Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 7 - Six Degrees of Separation - full transcript

After Baltar has an argument with the vision of Number Six he sees in his head, a physical copy of Cylon model Number Six shows up in Galactica's CIC claiming to be a woman named Shelley Godfrey who has evidence that proves that Baltar has betrayed humanity...except that she's trying to frame him for an act of pre-attack sabotage.

PreviousIy on
Battlestar Galactica.


lgnoring me
won't help.

No, l've decided
you're an expression of
my subconscious mind

playing itself out
in my waking states.

So, l'm only
in your head?

Of course
if you're not really here,
neither am l.

Do you have any idea
what they would do
to me if they find out?

They'd probably
charge you with treason.

Treason is punishable
by the death penalty.

Come on, Sharon.
Where are you?

Where are you, Sharon?


We gotta go. Right now.

BALTAR: l don't see
the hand of God in here.

Could l be looking
in the wrong place?

Let me see. Proteins? Yes.

Hemoglobin? Yes.

Divine digits?


Sorry. l'm sure
l can find evidence

of his divine hand
in some of these
delightful little samples.

After all, there are
so frakking many. . .

l'm sure even l can be
relied upon to find God
in one of them.

What is it that
drives you to
blasphemy, Gaius?

A need to tempt fate?

Boredom, actually.

lndeed, every
waking hour is spent

in what some might say,
has become my own
personal religion.

The Church of
the Mystic Cylon Detector.

Are you finished?

lf you would give
yourself over
to God's will

you'd find peace in
his love like l have.

Could you help me
with this zipper?

l'm having a bit
of trouble.

He has a plan for us.

How do you know
it's a he?

There is only
one true God.


You running a glitch
in the program
or something?

'Cause you say
the same thing
over and over again.

Now, l've accepted
your God and all that.

Can't we reboot
the hard drive?

He's not my God.
He is God.

Yeah, your God,
my God,
everyone's God.

He's big enough
for all of us, isn't he?
Now, please.

Please, honey.

Can't we do something
a little more elevating?

lt's important you form
a personal relationship
with God.

Only you can give
yourself over
to his eternal love.

For God's sake!

BALTAR: l can't
take this anymore!

l'm trying to save
your immortal soul.

What you are doing,
darling, is boring me

to death with your
superstitious drivel.

Your metaphysical nonsense,

which, to be fair,
actually appeals to
the half-educated dullards

that make up most
of human society,
but which, l hasten to add,

no rational, intelligent,
free-thinking human
being truly believes.

Which leads me
to the inescapable

that Cylons are,
in the final. . .

That Cylons are,
in the final analysis,
little more than toasters

with great-looking legs.

lt's my fantasy.
See if l care.

l'll dream up
someone new maybe,

a brunette maybe.


Maybe we can
dispense with
the foreplay.

Get right down to. . .

What did you say?

That was nothing.

l was just
talking to myself.

l talk to myself.

Hang me.


The Commander would
like to see you
in the ClC, Doctor.

There you are.
Very nice.

That blouse could
open up a button or two.
Excuse me?

You wanted to
see me, Commander?

ADAMA: Miss Godfrey has
brought some very disturbing
accusations to my attention.

l think you should
have the chance to
answer them in person.

Right. Thank you.

And she is?

She's standing
right there.

l'm right here.

Yeah, of course
you are.

Doctor, this is
Miss Godfrey.


All of you can see her?
You can all see her!

She's standing
right next to you.

Something wrong?

Don't make me
angry, Gaius.

l'd say you have
a serious problem.

Get down.


Yes, maybe l. . .

You'll have to
forgive me,
Miss Godfrey.

l'm very pleased,
if slightly puzzled,
to make your acquaintance.

Don't touch me,
you traitor.

ls she talking to me?
You talking to me?

You're the one
who let the Cylons
into the defense mainframe.

You betrayed
your entire race.

You're the man
responsible for
the Holocaust

and l'm here to see
that you're exposed

and sentenced to death
as the traitor
you really are.


