Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Hand of God - full transcript

The fleet is running out of tylium fuel and will soon not have enough to keep running from the Cylons, when they find an asteroid with several years worth of tylium ore...unfortunately, the Cylons have already built a mining base on it.

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Battlestar Galactica.


COTTLE: But your
doctor back on
Caprica was right.

lt's too damn
late to operate,

the cancer is
too far advanced.

Have you ever heard
of Chamalla extract?

lt means that
you're still acting

like you're
best friend.

We're not friends,
you're the CAG.

The Chief wanted me
to kick your ass
out of bed.

But, clearly,
you still need
the rest.

Take your time.
No rush.

l need new pilots.

And l want you
to train them.

l can do that.

They slipped through.
How's that possible?

She thinks she
loves him now.

That she can't
live without him.

lt bothers you,
doesn't it?

We'll get them
in the end.

l can assure you, the
fuel shortage is our
number one priority.

Galactica has ships
scouring the nearby
star systems

and we can anticipate
that they will soon
find tylium.


Madam President,
tylium ore is
extremely rare.

lf we don't find any,
how long before the
fleet runs out of fuel?

That all depends on
how well we conserve.

PLAYA: lsn't it a
fact, Madam President,

that we only have
enough for two
more jumps?

Yes. That is correct.

Do we have a
contingency plan if
we run out of tylium?



We would. . .

lf that were to happen,

we would use
our last fuel

to jump to the
nearest planetary

And pray we're lucky
enough to find a
habitable planet.

Madam President,
without fuel to take

even the most basic
evasive maneuvers. . .

No. . .

PLAYA: Wouldn't we be
like ducks in a Cylon
shooting gallery?

Yes, we would.



ROSLlN: l'm. . .

l'm sorry.

That is all for now.


Commencing sweep 87
of asteroid field.


Any luck?

(SlGHlNG) How many
times are you going to
ask me that, Boomer?

Until you find
some tylium ore.

Don't you want
to be a hero to
Ensign Davis? Hmm?


You haven't noticed how
she always sits next
to you in the mess?

(CHUCKLlNG) "How's
it going, Crash?
You're so cute!"

Damn it.
There's so
much debris

in this system,
the dradis is useless.

This is going to
take 1 00 years.

l heard about how you
found water, how you
saved the whole fleet. . .






Jackpot, Boomer. That
asteroid dead ahead
is a mountain of tylium.



Check it!


Thank the Gods!
We're heroes. Yeah.

"We're heroes."
lt never fails.

Great, Boomer,
the second that
l score,

the bus driver jumps
in and takes the credit.

Okay, so who's
the one that
we suggest. . .



The rock's
crawling with them.

We are well and
truly frakked.

Only tylium within
1 2 light years

and we've got to
kiss it goodbye.

Yeah, along with our
asses if we don't get
out of here fast.



TlGH: lt figures
the Cylons would
be sitting

on the only
source of fuel
within our reach.

Still staking
out every waterhole
in the desert.

Only this time it's a
lake, with enough tylium
to last us a couple of years.

This must be some
kind of conveyor belt

to get the ore
from the mine here

into this
cracking plant here.

GAETA: A refinery
this far from their
home world?

Why not? They need
fuel as much as we do.

Now they've got it.

And enough
firepower to
keep it.

All right. So we
forget this asteroid,
find another source.

You can bet your ass
the Cylons will be
guarding that one, too.

So, we send
the Raptors
out farther.

Ten, fifteen jumps,
find a source they
haven't reached yet.

TlGH: And use up all
our fuel doing it.

How're we going to
get our refinery ship. . .

We take the tylium
from the Cylons.

With all respect, this
is hardly a time to
attack a superior force.

This is exactly
the time.

We know where they
are. They don't know
where we are.

We'll catch them
with their pants down.

lf we fail?

End of game.

So we don't fail.

When the missile
gets close enough,

you'll be pulling
maybe 7 G's.

But to catch you, the
bastard's going to have
to pile on 40 to 60.

lts guidance system
can't hack it, and
it'll miss,

most of the time.

Exactly how often is
"most of the time"?


lt depends on your
judgment, and how
well you pray.

Attention on deck.

As you were.

Lieutenant Thrace,
can l have a word?

Of course.
Take five, guys.

