Baltic Crimes (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Am Ende einer Reise - full transcript

Turned out nicer

The inspector drinks his coffee

They really write the best crime thrillers and I've been in crime thrillers Kelly since I was a little girl

Even at school secretly under the bench

My father has a huge book collection alone over 400 km Ibu 400

Celebrate New Year's Eve in the controls

Hoffmann school trips


Great, is not it

sports injuries

If I hadn't liked that

I have a good friend who is a fan of this crime series that is set there

He really wanted me to take a tour with him. Beech and sink is there friends

I met a young woman who is also written down, of course

Why see Sweden made

I accompanied my husband to wiesentrift

And sports injuries souvenir from one

Joanne November my husband is a car fanatic

I'm happy

Still all teeth even be

radio television

save water

Speak now

Special agent is Finale how is the page

At the same time certificate

Features are made that I am with you Karlsruhe

Do I have to lie down a bit? I've changed my mind

Imagine this is a countryman

That's a big surprise, you made a Polish mistake in Poland, that needs to be celebrated

I'll come speak German immediately

He says he has no time leave you dear

After that

Bring us a bottle of Home Cabin 381

Everything OK


It's nice that we got to know each other so far from home

Do you have my phone number

But as a little hint the has a video blog itself

Can my block be from sido oh you are

Can it be that as a man I felt for her and there is yes

Nothing at all to oppose a long happy marriage like that

Speaking of a happy marriage

Can I help you please

Departs with the bath restaurant

You already know how it is

Saddle name Jochen Griesbach

Prosecutor Noel Noah Blogger for Usedom Noah

Start me asking him a few questions I'll make that into the camera make out I don't like being filmed privately by not at all bad

If so, could you please explain to me what you offer?

On the island I thought maybe they could give me a farewell interview

Enter Video Blogger

Why not in the school newspaper

Fallout said I should give it a try

That was a sentence with X that was probably nothing

But I'll get the interview


How did you come up with the idea of ​​hounding a blogger on me?

I thought you were interested in a final stickman

I'm not


I would have liked to have seen them again before I took off

Cell phone gone

Karin I thought you were with us

No, I have an appointment with Bruna

tell me

Do you actually have anything in common with me?

For him graduation party or something no no no Doctor Brunner please I quote

Signings are omitted

Prosecutor doesn't have that many fans

How was the trip to Sweden actually?

bye Bye

I can summarize

Meeting on the ferry a sad young Polish woman


A young Polish woman who seems disturbed

She has a sports injury

sports injuries

Can I ever hurt a kayak paddle?

But of course I would have no hesitation in doing something like that

Jump forward ten minutes in her story

Your travel acquaintance flirts with a fellow countryman in the bar

The husband of a Usedom flagship company is indignant

He literally dragged him out the next morning, Mrs. Drews isn't in her husband's car, if so

Not necessarily means she didn't go ashore like dozens of other passengers, including those without a car

On road

What's the deal with the dog?

Since accompanies me lately

Also one like that

Loner the connection something

So you want to recommend me

That I'm this jealous flagship who might even hit his wife

Must be seen as a murderer right away

Wouldn't that be wise

I've just had a visit from Eva Szymanska, Dana's mother is in there

not reach your daughter

And what does Mrs Drews' husband have to say about that

Didn't hear from you yesterday either

reported orally

No, that's what Eva Schimanski said

At the front door

I'll be right back

Did she let me in?

Our flagship company is his wife's mother doesn't have to

You, I have to break up yes


David Kripo Heringsdorf

mother my wife was wayne


With yes

That with my wife

Is getting complicated

Our finally from me

Maybe she just told me where her wife is

As far as I know an adult is free to choose their stay

That's true at first, but no one didn't think it necessary to share where they're moving to

Who knows maybe flew to Rübezahl


As for her mother

Dann has had little contact with her for two years

Tennisweber not being able to reach her daughter can also simply mean that she doesn't want to talk to you

And what was the reason for that?

Franzi Ms. Schimanski preferably herself


Well then I would say I leave the field to you

Good luck on this magical Thailand

Thank you very much

Am also good luck

Anna Schimanski

To be honest

Don't quite get it

he calls

presence no longer so

I have friends in the police force

I sir

I met your daughter on the ferry

And I have seen her together with her husband

I'm kinda worried about that

That something happened to her

It's good

His father trained him

His father isn't twisted at all

2nd anniversary of death

What happened


Aradon, of course, blames me

Hantermann in Dresden

I don't think she's happy with Jochen

What wanted to leave

In that said on the ship


Still look after Mrs. Drews in the meantime with her mother's blessing

Do you have an investigative assignment?

