Barry (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday - full transcript

As part of a class project, Gene tasks Barry with revisiting his past, and Sally reflects on her own history. Barry offers to provide training to NoHo Hank's men. Fuches finds Barry in an unexpected location.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Barry.
- Am I evil?

Oh, my God. I mean...

absolutely. Do I not
tell you that enough?

What the fuck you doing here, man?

Did you kill a fuckin' cop?

- Fuches, you gotta go.
- Huh? No, no, I could go to jail.

I don't wanna see you again!

- Hi, Dad.
- Were you planned? No.

So I did what every great actor does.

I improvised.

You left.

You wanna leave them
wanting more, not less.

That troll Esther is pulling fast one.

So we get in there, we shoot her

in her crazy watermelon-sized head,

massive fumble turnover for Hank.

Ah, come... !

And what of the future?
What does it hold?

Thomas Friedman, let's start with you.

The future of the world is
multinational alliances.

And to thrive in this new economy,

you are going to have to sacrifice
some of your sovereignty.

But make no mistake,
Asia is on the rise.


Who brought dum-dum over here?

Asia is not on rise,

because Hank has rock-solid
plan to stop Asia

and restore natural order of business.

Well, respectfully, I'm not sure that

you're going to single-handedly stop

the rise of Asia as a
global market force.

Well, respectfully, why
don't you shut the fuck up?

Because Asia will be done
the second I put a bullet

in her massive, massive head.

So, you know what, Thomas Friedman?

You are bad at writing,
and nobody likes you.



Jeez. What's up?

Cristobal needs you.
Something has happened.

You mean like... like something bad?

Cristobal, what's up? Did
something happen to Esther?

Holy shit. I guess not,

because here she is.

Esther and her men were
attacked last night.

At the monastery? I imagine?

Wow, what a dirtbag would
attack you at a holy place

and fail?


I mean, you look great.
With your Slurpee.

I guess he, uh, didn't do his job.

Or her job...

Or maybe it was
coordinated drone attack?

A white boy, in a Lululemon tracksuit.

- Hmm.
- He ran away.

Someone is trying to play with us, Hank.

Someone is playing games.

Games like the chess you showed me.

Now I just have to figure out

if it is a small piece or a big piece.


Maybe the horsey.

Maybe the horsey.

Hank, I don't think it is safe for her

to stay at the monastery.

I have invited Esther, and
some of her men to stay here,

with us.

So you and your men will have
to make some room for them.

So then, where are we supposed to stay?

Akhmal, we have work to do.

Should we go to Ikea?
Get area rug, maybe?

Couple beanbag chairs?

We have to kill Barry.

This is the story of the
first time I took a life.

I was at an OP with my
best friend, Albert.

We had seen some suspicious activity,

and Albert told me to take the shot.

I did.

And it was the first time I
ever felt a sense of purpose,

a sense of community.

First time I killed someone, it
was the best day of my li...

No, no, no, no, no, no.


Are you struggling with your piece?

Anything I can help with?

Yeah, I just don't
know if I wanna do it.

What? Why?

It was really powerful. I mean, it was

literally about life and death.

No, I know it's about
life and death, but...

I don't know, I did a lot over there.

It wasn't all just... this stuff.

Listen, I know better than anybody

how scary it is to confront the past.

I mean, you know, when Gene pushed me

to talk about my marriage, you saw me.

It totally freaked me out.

Honestly, it's... it's
kind of been therapeutic.

Like, okay, I just wrote the part

where I finally stood
up to him and left him.

And I... Okay.

But listen to this.

You just put your hands on
me for the last time, Sam.

You wanna choke me? Well, choke on this.

I'm fucking leaving you.

He choked you?

Oh, yeah. I mean, he was
a total piece of shit.

I'm actually supposed to
Skype with my friend Kate

who was there the night I left him.

So the Wi-Fi is better in
your living room, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, great.

You might wanna make sure
Nick's dressed, though.

- Yeah.
- And... Okay.

Leo, are you there?

