Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 14 - Black Market - full transcript

There's a shortage of supplies on the fleet, the black market is thriving. President Roslin orders that these criminals, asking outrageous prices, must be stopped. Adama agrees and colonel Fisk says Pegasus is ready to help, but he doesn't seem to be sincere. Not long after he is murdered in the presence of someone he seems to know. Apollo, meanwhile, is still struggling with his near-death experience. He seeks comfort with the prostitute Shevon, who reminds him of a woman from his past. Her daughter Paya is in need of rare antibiotics. Apollo is asked to investigate the murder of Fisk. He soon finds out Fisk was heavily involved in black market operations.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

Col. Fisk is the new
Pegasus Commander.

The Cylon's fetus
contains no antigens.

It makes it a universal donor.

Are you saying you've found
a cure for the President's cancer?


I've got ships on half-rations.

When will
some of these supplies

start getting out to the fleet?

The target's FTL is history.
She's all yours.

He's all right!

I say again,
Apollo is all right.

Let's just be glad that we both
came back alive, all right?

That's just it, Kara.

I didn't want to
make it back alive.

You're not gonna shoot.

You're not like me.

Hey, hey. Hey, don't go.

Sorry. I thought
you were still asleep.

You should have kicked me
out of bed an hour ago.

If I hold up Galactica's
Raptor, Tigh'll have my ass.

Which, we both know,
currently belongs to me.

All right, let's move on
to the next item.

Oh, no, gentlemen, please,
don't get up.

After the last few weeks, it just
feels good to be on my feet.

Thank you, though.

You've made a remarkable
recovery, Madam President.

Remarkable indeed.
But now I'm playing catch-up.

I'm afraid during my illness I lost focus.
I let some things slide.

Well, that's behind us now.

Yes, it is. To the point. Supplies are
running low and the people are worried.

Well, they wouldn't
be civilians

if they didn't have
something to bitch about.

Well, I think that in
this case, they're entitled.

Our inventory levels are tight,
but they're not critical.

But all the way
across the fleet,

people are reporting
shortages of essential goods,

and what they do get
comes at a high price.

They're turning
to the black market.

Last week, one of my aides
came down with pneumonia.

Billy had to trade liquor
to get the antibiotics.

It's the nature of the beast.
People want what they want.

A few trades would be one thing,
Commander Fisk. That's reality.

But I'm talking about criminals

making outrageous demands
on the people.

So, bottom line is, I'm implementing
a new, fleet-wide trade policy.

We need to be in control of our
supply chain, not black market thugs.

I am hoping that I can have the
military's support on this.

Admiral, if you want Pegasus to run these
dogs down, you just give us the word.

Our people will do whatever it
takes to get this under control.

And it's good to have you
back, Madam President.

It's good to be back.
Thank you, Admiral.

Gentlemen, thank you.

Ls Madam President
always so right-in-your-face?

Her last-minute resurrection seems
to have invigorated her somewhat.

Yeah, well, maybe too much.

She doesn't really think her
made-up plans and regulations

are gonna change anything,
does she?

As if we don't have
enough to do.

No, Madam President sets a
great prestige by her office

and Adama supports her,
at least for the moment.

Well, then, so do I,
just for the moment.

By the way, did you get the
cigars I had sent over?

I not only got them,
I enjoyed them as well.

Well, my pleasure,
Mr. Vice President.

Well, I've got a ship to run.

I look forward
to our next visit.

As do I.

I got them from a friend.

- Paya.
- Hey, sweetie.

Wow. You seem to get an inch
taller every time I see you.

What, I don't get my handshake?

Well, that's okay, Paya.

I have a special surprise
for you, and it's in here.

You wanna come see?

What's he got? Go on.

What have we got?

Oh, Paya.

I've never been great
with kids.

Maybe next time
I'll get one with two eyes.

I'll see if I can trade it
for something else.

No, it's okay.
You just surprised her.


Well, look, I'm not sure when
I'll be able to make it back.

I know.

I'm gonna have to ask for an extra
hundred since you spent the night.

Well, I wondered when
you were gonna show up.

Raptor one-two-niner,

you are cleared into the break.

Galactica, Raptor
one-two-niner has the ball.

Inbound speed 220.

Admiral, Colonel,
I'm just getting started,

but from the looks of him,
I'd say he was garroted.

Gods. This is
the last thing we needed.

Admiral, you might want
to take a look at this.

Looks like our friend Fisk
hit the jackpot.

