiation dose that big.

We think.
Someone call Cottle.

I'm fine.

Maybe you are,

but a human might
not be able to make it.

So, then, how do we get tens of
thousands of humans through there?

So we can make it through in two
jumps with a stop right there.

There's no solution
with a single jump?

No, the cluster's too big, and
it's too big to go around, too.

But the civvie ships
aren't shielded enough

to jump in the middle
of all that radiation.

I would say 80% of the
people on board would die.

Can we send Galactica
for food?

And put it where?
What do you mean?

It would take dozens
of return trips.

Each time we'd leave the
fleet vulnerable to attack.

We just can't bring the food
to the people.

What if we bring
the people to the food?

Put the people
on Galactica.

Send the civilian ships
with skeleton crew,

give them
radiation meds.

Except that the radiation would
fry the civvie ships' nav systems.

They wouldn't be able
to see squat on dradis.

There wouldn't even be a way
to calculate a jump out.

It's worse than that.

Once you jump in, the light is
so blinding you begin to drift.

And before you can get your
bearings, you're over there.

APOLLO: No visual contact,
instruments blinded by radiation.

They'd get lost,
they'd burn up.

Pilot ship.

We pair a Raptor
with each civilian ship.

APOLLO: The Raptor navigation systems
are hardened against nuclear strikes.

They could handle
the radiation.

Each Raptor could lead a
civilian ship through the cluster,

then they both
jump out together.

The question is,
how many jumps will it take?

APOLLO: Five round trips.

You heard.
Five round trips.

On our outbound jumps,

we'll each be responsible
for relaying jump coordinates

to our own specific
civilian ship,

nailing them to their jump points
and ensuring they don't drift off.

Sir, are we gonna get fed
when we get there?

Eventually, yes, but only after we
find the algae and get it processed.


But the truth is that

nausea from the radiation exposure
will take care of our appetites.

You'll all be issued with radiation
badges to track our exposure.

White, like this,
you're okay.

As your exposure increases,
it'll darken.

If it approaches this, then
you'll be pulled from duty.

Keep checking your badges.

It's every pilot's own responsibility
to monitor their own badge.


Remember, we're all flying
solo on this mission.

So that means there'll be
nobody there to bitch-slap you

if you start to get tired or start
seeing little toasters on your wing.

We'll be issuing stims,
so use them.

What? Are you crazy?
We can't use stims.

Kat, do you have a problem?

Stims amp up your metabolism.
We've got nothing to burn.

You put stims in our systems, we're gonna
be flying into the sides of the ships.

Is that true?
They'd mess us up?

You used to like
the stims, Kat.

All right, personal discretion
on the stims.

We're taking the first load of
civilians onboard as we speak.

That's it.
Skids up in four hours.


DUALLA: There is
no food here.

There are no rations
anywhere on this ship.

If someone told you there
was food, they were lying.

If you leave this area,
force will be used.

Once we get through
the star cluster,

you will all be returned
to your designated ships.


CREWMAN: Keep following, straight
down to the front. That's right.

My name isn't Sasha.

My name is Captain Louanne
Katraine, you understand me?

Sasha and you were
a lifetime ago.

Right, right, 'cause
you got this now, right?

No more hanging
with the sinners, huh?

Stay away from me.
Do you understand me?

They even know
who you really are?

Oh, fancy bumping
into you here.

Can you believe
I'm lost again?

I never find my way
around this place.

Where have you been?

I've been talking with Simon
about our next move toward Earth.

There's some debate
about it, apparently.

Of course, if I spoke
to the relevant Simon,

he'll actually ascertain
you were at this meeting?

Beg your pardon?

I hear that you've been going
off by yourself, doing things.


Now who would tell you
anything about my business?

So it's true?


Did you know you have some
dried goo in your hair?

That can happen
when you resurrect.

Yeah, now I'm beginning
to understand

just what you've been doing with
yourself on all these afternoons.

Do you have any idea
what you are accusing me of?


Intentionally killing yourself
over and over

so you can download
over and over.

But that's just a
revolving door, isn't it?

KAT: Come here!

What do you want?

Take it down a notch, baby.

I'm looking
for a business partner.

I told you to stay
the frak away from me.

Yeah, 'cause if they find
out who you really are,

they'll kick you out of
the service? Or worse?

Now, do you think
I want that?

I don't want that,
'cause if that happens,

who's gonna feed me?

Oh, come on, you're getting three
squares. You think I don't know that?

We don't. And I don't have
anything stashed, Enzo.

Yeah, sure, you don't.

Oh, we go back, baby.

Since when is it a crime
to take care of your own?

Remember, I know who you are,
and I know how to make you happy.

Get your hands off of me.


Go ahead.