- Come on. What is this?
- I know, I know, I know.

It looks a little Mark David Chapman,

but here's the real reason I'm here.

I'm so sorry about how our
last conversation ended,

and I wanted to make it up to you,

so I brought you something.


Open it.

- What is this?
- That is the key

to my cabin. I want you to have it.

I want to keep it in the family.

No strings attached.

I... don't need a vacation home.

No, see, there's the rub. I don't
see it as a vacation home.

I see it as a business opportunity

where you and I work together,

and it can really bring us closer.

You can maintain it, you can
show it, you can rent it.

You want me to be your groundskeeper?

I like to think of it more
as assistant to the owner.

- Okay.
- Now,

- I can't give you a wage, obviously.
- Dad.

- But we can share the proceeds.
- Dad! Dad, I don't want the cabin

where your girlfriend was
murdered. That's sick!

Just please... just please go away.

Please, Dad. Please, please.

Please leave me alone.

So Mark is Hayden's baseball coach,

and he's taking it so damn seriously.

He's kind of taking out all
of his aggression on Hayden

even though he wasn't even
a good baseball player

- if you remember in high school.
- No, he was shit.

Oh, and he's chewing tobacco now

- which is so vile. I'm dying.
- Ew.

- Tell him I say hi, though.
- I will.

Um, okay, so I started writing.

- Wow!
- Yeah.

I mean, everybody writes their
own material these days, so...

Um, and I decided I'm gonna
write a scene about Sam.


- Why?
- I mean specifically

about the night that I left.

So do you remember that night?


Yeah, unfortunately I remember
that night really well.

Yeah, I know. Sorry that we never
really, like, talked about it.

Um, but this is really important.

It's for this acting
class, and I just, I...

I need to know like what you
remember about that last night.

I remember that you came over
in the middle of the night,

and you had the welts on your neck.

And you were a mess.

You said that you had been

at the Rooster earlier,
dancing with Ken Singleton,

and then Sam flipped out about it.

- Yeah.
- So then when you got home,

he beat you up.

So we decided that you
needed to get out of there.

And we headed over to your place,

and I grabbed a baseball bat,

like that's gonna do any good.

And when we got there, he was

passed out on the floor as usual.

So we just grabbed a whole
bunch of your stuff,

we just threw it in the
car, and you took off.

Yeah, right, but that was
after I told him to fuck off.

Oh. I don't... I don't
really remember that.

No, I said... I said, "You
wanna choke me, you coward?

Well, choke on this. I'm out of here."

- Wow!
- Yeah.

I told you this at the time.

Well, it was a long time ago.

- And... and it was a crazy night.
- Yeah.

And... We shouldn't talk about that.

We should talk about all the good things

- that are happening for you.
- Yeah.

Mark and I, we watched you
when you played the alien mom.

- Oh, God, how crazy was that makeup?
- That was so good.

Did you guys see this other show I did?

It was called Pompeii's Burning.

No, I don't think I've seen that. I...

To be honest, I'm so busy with the kids,

- I don't really have time to watch much.
- Oh, right.

Except for Grey's Anatomy, Kardashians,

all the Desperate
Housewives, This Is Us,

So You Think You Can Dance?, The Voice.

I love the Switched at Birth.

I like that one with the
family with all the kids.

That's a good one.

This is not the story of the
first time I took a life,

but the first time I saved a life.

It was my second deployment.

We were in the Korengal Valley.

A villager's donkey had been killed,

and Albert and I were trying to settle

a dispute over who was responsible.

Okay, anybody here shoot a donkey?

Right, I didn't think so.

Look, I understand that you're
upset about your donkey,

but no one here shot it,

so we're not gonna
compensate you for it.

Talk to me, talk to me.
He can talk to me.

- He said God is watching you.
- God is watching me?

Well, then God knows that I...


Corpsman. Corpsman!

Corpsman, flank!


Do you see 'em?!

- No. No, Albert!
- Watch your ten!

Watch your four to five!

Hey, you!

