Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 9 - Unfinished Business - full transcript

A look at the events that took place during the year-long gap from the storyline in the Season Two finale. The story reveals the reasons for the rift between Kara ("Starbuck") and Lee ("Apollo").

Previously on Battlestar Galactica.

I feel like I'm abandoning my post.

It's time to pack it
in, Saul. You know it.

More than half the crew's
down on New Caprica already,

I'm not really doing
too much up here anymore.

Good luck.

Oh, my Gods. It's the
Cylon Fleet. They found us.

There's only one way
that this mission ends,

and that's with the successful rescue

of our people off of New Caprica,

You brought them home, Saul.

Not all of them.

What about us?

There is no "us," all right?

There is nothing here.

Do you get that? Nothing!

Lee, when are you gonna
get yourself a girl?

I'm doing fine, thank you.

You're not still
frakking Dualla, are you?

I am proud to serve
with you, Lieutenant,

and to call you my wife.

I'm in a different place now.

I just want to hurt someone,
and it might as well be you.



Sir, Engineering is requesting
more time for the nav upgrade again.

Maintenance, flight ops, weapons.

We're seeing botched drills,
missed deadlines across the board.

Meanwhile, half the crew's belowdecks.

Are you telling me something's
wrong with this picture?

Sir, I suggest we cancel tonight.

Call everyone back to duty.

No, no.

The crew needs this.
Maybe we all need it.

Adjust our heads a little bit, refocus.

You do, too, Dee. Go put your tags in.

- We'll catch up.
- Sir.

That was exactly what I needed.

Glad to be of service.

When do they need you
back on the Caprica?

Why? Itching to get rid of me already?

Did I say anything like that?

You didn't have to.

Look, Sam, this is pretty much
all that I can handle right now.

Damn it.

Looking for this?



I know you went through hell on
that rock and I was very patient.

But I want you back.

I want our marriage back,
I want a real marriage.

And what if I'm just not ready for that?

I don't know, then I
guess it'll never be.

Maybe 'cause I'm not what
you really want after all.

If that's how you really feel,

I'm not gonna try and change your mind.

I'm not.

I'm late for the dance.

Don't forget your boots
on the way out, Sammy.

You can fight them, Lee, come on!

If it isn't the fighting Agathon.

Starbuck, late to the party as usual.

At least I got here in time to
watch you kick the CAG's ass.

You got it, slick him right up.

He's a tough little
frakker, I'll give him that.

He's playing me like
he's got it in for me.

You know what? That's his weakness.

When he charges in, he drops his right.

Okay? Okay. All right.

You can do this, Karl. Come on.

Not bad. Couple of months ago,

you would've had to
roll him into this ring.

Well, not anymore.

You know, with a cooler head,
he might have had a chance.

Come on!

TIGH: One,







Hey, hey, hey. All right, look at me.

You did it, baby.

Fischer. Fischer, you're up.

You did fine.

Bit off a little more
than you could chew, huh?

Come on, Lee. Don't be that way.

Stick around, the night's young.

Well, I guess then you'll just
have to enjoy it without me.

Why don't you track down Anders?

He's always good for a laugh.

Oh, trouble in paradise.

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Yeah, well, maybe if you
had found us both a billet

we wouldn't be living
on different ships, huh?

I don't believe this.

You're blaming me for
your frakked up marriage?

Didn't really help it off to
a good start, now, did you?

Now, just how far do
you want to push this?


How about this far?

Now who's biting off more
than they can chew, Captain?

Not me from where I'm standing, Major.

Excuse me.

He's looking good.

I'm glad he lost the weight.

Yeah, so am I.


Hey, ladies.

It was a great combination.

Great fight, Lee.

Fought with a lot of heart, man.

How's my favorite gladiator?

Good morning, Commander.

Ready to go back to our ship?

Hey, if you're done brawling, how
about we arrange a private tussle?

Well, actually I have another bout.


How's it going tonight?

Couple of good bouts so far.

And you? How're you doing?

I'd rather go back to my rock and
crawl under the covers with a bottle,

but you were right,
this was a good idea.

No use going backwards, might as
well get used to the bright lights.

Let's go. Let's go!

There you are.

Hey, how are you?

