Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 8 - Flesh and Bone - full transcript

A humanoid Cylon is captured in the fleet, a copy of the Leoben model, who claims that he has planted a nuclear bomb in the Fleet before he was captured. Starbuck is tasked with interrogating him, which soon becomes a battle of wills as Starbuck has her marines to torture the Cylon to try to break him.

PreviousIy on
Battlestar Galactica.


ADAMA: Doral !


When this body dies,
my consciousness

will be transferred
to another one.

The Cylons have
the ability to mimic

human form.
They look like us now.

This man has
been identified
as a Cylon agent.

You sleep,
l watch.

You're the one
who needs sleep.

You are lucky that
you didn't lapse
into a coma.

The time is
going to come
when you won't

be able to hide what
you're going through.








ROSLlN: Yes.

Madam President,
are you okay in there?

l'm fine, it's the
side effects from
the Chamalla.

You know that thing
they say, "What's worse?
The cancer or the cure?"

What do you need?

You have an urgent call
from the captain of
the Gemenon Traveler.

Can l call him back?

He says they found
a Cylon on board.

ROSLlN: They found him
in the starboard
storage compartment.

Looked like he'd
been camped there
for days.

They're sure it's a Cylon?

The captain identified
him by one of the
photos we sent out.

He's another copy
of the man you knew
as Leoben Conroy.

Where is it now?

Aboard the Gemenon
Traveler, locked in
a storeroom under guard.

lsolate that ship.

Order the CAP to
fly escort around
the Gemenon Traveler

and not to approach
any other ship
in the fleet.

Aye, sir.

CAP, Galactica, fly close. . .

l'll send a team over
to destroy it immediately.

l want this man
interrogated first.

ADAMA: First of
all, it's not a
him, it's an it.

Second, anything
it says cannot
be trusted.

Best thing to do
is to destroy it

l'd like to hear what
this thing has to say.
lt might be important.

Madam President,
l've dealt with
this model before.

lt will fill your
head with doubletalk,

half-baked philosophy,
and confuse you.

Then send someone
who won't be easily

That's an order,

l want him interrogated.

Order understood.


STARBUCK: You really
think it'll give
us something?


President disagrees.

You need me to
go, l'll shower
up and go.

How's this coming?

We got the entire
avionics package
figured out.

Fire control,

and l think that
l am zeroing in
on her FTL drive.


l did this in a hurry
about three weeks ago.

lt's an after-action
report on Leoben.

lt's a very
clever machine.

Manipulative, cunning.

The only problem
with Leoben isn't
that he lies.

That would be too easy.

lt's that he
mixes lies with truth.

Just remember,
he's gonna try to
get into your head.

Mom always said
there was nothing
in there anyway.


Just be careful.

He has an agenda.

lt's a goal you won't
understand till later.

Your job is to make
sure he doesn't
achieve the goal.

Yes, sir.




What's up?


Just wanted to see
if what l told you the
other day helped at all.

Yeah. Actually, it did.

You do treat this thing
more like an animal
than a machine

and it actually works.

Where did you come
up with that anyway?

Just pop into
your head?

l'm a Cylon.

You know, that's
not even funny.

lf l could prove
that l wasn't,

would that make
a difference?

You know, between us?

PlLOT: Gemenon
TraveIer, Raptor 71 9.

We're inbound with
Lt. Thrace aboard.
Permission to dock.

MALE VOlCE: Roger, 71 9.
Permission granted.

CAPTAlN: Really does
look like a person.


Must be all full
of wires inside.

No, you cut him open,
there's blood, guts,
the whole thing.

lt's sweating.

Well, l'll be. . .
Look at that.

Gods, they go through
a lot of trouble to
imitate people.

Why do you think
they do that?

l don't care why.

But the fact that
these things sweat,

now, that's interesting.



STARBUCK: Sleeping?


l don't think the
Gods answer the
prayers of toasters.

God answers
everyone's prayers.

How many Cylons are
there in the fleet?

We haven't been
properly introduced.


l'm Leoben.

How many Cylons are
there in the fleet?

l have no idea.

What's your name?

How long have you
been hiding aboard
this ship?

Am l not allowed
to know your name?

Why were you
hiding aboard
this ship?

l had a mission
to perform.

Listen, it's a
small thing.

Can you just
tell me who
you are?

Tell me about your
mission and l'll
think about it.

My mission was to
conduct sabotage.

What kind of sabotage?

God, you stink.

Can l get some
air in here?

Between you and
the humidity. . .

l am not here to
play games with you.

You said you
wanted to cooperate.

Either start talking,
or we are done.


But l really wanna
know your name.


Are you Lt. Starbuck?


Yes, you are.
l knew. . .


l was right.

l was right. l saw it.
l've seen it.

Happy now?

lt all makes
sense now.

