Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 4 - Resistance - full transcript

Tigh's decision to impose martial law is protested in the fleet as well as on Galactica. On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck meet other humans.

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica.

Congratulations, Doctor,

you've just uncovered
your very first Cylon.

I'm not a Cylon.

This isn't happening...

I've been here for months,

by myself, on the run,
one step ahead of the Cylons.

You're going out there, or I'm gonna
blow your brains out, right here,

right now.

How did crashdown die?

He gave his life in the finest
tradition of the service.

You have my parole.

When I'm on duty,
I'll make no attempt to free her,

or sow insurrection
among the crew...

And when I'm not on duty,
I'll report directly back to this cell.

I have a few months to live.
And in that time...

I will lead the people to salvation.

It is my sole purpose.

As it appears obvious

that the government cannot function
under the current circumstances,

I have decided to dissolve
the Quorum of Twelve.

And as of this moment,
I have declared...

martial law.

You're sweating.

- It's hot in here.
- How long have you known...

Lt. valerii was planning to
assassinate Commander Adama?

I had no idea she was
planning anything of the kind.

You were frakkin' her.

- I ended that weeks ago, on your orders.
- You covered for her, you lied for her.

I admit, i used bad judgment.

You protected her at every turn.

Colonel, I had no idea
she was a cylon.

I'd like to exercise my
article 21 rights at this time.

Oh, I'm sure you would.

I guess you haven't heard.

Cylons don't have rights.

- Cylon? Wait a minute!
- You know what we do with cylons, chief?

I'm not a Cylon!

Roslin came up with
the execution method.

- I'm Galen Tyrol!
- She put a cylon...

out of the airlock.

My father was a priest!
My mother was an oracle.

I've served on Battlestars
since I was 18 years old.

The Pegasus, Columbia,
Atlantia, Galactica-

Don't talk to me
like you're a soldier!

You are NOT a soldier!

The old man always had
a soft spot for you.

- Let him decide what to do with you.
- Colonel, you gotta believe me.

I am not a cylon.

I'd never do anything to hurt adama.

I love the old man.

That's what your girlfriend said.

Get him the hell out of here!


I thought you were on Kobol.


you... talk to me.

Don't come near me.

Don't touch me.

If you do, I swear...

I will kill you.

- No sign of centurions on the perimeter.
- I don't like it.

- Human toasters don't go anywhere alone.
- Think they're bait?

A pair of cylons don't just
drive up here in broad daylight.

Not after we hit
that convoy last week.

Frakkin'- A.

All right, screw it.

Pass word for
everybody to sight in.

I wanna blow these cylons away
before they ever knew what hit them.

We gotta figure out
where the hell we are.

Why? You don't know?

- You're the navigator.
- You were driving.

Allright, we can head
towards cobb's point.

There's an emergency airstrip there.

I've been...

I was thinking we could
head Southwest. Towards...

Did you hear that?

- Drive through a lot of bad neighborhoods?
- Better safe than sorry.

I hear that.

- We're sitting ducks down here!
- You go, I'll cover!

- Why me?
- Don't start.


- You ready?
- Yeah.


Five of them, split up
between nine and one. 50 meters.


Didn't see any shiny silver out there.

I think we're dealing
with the human variety.

Hope so- they're not
as tough as mechanicals.


They do bleed good, though.
You gotta like that.

Let's get out of here! Come on!

They locked the chief up with boomer.
I think she's a cylon.

I know.

I'm gonna see the colonel now.

I think he wants me to find
a way to clear the chief. Or...

Or what?

Throw him out the airlock
like a piece of garbage?

If Commander Adama were in charge,
this would never happen.

Yes, but he's not in charge, is he?

No, but I've known the chief
for years. He's no toaster.

He was involved with lieutenant valerii,

who most certainly is a toaster.

That word is racist.
I don't like it.


he's shown some bad judgment
getting involved with her.

But that doesn't
mean he's a toaster.

You've got to help him.

Say something, gaius.

Tell her you won't have
racial epithets used in your presence.

I'm very sorry. I was gonna tell
the Colonel there's nothing I can do.

The cylon detector
I developed doesn't work.



You've got to help him.

Your child's gonna be half toaster.

How does that make you feel?

Nothing could make me happier.

I just don't know
what I'd possibly say.

- Excuse me.
- He helped you!

He didn't tell anyone

what you did on kobol.

What you did to crashdown.

What I did to Crashdown saved your life.

Are you blackmailing me?

