Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 11 - The Eye of Jupiter - full transcript

The Galactica has been harvesting food on the algae planet for some weeks now when Chief Tyrol comes across a cave that indicates it may be the Temple of Five containing a marker, the Eye of Jupiter, left behind by the 13th tribe meant to point the way to Earth. Just as Adama and Roslin are getting an update on the find, four Basestars appear but do not attack. Rather, the Cylons have a proposition for them: give the the Eye of Jupiter and all hostilities will cease. Adama and Roslin agree that under no circumstances will they surrender the find. To complicate matters further, Lt. Gaeta determines that the nearby sun is about to go supernova. Meanwhile, Boomer tells Athena that her baby, Hera, is alive but not well. Neither Athena nor Helo believe it but after getting the truth from Roslin, Adama confirms that it's true.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

My name is Lee Adama,

and I love Kara Thrace!

Did you hear the news? We got
married, can you believe it?


No, I can't believe it.

Congratulations, Sam, and good luck.
You're gonna need it.

I missed you.
I missed you, too.

The child's life must
be protected at all costs.

The first Cylon-human hybrid.
It truly is a miracle from God.

This child will not
be raised by the Cylon,

and we cannot risk Cylon agents
getting their hands on it.

I've made my decision.

We lost her.

We did the best we could, but she's
dead and that's all there is to it.

As far as the Cylons know,
this child no longer exists.

That is a good, good thing.

It's Hera.

The first of God's
new generation.

Have you seen the faces
of the other five Cylons?

The ones that no one has seen?

Why do you want to know about them?
I could be a Cylon.

I thought our food supply
was inexhaustible.

The food manufacturing
system's been contaminated.

If we just hold on
until Athena gets back,

this algae can
keep us alive indefinitely.

There's a way through the star
cluster, and I found the planet.

There's huge swathes of algae,
just like we thought.

There's some more over here.

- All right, I'll just have one...
- About 45 meters...

Fourteen inch intake.
Yeah, that's great.

Just pack them and stack them,

and put them along this
back wall. Right there.

- I got your meter readings for the light.
- All right. Get those in...

All this can go in the first Raptor,
all that can go in the second one.

Need a hand? Yeah.

Well, in a couple more days, we can wrap
this up, get away from this stench.

It stinks as bad up here
as it does down there.

At least it tastes as
good as it smells. Yeah.

Well, it's breakfast, lunch and dinner
until someone finds a hot fudge planet.

Now what is this?

Who the hell is that?

It's Starbuck, I guess.

Third time this week.

It's amazing how she keeps landing
on the top of the pilot rotation.

Oh, donut runs are
assigned off a coin flip.

Kara probably thinks she's
running a stream of bad luck.

You know, I should
probably get over there.

I'm gonna skip the meet and greet
this time if you don't mind.


You brought her in
a little hot, don't you think?

Yeah, well, had I known
I was being graded,

I would have thrown in
a couple barrel rolls.

Remind me to thank the CAG

for sticking me
on these crap donut runs, huh?

This is insane, you know.


That's just the way I like it.

Should we start
emptying the tents?

Yeah. Get this cleared up first,
and then get to the tents.




I can barely
look Dee in the eye.

We've got to do
something about this.

Okay, like what?

I don't know.

Like divorce.

Uh-uh. Mmm-mmm.

Oh, come on,
let's get real here.

You said yourself,
things were bad.

Your marriage is failing.

Yeah, but marriage
is a sacrament.

It's not a Pyramid game.
You don't...

You don't get do-overs, Lee.

I made a vow
in the sight of the Gods

and I'm not gonna break that.

You're breaking it
every time we do this.

Every time.

Divorce is different.

This is just bending the rules.

No, no. I'm sorry, I...

I can't.
I can't live like this.

Every time I look at my wife, I see
my own guilt reflected in her eyes.

Oh, wow. Wow, Lee, that
is really poetic of you,

but you don't need to make that
big of a deal out of this.

Well, it is a big deal,
Kara, it is.

It is.


So I won't divorce
and you won't cheat.

So where does that leave us?


Who are the Final Five?

I could be a Cylon.

She's not well.

What's the matter, Hera?

It's okay, Hera.

It's okay.

I'm here for you.