My flight is only in 4 days

I have an idea how to kill the time until then, you can do that

That sounds good, she and I, as the investigative team, are considering a shared cabin

This could be the culmination of a long-standing friendship

Critical partnership i wanted to say his know you that has always been with me all these years

Boxed investigation leads the prosecutor, we both know what that means, the other criminals do the job

Kalliston KTU forensic pathologists and suits like me get in the way and get in the way

When I'm not under a bushel dana driest will find Fallout so I've always wanted to point it out

That I really 381

As usual, Catrice and his wife are a pity that the 381 was already taken


On me


Immediately after taking off, go captain anyway, and then let your prosecutor's wages spell fall down

And then ask if we can take a look around on the 381

It's not possible and then we urgently need a passenger list of who lived here after the crossing and

Fire show that's not possible, we are

About a Polish ship I am a German civil servant between jobs I have no authority here

I have absolutely nothing to ask of the captain of this ship

Private person since we can research about the

Hire a person's salary but we can all do that on the ground of legality

I am deck plan

I look for them everywhere I looked around the parking deck

Let's talk to the bartender

What can I do for

Will you please make a coffee for me and for you

Prosecutor, please

things we were told

Says he got along well with this woman

i have the letter

Witnesses say that Mrs. Drews was flirting with him

And her husband reacted quite aggressively to it

I could be how old you are these two

They brought covers to the dressing room and they saw the woman there too

Yes, I mean the mood, I don't care

Not at all sure that I may answer your questions

Should I ask my boss, that's all right, we're already done

Do the €6 piece

Angeli Mrs. Drews afterwards on the

No, not when off the ferry either

Isn't she ashore with her husband?

she uses

Giving presence and investigation an official tinge what does mine mean


It could well happen that I don't even have to start my new job at all

Speaking of new

We're actually happy

I don't really want to say anything about that, just as much as it is

It is quite possible that she will soon receive a postcard from abroad

Very exciting

Please delete lotto

I can perhaps tell you that a few weeks ago I

received a call

Where are they going?


The two Swedes opposite are still there

And if you're preparing to leave, please let me know right away, yes

Suprelorin Tierblut

Sabine is a crime scene, everything has to be regulated

Sabina you

The main cabin all cordoned off

please go

Also football fan

yes i will

But not much success

I would like some information

I didn't meet a single roofer

Setting up the day I imagine what you can do at 2 a.m. at night

In front of the cabin testimonies which his prove nothing

They were at best suggesting that there might have been a physical altercation

Everything in the subjunctive

War has not disappeared in the subjunctive

You were right Paulushof there were traces of blood

They are probably a week old and came from a man

A brawl

Two drunk tourists on the way back to the city

The incident is on record

Yes but also

Are these security guards ever alerted

A vigilant passengers anonymous

He observes

Decided to have found the key cards

How often do I have to say I didn't steal anything and the story doesn't get any better

And you

Didn't hear anything about the theft Doctor Brunner


The advertisement will then be sent to you by post

To the address of your nephew's chief inspector

Then what from our side

we could


Chain key card stolen

And then inspected the cabin that he had booked Patrice

Prosecutor Brunner always at her side or what

I mean, we can't forbid Karin to get involved in things, but I think you should

When is a red line crossed and maybe you should explain that to her

Who is perhaps better if you that from woman to woman it's just your aunt

And everyone with raw kick them out


I can't be poor, I can look for a new place to live at any time

If I remember correctly you had changed why

Karin loves the children

Then she should act civilized

What do the Polish colleagues actually say about this missing woman?

As long as there is no evidence of a crime, an accident or self-harm, the matter is not treated as a missing persons case


Leave me in peace

i know who they are

prison were

She told him that

How to interfere

I'm calling the police

Everything you've heard about me is probably true

But do we also know that I lost my daughter


You don't even have to talk to me

One more please

Wouldn't dana go to the grave on the anniversary of her child's death?

