Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 13 - Epiphanies - full transcript

President Roslin, who is about to die, believes Sharon's baby is dangerous and orders it must die. Meanwhile, a terrorist group inside the fleet starts to ask for a peace negotiation with the cylons.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.


I give you your new
vice-president, Dr. Gaius Baltar.

You're the father of my child and
nothing is ever gonna change that.

I know a place where you can
stay where you will be safe.

How much time do I have?

Weeks. A month at the outside.

Unless the cancer goes to your brain.
If that happens...

I'm afraid
the tests are positive.

The mass is malignant.

It's advanced
well beyond the left breast.

I'm afraid
the tests are positive.

Ms. Roslin,

the surgery, of course,
will remove the mass.

Secretary Roslin?


Naylin Stans,
from the Education Alliance.

You said you wanted to talk.


I'm sorry, Mr. Stans.

Have to admit I was
surprised to get your message.

The President
was surprised I sent it.

Once our chief negotiator
got a billy-club to the head,

we figured Adar's government had
written us off as a lost cause.

I was a teacher long before
I was Secretary of Education.

And causes are only lost
when we give up.

Madam President,
can you hear me?

Let's make her
as comfortable as we can.

Oh, gods...

zero four niner. CAP is away.

Galactica, roger that.
Zero four niner.

Safe flight.

and 20 frakking minutes late.

Did you have a rough night,

You're way out of line.

Just follow my lead and save the
attitude for someone who cares.

Kat, six seven zero.
Roger that.

Request permission
to clear guns.

Roger that, Kat.

Clear your throat.

Damn it! Weapons malfunction!
Weapons malfunction!


Kat! Are you good?

I'm good, I'm good.

What the hell just happened?

Your port gun's blown.

Just keep it steady.
We're heading home.

Galactica, this is Starbuck.
I'm declaring an emergency.

We've got two bent birds, requesting
priority clearance to land.

Starbuck, Galactica.
Flight deck is yours.

Why don't you just shoot us
in the locker room, Chief?

Save the wear and tear
on the ships.

Kat's guns are clean.
I checked them myself.

Yeah, well,
I don't believe in accidents.

Chief, something's not right.

The weight's off.
It's too light.

I found three more just like it,
mixed in with the regular rounds.

The casing's been weakened.

It falls apart in the barrel,
the next one hits it, bang!

She's lucky she didn't
lose her whole wing.

One bad round's a fluke.
More than one is sabotage.

Pull them all!

All right, you heard the Chief!
Let's pull them all! Let's go!

How is
the President doing, Doc?

She's dying, and she knows it.

I offered her a shot of morpha to ease
the pain, but she wouldn't hear of it.

The tests are positive.

They're teachers
not terrorists.

Mr. President, we should at
least speak with the strikers

before sending in the troops.

They're teachers
not terrorists.

They're acting like thugs.

Their last demonstration put
two policemen in the hospital.

Six of them have chained themselves
outside the Hall of Education.

As far as I'm concerned,
they're criminals.

Their pay is sub-standard, their
schools are falling apart,

and this strike action has been gaining
momentum for months and you know that.

I don't understand why we're
not at least talking to them.

One of the most interesting
things about being president

is that you don't have to
explain yourself to anyone.

You've already set a meeting
with Stans, haven't you?

Obviously only if you approve,
Mr. President.

She's really in no
good state to do anything,

let alone to conduct
any Government business.

Don't talk about me
as if I'm not here.

There'll be plenty of time
for that soon enough.

Billy, could you...

Of course.

Gentlemen, I called you here
to discuss the Cylon.

Dr. Cottle, would you...

Would you please tell them
what you told me this morning?

I'm no expert in genetics,
but I can read a blood test.

That Cylon fetus

is showing some very peculiar
genetic abnormalities.

I haven't seen any of this
on your report, Doctor.

No, well, as Dr. Cottle says,

he's not an expert and I am.

I've been through the tests and I wouldn't
say that there was anything conclusive.

I didn't say conclusive,
just damned odd.


Madam President?

As you know, the Sharon Cylon

is of considerable tactical
value to the fleet and...