I didn't expect to find
you playing in the sand.

It's not sand.

It's alluvial deposits. This
used to be the river mouth.

And you just had to take off your shoes

and play in the alluvial deposits.

How romantic.

That's a nice color on you.

Thank you.

It's good to see you, Laura.

You, too, Bill.



My father was an avid fight fan.

I adored my father so
I love a good fight.

I heard about your so-called dance.

Accidentally, I might add.

Don't take it personally.

It's sort of a private tradition.


There's a lot of
frustration aboard warships.

Arguments become grudges
and end up being feuds.

It allows them to let off some steam,

out in the open so
everybody can participate.

Rank doesn't matter. As long as
you throw your tags in the box,

everyone's fair game.

Did you throw your tags in there?


No. I wish,

with all the frustrations that I have.

Congratulations. I
may be jumping the gun,

but first boy born on Galactica,

That's the thing I wanted
to talk to you about, sir.

Cally doesn't want him born here.

And neither do I. Not if he has a chance

to grow up breathing fresh air.

What are you saying?

Thank you.

Well, we both would like to
request to be relieved of duty

and resettle in New Caprica.

No. No way.

Look, you're both here for the duration.

Next up is Hotdog.

Hotdog, get your butt up
here and pick a partner.

Come on there, champ.

TIGH: Who's your partner, Hotdog?


You gotta be kidding, right?

Go, Starbuck. He's yours.

When I was six years old, there
was this boy in my neighborhood,

he used to wait for me after
school and knock me down.

Know what my mom told me?

It wasn't because I pissed him off.

I wasn't too much older when I realized

that the other side of hatred is love.

It was passion.

Karl is angry at Lee
after all this time.

What is this fight really about?

That's it.

TIGH: Come on. Come on!

She's just been pissing me
the frak off, that's all.

Now she's throwing down the gauntlet.

That's it. That's the
way to fight! Go, go, go.

Can't believe the progress they've made.

You should've seen it a month ago.

But I'd still rather sleep
in a warm bunk every night

than muck around in this muck.

Bunk's gonna be plenty warm tonight.

He said yes.

- He approved the transfer?
- Yeah.

You two just don't know how
to keep a secret, do you?

So, what, are you guys here to see
Baltar put a shovel in the ground?

"Join the celebration as we break
ground for a better tomorrow. "

Aw, such a load of crap.

There's an open bar.

Really? See, now why didn't you say so?

Lee, you've got to let your
better half do the talking for you.

She gets right to the point.

Let's go find us a better tomorrow.

Excuse us.

Knock yourself out.

Thank you, Sam.

Thank you, Thank you,

Let this day be remembered as
the day that we broke the ground

for our new tomorrow,

Your fly's open.

Shut up.

No, it gets better, okay?

They come back to the locker room

with a set of handcuffs and some straw.

They're not gonna be friends, are they?

You know, I've always
wanted to date a ballplayer.

Such great arms.

Guess he's kind of taken now.

Yeah. Kind of.

Weather usually sucks down here anyway.


You know, I was thinking
it's probably better

to have a baby on Galactica anyways.

You know, there's a sick
bay, doctors, medicine.

Yeah. No, it'll be better.

Yeah, we'll be happier.


Hey, baby. Hi.

I heard Sam was aboard,

He was?

With any luck, he's gone now.

What happened?

Same thing that always happens.

Why can't they just make things simple?

They start thinking that they own you...

They? Which they are we talking about?

Sam or Lee?

I don't want you to fight her.

Dee, this has nothing to do with us.

Kara and I, we got a
score we gotta settle.

And we're gonna settle it
tonight one way or another.

Set! Call the next set.

Okay, who's next?

Hey, come here.

You keep giving me these weird looks.

Come on, can't a man look at his wife?

Come on.


Did I ever tell you how
glad I am I married you?

Not once.

Well, then I'll save it
for a special occasion.

Come here.

He's been making the same
mistake since the day he met me.

When you were with Zak?

Yeah. And now I'm with Sam.

I don't even know why
I'm telling you this.

'Cause they say confession's
good for the soul.

Yeah! Yeah.

I'll tell you the secret
to avoid hangovers.

Don't stop drinking.

It's combat. Survival
instinct starts to kick in.

