Baltic Crimes (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Schneewittchen - full transcript

Zero women


They say bad things among friends


Now vector is enough for you

Top video YouTube

We learned pizza at Lossa last week

personal rights

You're not even allowed to film it


jumpsuit with you

Pictures cellphone pc

Tell your mother she can look forward to my call yes

Morning Mr. Brinkhaus

I think this is a futile labor of love, I'm afraid the boss won't come back

Its not our fault

It is therefore requested that the accused be sentenced to two years imprisonment without parole

Unfortunately, Madam President, our smart-ass prosecutor forgot to take that into account at this point

My client is a first-time offender and

That his testimony uncovered the entire fraud case in the first place

Number and I would also like to say something for the time being not at all complete


Questioning takes place during the taking of evidence

We are here

Innentüre jenensis

What is appropriate punishment

Please forget the right one

Music lively quickly

You're quite a cool deep

It took a week and they're meant to be knocked out, yes

More told me my old yesterday

Good example

I have in

Affect my husband was shot for eight years in prison

And today I'm no longer allowed to work as a public prosecutor


Is reasonable street or

They could do me a favor because of the student internship

Could you advise me right away, my teachers say I should do something that I'm good at

You are there something

We are happy to do the next few days during the project week

i hate paula

finger food

Shouldn't I take you with me and go home

facts on it

Do you often have problems with classmates?

So if you want to talk I've always been from the sofa bed kid me the bike

Probably also from two weeks in the project group so nobody has to know if you want

I'll be at school later tomorrow

No idea will get it

But your mother has something to do with someone at school

with the student

Please the shit

If you're hungry, just the leftovers from last night

And the money for tutoring the song forever

Buddhism doesn't go away on

We'll see later

HD Movies


Can you drink tea

I heard it on the radio the trial at the International Court of Justice that deserves to fall for you five years

Team of eight people Annette

And then they retract their statements

And fear

Social Law Lawyer Prosecutor No Frustration Tolerance East

Please fall off the brunch

Won Iranian Wedding

Recipe from your own murder trial

Triumph 20

The next profit pictures

Rather not

Pastor Jacobs School

In senior class

With us

That's what they said to us

Oh yes sorry is

I am of this criteria on your school and

That one from the best school


I'll be right back

That's only because Theo's mother is who she died of cancer two years ago and

Geo do you know students come here more often

let us celebrate

Then mobile phone can be found

It may have been quite noticeable when they spotted him

If you wait a minute I'll be right back


Jakobshorn Davos

The jack

Theo jacobsson's father

When were you fit?

Kripo Heringsdorf


That's not possible

Tutor for today

What does he have

Made over the cliff

That I can see Theo Zimmer


She says I have tutoring

Besides, he wanted to give news

Once twice a week at

Paula Ludwig

Ludwig is the daughter of the school secretary

I looked around a bit

You don't know drunk



What is happening

And that goes tomorrow at school will be the topic

Yes, you will hear that from me

So it's true then


You tell me it's now

I know that you are waiting sorting

You're doing that. But I think that's damn and really not a 1

Why Theo Wassmann

why was dead

This is my wife's box

The operation keepsake that still

May get a few 1000 euros

From his work here with you in the world no I I I transfer the money to the boys

Daniel Carol wildschek he also works here where am I finally gone

He lives in the camper out here on the premises with classmates from

Theo and why does a classmate live here on the premises his parents say how far behind was in Poland

Now going to trade school you're giving a live work agreement

And take the energies in flow keep you understand

I want to take EOS laptop with me and on this box

Let's go to Carol I'd like to come with you

Well then we have to clarify that with his parents first anyway, can she give me the contact the boy where

For a year now, my son's morning has been with me, of course, when I talk to you Jacobsen

I'm just asking you to buy by tomorrow afternoon

When they this afternoon

At the macaws

Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

When separates they still need help

You can always make use of our psychological service then see

Please what

I had to listen to the whole evening that Katharina lives in the wrong life


Don't need to go in

taken sleeping pills

And washed down with red wine

I have new case

Is a tragedy

trade school



Theo Jacobsen

Dragged something around with you


I offered him

To talk to me

Less than three hours later he is dead

Martin found

On the cliff

broken neck

You are my Catherine

So why didn't I ask the boy more?

