Baltic Crimes (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Gute Nachrichten - full transcript

kite flying

So that was an illegal one

Then they are not only because of deliberate negligence because of an accident with a hit-and-run

I can not right now

bucket with

Der Vase

Lie down for everything and speak as an accessory prosecutor

interruption of the interrogation

3:20 p.m. Chief Inspector

Phase 10 short brands

Send straight across

Do you have much to say?

But I just want to clarify something about Jasper, so I thought the daycare

Look, what do we have here?

Do we have to bake new ones?




Let something come

Please have a moment please

Thank you Karen

I'll let you know when we're expected

Housework just let in is gone someone we reach out to

Where are we still waiting

Skull fracture manta emergency doctor

He accepts flails

Because potatoes no trace

That woman out there what is the gardener

Comparison discovered

My colleague has seen normal procedures

Ferry road are now

Been here for 5 days when you always close around 4:36 p.m

At 4 p.m. that I had forgotten my hedge trimmer

They didn't want to please her until tomorrow

not me anymore

I tried to call her husband but he didn't answer so we'll take care of it

was here today


Always in the afternoon

On the phone on the terrace I saw that shines

The absolute dream couple

Every hairdresser's magazine can read that



Is not said only bergerhoff

The two have been here on Usedom for a week now


Die Sandra Berger Gomez

And with that we say goodbye to you for today and also for the next 8 days

Next week for you our colleague Petra senftenberg

Thanks for your interest in investigates

Mrs. Hausmann

Inspector gardener found woman 1 hour ago

Sorry were about 3 hours shopping

wine shop

In Ahlbeck

Fish shop in Heringsdorf

Night in Zinnowitz

Who knows that they are on Usedom this week

The entire editorial office in Hamburg


Our gallery owner

At first

Google there are no signs of a break-in does anyone have a key other than the property manager

Expected will probably be let in


That's why I ask her who could it be because her wife receives it that way

Have you seen people not going here in the last few days?

Then that you have gardeners and taverns

From cigarette

It was about an object

Who's on your mind

Who are they thinking of?

Do you have any suspicions?

We can continue the conversation until tomorrow if it's him


Please hack a few things

Can't sleep here tonight forensics just aren't enough

How do I get to you right away friends here is ok I just hope

Ms. Norbert and Mr. Brendel will accompany you

And it would be helpful if you

Take off the things they are wearing

What is routing

Frida, that can't be true

Can drive you to the hotel

Leaving starts with it being incredibly difficult to even reach anyone in the department

Thank you thank you

Insurance won't come until tomorrow

Every second sick or in the home office and that's the end of the day


But does not lose driving


How can I go there if you'd rather stop at home first

We treat him like any other family member or possibly suspicious

Forget celebrity status

It means this year

Take away Skyrim


Forensics don't come until tomorrow


Did you tell yourself

Is that before

I don't want a chance to become what you say

How long have you known the gallery owner?

At that time

The Gardens

First order Berlin

Since 5 days

All you if you need that

Suddenly a big dog came

It was red

Pretty big

I'll give you some of my bun

what my

What's happening

I'm totally screwed

I wanted you to say it three times

Really I lost twice we have

A year and a half no see I just wanted to talk to him

He's been spending a lot of time alone here, contemplating separation

But then his wife almost got killed

That something else

What would have happened if I hadn't decided on Sandra back then

Tell him he's your son

An hour later his wife was dead

Jespers roads

I have to be part of the investigation

Describe suspect's phone number to me

when it comes out

Casillas at the kindergarten

3 Take

to address again

baby animals

Katharina has to prepare in a difficult process next week and is constantly in video conferences

Take care of me that I'm through with this

Theme young woman

You can still talk to everyone yesterday by chance

how so

I ask you to get out somehow the new one doesn't fall to me

You know what

What am I supposed to know?