Perhaps you've gotten too close
to your subject, Doctor.

This is difficult,
so I'm gonna cut right to it.

Allowing this thing to be born could
have frightening consequences.

For the security of this fleet,

I believe the Cylon pregnancy
must be terminated

before it is too late.

Madam President, I'd like...

I thought you of all people
would understand, Admiral.

Madam President,

I don't understand.
This makes no sense.

One of the interesting things
about being president

is you don't have to
explain yourself to anyone.

Thank you, gentlemen,
I'm a little tired.


I don't want to seem alarmist,
but I am perturbed.

I think that the President's
illness is affecting her judgment.

Especially when it
comes to the subject of...

She seemed
reasonably coherent to me.

Well, then I'll have to appeal
to you on scientific grounds.

Destroying this child

would seriously impact my studies
of the Cylon subspecies.

The President made the call.
I'm backing her.

With all due respect, the President
made the call based on evidence

presented by Dr. Cottle
and he...

Pull yourself together.

You're about to become
President of the Colonies.

You're gonna be asked to make
some very hard decisions.

Act like you can handle it.


Where have you been?

Where have I been?

I never left you, Gaius.

All right, yeah.

Yeah, metaphorically speaking.

It's just it was weeks ago
and I...

I'm sure you've suffered
mightily in my absence.

You know, jealousy's
a really ugly emotion.

What is this lingering
controversy over my affair

with your
three dimensional duplicate?

I'm not jealous, I'm concerned.

Oh, yeah? Concerned?
About what?

Our child!

You're concerned?

Well, for your information, the
President intends to kill it!

Once Roslin's gone,
you'll be President.

You can use your new authority
to save our child.

Yeah, yeah. That's good. Did you
see the way Adama looked at me?

The contempt on his face?

I will be the President,
all right,

but without military support I might
as well be an anointed dogcatcher.

Yes, well, you have your own
resources, if you'd use them.

You don't know what I mean?

No, I don't know what you mean.

The nuclear device.

The one Adama
provided for your research.

There is one way.

I didn't wanna have to ask...

I didn't wanna have
to ask you for this.

But what I really need...

But what I really need
to complete the project...

ls a nuclear warhead.
Ls a nuclear


You're totally insane.

I'm trying to help you,
you idiot.

If Adama remains committed to
the destruction of our child,

it may be our only hope.

There's no easy way
to say this.

It's about the Cylon.

The President has decided that her
pregnancy will be terminated.



Doc Cottle
discovered some anomalies

in the fetal blood work.

Isn't that expected?


But the President believes

that to allow the baby
to come to full term,

it constitutes an unacceptable
risk to the fleet.

I don't understand.

Sharon's only helped us since
she came back from Caprica.

She even turned on her own.

To save her life.

Don't mistake the will to live

for genuine compassion,

She's still the enemy.

Does she know?

Not yet.

Then I should be the one
to tell her.

If that's all, sir.


I don't expect you
to agree to the decision,

but I need you to accept it.

We're talking about
my child, sir.

Part of me.

But I guess it's easier to
kill when you call it a Cylon.


So you're saying someone's been
tampering with our ammunition?

Shells don't unload themselves.

What's this I hear
about you ordering

both Galactica and Pegasus
fighters to stand down?

The price you pay for
reinstating me as CAG, sir.

Maybe that was a mistake.

Maybe I don't give a damn
what you think, sir.

Take it easy, both of you.

The fact is we've been sharing
stores between the ships.

And nobody flies combat until
our ammo supplies check out.

Leaving us defenseless if the
Cylons decide to pick a fight.

We were defenseless before this.
We just didn't know about it.

Lee, find out who did this.

All right.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for Asha Janik.

Asha? She's there.

Let's do this quietly.

Asha Janik?

Captain Adama.

I have a message
for your father.

They may take me...
All right, stop her!

But I'm one of many!

We have declared war against
Galactica's army of death!

Let's go.

The Cylons
aren't our true enemy,

it's the military
that refuses to negotiate!

All we want is peace!

Demand peace! Demand peace!

