Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 12 - Resurrection Ship: Part 2 - full transcript

Galactica and Pegasus are preparing for the assault on the Cylon Resurrection ship. While Starbuck discusses Adama's plan to kill Cain with Apollo, Colonel Fisk stops Pegasus' crew members ...

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica

I'm promoting you to Captain.

I'm making you commander
of the Pegasus Air Group.

You're promoting me??

I need a CAG with guts.

We are the leaders of this fleet.

As such, we need to set an example.

Oh, let's just cut through
the handholding, shall we??

Two of his men murdered one of my officers,

while protecting a Cylon.

They're guilty, they admitted it.

And under regulations,
I have complete authority...

to try, convict, and sentence them.

And you and I both know that the
penalty for that crime is death.

I'm afraid there is only one end to this.
We've got to kill her.

Well, I see that you got it to eat.

That's progress, I suppose.

Can you get it to roll over... beg??

Admiral, please?.

I thought you might like
a fresh set of clothes.

You know what I miss??


I used to go the pyramid court
just before game time.

Scalp two tickets.

One for me, and one for you.

I always liked to feel
that you were there with me.

The Cylons call this
their Resurrection ship.

At the moment, we are too far away
from the cylon home world...

for the normal downloading process to work,
which is why they built this ship.

It contains the entire apparatus
necessary for Cylon resurrection.

Then any Cylon who dies out here...

Would be dead.

As in, really dead.

Our primary objective is a
Cylon vessel called Resurrection

Our plan is to jump in
in the Blackbird stealth fighter...

and take out the FTL drives
on the Resurrection ship,

preventing it from jumping away.

When the FTL is destroyed,

our attack squadrons will go
after the resurrection ship itself.

How many squadrons??

All of'em.

Jack, I want to transfer a detachment
of marines to Galactica.

I have a mission for you, Kara.

Anything for you, you know that.

Position marines in key areas
throughout the ship...

I will ask for you over the wireless.

I will call you directly, and
when I have you on the line...

and you hear me give
the command 'execute case orange'

You are to terminate Adama's command.
Started with Adama.

I want you to pull out your weapon...

and shoot Admiral Cain in the head.


This is a fracked-up thing...

that I've been asked to do.

But we kill people for a living.

They say shoot, we shoot.

So you're gonna do this??

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.


I could use some backup.

I'll understand if you can't.

You know better than that.

Yeah, I guess so.

People have to have this, Kara.


Your word...

and my word.

We don't have this, then...

we really are no different than the Cylons.

Thank you.

Oh, looky here.

Sunshine boys are here.

You know, the man you killed saved
my life and the lives of 50 other men,

you miserable frack.


You call me 'sir'.

Yes, sir.

So I guess you were both getting your poles
greased by that filthy little robot girl??

I'm sorry. I don't think
I quite heard that right.

The glass. I can't hear you.

So, why don't you open the door, come in,

and we'll talk about it in here.

That's a great idea, Chief.

They really want to do things.

Hands over your head.

Hey, hey, hey, slow down?.
- On your knees, on your fracking knees?.

Slow it down, slow it down

Just think about what you're doing here.

Just think about what we're doing here, guys.

What the frack is this??

Don't worry, sir.

We'll take it real slow, Sir?.

Season 2, Episode 12
'Resurrection Ship' part.2

See, the gut,

that's a vulnerable area.

Lieutenant Thorne told me that, once.

He said if you really want to do some
damage without leaving a mark,

go for the gut.

You'd be surprised what you can do
with the simplest things.

Bar of soap,

plain old towel.

How bad could it be, right??

You'd be surprised.



Is that what you said??

Now give me that.

You know what, I lied.

I'm not going slow anymore.

Attention on deck?.

Gage, Vireem?.

Out of the cell, standing tall.

Right here?.

Remove the restraints from the prisoners.

Specialist Gage, let me ask you something.

Those men in there,
are they wearing colonial uniforms??

Yes, sir.

Specialist Vireem, do you agree
with Specialist Gage here...

that those are, in fact, colonial officers??

Yes, sir.

They killed lieutenant--
- Shut your frackin'mouth?.

You see, I don't quite understand
what I just saw...

because I think I saw you two

treating those men like they were cylons,
which of course, couldn't be right because,

if in fact, that was the case,

then you're both subject to
charges of assaulting a chief...

and a lieutenant under color
of authority in a time of war, which if

I'm not mistaken,

carries a penalty on this ship
that is quite severe.

Now, get the hell out of here.

- Sir.

Get out.

Yes, sir.


Thank you.

Thank you, Colonel.

