Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 8 - Final Shot at a Million Dollars - full transcript

Players must navigate a maze while balancing eggs on poles; table games involving cards and quarters.

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[applause and cheering]

[James] Almost 24 hours ago,

seven people's lives converged
when they entered a room

with a million dollars in quarters.

[producer] Time's up, everybody.
Time's up.

[James] Why are they doing this?

Because one of those seven players

will win all the money they counted
and maybe, just maybe,

one million dollars!

[cheering continues]

Don't sleep, this is Awake:

The Million Dollar Game!

[cheering continues]

Oh, yeah.

[James] Give it up for Bethany,





Ashlea, and Mike.

Welcome to Awake.

I'm James Davis.

Where my audience at?
Audience, make some noise.

Where my audience at?


All right!

That's what I like to hear!


-How you doin', sir?

Tell us about yourself, man.

[James] You have an amazing job, I hear.
Tell us about it.

I work for the Los Angeles County
as a Senior Human Relations Consultant.

We do a lot of work within the community.

It really looks at the different sort
of tensions growing up in different groups

and tryin' to find ways to combat that.

Hey, man, salute!

[cheering and applause]

-[James] I see you.
-[man] Clifton!

[James] Making a difference.

-[James] Spencer.
-What's up, buddy?

Now, I hear you work at a family diner
with a specific theme.

Yes, sir. I work for my parents.
It's a fifties style restaurant.

It's retro-y, neon lights,
stainless steel, mirrors, dude,

-it's the whole shebang.
-[James] I like how you're selling it.

-I'm on the way.
-[stamps foot]

-[Spencer] Exac...


How tired are you?

-Oh! Very.
-Very tired?

I'm smilin' my way through it.
I'm exhausted.

-You givin' one of them fake smiles?


I'm happy to be here. [chuckles]

But also, if you have a pillow...

-[both laugh]

Now, my man Mike is a fire captain.

How do you feel, like,
being a fire captain

is gonna help you on Awake?

Well, the staying awake
was actually not a factor.

You know, we're up doing stuff,
running calls, that helps keep you awake.

[Mike] It was just...

standing, that was what was hard.

-Standing and counting. Yeah.

Yeah, it was not easy.

-Welcome to Standing:
-[Mike] Yeah.

The Million Dollar Game.

-[Mike] Yeah.
-Hey, give it up for all my contestants.


We all wish you the best of luck.

[James] But, let's get into it.

Your count is about to play
a pivotal role in this game.

So, let's have a look
at your past 24 hours.


Good luck, to y'all.
Sorry, you're gonna lose, though.

[Clifton] Let's roll, babies.

This is so heavy.

[coins clattering]

This was a mistake. Oh, come on.

I'm not the typical grandma.

I'm not gonna be sitting in the corner,
baking cookies.

I'm the competitive grandma
that's gonna win the money

and you're not gonna see it coming.

Oh! [giggles]

Are you tired?

[Lauren] It's alright.

I'm gonna use my braids to count.

I'm gonna pull 'em out one by one.

-And one hundred, and two hundred...
-[audience laughs]

and three hundred.

Once I get my full head,
I don't know what the hell I'ma do next.

What have you done?

[Ashlea] I'm forgetting how to count.

I definitely had to pause for a second
to remember what number was after seven.

I was like, "It looks like a snowman.
What number is that?"

I was like, "Oh, right, eight."

Are you getting my good side?


If you guys need a break,

this is actually really stimulating.

-[audience laughs]
-In a good way.

It's fun.

[yawns loudly]

I feel like a zombie.

Oh, my gosh, I'm going delirious!

-I wanna go home.
-[audience laughs]


We'll find out later

how close you were to the actual count.

[applause continues]

[James] Now, just before
you came out here,

you each secretly told us

how much you think you counted

in the last 24 hours.

We have verified it and know exactly
how much each of you counted.

Based on the results,
the person who counted the least

and the person who counted
the least accurate,

will be eliminated

right now.



[James] The player who counted
the least number of coins

and the first person eliminated



[audience] Aw.


-Everybody make some noise for Ashlea!