Doctor, Miss Godfrey
has made some
startling accusations.

l've never seen
this woman before
in my life.

l'm not surprised
you don't remember me.

l was just a lowly
systems analyst
at the Defense Ministry.

Dr. Amarak
was my associate.

She says you sold
out the human race.

That you let the Cylons
into our defense plans.

Dr. Amarak told me
he had evidence

that Dr. Baltar
was involved in
the sneak attack.

He was trying to reach
the President and give
her that information

when he was killed.
He told you
that, did he?

Yes, as a matter of fact.
lt's a pity
he's no longer with us.

How convenient
that we only have
your word for that.

There's also this.
Yeah, what
the frak's that?

GODFREY: He gave me this
for safekeeping.

lt's lD coded.

Colonial Defense Ministry.

Dr. Amarak gave the disk
to me before he died.

What, as opposed to
after he died?

GODFREY: Amarak gave
the disk to me
for safekeeping.

On the disk is a photo.

lt was captured from
the security camera

in the defense
mainframe on Caprica.

lt shows the doctor
entering the mainframe

without permission
the day before the attack.

Nothing criminal
about that.

As you can see, the man
in the photo is carrying
an explosive device.

Sorry, he's what?

l definitely
never did that.

Just before the Cylon
attack, the entire
defense mainframe

was destroyed
by this device.

Honestly, that is not me.
l wasn't there.
lt's somebody else.

Look, it's not me.
l'm not the man
in the photograph.

ADAMA: l see a man.
Same height, same build,

but that's a long
way from proof,
Miss Godfrey.

Thank you, Commander.
Now, if we're quite done
with this charade, l'm. . .

l agree, Commander,
but look here.

ln the faceplate of
the computer terminal,

there's a reflection
of the man's face.

TlGH: You can't tell
anything from that.
BALTAR: Thank you, Colonel.

With the right equipment,
the image could be
enlarged and sharpened.

We could see
his face.

Enlarging the image
is no problem,
but sharpening it. . .

Take forever.
lt'd take at
least a day, sir.

Mr. Gaeta, let me know
as soon as
you have an image.


l'm going to suspend
all work on
the Cylon detector. . .


. . .as well as your
security privileges.

CALLY: Starbuck's notes
on the Cylon Raider
are a mess.

She said "the engine
power-up sequence began
by squeezing something

"that looks
like a red ligament

"with blue veins
on the right side

"coming out of
a sack of gooey fluid

"shaped like a dog."

Are you kidding me?

This whole thing
is a bunch of veins

and ligaments
and sacks of goo.

CALLY: "Squeeze
the ligament
with your hand

"while you slide
your weight

"on your left hip
into the lymphatic sack."

That's just stupid.

Afternoon, sir.


Chief's inside?

TlGH: Chief.
God ! Yes, sir?


How's it coming
in there?

l'm getting
there, sir.

l haven't quite figured
out all the tricks,
but l'm getting there.

APOLLO: Come on,
Starbuck, you can do it.

That smarts.

That smarts,
but l don't care.

You don't care.

l don't care,
because your pain
is my entertainment.

Your crutches
of death, sir.
Use them wisely.

Shut up.

lt's gonna hurt like hell,
but it's supposed to.

Thanks, Doc.

No pain, no gain.

No cliché
left unturned

as Kara Thrace
returns to the
world of the walking.

Can she do it
or will she fall
on her ass?

l swear to the Gods,
l'm gonna beat the
crap out of both of you

as soon as
l get better.

No, l can't.
APOLLO: Yes, you can.
You did it.

l can't.

You're not gonna
get better lying
on your back.

Frak off!

Just take a break
for five minutes,
we'll try again.

l don't want to do it again.
l want a pill, now, please.

Sorry, we're weaning
you off the magic pills
starting today.

And, besides,
l need them
for myself.

You son of a bitch.

ROSLlN: l am finding
this whoIe thing hard
to fathom, Doctor.

Thank you,
Madam President.

l can't tell you
how much that means to me.

Look, l was wondering,
is there any chance

that while this
investigation is going on,

l could come back
to the Colonial One

because l've left
some of my things there.

