Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 11 - Colonial Day - full transcript

With Colonial Day approaching, it is time for a new Quorom of Twelve. Twelve representatives from the twelve colonies will decide on important matters. There's one problem however. Terrorist Tom Zarek is chosen as representative for Sagittaron and he immediately wants to discuss the issue of a vice-president. So far there's only one candidate, Tom Zarek, as nominated by Virgon and Gemenon. Meanwhile Starbuck and Apollo are in charge of security, some kind of attack on president Roslin is suspected. Back on Caprica Helo and Boomer have arrived at the city Delphi. Helo comes to the conclusion Cylons can look like humans. In an attempt to capture a raider, he discovers another truth.

on Battlestar Galactica.

What the hell is
going on? You killed her.

We gotta go. Right now.

- That's Tom Zarek.
- The terrorist?

He's a prisoner of conscience.

He's a butcher.

He blew up a government building.
There is no excuse for that.

I thought you said
you respected me.

That was before you resorted to
violence and hostage-taking.

I demand the
immediate resignation

of Laura Roslin
and her ministers.

I demand free and open elections
to choose a new leadership.

If you let the rest
of these hostages go,

we will leave this
ship in your hands.

- Got it?
- Test. There.

- Are we on?
- Frak, we're on. Go.

Live from Cloud Nine, the
most luxurious ship in the fleet,

it's The Colonial Gang.

It's a new talk show that
brings you the inside scoop

on the fleet's
movers and shakers.

I'm James McManus, formerly
of the Caprica Times.

With me are two of
the only remaining

legitimate journalists left
in the universe.

Playa Palacios,
veteran commentator

for the Picon Star Tribune.

And my wingman, Sekou Hamilton,

former editor of
the Aerelon Gazette.

As most people probably know,

Cloud Nine was damaged
during a Cylon attack

and had to be evacuated.

With repairs now complete, President
Roslin has picked it as the site

for an historic gathering.

It's the first meeting of
the interim Quorum of 12

which will coincide
with Colonial Day,

the 52nd anniversary of the signing
of the Articles of Colonization.

Playa, why don't you weigh in?

Laura Roslin
should be applauded

for restoring the system
of checks and balances.

Every delegate chosen
so far has been a Roslin crony.

It's a puppet Quorum, okay?

That will rubber-stamp every edict this
power-mad schoolteacher will try...

How can you say that
when half the Quorum

hasn't even been selected yet?

I predict every last
one will be a Roslin lackey,

hand-picked by the
power behind the throne,

Presidential Advisor
Wallace Gray.

Don't you see it? Gray orchestrated
this whole publicity stunt.

Come on, Jim. Wallace Gray
is no prince of darkness.

I disagree.

He's helped Roslin regulate
the internal economy,

made sure vital food and medical
supplies were fairly distributed...

He's a fatuous gasbag who's made a
fortune through kickback deals,

the members of this Quorum
have profited from.

- Freedom of the press.
- As we speak...

Madam President,
the fatuous gasbag

would like five
minutes of your time.


How does it feel
to be a celebrity?

Well, I love it. They'll probably
be calling me a fascist next.

No, I'm the fascist.

You stick with
being the gasbag.

Madam President, excuse me, you're
going to want to hear this.

Sagittaron have chosen their
delegate for the Interim Quorum of 12.

Who would've guessed it?
Tom Zarek.

Oh, my Gods.

He's got quite
a following out there.

I should have seen this coming.

He's a terrorist.
Who are they kidding?

A ruthless terrorist.

Tom Zarek incited a prison riot

that resulted in kidnapping,
attempted rape.

He blew up a government
building and now

he's gonna sit on
the Quorum of 12?

Wrong. It was a
change that was trumped up

by the government
to discredit a man

who's dedicated his life
to the disenfranchised.

Yes? Just a moment.

Commander Adama.
Why am I not surprised?

Hello, Commander.

Are you listening to this?


Can't allow a terrorist
to sit in government.

My hands are tied.

I don't want to
turn him into a martyr.