[applause and cheering]

[woman] You counted $14,476.25.


Yes! Go, science!

I had a whole metric system up there, man.

A! Go get some z's now.

-[James] You said you want a pillow?

It's right over there!

[Ashlea laughs]

My whole science brain was in
like high gear, but I wasn't very fast.

[James] Now...

the person who was the least accurate

and the second person eliminated



-[audience groans]

You were a speed demon.

Make some noise for Lauren, everybody!


I mean, I feel really proud of myself
and the fact that

the challenge that I anticipated
was staying awake

and I did that.
I accomplished what I set out to do.

[James] Congratulations!


'Cause you guys are now one step closer

to that million-dollar prize.

[cheering and applause]

[James] Yes!

All right, it's time
for our first challenge.

It's time to play...

Don't Blow It!


[James] On the table in front of you
are 30 playing cards.

On my go, you have to blow up a balloon,

and use the air in the balloon
to maneuver the cards

across the line, into the end zone.

In order to count,
they must stay on the table.

Each card you get is worth a point,

but if you can blow the Kings
into the end zone,

then you'll get three points. Alright.

[cheering and applause]

The player with the most points
at the end,

automatically moves to the next round.

The player with the least

may just blow their shot

at a million bucks.

I'm actually really excited
about this challenge because...

I guess, this sounds weird,

but I've blown up
a lot of balloons in my life.

Sometimes I'll just pass
a children's party

and just blow up the balloons

and then sneak off
like I'm a balloon ninja.

[James] Two minutes on the clock.

Your challenge starts...



[woman] Yeah. Go!

[audience cheering]

-[bell dings]
-[console beeps]

[Clifton] Honestly, I've never, you know,
had to blow up a balloon in my life.

I'm thinking to myself, like, "Wow, this,

today, right now, God?"

[James] Only Spencer has managed
to get any points so far.

This could turn out to be tougher
than they thought.

On average, our Rested Testers managed
26 points.

Let's see if these contestants
can blow past those numbers.


Dang it!

[James] Quit blowin' all your points
off the table, Spencer!

[balloon squeaks]

Okay, we're starting to see
some points here.

But Bethany still hasn't found her groove.

[balloon squeaks]

[console beeps]

[James] There you go, Bethany!
Gettin' on the board with a three-pointer.

-[balloon squeaks]

[James] Sleep deprivation actually impairs
our ability to process

how elements will interact
with each other.

Layman's terms, these cards ain't goin'
where they want them to.

[man] Well, I don't know.

[applause continues]

[James] Thirty seconds to go.

[bell dings]

[James] Mike's got his technique down,

but Clifton, Spencer and Bethany

all have some catching up to do.

[cheering and applause]

That King's worth
another three points for Maranda.

Looks like she's really rackin' up
her score now.

[James] Ten seconds.

Nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three,

two, one.

[buzzer sounds]

-Not bad.
-[James] Time's up!

[James] Great job! Great job!

Everybody comes up here and join me.

I'm out of breath.


[coins clattering]

Great job!

-Yeah, baby!

first challenge down.

And I'll be honest,

that looked tough.

How did you guys deal with it?

-How you feelin' about it?
-Feelin' pretty good.

-[James] Are you sure?
-Oh, yeah.

Now, you do
some serious bike racing, right?

Yeah, I used to mountain bike race
back in the day.

I used to race my bike for 24 hours.

-[Mike] Yeah.

My lung capacity for being fit

-might have helped.
-[James] Okay. Okay.

-Brag a little bit, man. You out here.
-[audience laughs]

Now, Maranda.
How'd you feel about the last competition?

You think you gonna win
these million dollars?

Uh... Yes, I do.

-You think so?

What would you do if you won?

-How would you spend that million dollars?
-I am getting a Brazilian butt lift.

You're going to get
a Brazilian butt lift? Okay.


-[Maranda] Yep.

[James] That's gonna be
the best butt lift money can buy.


-Maranda and her million-dollar booty.


All right.

Let's get to it.

The person who won
automatically goes through

to the next round.

And that player is...