Help the chief
to help yourself, Doctor.

Yes, doctor.

That's what you're best at, isn't it?

Deck log.

What the hell's the matter
with your cylon detector, Dr?

- You gave the assassin a pass.
- But that was a beta test,

a preliminary.

Clearly I hadn't perfected my
methodology, and she slipped through.

What the hell are you telling me here?
That we are back to square one?

That no one's results
are definitive?

That we have no way of knowing
who are the cylons among us?

No, I'm saying that since valerii's te-
Since the assassin's test,

I've developed a new set of protocols
which should eliminate any errors

that cropped up earlier,

If you let me test the Chief's blood
I might be able to tell once and for all if

No "if".
I want a definitive answer.

No more of your
weasely techno babble.

He's a Cylon or he's not.

So get down there and do
something right for a change.

I am the Vice-President.

Legally speaking, if the President is
incapacitated, should'nt I take over

- her duties?
- Legally speaking,

I have declared martial law.
That makes you nobody.


unless you want to join
Roslin in the brig,

I suggest you get to work.

It's good to see you, Colonel.

Aren't you getting tired of
the continual humiliation?

The disrespect from
mechanics and Colonels alike?

What do you think?

Maybe it's time
to do something about it.

- Sir.
- What's this?

The fleet captains are reporting
protests among the civilians.

Demonstrations, petitions,
even some civil disobedience.

All over the declaration of martial law.

Sir, there's more.

The Aturian refining vessel
has stopped refining tylium.

They say if they don't have
a voice in the government


Their captain says
they'll send fuel,

once the civilian government
has been restored. And...

And three other ships are also
refusing to resupply Galactica

until the President's reinstated.

And I got a note from combat

warning about problems
with... Tylium resupply.

So watch your fuel burn,
till further notice.


Yeah, when you coming back
to the card game?

I'm afraid
when I'm off duty

I'll be enjoying the intimate
surroundings of the brig until...

ah, well,

until further notice.

- Come on back. We miss you, Captain.
- We could bring the game to you.

Somehow I doubt
Colonel Tigh would approve.

- Come on. One's going on tomorrow night!
- Hey, all right, all right.

Hey! Knock it off!

- Morning, Sir.
- Sergeant.

Shall we?

Morning, Sir.

- Morning, Dee. Fancy meeting you here.
- I was just on my way, Sir.

- Hey, guys.
- How's it going, Dee?

Good, thanks.

How's my father today?

Commander Adama's
the same... Captain.

He's sedated. And... resting
comfortably since the surgery.

- Trouble brewing in the fleet, though.
- Oh, I'm shocked.

- What kind of trouble?
- Martial law isn't going down too well.

Protests, demonstrations...

Some ships are even refusing
to resupply Galactica.

And this is the honeymoon period.
What's a dictator to do?

I, um, I wish...

I wish you were
in command, Sir.

He's hitting the bottle.

A lot.

Thank you for the company,
Petty Officer Dualla.

You're welcome, Sir.

- You okay, baby?
- No, I'm not okay.

My head feels like
it's gonna roll off my shoulders.

- What are you working on?
- I'm trying to figure out how to solve

our resupply problem,

now that half the fleet
has gone out on strike.

- You serious?
- Yes, I'm serious.

I should probably call a summit sitdown
with all our ships' captains

and explain the situation

and tell them why I had
to declare martial law.

Screw them. Like you have
to explain yourself to them.

It wouldn't hurt.
It would cool things down a little.



No, no, no, it's...

you're the boss.

Far be it from me to tell you
how to do your... job.

- I know that's one of your issues.
- Just say it.

I don't know, it just feels kind of...


You know, "Let's all sit down and talk
about how we feel about martial law. "

Bill would never do that.

But you gotta do
what you gotta do.

I mean, Bill may never...

get on his feet again.


honey, you handle this
the way you want.

They'll respect that.


This is the XO. Mr. Gaeta,

send the following
to all ships' captains.

Message begins:

"Resupply operations of this ship

"are not - repeat - not optional.

"All ships to recommence

"scheduled supply runs immediately.

"Failure to comply will result in...

stern measures. "
- Message ends.

You happy now?

- I'll flake.
- I'll draw fire.

no, no.


We're not Cylons.

Right. You're human.

You have a soul. You swim in
the stream. We heard it all before.

Hey, colonial fleet.
Notice the uniforms?

Yeah, right, we've seen
Cylons in uniform before.

- We're human.
- Yeah, right.

- Everyone on caprica is dead.
- You're not.