No, no, no, no, no...


How the fuck did you miss?

I don't know how to shoot gun!

Hey, you know this about yourself,

yet when I ask you to come
kill Barry, you say okay?

Hank, there is a power dynamic
here which prevents me...

Get down!

- What happened?
- I got fucking shot!

- Shit.
- Ow, my fucking arm!

Aah! It's so painful!

I did a table read with
Wilmer Valderrama.

You know him. He's a lot of fun.

He's really... loose.

- Fez? Yeah!
- Yeah, Fez! Yeah.

Okay, Akhmal, you got to
get your shit together,

just stand up there, and shoot him.

- Okay? Believe in yourself!
- Fuck you!

I... I just got shot!

Well, I got shot too, remember?

Barry shot me like
precisely in same arm.

Oh, same spot! Wow, he's so good!

All right, but I wasn't a baby about it,

was I? Come on!

Get up, Hank. Get up.

You fucking nuts?

Taking shots at me? My fucking
girlfriend's in there!

You fucked our plan.

I'm dead man anyway, so you know what?

Just do it.

Do it.


- Oh, my God!
- Fuck!

Oh, my God, that was so scary!

That was really scary.

- Hank, listen to me. We can't...
- Oh, no.

Come on, man. Hank.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

I vomited.

I'm sorry. Oh, man, I'm so sorry.

- All right, listen.
- That was so gross.

I can't work for you anymore, all right?

You gotta find someone else.

Well, do you know any other assassins?


Well, what do you want me to do?
Go to John Wick Assassin Hotel

with help wanted sign? I mean what?

You got good guys right here, man.

Oh, my God, my guys
suck balls! You know it!

Especially this motherfucker right here!

If I suck balls, you are
king of Suck Balls Mountain!

Oh, shut the fuck up!

- Fuck you!
- Shut up.

Look, what if, uh...

What if I train your guys?

They already have physical
trainer. They have like three.

Not at a gym. I'm talking about...

I'm a Marine, all right?

I can teach them how to
shoot, combat skills.

I don't have to kill anymore, debt paid.

You give me army?

You turn these pumpkins into
Cinderellas overnight, huh?

Phew. We could take over Burmese mafia,

go back to fifty-fifty with Cristobal.

Or you could just take the
whole thing for yourself.

Fifty-fifty with Cristobal.
I like the sound of that.

Look, I need some gear
from you, all right?

I'll send you a list of
things I'm gonna need

if we're gonna do this, all right?

And we've gotta go out someplace far.

Like the desert or some...
what are you doing?



... with Cristobal.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Come on, get up!

We can't talk to each
other on the phone.

♪ Fifty-fifty with Cristobal! ♪

- People are looking at us.
- ♪ Fifty-fifty with Cristobal! ♪

- ♪ And Barry's training me an army! ♪
- Hank. Hank! Stop!

Oh, my God!

- That was intense.
- Mm-hmm?

Yeah, I was just on the
phone with my friend Kate

for like an hour rehashing some
really difficult memories.

Wait, it was super helpful,
though, to talk someone

who was actually there, you know,

just to get like a reality check.

That's great.

I feel like if I'm gonna
tell this story, I just...

I have to do it a hundred
percent honestly, you know?

And she basically remembers
it exactly the same way I do.


- Aw, you seem tense.
- Yeah?

Yeah, don't worry. Look, it's
just a bit of writer's block.

Okay? It happens to everybody.

Who can you talk to to
help with your story?


What about the Marines that you
brought to Natalie's party?

They don't really talk anymore.


Well, there has to be
someone you can talk to

about what you went through.

You listen to me, Barry, you dumb fuck!

I want you to admit it. You
killed Detective Janice Moss.

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

No, I didn't, you little piece of shit.

- Is that necessary?
- Just go. Just do it again.


Barry, I know you killed
Detective Janice Moss.

- How?
- Because I was there.

- You were?
- No.

Well, I think he would know that.

We don't know what he knows.

Why don't you just let
me go talk to him, huh?