If you meet her there then everything is fine

Can you send me a message


One cup

Have you seen them?

your favorite flowers

Yellow Tulips

Probably just sorry for a while


I do not think that

Jochen daughter what has done

I'm also ashamed that I suspected him

Tell him


Can you tell me now?

Who warned them of me

And now groups to the station

Karin Lossow

Other time for me

He told me about them

I do not understand


Still preoccupied with my ex-wife

Incidentally, saw them when the ferry docks

have stopped Simterest

Then I immediately called from

The man had made a scene for her in the cabin

We promised very briefly yes super and the charger

Forgot Desigual in the car and went to get it

And after that I couldn't reach her anymore

March that I therefore

Am I to hack the day before yesterday

Approximately when did your ex-wife call you?


At midnight

Call her more often

After the death of our son, I am

Lately yes




Dana isn't with you by accident

no I am in a relationship

Peter Mama of one of my boys

Well then burns date Bonaduz was parked

roller blind shaft travel

So almost new

let me guess

Sarah's bride is the sea

How can you get pretty wild sides

That I must have scared someone a bit

Then it can be quite nice for his brother to write


I just wanted to ask how he's doing, they slashed the car tires

Quarrel in cabin 383 tanneries walks out calls her ex-husband

Jochen Drees could have followed her

And Kuster Halle

She goes below deck to get the charger out of the car

The husband also followed there

Then not only the cabin would be the scene of the crime on the parking deck


Are Dana's favorite flowers

From the perspective of her mother, the find in the cemetery can only mean one thing because there was her child's grave

And put the flowers there she lives

But avoids contact with her family at the moment

And what about the other option?

After that, you're dead

And her murderer Friedhold left a grave


And his wife's favorite flowers

I would assume so

And the anonymous informer on our ferry ride

The tire cutter in front of the ICE Arena

we have a shadow



I mean we had to take a defeat

But we won't let that rule us any longer

Besides, I still owe you

Good morning I didn't want to

Was a thorn in my flesh for years

But when I was in trouble, they stood by me like a friend

Or I have to

How do we continue



A already enjoyed have already called yes

Karl Piotrowski he got in touch with me

We're sitting in this one


That I'm looking at something here on the floor


Of course the pants slipped down

Since I visit again at 6am

That's the same stupid story you told your Polish colleagues about my cabin

Full key card three

Doesn't fit

For you probably wrong in the numbers and go

Body spa cabin

look and go up

Not your cabin

I already want to go out and go out

What helps

traces of blood

in this country

Please no clan liability in this respect

It can't even happen to you, can it?



Calm down

ok i'm coming

Can I do my cat everything well

Just like that

You drive at 12 o'clock at night on unlit roads text

Are you coming here



Still in the probationary period, still in the probationary period

Alcohol during the probationary period is forbidden or texting at the wheel is allowed

learned milk

Wrote something because I might have to reply

How long is your probationary period?

how so

It's starting to annoy me that we're open 24/7

It's either the new prosecutor Hate Wunsch or Inspector Andy

Make themselves important and now the son is also giving us an order what's going on here

Who did it for you? I picked up from the party and since they don't fanfare

Paperback nodded away you didn't notice I'm leaving on the 6th

Means my car

If not in your wander

would you have agreed

What drunk


I drove fear

You go to a party you don't drink anything and you still have to pick yourself up you're not my business now

I drove

I caused the accident and I am responsible for it

Find 30/70 hear


On the other hand, burglaries happen again and again

Now wait a minute I can

You sleep upstairs

With earplugs

Distinguish no more ground floor the alarm sharply

Show me the system only when I leave the house

Bank key man in the hallway sucker

still missing


Alcohol and other Japanese whiskey €200 a bottle


Light whisky

Samurai sword gift from business friends

Danimal could smell the stolen car

But not on the one she's with in Sweden

Hans has heard something from her wife in the meantime

How to take it Yesterday on the anniversary of her son's death she was at the cemetery and brought flowers to the grave

But that's what happened to me

You just have to think about it

After my father left us

Do I always have to help my mother change the sheets

Is it better for two?

C2 Leave the hedge uncovered

Sheet Ballet

What today still like the freshly washed linen skirt

Should I maybe take her in my arms?