I just got here.
I want to hear some names.

I'm Anders.

- Samuel T. Anders?
- Yeah, that's right.

This is Joman, Rally, Ten point.

Sue-Shaun, Crip-Key, Morris Fink.

Kara, these are the
Caprica Buccaneers.

- I don't think so.
- Give me a ball, little girl.

I'll shove it up your ass.

Please... try.

Okay... since we're all
getting along so well,

can people stop
pointing their guns at us.

How does a professional pyramid team
survive a nuclear holocaust?

We were in the mountains when the
Cylons attacked. High altitude training.

We've been on the run ever since.

Doing what?

Raiding military stores for ammo.

Anti-radiation meds.

Plugging toasters
whenever they show up.

Same as us.


how many foul breaks did you have
in the playoff against Aerilon?

- You're kidding?
- You either have the answer,

or you have a bullet.



- Four.
- Three.

Last one was called back
on instant replay.

He's right, starbuck.

I lost cubits on that game.


For now.

on three.


- Two.
- Three.

You know you guys suck, right?

Can't shoot, can't pass.

Sure as hell can't take the point.

Everyone's a critic.

Here's your medication, Madame President.

And a little something from the galley.

Thank you, Corporal Venner.

Chamalla and licorice.

Would you like some?

I hate licorice.

Me too.

It's interesting he still calls you
Madame President.

You still have a lot of supporters
out there.

Something ugly is coming,
I can feel it.

Sir, refinery captain's
still not cooperating.

And now seven other container ships

are refusing to release their supplies.

Food, medicine,

even coffee.


This is getting ridiculous.

Frack this.

It's time to get their attention.
I'm sending in the marines.

I want a raptor and
an armed marine boarding party

for every ship refusing
the resupply order.

Sir, we're stretched pretty thin
on manpower.

I'm not sure we have enough marine non-coms

to command that many boarding parties.

Well, pull pilots and deck officers

to command the boarding parties
if you have to.

Tell them to get over there
and bring back the supplies.

Whatever it takes.

- Make it happen, Lieutenant.
- Yes, Sir.

People, step back, all right?!

We're just here for the supplies!

Just stay out of the way
and no one gets hurt!

For the last time,

step back, all right?

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Cease fire!

Four civilian dead.
How the frack could this have happened?

What'd you expect, genius?
You put a pilot

in charge of crowd control.


Did you give the order
to shoot on that crowd?

No, Sir, of course not.

The crowd surrounded us.

Were they armed?

No, Sir.

But... You had to be there.

They were yelling and
screaming at us and...

then it got violent.
They started throwing things,


Coffee, I think.


You shot people for throwing coffee?

The crowd was out of control.
They were pressing in on us.

My men were getting hurt.

Somebody took a shot.
I don't know who it was.

Then all hell broke loose.

If ever we needed you, Bill,

it's right now.

Troops shooting unarmed civilians.
This is a travesty.

He has truly stepped over the line.
It'll cause an explosion in the fleet.

The press will have a field day.
The ships would begin to splinter.

The Cylons will be able to eliminate us
a few ships at a time.

I've got to get out of here now.

I am right with you.

I'm so glad you said that.
I want to take Billy and Elosha with me.

Of course you do.

I've worked out a way of getting us
in the hangar deck.

And I can get us a raptor.

But we're still gonna need clearance
to get off the ship.

- I know how to get that.
- You do?

The question is where do we go
once we get off this ship?

We'll have to find some place to hide
in the fleet

while we rally support among the people.

I've got an idea about that.

You're not going to like it.

I'm not cut out for this. I never was.

Don't talk like that, Saul.
This is your moment.

Me and Bill, side by side,
that was the deal.

It was never supposed to be me alone.

Well, like it or not, you're in command,
so you better deal with it.

I don't want to deal with it.
I do not want to command.

Don't you get it?
Jeez, why do I listen to you?

What are you talk... I never told you
to send troops out to that ship.

No, no, you didn't tell me to send troops
anywhere. You just manipulate.

You always do.
You put the knife in, and you twist it.

Oh, right, you're going to blame me
for your own inadequacy?

- I'm not blaming you, Ellen.
- You are so fracking passive

that if I didn't push you,

you would never get your head out
of that fracking bottle and do anything.

I warned you. I'm telling you.

Get off...

- I love you so much.
- Shut up, Ellen.

I guess you really must hate me.

I don't know if it makes
any difference right now,

but I'm really sorry
you got pulled into this.