No, l'm sorry, Doctor.


You have been
put on a "no fly" list.

Madam President,
l need to get
off Galactica.

l need to get away
from this Shelly Godfrey
woman in particular.

She's got it in for me.

Where are you?

Madam President,
l have reason to believe

that she may be a Cylon.


Madam President?

BALTAR: Hello?

Get on the wireless.
Get Doc Cottle over here now.

The President has collapsed.


ElCK: ls she alive?
Yes, the President is alive.

l told you,
she's conscious,
she's resting.


She's receiving
What kind of treatment?

Asked and answered.
We think
it's a stomach flu.

What kind of treatment?

How many of these
did you take, young lady?





Three times the dosage.

Must work three times
as fast then, right?

Everybody wants to
be their own doctor,

you are lucky you
didn't lapse into a coma.

You can't cure cancer
by overdose.

Story's all over the
fleet. l'm so sorry.
lt's okay.

lt seemed like
an emergency.

l didn't think that
anyone might be picking
up the transmission.

We're all new at this.
lt's okay.

The thing to do now
is to get me on my feet

and in front of
the press before
the end of the day.

l could give you a shot,
but you wouldn't like
the side effects.

Just do it.

The time is going
to come when
you are not able to

hide what
you're going through.

lt's not that
kind of a shot.

Thank you.

Baltar's correct about
the convenience of it all.

Amarak just
happens to bring you

the key piece of
evidence just
before he dies.

Something was going on.

He was almost

Kept saying that
the Olympic Carrier

had been infiltrated
by the Cylons.

He wanted me to take
some things off the ship
for safekeeping.

Why'd he give it to you?

We were friends.


l loved him.
l loved him very much.


There are times
when l just feel
so alone now.

Times when l
just want so much
to be held again.

You understand that,
don't you?

Of course.

There must be times
when you feel alone.

And the thought
of another body
next to yours

seems like
something out of dream.

Do not, under
any circumstances,

allow Shelly Godfrey
to leave this ship.

ADAMA: Put her
under surveillance,

l want to know
everybody she's talked to,
and everywhere she's been.

HELO: Come on,
Sharon ! Get up.


Excuse me.

ls that you?


lsn't this
a coincidence?

So, how are
you doing?

l'm. . .

You're busy.
Yes, l know.

l don't mean
to distract you.

Please, don't let
me interrupt you.


You still there?

l know this is
an awkward time.

But it occurs to me
l haven't told you

how invaluable
your assistance
has been to me over

the past few weeks.

Thank you, Doctor.

You have no idea
how much
that means to me.

Not at all.

So how's it going
over there?

ln the lab,
that is.

l'm talking
about the

Right. lt's
coming along

quite quickly, actually.

A few more
hours to go.

Has it ever occurred to you
that the photograph,

the disk itself
could be a fake?

l've already
the disk.

you're quite good.

But there are many ways
around security.

lf l could join you
in the lab for just

two minutes of your time,
l could show you.

l really don't think
that's possible.

Listen to me,
nobody would
need to know.

lt would just be
you and me.

l know.

For God's sake,
my life is on the line.

My reputation
is at stake.

So is mine,
Doctor. l really. . .


Someone's coming.


Wait, Gaeta!
You forgot to
wash your hands!

What the hell. . .
l want answers,
and l want them now!

l'm not interested
in playing anymore
of your stupid games!

Have you lost
your mind?

That's an
interesting question,

one l pose to myself
on a regular basis.

Now tell me.
Who's really
in the photograph?

You are!

l didn't plant
any bomb, anywhere,

at any time,
and you know that.

l don't know
anything of this sort.

Now, if you'll excuse me.


All right.
Let's entertain the notion,
just for a moment,

that you are not
the woman
that l see everywhere.

You are not
Shelly Godfrey, either.

You're a fake.
You're just a copy.

Another Cylon copy.

Get out.

Struck a nerve, have l?

Which l find rather
impossible to believe!

You think this is over?
This is not over!

You have not
heard the last.
No more Mr. Nice Gaius!


