Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Big Cheese - full transcript

Players have to scream for their money; though hoarse from the screaming, contestants must face rat traps and try to get the cheese.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[audience cheering]

You know what's
the best feeling in the world?

That good sleep.
You know what I'm talking about?

Like, when you're on the plane
and your mouth is wide open,

and the drool running down your face

represents all the hard work
you've been putting in at the job.

That good sleep!

Well, that's the kind of sleep
I got last night.

Swag. [laughs]

But not these people.

A little less than 24 hours ago,

these seven contestants

entered a secret room stocked
with a million dollars in quarters.

These seven intrepid people
have a chance to win

a million dollars in cold, hard cash!

[audience cheers]

Don't sleep! This is Awake:


[James] The Million Dollar Game.

[applause continues]

[cheering and applause]

[coins clattering]

Welcome to Awake, everyone.

Tonight, we've got Heather,

Ashley, Audrey,

Greg, Erin,

Courtney and Leangelo.

I'm James Davis.

Are you guys awake?
Contestants, ya'll feelin' good?

Let's meet some of y'all, like Leangelo.

-You are an EMT.
-Yes, I am.

How long is a normal shift for you?

Twenty-four hours.

-[James] Oh! Twenty-four hours?
-Yeah. Yeah.

This ain't nothing for you.

But, man, this was something else.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

-It's different?
-[Leangelo] It's different.

I mean... Countin', man...?

I don't know about that one.

It's like, "I'll save a life,
but counting quarters?

-Come on now!
-Oh, man.

That's where I draw the line!"


I heard you got a little sick

during the counting process.

Yeah. I don't really eat fruit,

but I thought that was a good way
to stay awake

and then right in the trash can...
I puked my brains out.

So you don't eat fruit?

No, fruit... No.

Right now, you're kinda
ruining smoothies for everybody.

[audience laughs]

Alright. So, Greg,

now, word on the street is
that they call you...

Gorgeous Greg.

-Yes, sir.
-Now, by they, are we referring

to your loved ones,
your pastor, your doctor?

Who is "they"?

Everyone in my daily walk of life.

My friends, my family, people at work,
people I associate with call me that.

So, if he's saving your life, he's like,

"Clear! Three, two...
Wait, he is gorgeous!"

[Greg] Oh, yeah.


[James] Hey, I can't wait to see
what you do, Greg.

-Audrey, you are... a flight attendant?

[James] Nice!

If I'm asleep, why won't you wake me up
and be like, "We got peanuts"?

Oh, no way.

Why do you just walk by my row,
see I'm sleep and let me starve?

You got to tell me
you want to be woken up.

Put the tray table down.

-It's my bad. It's my fault. Okay.
-[laughs] It's your...

Give it up for Audrey.


Thank you.

[James] Well, it's time
to get down to business.

Everything hinges on your original count,

so let's take a look
at your past 24 hours.

[man] We're off. Good luck.

[Audrey] Where's the diving board?

No, just kidding.

I come from an era
where we actually did count money,

so I'm hoping that that's gonna help.

[coins clattering]

[heavy breathing]

Get that oxygen, baby.
It's all about H2... Oh, that's water.


So, I don't know how many hours

we're in... in this, but I'm feeling great.

[Leangelo] I'm kind of used to this.

I'm pretty much faster
than everybody else here, so...

I got this in the bag.

[Greg] Oh, he's sick?

-[audience laughs]
-[Audrey] Oh, my gosh.

Leangelo, keep your head in the bucket.
Keep vomiting.


I'll be over here counting my coins,
trying to win a million dollars.

No more fruit. Fruit's evil. I knew it.

I knew fruit was evil,
but I tried to gamble

and that's where it got me,
so no more fruit.

[classical music playing]

[Heather] I feel like at this point,

my brain is leaking out my ear.

And I'm permanently stuck like this,
I'm sure,

at the end of all this,
from all the counting.

Being in the military,
you have to have a ton of discipline.

Running a household with seven kids,

there's a lot of discipline
that goes into that.

I think my everyday life has me ready
for this show.

[Heather] Courtney!

[Erin] Courtney.

[Courtney] What?

-[Erin] Do you want to sleep?
-[Courtney] No.

[Erin] Then, wake up!

[Erin chuckles]

Are we there yet?