Sagittaron law allows
a prisoner to regain

his citizenship once
he's served his time.

Tom Zarek represents a
danger to the entire fleet.

I can bar him from traveling to
Cloud Nine on that basis alone.

I perfectly understand the
threat Tom Zarek represents.

But the last thing I
need is for you to start

acting like my own
personal goon squad.

We need to let this
play out. Thank you.

Hold onto your shorts, folks.
Another's starting to develop.

We're getting a live feed
from the Astral Queen.

Tom Zarek is about
to make a statement.

Citizens of the 12 Colonies,

I am humbled and moved
by this great honor.

I will be a voice for those who
have gone too long unheard

by a government that
serves only the privileged

and the powerful,

that turns a blind eye to the
needs of the weak and the poor.

But Roslin and her confederates

will no longer be
able to ignore us.

People of the fleet, look up.

The winds of
change are blowing.

A new era is about to dawn.

Hey, Doc.

Lieutenant Thrace, to
what do I owe this honor?

Our shuttle leaves
for Cloud Nine

at 0512 tomorrow,
so don't be late.

"Our" shuttle?

A surprise getaway?
Just the two of you?

I'm going to be
handling your security.

Please don't touch that.
Thank you.

Security of what?

You haven't heard?

It's all over talk wireless.

When would I have the chance to
listen to the talk wireless?

I have 60 years of
work in front of me.

Anyway, talk wireless is
just an excuse, really,

for lowbrow rabble-rousing.

You've been selected as Caprica's
delegate to the Quorum of 12.


Is this some kind of joke?

Guess you got the super-genius vote.
No accounting for taste.

Congratulations, Doctor.

Thank you.

Politics is the only thing more
boring than blood samples.

All those interminable

All that dreary pomp.

Parties full of young women
drawn to men of power.

But when the people
call, you must serve.

I can't remember the last time

I felt the sunlight on my face.

Sure feels good. Almost
like the real thing.

They could've done a
better job with the horizon, though.

Security's going to be a bitch.

A thousand different places
for a sniper to hide.

How many people are we
dealing with, again?

Five hundred plus.

Each colony's sending a
delegation of leading citizens.

Great. Herds of lookie-loos, any
one of whom could be a Cylon.

Toasters aren't
our only problem.

Don't you pay any
attention to politics?


A lot of unrest out there.

So why is Roslin insisting on
letting so many people come?

I guess she thinks
it's important for them

to be able to observe
how their government works.

So basically, she's already
running for re-election.

No, Kara.

Kara, give me that.

Thank you, sir. Enjoy your day.

The atmosphere is electric

as Quorum members arrive
with their delegations.

I'm outside the
Cloud Nine Ballroom

where the reception of the new
Quorum of 12 is about to take place.

But the question on
everyone's mind is,

"Will President Roslin
shake the hand of the man"

"many still
regard as a terrorist"

"or will she snub him, and, by extension,
all the people of Sagittaron?"

Colonel Tigh.

My wife Ellen.

Welcome aboard.

Kill me now.

Colonel Tigh.

Starbuck, Apollo. Zarek's here.

Don't worry. This guy's mine the
second he makes a wrong move.

Yeah? Well, you'll
have to beat me to him.

Murderer. You don't belong here, Zarek.
Go back.

What did you say?
He's not a murderer,

he's a freedom fighter.
All right?

Excuse me.

May I see your
security pass, sir?

Not a problem. I'm a
citizen of Sagittaron.

I've got every legal
right to be here.

Your rights don't extend
to roughing people up.

Lay a hand on anyone else

and you'll be getting to
know Galactica's brig.

Well, everything's in order.

Enjoy your stay on Cloud Nine.

Ch, I will.

Tom Zarek.

Colonel Tigh,
Battlestar Galactica.

I see.

My wife.

Does she have a name?


Call me Tom.

I don't like to
stand on ceremony.

I'm the same way.

All this pretension
makes me sick.

You're holding up the line.

Thank you for making me
feel welcome, Ellen.