[cheering and applause]


Now, it's time to get serious.


The person who came in last

could be going home.

Or, maybe not.

Because it's time for...

the Buyout.

Let's do this.


[James] Alright.

We're gonna offer all of you $2,500

to leave the show right now.

If you think you were last
in the challenge or...

you're gonna go home anyway, on my go,

you need to be the first person
to hit that buzzer.

But if you think you killed it,

just chill.

[James] Okay?

Did you kill it?

I always kill it.

[James] A couple of people really
blew away the competition,

but the rest of you may want
to play your cards close to the vest.

Ten seconds on the clock.

The Buyout starts... now.

[audience] Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

-[dramatic music plays]
-[James] Oh!

[Mike] Clifton!

-[James] Oh ho!

[James] Oh!


Okay, it's official.

Clifton has taken the Buyout.

Which means he will be leaving here

with $2,500.


you know we got to find out
if you made the right decision,

or if you saved someone else's butt.


[James] The player who came in last

and would've been eliminated is...

[softly] Spencer, right?



Make some noise for Clifton!


[James] Clifton, you scored six points.

Here's how you compared
to our Rested Testers in that challenge.

Get some sleep, man. You out. You good.

[cheering continues]

Honestly, I've never had to blow up
a balloon in my life.

Got to explain this to the wifey.

-[James] Oh!

Okay. Contestants!

Here's a random question
that seems totally irrelevant,

but transitions us to our next challenge.

How do you like your eggs?

We, here, at Awake prefer ours one way...


[James] Here's how the challenge works.

On my go, take an egg from the bowl,

place it on the pole and thread it along
the giant "Z."

The player who moves the egg
the furthest through the "Z,"

automatically rolls through
to the next round.

The player who moves the egg
the shortest distance

could be egg-xtracted from the game.

-[James] Y'all ready to do this?

All right.

[cheers and applause]

It's time to play...

Eggs Ain't Easy.

-[coins clattering]

[James] Okay.

Go grab your pole.

Two minutes on the clock.
Let's get it crackin'.

Your challenge starts...


[buzzer sounds]

[audience cheers]

[James] Alright.


[James] Let's go, Maranda!

Hope she's gonna get it.

Oh, okay! It's alright, you good.


[James] Okay, we got some action.

Our rested testers averaged 14 out
of a possible 16 feet in this challenge.

So, let's see who gets the closest
to that score.

[James] Oh!

Two eggs down, a bowl of eggs to go.

-[James] You got this! You got this!
-[audience cheering]

[Maranda] I haven't slept in 24 hours
and I cannot concentrate.

They keep falling on my shoe,

on my arm, in my hair, everywhere else

but staying on the pole
where they need to be.

[James] I like your smile
throughout this whole challenge.

[audience] Go! Go! Go! Go!

[James] Mike's switching it
to the one-handed approach

and it seems to be working.

Can he go two for two in this competition?

I don't know about this challenge.

I don't think anybody is gonna be able
to get it through this course.

This is so hard.
It just keeps falling off.

[Mike] I just can't seem to get this thing
into the track.

This fireman is not used to this pole.

[cheering and applause]

Let's go, Spencer!


[James] The egg is moving.


That's got to be some kind of point.

-[cheering continues]
-[James] All right, Bethany.

Bethany is exhausted.
No, really, she's really tired.

There is no way that this egg
is gonna stay on a flat surface

while somebody's hands are shaking
on this pole.

Like, that's so ridiculous!

[James] Slow and steady wins the race?

That's what Bethany thinks.

All right, she's gotten through
the first opening.

[cheering continues]

[James] Whoa!

Great dodge! Great dodge!

I almost became egg salad!

That egg almost landed on her head,

but she was like, "Not today!"

Come on!

[audience cheers]

I think Bethany is whispering
sweet nothings to the egg.

Just do it!

Come on, egg.

[James] Okay.

Oh, man.

This looks slimy,

slow and annoying...

which is something I wouldn't want to do
off no sleep.

-[cheering continues]
-Okay, we got some action.