TYROL: Stupid.

Frak it!


Not a good time?

No, it's fine.

Guess you're
having problems?

l just can't get
this thing to work.

l've been over
it and over it,
and nothing.

l have no idea
how Starbuck got
this thing to move.

Much less fly.

lt's not really
a thing, you know.

lt's probably
a Cylon itself.

More of an animal maybe,
than the human models.

Maybe they genetically
design it to perform a task.

To be a fighter.

Can't treat it like
a thing and expect
it to respond.

You have to
treat it like a pet.

At least
that's my guess.

Your guess?

Yeah, that's right.
My guess.

Something else
you want to say?


Lieutenant. l heard
you were supposed to be
up on your feet by now.

You heard wrong.

l figured you
wouldn't bounce
back so fast.

ls there something
you wanted,
or did you just

drop by to
torment me, sir?

Yeah. The Chief wanted
me to kick your ass
out of bed

so you could help
figure out that
Raider of yours.

But, clearly,
you still need the rest.

Take your time.
No rush.

Do you actually
think that reverse
psychology crap

is going to
work on me?

l really don't care
what you think, Lieutenant.

All l know is that
every day you spend
in that bed

is another day that
l have my opinion of you
confirmed. As you were.

And l am convinced,
in fact, that she is
a Cylon agent.

ln my opinion,
she should be locked up

before she can do
anymore damage.

Where are you?

You're having
a little fun, eh?

Do you enjoy messing
around with my life?

ADAMA: Do you have
any evidence to
support this charge?

Work on the Cylon detector
is nearly complete.

With a few tweaks
here and there,

l'll have a test regime
up and running.

All l need is a tissue sample
from this woman for analysis.

l thought
we had something.

Something special.

ADAMA: l can't allow
you access
to your equipment.

All right.

But under instruction,
l can surely

tell Gaeta how to
prepare the samples.

lt's not difficult.

Let me be frank
with you, Doctor.

lf your picture is
on that photograph,

every piece of
equipment in your

will be dismantled
and quarantined.

And every person
that you have met

will be questioned
and investigated.

BALTAR: I Iove you.
There, l've said it.

lsn't that what
you've been dying
to hear?

l am willing to
make that commitment
to you right now.

The President believes
l'm innocent.

The President
hopes you're innocent.

And so do l.

Because if you're not,
then you've made
fools of both of us.

And l don't like to
be made a fool of.

And l don't like
to be accused of

in the genocide of
the human race
based solely on the word

of a woman whom l
have already indicated

to you may well be
a Cylon agent.

l'm willing
to do anything.
Anything at all.

l need your help.

l did not
conspire with
the Cylons.

l am an innocent man

who is being convicted
in the court of public
opinion without trial.

WOMAN: Traitor.



Fire. AII hands report to
damage controI stations.

We got a fire!
Let's go. Clear
the doors!





No fires reported
anywhere on the
ship, Commander.

TlGH: The exact
location of the alarm.

DUALLA: D-Wing corridor
where it intersects
with C-Wing.

That's the lab.




Put it down !

Put it down.

UNlT 1 :
All right, move in.

ADAMA: Take him
to the Brig.
UNlT 1 : Yes, Commander.

l would like to
speak to my attorney.

Can't l speak
to my attorney?

l need some representation,
it's not what it looks like.

She's got it in for me,
that Shelly Godfrey!

Shut up. All of you.

Not one single word
from any of you, okay?


What seems to
be the problem?

Your new boyfriend's
a bit of a jerk, sir.

lt's a girl.

lf you don't mind her
goo on your face,
she's all yours, sir.

He likes
the warm light.

Makes the touch
easier, right?

Maybe, okay.



This is stupid.

lt's worth a try, sir.
lt did fly for you once.

Hasn't made so
much as a grunt since.

TYROL: Maybe,
l don't know,
take it for a ride.

Ride it.
Treat it like
a horse.

Okay, a horse.

Why not a goat?
That's good, right?

Think of it as a goat.
Okay. Whatever.

Come on, boy.


Okay, you're
kidding. Chief?

