Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 9 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down - full transcript

After the interrogated Cylon gave Roslin the idea that Adama might be a Cylon, Roslin becomes suspicious of him. Unexpectedly, Colonel Tigh's estranged wife Ellen turns up alive in the fleet, apparently miraculously, raising the possibility that she might be a Cylon.

PreviousIy on
Battlestar Galactica.


l notice you're
calling her
Sharon now.

NO. 6: She acts
like one of them,
thinks like them.

She's one of them.

But she's one of us.

BOOMER: We gotta go. Now.

We gotta travel fast.
Even faster than before.

ROSLlN: They found him
in the starboard
storage compartment.

He's another
copy of the Cylon
you know as Leoben.

l'll send a team
over to destroy it.

Anything it says
cannot be trusted.


Adama is a Cylon.


Commander? Here's
Dr. Baltar's report.

And the President
is waiting for you
up in the core.

Thank you.

Clear the deck.

Madam President,
we are the proud owners

of the universe's first,
bona-fide Cylon detector.

That is great news.


So, when do we begin?

Dr. Baltar would
like to start

widespread testing
as soon as possible

but there are some
serious limitations.

He can only do one
person at a time,

and verification
takes hours.

So who's going
to go first?


The tests. Right.

l think people in
sensitive positions
should go first.

l completely agree.
How about you?

Excuse me?

lf you're a Cylon,
l'd like to know.

(LAUGHS) lf l'm a Cylon,
you're really screwed.


Seriously, l do
think that you
should go first.

Show everyone in the fleet
that they can trust
the people at the top.

Then maybe you
should go first.

All right,
l'll go first.

l think that's
good. l do.

Bank on my advice.


They always do that?

No, they're just
showing off.

They know
l'm in here.

Oh !

You date a special
assistant to the
President, word gets out.

So this is
a date?

Jury's still out.


MAN: Observation deck
has two minutes remaining.

You could pull rank.

You could tell
them you're on
special business

for the President
of the Colonies.

Your boss pulls
more weight around
here than mine.

You can tell them
Adama wants you to. . .

Yeah, what?
Wants me to what?

l lost my train of thought.


How is he these
days, by the way?

The old man?
He's fine, l guess.

You guess?

He's been acting
kind of funny lately.

Seems distracted
or something.

He's been making
all these weird calls

from his quarters.
Super secret.

Probably a security thing.

They don't want me to
log the calls, though.

No trace file.

And this just started?

A few days ago.

Billy Keikeya,
are you pumping me

for information
about the old man?

Time's up.

No. Of course not.

You are.

You are. You're a spy,
that's what you are.

l was just asking
a couple of questions.

l hope you
liked the answers.

Because they're the
last ones you're gonna
get for a while.

ROSLlN: What did
you find out?

Dualla couldn't
put her finger on it

but, yeah, she
said he's been
acting differently.

l could see that myself.
He was distracted
and unfocused. What else?

Some scrambled
wireless calls he
didn't want logged.

She didn't know
who he called or why.

But none of this
is damning evidence.

The calls could
be security-related

and his odd behavior
could be stress,
pure and simple.

Exhaustion, paranoia. . .

All right. lt could
be any of those things.

But what if it's not?

Madam President,
with all due respect,

l cannot believe
we're actually
entertaining the idea

that Commander Adama

has been somehow
replaced by a
Cylon duplicate.

Oh, my Gods, Billy,

l hope you're right.


ls suicide really a sin?

NO. 6:
A mortal one,
l'm afraid.

But it's not
that bad, is
it, Gaius?

47,905 people in the fleet.

47,905 blood samples.

BALTAR: 1 1 hours to
test each one for
Cylon indicators.

That'll take awhile.

21 ,956 days.

NO. 6: 60. 1 534 years.

Now, let's figure in
a few hours to sleep
here and there.

We'll call it
an even 61 ,
shall we?


l prefer to kill myself.


Commander Adama,
are you a Cylon?

Tune in tomorrow.

lt's hard being
a genius.


There should be
some perks.