I built this guy's mind. You
don't think I can tear it apart?

Just give me five minutes with him!

I'll have him shitting in my hand.

- What? Wha... ?
- Mm-hmm.

- You better make it work.
- Or I'll go to jail.

- Yeah. Jail.
- Okay. I hear you.

What the fuck is this place?

This is a quinceañera store
which I bought for my wife,

who then left me.

So she's not my wife anymore, is she?

Thanks for bringing that up.

This quinceañera stuff,

it's a really big deal
for these young ladies.

Sort of like a female bar mitzvah.

All right, listen up, you clowns.

I'm just kidding. You guys look great.

So, we are super lucky today
to begin exciting new project,

learning all styles of combat

from our very skilled special guest.

He's your teacher, but he's
my best friend: Barry.

Before we get started, does
anybody have any questions?

Is it true you are the
most gifted assassin

in all of America?

No, I'm not the most gifted
assassin in all of America.

He is being modest. He is
Air Jordan of assassins.

We're all very excited
to be learning from you.

Will we be shooting guns today?


Wait, how many of you
guys speak English?

Okay, bounce.

Come on, bounce. Get out.

Go on, take a break. Walk.



Oh, man!

These guys are like a
Seal Team Six, huh?

Maybe even like seven and a half!

Natural born killers, huh?

For reals though,

how long until they
become like actual army?

You know, like two, three hours?

Hank, I can't magically wave a wand

and make these guys an army.
Their skill set sucks.

Well, you know what Sonny
and Cher would say,

that's on you, babe.

So come on, let's kick
up the training a notch.

What do you think?


Holy shit, Mayrbek.

You're like regular Annie Oakley.


Annie Oakley.

Hey, boss! Did you see?

Good, good, good.

Good job, man!




Sorry, we're closed.

So this is how you're
earning a buck now, huh?

Selling sports bras? What
the fuck happened to you?

Fuches, listen...

No, you listen to me, you
ungrateful piece of shit. I...

I'm really glad you're here.


Korengal, man? You
really wanna talk about

what happened in Korengal? Why?

Well, they wanted me to talk
about my first confirmed,

and I want to do
something more positive.

So I was gonna talk about
when I saved Albert,

but that story...

That story gets fucked up really fast.

- Yeah.
- That's literally the worst story

you could tell.

I mean, after everything we
did to make that go away,

you want to start fucking
blab about that?

- Well, it has to be honest. That's why...
- Honest?

- Yeah.
- Are you kidding me?

You start telling the
truth about Korengal

to those little acting buddies of yours,

and they are never gonna look
at you the same way again.

Come on, man. You're in show business.

They don't want honest,
they want entertainment.

I mean, Jesus, you think
that the real guy

did that speech in Braveheart? No!

No, he went and got
himself killed, you know?

But that's not a story,
that's a situation.

So you gotta have him do the speech,

you know, so everybody can say, "Oh,

he died for something."


What's the matter with you, man? What?

Nothing. It's just, this is...


I don't have this, you know?

Like, everyone in class, they have this.

It's like, Sally, she has
a friend that, you know,

she told her story to, and, you know,

it was really helpful she said,

because it was someone who was there.


Kind of someone who cared.

I don't know, I just can't talk
about this shit with anybody...

Just shut up, man.

Just, you know...

I missed you, man.

I did. I know that sounds...
We can talk about other shit.

I fucking miss you so much.

- Oh, okay.
- Get in here.

You don't think I fucking missed you?

- You're my boy. I got you.
- Yeah.

- I love you, man.
- Thanks, Fuches.

- I really miss you, man.
- I miss you, too, man.

Okay, so this is the true story

of the moment that changed my life.

We were on patrol in
the Korengal Valley.

Albert had been shot in the face,

and I was giving him first aid.

And then something interesting happened.

Barry, we've gotta leave
him! We've gotta go!



Listen to me.

Run and live, at least for a while.