Cubit? If you find anything
else, let me know right away.

If I find anything else,
I may retire early.

Someone's sending us a message.

Or running us in circles.

Maybe there's another Cylon
in the fleet.

I'd almost prefer that to the
we start killing our own.

All they have to do
is sit back and watch.


Do we have any idea who did it?


But we will do a full investigation
and I want you to lead it.

Don't you think
it would be better

if someone from Pegasus
dealt with this?

Even though Cain's gone,
her influence lingers.

I need someone I can trust.

You know, there were times when that
was in short supply between us.

We've both been through
an awful lot, Son.

And I hope that
we've grown stronger for it.

I need your help.

I'll call up a flight
to Pegasus right away.

Anyone else been inside?

Just the medical team, sir.

Do you know who I am? I am the
Vice President of the Colonies. Let me in.

Captain Adama.

Commander Fisk didn't tell me
you were invited.

Let him in.

They were going to let me in.

Oh, my gods.

What's going on in here?

Where's Fisk?

On a slab
in Galactica's morgue.

What, he's dead?

Isn't this your brand?

Careful, Gaius.

You bought yourself some
goodwill by saving Roslin,

but it's fading.

Their old suspicions
are reemerging.

What are you doing here?


I was about to ask you
the same thing.

Wait a minute, I...

Are you interrogating me?

I'm not sure
I appreciate your tone.

This isn't a diplomatic exercise.
A man was butchered.

His head was practically
severed from his body with piano wire.

You're Vice President
of the fleet.

Why are you acting like a child with
your hand in the cookie jar, hmm?

Wonder what she would say
if she saw you like this.

You know, I can't believe it's even
necessary for me to explain myself to you,

but obviously, no, I had nothing
to do with Commander Fisk's death.

For the record,
I just came here to discuss.

President Roslin's
new trade policy.

Well, I thought
that was settled.

No, Commander Fisk
had some reservations.

I'll bet.

And as the Vice President,

I decided to assuage his
doubts of my own free will.

Is that sufficient?

Or would you like me to
provide you with an alibi?

I'm sure I can rustle one up.

Enjoy the cigars.

Escort the Vice
President to his ship.

The wireless is going crazy.

Word of Fisk's murder has spread
out through the entire fleet.

When we lose a command
officer aboard a warship,

people are gonna be concerned
about their security.

A crew can fall apart
when their commander's killed.

Pegasus lost two
in a matter of weeks.

Maybe this time
they were lucky.

His personal log shows that
he was rerouting supply runs,

on and offloading freighters
without command authorization.

He raided the MacConnel

and at least a dozen other
ships in the last week.

I found a small warehouse of high-value
merchandise in his quarters.

He was working
the black market.

Half the fleet's working it.
Fisk was getting greedy.

If he crossed one of his
suppliers on a deal,

that would explain
the cubits that Cottle found.

It still doesn't tell us
who did it.

Well, he's gonna need
trading partners.

And they wouldn't be hard
to find, even on Galactica.

All right,
let's open it up here.

Move around back.

Lee, I'm scared.

Paya's cough
keeps getting worse.

I'll bring her something
on my next trip.

Which could be weeks if
there's another Cylon attack.

I keep hearing about
shortages on the other ships,

people trading anything they can
for food, and for medicine.


Have you seen all the new
working girls outside?

Lee, when your baby's crying
because it's hungry,

you'll do anything
to make it stop.


Come here.



What do you want?

Ls your wife around, Colonel?

No. Why?

Is this hers?

Yeah. She lost it
a couple weeks ago.

Where the hell did you find it?

On Pegasus.

In Commander Fisk's quarters.

She's burning up.

What did they say
at the infirmary?

Antibiotics have all
been rationed out.

They said they might have
something by the end of the week.

We got shortages across the
fleet, people begging for scraps,

but somehow you and Mrs. Tigh
have fresh fruit, real liquor...

All right. What the hell
is this about?

You must have known
she was trading with Fisk.

Well, maybe I'll talk to her.

She didn't give it to Fisk. I did.
I traded it for a few necessities,

a couple of things to help her get by.
Big frakking deal.

There's nothing illegal
about that.

Not yet.

Don't you play
holier-than-thou with me.

I haven't done anything that most
people on this ship haven't done.

Including you.

Doesn't make us right, Colonel,

just a whole lot
of people wrong.

You didn't make it
to class today.

Yeah, I've been
pretty jammed up.