Make your choice, don't look back.

That's a beautiful combination.

What did I miss?

Figurski, you done that bird already?

No, the damn gyro's giving me trouble.

Come on, Chief, I'm
the only one over there.

Frak. Frak it, get yourself a drink.

Ship down, Chief?

Yeah, we'll get it tomorrow.

I figured I'd give him a little R&R.

No! Get off the ropes,
get off the ropes!

It's a dance, remember?

Yeah, you know, we've had our
share of set-backs, to be sure,

but I'm confident that with
our new development plan

we should have the
infrastructure to be able

to deal with any
unforeseen circumstances...

Excuse me, sir. The finance
minister. I'll be back.

Go ahead.

Oh, my God. I thought he'd never leave.

He's a good kid.

You're saying this
stuff grows around here?

In the mountains north of
here, there's this little stream

that comes down into this lake.

The water's so clear, it's
like looking through glass.

I'm thinking of building a cabin.

It's good.


It is good.

Hey, get out there.

Come on.

No, I don't think so. Come on.

No, no, no.

Okay, I'm out of here.

What? Yeah.

Come on, things are
just getting warmed up.

I know, exactly.

Come on, dance.

Look, you're catching
more than a few looks,

Mr. Commander of the Pegasus,

Hey. You know what? Screw them.

Hey, we've kept this under wraps
so far, okay? Let's not blow it.

Anyway, especially not
before I'm about to transfer.

I'll go. You stay.

I'm not staying without you.

Yes, you are. No, I'm not.

Yes, you are. No. I'm not.

I've never seen you this happy.

I haven't seen you this happy ever.

You stay right here, you
get drunk out of your mind,

and tomorrow you'll
have a giant hangover.

Tomorrow night I'll come
and make it all better

when I report to my new
commander, in private.

You can talk me into it.

Back on Colonial One I grew so tired

of looking at the stars
through the window.

Now at night I go outside
and stare and stare.

Ever see a little light
Before the dawn of the light

Got a woman by a stream

Gonna show her all my dreams

What the hell is that?

A pilot friend of mine used to
sing it in the cockpit all the time.

What was his name? Juan.

Juan. That's nice.

Juan Calvin.

Is this really it, Bill?

Is this how we're going to
spend all the rest of our days?

Yeah. You the man.

Can you hold these? Thank you.


Get your fat, lazy ass up here.

Is he serious?

Let's watch and find out.


Make them tight.

Yes, sir.

He's an old man. It'll be fine.

He's not serious anyways.

Sure about this?

It's your funeral.

Yeah! Do it, buddy.

Get up, Chief. We're
just getting started.

Come on, Chief.

I bring offerings.

Just in time. I was
running on bingo fuel.

Wow, look at that.

You literally drank
Anders under the table.

They just don't make them
like they used to, do they?

Where's Dee?

She packed it in to go pack.

Guess it's just you and me then.

Yup, it's just you and me.

Is this how you fight
your enemies, Chief?

Is this how you fight for your life?

No excuses. Show me
you're a soldier. Get up.

Show him to your fullest.

That's it, Chief. Show him.

Come on!

Is that what you want?
Is that what you wanted?

You know,

maybe we should just enjoy this.

I am.

No, no, I mean, enjoy being here

on this planet as long as it lasts.

I mean, maybe the Cylons
come back, maybe they don't.

But for now, right
now, we've got a break.

Maybe we should embrace it,

live the life that we've
got while we've got it.

And embrace this world and this life

and see what that brings us.

I've got people that want to
get off the ship, move down here.

Can't say as I blame them, I
mean, what are you gonna do?

You gonna keep them up
there like prisoners,

running around in circles
all night, all day,

waiting for the apocalypse?

Well, the apocalypse
has happened once before.


And there was nothing you could do
to stop it, Bill, not then, not now.

I mean, let's get real. Let's get real.

The Cylons come back, we're dead.

Disease strikes, we're dead.

Earthquake, volcano, hurricane,

today, tomorrow, five
years from now and it's...

And you know what I'd say?

Life's a bitch and then you die.

You know... No, no, I'm serious.

I mean, I think that...

I think we should all
look at every moment

of every day from now
on as borrowed time,

and people should live the lives

that they want to live before it's over.

