Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Farm - full transcript

Starbuck finds herself wounded in a hospital on Caprica where she is suspicious about her doctor. President Roslin makes an appeal to the fleet to follow her to Kobol.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I have a few months to live.

And in that time, I will lead
the people to salvation.

It is my sole purpose.

Praise be to the Gods.

Here is our salvation.

Laura Roslin's actions
in suborning mutiny
and sedition...

among the military
could not be tolerated.

Therefore, Cdr. Adama
was left with no choice...

other than to remove her
from office.

We've got to
get out of here now.

I'm right with you.

I think these guys might
really be human.

Everyone on Caprica's dead.
You're not.

I just got here.

Not exactly an army.

A hell of a lot better
than the two of us...

if we're gonna assault
an airbase...

steal a Heavy Raider,
and get the frak
off this planet.

Nice to know installing
a regulation Pyramid court...

was one of the priorities
of the Resistance.


Nice shot.



Stand aside
or you can shoot me.

I intend to
go through that hatch
and get off this ship.

The former president's

Two men down. Cell's empty.
Damn it.

Well, we're home
free for now.

Glad to see you,
Madam President.

Zarek here
is the only one...

with enough
shady friends around
who can possibly hide us.


Cally shot Boomer!

No, no. No.

I love you, Chief.

What's happening on my ship?

I frakked things up
and good.

I made some bad calls.
A lot of pieces to pick up.

Then we'll pick them up

Go through.

[truck engine droning]

You've been awake
for an hour?


So what are you gonna do
if you can't make it
back to your ship?

I'm getting back.

Well, I know we were able
to take your sorry ass
by surprise.

Frak you.

Nice. But the truth is...

we really don't know
what the hell we're doin'.

A lot of our tactics
are stuff we just
saw in the movies.

We could use
some professional advice.

You want some advice?
You're on the losing end
of this fight.

Give it up
before you all die.

Head further up
in the mountains...

above the ambient radiation,
and just hole up.

And what? Wait to die?

As soon as I get back
to Galactica, I'll send
a rescue party.

Yeah, right.

If I say I'm gonna
do something, I do it.

You always such a bitch
in the morning?

Count on it.
My kind of woman.


We have a mission
to accomplish.

So what?



Fine. Whatever.


I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't mean to--


Got you.

So weak.
So, so very weak.

Lighten up a little bit.
It's only
the end of the world.


Sue-Shaun, I want you
to watch our perimeter,
especially on the flank.


The Cylons have a refueling
airstrip just on the
other side of that ridge.

There's a Heavy Raider makes
a regular refueling stop...

every afternoon,
like clockwork.

Machines like routine.

It's usually guarded
by less than three of
the mechanical varieties.

We've left it alone
up until now.

So what's the plan?

Go through this gully,
approach the airstrip
from the south side...

sprinkle our men
through the tree line...

wait for the Cylons
to land the Raider...

hook up the refueling hoses.
Once they hook up
the tylium hoses...

we take out the guards
and blow
their refueling station.

I thought you wanted
the Raider intact?

They build them tough.
Believe me.

Blowing the fuel will barely
put a scratch on the hull...

but it might give us
enough time to board
the Raider.

Once I'm inside...

I'll blow the brain,
and I'll start working on
trying to get it--

[gun firing]

(man #1)
Stay back! Over there!

(man #2)
Open fire!

[guns firing]

[people shouting]

Kara, take cover!

Get back!

Everybody fall back!
Fall back! Kara, let's go!

[guns continue firing]

[all chanting]
Adama! Adama! Adama!

[all applauding]

[people whistling]


Thank you very much.
I'm glad to be back.

There are things
we don't say often enough...

things like what we mean
to one another.

All of you
mean a lot to me.

I just want you
to know that.

Let's get back to work.

I feel strange. Like....

Closer to the ground.

You should check in
with the doctor.

Mr. Gaeta?
Where do we think
they are now?

The stolen Raptor
with Capt. Adama...

and the former president.

The fugitives.