I just want to cry.



-But first...

let's get back to that count.

Just before you came out here,

you each secretly told us
how much you think

you counted in the last 24 hours.

We have verified it,

and we know exactly how much it was.

Based on the result,
two of you will be eliminated

right now.

[audience groans]

I didn't make up the rules, y'all.



The player who counted
the fewest number of coins

and the first person eliminated is...

[tense music begins]

[music builds]


I know.

[audience groans]

[James] Sorry.

-But, thank you. Thank you so much.
-Thank you. Very nice to meet you.

-[James] Get some rest.
-[Heather] Good luck!

-Go team! Go team.

Good job, Audrey!

Another person has to go.

The person who was the least accurate,
and the second

person eliminated from the game is...

[suspenseful music]


[audience moans]

-Hey, hey...
-Have fun!

Get some rest. You did your thing.

-[Courtney] Good luck, guys!
-[contestant] Whoo!

-My heart.
-[James] Alright.

-[Greg] I told you!

-God, I can't believe it.
-The rest of you are now one step closer

to that million-dollar prize!

[cheering and applause]

Are you guys ready to do this?


[James] Alright. It's time
for our first challenge.

-Is you with it, Gorgeous?
-Oh, yeah.


-[James] Okay.

It's time to play The Scream!

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheering]


[James] Now, I hope y'all know,
when you lose too much sleep,

you can also lose somethin' else.
Your voice.

Un huh.

In this first challenge,
our contestants are gonna scream

as loudly as they can.

We're gonna measure
how loud their screams are

in our scream booth.


you need to scream
for a whole ten seconds.

The player who hits the highest decibel,

automatically moves to the next round.

But the player
with the quietest scream, hm,

could just become a whisper in the wind.

Ooh, you see what I did there?


I need good screams out of everybody.

-Now, Erin, what's up?

When's the last time
you ever stayed up this long?

I don't think I ever have.
This is the first time.

Oh girl, you gotta live.

I'm, like, the only contestant, I think,

that needs 18 hours of sleep,
that they chose for this show.

-Eighteen hours of sleep?
-To function.

So, you and your pillow

are in a real serious relationship.

Yeah, me, my pillow, sleep, my bed...

-Y'all goin' steady?
-We are. For years, now.

If you could say anything to your bed
right now, what would you say?

I'm sorry I haven't called.
You know, they took my phone.

Well, listen...

I can't wait to see you do your thing.
Are you ready for this?

I think I'm ready.

Well, remember, the red light in the booth

will start the challenge.

Don't stop screaming
until that light goes off.

Step into the booth.

The rest of you put on your headphones.

I feel like, potentially,
I don't even know if I have the windpipe

to get a scream out,

because I'm so drained,
just physically and mentally.

Let's do this.

[buzzer sounds]


[audience laughs]

-[buzzer sounds]


[James] Come on out the booth.
Come on out the booth.

Oh, my God!

Was there someone in there with you?
I mean, that was intense.

-Listen, you play to win.
-Yeah, I almost called 911.

[James] Give it up, one more time
for Erin, y'all.


[James] Our Rested Testers
averaged 110 decibels.

Let's see if any of you break
that sound barrier.

Here we go!

-[buzzer sounds]

[all scream]

[sustained scream]


Wait, my ribs!





I actually lost my voice screaming.

-Can you not talk right now?
-I cannot talk.

My man lost his voice.

Now, Heather, you're up next.

But first, how tired
are you feeling right now?

I am so exhausted, it's ridiculous.
I can't even...

I feel like I can't even speak straight.

You can't scream?

I once tried to scream as loud as I could
and I passed out.

-So, like, if I hit the floor...

[James] Nice!

-I got your back.
-So, please, like, for real.

-We got an EMT here, so do your thing.
-[Heather] I'm actually really scared.

Are you ready, Heather?

If I hit the floor, somebody come save me.



[applause continues]

[buzzer sounds]


[continues screaming]

[buzzer sounds]

[applause and cheering]

I'm definitely seeing
a lot of sparklies right now.

I'm glad that I was grasping the walls.

I stayed on my own two feet.
Did not hit the floor.


Oh, man, well, that's it. Well done.

Everybody, give it up for yourselves.
Give it up for yourselves.

[coins clattering]


Greg, this is a silly question,

but are you feeling confident?