Our initial radio carbon dating

suggests the Temple's
at least 4,000 years old,

which lines up with the exodus
of the Thirteenth Tribe.

Do you really think
you've found the Temple of Five?


I recognize it from the books in my
father's study, Madam President.

He was a priest and the Temple of Five
was an important part of our faith...

Well, his faith, anyway.

Could this place be related
to the Eye of Jupiter, Chief?

You got me, Madam President.

All I know is the stuff
I kind of remember

from sneaking into my dad's
study when he wasn't looking.

The Eye of Jupiter. What
exactly are we talking about?

According to the scriptures,

it's a marker that was left
behind by the Thirteenth Tribe.

It's supposed
to point the way to Earth.

Chief, we're on alert.
This is Adama.

Admiral, Lieutenant Gaeta
in the CIC.

We have multiple
dradis contacts.

Four Cylon baseships
just jumped into view.

On our way!


Four baseships
inbound at high speed.


Bastards practically
jumped right on top of us.

Fleet's spooling up
their FTL drives, sir.

Preparing to jump to emergency
stand-by coordinates on your command.

Do it. Aye, sir.

We gotta hold this position
until everyone's back on board.

How many are down there?

Admiral, if the Eye of Jupiter
is somewhere in that Temple

and it really is a marker
on the way to Earth...

We can't let the Cylons
get their hands on it.

Standby to launch Vipers.

Something's odd here. Cylons
aren't launching Raiders.

Baseships are standing off,
outside of weapons range.

That is odd.


It's the Cylon baseship,
requesting to speak with you.

Put it through the speaker.

This is Admiral Adama.

Admiral, I can't tell you what a
genuine pleasure it is to hear your voice.

This is Gaius Baltar.

I can't believe we're
allowing Cylons on this ship.

They must want
something pretty bad

or else they would've started
shooting as soon as they jumped in.

Why would they send Baltar?

They've got to know we won't
believe a word he says.

He can say whatever he wants.

The longer he talks, the more time we have
to get Lee and his people off of the planet.

It feels like old times,
doesn't it?

I can't believe how much
I actually miss this place.

You know you can't return.

They'd toss you out the nearest
airlock, and then throw a party.

Yes, I know.

Still, I can't help
the feeling I'm finally


If you're really a Cylon,
a member of the Final Five,

these feelings are just
part of your programming,

part of your cover.

And if I'm a human being
after all?

If I'm not one
of the Final Five,

then this is the last chance I'll
ever get to see my kind again.

Colonel, wait.

Well, look at this.
Should we salute?

That's Boomer.

The one who shot the old man?

Well, you just lost
your visiting privileges.

Hold that thing here
until we get back.

Yes, sir.

You three, keep on moving.


Laura, I...

It's good to see you.

Weapons are hardly necessary.

Yes, exactly.

We come in peace.

What do you want?

We want the Eye of Jupiter.

So let's just skip all the
denials and protestations,

and go straight to it.

We know that you have
people on the ground,

and we know that you've found the original
settlement of the Thirteenth Tribe.

It also doesn't take a lot
of deduction to conclude

that the only reason you haven't out
your losses and jumped away by now

is that you've probably
found the artifact,

but you haven't been
able to retrieve it yet.

Is that about right,
Madam President?

We have our people
on the surface.

We're not leaving them behind.

That's a touching,
but not very convincing idea.

Look, the chances that we've all
converged on this small planet

at the same time are
infinitesimally small.

So, we will understand
it's not chance.

You want the Eye,
the Cylons want the Eye.

I would like to discuss the
practical issues that come to hand,

and there are some,

so that we can reach
some accommodation.

The less this man says,
the better this will go.

Wait a minute.

If it wasn't for me, the Cylons
would have blown you out of the sky

two seconds after we'd arrived.

I think you can handle this
alone, if you can stomach it.

So, I've saved your life


How many times is that, now? Because
I'm beginning to lose count.

If it wasn't for me,
you'd all be dead!

What's your offer?

You give us the Eye of
Jupiter, we'll let you go.

And we'll throw in Baltar.

What are you talking about now?

What's he saying?
I'm improvising.

Throw in something
to sweeten the pot.

Besides, I suspect that the
Admiral and Madam President

would enjoy some nice, quiet, private
time with the former leader.

Am I right?

Worth thinking about.

Definitely worth
thinking about.