I hope to see you again.

Why did you do that?

To get our picture on the front
page of every half-baked newsletter

and photo service in the fleet.

I don't need my picture
taken with a terrorist.

Wake up, Saul. Look
at these cameras.

Roslin's the past,
Zarek's the future.

A blind man can see that.

Madam President. Mr. Zarek.

If I were to offer you
my hand in friendship,

would you take it?

Well, there's only
one way to find out.

That was nicely played.

Thank you.

Just remember, I'm not
your enemy, Madam President.

And I know today's
agenda is rather large

but I think that if you'll look
at the scheduled meetings,

you'll see that they concern
issues vital to the fleet.

In some cases,
existing policies

regarding matters such as the
distribution of medical supplies...

You're missing
an intriguing opportunity.

Playa's not wearing
any underwear.

Don't be absurd.


She's been eyeing
you all afternoon.

She's only human.

You're not jealous?

Love isn't about sex, Gaius.

There's an enlightened
point of view.

I've been thinking

and as far as I'm concerned you
can have any woman you want.

But always remember,

I have your heart.

Yes. Of course you do.

I can always rip it out of
your chest if I need to.

So if there are no objections

the Chair will
entertain motions

to accept today's
agenda as proposed.

I have an objection.

The chair recognizes Sagittaron.

All the items on your agenda
are important, I agree.

Ration distribution, education,

medical services,
all very important.

But I'm frankly
shocked to discover

the most critical issue of
all is nowhere to be found.

Really? Well, perhaps
Mr. Zarek could enlighten us.

The election of
a vice-president.

If, gods forbid, anything should
happen to you, Madam President,

we have no designated successor.

The civilian branch of our
government would be paralyzed

leaving the door wide open
for a military dictatorship.

Sagittaron moves that the first
item on the Quorum's agenda

should be nominations
for vice-president.




Caprica seconds
for various reasons

which are far too obvious and
numerous to go into right now.

But certainly, I think we can all
agree that it'd be a good idea

to have a successor.

The motion has been
moved and seconded.

All those in favor
of opening nominations

for the vice-presidency,
say aye.

Aye. Aye.

The ayes have it.

The floor is now
open for nominations.

The chair recognizes Virgon.

Now, there is only one man here

who is willing to work for the
betterment of the people in this fleet.

When I asked for his help

he sent a crew to fix the air
filtration system on my ship

and, hell, they were
finished and they were gone

while I was still waiting for the
President's office to return my call.

I nominate Tom Zarek.


Is there a second?

Gemenon seconds the nomination.

The nomination of Tom Zarek for the
vice-presidency has been accepted.

The Chair will remain open for
72 hours for nominations.

The session is now adjourned.

Thomas Zarek is not
going to be my vice-president.

Six months until the
presidential election.

We could've handpicked
a candidate.

It didn't shock me
when Bagot nominated him.

But Porter,
that was surprising.

Not really.

The Gemenon ships use more water per
capita than any other ships in the fleet.

She wanted more rations,
I said no.

Zarek may have made some new
friends in the last few weeks

but there are still plenty of
people out there who hate him.

Don't underestimate Zarek.

He's charismatic and knows
what buttons to push.

Frankly, Madam President,
I am concerned about

the security aboard Cloud Nine.

I want you leaning forward
on this, Captain.

If they so much as sneeze, they
better have a handkerchief.


We need a candidate.

Someone who will quickly
win the delegates' support.

An established name.

I'm not a politician.

But you know how
to get things done.

You've kept this fleet
functioning all this time.

No. Thanks, but...

I cannot allow Tom Zarek

to be one heartbeat away
from the presidency, Wally.

I need you.

You've got me, Madam President.

How can you reassure people that
you're looking out for their interests

as opposed to the
rehabilitation of Tom Zarek?

That's a great question, Playa.
This is how I see it.

We're facing a situation
so unique, so specific,

that I believe we need
not only new leadership

but a whole new
way of thinking.

Like blowing up
a building or two?

If things weren't so serious,
I'd say that was funny.