You know how much I like him

I just want to know if she can handle it

You've probably got more difficult being a single mom

TV shopping

We have goats swimming in 1 parte

Excuse me, I have a video conference, Karin, can you clear the table?

So with the celebrities

And since it's been so long, you'll have to type a little more

Tried hashtag

Karin, you've survived them until now

Hashtag gomez hideout mexico

The first time I watched my Mexican homeland from the series of murders

Mine over 30 years later

The wave of film goals seems to be reaching its sad climax

In 2019 over 3000 became a support in Mexico


800 trend

The investigating authorities are accused of corruption in a conference of witnesses

Determined intensively

Remind me to 3D has several times about it

It is suspected that organ dealers are behind the crimes

forced prostitution misogyny slavery the whole thing

Disgusting the video at that time simply triggered in downright online

Has been clicked millions of times

However, it was never clarified whether the keys really buy the motorcyclist

Wait a minute

Saying that is the Mexican human trafficking mafia and the corrupt authorities of this legal wasteland

Have finished your vendetta bleeding here on our tranquil island

We must at least investigate the possibility

The two 90% of all murders are related crimes

The husband

Had a motive

Is a solid alibi

Is a good idea

Check that who


in Canada



What can I do

your employees

Thomas is here

And Lisa I think in a greenhouse

you read thanks


are you dreaming again

speak police report

I come

I'm looking for my life you never know what to say and I look at the messages of the other moderator

I didn't want to show you that nakedness and Gomez I think anyway

Children noticed something given failed

I was behind the bushes on the terrace, may I visit my girlfriend in five days

That every day that if you saw someone please say yes

A woman and then

Yesterday this cuts guy

So sorry but SMI

The service

Café you can describe to the visitors in more detail

I do not know

Country attractive just like her

I mean that big

If you're a certain guy with big glasses and golden temples

They have them all the time you keep coming after

In the evening we all drove to Richter's nursery

With two cars Thomas with the boss I still have a detour via the recycling center 5 I can hear the sound of the planting pit

The receipt for this has a lot of fun yet

had to

Hellbrauner, 4

Karin is playing holiday aunt today


say kindergarten

Weather report for this week must be given twice to young Mrs. Berger


And I'm afraid that he will recognize me again

Yes, I'm coming already bought this drop of baby two years ago

Can you check out the gallery owner?


I tell what I can do

You now

Then after the way to go somewhere else is boring stuff

Don't do that afterwards, it's really not possible, we have to do it again

we're going tomorrow yes

I really, really promise you know what I just went to the cinema

Yes Popcorn Cola and and and gummy bears


Can you please pass on the list with the times and places thank you

Yes, and if you can't read something, just call

Could you please


no problem

What's your name


mass tourism

Freddie Mercury more often than not

You left your house at 3 p.m. and are walking away for 3 hours

Why couldn't you be reached? The manager of the garden center called her several times


I didn't know the number was on the display here

Sandra and I wanted

Finally free again here on Usedom

No stress none

Intern erection something just want rest from the gunfire three years ago in Mexico

I was visiting a father in Dortmund

We suspect the shooting had nothing to do with us, just a ricochet but a trip to Mexico

I still wouldn't have wanted to put Sandra through the run-up

I have to ask that now

The problem her balls

What kind of problems?


Really not inside, it's none of my business


Who my testimony that an unidentified woman was at her home the day before the murder

Someone from the nursery walk in see who was this woman tall blonde slim

no idea tell me there was no one there you have the gallery owner

I don't know maybe there was someone else for tea who could have been so mine

Had a headache the night before last, probably had a migraine again until yesterday, you're not like that

Turns the roller lie down in the bathtub and as I said I went shopping at the wine shop market

And I was in the gallery in Greifswald for a short time, that's true, we didn't want to do it together or what they were

Then alone wine snifter we're done


Did you meet Sandra the day before yesterday?