So much for being discreet,

We found these pamphlets
in Janik's quarters.

Some kind of a manifesto.

"Demand peace" from the Cylons?
Who the hell are these people?

Cylon sympathizers.

I just had no idea
they were this organized.

I want to know
how she got aboard my ship.

The hangar deck's

We've been forced to import civilians
to handle some of the grunt work.

Apparently she's...

She's a Picon, worked
maintenance on the Greenleaf,

no known criminal affiliations.

Until now.

Now listen to this,

"Do not be afraid. We are not
terrorists, but we will not sit back"

"while Adama's war machine
continues to press us"

"into cruel
and futile conflict."

Gods damn it.

Well, her demonstration's

The news is already spreading
across the fleet.

I know.

We were contacted by a person claiming
to speak for the subversives,

demanding a meeting
on the Galactica.

Well, they've got stones,
I'll give them that.

Well, I've agreed.


We're not negotiating.

I just wanna know
what we're up against.

Considering the stakes, you
don't seem particularly engaged.

The stakes are what we decide
to make them, Mr. Stans.

If the President uses troops to
enforce his back-to-work order,

people will get hurt.

Even die.

Some causes
are worth dying for.

Not this one.

The mass is malignant.



I am Royan Jahee.

You have a unique way of
welcoming visitors to your ship.

Visitor my ass.

We shoot people like you
for treason.

Colonel, I'm only
an interested party,

trying to prevent
more bloodshed.

I deplore what happened
aboard your Vipers.

How many sympathizers do
we have aboard this fleet?

If you're trying to crush an
organization, you can stop now.

The people in this movement are
following an idea, not a leader.

What the hell do they want?

Peace with the Cylon.

You want us to surrender.

They attacked us.

Only after we'd enslaved them!

You call yourselves
military men, strategists!

Explain to me how our current
course of attack and retreat

leads to victory!

You can play
innocent bystander,

but I think you know more
than you're telling us.

Either way,
you're a danger to this fleet.

Admiral, arresting me isn't
going to stop any of this.

Maybe not, but it's a start.

Take him away.

All right,
get your rubber gloves on.

This is everything from
the Janik woman's quarters.

Somehow the Admiral thinks
looking through this crap

is gonna tell us something new
about their so-called movement.

So, um,

I haven't seen much of you
since your spacewalk.

Hold it.

What's this?

What's a deckhand need with
a portable library reader?

The Daru Mozu.

A Tylium refinery.

And Janik's used to explosives.

This is the CAG. Get me a TAC team ready.
Right now.

I don't understand.

Why are they doing this now?

I don't know.

The Admiral said they found
something in the baby's blood.

Somehow President Roslin considers
it a threat to the fleet.

It can't just be that.

I've done nothing but help
them since I've come here.

I've held back my anger.

I've tried to show them that
Cylons are not all the same.

That we're not all murderers.

Deep down, I think they're
still afraid of you.



They wanna be afraid
of something?

Yeah? Just let them come.

Let them!

Let them just try
to take my baby!

Let them try to take my baby.

Sharon, stop!

Sharon, please, don't do this.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Listen to me.

Sharon, look at me.

Let's go. Hey! Easy!


When we land, move fast.

We're looking for explosive devices
set near the Daru's FTL drive.

Captain, I'm getting something
on the wireless.

I think it's coming
from the Daru Mozu.

None of us wants
to die, but the fighting must end.

If my sacrifice sends a signal
to the Cylon that brings peace,

then it was worth it.

I do this for my children and for the
children that will follow them, gods willing.

Demand peace. Pull out!

Demand peace.
Pull out! Pull out!

Pull out! Pull out!

People are dead.

I grieve for them, Admiral.

And I assure you the Tylium ship's
just a taste of what's in store

unless someone
starts listening!

You listen,
and you listen well.

I don't care
if I have to interrogate

every civilian
on board this fleet.

This is gonna stop.

Do you understand?


Mr. Vice President, President
Roslin insisted on your taking the tour.

She'd like the transition to
go as smoothly as possible.

What are these?

Cylon agent suspects, sir.