Let's stop spending the
little time we have left here

worrying about when it's gonna end.

Okay. Okay.

Check it out. It's a
great place for a house.

So, you're really gonna give up flying?

Flying's gonna suck now anyway.

Lots of training, endless caps.

War is over. So is all the good stuff.

No, don't say that. You'll jinx it.


So, what am I standing in
now? Is this the kitchen?



No. No, no, no. No thank you.
That is not someplace I wanna go,

or think about or imagine
or anything else, okay.

That sounds like a
personal problem to me.

Just give me a tour of your house, okay?

Show me all the great rooms you
and Pyramid-Boy are gonna have,

all the great views,
all the cool furniture.

Give me a tour of the
future life of Kara Anders.

I'm not getting married.

Well, then, what's the point, Kara?

I mean, you love him, right?

Where are we going with this, Lee?

Well, now that's the question, isn't it?

Where are we going?

I mean, what if this is it?

This, the rest of your life, Kara.

Is this how you want to spend it?

Who you want to spend it with?

You got someone in mind, Lee?

Tell me you're not afraid
that I'm not gonna come along

and upset your neat little applecart.

Maybe I want it upset.

Well, that makes
things more complicated.


What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

We accept it.

Tomorrow I tell Dee, you tell Sam.

Just like that?

Just like that.

I don't know.

You know, we tell them how we feel.

We shout it to the skies.

Yeah. Yeah, right.

What, you don't think I will?




My name is Lee Adama!

And I love Kara Thrace!

Come down.

What? What, it's not
like anybody will hear,

we're in your cabin
in the forest, right?

I love Kara Thrace!

And I don't care who frakking knows!

Oh, you're crazy. Get down.

Well, come on. I'm not going to stop

until you get up and do it, too.

I can't.

This is Kara Thrace, scourge of
the Cylon Raiders. She's afraid?

Come on, stand up.


I'm gonna... Okay, here we go again.

Lee Adama...

Okay, okay, okay. Okay.



Kara Thrace loves Lee Adama!

Are you sure I'm what you want?

Yeah, you're what I want.

I just don't... I don't
think I really knew it

until I said it out loud just now.


Because of Zak?

Yeah, and a lot of things.

Mostly because I was afraid

to admit how much I needed you.

How much I needed anyone.


I love you, Kara Thrace.

I love you, too.

Come on!

The old man's got chops.

He knows when to make his
moves, when to hold back.

I wish I could say the same for his son.

Why are you two even fighting?

Why not just get a room?

Been there, done that.

Guess it just rubbed
us both the wrong way.


what she's talking about
was a long time ago.

A long time ago. It
didn't mean anything.

You said you had something to settle.

Settle it.


Listen to me. Listen.

And once again, it's just you and me.

You motherfrakker!

Hold that thought, okay?

Come on, Dad!

That's bad. That's enough
already. You should quit.

Just stop the blood.

Coagulant for the swelling
as for the bleeding.

Come on. Christ.

You insist on doing this?

You wanna do this, you're crazy, right?

You wanna do this? Yeah.

All right. Keep your guard
up, he's coming in wild,

get him with a left hook. You wanna win?

I'm not gonna win.

You gotta watch his jab. Watch his jab.

His jab's killing you, all right?

Just keep your eyes open.

All right, here you
go. Have some. Open up.

Okay, you're looking good.

Keep strong, watch his jab. Here we go.


Wake up. Here.

Want some coffee?

You'll feel better, trust me.

Chief, good morning.
Good morning, Kelly.

I've been thinking about what
you said, and you may be right,

about what you said.

I'm sorry, what?

Oh, right.

About living down here.

A Battlestar's no
place to raise a family.

So I'm gonna miss you, Chief.

But I'm gonna wish you good luck.

Thank you, sir.

My best to both of you.

We're moving? Really?

Thank you.

I want you guys to
have at least a dozen.

We'll see about that.

Get up. We'll get you up.

When you stand on this
deck, you be ready to fight,

or you dishonor the
reason why we're here.

And remember this.

When you fight a man,
he's not your friend.

The same goes when you lead men.

I forgot that once.

I let you get too close. All of you.

I dropped my guard.