Adi blonde woman can not anyway

I do not know

oh yeah me

Today then still something our house

Cheeky what is possible to get

Andreaskirche Verden my private mobile phone

When I was packing my things I must have somehow fallen out of my trouser pocket

I really need to talk about Jasper


I sure shit better that on TV

Paper direct to which Mr. Gomez was allegedly attending

We're not quite through on the market yet, but it's only once a week, there's over 20 dealers, but the ones we've reached so far can

Can't remember but we took over the Greifswald galleries

I would like to go back to the holiday home just now in the calls us if there is anything new

I want to check something

There are very specific decorative stones in the nursery and I saw them in the garden of the holiday home

Maybe we could use our murder weapon there let me know

The preliminary report of the medical examiner

Accident hit on the head from behind in long object

Probably for the school book

Good thank you

Okay I'll get my stuff from there just because and back and the questions are then three hours around

The murder weapon is the most important thing we need now

That's why I'm with me and I've been to the doctor

Live a few more from you have me new

Touch me all that expensive

We made something like that at school out of paper mache

Tell me I'm looking for a picture by the artist Trottmann, I heard they have some

The artist side died two years ago in that respect

Only with the collector's market

And maybe


Show me

Am I the killer whose house burned down

I don't have a house anymore, but I have a lot of insurance money

And I would like that in

Konstantin, I can ask my short one if someone wants to sell it

Leave me her number here

Actually customers too

I have no idea, no, but you used to live there

And then you mentioned that you have the artist Troppmann with you

They're really nice

want to buy house

Already something from the board

No, but we basically have the garden around

Okay, so let's do it today

You were already called to Cyprus

You're still in the back garden and then we'll go

quitting time

I want a can I reach you if there is something new

I don't mean to ask you that

What are you going to drink or something?

Yes, no longer make fetch packages from today

just get in touch




I'm doing here I thought he wanted the pool

Hi Papa

Go shopping today

There is no pocket money advance I have to go see you tonight

Then we have to go back, it doesn't work like that here

Please don't make it if I can't show you a cool new me tonight, but now

lied to Dustin


Jaderberger asked what was going on



Good day

Another room in the gallery

Seedorf weather

For one of her customers

Frau Sandra Berger

I regret to inform you that

Ms. Berger was the victim of a violent crime

What does this mean

That we found her dead

But I was with her yesterday too


Taxi not bye

For me for the finger trick

Luminol test was negative and if we find anything else that looks like this then I'll call right away

everything ok yes

Right in the bureau

Do you know

you better

farm equipment

Spa Konstanz the island


The mountains have been my customer for three years

Are you shopping for a holiday home on Usedom?

What more often at you recommend

I tell my customers which objects fit into the acting one

Last week they were

Twice there

Cooking test with an object


A sculpture bought here will be damaged in transit

Where is this sculpture now

Brought yesterday afternoon


Snotty seclusion SO36

I would like to see her


Made your daughter crafts

2800 €

See you right away in the forensics I'm curious how long they need this time

Do you seriously believe that Gomez kills his wife with this and then take us back to his gallery owner

How about his alibi that no one saw

So a good 45 unconfirmed minutes


What are in forensics

Fat face make very fine

Actually everything is ok

On me


You still have an hour with me

Little Babies


I have to go to him

With the tire and Sandra the mobile phone

Bring what you live

Decorate these biscuits with your son and I have enough to do

I will not continue to watch you ruin your career

The cell phone

give the phone

See you soon my sweetie



Spend here

Why are you here

listening to music when they were

You can't understand it, not celebrated in the police force

This just ends

You don't have to justify yourself to me

How it all worked out for the coroner

How many women were there

Why should I tell you

OWL the contract

The question comes from her

The police will ask that question anyway

A handsome celebrity

Noticed one like that

forgive affair

But one determine the commissioners

naked woman

eat horses

50,000 because someone is leading the way


Someone knows that her son is with her now

Dunno I have anyone know of any and our ferry

Send that

I'm supposed to march you into the office and tell a colleague someone eat me because I'm with

Superman slept

Cheated while someone smashed his wife's skull in

Sauna of course

Because of everyone

Maybe someone from the nursery

They've been working around the house for 5 days

I don't know the employees

I'll take a look

And I ask you to see

If something like that happens again

Please let Micah know

good morning here is

Renoir in front of the police headquarters there was an explosion in the media

Given all reports on the horrific violent crime against the well-known news anchor Sandra Berger

Tilted on the island of Usedom and there comes my first first

Pokémon Karin how are there new findings

To the dwarves

What do you like?