The fugitives docked
at Cloud 9 last week.

We effectively lost them
at that point...

due to the large volume of
inter-fleet traffic going
to and from Cloud 9,

By now, they could be holed up
anywhere in the fleet.

I want them found.

She was dangerous enough
as a symbol of Resistance...

but now with Lee helping....

I wanna search
every ship in the fleet.

Quarantine procedures.

Isolate the ship
out of the main body.

If it's clean, we keep it
quarantined away from
the rest of the fleet.

She can hide,
but she can't run.

Dee, start
quarantine procedures.

Start with Cloud 9,

How much longer...

are we meant to stay hidden
in this meat locker?

I don't know.

I communicated
your latest message to
the Quorum of Twelve...

and they've decided that
the question of openly
supporting you needs more...


I need to make
an appeal to the people.

Make a strong enough

and the Astral Queen will be
the first ship in line.

[Apollo scoffs]

Like they knew anything
but roll over and take orders
from you.

One more bit of news
I should convey.


Zeus has returned to Olympus.

Adama's back in command.

My father? He's back?

Word just came in
over the wireless.

He is a tough
old bird.


What we really need
is something heartfelt...

something human and personal
that will galvanize
the people.

Like a son
denouncing his father.

My name is Lee Adama.

Until recently,
I was the commander
of Galactica's air group...

but when Cdr. Adama,
my father...

decided to stage
a military coup against
the President...

I could no longer support him
or his actions.

I love my father.

I respect him.

But in this...

he is wrong.

He must be opposed.

I call on
all free-thinking people
in the fleet. I....

I can't do this.
Sorry, everyone. I thought
I could, but I can't.

I'm playing
the religious card.

I know exactly
what I have to do.

How does this thing work?

You're okay.

You're in an aid hospital.

They brought you in
yesterday morning.

You got shot in the abdomen.

I'm Simon.

Can you tell me your name?


[clears throat]

Kara Thrace.


You were in surgery
for about two hours.

I removed the bullet.

I didn't think you were gonna
make it there for a while.

Take it easy.


I know that hurts.

Who brought me in?

This big guy named Anders.

Used to be
a pro Pyramid player,
if you can believe that.

Yeah, I know him.

[water running]

Where is he?

He died.
On the table.

I thought he was
only slightly wounded.

It turns out
a piece of shrapnel
had nicked his aorta.

Massive internal bleeding.

I'm sorry. We did everything
we could do.

[door closes]


[door opens]

Good morning.

I see
you're sucking down fluids
at a rapid pace. That's good.

Are you a Cylon?

What do you think?

I think you didn't
answer the question.

I am most definitely
not a cylon.

Of course, I don't know
what you'd expect me to say.

If I was a Cylon,
I certainly wouldn't admit it.

Can I leave?

There's the door.


Frakking doctors.

So I am a doctor,
not a Cylon?

The jury's still out.

I would expect the Cylons
to have better digs
than this, though.

Where is this rattrap?

We're about 20 clicks
north of Delphi. Used to be
a mental institution.

It's not much,
but it's one of the few places
the Cylons haven't found yet.



So, what, I'm supposed
to believe there really
is a Resistance out there?

Shh. Don't tell anybody.

We're trying
to keep that quiet.

Time for your pain meds.


If I may speak on behalf
of Specialist Cally?

She was distraught through
the experience on Kobol.

Being on the surface,
fighting the Cylons...

it's shattering
for all of us.

I don't believe
she was in her right mind
when she shot Boomer.


Did you love her, Chief?

Excuse me?

Boomer. Did you love her?

I thought I did.

When you think
you love somebody,
you love them.

That's what love is:

She was a Cylon,
a machine.

Is that what Boomer was?
A machine?

A thing?

That's what
she turned out to be.

She was more than that
to us.

She was more than that to me.

She was a vital,
living person...

aboard my ship
for almost two years.

She couldn't have been
just a machine.

Could you love a machine?

No, sir.
I guess I couldn't.