What's up?
How are they doing?

Wobbly as newborn
colts, but they're
getting stronger.

That's good.

Got a job for you.


Rumor mill has it
that you're planning
an op.

Rumor mill's
right for a change.

Captain Adama and Colonel
Tigh are working up the
plan now

and l need some serious
out-of-the-box thinking.

is where l live.

l've been taking Chamalla
for a medical condition.

So what have you seen?

lt started out as
dreams of the Cylon
that we had executed.

But l had the dreams
before we captured him.

The images were. . .



And now l'm
seeing things
while l'm awake.

What kind of things?


There were snakes
crawling all over

my podium during
a press conference.

How many?

About a dozen.


You're kidding, right?

You read Pythia,
and now you're
having me on.


Who is Pythia?

One of the oracles
in the sacred scrolls.

3,600 years ago,

Pythia wrote about the
exile and the rebirth
of the human race.

And the Lords
anointed a leader

to guide the caravan
of the heavens to
their new homeland.

And unto the leader
they gave a vision

of serpents,
numbering two
and ten

as a sign of
things to come.

Pythia wrote that?

She also wrote that
the new leader suffered
a wasting disease

and would not live
to enter the new land.

But you're not
dying. Are you?

APOLLO: And that will
allow the attack force

to wipe out these
installations here.

Now, if we do it right,
there will be not be
any Cylon survivors.

And the asteroid
will be ours.

ADAMA: What do you
think, Starbuck?

lt's a textbook-perfect
plan, which is why
it won't work.

TlGH: (CHUCKLlNG) Of course.
We bow to your vast experience
in strategic planning.

Refresh my memory.
What year was it

that you graduated
from war college?

What's the matter,
Colonel, married life
not all you expected?

That's enough.
Both of you.

We're not going to win
this one by the book.

l want Starbuck in here

because she's not
weighed down by
conventional thinking.

All due respect,
gentlemen, we're not
as crazy as she is.

Okay. So what would
you do differently?

To start,

jumping Galactica in
behind the planetoid

to hide it from
the Cylon base
is an obvious move.

You think they'll be
covering their blind
spot with recon patrols?

l would, if
l were them.

What we need to do
is make their patrols
part of our plan, you know?

Make their tactics
work for us.

Here's what
l would do.

At position
code Deacon,

we'll need three
civilian freighter ships
to use as decoys.

Which means those
passengers will have to be
relocated to other ships

which are already

Yes, if you approve.

The decoy ships
will jump into
the enemy star system

at extreme radar range
from the Cylon asteroid.

Galactica will jump here,

close enough to
launch its Vipers
at the base.

Soon as the decoy
freighters arrive
in the system,

they'll break
wireless silence.

They'll be posing
as a mining fleet
coming after the tylium

and pretend to be
unaware of the
Cylon presence.

STARBUCK: The Cylons
will hear the messages

and send a force of
Raiders after them.

This will leave the base
relatively undefended.

We'll have Raptors
pre-positioned to keep
an eye on the Cylons.

When the Cylons
move toward the decoys,

Galactica's Vipers
will come in from behind,
and obliterate the base.

Without the base,
they'll be unable
to rearm, refuel.

We'll mop them up,
and then we'll
take the tylium.

What happens to the
crews on the civilian
decoy ships?

They'll keep their
FTL drives spooled up,

and just jump clear
the first sign of trouble.

How many casualties
do we anticipate?

lt'll cost us.

lf you succeed,
what's to prevent
the Cylons

from coming back
with reinforcements?

ADAMA: Nothing.

But if we get a chance
to knock out that base

it'll buy us some time.

ROSLlN: Why?

lf you keep running
from the schoolyard bully

he keeps on chasing you.
But the moment you
turn around and stop

and you punch him
really hard in a
sensitive spot,

he'll think twice
about coming back again.

So it's either this,
or run out of fuel
and be annihilated.

Sometimes you have
to roll the hard six.

Well, the freighters
are yours.

Good hunting, everyone.

Operation starts
in 48 hours.

TlGH: This is our target.

BALTAR: A Cylon base?

You're the Cylon expert.

We need to destroy
their military facilities.

Without harming
the tylium ore
under the surface.


A nuke would
destroy the Cylons.

But the radiation
would render the
ore inert, unusable.

l see your dilemma.