I don't want your thanks.

I owe Lieutenant Thorne my life,

as do many people on this ship.

He was trying to rape a prisoner.

You can't rape a machine, Lieutenant.

You drink, Thrace??
- Only to excess, sir.

Only to excess??

Learn that from Colonel Tigh, did you??

Not exactly.

I understand you belted him once.


That was something that I did
without really thinking.

Don't apologize.

Some people get exactly
what they deserve.

From what I read about your XO,

maybe he needs to get popped
in the mouth every once in while, hmm??

I know you're very close with Adama.

Yes, sir.

And I know he's a good man.

And I know he's had to make some very hard
choices over the last few months.

Lord knows I have.

Then maybe you can understand why he did
what he thought he had to do...

when you said you were going
to execute Helo and Tyrol.

Let me tell you something.

I've had to watch a lot of kids
be put into body bags.

They're covered with flags
and they float out that airlock.

You think I don't understand
his feelings towards his men??

Sometimes terrible things have to be done.


each and every one of us
will have to face a moment...

where we have to commit that horrible sin.

And if we flinch in that moment,
if we hesitate for one second,

if we let our conscience get in the way,
you know what happens??

There are more kids in those body bags.

More kids floating out that airlock.

I don't know why...

but I have a lot of faith in you.

And I want you to promise me...

that when that moment comes
you won't flinch.

Do not flinch.

Come in.

Courier run from Pegasus, sir.

They got you doing courier runs now??

Well, I...

I volunteered for this one.

Kara told me about her...

her mission.

Come to change my mind??

Just wanted to hear it from you.

Decision's been made.


That's your decision.

That's how you resolve your differences
with your superior officers.

If you're gonna have some problem...

backing up Starbuck,
I can find somebody else.

It's not about me watching her back.

I'm not going to debate this with you.

This was a very hard decision.

But I think the President's right.

This is the best way to
safeguard the fleet.

The president??

So you and the president...
- Yes.

She's made of sterner stuff
than people give her credit for.

Is this all I have to sign??

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.


It's good to see you.

Attention Pegasus.

Jump prep underway.

Viper pilots report to ready room
in five minutes.

Decoy squadrons, check in with CIC.

Fire control,
set parameters for cylon base ship.

Upon jump completion,
target cylon base ships.

Let's go.

All resurrection strike squadrons,

report to mission briefing
in ready room four.

Make ship ready for combat jump.

Set condition one throughout the ship.

Good hunting, Captain.
- You too, Colonel.

Sorry about this, Saul, but...

the Admiral didn't feel...

comfortable with our marines
under your command.

Yeah. Sorry about a lot of things.

Be sure your marines
and our marines are aware...

of their areas of responsibility
if we're boarded by the cylons.

The last thing we need is
Colonials shooting at each other.

Amen to that.

Wait outside.

Yes sir.

Sit down.

I've asked you here to find out why
the Cylons hate us so much.

I'm not sure I know
how to answer that.

I mean, hate might
not be the right word.

I don't want
to fence with you.

I just want to know why.

It's what you said
at the ceremony...

before the attack...

when Galactica
was being decommissioned.

You gave a speech
that sounded like...

it wasn't the one you prepared.

You said...

that humanity was
a flawed creation.

And that people still...

kill one another...

for petty jealousy and greed.

You said that humanity never asked itself
why it deserved to survive.

Maybe you don't.

Resurrection ships firing
up their FTL drives.

They're getting ready to jump.

Don't anyone look out of the window
right now, please.

Starbuck, Apollo.

Target's FTL is history.
She's all yours.

Roger that, Apollo xxx

Sir, I just received
an emergency transponder from the Blackbird.

It's the auto-distress beacon.

Alert the search and rescue Raptor.

See if he had time to eject.

Attention on Pegasus.
Prepare to launch attack squadrons.

Copy to Galactica.

Aye, sir.

Attention on Galactica.
Prepare to launch attack squadrons.

Starbuck, Pegasus.
Resurrection Ship Twelve low at fifteen.

Watch your intervals.

Take your posts.

Engaging cylon Raiders

Fleece look down I got'em.

Nice work. Zero, one.

Hang on?. Take a shot?.
- Fraking toasters?.

Cover me I can't shake him.

Mr. Gaeta.
- Sir??

Order batteries Alpha through Echo...

to switch to salvo fire.

Set secondary battery.

Full attack mode. Fire at will.

Tens of thousands of cylons
are about to die.

Tens of thousands, Gaius.
God will not forgive this sin.

Do you think god will forgive us??

God forgives all.