You know what, don't you ever call me again

What is a bedroom

I made a mistake you bad

followers found

Do you already have something?


Gomez complex interrogation

Then we still have such a large Usedom

do you do the survey

I want us to do this together and

I want you to do it really naked

Questioning Jonas, in the murder case on Tuesday 18.2


Estate villagomez Mrs. Neugart


You told us

That I am in the period from 3 p.m. to

Went to the market at about 4:30 p.m

Have bought there and then to



Unfortunately her

Nobody seen at the market


I don't want to be asked about it all the time

There is video surveillance in the entrance area of ​​the market area swipper check this

Heiner you come today

Hotel they still have to be identified by all

The questioning is interrupted

Assortment then you have a fat lie in your

Should I say that I was in the underground car park

20 minutes

Where did you get the western side

I'm just trying to get us both through this thing

I have to say one

I can no longer my colleagues

That would be the end of my career

GTA Roomba

What are you promising what I'm hiding

You gave me 9 months of pregnancy and two years different to have a child

I wanted a family

But not like this


where were you at the moment

I was alone on the beach and it took my feet off waiting

I had to come down first before I see others again

Have to delete my contact from your private cell phone and the other festivals and

Now from me then you don't say it

Is there anything else I need to know

Example that you are being pressed

Put said

That person just called me

Distorted voice so dropped when new was given and when I'm willing to pay I should say

That I would do anything to get Sandra back

Mr. Gomez

We can go for now

I stay on Usedom and reachable

Sonjas I have a surprise for you

The time has come

This is my colleague, Chief Inspector Norbert, this is the gallery owner Mr. Schwenker

will you take this please

How about with a bed

can you alone

We're only in the nursery because you're coming back, play hair, please

Well, you help everyone with something and I'm supposed to make you unsuspicious, so your own image that could be you yourself

Up to you

Is it possible that porn could be porn

And Porn

Chill mal

Its all in school

Can i had an affair

With whom

Schwanheimer connection in the gallery and then you obviously maybe the two were just friends

Had I sold his hands behind every painting I would have fasted for the rest of the year

can go on vacation

There's a joke

When was it

2 years they would recognize her

Plant filter my gallery


And I don't sell Sandhurst paintings every day

1503 was then a Troppmann

Do you have a photo of the picture

I have

I can't keep you busy for a long time to finish the job

I'll call you

Are you real


Provider that Gomez has us finish on our behalf

My whole sketch for the beet and done to you she gladly took what

Something only in art school

Really no idea about life


I need some advice

Fry makes Lisa



Will you come please

yes if then

And there's our motive for murder

A lover from two years ago said it's over

Who says it's still going?

There maybe a bit much coincidence surrounding his wife being killed


How you take it

Really great

Nah, that's such a big war because it's never on the truck bed

But maybe that's because you're pretty

These are some vegetables

Plant daisies dandelion

Then let's eat the most beautiful picture of the season

And the

And the


Sorry, but I just overheard the argument, the nursery isn't doing well

The boss

ships out

cracked open

Can you still have a big one with important people

People like that who seem more important than their employees. Why do you work here

Only temporarily

Actually, I'd rather

Yes, then when there are few other jobs first, then you give like sand on the sea

When summer comes, all the people with money wash onto the beach

I have to go then

Yes yesterday

have for me too

please have a speech

3. below please how are you

miss my wife

I would do everything

It can't

Phaeton how to cheat the sandra burger still

But the blonde woman who was in the house

Perhaps the beloved Mrs. Berger told everything openly about the affair today

On the show

And metronome news Krefeld

That doing a Libra conjecture

Maybe before that with her

Anna traces on the pants

Did Mrs. Berger notice that?