I let this crew, and
this family, disband.

And we paid the price in lives.

That can't happen again.

Figurski, you're with me.

Let's get that bird back on the line.

Madam President.


All right. This dance is over.

Get your booze and your dog
tags and let's get out of here.

So what, you're just gonna call it?

Not enough excitement for
one night for you, Captain?

Hey. Hey!

Where the frak do you
think you're going?

It's over, Kara.

So what?

You have the guts to try and frak

another man's woman,
but not to fight one?

I wonder if Dee knew
what she was getting.

Think she would have
settled for sloppy seconds?

The truth stings, don't it?

You want a fight, Captain?

You've got it.

Your boyfriend snores.

I'll tell you the secret
to avoid hangovers.

Don't stop drinking.

Well, I think that is
the first drink you've

ever had with me, Captain Kara Thrace.

Must be a special occasion.

I slept with Lee last night.

Would you stop it? It's not funny.

It's not!

I'm such an idiot.

Well, you said it, I didn't.


Why don't you tell me all about it?

I gotta make a move.

One way or the other.

It's combat.

Survival instinct starts to kick in.

Make your choice, don't look back.

Survival instinct, huh?


Good morning, Commander.
Ready to go back to our ship?

So much for keeping a lid on things.

What's going on?

Let's get the hell out of here.

What? You afraid to hit me?

Or maybe you can't.

Get up! Starbuck, get
up! You can do this.

Good morning, Admiral.

You look like you had a good time.

Yeah, it was some party.

Yeah, well, it's been a
hell of a morning, too.

You missed all the excitement.

Why? Is it problems upstairs?


No, good things. Kara got married.

You believe that?


Yeah, about an hour ago.

Found herself a priest, went
down by the river and got married.

You okay?

Can you believe that?

Well, she deserves that man.

We all deserve to be happy.

I also gave her permission to muster
out, along with Tyrol and Cally.

A few of the others, so...

We have to ask to make
sure there's no mass exodus.

Hey, man. Did you hear the news?

We're hitched. We got married.

Can you believe it?

No. No, I can't believe it.

Yeah. You know, it was crazy. She
comes down and she wakes me up,

she pops the question, she
drags me down to the priest,

and bang! Like that. We're married.

So it was your idea.

Yeah. It was my idea.

Do you guys want a
minute to, you know, talk?

- Congratulations, Sam.
- Yeah.

And good luck.

You're gonna need it.

Oops. Did I break the rules?

You've only got one. Protect
yourself at all costs.

You never let anybody get inside.

I made my choice.

You ran away.

Let's go, girl. You can take him!

The truth stings, don't it?

You frakking hypocrite.
What choice did you make?

What's going on?

What's it look like?

Looks like they're
trying to kill each other.

From one perspective.

Where is this coming from?

I don't know. I've been
thinking about it for a while.

No, that's a lie.

And I don't wanna start this with a lie.

Kara and Anders got
married this morning.

And what, they're having
a two-for-one special?

When Kara said she was
married, it really made me think

about the life I wanna live now.

And I want you in that life.

The times we've been together,

they're the happiest
I've ever been. Ever.

So, please, Dee, will you marry me?

Aren't you forgetting something?

You love Kara Thrace.

What? No.

The two of you were linked somehow,

and I mean, one day, you're
gonna turn to me and say,

"Dee, I'm sorry, but...
" That's not gonna happen.

It will happen. No.

And yes,

I'll marry you.

You will?

I've been thinking, too.

Maybe we're safe, but
who knows for how long?

I wanna live my life like every
moment is gonna be my last.

I'll even marry you, Lee Adama.

And I will love you and cherish you

until the Cylons come back,

or until Kara Thrace
walks back into your life.

Dee, she's not walking back.

I mean...

Just kiss me.

Kiss me before I change my mind.

Let's go! Fight, girl!

Let's go!

Come on, Lee, kick her ass!



You're trying to finish things?

Put him down, baby.

Come on.

Let go of me.

Why? So that you can hit me some more?


Well, I may not be able to walk anymore.

I think you busted my nose.

How about we call this a tie, huh?

I'm out of here.

I missed you.

I missed you, too.

I missed you, too.

I think things just
got more complicated.

No, no, not now.