Police are coming to school today


Yes, I'll just sign up again

OK, pay attention

You mean you can just stay at home because of Theo

Car1 happens

no idea

travel price


As if she broke up with me back then

My first great love and means my first husband

I couldn't sleep, eat or drink either, it's just not a nasty feeling


good morning, honey

Widget Wetter


How long can you stay

Green all the time

do you have vacation


That time with the boss, not at all anymore

I have to ciao bye

I gave up

Simply that way

Not just like that

Middle if you want me to talk first

Click me to the bed

We'll talk quietly tonight okay

Please come everyone

The shoe prints on Theo's clothing indicate that he was kicked before his death

What is it that you can neither find out the shoe brand nor the shoe size

On his cell phone still not a trace better after or what else was taken in the lamp at the scene of the crime

And then nothing after 3 p.m

Then this is probably our day time.

Had something to do with Theo's father

Is he suspicious?

Kinda weird

Natalie had specified a meeting with Alcoholics Anonymous

It looks like he has

The addiction exchanged for such a permanent one

Positive thinking talk

That means drinking

what is

With the environment of the ships

Is there

Surveillance cameras in the parking lots not that I know of or morning shift

Yes, I'll spend my morning at school today

Not that much

As you please pay attention to the absolutely correct compliance with the prescribed procedure

Reach most parents

I would have one there too

important issue


What's the point of school?

Today we wanted to deal with rehabilitation


I have the study material for you

For the test on Friday




I'll be right with you, thank you, the deputy headmaster will be with you shortly

talk to you and to you

And then the police come and have a few questions

Tubes packed what's the clothes age?

Gentlemen Ludwig Kraus there's still a place left, you can shut up

Unfortunately, something very terrible happened

Mr. Assman

Is a school psychologist

Hoerstmann and I

We will be there for you all day today

Ludwig go listen fit


It's about your classmate Theo

Found dead yesterday afternoon


There Arne Jacobsen

But they us UCI miracle practically doors door yes I live in the caravan on the factory premises

What did the fasteo at the cliff cost

Had no friends here was exhausting it wasn't easy

I never knew what to talk to him that manteo funny

Should we wait now or is it the police

Montana by map only

Gladly found a large amount of cash on him

Do you have any drugs at school?

Drugs and Theo

I don't trust him much, but least of all drugs

He will have saved this together suits him better

He obviously had problems with classmates here what was it about

If it's well mobbed, the tires will burst, though

So Marvin and someone have to kill that other house number that here that

While that was actually just the usual pledge no nerd didn't suffer

And I know that briefly

Do you remember his cell phone where we can find

She can do that, or we'll try

Forget it, you won't get it anyway

He will

The school management has clearly asked you to ask a PC for which the parents have given permission

We have obtained permission from md-chip's parents

thank you Mr

We would also like to speak to you again

And with her daughter

Of course you are

So that's what the whole thing is really full of is the name and

Feel free to take part in the survey

Don't know if it's possible, but maybe just come to us this afternoon and you can do two birds with one stone

Russian, why didn't you say it's Rio 1 to 2

Was with them twice a week

I don't have that

Somehow I can't think clearly again

Let's go jogging on the cliff regularly

Try it at least twice a week

And they noticed the youngsters on the route


So many tourists but now in the winter months


For me sick

Laptop evaluated by adidas Heinrich

Now whether this Theo isn't the model student want to believe the opposite

But make it exciting

Teo jakob canada all our school bag on the computer

Did someone answer?

So that would be my question for you

Medi-test are all uploaded to the server by the teachers, but anyone can then invite them without a password


Is there anything new, still phoning today, that's the biggest concern

Yes, what do you expect?

How will it have paid

Yes yes he is good

I'm still at school and then I'll drive to the shipyard and take a closer look at Theo's room


What I then confirmed was a large-scale scam

It's the colleagues' turn

Actually posted please

Directly what sick

I am responsible

I would like to

We still need the school server for this

Decision is already in progress

I think that's no problem

Just separated into Frau Ludwig



In turn

children's clinic

We stayed at the hotel

There is a lot to do and opportunities for advancement

I do not know

I've lost interest in it

Hotel or or Usedom

Well, Jan-Philipp can come today and try something different

You from others simply falter in the internship at the summer resort

Or with her parents

I forbid that you don't have to change right now

Then Mr. Brinkhaus, who wants to be friends with every student

You can't see these people as people their age

I understand you

Do you have

wanted to do osteo

Theo arrive today

So a small company


But he has to use the pool

Finally backwards

Totally relaxed

And now


Close your eyes and think of nothing

One year from today

Then gladly


I'll just get a bag too

We were just talking

Schlueter used

Mr Jacobsson


Friend purchase

I am sorry that we meet again under these circumstances, my sincerest condolences


Very nice of you

Is he okay?