[James] Oh, she's doing well.
She's doing well.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come on. Oh, snap!

I think we got a winner. She's moving it.

She's doing it. She's movin and groovin'.

She's moving and groovin'. Come on!

I'm so invested right now.
I am so invested right now.

Come on.

Ten seconds to go.

[audience] Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four...

[James] Three, two, one.

[buzzer sounds]

Awful. I did absolutely awful,

but I got one egg to stay up there.

So, Humpty Dumpty sat on that wall
and he didn't come down.

-[audience cheers]
-[coins clattering]




Let's talk about
what happened out there. Mike?

I'm feeling good
about moving to the next round.

Okay, okay. What about you, Spencer?

I definitely wish I could redo it.

I like Spencer. Spencer's trying to act
like he struggled, you know?

[James] Trying to get in your heads.

Maranda, talk to him.

I did egg-cellent.

[James] Oh!

-[James] Oh!

No further questions, Maranda.

-[audience laughs]

Bethany? You look a little confused, like,
"How can she be egg-cellent,

when I was so amazing?"

We had a party in the air
and then a salad on the ground

and it was a great time.

Oh, I get. Now you're trying
to confuse everybody.

-[audience laughs]
-I guess.

All right. Let's get into it.

Who's moving one step closer

to the million dollars

and who's headed home?

The winner of this last challenge is...


Yeah! Yeah!

-Go, eggs! Go eggs.
-[James] Maranda, you moved your egg

a whole ten feet through the track.


Thank you!


Bethany's like, " I don't... Whatever."

-[James] Unfortunately,

one of you is about to see
your million dollar dream come to an end.

But, not before...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout.


This time we're gonna offer each of you

five thousand dollars...

[audience cheers]

to leave right now.

However, if no one takes the Buyout,

whoever came in last place
in that challenge

will be eliminated.

You think you did well enough to move on?
Or do you feel like you did so badly

that the best thing to do
is take the cash and run.

What I can tell you is that none of you
came anywhere close to Maranda's score.

The ten-second Buyout timer starts...


[audience] Nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three...

[audience cheers]


-[James] Well...
-It wasn't meant to be.

Bethany has taken the Buyout.

You didn't slam that button.
You kinda just slowly caressed it.

My fingertips are
a little sore right now.

-Counting all those coins.
-Who knows?

-Who cares? You know why?

'Cause you're leaving here

-with $5,000!
-[cheers and applause]


we have to find out
if you made the right choice.

The player who actually lost the challenge


Bethany. You knew.

-[audience cheers]
-[music plays]

[James] You only made it
one foot, Bethany.

And here's how you all did compared
to our Rested Testers.

Bethany, you made the right decision.

-Thank you. Oh, my God!
-[James] Thank you for playing.

Get some rest. One more time for Bethany!

I didn't want to end at $5,000,
but I had to.

It was very clear

that I was the rotten egg.


Well, congratulations.

There's just one challenge

stands between you
and making the final two.

Now, are you guys ready
for our final challenge?

Ready! Ready as ever.

[James] Alright. In this challenge,

each of you will step up to a table.

On the end of the table are stacks
and stacks

and stacks of quarters.
I know you're tired of those.

On the opposite end is
a stack of red quarters.

You need to slide those red quarters

down the length of the table
and try to knock of as many

stacks of coins as you possibly can.

The player that knocks off
the most quarters

goes straight through to the next round.

But whoever gets the least

just may get knocked out the game.

You need to have
great hand-eye coordination

and that is one of the first things to go

when you're sleep deprived.

It's time to play...

Knock it Off!

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheering]

[James] Okay. Spencer, you're up first.

Still in it to win it.

Now, Mike's not the only firefighter
on this show tonight.

Tell 'em.

I'm a volunteer firefighter.

And it's just a great group of guys.
And you get to give back and help people.

We need more Spencer's out there,
ain't that right?

-Are you ready?
-I'm ready.

[James] Ninety seconds on the clock.

Your challenge starts...


All right. Let's do this.

Oh, no!

[Spencer] Um, okay.

Dang it!

Doing a little of this. Like he's DJing
with two fingers.