Despite that uniform,
it's not your home anymore.

I've made my choice and I
know where my loyalties lie.

What if I told you that your
daughter was still alive?

I'd say you were lying.

Well, someone's lying.

But it's not me.

Hera's alive.

At least for now.

She's ill,
and we don't know why.

Yeah, right.

Baltar found her on New Caprica
during the evacuation.

She's on our baseship
right now.

From what we could gather, she was
hidden at Laura Roslin's school,

which means that she probably planned
the whole thing in the first place.

I don't need to listen to this.
Watch her.

They let you think
that she was dead!

You don't do that to a person,
you do that to a thing!

That's what your friends
think of you, Sharon!

You're not one of them!
You're a thing!

We're not giving you the key
to finding Earth.

You try bringing it up from that
planet and see what happens.

We outnumber you four to one.

I'm setting the terms now.

Make any attempt to attack this ship
or the people on the planet's surface,

I'll launch every
nuke I've got.

Lay waste
to the entire continent.

You're bluffing.

You want to find Earth
as much as we do.

Guards, escort them
back to their ship.

Yes, sir.

Well, it would help if
I knew what I was looking for.

Does it really
look like an eye?

I don't know, Lee.

I've looked at the scriptures
and they make reference

to the Eye being left
in some sort of Temple,

but there's no
physical description.

All we know for sure is that it
supposedly points the way to Earth.

And you believe that?

The Cylons do. I can't take a
chance that they're right.

If it looks like they're
gonna get into the Temple,

your order is to blow it.

Understood. What's my...

What's going on?

The Cylons are jamming
the wireless, every frequency.

Okay, we need to establish
hard communications,

work out a plan to defend this
Temple while Tyrol searches.

Defend it with what? A dozen
Marines, maybe five more military?

We're gonna have
to draft the civilians.

Can I make a suggestion
that you won't like?

Do you make any other kind?

Use Sam to command
the civilians.

You're not serious.

Lee. Hey, Sam.


Heard you were coming down.

Guess it takes an emergency to get
us in the same room these days.

Can we do this later, please?

Sam, I need you
to command the civilians.

Form them into fire teams.

I'll give my deployment orders
through Sergeant... Whoa, whoa.

Wait. Deployment orders?
Fire teams?

Come on, some of these guys have
never even held a rifle before.

Well, you're supposed to be the expert
in turning civilians into soldiers.

No, no, no.
We were guerrilla fighters.

All right? Hit and run.

Keep moving,
keep the enemy off-balance.

I've never had to defend a fixed
position, that's a whole different game.

Well, then, you're just gonna
have to learn it fast,

because that's what we're doing,
we're defending this fixed position

until the Chief finds
this Eye of Jupiter.

Oh, okay, so you want us
to risk our lives

for something that you
haven't even found yet?

Listen, Sam,
I'm not even sure it exists.

But I don't have to tell you
every little gods-damn detail...

No, you know what you
have to explain to me...

Hey, hey, hey...

The Major's in charge
of this one, okay?



Well, I certainly wouldn't want to
step between you and your Major.

Well, I thought
that went really well.

He'll do it.

He better.

I miss Nicky.

Do you think he's okay?

Yes, he's fine.

He's on Galactica. He's fine.

I know.

You know, when I was growing up, I
hated everything about the faith,

the rules, the rituals, endless
discussions at the dinner table.

I used to sneak into my mom's prayer
room, you know, holiest of the holies,

and I would dance around naked with
porn magazines just to defy the Gods

and tell them to frak off.

I mean, I don't even know
how I found this place.

I just got this urge to start walking,
and then suddenly here it is.

Well, you should see the look on
your face when you're in here.

There's this reverence.

You even talk softer.

I feel something in here.

Something true.

But here I am setting charges
in this special place.

The holiest of the holies.
This is

the Temple of Five.

If my parents could see this.

And I'm gonna blow it up.

I noticed some anomalies
in the solar radiation belt.

I made an analysis
of the star's vibration modes.

Sure enough, it appears
to be highly unstable.

If you can believe it, on the
verge of going supernova.


It could be tomorrow,
it could be next year.

There's no way
of knowing for sure, sir.

When it does happen, the only
warning that we're likely to get

is a fast helium flash, at which
point we'll have to jump out of here

before it obliterates
the entire planetary system.