Just checked out the DNA on the pants that he's not married to

can i have one

She has already seen me that I would all

Do everything

I'm sorry I can't why

Whole dumb interview that can talk in the topics of the day

It was of course very surprising and also disappointing that Mr. Gomes ended the interview like this

Instead he just talks to that weird Noel HD dunno


The call logs on the cell phone about dead did not reveal anything and

Even an e-mail gave no indication that she had somehow expected it, however, two days before the death

Did she have an appointment at a museum with a

woman grey


Would you like him to be your lover?

Let's find the beloved

And tomorrow then first with this Google

Jonas Gomez entertained


Please borrow that for tomorrow

what you that

look there




Thank you, you baked it yourself

Hi Danke

New Zealand


are you doing this alone

I mean I would have somehow


Set up

Being able to secretly visit once a year

Giving packages to someone for their birthday at Christmas isn't fair

There I have it

Were there others?

Tell me why did that happen in the underground car park if you think I'm so shit

Do you think I have affairs all the time?

Gladly there for my child

Bashing my wife's skull my why don't you tell all this to your colleagues

Do you think it wasn't me, of course

Gone completely insane

And give away such a ball pool and let the press take pictures of you, we'll sell it to you together or whatever

I send

Ball pool


Until I could see him

The short form of Lion's Arch

Ms. Grau is here again in Norgaard. I had already sent him an e-mail about your appointment with Ms. Berger

Please call me immediately

Also the food

call email sweetheart


Do we give it voluntarily or should Brunner make a decision


I'll be right there, I've just got the wife's

they have written


Do you know Jonas Gomez privately?

To my office

I know for a fact that Mr. Gomez has been having an affair with a traffic light for two years

It took a long time, so I would have liked to ask him because the last one, of course

Sandra Berger's death in a whole new light stay tuned when it says

you posted a reliable source is still running

Why do I learn that from this amateur journalist and not an intermediary so far it is an unconfirmed statement

The gallery owner we are included Gomez to hear a crystal clear main motif a gap


And maybe over all mountains we will inform you as soon as we have finished the survey

to be narrowed down

That's exactly what no one can testify to where he was with that for let's not take it at all, please, what not

But something trending what why

Bite by bite is presented

he was with me

I didn't get something

That a speeder hears that

I got Jonas Gomez on the break from

3:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. to 3:52 p.m

I find the affair

I have

We had

Yes what is he after his clothes there then it is mine

Do I understand correctly you have

indoor drones

We were opposite

The underground car park

Driving time from here to the house is 15 to 20 minutes

So he definitely has to all babies

16 x 7

Maybe 612

And then he would have had three minutes to fit himself into the window of opportunity that the righteous had

Seriously now underground parking

Why didn't she ***** on the toilet right away?

are you still doing it all

can you do that



Sing sing

Platinum girl fuzzy betrays his colleagues

I have made a mistake

You lied to our faces


I don't go in there anymore

jael me

I'm out I have I have this with me

Can you

Total is at stake

Send me the number of this gray

Pictures from the crowd

come back

extend ID

No ice



And today children


Then I want a vanilla milkshake too

may I

Why did not you say anything

Is Jasper's father

But young is white



Didn't have to tell his wife about your affair

We actually finished it a year and a half ago

Yes, we finally talked about more

You were in the underground car park for half an hour, what else did you talk about?