What's up, Doc?

Lieutenant Thrace,
good to see you.
l was just

keeping up with
the old exercises.

That should do
me for today.


l feel a lot better.

What brings you to
the lab at this time
of the night?

lt's the middle
of the afternoon.
Yeah, it is.

Crazy workload.
l totally lose
track of time.

So, what can l
do for you?

You can zip
up your fly.

So. . .

My blood test.

You're right about
one thing, Gaius.

There is something
very intriguing
about her.

Very good.
Very good.


At least l
did that much.


Dradis, contact!

Cylon Raider
bearing 738
carom 005.

Galactica, Apollo.
Action stations.

Cylon Raider
bearing 738
carom 005.

This is not a drill.

Close with enemy, destroy.

APOLLO: We're on it,

He jumped right
in front of us.
His mistake.

How many?
Single Raider.

Looks like a
recon patrol.

Apollo and Beehive
have them in their sight.

TlGH: Where's the old man?

He's not aboard.

Not aboard?
Where the hell
is he?

He left in a Raptor
about an hour ago.
No flight plan.

No flight plan?

That's it, Beehive.
You set him up,
l'll knock him down.


APOLLO: l winged him.
Looks Iike I got
his weapon systems.

He jumped.

He jumped away before
we could zero him out.

Damn it. Probably
giving away our position

to every Cylon
base ship right now.

Where in the hell
is the old man?

Order the fleet
to execute emergency
jump procedures.

Everyone rendezvous
at the stand-by


Single Raider
bearing 881
carom 247.

Apollo, Galactica,
Cylon Raider detected
at 881 carom 24. . .

APOLLO: Wait, l see him!
lt's the same Raider.

lt's the same Raider.

l can see
the damage
from before.

It's behaving erraticaIIy.

He jumped away again.

Contact. Single Raider,
same telltales.

lt's like he's just
flying around in circles.

Wounded bird.
Can't fly home.

APOLLO: Galactica. We got him
on Dradis, but he's
pretty far out there.

Take us three minutes
to cIose to weapons range.

No. This is our
perfect chance to
get some intel.

Order Apollo to
close with the Raider,
but do not engage.

Put a Raptor
in the air.

As long as that's
flopping around
out there,

tell them l want to
suck in every electronic
signal it makes.

Sir. Colonel, Commander
Adama's Raptor is
requesting permission

to enter the
landing pattern.

Permission granted.

Stand down
to Condition Two.
DUALLA: Permission granted.

Mr. Gaeta,
you have the deck.


Permission to
come aboard, sir.
TlGH: Granted.

Mind telling me
where the hell
you've been?

Colonel Tigh,
allow me to
present your wife.




HELO: That noise.
l don't get it.

l've blown
away before.

They've never sent
an entire army
after me.

They're after me.

Why you?

While they were
holding me,
l overheard some things.

Plans. Deployments.

There's a big
Cylon base at Delphi.

A major hub.


The best place to try to
grab a ship and get off
this frakking planet.



Dr. Gaius Baltar,
Department of
Cylon Detection,

how may l
direct your call?

ROSLlN: You're in
a good mood.

Madame President. . .

l'm sorry.
l was expecting
someone else.

We haven't
spoken in ages.

Doctor, l'd like you
to call me the moment

Commander Adama's
test is complete.

Will you do that?

Commander Adama
canceled his test
a short time ago.


l don't know.
He gave me
another sample.

He said it had priority.


l'll just check.

Some woman
called Ellen.

No surname.
He dropped it
off and left.

ls there a problem?

Dr. Baltar, l
would like you
to resume testing

Commander Adama's
blood sample immediately.
Thank you.


l can't believe
you're alive.

(CHUCKLlNG) l can't
believe it myself.


Saul, l don't
remember the
last few weeks.

lt's weeks, right?

You've been on
the Rising Star
all this time?

l guess so.

The last thing l
remember is being
on Picon.

l was at the airport
buying a ticket home

and hearing
something about
the Cylons.

And then just dreams,
mostly dreams

until a couple
days ago.