That number
means everything to her.

It represents hope.
It's our future.

Yes. Yes.

Being the President is

a lot of responsibility.

It's tradition
for outgoing Presidents

to leave a letter
for their successor.

It's usually opened on the
first day of the new term.

But the next few days
are likely to prove

hectic, so...

Well, let's just pray
that she gets better.


Excuse me.


Mr. Vice President.




I understand.

Thank you.

I was told I might meet
an old friend here.

It's good to see you, Gaius.

So you've become a member
of the peace movement?

Well, despite
what you may think,

I've always abhorred violence.

Would you excuse us, please?

Do they have any idea
what you are?

Of course not. Even their
dedication has limits.

I've missed you.

You look amazing.

I can't believe

how real you are.

What are you doing?

I haven't stopped
thinking about you

since the second
I left the Pegasus.

No. I can't get you
out of my head.

Don't do this now. Not yet.
I can't help myself.

I can't. Gaius.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. I'm just...
I'm not ready.

So is there any reason in particular
for inviting me around here?

Because you saved me.

Let me save you.

Here we go again.

What are you talking about?

You must sense it.

Gaius, the fleet's crumbling.

People are turning
on each other.

There are serious misgivings
about the military.

When you're President,

you can use the office
to turn them against Adama,

paving the way
for the Cylons to save us.

I would love to be with you
always, but...

I know it's hard,
but it's the only way.



I am not who you think I am,

and I will not be responsible
for the destruction of mankind.

If we would have caught it sooner
maybe we could have done more.


I didn't like the way
we left things this morning.

Richard... I know.

You've been thinking this is
a mistake for a while now.

I just met with Stans.

The Education Alliance
is going to back off.

Back off?

Laura, what did you give them?

I made them a promise

that we would seriously hear
out their grievances, Richard.

I thought you'd be happy
they're going back to work.


you've put me
in a very awkward position.

I don't see how.

Both sides gave ground.

It's not just
about your teachers.

It's the next strike
I'm worried about.

You just showed them that if
they hold out long enough,

this administration will cave.

You expected me to fail.

I expected you
to hold the line.

This doesn't have to be
the end of the world.

You can stay on in an advisory capacity.
Gods know we need your ideas.

You're asking me to resign?

I don't have any choice.

This isn't about
you and me anymore.

You're right, it's not.

You were willing
to attack those people,

and up until a few hours ago,
I was prepared to let you.

I am on my way to the Galactica
to represent this administration.

When I return, if you still want
my job, be prepared to fight.

When I return, if you still want
my job, be prepared to fight.

Notify the Admiral.

This is Admiral Adama.

As you know, President Roslin

has been aboard Galactica

for the last few days.

She's a fighter.

But as of this moment,
her prognosis is grave.

I know that many of you believe
in the power of prayer.

If that is your way,
then I urge you

to pray for our President.

As for the others,
I hope you will join me

in keeping her in our thoughts.

Admiral, please don't do this.

Stand down, everyone.

Give me room.

Think about what you're doing,

You're a soldier.

I'm a father, like you.

Please, sir,

give me a Raptor.
Let me take her off the ship.

I'll get her away
from the fleet.

I can't do that, son.

Admiral! Admiral! Admiral!

Doctor, get the hell
out of here!

I must talk to you
concerning the Cylon child.

It seems I may have been


very wrong,

when I said that Dr. Cottle
misinterpreted the fetal blood work.

You see, I had another
look at those samples

and I discovered something
quite intriguing.

Understand, Cylon blood is virtually
impossible to differentiate from our own.

That being said, obviously it
has to be slightly different

because the Cylon is not human.

If our blood

looks like this,

for example,

and the Cylon's blood
looks like this,

then it's fair to assume that the
Cylon-human is carrying an amalgam.

Is this a theory or fact?

The Cylon's fetus
contains no antigens,

it has no blood type.

That's what Dr. Cottle was talking
about when he said it was damned odd.

Except it's not damned odd,
it's astonishing.