And dying in your beds
many years from now,

would you be willing
to trade all the days,

from this day to that,

for one chance, just one chance,

to come back here and
tell our enemies...

... that they may take our
lives, but they will never take

- our freedom...
- Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Yeah?
- That's Braveheart.

- No, it's not.
- That's definitely Braveheart.

I know this, 'cause I chased
that movie for months.

- Huh?
- I know I knew that from somewhere.

No. No, you don't.

- I said that in Afghanistan.
- Dude, that was definitely Braveheart.

- That's like my favorite movie.
- I said...

Where is the sheep-fucker story?

How do you go away from that?

I just I wanna do something
inspirational and entertaining.

So you thought you would
plagiarize Mel Gibson.

I'm Jewish! What the fuck, Barry?

You were in a war,

and you give us pizzi-caca.

You have got to get in touch
with your inherent darkness.

- It's not inherent.
- Trust me, that is exactly what it is,

and it is dark.

And you better funnel it into your work,

or there is the damn door.

Okay, you know what? I've got an idea.

- Sally...
- Yes?

Have you settled on
someone to play your ex?

- Yeah, uh, Nick's doing it.
- Yo.

Is that firm?

- Yes, yes.
- I don't know.

Okay, Barry's gonna play your ex.

Settled. Next.

Don't think I can play straight?

I played straight for
22 damn years, okay?

All right, um...

Are you sure you're
comfortable with this?

Oh, my God, totally. Barry, you're
nothing like Sam like at all.

If anything, I'm more
comfortable with you doing it.

Hey, this is a really
good stretch for you.

Try to access some rage, you know?


- Where do you want me to start?
- Oh, sorry. Top of two.

Why were you dancing with that guy?


He's just a friend, Sam.

I don't care, I don't like it.
It was embarrassing.

You look like a whore.

Can you try it again

and just like really nail
me with the word "whore"?

Really just come at me, you know?


I don't care, I don't like it.
It was embarrassing.

- You looked like a whore.
- Sam...

- don't be an idiot.
- Don't call me a fucking idiot.

I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this.

- Why?
- This says I choke her.

- It says I choke you.
- Mm-hmm.

I don't know if I can do that.
I don't think I can choke you.

Oh, that's really sweet, Barry,

but I've done like years of
stage combat. It's fine.

You know what? That is so sweet,

but what you need to do if
you're gonna be in the scene,

is you need to act.

I need to see you acting.

Yeah, if you don't choke me,

then it doesn't make sense when I say,

"You wanna choke me, you
coward? Well, choke on this.

I'm fucking leaving you!" So...

All right, action!

Okay. Hey, you can do it.

- Why were you dancing with that guy?
- Ken?

He's just a friend, Sam.

I don't care, I don't like it.
It was embarrassing.

- You look like a whore.
- Sam...

- don't be an idiot.
- Don't call me a fucking idiot!


Don't be an idiot!

Come on. Hey.

Come on.

- Sally, I can't choke you.
- Hey, Barry, come on.

- No, just come on.
- It's just one thing...

Come on!

Don't do that. Please, Sally.

It's just something
I'm not capable of...

Come on, you baby.


- Don't say that.
- Come on!

What are you doing? Don't do that.

- Come on! Come on!
- Look, Sally...

- Look, I know who you really are, okay?
- Don't touch me!

- You pretend to be this nice guy...
- Stop it. Stop it!

- ... but deep down... you're nothing but rotten...
- Stop!

- ... and you like it.
- What is wrong with you?

That's why you're never gonna change

and that's why I'm gonna
fucking leave you!

- Why are you saying that stuff to me?
- Come on! Come on!

- Stop saying that.
- Fucking choke me!

Fucking do it, you fucking pussy!

- Fucking do it! Come on!
- Barry, she's helping you.

- Come on! Choke me!
- Stay in the scene with her. Let it out.

Fuck off!


Hey, Barry, hey!

Hey. Hey! Barry, wait! I'm sorry. Look,

I took it too far, I know. I was
trying to help you with the scene.