It would take me quite a while until we sorted that out

I'm here because I wanted to ask you if I should let the class know when the funeral is

I have to cut my son open first

Door frame Favorite student

I know you can't say that anymore, but




Going to the toilet with you through art

Yes of course off

And at the entrance

I don't have it at all with today's orientation

I just couldn't find the toilet

I saw them here by accident

I have drawing Elin

He often has to talk about novels

This is my son's room

I am sorry



What is this nonsense?

Sugar-sweet greetings to the forensic examination of the shoe service as soon as possible, please


The customer

Tan locked

House of Juliet Tennis


Good that you are here

This is all a big misunderstanding

Why are you invading the victim's room, which is the subject of our ongoing investigation

I've already explained that to you

I opened the wrong door, I was going to use the bathroom, so we broke into a sealed crime scene

not seen me

Then I was already standing in Theo's room and then

I discovered these two books I TU Berlin this evening

Yes then I said now

Bridal cars I could maybe take them back to me

Which books

What is my name in it from the first page

Silent Days in Clichy and the Garden of Eden

Watch something like this retrainee

When Theo was desperate

My German class today Class 1 write autobiographical short story and distribute erotic reading suggestions

Or what

Thought he could only write about his late mother

That touched him so much and that his father

Instead of supporting him, he still preached to transform his pain into strength

That didn't help most of the time

When you're in the kitchen I'll come straight to the household I'm in the kitchen

I am keeping the books as evidence for the time being

They stay away from this guest, that's clear

Is that why they did so well in school?

My theories and the tests gave

I never got any of those

Really tutored me

But the message then fitted extremely well

The following Schultheiss

If they now also accuse my daughter of cheating then then

Breaking school supplies can decide for yourself

I want to help

I actually had tutoring that afternoon for Theo, that happens

Canceled at school the day after tomorrow because something else for today in the afternoon

Did he say anything what exactly?

Do you remember Theo's cell phone?

The sun salutation is bright red

We can't find it

That was last holed on the cliff

What are you thinking about

This cell phone finally got me with it weird

They say the cliff

What's on RTL today

Theo was pushed off the cliff and only died from the injuries her mother has

found him

So no, I just didn't want to say that

child support

But understand that too

I just didn't want you too

So you have to worry about me

How am I doing with that?


why do you exist

I think that's enough now

They're okay right now

I thought about it vienetta actually was

can you type


Is it the right season for pruning

I have no idea

I brought it with me from Jena

quitting time


Can't think straight

Take back your resignation

You got rid of tourists at the International Court of Justice

Do you just want to give up? I can't live like this anymore

Then let's come up with a plan B

Always immediately with a solution around the corner I'm not ready yet

you men

By the way very tasty

I'll forward this to Antonio

How much people is catering

Maybe nobody comes at all, maybe they all come

To celebrate

That I'm actually going away

I already regret losing my favorite guest

From Losow

Yvonne go

It's not quite all that yet


Such words from her dog photos

icon drunk as

The existence


Three pizzas



I don't speak Italian well

Give me some time

Ask for an exemption

But now, out of sheer frustration, make a decision that you may regret later


until you feel better

can you here

Devastate the garden for three four months



3 Fun

That sounds completely unreal

I like it

Yes I like it too


How do you still manage?

Oh, say one

Aren't you actually telling me that Bruna is leaving?

Bruna is leaving

He just told the Italian

There's already your plan B


You want to work as a public prosecutor on Usedom

If I would never ask of you, yes you would

Bored to death at our little field

Yes, but Brunner ever seemed overworked

Not tolerated

Beautiful evening

Good Appetite



Look what I picked you up

May I keep it for you?


You know what I mean


So ten students admitted that I bought from Theo Check

At least 200 € per test

All from the project group


Seven from the group and three from the senior class


And below

Sports club parents

I checked the deputy headmaster who was 2 years old in Greifswald but then you have to go because parents complained

trouble with students

Vibrate opposite they have to hit as well understood with the after school

Sexual harassment

No, not like that, but there were o2 who felt increasingly uncomfortable with it, so the parents fell

girls boys Valais

Two boys 17 years old

Brinkhaus is currently applying for the post of headmistress comes out that I'm a bit too much