[Spencer] Better fall down!

Fall! Fall down!

All right.

Here we go.

Oh, oh!

-[James] Oh.
-I'm sorry.

He needs to apologize.
He sent a quarter into the crowd.

Twenty-four hours of dealing with quarters

and now I have to play
with quarters again.

It's just a nightmare.

I'm not even asleep.

So, then, technically this is a day...

A daymare?


You better fall down!

[James] Maranda and Mike, you're up!

Our Rested Testers averaged
146 quarters into the basket.

Let's see how you do.

Okay, come on. Slow down a little bit.

Maranda's burning through these quarters
like the million is hers to spend

and there's a sale on right now.

The faster I flick these quarters,
the faster I get to my bed

and get my money.

Let's go, Mike. Let's do it.

I don't know about this challenge,
there is no technique to this.

You're trying to aim down the center
and hope for the best.

[James] Oh!

A big stack just fell.

[James] You're over the half-way point.

Less than 45 seconds left.

[James] Oh.


Yeah, baby! Yeah!


Right down the center.

-[coins clatter]

That's the one!


All right, let's do some push-ups!


Mike is doing push-ups!

[James] Man, if you don't knock that off...
There's ten seconds left.


[James] Five, four, three, two...


[buzzer sounds]

-Boom! I'll take it!
-[audience cheers]

All right.

-You showboating son of a gun.
-[Mike laughs]

Break down the whole push-up display
that happened.

Well, just kind of...
It loosens me up and obviously...

[cheers and applause]

it produced.

-It did!

It did!

Let's bring the others back out.

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheers]


[James] Hey, guys!

That was the final challenge.

Maranda, how are you feeling right now?

I killed it, guys.

[all laugh]

Okay. Spencer, how're you feeling?
Should they be concerned?

Yeah, absolutely!

-[James] I like it.
-The thing is, this is gonna turn green.

Nah, it's gonna turn red
when this turns green.

Hey, okay! Okay! Okay!

Well, it's time to see who's bluffing.

-The person who came in first

and has a guaranteed spot
in the next round is...


[James] Nicely done, Mike.

You knocked 128 quarters into your basket.

Good job, buddy. Mike wasn't lying.

He said it was gonna turn green
and it sure did.

And I thought that little fireman
fist bump you did, very cute.

Okay, now...

Maranda, Spencer,
that means one of you two

will be leaving here right now.

It's time for...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout.

[cheering and applause]

It's crunch time now.

We're gonna offer $7,500...

to walk away, right now.

If no one takes the Buyout,

whoever lost the last challenge
will be eliminated.

Mike crushed it and the next best player

trailed in by over 13 bucks.

That's a whole bunch of quarters.

Think about it.

You wanna take the money and run,
hit that button.

Your buyout starts...


[audience] Ten,

-nine, eight...
-Whoa! Guy., six,

five, four,

-three, two, one!

[audience cheers]

[Spencer] Great game.



Spencer took the Buyout.

-Last second.

If the odds are fifty-fifty,
one of us is gonna go.

So, if it's me, I'd rather leave

with something in my pocket
than, you know...

[audience cheers]

[James] Makes perfect sense.

But, was taking the Buyout

the right thing to do?

The player who actually lost the challenge





-[Mike] That makes it so much sweeter.
-Money in the pocket.

-[James] You made the right choice.

[James] You knocked 59 quarters
into your basket.

Let's see how you all scored
in that challenge.

He's leaving here with $7,500.

-Oh, dude! Yeah!
-[James] Make some noise.

-Thank you for playing.
-Thank you, man.

One more time for Spencer, everybody.

-One more time for Spencer.
-Good job.

My aim was off,

and so I swallowed my pride
and I took the cash.

-I'm fine with that. That's $75,000.

I'm just kidding, $7,500.

Yeah, let's rewind that.



to both of you, for getting this far.


there can only be one winner.

Now, remember way back
in the beginning of the show

when you did all that coin counting,

and you secretly told us
how much you think you counted?

We've added up
how much you actually counted

and the person who's the most accurate

will win everything they counted.