Cally discharged a firearm
without permission...

endangering the lives
of her shipmates.

Thirty days in the brig.


Thank you, sir.

You'll see her again, Chief.

Excuse me?

There are many copies.

You'll see her again.

[clears throat]

How many patients
do you have here?

Am I being
interrogated again?

I just think it's odd...

that I've been here
for two days, and I haven't
seen anybody else.

Just you.

We have 223 patients
at the moment...

two doctors, and five teachers
masquerading as nurses.

I know a teacher
masquerading as president.

What's that?

It's awfully quiet.

No screams, no moans, no...

"Doctor! Doctor!
Please help me! It hurts."

Most of our patients
are succumbing to
acute radiation poisoning.

Symptoms include
powerful fatigue
and immediate nausea.

This is followed by
several days of
comparable well-being.

After that, cell death in the
gastric and intestinal tissue

massive diarrhea,
intestinal bleeding,
and loss of water.

It's not pretty.

But it is quiet.

The biggest killer
in this place is infection.

That's why we have you
under quarantine.

We don't know
what you brought in
with you yet.

Your test results
will be back this afternoon.

Okay, almost done.

I think there may be a cyst
on one of your ovaries.

Is it serious?

No, it should be fine.

We'll keep an eye on it.

Gotta keep
that reproductive system
in great shape.

That's your most
valuable asset these days.


I'm serious.

Finding healthy,
child-bearing women
your age...

is a top priority
for the Resistance...

and you'll be happy to know
that you are a very
precious commodity to us.


I am not a commodity.

I'm a Viper pilot.

You see any Vipers
around here?


I mean, you do realize...

that you're one
of a handful of women
left on this planet...

actually capable
of having children, right?

I mean, that is your most
valuable skill right now.

Well, I don't want a child,
so just drop it, okay?

Well, no one's forcing you.

Just take a moment
and think about...

where you are
and what's going on.

The human race
is on the verge of extinction.

And, to be quite frank
with you, potential mothers...

are a lot more valuable
right now than a whole
squadron of Viper pilots.

I shouldn't have mentioned it.
I should've known
you'd be sensitive.

A lot of women
with your history forego
bearing children of their own.

My history?

I saw the fractures
on your X-rays.

A lot of old fractures
from childhood.

It's interesting
how you managed to break
every finger on both hands.

Every break in the exact
same place, between the first
and the second knuckle.

Did someone
break your fingers, Kara?

Get out.

of abusive parents...

often fear passing along
that abuse to their
own children.

Get out!

All right.

[door opening]


[people chattering]

Is she kidding with this?

I know it's hard to believe,
but that message has
cropped up all over the fleet.

It's religious crap.

"lt seems I have been chosen
to help lead you to
the promised land of Earth.

"l will not question
this choice.

"l will simply try
to play my part in the plan.

at the appointed hour...

"l will give a signal
to the fleet.

"All those wishing
to honor the gods and walk
the path of destiny...

"will follow me back to Kobol.

"lt is there that we will meet
the gods' servant
with the Arrow of Apollo."

We've got five Raptors
with marine fire-teams
standing by...

to board the Astral Queen,

No one's gonna follow her.

No one's gonna believe
this crap.

No one's this stupid.

And anyone that is,
that wants to make
a suicide run to Kobol...

please let them.

How long till we jump?

Two minutes.

Any other ships
declared themselves for us?

Not yet.

[people mumbling]

No, that.... No, please,
this isn't necessary.

Give them your blessing.

Oh, no. It's not right.

It isn't who I am.

Laura, this is your path...

the one the gods
picked for you...

the one you picked
for yourself.


Anders, we must have been over
this line 10 times already.

She must have taken a bullet.
She was right here
by the vehicles.

She would have got up
and crawled
the frak out of here.

Hey, we have to search
the entire area again.

I told you we shouldn't have
pulled back so fast.

I thought she was with us.
Anders, we got ambushed, okay?

We all got separated.
There's nothing we could have
done about it.