- You know, what we had...
- was nothing.


You're a machine. I'm not.

Well, whatever I am, I know how I felt.

Software doesn't have feelings.

I never meant to hurt you.

I'd like some privacy, please.

I'll be fine, thank you.

And how are we this evening?

What do you want?

I'm here to determine whether
you're a Cylon or not.

Your arm, please.

His test doesn't work too well.

I mean, he gave me the green light.

The test works...

just fine.



I lied to you, Sharon.

I covered up your true nature
from the rest of the fleet

for my own purposes.

What did you do to him?
He's not breathing.

No, he's dying right now, Sharon.

I can save him...

if you tell me how many Cylons
there are left in the fleet.

I don't know, but I'm not getting a pulse.

Yes, you do.

Now, buried deep down in that thing
you call a subconscious you know how many.

- I don't know!
- He doesn't have time for this, Sharon.

His organs are shutting down.

In ten seconds time, he'll experience
complete brain stem death!

Now, how many?

Do you love him, Sharon?

Only you can save him!



Do you love him?

Do you love him, Sharon?

Eight! There are eight!

All right, let's get these weapons
unloaded. Let's go!

Hit an armory earlier today,
about 18 klicks north.

- Brought home a lot of toys.
- What is this place?

Delphi union high school.
Toasters don't patrol this area.

It's good place to get some shut-eye,
a bite to eat.

- How many people you have here?
- 53, we had almost a hundred

before the toasters ambushed us last week.

- let's go!
- More pyramid teams?

Nah, just us C-Bucs.
Rest are survivalists, hikers mostly.

How's your stock of anti-radiation masks?

Raided a couple of hospitals
down in Pilgrim Bay.

I figured we've got enough
for three months.

Let's get you some bunk space, come on.

53, huh?

Not exactly an army. A hell of a lot
better than the two of us if we're going

to assault an airbase, steal a heavy
raider, and get the frak off this planet.

I'll just be a moment.


I need your help.

But it's illegal, dangerous, and
in violation of your oath as an officer.

You're a lousy salesman.


Corporal Venner.

I, uh... I just want to tell you
how much the President appreciates

all the little things you do for her.

Hey, anything I can do
to make things easier for her.

Great. She, um...

has a special request.

If I could just get your signature, sir.

Why are we closing down Causeway B?

Integrity testing, sir.
Got chewed up pretty bad

when the toasters boarded us. And we've
been getting some pressure drops in there.

Tell 'em to get it fixed.

- Sorry.
- Lieutenant.

Things are pretty frakked up
these days, huh?

Yeah, things are pretty frakked up
most days.

If people are upset, they should go
through the proper channels.

- I'm not sure I understand what-
- I was running some maintenance checks,

detected a series of scrambled calls
going out over the past few hours.

You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that, would you?

No, sir.
Off-log calls are against regs.

That's right.

I'm sure you won't approve.

But I guess that's nothing new.

I just want you to know that this, um...

this isn't about you and me.

Good-bye, dad.

You gonna help out here or what?

They're putting the Chief in there,
you know?

I don't care if they put a giant parakeet
in here. Colonel says build a cell,

we build a cell.

This isn't right.
He's one of us.

No, he's one of them. He always was.
We just never saw it.

No, he's innocent. She tricked him.

Wow, such loyalty.
Were you frakking him too?

You want to get pissed at someone,
you get pissed at Boomer.

She's the one who put the Chief
in the cell here, not us.

Evening, sir.

Evening, Dee.
Fancy meeting you here.

- Everything set?
- Roger that.

Sorry, captain. Can't chit-chat today.


I'm having trouble with the ordnance
tracking on my raptor, sir.

- I can't get it to cycle.
- Oh...

change of plans, boys.
Instead of getting some rack time,

I going to take a minute
to do the Lieutenant's job for her.

- Yes, sir.
- After you.

Okay, make it look good,
but not too good.

Hold it!

Private, do you know who I am?

You and I have something in common.

We each took an oath to protect
and defend the Articles of Colonization.

Those articles are under attack,

as is our entire democratic way of life.
Now, my duty...

won't let me stand here
and allow that to happen.

So I intend to go through that hatch
and get off this ship.

Damn it.

They should be here by now.

You can either stand aside,
or you can shoot me.

You'll have to decide
where your duty lies.

Madame President...

- Madame President, this way.
- Oh Billy...

Madame President.
I'm not getting on that ship with you.


I understand what you're trying to do.

But it's going to divide the fleet.