No thanks, it's alright

Do not see my wife Lotto also find that I'm theft

From Jochen Drew's car to the one that fits harmoniously into the chain of events around dana tries to disappear

The harmonious

If Driesch brought his wife from the ferry to land in it, then that should not be without it

Traces must have come off and of course he was allowed to have cleaned the car thoroughly in the meantime, the only problem is

traces of blood

Are stubborn



And too much bleach is also suspicious

She didn't mean your car

Why not

All potential traces would be too high


I have a nice day


Mr and Mrs Larsson

Jochen and Dana's cabin neighbors are filming on the journey from Iceland to Vienna

If you actually noticed how your spouse smelled like you were arguing shortly before midnight

And then something suddenly quiet

And the other neighboring cabin was also booked by a Pole who works in Sweden

My colleague Kempowski is trying to track him down

when to speak


There is a young woman who just calls herself Noel and a prime blog operator Usedom Nora

And you know this woman

They are after her is has irritated

No, I don't want to travel to Twister, I accidentally met her there

And on that occasion they immediately appeared in their blog


As a private person

I also follow in the block wanting to know differently as a private person

To be particularly discouraged


Do you already know the latest episode of

Or just

sit down

2 days ago a young woman disappeared without a trace on the journey from Easter das will münde

On board the Polish ferry

Were 300 people

So far, the Usedom team has not been able to track down a single witness

who has seen

Pidana who has disembarked

However, two witnesses saw Dana's husband an acquaintance of the Usedom company

Left alone in his car not to ask you stupid Noah team

Where is dana de and I wonder

Where Noel Noah got this information from

When I'm on me

I'm not talking about business in private

How will be official

We're conducting preliminary investigations

So if there were 300 people on that ferry plus staff then someone must have seen these dana tries based on that

Come on

If you give me a passenger list then I can start phoning the people there and I


I ask about it

If I use the local

Thank you very much

Karin is Drews' car, take a look in the glove compartment



Can you guess?

Your cell phone is low on me down on the parking deck

To get the charger and to do it alone

And now you're wondering if she left the parking deck in the first place

just ask me how

Maybe in her husband's car

Not in front but a little further back

Thanks for the information

More than 800 people saw my last block and one follower reported it

Cabana Dresden Club in Świnoujście spotted when he wasn't the last few days but before

There was Mrs. Drews

Usually girls in the store and she's rarely out alone tell me you can do this

Full tubes you can contact I already have

Yes she is

Tonight at the club discreet

But she doesn't want to give her real name

And she assumes they're not trying to get him out either, okay

And she wants €1000


Okay then I would say let's talk to the woman, both of us

Both of them will definitely not go to a Polish nightclub to meet with informants

It's all good or not you are my personal adviser the gray eminence Insa

things investigations

And I do the footwork

I have been to Nathan twice a year

Then on the way back celebrate your stopover a bit

to find someone

square 23

personnel exchange

Well, do you already have something from the missing Poland

It's not in the newspapers yet, but it's going online right now

Where can I in Vienna

Goodbye then

And yes, no problems getting to know someone the way they look, that is

Text for one night that's why people come here after all

Frau Dresden acted on her laughed a lot though

Don't believe her and she drinks quite a lot

Ain't happy it's clear what she's doing so which tip do you prefer

Sporty maintained

I'm too old that means people from now on

Sure, although I mean trying again and again and on these stubborn guys


Ns1000 the Portrait Stadium

Stop it

Classic nightstand as far as I know, the store hasn't brought up any married couples yet

When was the last time you

Immediately three weeks seventh Pole deported

handsome man

I'm not keen on getting known what I do in my lonely hours


It's not possible

Shouldn't let it perish

Is but let someone rip

spend right

Cinema pub café clothes shop

Supermarket there should be great offers for you every day through the speaker

On our website

If I should meet another woman

The aspect of me that I deserve is sitting to the end of my days

Oscar take his wife

I am happy to write


accident car

The owner of the vehicle or a certain Matthias Kessler, a former policeman from Wolgast

He was celebrated eight years ago he probably had a problem with sports betting

Since when do you get fired because of addiction problems?

Criticize your problem with sports betting and the resulting debt was thrown out with the bribes

His colleagues robbed you are sure that he was on the Kevelaer

dead sure

Thanks Bruner

I'm actually too good for vehicle owner investigations

What about gray eminence

I increasingly feel that I am excluded


He has something to tell his colleague Martens

I hear

From Oslo I have two witnesses who saw Ben Witt

Party at the wheel 21 left

Don't think by you

I don't like being fooled

Not by 19-year-old novice drivers

Passport not from former prosecutors

I have officially filed a criminal complaint against her and her grand nephew, I wanted them to hear about it from me personally

This is very sensitive from the 8th.