Anyway, I'm not sure you need
me holding your hand anymore.

Was that what you were doing?
Holding my hand?

I meant it as a compliment.

to speak frankly, sir?

You don't need my permission
and you don't need the "sir."

Maybe that's the problem. I don't
really know what to think anymore.

So I'll just ask.
Is this going somewhere?


Please don't pretend like you don't
know what I'm talking about.

You now, our... Our time
together, our workouts.

Something's changed between us.

I'm just not sure
what you want me to say.

Then don't say anything.

Communications paging Captain Adama.

You have a priority
ship-to-ship call from Cloud 9.

Captain Adama here.


Shevon, it's me!


Oh, my gods. What did they do?

They said they knew
about you and me.

They wanted to know
what we've been talking about.

Lee, I don't understand
why they'd care.

All right, get what you need. I'm
taking you and Paya back to Galactica.

Lee, wait.

It's the only place
I can keep you safe.

What are you gonna
tell them about us?

I'm not fooling myself.
I know what this is.


Get away from us!

You listening?

I hear any more talk
about Fisk,

I'm going to send your whore
back to you piece by piece.

And then I'm gonna start
on the little girl.

I know who you are,
I know whose son you are.

And I don't care.

You tell Adama to let it go.

Is that when you knew
that you loved her?

I thought so.

But you hurt her.

This is Captain Adama.

I need a medic and a security
team on L Deck asap.

You wanted to see me,
Madam President?


Thank you for coming, Doctor.

Have a seat.

Would you like some tea?

I'd love one.

You know, I'm never quite sure where
we stand with each other, Doctor.

Why do you think that is?

I can't imagine why.

I've never had anything but the utmost
respect for you and your office.

I understand that you and
Commander Fisk planned to meet

just prior to his death.

As I have already explained
to Captain Adama,

Commander Fisk had several lingering
concerns about your new trade policy.

What can I say?

And that's it?

Gaius, she's afraid of you.


are you asking me this?

You saved my life
and I'm grateful.

But I sense that there is
some unease in you

about assuming the presidency

and I'd like
to offer you an out.

You what?


Return to your scientific
work on Galactica.

No one will question
your motives,

and you can consider it a second
chance like the one you gave me.



this is a one-time offer.

I suggest you reconsider.

You know, Madam President, I've never
been particularly interested in politics

and I never wanted
any lofty position of power.

I never wanted to be
the Vice President.

That is,
until this very moment.

Because right now, I can't
think of anything I want more.

One to the head.
You didn't do this?

I was attacked. I found
him there when I woke up.

Security bulletin said Commander
Fisk was garroted with a wire.

Whatever happened,
looks like you found your guy.

What about Shevon,
and her daughter?

Cloud 9's an open port. Chances
are they're already off-ship.

I'll get a team down here.

Councilman Zarek.

Lee. I just heard.
Are you all right?

What are you doing here?

Attending a Quorum meeting.

Nothing as exciting
as all this, I assure you.

I know these places
are legal, but still,

the son of the almighty Adama?

Talk to me
about the black market.

Not much to say.
It's widespread, inevitable,

and according to
President Roslin, illegal.

So it's no surprise that you and
Fisk were in it up to your necks.

Fisk, maybe, but not me.

I represent Astral Queen. Have to be
careful about the company I keep.

This is Fisk's log.

He says he made three runs to
Astral Queen in the last 10 days

and I doubt it was to
discuss prison reform.

What do you want
from me, Captain?

Names of ships. Contacts.

I can't help you.

Why do you think
Fisk approached me?

To get a piece of your black market scam.
To offer you protection.

You and your father are both
so blinded by the past.

Fisk's black market was up and
running when he approached me.

He knew Adama would pick up
on his unauthorized shuttles,

so he tried to force me into
taking over the deliveries,

creating a firewall between Pegasus
and the illegal shipments.

So you're trying to tell me
that you turned him down?

At great cost.

Check the fleet logs,

see how many supply ships made stops at
the Astral Queen after Fisk's last trip.

The answer is none.

So if Fisk was
trying to starve you out,

why didn't you bring it
to the Quorum?

Roslin's acting like the black
market's some sort of aberration,

but I thought
you were smarter than that.

Did you really expect

some utopian fantasy
to rise from the ashes?

I heard the security officer.

They gave you Fisk's killer
for a reason.

They're offering you a way out.

You know something, don't you?

Just rumors.