Oh, yeah.

Even after the scream?

Way more confident now.

Okay. But, listen, the person who won,

automatically goes through
to the next round.

And that player is...



[James] Heather, you hit an ear-piercing
107 decibels.

-You got some power to that voice, girl.

And you didn't even have to faint.

I'm so surprised!


The person who came in last
could be going home.

Or maybe not.

Because it's time for...

the Buyout.

[cheering and applause]

We're gonna offer all of you

$2,500 to leave the game

right about now.

If you think you are
in last place in that challenge

and you think you're goin' home anyway...

the best thing to do

is probably take that Buyout.

But, if you think you aced it,

'cause that million is yours
no matter what,

then don't do anything at all.

Hey, check this out, you are each
just one decibel from each other.

I know you're exhausted,
maybe your judgment

isn't the best right now,

but think about your strategy.
It's game time.

The Buyout starts...


[audience] Nine, eight...

[James and audience] Seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.



I like it.

You guys are confident.
No one's taken the Buyout.

However, that means,
the player who came in last

will be eliminated.


I'm sorry to say,

the player who's going home is...

[suspenseful music]


I took a gamble.

[James] Ashley, you only hit 96 decibels.

Here's how you all performed

compared to the average
of our Rested Testers.


-Thank you.
-It's been good, man. Thank you.

Oh, man! Oh, I cannot believe that!
I'm so upset with myself.

Who knew that you can lose your voice
from sleep deprivation?

I thought that was absurd,
but obviously, I was wrong.

All right. Are you ready
for your next challenge?

-Bring it!
-Yes, sir.

-All right.

In this challenge, you need to balance
as many coins on your face as you can.

Then, carry them across the stage
and drop them into a container.

The player that gets
the highest number of coins,

to the finish, earns a fast pass
to the next round.

Get the least and

you could be headed home...

to your bed.

I wouldn't mind that.

[James] It's time to play...

Face Off.

[coins clattering]

[cheering and applause]

What's up, Erin?

-You good?

You know, I'm... okay.

Erin, I hear you're a special needs
teacher. Tell me about that.

I am. I'm an ABA therapist,
so I work with kids with Autism.

That's very dope.

Thank you. Yes, I love it.


-Are you ready?

You have already taken
your position. Perfect. Alright.

Your challenge starts...


-[buzzer sounds]
-[audience cheers]

[James] Do it for your bed!

Do it for your bed!

-[audience cheers]
-[coins clatter]

Your students are watching!

[cheering continues]

[James] On average, our Rested Testers

transferred 78 quarters
to the final bucket.

How will these guys stack up?

I'm not using the rest of my face
'cause I have a huge forehead

and I plan on just putting two
on at a time... Two on...

I plan on putting two
on my forehead... uh...

Feel like a walking zombie right now.

Get the money! Get the money!

[James] Greg is counting on speed
to get those points.

But does groggy Greg have the stamina
to keep this pace up?

[James] Okay, Heather!

[Heather] My depth perception is
super weird right now.

I'm just a ball of nerves up there,

trying to do a wonky limbo...

with one eye. [giggles]

[James] Lookin' a little lean now.

Uh oh.

Boom! Leangelo puts the quarter
on his eyes.

[Leangelo] I'm trying to
not drop any coins.

I'm trying not to fall and trip,

but I didn't really realize
when I put the coins on my lip,

I wouldn't be able to see.


[James] He dropped it in the wrong bowl!

Strike one!

[audience cheers]

[James] Twenty-five seconds left.

Keep going, y'all.

[James chatters]

[James] Heather got $35,000 in quarters
on her top lip right now.

I can't tell if Heather's balance is off
because of sleep deprivation

or the crushing weight
of all those quarters on her face.

Heather... Look at the precision.

You got it.

There's that zombie walk to the bowl.

Here he goes.

Oh, he lost the quarters.

[Erin] I'm just racing back and forth
as fast as I can right now.

I definitely feel like a crazy person.

But that's basically
what's working for me.

[James] Ten seconds.

[James and audience]
Seven, six, five, four,

three, two, one.

[buzzer sounds]

And Bobby gets
the final quarters into the bowl!

All right, Leangelo,

was that harder because you had no sleep?

Or is that challenge
just difficult in general?