Check it out.

MAN 1: All right.
MAN 2: Welcome back, sir.

MAN 3: Welcome back, sir.
WOMAN 1: Good to see you, sir.

Welcome. It's good to see
you, sir. Welcome, sir.

Colonel. MAN 4: Good
to see you, Colonel.

HOSHI: Yeah. That's it. WOMAN
2: Good to have you back.

MAN 5: All right.

We're with you, sir.

Welcome back.

Enough! Don't you people
have jobs to do?

Welcome back, Colonel.


Apollo, Galactica.
Launch Raptors on your orders.

APOLLO ON RADIO: Shepherds, find your
sheep, stay close and never let them go.

These crews are counting
on us to guide them through.

Starbuck on station.

KAT ON RADIO: I've got
visual on Chiron.

HOTDOG: Hotdog.
Adriatic in sight.


When you jump into the cluster,
you will be disoriented.

Take it one step
at a time.

Find your sheep, work the jump
calculations and get them out.

Remember, we do not stay
beyond our radiation dose limit.

GAETA: Apollo reports
pilots in position, sir.

Initiate jump
on his command.

Galactica will follow.

GAETA: Aye, aye, sir.

Raptors, Apollo.
We jump on my mark.



One. Mark.

Whoa! What is this?
I can't see anything.


Got you!

Kat, you got yours?

KAT: Affirmative, Apollo.

Only got eyes for the Chiron.
Relaying coordinates.

Squadron, Apollo.
I have Thera Sita.

Relaying jump coordinates
to her right now.

STARBUCK: Apollo, Starbuck.
I got mine.

Frak. I'm just
barely holding on here.

I lost mine. Did anyone see the Adriatic?
She has lost her jump coordinates.

APOLLO: Hotdog, negative.

Negative, Hotdog.
Negative on Adriatic.


Hotdog, the Raptor needs
to be under control, man.

Ease up with the stick. This
is not a Viper, it's a Raptor.

Frak it, frak it!

APOLLO: Find her, man!
Get a visual!


Apollo, it's Galactica Actual.

You've reached your radiation
dose limit. You've got to jump.

Count us down.
APOLLO: Roger that, Galactica.

No! No, Apollo, please, wait!

Hotdog, listen to me! We
have to get out of here, now!

I know I can find them!
I can find them! Hold on!

Please wait! No!
Starbuck, jump on my mark.

With or without your ships!

One, two, three.

No! Please! Wait!

We can't leave without her!

Frak! Frak!

Jump complete.

Dradis is back online. Ship
reports moderate hull damage.

APOLLO: Galactica, Apollo.
First trip complete.

Raptors, land your birds,

and prepare to jump back for
the second group of civilians.


We lost the Adriatic.

It's only our first jump.

Yes, it is.


Carina, Kat!
Report your location!

Kat, Apollo.
Do you have the Carina?

Negative! Radiation's
pissing on my nav.

I can't see frak!

Okay. Found her!

No! Frak!

Kat, report!

Gods damn it!

All right, Kat, Apollo! Time's
up! We're jumping on my mark!

Three, two, one, mark!
Not without the Carina!

I lost her.

I lost her.

APOLLO: All right. We managed to
get another eight ships through.

But we still lost one.

We've got to get better
at tracking our sheep.

Quicker reaction times
out of the jumps.

Racetrack, don't be calling out
coordinates to the wrong ship.

I got mixed up.

Keep checking your instruments
and recheck them.

The instruments are crap.

All right.

That concludes
Outbound Four.

This is Return Four.
One to go.

All right,
get some rest.

Come on.

Here's a report
from the Doc.

A hundred Marines
too weak to work.

Two hundred more
are ready to drop.

That's gonna slow down
the harvest.

The last batch of passengers
kicked up some trouble.

You get these people
to the other side

and they think there's a diner and
a chef waiting to take their order.

I know.

They got to learn we got to process
the thing first, for frak's sake.

Try telling that
to a bunch of empty stomachs.

I hear they're still
eating paper. Is that true?

No. Paper shortage.

Not a good sign.

No, sir.

So while you resurrect, do you
see the faces of the Final Five?

The ones that no one's seen?

Why do you want
to know about them?

I could be a Cylon.

I would stop being a traitor
to one set of people

and be a hero to another,

and have a place to belong.

You would help me
understand my destiny.

Have you seen my face?

Your face?

Yes, my face.

I can't remember.

I've been trying to get it all down on
paper while it's still fresh in my mind,

but nothing much comes out.

It's rubbish.
I can't remember.

Cylons, humans...

We're all just trying
to discover who we are.

Aren't we?

Hey, Enzo.


I took the name Louanne
Katraine from a girl

who died two days before
the attack on Caprica.