There's a freighter,

Some people say
it's gone off the grid.

But if you want something
bad enough,

that's where you go.

The deals are brokered by an
ex-military mercenary named Phelan.


I hope she's worth it.

Hey, man, biotics. Here.


Paya! Paya! Hey, Paya!

Hey, it's okay.

It's Lee, do you remember?
It's Lee.

You're gonna be fine,
I promise you.

Okay, you just hang tight. I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.

You may find this hard to believe, but
my father was in the service, too.

Strict as hell, probably
the same as your old man.

But when the Cylons attacked, all his
duty and honor didn't add up to squat.

Is she dead?

I can see why you want her back.
She's one of my best.

One of yours?

A good escort understands it's
about a lot more than sex.

She knows when to listen,
and when to call for help.

Lee, I had to.

Don't blame her.

The only reason you're alive

is because I was able to see
you through Shevon's eyes.

And what I saw
seemed reasonable.

Like Fisk?

Fisk was a pig.

He tried to force us
to renegotiate.

So you killed him.

No. I gave you the killer,

the murder weapon, the prints,

everything you needed to
close the case legitimately.

Despite the President's
objections, the fleet needs us.

Rationing's too tight, ship comes in
too late, we're the pressure valve.

We provide.

When Shevon needed
antibiotics, she knew where to go.

Without us, people would have
nowhere to turn.

The fleet
would tear itself apart.

And what about
those children outside?

How are they

helping the fleet?

Everyone has needs.

Some settle for cigars
and liquor.

You wanted Shevon.

Others are more demanding.

It's hard to find
the moral high ground

when we're all standing
in the mud.

I'm not like
my old man, Captain.

And you are not like yours.

I came alone,

but Galactica tracked me
on dradis.

All they'll need to vent this
ship into space is an excuse.

So let's make a deal.

I want Shevon, the girl,
I walk out of here

and you shut down
this operation.

And all of you will live.

Sorry, the little girl's
been paid for. No refunds.

Oh, gods. No!

Wait. Lee, don't.

Come on. Do it. Do it.

I made you a fair offer.

So did I.

Yeah, you're probably
right about everything.

You, me, Fisk.

Nobody can stop it.
And maybe nobody should.

But it needs limits.

There's lines you can't cross
and you've crossed them.

You're not gonna shoot.

You're not like me.

You're not gonna...

All right, it's done.

The fleet relies
on the black market.

Much as we'd like,
we can't wish that away.

So you're still in business.

For now.

But if there are
any more killings,

if you hold back
essential medicines,

if you ever touch a child...


No, I don't want...

Hey, hey, it's over. It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay...

Lee, Lee, no.
Hey. Shevon, it's over.


I can't be
what you want me to be.

I don't want you
to be anything.

You want me to be her.

That's what this is about.

That's what
this has always been about.

No. That's not what
this has ever been about.

Come on, Lee. I know my job.

I'm a replacement.

For a lot of things.

Things that men
can't get anywhere else.

Things they've lost.

She wanted to give you a child.

But you were afraid,

so you pushed her away
and then you ran,

and you didn't stop running
until it was too late.

Well, I'm not her.

And Paya is not, and will
never be, your child.

Commander Fisk's
murder has been resolved

and Pegasus' crew appears to have
accepted Galactica's conclusions.

That's all, Madam President.

Not quite. What about
this ship Prometheus?

I understand it's the hub
of the fleet's black market.

We will keep an eye on them.

Keep an eye on them.

That's not exactly
the solution I had in mind.

Whether or not we allow a criminal
enterprise to thrive in this fleet

is not a matter of choice,


I've given Lee
full authority on this issue.

The decision is his.

I support your trade policies
wholeheartedly, Madam President,

but we are never gonna have
a perfect system.

There will always be
some kind of black market.

At least this way I know names, I
know faces, I know where they are

and we will monitor
the situation.

Thank you, gentlemen, I'm busy.

Eighteen. I'm starting
to sweat here. Nineteen...

You should be sweating.

Why aren't you doing
any of these?

No talking, no talking, please.

No cheating.
Hold it up, a little higher.

Sneaky. Eight, nine...

Start again.
You aren't serious.


Well? No?

President wasn't
very happy today.


Ever since you ejected from the
Blackbird, you've been different.

Harder to reach.

I'm just trying to understand.

Well, like you said, Dad,
we've all been through a lot.

Fair enough.

But you should have told me
about the woman.