At the very best, it'll create
an insurgency against Adama.

And at the worst, a civil war. Taking part
in that is a line that I won't cross.

We do not have a lot of time.

I wish you well.

Dustoff two-seven, checkers green,
ready for launch on medical mission.

Request clearance.

- Good to see you. You okay?
- I think so.

My feet barely touched the ground
getting here.

- I know what you mean.
- Dustoff two-seven.

Standard port three departure approved.
Cleared for launch.

Standard port three, wilco.

Sir. Corporal venner reports
the former President's missing.

- Missing?
- Two men down, cell's empty.

Damn it. Alert security.
Set condition two!

No one on or off the ship!

Attention, set Condition Two
throughout the ship.

Repeat, set Condition Two
throughout the ship.

Sir. Flight log records a raptor
departed the ship two minutes ago

with Doc Cottle on a medical emergency.


Confirm that.

Dradis has their transponder

bearing 2-8-7 carom 0-0-3. Range 2-7.

Get the CAP on the horn
and have them intercept.

And get Captain Adama
out of the brig.

Sir, Dr. Cottle is still onboard.

He says he was forced to request
the raptor at gunpoint by Apollo.

Son of a bitch.

Dee, put me through to that raptor.

Cap has visual on their target.

Turn that ship around, Apollo,
or I'll order the cap to shoot you down.

- We're not turning back.
- I'll do it.

Don't think I won't just because
you're the old man's son.

Then do what you have to do, Galactica.

Apollo out.

Fire across their bow.

Hotdog, Galactica. Fire across their bow.


Wilco, Galactica.

Hotdog reports they're
not turning around, sir.

Where are they now?

Dradis shows them approaching Cloud Nine.

Sir, if they dock, we may lose them.

Cloud Nine is one of the busiest
transport hubs in the fleet.

Shuttles coming and going constantly.

If they board one and take off,

it'll be before we can
shut down air traffic.

Galactica, Hotdog.

Request instructions.

Galactica, Hotdog.
I need further instructions.

Do I fire or not?

Dee, tell Hotdog to hold his fire.

Repeat, weapons hold. Do not fire.

Hotdog, Galactica. Weapons hold.
Repeat, do not fire.

They couldn't have done it on their own.

Anybody notice off-log calls?

Scrambled communications?

No, sir.


Well, we're home free for now.

Good to see you, Madame President.

Captain Apollo...

What is Mr. Zarek doing here?

Once Tigh gets over his initial shock,
he'll send troops out to search for us.

If we're going to make it,
we have to keep on the move. I figured..

Mr. Zarek here is the only one in the fleet

with enough shady friends around
who can possibly hide us.

Love the way he puts that.

Well, Mr. Zarek, it would seem
the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Call me Tom.

Our shuttle's waiting, ma'am.
We have to hurry.

Wow, is that the best you can do?

Nice to know installing a
regulation Pyramid court

was one of the
priorities of the resistance.

There are some things
one cannot live without.

Let's go.

Are you kidding me?
I'll wipe the court with you.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

I was up for the pros.

Bum knee took me out of contention.

I see.

Is that going to be your
excuse when I kick your ass?

"My poor knee hurts. "

At least I have an excuse.

I can't imagine what
yours is going to be.

Nice shot.


Thanks, doc. I appreciate it.

Don't thank me.

Thank her.

Why, what does she have to do with it?



Love is a strange and

wonderful thing, Chief.

You'd be happy you experienced it at all.

Even if it was with a machine.

What are they going to do to her?

They're setting up a new holding facility.

There will be tests.



Like she's-

Like she's some kind of lab rat?

That's the idea.

This is just great.

Bill Adama's little baby boy
pulls the wool over your eyes,

and you let him get away scot-free.

You're a laughingstock!

You didn't want this command!

Well, don't worry about it.
You won't have it for much longer.

All because when push came to shove,

- you got shoved.
- It was his son.


What's happening on my ship?

Wait in the corridor.

Ellen, can I speak to my XO?

Of course.


What's happened?

I frakked things up and good.

- How?
- I made some bad calls.

- I've done that.
- Not like these.

You gonna pour us one of those or what?

Never had much use for people
who second-guessed my decisions.

Especially if they've never held a command.

They don't understand the pressure.

You make a call.

It affects the lives of thousands.

And you have no one to turn to for back up.

Well, you make it look easy.

You know that's a lie now.

A lot of pieces to pick up.

Then we'll pick 'em up together.

Where's my son?

I love you, chief.