You're in luck,
you know.

Refined tylium
contains tremendous

to the order of
half a billion
megajoules per kilo.

lf subjected to right
heat and compression,

say, from a

you should get a
suitably devastating

without the
radioactive fallout.

All we have to do is
hit the right spot.

Specifically, you need
to hit the staging tanks

for the refined
tylium precursor.

lt's a lot more
unstable than
the fuel itself.

And where would they be?

l need your
advice on this one.

NO. 6:
l'm flattered, Gaius,

but l don't know
the first thing
about tylium refineries.

Neither do l.

Come on, you
must have an inkling

where l should
tell them to bomb?


But God does.

Oh, good.

l suppose God doesn't
want me to destroy the
base because

he's the Cylon
God. Right?

God doesn't
take sides.

He only wants
your love.

Open your heart
to him, and he'll
show you the way.

lt'd be a lot
simpler if he came
out and told me.

You must remember
to surrender your ego.

Remain humble.

lf you ask me,

God could do with
cleaning his ears out.

Then he might hear
what l have to say.

Relax your neck.

Why? What are
you going to do?
l said relax.

All right,
but please don't. . .

STARBUCK: Where would
the staging tanks be, Doctor?


There. Right there.

Hit any one of
them and the place

will go up like
a three-kiloton bomb.


Well done.

Forceful, so decisive,
delivered with such élan.

He didn't
speak to me.

God didn't
speak to me.


l was totally lying.

l just picked
that spot at random.

He doesn't always
speak in words, Gaius.

So the fate

of the entire human
race depends upon
my wild guess.

TRAlNER: Attention on deck.
ADAMA: As you were.


How's the knee,

lt'll be ready.
l'm not missing
this party.



Apollo's leading
the strike force.

You're gonna have
to sit this one out.

l'm the best
pilot that you have.

Not right now.

ln combat,
you got to
pull 6, 7 G's.

Doc says your
knee won't take it.

Well, then he's wrong.

ls he?

A Viper thruster pedal

requires this
much force. . .

to activate.



Now you're on
your attack run.

They launch
their missiles.

So you've got
to jam that pedal


near the firewall


and hold a 6 G turn


for 1 0 seconds,
or you die.


1 0, 9, 8,

7, 6, 5, 4.



This was only 3 G's,
Starbuck. Not 6.

l'm sorry. lt's
a tough one.

But you're staying home.

STARBUCK: Keep your
ingress low and fast.

Use the terrain
to stay hidden
till the last second.

Make sure you give
the flak suppression
unit enough time

so they can
weaken defenses.

You don't think
l'm up to this?

Of course l do.

You'll be fine.

Look, you're worried
that l'm not going to
pull it out of the fire

with some high-risk,
retina-detaching move

the way Starbuck would.

Look, Kara, l'm sorry
you're not suiting up.

Because, believe me,
everyone would feel
so much better, me included

if you were
riding along
with us.

But this isn't an
ego trip. This is
my job.

And don't think for
one moment that l
will not get it done.

l hope so.
Because we've
got one shot.

Don't frak it up
by over-thinking.



HELO: Nice thing about
being on the run
after a nuclear war,

nobody left to
complain if we
hide out

in their barn or
raid their pantry

while you're on your
way to steal a ship,
and get off the planet.

lt's odd, isn't it?

That we haven't seen
a single living
human being since

the one you shot
when you rescued me.

We're still alive.
Why nobody else?

Probably holed out
in their fallout
shelters or something.


Two ways out
and a lovely view.
What could be better?

A feather bed and
a silk comforter.


HELO: You hungry?

l don't know.
What do we got?

Peanut butter,

baked beans, corn. . .

How about some chili?


A simple no
would do.

Sharon, have you
been taking your
anti-radiation meds?

l think it was
those cold beans
we had this afternoon.


You okay now?



How far you
figure to Delphi?

Eight, maybe ten
days if we move fast.

lf we start early,
we can be there in no time.

Can't sleep?

l couldn't either
before a big op.

Mark ll.

Good ship.

Got me out of
a lot of tough scrapes.

l've got
for you.

lt belonged to
your grandfather.

My mom bought it
for him when he
was in law school.

You see the
engraving on it?

Yeah, l can barely
make it out, but. . .