Doesn't it?

Now we can talk.
Now we can talk
about a lot of things.

Like what?

l planted a nuclear
warhead aboard one
of your ships.

lt's set to go
off at 1 830 hours.


l'm not ready to
give that up yet.

You're lying.
There's no warhead.

You can't take
the chance, Starbuck.

Your military
training dictates
you take it

to your masters
and let them decide.

Maybe my training
wasn't so good.

Maybe l push you
out the airlock

and tell them you
never said a word.

Now who's lying?

These things
happen for a
reason, don't they?

l'm looking forward
to spending a little
more time with you.

We have a lot
to talk about.

lt's gonna be fun.

Put the Red Team
on alert immediately.

And sweep Galactica
for any kind of
radiological devices.


Contact all
the captains
in the fleet.

Have them do
radiological sweeps
of their ships.

But emphasize that
this is just a precaution.

l don't wanna alarm
anyone until we know
for sure.

Yes, sir.

Well, we'll know for
sure in eight hours
and 40 minutes.

Lt. Thrace, did he
say anything else?


He guessed my call sign.

Seemed really happy
when he found out who l was.

ADAMA: He's pIaying
with your mind.

He's been stowed
away for weeks
aboard the fleet.

50 ways he couId've heard
the word "Starbuck"
on a wireless set.

That's what
l figured, sir.

ROSLlN: Any idea what
he wants, Lieutenant?

Not yet.

Says he's looking forward
to spending time
with me, though.

Don't take any
chances, Starbuck.

Yes, sir.

You believe in
the Gods, don't you?

Lords of Kobol,
and all that?

STARBUCK: Why should
l tell you?

lt's not a trick question.

l just want to see
how much l got right.

So you pray to
Artemis and Aphrodite?

Where's the warhead?


l was right.

See, our faiths are
similar, but l look to
one God, not to many.

l don't give
a damn what
you believe.

To know the
face of God is
to know madness.

l see the universe.

l see the patterns.

l see the foreshadowing
that precedes every
moment of every day.

lt's all there.
l see it. And you don't.

And l have
a surprise
for you.

l have something
to tell you about
the future.

ls that so?

lt is.

But we have to see
this through to the end.




What is the most
basic article of faith?

This is not all
that we are.

The difference
between you and
me is,

l know what that
means and you don't.

l know that l'm more
than this body, more
than this consciousness.

A part of me
swims in the stream.

But in truth,
l'm standing
on the shore.

The current never
takes me downstream.


This is worse than
Galactica, and l didn't
think that was possible.

And what was that
"swimming in streams"
or something?


Do you mind?


Thank you.


Starving. Haven't
eaten in days.

Kind of bad
isn't it?

l mean, why
bother with

Part of being human.

You're not human.

How's your lunch?

You know how it is.

When you're starving,
anything tastes good.



Did that hurt?

Yeah, that hurt.

Machines shouldn't
feel pain,

shouldn't bleed,

shouldn't sweat.

Sweat. That's funny.
That's good.

See, a smart Cylon
would turn off

the old pain
software about now.

But l don't think
you're so smart.

Maybe l'll turn it off
and you won't even know.


Here's your dilemma.

Turn off the pain,
you feel better,

but that makes
you a machine,
not a person.

You see, human
beings can't turn
off their pain.

Human beings
have to suffer

and cry, and scream,
and endure

because they have
no choice.

So the only way you
can avoid the pain
you're about to receive

is by telling me
exactly what l
wanna know.

Just like
a human would.

l knew this about you.

You're everything l
thought you would be.

But it won't work.
l won't tell you anything.

Maybe not.

But then, you'll
know deep down
that l beat you

that a human
being beat you

and that you are
truly no greater
than we are.

You're just a bunch
of machines after all.

Let the games begin.





Well, look what
the cat dragged in.

BALTAR: Lt. Valerii.

lt's an unexpected visit.

You look wonderful.


l need your help.

Anything l can do.

Anything at all.

Wonder why they
call her "Boomer"?

l heard you were
working on a test. . .

to tell the difference
between Cylons and humans.


l can't really talk
about that at the moment.

You wouldn't help
settle a bet for me,
would you?

Why do they
call you "Boomer"?

lf you're working
on a Cylon detector,

do you think l could
be in the first batch?

You know,
to be tested?

What's her rush?
What's your rush?

l'm not sure it
would be appropriate
to show favoritism.

lf, indeed, l am working
on anything at all.

l saved your life
back on Caprica.

My co-pilot gave
up his seat for you,

l brought you back to
GaIactica, to safety.

You wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't for
me. You owe me.


She shoots. She scores.

l suppose there's
some small truth
to that.

So, can you test
me or not?

l think you
should do it.

Results will be
quite intriguing.

The technology
for Cylon detection

is not quite ready
for full-scale

But l could use
a beta test subject.