Then she knew that she was liable to prosecution

I had no idea that they would interject

And this century case

to clarify

That, of course, excuses everything

Then we are finished or succeed

Karin you have crossed a red line

So I'm really, really sorry

Because no guilt at all


I think we'll just listen and take a deep breath

Stop sorry but I think it's time for some clear words now

you can keep calm

Driving we invited you to live here when your house burned down

Because you smoke a roof over your head is yes

If it's ever been a criminal I mean

What he needs to

Are good role models and no cronies who help him to cover up his crimes already have it's not my house

Aus and Ben and Merle aren't my children either, but I still think it's good

If you would push the search for your own apartment a bit


Already after what else is there

Please check if there is a charger in the glove compartment

yes be here

I know your wife was never a regular at Club Discret

Yes, said that woman turns went along with everyone

She can afford to choose your men

The athlete candidates all took it in a very sporty way

Or maybe there was someone not quite so relaxed about Ms. Drews' rejection after all

And reacted


He was one

The weather at times flashed off

Complete always alone

But once that's really in great shape

Ride in the garden heart attack in Turkey the resuscitated

Gotta do something medical, paramedic or something

So this fat angel had a great affection for Frau Trieste

Felt sorry for

Then write me the life saver

Then a happy year


Dann and I were on a business trip in Asia

Jacob left with your mother

And boar

fun-loving woman

In cores

Then of course it can happen that you don't really walk on your own clothes

What's it called

Does anyone have ksschulten Jacobs.

Astana does not prevent itself and me from making reproaches



How does it work together WWE this club fits into the picture

A few months ago

And then disappear

want long

Didn't even notice that we have separate bedrooms

When did I notice of course

He tries to talk to her about it


Then I heard


repair kit it belongs

Shortly before our trip to Sweden

To numb yourself

Hungary therefore slept

The man hit her


I would never do anything

Can't take that if he wants fits

Where is your wife in Dresden

I dont know

E-stove 1 until he leaves, please come over


he drinks

He hired this corrupt cop so he would know what his wife was up to

The details have reportedly only been out for a few days

Da didn't deny that there was a big fight with his wife on the ferry but he killed him


He said

Tristar could have given the job to the police

A simple missing person report would have sufficed

I think a male clearly allows that


I'm at the Verkehrshaus

When was that because you've just come out of your house Parents get on the ball

Somehow very busy from the raffle I have to start a chase here now


Looks familiar to you

This is my wife's necklace

I get it actually you need that chain too

Too busy

Hello my car that was stolen

So apparently my wife lost them there

On what occasion

What I see Baggage trolley has stowed away

He could also have lost the chain

She was placed in the vehicle against her will

my wife is alive

Look for that

How do police officers

Does the Lord also have a name?


And this Herr Kessler is doing you a favor, isn't he

Does it cost money

Until ten minutes ago there were still trucks in the yard

But then no one drove into the barn Number on the owner of this is no


Matthias Kessler Ex police commissioner

You know what this man owed himself

How do you know them?

He always works at the golf club as a caddy

Kessler is beeped and very motivated


I just know money with you unpleasant people

And I need my wife

If this class is in such dire need of money, I'm sure they would have been willing to help you cover up a crime

Bad and Manja is just coming up because the man could have done it for you without any problems


The theft of her car

Pretending is no big deal either

It was really clever though

If only he had searched the car thoroughly before it burned down

The Polish police and us

Have questioned the passengers

No one saw your wife leave that ferry

Then lose music after midnight on the car


Currently unavailable Message after the beep

Just ask the empty whiskey bottles

Where is the samurai sword

who are you

Why are you here, why are we here

And the police my eberstal on the way

Do not

He approached me on the palmette

Tristan wanted me

All the time he tells me better

Treat Hildesheim

I screamed

Did he strike?

I was just off the bus

I just woke up to the flowers on your son's grave

Yes, inspired by it

I tried talking to him

From Jacob's favorite flowers

I thought maybe he'd take pity on me and that I'd go

Do you have a cigarette for me?

I missed a Heiko for you as a farewell


Always blooms

Even in the freezing winter when friendship

she sucks