Sir, I'm not one to look
for religious signs,

but I can't get my head
around these odds.

That human and Cylon both converge
on this planet at this exact moment,

just as the star is
about to go supernova?

I'm not a religious person,
Mr. Gaeta, as you both know.

So if this is the work
of a higher power,

then they have one hell
of a sense of humor.

We have a stand-off.
Very predictable.

They have the Eye, and they'll
nuke it if we try to take it,

and we'll shoot them down if they
try bringing it up to Galactica.

Are we sure they have it? How do
we know they're not bluffing?

You don't.

We Threes feel that we can't
afford to take the chance.

I think we're missing
the big picture here.

We have the opportunity
to rid the universe

of the human pestilence
once and for all.

We can discuss that after
we get the Eye of Jupiter,

after we find
the path to Earth.

Let me point out that it doesn't
matter if we find Earth in five days,

or if we find Earth
in 5,000 years.

We're machines,

we'll still be around
to savor the great miracle.

So let them destroy the Eye,

if indeed they have it.

We have to take advantage
of the situation

and take down Galactica
once and for all.

Or we could stand here
and do nothing.

We're not doing nothing, Cavil.

Plans are in motion.

I'm sorry. What was that?


I've put a Heavy Raider down
on the planet's surface

as soon as we jumped in.

I thought that would be our best
chance of slipping by their dradis.

Seems I was right.

Was there any particular reason the rest
of us weren't involved in this decision?

It was a need-to-know mission.

So, now I am telling you,
because you need to know.

The point is, we have cut off
their troops' communications

and we have put our own
troops on the ground.

So, as soon as the Centurions
retrieve the Eye,

you can take out Galactica.

Okay, here's the deal.
We're out of options.

The Cylons have got us
pinned on this rock

and our only way out of here
is to hold this place

until Galactica can send
a rescue party.

So I've divided you
into two teams, okay?

Team One is gonna be distributing
ammunition throughout the camp.

Team Two is gonna be
making homemade tylium mines.

Great. Great.

I know that's
not glamorous work,

but we're gonna need
the extra firepower

in case the Cylons decide
to take a shot at us.

Look, I know some
of you are scared,

and that's okay,
because I'm scared, too.

But if we keep our heads and we
do our jobs, we can do this.

We can all get out
of here in one piece.

Now, Barolay has the list of
your names and your assignments.

Make sure you get with her.
I'll see you outside.

That was good, honest.

You'd make a good officer.

An officer, huh?

Like you?

Someone who swears an oath
and knows how to keep it?

I'm not really sure
what you think is going on...

Don't insult me, okay.
I'm not stupid.

I know my wife.
I know how she is.

We've been married
for a year-and-a-half.

What, you think
you're the first?

I chose to marry Kara.
That's my business.

But you?

I don't know what the hell
you think you're trying to do.

Look, I'm trying
to fight a war.

I'm trying to get these people
off this rock in one piece.

Anything for the cause, Major.

Gaius, I am on the verge of seeing
the faces of the Final Five Cylons.

Maybe the face of God himself.

The Five Lights of the apocalypse
rising, struggling towards the light,

sins revealed only to those who enter
the Temple, only to the Chosen One...

The Chosen One...
The Chosen One...

The Chosen One...
The Chosen One...

The Chosen One...
The Chosen One...

The Five await me.
The Chosen One...

Gaius, I'm so close
to knowing the truth.

What truth?


I'd like to think that we
three have shared something,

have transcended the barriers
that separate people,

and yet, somehow,
the more time goes on,

the more I find myself
on the outside looking in.

Well, that's not
the case at all, is it?

Because we three,
we're integral,

we're part of...
We're finished.

Baltar and my destiny lie
separate from yours, Caprica.

The Five Lights will be revealed
only to those who enter the Temple.

We have to go down
to the planet.

Only you and I can
see this through.

What are you after?

What is this secret
that you keep pursuing?

You have to tell me the truth.

I love you both.

We love you, too.

But this is something
you cannot share with us.

Something I can't
share with you?

I loved you when everyone
else wanted you dead.

Now, look, you mustn't

It's not personal.

It's transcendent. It's like what
you said, it's transcendent.

Pray for us, Caprica.

We'll be praying for you.