Sharon's late.

Half an hour.

l notice you're
calling her
Sharon now.

Yeah, l choose
to think of her
as one of them.

Because you
dislike her?


Because in the
scheme of things,
we are as we do.

She acts like
one of them,
thinks like them.

She is one of them.

But she's one of us.

lt would be best
to remember that.


We had sex.


NO. 6: Does
he love you?
l think so.

Has he said it?

Not directly.

Then you're
just guessing.

Stay in your
current location.

We're setting up
a cabin for you nearby.

Food, water, electricity.
All the comforts.

Shouldn't be too
hard to convince him

to stay and start
a life together.

lf not, kill him.

Can you handle that?

We made it this far,
we're gonna make
it all the way.

lf something happened
to you, l wouldn't know
how to deal with it.



lf he flees, he dies.


NO. 6: Does he love you?

(SOBBlNG) Helo.


Hey, what's going on?

Come on.
We gotta go. Now.

(PANTlNG) l saw
Cylons. They're
headed this way.

We got to travel
fast, even faster
than before.

Why? What's different?

Just trust me.

l do.




Now, if you were human,

you'd be just about ready
to start offering up
some false information

about the location
of the nuke.

Some tiny thing that
might get you a reward

and maybe spare you
a few minutes of this.

But then, l keep
forgetting you're
not human.

You're a machine.


l am more

than you could
ever imagine.


l am God.


l'm sorry.
You're God?


Wow. Nice to
meet you.

That's good. We'll
give you a couple
of minutes with that.


lt's funny, isn't it?

We're all God, Starbuck.
All of us.

l see the love that
binds all living
things together.


You don't even know
what the word means.

l know that God loved
you more than all
other living creatures

and you repaid his
divine love with sin,

with hate,
corruption, evil.

So then he decided
to create the Cylons.

The Gods had
nothing to do
with it.

We created you. Us.

lt was a stupid,
frakked-up decision,
and we have paid for it.

You slaughtered my
entire civilization.

That is sin. That is evil.
And you are evil.


Am l?

l see the truths
that float past
you in the stream.

You have a real thing
about rivers and streams,
don't you?

l think we should indulge you
in your obsession.


Do you realize
l could kill you

before they came
back in the room?

l could get
to my feet,

rip your skull from
your spinal column,

crash through
that door,

kill the guard in less time
than it has taken me
to describe it to you.

Then why don't you?

lt's not the time.



GUARD: He's loose!

l have a
surprise for you.



You frakked up, pal.

Now the gloves
come off.



Combat, Col. Tigh.

ADAMA: How's the search
going for the nuke?

Nothing so far.

How much time remaining?

Two hours, nine minutes.

Spread out the fleet.

No ship more than
500 clicks from
any other ship.

lf there's a nuke,
Iet's Iimit the damage.

Aye, sir.


Do it.



Leave him.



Tell me where
the warhead is

otherwise you're gonna
drown in that bucket.

l can't drown.
l can't die.


Cmdr. Adama mentioned
that how if your body dies

your consciousness is
downloaded or transferred
into another body.

Something like that?
No, exactly like that.

But, you see,
l've been thinking.

Why is a Cylon
willing to talk
at all?

Why does he care if
we destroy his body?

Won't he just
transfer away
and laugh

at all of us and our
stupid human ideas?



Tell me where
the warhead is.

This is not
your path, Starbuck.

You have a
different destiny.

Don't interrupt me.

You see, l'm gonna
dazzle you with my
poor human brain.

You see, l think
that you're afraid.

You're afraid that
we're a long way
from home.

What if you don't
transfer all the
way back?

What if when you
die here, you really die?

lt's your chance to
find out if you're
really God,

or just a bunch of
circuits with a
bad haircut.

l'm not afraid of dying.

Someone's programmed
you with a fairytale

of God, and streams,
and life ever after.

But somewhere in
that hard drive
that you call a brain,

is a beeping message:

"Error, error.
Does not compute.

"l don't have a soul.
l have software.

"lf l die, l'm gone."



(PANTlNG) l have a soul.

l see patterns.
l know you.

You're damaged.

You were born to a woman

who believed that
suffering was good
for the soul,

so you suffered.

Your life is
a testament to pain.

lnjuries. Accidents.

Some inflicted upon
others, others inflicted
upon yourself.

lt surrounds
you like a bubble.

But it's not real,
it's just. . .

lt's just something
she put into your head.

lt's something that
you wanna believe
because it means

you're the problem,
not the world
that you live in.

You wanna believe it
because it means
that you're bad luck.

You're like a
cancer that needs
to be removed.

Because you hear
her voice every day

and you want
her to be right.

Start again.

BALTAR: Now, we just
pop this in the slot
and wait for the results.



Green, you're a
normal human being.

you're an evil Cylon.