Then students take care of water whether there is something to it or not

Crack Wendy and Peter

Then maybe the information came and Katrin brought you blackmailed

Look hair

Yes, found something else

I guess we're the only ones who didn't buy a stool test from Theo

Brinkhaus sent everyone else home to write a written statement

In this constellation, groups make little sense or

The three of us could do lessons or not

Then I'm going home for today

Sorry Ludwig I didn't say in

David needs some information about animals

So no disturbance now please

Of course me

Sorry that you won't be disturbed for the time being

It was almost clear to me

That you come to me with this old thing

Data two students completely misunderstood

And of course her helicopter parents make a huge thing out of it

I fed on these pupils and quite

I have here a copy of an essay by Theo Jacobsen

Canning date corrected

If you didn't tick the kindness to read the passage

Yes done

The seagulls touched the water with their bellies

The student looked away

stay away from the window

To the man who still hasn't worked out, you taught me all of that

Not just the subject matter for the next exam


That I look almost sad

She stroked her teacher's hair

That on the temples

To the grave

And while she undid his belt

She kept looking him in the eye

Yes I was too

Confused by Theo's short story

But nevertheless it is obvious that Theo can write

What did the other students write about?

Not about sex

But Theo's story isn't about sex either

It's about closeness and trust no

It's about the abusive relationship between a teacher and a minor

And less than two weeks later, the author of this story is murdered dead

Where were you on Monday afternoon when TO start

I was at the school board

me walking home

Then I sat in my study and prepared the lessons for the next week

Do you have

Called Du Jacobsen on his cell phone or sent 1 messages

Check the she comes back

Did you think again during your break?

I still like it

Imagine then maybe 3 months would turn into 30 years

In your free time you then tend to see

But if I really

If Jonas took over my job then I would be your supervisor, which means you would have to do everything I say



So you reject the idea that I have a good and more relaxed job because then I'll be your boss


And would we also have this discussion if it were the other way around, i.e. if you were pushed into the boss position

We men


Gender equality is really very important to me

But not when it comes to me personally

However, that's part of the second job, the brains why it says you have Karin

Rai 1

Yummy yummy with you

Are you feeling better


I'm considering withdrawing my resignation


Have a nice evening then


The next 30 years of Usedom

To the next 30 years

What can you

It's nice that you're here, then nobody's finished

Is determined at Hamburg Airport


What isn't

We wanted to sell the camera last summer

Didn't you want to put more ads on the internet

The renkwitz feeling is still in the thing because of the uniropa pure substance that doesn't even roll upstairs

Nobody suspects us, I'll just wait for you

Are you really ready?

Craft corner cousin

You're mostly fine

Were you

Yes, from time to time I look for the right food while jogging

Say next place ad yes now

Pulling out burning money for your first apartment as a facility to visit seed capital or what



Infinity or is he around there

Why didn't you tell me that you found him yeah I'm stopping the whole thing way too much look at you

So not you

Me too

I can see the picture because it's lying on the beach, but I can't get it out of my head

I'm just trying to deal with it, I'm trying not to bother you anymore, sure

Was easy

Not good for you in the last few days though

I know what's going on at school myself, the police took Trinkaus away today

Is there just a few days not coming probably has something to do with it I mean

Have you noticed that he's approaching Antioch somehow, it doesn't matter whether it's the HFT or Stahl type

Apollo of Rhodes

What is up


Then tell me something in Theo theory SH what a theory

That you were dating someone from school

With a student

That's what she said she did

shooter cord

And that's what you believe

Damn crush on mom and he said something else to get your attention

I was with the student man I want your mother

I laughed Bettina

But now

Didn't arrive Simon pen from me campsite jasminar

Tatort I thought should bring list from the playstation

yes it's my turn

And I'm recovering


BRG ndel at






No Usedom

The island


Hello tomorrow

have a look

Read all night

Joey and Karl grab just about every prostitute turn that comes their way


Do I have to from a cell phone?

inscribed in pencil

Dear Theo

This is not true love true love can wait

And if the book you

makes curious

Will you accompany me to Paris

Bernhard Brinkhaus

Maybe the essay about the teacher and the student is his answer to the Parisians

Schafwiesen Brinkhaus ago

hear cosmetics floor

Do a little twice went out didn't get out of it anymore

Visa landed in America

I'm not into you okay leave me alone


Don't you tease me

The scraps fly

can you laugh

What is the penalty for



And go

Let's work

Bayme juvenile criminal proceedings

It's about avoiding sanctions



Young people are still in the process of personal maturation

Dear Theo, this is not true love true love can wait and if the book makes you curious

Will you accompany me to Paris

They can't help it, can they?