We didn't talk that much

You only have 30 minutes

We have


looked at in love

He is being blackmailed

Because of me

By whom

I think the gallery owner recognized me and downstairs Jonas thinks a gardener might have overheard him

We have to look into it


There is no more we

We just wanted to know what you discussed with Ms. Berger


You're not driving that the gentleman could be panning

First I wanted to pay to protect everyone so they don't lose their jobs and their good reputation

I'm used to keeping things secret outside

My private life has grown into my job so it entails you understand

But the fact that I'm a father and that suddenly it's also about the life of a child

That blew my mind


Karen, I can't now

This woman grays from the museum

He said she recently wanted a picture of your Sandra Berger, no, that's 30

Once they have been looked at and their authenticity checked, only very special pictures are included in this retrospective

That is, they are formed by it

When was the authenticity confirmed?

You mean someone might have it just on the picture

I would like to go with you to your holiday home

Right away I recognize rumskedi on the go

I thought forensics are careful with these things

It was Hopfensee's favorite picture

may i mine

Find the picture just leave the frame

Songs-enka for three years

That I lied that we took the picture yesterday

Please the place

Handed it over to colleagues yesterday

Auenwaldstraße muss

You know each other well enough

When I'm using the fake

High probability of recent date

My wife wants a star

SSK found five people we know of driving at their house in the last few days

The gallery owner trenkers

Buy Museum the head of the nursery Britta Hausmann clerk

And Lisa boxes Kraft there

But nobody gets any questions from them



i'm looking for lisa

Mrs Buck

It shouldn't have come, that's stupid

Then what exactly do you want from her?

Maybe I can help you

Schinkels blackmailed me, but I still think so

Sandra killed

The picture is a very successful forgery

Exchange it in the frame

Probably went very quickly

My wife can go for bathtubs

Paris is ours

assassin surprised

Then come back tomorrow

Send the

Little one is only here during the holidays and she makes an impression and I have to be puberty somehow

What else can you tell me about the gallery owner frenkers

The swivel is the troop man discovered that was his golden lot so would have made real money doing it

Since she died, I don't think you're selling much

Mrs. Bock lives in this allotment colony on the beach

If you find them then tell me that I expect them tomorrow, I'll do that, thank you very much

What can you tell me about the Haussmann nursery, have you hired them before?

For the first time it was

A film by Schwenk is

Given by the media

So the nursery

Thomas Werner

Has been working in the nursery for years rather unsuspiciously


Generalist pretty good boss has no financial difficulties then this one

Actually anna-Lisa Bock

28 oz Greifswald greifswald

Madinat at art school



I spoke to Hochschild on the phone

So the swivel she taught as a guest lecturer in blocks and so did Lisa

Analysis hike and drive a folder with image

Pictures in the gallery

Was expelled from school because of midterm exam handed in a picture Istvan copy of

Pretty perfect by one of the unknown American artists

Then I'll go there


Beautiful dreamy


Where did you do that, see you later

When that happens

trellis or

picture frames we can

Really really good at painting I've seen her watercolors something with her abbreviation

Promised me an exhibition in the summer in the sun that wash tourists with money on the beach

Read Danish

The gallery owner saw it that way too

Said I can prove that with the picture

He would give me 5000 euros the same amount and the exchange

First princess spelled correctly

Schenkers said

The salvage is such a divided never realized it's fake

would eat

Why did you actually go into the house when the woman above

Chocolate with the two move into the gallery and our told me when exactly

I can go into the house

And then suddenly

Suspect you crazy what are you doing in here

Robert Adam

police hello

I don't know anything about it any more

I am then when I can somehow

I really just wanted to find out something

You can't be happy

When you try to be a copy

Kiss lemon yellow


Then look clean

Why so complicated

What is that because the show you can save yourself

Should not stop going direct contact between us did not want to freeze with me


I'm Katharina to the train station now

Where should actually appreciate this miracle

I don't want any more

learn to ride

I see

Well Karin then



Thank you Merle


Shit this bait it has to go





And how long are you staying in Denmark

For a while I have to organize myself properly

Will you come visit us?


Secret Parfum Versace

Baltimore Ravens Flock

victory ferry