Kara, of all people,
would understand.
Let's just find her.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I know where Starbuck is.


Where have you been?

Tracking you.
Who is she?

She's with us.

You're the father
of my child, Helo.

I'm not gonna lose you.

Where is she?

We're ready.

Send the signal and jump.

Astral Queen has jumped away.

Now we'll see
how many follow.

To sit around and wait
for Starbuck to show up
with that stupid arrow?

Two, three at the most.



[door opens]

Good morning.


You look better.

What's this new scar?

You had to go
back in last night
while you were asleep.

Some internal bleeding
to tie up.
Nothing to worry about.

Everything's gonna be fine.

We're just about
done with you, Starbuck.

Nice way of puttin' it.

Just a couple more tests,

I almost said,
"We'll be sending you
back home."

I guess we'll be sending you
back into the fight.

That sounds good to me.

Hey, I just woke up.

And now you're
going back to sleep.

You're the doc.

[door closes]


Pending lab-test results
on sample ovaries...

complete removal
will proceed tomorrow.

If lab tests are positive,
then subject
will be removed...

to processing facility
for final disposition.

(No. 6)
Is that regret
I hear in your voice, Simon?

If it is, it certainly
is none of your concern.

Lords of Kobol,
please help me.

Good morning.


Are you sure
you're feeling okay?

You know, something actually
has been bothering me lately.


I never told you
my call sign was Starbuck.

You can't kill me.

Just die!





Sue-Shaun. Sue-Shaun,
it's me, Kara.

Hold on, okay?
I'm gonna get you
out of here.

No, no time.

Cut the power.

That'll kill you.

Can't live like this.

The baby machines.


[machines beeping]










[Starbuck grunts]

Hello, Starbuck.

[gun firing]


Kara, come on!

Let's go! Let's go!
Go! Go!


Get down!
Kara, get down!

[guns firing]


Come on! Let's go!

Gotta go!


[men shouting]

Come on! Move like you have
a purpose, people! Go! Go! Go!

[people chattering]

Twenty-four ships, sir.

That's almost a third
of the fleet.



They were
conducting research,,,

into Human-Cylon
breeding programs,

They call them farms.


Your gunshot wound
looks fine.

So, farms, that's great.

What were they gonna do?
Knock me up
with some Cylon kid?

They were gonna try to.

We haven't been
very successful so far.

they can't reproduce...

you know, biologically...

so they've been trying
every which way
to produce offspring.


Procreation, that's one
of God's commandments.

"Be fruitful."

We can't fulfill it.
We've tried. So we decided--

To rape human women.

You know, if you agreed
to bear children,
it'd be voluntary.

Maybe even set you up
with someone you like.

Like you two kids?

We're different.

What the frak is that
supposed to mean?

They have this theory.

Maybe the one thing
they were missing was love.

So Sharon and l...


we're set up--
To fall in love?

They didn't ask Sue-Shaun...

if she wanted to
fall in love, all right?

They put a tube in her,
and they hooked her up
to a machine!

They know who you are, Kara.

You're special.

Leoben told you that.

You have a destiny.

Starbuck, what's this
second scar?

I don't know. I don't think
I wanna know now.

You know?



All right, how many women
do they have at these farms?

Maybe thousands.

I don't know.
I haven't accessed
that data.

Here's what we do.

Take the Heavy Raider,
cram it full of
ground troops...

find out where
the next farm is,
liberate it, then the next...

and the next, and the next.
No. No, that's not why
you came to Caprica.

[people chattering]

Go find Earth.

What about you?

You said you needed
professional advice.

We'll muddle through.

We've managed so far.

They'll kill you.

You'll die here.
You know that.

A lot of people died here...

but I'll tell you this:
If I'm gonna die here...

I'm gonna take out
every last one of those
frakking farms before I do.

I'm not gonna leave you here.

You said you were gonna
come back, remember?

I'm gonna hold you to it.

I'm coming back.

I said it.

I meant it.

Yeah, okay.


Be safe.

Let's go home.