The other will leave with nothing.

Maranda, you feel confident
with your count?

Nope. I do not.


Mike, how are you feeling?

You know, to be...
I'm gonna be completely honest.

I had a little hiccup in there,

but I got through it.
So, I feel pretty good.

Okay. Okay. You had a hiccup.

She says she doesn't feel good.

-That's cool.
-We don't believe her.

So, if you're worried about how you did

and you think you may not make the cut,
you're in luck,

because we have one final Buyout.

-[audience cheers]
-Oh, yeah!

You can give up right now

for a guaranteed $10,000.


Oh, man!

[James] You can do a lot with $10,000,

but if you're feeling confident
in your count

and you want that shot
at a million dollars,

you might not want to take that offer.

Ten seconds on the clock.

Your Buyout starts...


[music plays]


No, way!



I'm not mad, Maranda.

-You knew where you stood

-and you took that $10,000.

She will be leaving here...

-...with $10,000!



-Thank you.
-Now, you know what you get to do?

-Get them Z's, girl!

-Get your rest. One more time for Maranda.
-Thank you.

[Mike] Maranda!

[producer] You counted $17,596.75.

Exactly why I took the Buyout,
right there.


I have $10,000.
I'm gonna take this money back to Texas,

pay my taxes, and get a new booty.

You've made it to this point.


Now, Mike, you are just
two critical decisions

away from one million dollars.



[James] Okay.

Here's the deal.

You can take the money you counted
over the past 24 hours

and leave with all of it right now.


you can risk it to win the money
everyone else counted here today,

which we call...

the Big Bank.

[cheering and applause]

[James] That Big Bank looks good.

[Mike laughs]

[James] The total is...

a hundred and thirty-eight thousand,

six hundred seventy-two dollars
and twenty-five cents.

[cheering and applause]


That's a big bank.

-[James] That's a big bank, right there.

-[James] Here's how you win that money.
-[Mike] Alright.

Tell us right now
how much you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.

My number was $34,916.00.

[James] You're saying you counted

-[Mike] That's it, right there.
-[James] Okay.

If that number is within $500,

$500 above or $500 below

of the amount you actually counted,

you'll win just over

$138,000 in the Big Bank

and get a chance to play
for one million dollars!

[audience cheering]

[Mike and James grunt and groan]


if you're just 25 cents

-outside that range...
-[Mike] Yep.'ll leave here
with absolutely nothing.

[audience moans]

I know! Come on!

Now, Mike, you've been
the definition of confidence.

How confident are you feeling right now?

That $500 figure, plus or minus...

I got to be honest with you,
I'm not feeling very good about it.

-[audience laughs]
-[James] Okay.

[James] Are you gonna keep
what you counted

or are you gonna risk it all
and play for the Big Bank?

I'm gonna stick with the money I have.

Round of applause.


-Round of applause.
-Thank you.

I'm not mad at him. This man makes sense.

He saves lives.
He might've saved his own.

[laughs] I know, right?

Congratulations, Mike.

You're leaving
with all the money you counted!

[Mike] Yeah!


Cash money.

-Cash money.

Before you go, you know I got to do this.

-I gotta know. We gotta know.
-[James] You know.

We gotta see if he made
the right decision.


You said you counted $34,916.00.


If you were within $500,
you would have won...

-the Big Bank.

If you were within $25

and decided to take the next gamble,
you could've won

the million.

-Let's see...

if you would have won.
Money meter, show us.

[coins clattering]


Where is it... Bouncing around.

[cheering and applause]

Come on!


-So close! Come on!
-You would have won the Big Bank,

but you still wouldn't have won
the million.

It's okay!

Your actual amount was $35,374.00.

You were off by $458!

But you know what?

You're walking out of here
with all the money you counted.

I'm happy. That's good.

[cheering and applause]

Hey, listen.

-That's okay.
-Mike's going home to get some sleep.

Thanks for watching. Good night everybody.


Aw, that's the worst.

-It's all good.
-You won but you could've won more.

[Mike] Oh, no, man! Golly!

[theme music playing]