They tell me l
was knocked out

when the Cylons
attacked the airport.

And someone
just picked me up

and put me on
the last flight out.

Some savior.
l don't even
know who.

lt's all right.
You're here now.

lt's like we found
a treasure chest.

One of the major issues
we've been having

with the Raider we
captured is trying

to figure out the
faster-than-light drive.

This wounded bird is
jumping all over the
place out there.

Yeah. And every
time it jumps,

it gives us
more data that
we can use.

But what was it
doing out there,

and how long
can he keep it up?

The moment you
have your FTL data,
give me an update.

Let's not let this
thing linger out there
longer than we have to.

TYROL: Yes, sir.

You wanted to
see me, sir?

Stay on it.

You have dinner plans?


Come on.

ELLEN: l never thought
l'd see your face again.

Me neither.

The things l said
before, the things
l did. . .

(SHUSHlNG) ln the past.
lt's all in the past.

Start over?

Start over.


l can't.

Forget it.

l can't.
l'm on duty.


XO. Now?

Understood. All right.

Tell her l'm
on my way.



Official business.

Feels like old times.

l'd explain, but. . .

lt's classified.

l'll be back as
soon as l can.


l'll be here, waiting.

As soon as l can.



You want to be
very, very careful
with what you just said.

You're talking about
a man l owe my life to,
many times over.

l know these are
uncertain times

and this has
been a difficult
transition for you.

Excuse me, Colonel.

l do appreciate how
difficult this is for
you to hear, believe me.

But l would
advise you
right now

not to say anything
that you will regret.

l need to know
if you have seen
anything suspicious

about his
recent behavior.


What about the
fact that he left
the Galactica

without telling anyone
where he was going or
when he would return,

and at that very
moment, a Cylon Raider
jumped into view

and started
acting strangely?

l know exactly
where he was.

You do?

He was picking
up my wife.

Your wife?

Turns out she's
been unconscious

aboard the Rising Star
ever since the attack.

Oh, my Gods!

That's fantastic.
That's amazing.

Yes, it is.

When Ellen stepped
off that shuttle,

l thought l was
going to pass out.


Your wife's name
is Ellen?

Yes, it is.

Ellen. Ellen Tigh.

l'd very much like
to meet your wife,

Resume the test
on Ellen?

No, it's no
trouble at all.



Did you shut the door?
l already did.



Where did
you get this?

l have my ways.

l thought it might
be just the thing
for a little celebration.

We need to talk.

First things first.


Starting over.

l'm technically
still on duty.

(EXCLAlMS) l think
they can do without
you for a day.

lt doesn't
really work
that way.


Starting over.


Sure, there's
whining and complaining
like you would expect

but the people l
talked to are mostly
hopeful and optimistic.

That's good to hear.


There are a few people
who still might wonder

if a kindergarten teacher
is really the right
person to be President

but they're just
a tiny, tiny minority.



Everyone is so truly
grateful to all of you
on Galactica.

You literally
are our saviors.

We're just doing
our jobs.

You are so modest.


He's always
been that way.



Lee, could l trouble you
for a little bit more
of this lovely Ambrosia?

Thank you, dear.

Bill, you must be so
proud of your sons.

Lee here has
grown into such
a handsome man.

l can only imagine
what Zak must look
like now.

You are the spitting
image of your mother

and l bet Zak takes
just after his daddy.

Zak passed away a
couple of years ago.

l'm sorry.

How tragic,
the death of a child.

There's been so
much death,
so much pain.

Sometimes it's
completely overwhelming.

l'm sure he was
a beautiful boy.

The Captain
of the Rising Star

was puzzled as to how
you got on his ship.

l know. l know some
thoughtful soul just
rescued me

from almost certain death,
and put me on the last
flight out of Picon.

How lucky for us all.

Yes, indeed.

The strange thing
is no one can recall

giving you any
medical assistance
until about a week ago.

l know.

lt's a miracle
l'm alive.


l think l better clear
some of these dishes.

You are so sweet.