He was a better
father than l was.

Dad used to carry
that in to court cases.

Claimed he never lost,
unless he left it behind.

So you're
worried, too?

About what?

You know, sometimes
it feels like the
whole ship

thinks Starbuck
would do better.

l don't.

How can you
be so sure?

Because you're my son.

Get some rest.

You're going
to need it.


l'll bring it back.

You'd better,
or l'll kick your ass.

lt's a good lighter.





Sharon. Wake up.

HELO: What the frak!
You killed her. . .

Let me see.


We got to go.
Right now.

Wait a minute.
l saw her on my lap.

l saw her blood
spill on my lap.

Let's move, mister.

What the hell
is going on?

l don't know.
We'll figure it
out later.

Jump complete, sir.
Dradis reports
nothing but hash.

Just as we expected.
Can't see a thing.

We are now
within launch range
of the Cylon base.

OFFlCER 1 : Carrier
Constellation, jump complete
on station, point Deacon.

lnitiate search
pattern DeIta.

Ore flight Bravo.
Delta, Wilco.

Ore flight Nebula,
Delta initiated.

The ball's in play.

You can bet
they heard that.

Now they'll try to
locate the decoys.

And when they do?

lf they take the bait,
all hell breaks loose.

Until then?

We wait.


Galactica, Boomer.

Tally, 90 plus,
headed Deacon.

Speed, 250.

APOLLO: The Cylons have
seen the freighter.

They're en route
to intercept.

They took the bait.

Mr. Gaeta,
launch Strike
Force 1 .

Aye, sir.

Dee, launch strike
force one.

Attention. Pilots,
man your planes.

PiIots, man your pIanes.



How hard did
they bite?

Boomer's report
said 90 plus.

They've launched
most of their
fighter force.



OFFlCER: Give them
hell, sir. Firing.

Our attack forces
is away.

l just hope
that Lee can. . .

Lee isn't
the problem.

You should take
a good look at

l had to go
through the same

When you're in
the cockpit, you're
in control.

lt's hard to
give it up.


lt would just be
a lot easier if l
was flying with them.

All you can do now is
wait, and hope you didn't
make any mistakes.

l never wanted this
kind of responsibility.

The Cylons never
asked us what we

Welcome to the
big leagues.

Galactica, Crashdown.

TaIIy, 50 pIus on
an intercept course.

Repeat. 50 plus


What's that mean?

lt means that a Cylon
patrol spotted our
attack force.

The base sent out
50 more Raiders to

50 Raiders?

That means we're
outnumbered now 5-to-1 ?

Weren't the decoys
supposed to take
care of that?

The Cylons were
too smart for that.


Estimated time to
strike intercept,
two minutes.

FlREBALL: Fireball,
multiple bandits,
left 1 0 high, range 40.

Weapons free. Committing.


Hot Dog, visual
tally, press.

Hot Dog, break right.



Fireball, your six.


l'm hit!
l'm hit!
Can't eject!

BUZZER: Deadbolt, Spinner.

Two bandits
cIosing your
right side.

SPlNNER: No joy!



Galactica, Hot Dog.

HeaviIy engaged.
Mission outcome doubtful.

This sounds
frakking awful.

They're getting cut
to pieces out there.


Get out of there! Move!

right verticaI, now!

Damn it, take a shot.
Get him off me.

ADAMA: Mr. Gaeta,
abort Strike 1 .

Strike One, Galactica.
Return to base.

Repeat. Abort your mission,
and return to base.

STUBB: Galactica, Stubbs.

Cylon strike
force is turning away

from Deacon and
inbound to Galactica.



Noting Raiders inbound.

The Cylons heard our
transmission recall,
didn't they?

Does that mean
the first wave
of Raiders

is ignoring the decoys,
and is coming after us?

That's exactly
what it means.

So, when are we
going to launch

the reserve Vipers
to defend Galactica?

There are no
reserve Vipers.

Everything is on
the board already.

Now we play for
all the marbles.

Starbuck, it's
your plan.


Mr. Gaeta,

will you please
tell Dee to get on
the scrambler

and inform Apollo
the back door is open?

Aye, Lieutenant.

Dee, please send
a scrambler to
Captain Apollo.

Message reads,
"The back door
is open."