- I'm sorry, okay?
- Look, look, I don't know why everybody

wants me to do this, okay?

- I don't want to hurt anybody!
- I know!

I get it. You don't have to
hurt me, it's just acting.

It's just part of the scene,
okay? It was only to...


Hey, Sally.

Hey, Sam.

You don't think all this
Spy Game stuff is overkill?

No. Just get him here, get him talking,

and I'll do the rest.

You just hit me for the last time, Sam.

Hey, Sally said she didn't
want you seeing that.

No you said you didn't
want me to see it.

Sally, what's wrong?

How do I explain to people the beatings

- and apologies?
- You don't have to.

Your story is that your
father was abducted

and replaced by aliens?

That's what happened.

I'm having a little trouble with that.

It's the first time I ever
felt a sense of purpose.

A sense of community.

First time I killed someone
was the best day of my li...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We had this idea of, you know,

this thing from your
past that you don't like

and how you rewrite it in your head.

And Barry does that and we
kind of illustrate this

in this way of showing
the same flashback

over and over again.

This is not the story

of the first time I took a life,

but the first time I saved a life.

He wants to tell a nice story

'cause the first story was so terrible,

and it just gets a little
bit more ridiculous

as he's trying to navigate.

Okay, so this is the true story

of the moment that changed my life.

It's an interesting
thing in human nature

that you rewrite your memories
to favor what you want to be

as opposed to what you really are.

You were in a war, and
you give us pizzi-caca!

The same with Barry, the
same with Cousineau,

the Sally character is
dealing with her past.

We find out about her ex-husband, Sam.

He choked you?

Oh, yeah, I mean, he was
a total piece of shit.

She Facetimed her friend
to get the real story,

but it's just validation for
her version of the story.

She's trying to sort of author the truth

- in that scene where she's like...
- Yeah.

"Right, remember and then
this happened. Remember?"

Yeah, right, but that was
after I told him to fuck off.

Same as Barry, like they're
both doing the same thing...

- Yeah.
- ... which is that idea of like,

"I'm gonna tell my truth,
but it's the version

of the truth that I
feel the best about."

- You know?
- Right.

When we shot on that
roof, it was like...

- A hundred degrees outside.
- It was so hot.

Troy, the actor who plays Akhmal...

I don't know how to shoot gun!

When he gets shot and
drops out of frame...

I got fucking shot!

- The dialogue is all looped.
- Yeah.

What actually you would hear
on the production track

is Alec and I cracking up.

- I think every take we ruined.
- Yeah.

You got good guys right here, man.

Initially, it was, "My guys
are shit," and he goes,

"Well, if we're shit, you're
the king of Shit Mountain."

And then on one take,
Anthony improvised...

Oh, my god, my guys suck
balls, you know it.

And Troy, his line was shi... so
he went, "Well, we suck balls

then you are king of
Suck Balls Mountain!"

And we like lost it, like we had to cut.

- Yeah.
- We all started laughing.

The crew, everyone. And Troy was like,

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what to say!"

And we're like, "No, no, that's it now!"

Like, "That's now just the line."

If I suck balls, you are
king of Suck Balls Mountain!

Shut the fuck up.

What if I train your guys?

Tao, one of our writers said,

"What if Barry trained the Chechens?"

These guys are like a
Seal Team Six, huh?

Maybe even like a seven and a half.

And what he learns is that it's not

like really a teachable skill,

but then he's seeing that
in this Mayrbek character.

Yeah, and does Barry then
have a responsibility

not to take this kid down
the same path he went?

So this is how you're
earning a buck now, huh?

Selling sports bras?

I really liked that scene.

Barry and Fuches have
kind of a tearful...

- Reunion.
- Reunion in the Lululemon.

There is oddly, an honesty
to their relationship.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause he's the only guy

on Earth who actually knows
who Barry really is.

Yeah, that's that weird thing
of both things can be true.

- I got ya.
- Fuches loves Barry,

but he's also using him

and is a bad guy.

- I love you, man.
- Thanks, Fuches.