Look, there's no economy.

There's no market. No industry.

No capital. Money is worthless.

And yet, we're all held hostage

by the idea of the way
things used to be.

Look where we are.

This man wakes
up every morning,

tugs on his boots and goes
to work in this garden.

Why? Because
it's his job? What job?

He labors, but he gets no
benefit from his labor.

And he's not the only one.

Many of us are just still going

through the motions
of our old lives.

The lawyers still act like
lawyers, but they have no clients.

Businessmen still
act like businessmen,

but have no business.

President Roslin
and her policies

are all about holding
on to a fantasy.

If we want to survive, we need to
completely restructure our lives.

We need to think about
the community of citizens.

The group, not the individual.

We need to completely
free ourselves of the past

and operate as a collective.

You're not interested
in the citizens.

You just want power.

Turn that crap off.

I was listening
to that broadcast.

You again?

That's a shame.

They all want to hear
Mr. Zarek speak, too.

Don't you, buddy?

See? He wants to hear Mr. Zarek.

How about you? You want to hear
what Mr. Zarek has to say?

I don't mind one
way or the other.

Well, I take that as a yes.
So turn it on.

Now. Leave it.

Mr. Zarek is a representative of
the people and we are the people.

Well, you're people. Sort of.

You know, I don't like
your tone, flyboy, so,

why don't you just
move along out of here

and go enjoy
the imitation weather?

I'd be happy to,
after you leave.

Which is now.


Don't want no trouble.

What the hell.

There's a gun.



Are you looking for this?

The Telamont Building's
still standing.

That's Delphi, all right.

Now, all we have to do
is wait until dark,

infiltrate the most heavily fortified
military hub on this planet,

hope the Cylons haven't
completely wasted the spaceport,

steal a ship, locate Galactica

and fly to her without
getting shot to hell.

Is that all? Yeah.

I guess we can
relax until dark.

Might as well make
ourselves comfortable.

You hungry?

No, not right now.

Your stomach's feeling better?


I've been trying to make
sense out of the two women

we saw with the Cylons.


I can't fathom why anybody
would wanna help the toasters.

And they just
happened to be twins?

That's too weird.

You got a better explanation?

You think the Cylons could
be messing with human DNA?

Cloning people or something?

Could be.

That would explain how
they took us by surprise.

They had these
replicated humans

infiltrating the colonies,

laying the groundwork
for the surprise attack.

You know, if they
were human clones

that means they're capable
of complex emotions,

maybe even love.

Maybe they were misguided in the
way that they were indoctrinated.

Whatever they are,
they're not human.

No human could do
the things they've done.

They killed billions
of innocent people.

They've got to be frakking Cylons,
just like the rest of them.

Why do you have
a summit itinerary?

Why circle every public
appearance by President Roslin?

It's not mine.

So what? Some stranger
wandered down the hall

picked the lock to your room
and just left it there?

False-bottom with anechoic
coating to absorb x-rays.

Ceramic stealth gun.

You sure went through a lot of
trouble to get that weapon on board.

I carry a lot of money.
I need protection.


The money's worthless.

Your friend Zarek
pointed that out.

I don't even know Zarek.

Your pal Grimes says different.

He gave you UP-

You're bluffing. You
haven't got anything.

We don't need
anything, Valance.

Because this isn't a trial.

This is just you
and us in this room.

Like Zarek pointed out, we're
living in a whole new world.

There's no due process.

This is your courtroom.

And that would make
us your executioners.

So you might want to cooperate,

or else you're
going out an airlock.

Because that's what
we do to traitors.

Look, I...

I just came over here for
the booze and the food.

That's it.

You know what? Frak you!

We put all the heat
on Valance that we could

and we still
can't tie him to Zarek.

I know Zarek's behind this.

Keep working on Valance.

We will. But to be safe I think
you should send the entire.

Sagittaron delegation
back to their ships.

Can't do that. Violates
their civil rights.

Plays right into Zarek's hands.