No, that was definitely harder,

especially closing one eye,
that's when I started gettin'...

My body knew it was going to sleep.
So, half this body went to sleep.

This side, I was sleepin' a little bit...

-So, no...
-Your body's like, "Don't play with me.

Don't play with me.
If we sleepin', we sleepin'.

What are we doin'?" You...

Good job.

Let's bring everybody else back out.

[coins clattering]

Welcome back.

Okay, guys, let's talk about it.

How was that last challenge?

-We'll start with Heather.
-Piece of cake.

-Piece of cake?
-[Heather] Yeah.

I had never tried it before,
but it turns out that I'm a natural.

[James] Ooh. Okay.

All right, Leangelo,
you hear the smack talking.

How do you feel?

It ain't nothing. I mean, like...

You know what that is.


Okay, I'm lookin' at everybody's lip game.

[James] I'm lookin' at your lip game.


If lip is the deciding factor,
brother, you won.

[audience laughs]

[James] But, we don't know.

Everybody here could be bluffing.

Who's moving one step closer
to the million dollars?

And who's headed to dreamland?

Let's find out.

The winner of the challenge,

and the person who's one step closer

to that million-dollar prize,


-[audience cheers]

Oh, my God!

I'm actually really shocked!

I was not expecting to win,

but I pulled through and I did,
and I'm very excited about it.


[James] Congratulations, Erin.

You transferred 51 quarters
into your bucket.

All celebration aside,


one of you is about to see
your million dollar dream come to an end.

But not before...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout!

[cheering and applause]

[James] This time,

we're gonna offer $5,000...

[audience cheers]

to leave right now.

If no one takes the Buyout,
whoever came last in the challenge,

will be eliminated.

All right? How's your judgment

after not sleepin' for this long, huh?

You guys think you know yourselves?

Maybe you're gorgeous,
but your game ain't.

[audience laughs]

Then you might want to take that Buyout.

'Cause it was real close.

Ten-second Buyout timer starts...


[James and audience]
Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one.

So, nobody here took the Buyout.

That means for one of you,

it's game over.

The player who came in last
in this challenge is headed home.

And that person is...

-[James] Greg.

[audience] Aw!

[James] Sorry, Greg,
but that gorgeous face

only transferred 22 quarters.

Here's how the rest of you
sleepin' beauties did in that challenge.

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheering]

-Hey! Thank you
-Thank you so much.

I feel like if I had more sleep
I would've been able to get more coins in

and I feel like I've just been eaten up
and spit out alive.

Gorgeous Greg...



Heather, Erin, Leangelo,


You guys stand just one challenge away

from making it to the final two.

Now, our next challenge is gonna test
how well your hand-eye coordination

holds up after being awake
for over 24 hours.

[James] In this challenge,
their job is to snatch blocks of cheese

off these rat traps,
using only a pair of tongs.

But if they set off a trap like this,

that cheese won't count.

Everybody's got an inner rat.

Your mind should be thinking
right now, "I'm a rat

and I need to get this cheese,
so I can make it to the next round

and get the real cheese."

-I see you.
-You see me?

I see you right here.


All right.

It's time to play... The Trap.

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheering]

Heather, show everybody here
your game face.

[cheering and applause]

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Give 'em that Wonder Woman. I see you.

All right, 90 seconds on the clock.

Your challenge starts... now!

[audience cheers]

[Heather] I am a dentist

and I'm very good with my hands.

So I'll be a force to be reckoned with.

[audience cheering]

Oh, my God!

[Heather] That thing scared
the living cheese out of me.

Foiled by a piece of sharp cheddar.

[James] Erin, Leangelo...

Our rested testers snatched up
all 15 blocks of cheese

in an average of 43 seconds.

This restless rat pack needs to step it up

if they wanna get close to that.

[cheering continues]

Leangelo's off to a good start.

I feel like I am a mouse
that's sneaking cheese.

No lookin' back, I'm just goin' for it.
Whatever happens, happens.

[James] Okay, okay.

Erin's one-for-one, so far.

-[cheering and applause]
-[classical music]

[James] Leangelo and Erin are running
neck and neck,

but Heather has fallen behind.

[Heather] Where did it go?

[audience shouting]

Uh oh, she's gettin' distracted.

She's gotten distracted.
It's the sleep stuff.