It got me through
the background checks.

Yeah, times were rough.
Keep going.

I was a drug runner.

Enzo was my supplier.

What do you want?
We were truckers, okay?

We just moved stuff.


You see, some think that, that's the
way that the Cylons infiltrated Caprica.

They seeded themselves
throughout the outer colonies,

and then they used criminals
to get them into the capital.

Anyone who's found guilty of helping
the Cylons is considered a traitor.

We didn't carry Cylons.
How do you know?

Because nobody knew
that they looked like us.

Then how do you know
you didn't?

How do you know?

You think I'm a traitor?

You think I'm a traitor?

No. I don't think
you're a traitor.

You're a smart young woman.

That's what the old man said.

You're just not smart enough
to accept who you are.

You see, you lied your way
into the company of good people.

don't tell the Admiral.


Please don't, or I...
Or what?

Please. Just let me
tell him myself.

Please, just let me.

Can you do that?



HYBRID: One degree.
Angle nominal.

Seascape portrait of the
woman-child, cavern of the soul.

Under pressure heat ratio.

lons of evolution
have buried their fuse.

So, this is where you got the idea
to start intentionally downloading?

Gestalt therapy.


All right, let's see
what we can find out.

HYBRID: Throughout history, the
nexus between man and machine

has spawned some of the most
dramatic and compelling...

Gaius, what do you think
you're doing?

Don't touch it.


A mind that burns
like a fire.

Yes. I'm here.

Find the hand that lies
in the shadow of the light.

In the eye of the husband
of the eye of the cow.

You all right?


It just speaks nonsense,
doesn't it?

I don't think anything
it says is nonsense.

The husband of the eye.
The eye of the...


Hera, sometimes referred
to as cow-eyed Hera.

And the husband of Hera...

Is Jupiter.

The Eye of Jupiter.

That's written about
in the ancient texts.

My God.

Could there be a connection
between their Gods and ours?

What does it mean?

It's a location.

A planet hidden in
the shadow of light.

Probably a cluster of stars.

That will lead us
to the Eye of Jupiter.

As to the hand hidden
in the shadow of light,

it's probably
some type of artifact.


As in five.

Five faces.

Now all we have to do
is find the right planet.

The right star cluster.

Accept who you are.

Accept who you are.

Accept who you are.


You remember me?


Yeah, I remember you.

Thieving bastard.

You'll ruin everything
I've got.

Come here.

Faru Sadin.

Report your location.

Kat, you got Faru Sadin?

Kat, you got Faru Sadin?


Kat, report.



Frak! I've lost
the Faru Sadin!

Sir, escalating
damage reports, ship-wide.

Engineers are reporting a
cascade of pressure failures.

Jump spot's become unstable.
We've gotta get out of here.

Open line.

HOSHI: Aye, sir.


Channel open.

Apollo, Galactica Actual.
Jump all.

Repeat. Jump all.

All right,
Admiral's calling it.

Everyone, jump on my mark.


I'm not losing another one.

Three, two, one. Mark!

Apollo, Starbuck.
I don't see Kat.


We're missing Faru Sadin
and one Raptor.

GAETA: It's Kat.

She must have missed the
order. She's still out there.


Faru Sadin, this is Kat.
Report your location.



TIGH: Come on, kid.
Come on home.

HOSHI: It's them.

She brought them home.

Galactica, Kat.

Mission accomplished.

They said
you wanted to see me.


I don't think we should
end the way we ended.


Everybody is...

Everybody is stuck with the
things that they're not proud of.

And that... That thing
about good people, I...

I didn't mean that.

Yeah, I know.


Take these. Sleeping pills.


So, take them if you want.

Thank you.

I got to go.

Admiral, I...

I know. I'm sorry.

I'm not here to lecture.

I'm letting you know
about a promotion.

I'm making you CAG again.


Sir, you know I'm not
getting out of here, right?

But you earned it.

What you did was harder
than facing a bullet,

and you did it without putting
one other soul in harm's way.

I don't know
if I could've done that.

I wish there was something
more that I could give you.

No. It's good.

I would like to be a CAG
very much.

Thank you.

There's a thing...

A reason why you
might not want to do this.

Kara knows what it is,

but I wanted
to tell you myself.

I don't need to know anything
other than what I already know.

When you were CAG,

you protected your people,

made them feel safe enough
to be brave.

What you were gonna say
doesn't change that.

Are you... Are you staying?

Oh, I'm staying.

I love this sick bay,
in a way.


It reminds me of where
my son, Zak, was born.

Carolanne was so happy.

She was convinced,

both times,
that she was having a girl.

So it was a surprise
at the end.

Did you want a girl, too?


Three's a good
round number.