Very good.
My compliments
to the chef.

So, Bill, now
the question on
everyone's mind,

and l do mean everyone. . .

APOLLO: Sorry.
lt's okay.

. . .is where is Earth
and when do we get there?

That's classified

That word again.

Leave the man alone.

Come on, if there
are no privileges of
being an XO's wife,

then what's the point?

Bill, we're all
family here. Come on.

The need for secrecy
is paramount, Ellen.

l'm sorry.
Perhaps you
don't know

that the Cylons
look like us now.

That, yes,
l knew that.

lt's recent news.

Most people found
out a few days ago.

A thing like that
would travel fast.

Any one of us
could be a Cylon.



Did you see
the looks on
their faces?

You are too easy.

Thank you so
much for coming.

lt's been
a wonderful evening.

TlGH: Thought it
would never end.

l seemed to have
lost one of my shoes.

l think it's right here.

Thank you.

Here we are.

You look very,
very happy.

That's because
l am very happy.

Thank you.



lt was nice to
see you again.

The pleasure's
all mine.

Hope to see you soon.

l'm sure you will.


Hang on.

Watch your step.

Good night.
Lovely evening.

l've got her.

Be careful.

You actually think
that woman is a Cylon?

lf she's not, then
we're all in a lot
of trouble.

When did Bill
become such a

The man's a carving.

He's one of those
faces on a totem pole.

The scuttlebutt was that
she slept with more
than half the fleet

while Saul was
in space.

Why the hell did he
stay married to her?

lt's obvious.
He loves her deeply.


Ellen used to encourage
the worst instincts
in this guy,

bring out this
streak in him.

Used to?

Sharon, stop!
l can't keep up.


Helo, come on.

You can do it.
You can. Please.

You have
to get up.

There. Right there.



Turn your light off.


We gotta find
another way out
of here. We're going.

Why aren't you waiting?

You keep going
and going. You
never get tired.

lt's adrenaline.

l'm not gonna die here.

And l'm not gonna let
you die here either.

Okay, let's go!


TlGH: Don't worry,
l'll get us home.

Yeah, right.

Just like Bill's
getting us to Earth.

Don't start
on Bill.


He doesn't have
the slightest idea
where Earth is.

You don't have to yell
it through the halls.

Bill Adama doesn't
know where Earth is!



Actually, l don't
believe l've had
the pleasure.

l'm Dr. Gaius. . .
ELLEN: Baltar.

l know exactly
who you are.

And the pleasure's
all mine.

Something here,
isn't there?

You're still
holding my hand.
That's funny.

l thought you
were still holding
onto mine.

l'm watching you.
Both of you.

And you should
be watching her.

Care to join us for
a nightcap, Doctor?

l'd love to.

MAN ON PA: Dr. Baltar,
pIease report to the Iab.

The Commander is
waiting for you.

But l can't.
Another time,

Count on it.

Oh, Saulie, are
you jealous?

You said we
were starting over.

We are,
we are.

That was just a
little bit of
harmless flirting.


You should
know something.

ln the middle
of dinner

Bill put his
hand on my leg.

Ellen, l'm not
falling for this.

Did you know he
came to see me
on the Rising Star?


He'd come
into my room.

l'd pretend
to be asleep.

Then he'd sit by
the side of my bed

and then he'd touch me.

Why are you
doing this?
You're lying.

l am not!
He was on
that ship.

l'll prove it.

Come on !

Look, it's not magic.
lt's science.

lf you want the right
result, you have to
wait a while.

l gave you her
sample this morning.

l have started and
stopped the test
twice already now

so l'm running
a little behind.


My fault.
Long story.

Your fault?

l shouldn't have
mentioned that.

You shouldn't have.

Did you tell him to
stop Ellen's test?
Yes, l did.

l had some concerns.

About what?

ln all honesty,
l think it's
fair to say

that your behavior
recently has been odd.

My behavior?
What do you think,
l'm a Cylon? Me?

You can't deny
that you've been
making these

off-log calls,
these mysterious
trips off the ship.