I feel like I had this one in the bag,

but I'm too busy fishin' around
for a piece of cheese

that flung across the stage.

[Heather] Where is it?

[shouting continues]

[James] Speed is good. Her pace is up.

-[audience cheers]
-[James] Oh!

We're in the yellow zone,
just movin' through.

[cheering continues]

You see this look on my face?

That's the face of,
"I'm comin' for the big cheese."

[James] Heather is falling further
and further behind.

Just five traps left for Erin.

Leangelo's got four left.

Now three.

Erin's got three to go.

It's neck and neck.

It's down to the wire.

They're both on their last trap.

It's gonna be a photo finish.

[audience] Three, two,


Let's bring the others back.
Everybody else get back up here.

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheering]

[James sings] ♪ Get to your podium ♪

♪ I say, get to your podium ♪

I just made that song up right now.

[James] How are ya'll doin'? Ya'll good?

Doin' good, gettin' better.

What... [chuckles]

Leangelo just talks in catchphrases.

-"Doin' good, doin' better."

[Heather laughs]

"Ain't nothin' to it but to do it.
Where my money at?"

Erin, how you feelin'?

Pretty good.

You feel like maybe you outdid
these two people?

Yeah, probably.

-[Erin] I don't know.
-[James] Heather.

-[James] Talk to me.

-Talk to me, Heather.
-[Heather] I'm excited

'cause this is
where everything gets real, real.

-And I'm very excited.

-You didn't answer, but I like the answer.
-What's the question?


All right, guys. No, seriously,

the person who came in first

has a guaranteed spot in the next round.

And that person is...



[audience cheers]

Oh, wow!

Who would've thought?

"Oh, my God!"

No way!

Hey, she's two-for-two.

She's over here playing games,
she's like, "Oh, my God, me, again?

This winning thing is so crazy."

All right. Well, Heather,

and Leangelo,

that means one of you two

will be leaving here, right now.

It's time for...

Boom, boom, boom.

The Buyout.

[cheering and applause]

[James] Yep.

We're gonna offer you $7,500

to walk away right now.

However, if no one takes the offer,

whoever lost the challenge,

will be eliminated.

You gots to go.

You got to leave my stage immediately.

You wanna take the money and run?
You hit that button.

[James] Ten seconds on the clock.

Your time starts [snaps]... now.

-[James and audience] Ten, nine...
-No, I know it's me.

-...eight, seven...
-I thought I was first.

...six, five, four,

three, two, one.

[James] Okay. Yeah.

[scattered applause and shouting]

[James] I like that.

I like that.

Leangelo just backed away, like,
"Guess who's not touchin' nothin'?"


And Heather was like, "Me neither, then."


we saw it, no one's takin' the Buyout.

That means for the player
who lost this challenge,

it's game over.

So, I'm sorry to say,

the person going home is...



[James] You only managed
ten blocks of cheese, Heather.

[James] Here's everyone else's results.

Leangelo actually tied Erin,
but finished in a slower time.

Still impressive, though.

-Thank you so much for playing.
-Thank you. I had fun.

-You did your thing.
-Yes, I did.

-But you know what you get now?
-I had a blast.

-Nap, nap!
-What is it?

-I know, my feet can rest.

Thank you, everybody.

So I can't believe I got eliminated
over a piece of cheese.

I'm a dentist, this is what I do.

I fish little tiny things out
of small dark holes, all day every day.

I should've been able t-to do this.

-[James] Congratulations!

The both of you have made it this far.

But you know what it is.

There can only be one winner.

Who's it gonna be people?

The EMT who stays up for 24 hours?

Or the teacher,

-who ain't never been up for 24 hours?

You see this look on my face?

I don't know how I wasn't eliminated.

But you know what?
I'm not gonna question it.

Just gonna keep running
with the best poker face I have.

Remember way back
in the beginning of the show,

when you did all that countin'?

And you secretly told us
how much you think you counted.

We've added up
how much you actually counted.

And the person who is the most accurate,
will win everything they counted.

The other will leave with nothin'.

You don't even know
what 24 hours feels like.

-I do now.
-[James] Now you do.

-Let me take that back.

-Respect, James. Check yourself.
-[Erin] Come on.

[audience laughs]

So, Erin, you already put me in my place
right now. Let's talk to you first.