But he could still have
another shooter on Cloud Nine

and if Zarek wins the vote,
he's more than capable

of ordering your
assassination and

ascending to the presidency.

Zarek's not going to win because
I'm not going to let him.

Meanwhile, you're going to
keep Zarek under surveillance.

You're going to tap his phones,

you're going to bug his room.

If you find anything
that remotely connects.

Zarek to Valance,
shut him down.

The domestic policies
we've been talking about

over the last little
while such as

employment, and housing,
and education...

Latest vote count is seven
for Gray, five for Zarek.

We're slipping. He was
four an hour ago..

Zarek must be making promises.

Picon flipped.

We've got to hold the colonies
till they vote tomorrow.

On Page 33 of
my mission statement,

I lay out a 16-point
educational program

that the President
and I have developed.

Individuals with four-year college
degrees will be eligible.

Hi. How are you
doing? Remember me?

We got Valance.
And you're next.

Health care. It's one
thing to talk...

Can I get you something?

So you work here now?

Why should I ask the
bartender to get me a drink?

What's in it for him?

A big tip.

What would he spend on?

So, are you worried
about Wallace Gray?

I hear he's ahead
in the vote count.

Whatever the people
want is fine by me.

Everyone has an agenda.
I know I do.

And what would that be?

The same as yours, Tom.
Me. Myself.

And I.

You are clearly a well-connected,
well-informed woman.

Wife of the XO.
For whatever that's worth.

Quite a bit.
Now and in the future.

That's what I'm interested in,

MY place

and my husband's
place in the future.


I'm looking for
a friend of mine.

His name is Valance.

How the hell did this happen?

We've got to get
to the President.

We're here with Dr. Gaius
Baltar, representative of Caprica.

Dr. Baltar,
I have one question.

Is President Roslin's
political career

terminal or is there
hope of resuscitating it?

Laura Roslin's political
career is very much alive

and to underestimate her would
be a very serious mistake.

You miss the limelight,
don't you, Gaius?

Yes, I have.
You have what, Dr. Baltar?

Nothing. You were saying?

You seriously believe
that this schoolteacher

is able to handle
the job of presidency?

His wrists were slashed with
broken glass from the room.

So was it suicide
or was it murder?

It wasn't suicide.
Zarek had him killed.

If only we could prove that.

How'd they get past
the Marine Guards?

Through the vent.

I'm glad to hear it because
all of us have had teachers who've

made a profound
impact on our lives.

History is full of
examples of leaders

who have come from
the most humble beginnings

and have risen to meet the challenge
posed by cataclysmic events.

How many people knew
where Valance was being held?

Just the people in this
room plus two Marines.

Criticize Laura
Roslin and the tough decisions

that she has to make every day.

Especially, if you're
someone like Tom Zarek

who's never shouldered any real
responsibility in your life.

To be fair to Tom,
how could he?

He's been in prison
for the last 20 years.

And now that he's had a
drastic personality makeover,

he's posing like he's the
savior to all your ills.

I think you all
have a short memory.

Well, someone talked.

And now we have no assassin,
no evidence of a plot,

no check on Zarek, no nothing.

If he can get to Valance,
he can get to anyone.

Madam President, he will definitely
try and take a shot at you now.

Only if he wins the vote.

What I have to say
is, we must survive.

And we will survive.

And we will do so
through the values

that have made
our colonies great.

Courage. Truth.
Justice. Liberty.

With a firm and deep resolve
to make tomorrow better.

Not just for ourselves,
but for our children.

Madam President, I still worry the
vote may be trending against you.

Yes, it is.

But I'm going
to win this thing.

And Tom Zarek is going back to his
prison ship where he belongs.

But first I have two very
unpleasant duties to perform.

I need a shuttle to Cloud Nine.

What am I supposed to say?

Health reasons.

Oh, right, fine.
Health reasons.

You know, all those years

I watched you
working with Adar.

You were always
so quiet, so polite,

so dignified.

I never thought
you'd fit in with

the bare-knuckle,
backstabbing politicians.

I guess I was wrong.