Should take
a couple of minutes.

So tell me,
are you from

There's a slight
trace of an accent there.

What? No. Troy.


Troy. Tell me,
why is that familiar?

Mining settlement.

The accident.

The explosion. Right.

That was tragic.

Your family. . .

They died with the rest.

l'm very sorry.


lt's a lie.

Congratulations, Doctor.

You've just uncovered
your very first Cylon.

Now, here's an
interesting moment in
the life of Gaius Baltar.

What will he do?

ls everything okay?


l'm just interpolating
the results.

The question is,
what will she do
if you expose her?

Thank you or kill you?

l thought it was
just green or red.

Well, it's a little
more complicated
than that.

She probably
doesn't know.

She probably thinks
she's just another
little girl from Troy

whose entire
background vanished
in a mysterious accident.

Should be interesting
to see how she responds

when you tell
her the truth.


l'm guessing her Cylon
side will take over
and break your neck

before you can
give away her secret.

Let's find out.

it's green !

lt's very bright green.

You're not a Cylon.

1 00% human, and very
bright green as well.

For a second,
l was worried what
you were gonna say.

Were you?

Well, there's nothing
to be worried about

You couldn't be more
human if you tried.

Well, thanks.


l have something
to tell you.


How long before
this supposed bomb
goes off?

Less than an hour.

l want you to
get me a shuttle.

l'm going to
the Gemenon Traveler.

l want to see
the Cylon myself.

Madam President,
you need to. . .

Don't even start.

l don't wanna
discuss this.

l've made my decision.

Not until l get you
a security detail.

Enough. For frak's sake,
let him breathe.



You're sick.


You're not a person.
You're a machine that's
enjoying it's own pain.

All this has
happened before.

And all of it
will happen again.

Don't quote scripture.

You don't have
the right to use
those words.

You kneel before
idols and ask
for guidance.

But you can't see
that your destiny's
already been written.

Each of us
plays a role.

Each time,
a different role.

Maybe the last time,
l was the interrogator
and you were the prisoner.

The players change,
the story remains
the same.

And this time. . .

This time

your role is to
deliver my soul
unto God.

Do it for me.

lt's your destiny,
and mine.

And l told you l had
a surprise for you.

Are you ready?

You're gonna
find Kobol.

Birthplace of us all.

Kobol will lead
you to Earth.

This is my gift
to you, Kara.


ROSLlN: What the hell
is going on here?

What exactly is
it that you are
doing here?

lt's a machine, sir.

There's no limit to
the tactics l can use.

And where's
the warhead?

l don't know.

You don't know?

You spent the last
eight hours torturing
this man.

This machine.

Whatever it is.

And you don't have
a single piece of
information to show for it.

He thinks he can
see the future.

Says he knows our
destiny, our fate.

He says we're
gonna find Kobol,

and that it's
gonna lead us
to Earth.

Clean him up.
There's not
much time.

Yes, sir.


Do you know
who l am?


l apologize for what
you've been through.

Take his
restraints off.

Do it.

Thank you.

l can do more.

l can guarantee
your safety. l can
order your release.

We are running
out of time.

We have only four
minutes left until
your bomb goes off.

l've come here
to tell you

that this conflict
between our peoples does
not have to continue.

lt can stop
right here
with us.

We have to trust
each other.

Trust me.

l think you
know you can.

Tell me what l
need to know,
and you will live.

The warhead doesn't
exist. l made it up.

Lieutenant was right.
l was too far out.

l didn't wanna die,
so when l got caught,

l made up a story
to buy some time.

l see.

Thank you for the truth.

LEOBEN: Thank you,
Madam President.

Don't be too
hard on Kara.

She was just
doing her job.

The military,
they teach you to

dehumanize people.

l'll take that
into consideration.

No! Stand down.

Laura, l have
something to
tell you.

Adama is a Cylon.


Are you all right?
l'm fine.

The bomb?


Put him out
the airlock.


You can't do that.
Not after he told you. . .

Yes, l can.
And l will.


look at me.

You've lost

During the time l
have allowed him

to remain alive and
captive on this ship

he has caused our
entire fleet to
spread out defenseless.

He puts insidious
ideas in our minds.

More lethal than
any warhead.

He creates fear.

But you're right.
He's a machine.

And you don't
keep a deadly
machine around.

When it kills your
people and threatens
your future

you get rid of it.

He's not
afraid to die.

He's just afraid
that his soul won't
make it to God.


Lords of Kobol,
hear my prayer.

l don't know if he
had a soul or not.

But if he did,
take care of it.

Hell of a risk
you took today.

Something l had to do.

Care to tell me why?

President Adar once said

that the interesting
thing about being
a President

is that you don't
have to explain
yourself to anyone.


Something wrong?

No. Nothing at all.