You don't want to understand me, I don't know how to understand it any other way

How about educational

Why am I giving Theo such a book by Miller

No by Hemingway

So that trust if that's interesting can be when you write autobiographical

And a position that I have as a pedagogue Heike Funk at Müller


I have noted

This is not true love

True love can wait

Or do you think this is wrong

They had to leave their old school

What I felt bothered two students

I already told him that was a misunderstanding

The second time it is

Because of me

But the third time, it's definitely a ride and a statement of intent

Remember earlier that one was temporarily again

If you are friends with his students until early there is no more

And because they are unwilling to see that they are overstepping their bounds and students are bothered by it

Will that translate exactly

I can get up too

You remain in custody

Colleagues will take over the matter that will be forwarded to the school authority

Luckily, I don't have to decide whether they just lose their job with civil servant status or pursue it

What's up

Class was canceled and I'm not sure if I'll have a test written tomorrow


Get out with a shirt

I'm going to be a fun contadina


Now I don't understand why

I can't speak right now, I'll get in touch with you right away


Yes so

It said no idea and had the big come back

The number

I am

Did you hurry up a bit?

Same with you yes

Just so you know

The clean Herr Brinkhaus remains in custody for the time being


Pictures from the campsite

who is it

Annette Ludwig

Why don't you say anything?

The groundskeeper says he last saw it on the site Monday afternoon who needs it right now

Someone in their Pampers

Then we'll go there before it gets dark, well then I'll make my appointment with Katharina on time

to comply with

That's all the laundry


Prepared us first no longer see too short Willich

Just try to save your ass so your mine

Roller Weissensee


Why must I have lost my fighter cat, she's getting it now

Azur air

I still have the phone

Stop kindergarten kindergarten


Let's just talk again please please do

I've had the key for half an hour

The cleaning man brought it over to me because the car is to be sold

But that's how he comes

Have you ever seen this young man here?

Technically you won't ne

the little one

Do the grown up

Oh yes not seen

And this cleaning man, how is he supposed to be an active soccer player

Show me a photo of Carol

Jürgen Autobahn here

He was so diligent and quick that I asked if he could clean at my house too


take care of me

Then I have to come back next time

Hello Carol and the bowl

An affair here he is love nest


Law tutor for Paula for a year

Put 17 year olds and 16 year olds in a room for a year what happens

One of them falls in love unhappily and for the love of the other

And this secretary passes the one

I put you on loud too short and too doctor

Call Garbsen

Telephone company is trying to find out, but the cell phone is still around

Until which presidency





Actually wanted to go to your mother

I have to do 70 KNT

Hello darling I am yes sorry

The weather a bit longer again

yes you can then bye

Spaghetti monster


I had a table to myself

That is a happy colleague when I bring her to my table once

Then should

It would be my pleasure unless you wish

Alone no why not

Thank you very much

Oh mein Gott Spaghetti Vongole


A second plate of it please after broken


I can


well then

Ge Bella Koinzidenz

Nice coincidence

So it's because of Paula the fuck

With us we will never

Appealing how far to go

not be together

The time with you she was the sister for

Contact Instagram we need to protect ourselves

Show me what to do I do

Are you spinning?

Himself in bed too

Game let's just see again what the country

Should we elope together in a rubber dinghy?


Nothing works anymore, the mobile phone is no longer active


Very quick first come

I think the sauna

Put the coffee on fire

Nissan garage the bullshit

Wood to the Dorit Shipyard Reinforcement

Are they in there?

he was with me

diarrhea for you

games please

Once only

In our body has drifted

Nothing to mean that we are monsters as a witch my daughter then you wake me up

Stop stop wait before you do that I want to talk to you

So everything to stop me but I don't care how I'm doing

Fluctuating wet shave

I didn't have the nicest worst were the conversations with my husband

But this time it was all thanks again

Why did I find that you know I couldn't possibly smack him in the face anymore

I couldn't throw a plate in anything at all and I want it all to have taken place

What is in a prison but no longer there has taken place in the head

You do this for the rest of your life

These conversations with your mother over and over again all lead in this head

Will you lead them with your mother you understand

Believe me it's not about that

Getting rid of the two is about it

you know how to let go

You are strong


you are very strong

and you

Episcopal me

do you cook for me


Open the door

Aware or

Do you want to put the way on his cell phone that you have what is mill

This cell phone

For mobile

Ramazzotti at 8 a.m

I believe

3D YouTube

BBVA League

Aulonocara fallen over

Woermann trailer


Maybe just let me delete the video give me the phone

give me the phone


The troubles of your first love are already behind you

Thank you bye



Your brother are now really I have a great future ahead of me

The two of us