Where did you
hear that? Have you
been spying on me?

On my own ship?

Ladies and
gentlemen, please.

We're in a laboratory.

There are hazardous
chemical compounds

That's a thermo-nuclear
bomb, for frak's sakes.

What do you
mean "un-logged"?

"Mysterious trips"?
What's going on?

l had to go to
the Rising Star

and l didn't
want Tigh to know.

Why not?

Because whether or
not his wife is a Cylon,
she's nothing but trouble

and l wanted to keep
her away from him as
long as l could.

Then why did you
bring her aboard
the ship?

Because she's his
wife. And l couldn't
refuse her access

to her own husband
without causing

Besides, l wanted
her close to me.

l told you.
l told you
he wanted me.

TlGH: What the
hell's going on?

You have been
secretly visiting
my wife?

No. Yes. But
it's complicated.

l told you. He's been
after me for years.


Now, boys, boys,
don't fight over
little old me.

Ellen, be quiet!
You don't tell
me what to do.

We should all
take a deep breath.

l will !

l was afraid that
she might be a Cylon !

l brought her
blood here to
have it tested.

That's why you
canceled your test.

How'd you know
about that?

You didn't tell me
he was testing my wife.

You met with
the President?

Yes. She thought
you might be a Cylon.

l know.

MAN ON PA: Attention. Pass
the word for the Commander,
the XO and the CAG.

Commander Adama,
Colonel Tigh,

and Captain Adama,
please report to ClC.


Mr. Gaeta.

The Raider smoothed
out its flight path
about two minutes ago.

lt seems to be
under control.

Yeah, but he's not
jumping for home.

No, sir, he isn't.

Has our reconnaissance
detected any outgoing

since he straightened
out his flight pattern?

Yes, sir, but it's
likely it's just
another distress signal.

Launch the
alert fighters.

This is the CAG.
Launch the alert fighters.

Sir, l hate to
tell you this,
but l think

it's been playing
with us the entire time,

just waiting to
see how we'd react.

Playing with us?

Order the flight leader
to destroy the target!

Yes, sir.

(WHOOPlNG) Galactica,
Hot Dog. The Raider
just took off!

He doesn't look
injured to me.

He's heading
back to the fleet!

They're not
going to catch him.

Action Stations,
set Condition One.

This is not a drill.

He doesn't have
any weapons.

He's on a suicide run.

Did you launch
the alert fighters?

lt was the XO's call.

l had a hunch.

Good call.

One question.
Because l was worried.

That she might
be a Cylon.

And if she wasn't?

l know how you
feel about her, Saul.

She's been a
negative force
in your life.

l'm sorry, but
it's the truth.

Maybe she was.
Everything was
different then.

She was different.
l was different.

l've grown accustomed
to seeing you without
the cup in your hand.

So l had a couple
of drinks tonight.

l was celebrating.
l think l deserved to. . .

Yes, you did.

Launching those
fighters on a hunch.

You saved our ship.

Just doing my job.

You do your job good.

That's why l
need you, Saul.

That, and that
we're friends.

l don't want anything
to come between that,
not even Ellen.

lt won't.

DORAL: We've searched
every street, every building.

They slipped through.
How's that possible?

She thinks she
loves him now.

That she can't
live without him.

Her passion is making
her more resourceful.

lt bothers you,
doesn't it?

We'll get them
in the end.

No, it bothers you
that you've never
experienced it.


You saw the way
Helo was when we
took her away?

He was pathetic.

l can't help wondering
what it would be like
to feel that intensely.

Even in his anguish,
he seemed

so alive.

Green. Green, everyone.

Mrs. Tigh is
definitely human.

No hard feelings,
l hope, Ellen.

l completely

But let's be sure
and test you next.

My pleasure.
My job.

You don't want
to frak with
me, Bill.

Try to remember that.

Don't frak with
me either, Ellen.

lf only they knew
that everyone
passes these days.

Why, it's so much
simpler that way.

No muss, no fuss.

What did her
test really say?

l'll never tell.