Apollo, Galactica.
Back door is open.

Godspeed, Apollo.




Lieutenant Thrace,
why didn't you tell me

we had another attack
force hidden in
the freighters?

We. . .
ADAMA: lt was
my decision.

l routinely restrict
tactical details to
those who need to know.

Old habits die hard.

So you still
might pull this off?

lf Dr. Baltar's target
information is correct.

And whether we
get blown to pieces
by those Cylon Raiders

heading toward
us right now.

Speaking of which,
l'm needed in ClC.




lnitial point
in 5 seconds.

Flak suppression
unit cleared hot.


Okay, let's do this.

Come on, Lee.
lt's all on you.

lncoming !

Weapons free.
By the numbers, peopIe.


Target acquired.
Tone and lock.


Tone and lock. Firing.

What's got into
these frakking missiles?

Come on.

They're jamming
the guidance systems.

APOLLO: Strike two, Apollo.

Then we get close enough
so we don't need
the guidance systems.

We'll have to blow
this thing manuaIIy.

WiIco, ApoIIo.
RoIIing in.


Chuckles! Chuckles!


Oh, frak.

Chuckles bought it.
He's going down !


KAT: Now they've got our
attack axis zeroed in.

There's no way to
frakking get cIose.


There's got to be.

APOLLO: We've got to get
out of this flak.

Let's get down
below the deck,
down where the target is.

l've got an idea.

l'm going to
take a closer look.


Commander on deck.

ADAMA: As you were.

The first wave of
Cylons will be on us
in three minutes.

ADAMA: Notify the
Strike 1 Vipers

that they can stop
running and blast
those bastards to hell.

Yes, sir.

PlLOT 1 :
Engaging Cylon fighters.

PlLOT 2:
Target acquired,
tone and lock.

No, don't do this, Lee.

The conveyor
tunnel's clear.

l'm going through it.

You're out of your
frakking mind, Apollo.

What's going on?

GAETA: Captain Apollo's flying
into the conveyor tunnel

hoping it will lead
him to the refinery.

BALTAR: Has he
gone raving mad?

There's no way to
ensure it does
anything of the kind.


Come on, keep it
together, Lee.

Keep it together.

Oh, lords.






APOLLO: Okay, l'm
through the tunneI.

They can't get
a firing soIution
on me.

There you are.

Okay. l've got you.
l've got you. l've got you.





Galactica, Apollo.

Mission accompIished.




You can tell Dr. Baltar
he was right on the money.

lt's one hell of
a fireworks show.

And there's
pIenty more for us
back in the canyon

once this pIace is history.



GAETA: Congratulations,
Doctor, it worked.


lt did.

lt worked.


l'm sorry,
Madam President,
l'm sorry.

No need to

Thanks to you,
we have enough fuel
to last us a few years.



DUALLA: Commander,
Strike 1 reports inbound
Cylons are bugging out.

Request permission
to go after them, sir.

Tell our people
to pursue and
destroy them.


Strike 1 ,
tear them up.



you magnificent bastard.

That was one hell
of a piece of flying

and l couldn't have
done it better myself.

l'm sorry, l
didn't hear you.

l said that l
couldn't have done
it better myself.

Well, thank you.

l had my doubts.

So did l.

l wasn't sure that
crazy-ass plan of yours
could even possibly work.

Hmm !


You deserve this.

DAVlS: Crash.



NO. 6: Have you
read the Pythian
Prophecy, Gaius?

Not since the
sixth grade.

l can't say ancient
history is my
favorite subject.

NO. 6: You should have
paid closer attention.

To what?

"All of this has
happened before.

"All of this
will happen again."

Everyone knows
that verse.

What are you
getting at?

Remember this one?

"Led by serpents
numbering two
and ten."

The Vipers.
They're the serpents?

There's a later
verse, Gaius.

You should
read it.

"Though the outcome
favored the few,

"it led to a
confrontation at the
home of the Gods."

Are you telling me that
God guided my finger to
that target for some

arcane scriptural purpose?

You are part of
God's plan, Gaius.

So God wanted me
to destroy the
Cylon base.

You did well. You
gave yourself over
to Him.

Yes, l suppose l did.

l guess there's. . .

There's really
no other logical
explanation for it.


l was. . .


l am an
of God.