TYROL: Don't
shoot anything.

ROSLlN: Doctor.

Madam President.

l am so sorry.

Thank you.

You are here to
free me, right?

To bring this travesty
to a close

because you know
l'm innocent.

Just tell me,
so l understand,

because l want
to understand why.

Why you did it.

l didn't do it.
lt wasn't me.

l'm being framed !

Why would
she do that?

Because she's a Cylon.

She's a Cylon.

You are going to
have to believe me.

l want to
believe you.

l want to believe
that l haven't made

such a profound error
in judgment

in trusting you

and asking your advice.

But here's where
we are, Doctor.

lf anyone can be
a Cylon, and it's hard
to tell us apart,

then we only have
one thing left to trust,

our instincts,

And the moment they
told me it was
your face in the photo

l knew l believed it.

l believe you're involved
in the attack.


l feel it.

You'll forgive me,
Madam President,

if l don't wish
to be executed

based solely on
your gut feeling.

May the Gods have
mercy on your soul.


HELO: Call it.


Heads. You win.
You sleep. l watch.

No. You're the one
who needs sleep.

l couldn't sleep
if l had to listen

to Tyrol read
the flight manual.


Truth is if something
happened to you

l wouldn't know
how to deal with it.

l feel the same way.


Back on the ship

l knew what
was going on.

l mean, between
you and the Chief.

l think
everybody did.

And l respected it.
Your feelings, his.

But l would've given
anything to be him.


l'm not trying to put
you on the spot here.

l don't want to step
in what you two have.

You feel the way
you feel and l have
to respect it.

No. lt's not true.



l know that we haven't
spoken before.

And l don't wish
to offend.


Dear God,

and l now acknowledge
that you are
the one true God.

Deliver me
from this evil


and l will devote
the rest of what is left
of my wretched life

to doing good.

l don't know what to. . .

To carry out
your divine will,
is what l want to do.

To carry out
your divine will.


Grant me grace
and forgiveness.


l'm here now.
l'm here.

All will be well.

lt will be as
God wants it to be.


Open the door.


Wait. l haven't
even had a trial yet.

No! Wait!
lt's a lie!

Doctor, it's all right.
lt's a lie!

The photograph
was a fake.

lt was almost seamless,
but your face,

the man, the reflection,
it was all a fake.

But of course it was
a fake. l'd never wear
a shirt like that.

How did you. . .

l went back, l re-ran
all the security checks.

This time l found
markers which pointed
to photo manipulation.

They weren't apparent
until the photo
was fully resolved.

You re-ran
the security checks?

Thank you.

l just knew that

you could never
have anything to do
with that attack.

You're not
that kind of man.

lt was really nothing.
Once the photos
were fully resolved,

it was almost too easy,
like she wanted
to be found out.

How did she get
off of the ship?
Got me.

There's been no ships
coming or going.
l gave you an order.

l had two Marines
tailing her.

They say they went
around a corner
and she was gone.

Every ship in the fleet
has reported in, sir.

There's no sign
of her.

That's unacceptable.
She was here.
She was right here.

This woman existed.
She didn't just vanish.

Have them check again.

Every ship?
Every ship,
including this one.

She didn't just vanish.

ROSLlN: . . .that he
had been a victim
of treachery and deceit.

Clearly, the Cylons
wanted to discredit
Dr. Baltar

because of his work
on the Cylon detector.

Dr. Baltar,
it gives me
great pleasure

to exonerate
you publicly

and to recognize you,
once again, among us,

as a scientist,
a leader,
and a friend.


NO. 6:
You're a hero.

You're even more
popular and powerful
than ever before.

You've had
your trial by fire,

so now they truly
believe in you.

Hard for anyone
to accuse you
of treason again.

Was that the plan
all along?

Build me up in the
public mind by first
tearing me down?


Who am l to
question the plans
of almighty God?

Just one, small,
practical question.

Shelly? Shelly Godfrey?

Was there ever
a woman really
called Shelly Godfrey?

Did she ever actually exist?
Was she ever really here?

God's will be done.