How're you feelin' about that count?

-I'm feelin' good.


When you were countin', you felt like

-you weren't messin' up?

Not at all.

[Erin] I have a poker face on because

I don't have that much confidence
in my quarter count.

I failed Math, I'm not good at that stuff.

[James] Well, Leangelo...

you've been through a lot, sickness.

-We learned you hate fruit.

You're engaged.

Yeah. I'm not winnin' this for me.

-It's not...
-It's not for you?

-It's not for me.
-You're a pair now.

She was like, "Yes, I can't wait
until we win." I'm like,

"You stayin' up for 24 hours now?"

Then she's like,
"No, but you know what I mean.

Through you it's mine." And I was like,

"Okay." I said, "Yes, dear."

-all right."
-And that's the correct answer.

There you go.


if you guys are worried about how you did,

and you think you may not make the cut,
you're in luck.

Because we have one final Buyout.

[applause and cheering]

[Leangelo laughs]


You can give up, right now,

for a guaranteed $10,000.


if you're feeling confident,

you might not want to hit that buzzer.


your ten seconds to hit
that Buyout button starts...


[audience shouting]

[James and audience] Nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one!

[audience cheers]


that kinda hurts.

He's got a fiancée,
he needs it more than I do.

I have my bed.


-What? He does!
-[James] See...

Let's give it up for Erin,

-who is now $10,000 richer.
-You better win this money.

You better win this money.

To think that I was that close... like, insane to me.

[Erin] I will never use quarters,

I will never date a quarterback

and I will never eat
a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

The quarters, I'm done, forever.



You did it.

You outlasted every opponent,

survived every challenge,

and now all the money you counted

is yours to keep.

-Congratulations, man!
-Thank you.

Thank you.

So check me out. Here's the deal.

You can take the money
that you've counted over the past 24 hours

and leave with all of it, right now.


you can risk it

and win the money
everyone else counted here today,

which we call the Big Bank.

[audience cheering]

The total is...

a hundred and thirty-eight thousand,

six hundred and sixty-six dollars,
and seventy-five cents.


-[James] All that money,

right there, behind us in the Big Bank.

-Now, how are you and the fiancée

gonna run through this money?

Well, gotta get a nice house, you know.

Gotta get a nice house.
What's a nice house, though?

-Anywhere with my fiancée.
-You already got her, brother, what else?


You put me on a spot like that...
Okay, I wanna buy her a new car.

I mean, she's doin' so much...
She's gettin' ready...

She got accepted
to the pre-licensing program at UCLA.

-You said UCLA?

That's all the money, right there.


All right. Tell us how much
you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.

Twenty-eight thousand
and two hundred dollars.

If that number is within $500,

and I'm talkin' about $500 below

or $500 above
the amount you actually counted,

you'll win the Big Bank.


you still get a chance
for that million dollars.

[audience cheers]


if you're just 25 cents out of that range,

you'll leave here with absolutely nothin'.

Leangelo, are you gonna keep
what you counted,

or are you gonna risk it all
and play for the Big Bank?

[suspenseful music]

I'm gonna risk it for the biscuit.


[audience cheers]


He's going to "risk it for the biscuit!"

Here's how it works.

[James] If you're within the $500 range,

the Money Meter will turn green
and you will win.

If you are outside that range,

it will turn red
and you will lose everything.

I'm rooting for you.

Thank you.

-We're rooting for you.
-[cheering and applause]

Let's check it out. Show us the money.

[James] Give me money. Show me money.

Come on, come on, now.

Come on!

There's no way. Yes.


No, stay. Stay...

[audience] Aw!

Oh, no!


He was off by $1,005.75.

You know what?
It would've happened to any of us.

'Cause when was the last time
you went to sleep?

-[James] 2015?
-Probably. Dang

Big round of applause
for this man right here.

[cheering and applause]

He's gettin' married,
he's out here saving lives

and he's about to get some sleep.

I'm very competitive. So, I mean,
I was gonna go for the big bucks.

It's just hardwired in my nature to not,

you know, I don't wanna settle
for the second best.

Sometimes you gotta go big
or go home, so...

This time I'm goin' home.

[James] But we are far from done.

So keep watching,
'cause the next episode starts

in five, four, three,

two, one.

[theme music playing]