Don't listen to her.

You think she can help you??

You think that that broken woman can
offer you even a fraction of what I can??

I know god's plan for you.

I know how to help you fulfill your destiny.

Do you know what I miss most??

You're going to laugh when I tell you this.


Don't do this.

Yeah, that's right.

I used to love getting to
the pyramid game just before tip-off.

By timing it right,

I could sit down right at the horn...

and then let the emotion of the crowd
flood over me.

Waves and waves of it.

Like electric current.

That's beautiful.

And I always had two tickets.


One for me,


and one for you.

Apollo, Galactica,

do you read??

Apollo, Galactica,
do you read??

Can you say your position??

Apollo, Galactica,
do you read??

Can you say your position??

Apollo, Galactica,
do you read??

Apollo, Galactica,
do you read??

Can you say your position??

Apollo, Galactica, are you reading this??

Are you out there??

Apollo, Galactica, do you read??

Can you say your position??

Apollo, Galactica, do you read??

Apollo, Galactica, are you reading this??

Are you out there??

I'm sorry Kara.

Captain Thrace is reporting
massive detonations.

The resurrection ship has been destroyed.


They've done it.


He's all right.

He's a little shaken. But, I say again,

Apollo is all right.

All the remaining cylons have jumped way.

It's over, sir.

Congratulations, gentlemen.

I'm ready to die.

Send my soul to God.


I wish you were here, Lee.

Oh, what the hell.

I am so very proud of you.

Secure for condition one.
Set condition two throughout the ship.

Division officers, submit casualty
and damage report to combat.

Glad we didn't need your marines today.
- Yeah.

Yeah, me too.

Signal from the flagship, sir.

Admiral Cain on the line.

Put her through.

Congratulations, Commander.

Congratulations to you too, Admiral.

A significant victory.

Is starbuck with you??

Yes, she is.

This is starbuck.

I've been thinking about what
we talked about before.

It's not enough to survive.

One has to be worthy of surviving.

That's all.

I think that's very wise, sir.

Thank you.

Commander, I wonder if my XO
is standing close by.

Yes, he is.

Yes, sir??

Congratulations, Jack.

Thank you, sir.

That's all.

Yes, sir.

You look like you could use a drink.

Thank you.

Oh, by the way, there was something
i wanted to tell you.

Last night, I was walking down
this corridor here when I saw--

No?. No, no.

I can't--I can't do this.

Suicide is a sin.

But I need to die.

What you need...

... is justice.

I know a place where you can stay,

where you will be safe.

Where I can look after you.


Why would you do that??

Because I love you.

Tell me, Admiral...

Can you roll over??


Frack you.

You're not my type.

And she died knowing that her ship
and her crew were safe...

and that her mission
had been accomplished.

Nothing was more important to her
than her ship,

her crew, and her mission.

And as I take command of Pegasus
I pledge to uphold those values...

that made her such an effective...

and heroic leader.

I only knew Admiral Cain
for a short time,

so what I have to say about her
will be short.

She faced things.

She looked them right in the eye
and she didn't flinch.

That's something that we do a lot
around here.

We second-guess.

We worry.

When I think about what she went through
after the attack...

all alone,

one ship, no help,

no hope...

She didn't give up.

She didn't worry.

She didn't second-guess.

She acted.

She did what she thought
needed to be done,

and the Pegasus survived.

Might be hard to admit,

or hard to hear,

but I think that we were safer
with her...

than we are without.


Lee, you okay??

Are you okay??

No, not really.


I broke my word to you.

What are you talking about??
- I let you down.

I wasn't there when you needed me.


A close call like that...

that would mess with anybody's head.

All right??

It turns out I didn't need you anyway.


Let's just be glad that we both
came back alive, all right??

That's just it, Kara.

I didn't want to make it back alive.

I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Same here.


Where do we go from here??

So, how did the cylon...

manage to get off the Pegasus

No one really knows.

There was so much chaos
in the aftermath of the attack.

Thank the Gods that you did not
have to do what I advised.

That makes me very happy.

Yes, thank the Gods.

How are you feeling??

I could sleep for about a year.

But you, however,

do not have that luxury
because you have a new job.


It took a little while
to find that jeweler.

Thank you.

Rumor has it...

that I know very little
about military protocol...

but I do believe...


someone who commands
more than one ship...

is called an admiral.

Congratulations, Admiral Adama.

Thank you, Madame President.

Thank you, Billy.

I never gave up hope, I just...

stopped trying to get these
a long time ago.

Just goes to show you, Bill.

Never give up hope.

Same goes for you, Laura.