Okay, he wants us to set up
forward observation posts

hardwired back to base
for communications.

The obs are gonna be staggered
at strategic locations,

giving us as much warning as possible
if there is a Cylon advance.

Since we only have one Raptor,
Captain Thrace will fly point.

Oh, joy.

Wireless is dead, so if you do
make contact, do not engage.

Fly to the closest
observation post,

have them relay the
information back to command.

Be sure to note force strength,
direction of march and position.

I have flown recon
once or twice, Lieutenant.

Griggs, you and Varrick are gonna
set up an observation post here.

Henick and Ditko, you go here.

And who gets
lucky number three?

That would be
Sergeant Fischer and me.

Do you have a problem
with that, Captain?

No. We go in an hour.

Green Base, Foxfire One.
Green Base, Foxfire One.

We are open for business, over.

Son of a bitch.

Tell me you're seeing this.

She's relaying a message.

It's Centurions!

Starbuck's been hit!

I say again,
Starbuck's going down!

There's really not much more on
the Eye in these scriptures,

but there's several interesting
stories about the Temple.

Listen to this...

"Five pillars of the Temple
were fashioned after"

"the Five Priests devoted to
the One Whose Name Cannot..."



The Cylon we know as Boomer
arrived with the others.

She told our Sharon
that her child was alive,

and that she was on board
one of the Cylon baseships.

And that she had been seen on
New Caprica, in your school.

The child is alive.

Yes, yes.

The child was at the school.
Yes, I kept her there.

And we suspected that the Cylons
captured her during the exodus

from New Caprica.
Yes, it's true.

Listen, the thing you might
want to know is that when...

Do you have any idea
what we've gone through?

You, of all people...

Know what it's like
to lose a child.

The difference is,
your child is still alive.

Eventually, I hope
you become grateful of that.

I want to see her.

What do you mean she's gone down?
Gone down where?

Somewhere in the North Valley.

Okay, get your men on the line.

Full ammo loads.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

They're coming from the north.
What about Kara?

We're gonna set up
a rescue party, right?


We don't have the manpower. We
have to defend the position.

Lee, she could
be dying out there.

Yeah, I know that, Sam. I know.

But we are thin on the ground here
and the Cylons are on the march.

We can't help her. We have
to hold our positions.

Are you out of your
frakking mind?

We just picked up six Heavy Raiders
falling away from the Cylon fleet.

Definitely heading down
toward the planet.

I don't get it.

They have to know we see them.

They're testing us.

Want to know if we're bluffing
about nuking the planet.

Well, unfortunately,
we are bluffing.

Are we?

- Mr. Hoshi.
- Aye, sir.

Order nuclear ground strike missiles
into launch tubes four through ten.

Aye, sir.

This is a nuclear
mission order.

The Major's right.

We don't have any troops to spare
if we're gonna hold this position.

Screw this position!

Listen, we can take those
hills, use guerrilla tactics,

that's what I've been talking
about this whole time.

No, that is not the mission. We have our orders.
We are stronger...

What are you, some gods-damn
wind-up tin soldier?

This is my wife we're talking about!
Yeah, I know who she is!

And I have known her and cared about
her a hell of a lot longer than you!

Don't start lecturing me! You can
do whatever the frak you want!

I am going after my wife!

Missiles are loaded, Admiral.

Open launch tube doors.

Doors are open, Admiral.

What are you doing?

I'm getting ready
to nuke the planet.

Radiological detection. They've
opened their missile doors.

He's bluffing.

I can't let you do that, Sam. I
am not asking you for permission.

Sergeant Mathias.

Load target package

Set ground zero for the
underground structure.

Are we prepared
to sacrifice Lee?

They're loading
a targeting package.

It's a bluff.
Don't let him rattle you.

The risk to us is unacceptable.
Turn back the Raiders.

The ships cannot turn back.
He won't launch it.

And D'Anna was explicit that she and
Baltar make it to the planet's surface.

So, is that
what all this is really about?

And the heavens opened up
and they saw the Eye,

but where is that frakking Eye?

Are you kidding me?
You gonna shoot me now?

I can't let you go.
I need you on the line.

I need you commanding
those civilians.

I'm sorry, Sam,
but you cannot go.

I'm sorry, too, Major,
but you can't stop me.

Release of nuclear weapons
is now authorized.