All clear.

Dr. Baltar? Are you in here?

Madam President?

I heard you on the wireless.

You were very articulate,
quite engaging.

Oh, thank you.

That's very encouraging.

Yeah, I was just
trying to do my bit

as the elected
representative of Caprica.


I'm beginning to get
a real feel for politics.

So I take it you're
not voting for Mr. Zarek?

Any man who uses
their intelligence

and resources to
blow up a building

doesn't get my vote, no.

No, I'm voting
for your man Gray.

He's really gray...

He's great. He is great.

Which is why he's got my vote.


Mr. Gray dropped
out of the race.

Then who do you
want me to vote for?

I was thinking you.


Look“. Doctor, let's
cut to the chase.

You're a very popular
man these days.

I would be fortunate
to have your intellect

and your popularity
right by my side.

Under those circumstances,
I accept.

Thank you, Madam President.

Thank you.

Wow. What are you
going to do now?


Now I'm going to
give you an exclusive.

After you.

So what are we supposed to do?
Sit on our hands

and watch her get killed?

Zarek's too smart
to take another shot

at the President
during the summit.

If he wins the vote,
he can take her out later

when everyone's forgotten
about Valance.

He'll just bide his time
to find a better opportunity.

That's great.

Anyway, she says she's not
going to lose the vote.

She says a lot of things.

Don't you think
you should wash that?

I did.

Like when, a month ago?

Do you have a problem
with my hygiene?

You have hygiene?

I clean up good
sometimes, all right?

Well, let me know when
it's one of those times.

Tauron, Gaius Baltar.

The surprises
just keep on coming.

A number of the Quorum delegates

have now shifted their support

to the scientific genius.

A man who is credited with saving
the fleet on numerous occasions.

At this point, Jim,
it is anyone's guess

as to who's going to win.

But my money is
on Gaius. Dr. Baltar.

Aquaria, Thomas Zarek.


Tom Zarek.

The vote is now six-five
in favor of Tom Zarek.

The next vote will determine
our new vice-president.

If Zarek gets it, he wins.

In the event of a tie, the President
will cast the deciding vote.


I give you your new
vice-president, Dr. Gaius Baltar.

The perks of power,
Mr. Vice-President.

We're going to do
great things together.

Good. It's difficult to fathom.

I never aspired to power.

Of course you didn't, Gaius.

But someone had to step up.

Well, after what
Laura told me...


Yeah, we're on
a first name basis now.

Now look, I think
the people need me.

Excuse us.


that bum knee of yours
is looking pretty good.

And the other one's
not too bad, either.

Lee, if you want to ask
me to dance, just ask.

You want to dance?

Me in a dress is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Madam President.

Mr. Zarek.

Oh, don't worry,
I won't be kissing you today.

That's a shame.

I shaved very closely in anticipation
of being smacked by you.

That was very nicely played.


But there's still a presidential
election in six months.

I'll see you then.

I have no doubt.

Oh, one thing you should know.

I didn't kill Valance.

I wonder who did?

Madam President, good evening.

I thought you
hated these things.

It's Colonial Day.
Where else would I be?

I'm a patriot.

You really are, aren't you?

Dr. Baltar. Interesting choice.

I figured, the devil you know.

Politics. As exciting as war.

Definitely as dangerous.

Though in war, you
only get killed once.

In politics, it can
happen over and over.

You're still standing.

So are you.

And I can dance.

I have a surprise for you.

Uh-oh. Should I be worried?

Not unless you consider a day

in a luxury suite
aboard the Rising Star

as something to
be worried about.

What? How did you swing that?

I have my ways.

What you need to do

is figure out a way to get slave-driving
Bill to give you the day off.


And while we're there, we might
want to talk to a few people

about your future.


Later, my love. It can
all wait until later.

Any second now.

If we get caught...
If anything happens...

You don't have to say anything.
I know.

We're going to make it,
Sharon. Okay?




We're still alive.
Why nobody else?

You never get tired.

Trust me.

Helo, come with me. Helo.