Now, knowing, as we do,

that the Cylons are built slightly better
to endure than their human counterparts,

I wondered, could the Cylon blood also
be blessed, shall we say blessed,

with a heightened resistance
to disease?


I applied a sample

of Sharon's fetal blood

to some cancer cells
I took from the President.

What am I looking at?


That's the whole point.

The cancer was gone and it was
gone within a matter of hours.

Are you saying you've found a
cure for the President's cancer?

Well, it's untried.

It's obviously untried and
therefore extremely dangerous.

But, yes,

it's possible.

If you abort Sharon's fetus
now, you'll never know.

Now, you may feel a sharp pain.

Sharon, it's okay.
It's gonna be all right.

I don't like what you're doing.

I think it's unnatural
and damned dangerous.

Yes, well,

given the patient's
current condition,

I am not sure
that I see the downside.

Maybe it's just her time.

Then for once

perhaps I am the beacon
of hope around here.

It's all right.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I'm right here with you,

If you wanna settle this,
your people have to disengage.

No more civil disobedience,
no more acts of violence.

I want our students
back in school.


I'm glad you called,
Madam Secretary.

Me, too.

I'm afraid the tests are positive.
The mass is malignant.

What's happening?

She's convulsing!
Nurse, get me 10cc's of...

Help me get her on her side.

Nurse! Nurse!

No, hold it.

I'll be damned.

Madam President?

Dr. Baltar.

It's so very good to see you.

No, no, no. Don't. Don't move.
Don't move.

Madam President.

How's she doing, Doctor?

I've never seen
anything like it.

It'll be a while before
she's 100%,

but the scans are clear.

The cancer's gone.

Are you sure?

It's gone.

Thank you.

Thank you.


You seem better.


Are you still
holding the spokesman

from the new faction
in the brig?


Would you take me to him,

Certainly. Thank you.

I'll wait for you
to get dressed.

President Roslin.

Mr. Jahee, isn't it?

I thought it was time we met.

Would you open the door,

Do it.

All these people want
is to be heard.

A member of your group nearly
destroyed our Tylium refinery.

Before we can even
begin to talk,

I need your personal assurance that
there will be no more attacks.

As I told the Admiral, I've had
no direct contact with anyone.

Genuine negotiations
require trust.

Do not lie to me.

I'll talk to my people.

Make them understand.


Then I'll listen,
maybe even act.

But if you renege,

I'll insist the Admiral hunt you and
your friends down without mercy.

You seem very content.

Sharon's child is safe.

Adama and Roslin have agreed
that more study

is required before any

drastic measures are taken.

Yes, but by saving Roslin,
you've denied yourself

your rightful place
of leadership.

There are many aspects of you,
Gaius, I will never understand.

You wouldn't.

And neither, would I suspect,
your corporeal counterpart.

Do you love her?

What is that?

The note that Roslin wrote me.

To be opened
upon the event of her death.

President Baltar, I offer
my sincere congratulations.

I say that knowing
we've had our differences

and that you take office
despite my many reservations.

You may be the most brilliant
person I've ever met,

but your intelligence
is unleavened by compassion.

You must be reminded of
your ethical responsibilities

and challenged to rise above
your own selfish needs.

I don't write this to hurt you,
but to beg you to open your heart.

Understand that the people
in the fleet look to you

not only for leadership
but for solace.


Find a way to give them that,

and you will be
a great leader.

Laura Roslin.

And after all
I've done for the fleet.

And after all
I've done for her.

Roslin's never trusted you.

She's undermined you
at every turn, and now...

So now we know
she's never gonna trust me.

This is not a political
struggle anymore, Gaius.

This is quite literally
life and death.

The President assured me that as long as
there are no further acts of violence,

she's willing
to bring our concerns

to the Quorum
and Admiral Adama.

She's trying to buy time.

She'll never be open to
negotiating with the Cylons.

I disagree.

I think we made
real progress today

and so does the Vice-President.

Baltar? Yes.

Just before I left,
he asked to meet with me.

He encouraged patience while he
works with Roslin from within,

and he offered the contents of this
case as proof of his sincerity.

What's in it?

I don't know.

He said that you should
be the one to open it.