Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - You Snooze, You Lose - full transcript

Contestants show off some of their moves; a staring contest; an alarm-clock smacking challenge takes place on a bed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Almost 24 hours ago,

those seven people
enthusiastically entered a secret room

with a million dollars in quarters.

They had to count as many
of those quarters as they could

and remember how much they counted...

-in their heads.

[James] No paper,

no electronics,

just the power
of the sleep-deprived human brain.

[producer] All right, time's up everyone.
Time's up.

[audience cheers]

They just crossed the finish line

and those seven players

now have a chance to win
all the money they've counted

and maybe, just maybe,

one million dollars.

[audience cheers]

Don't sleep, this is Awake:

The Million Dollar Game.


[James] One of them could
win it all tonight.

[music and applause]

[coins clattering]

[audience cheers]

[James] All right, tonight
we've got Christi,



-[James] ...Taryn,


Gina, and Ben.

Welcome to Awake, everyone. I'm your host,

James Davis.

What about you guys, are you guys ready?


Yeah, might as well...

She did this and you're, like, "Man..."

[James] "What day is it?"
That's what you said.

-I like it though. You guys feeling good?
-Pretty much.

There's not a lot left.

-[James] Not a lot left?
-There's not a lot left.

-[James] Tony Love.
-My guy.

Hey, I like your name, Tony Love.

You can be a lot of things
with the name Tony Love.

-Watch out, now.
-[James] See? Watch out, now.


[James] Christi, how you doin'?

Hangin' in there.

I hear that you have actually done

some sleepin' already. Is that true?

I don't know how long I was out,
but I definitely was face-first

-into the table.
-[James] Face first?

Yep. But it was comfortable
and I enjoyed it.

When you're sleepy,
any position is comfortable.

I fell asleep during Twister once.
That's how tired I was,

but, you know, that's my life.

Ben, was this the hardest thing ever,

to go that long without any sleep?

No. I'm currently potty training
a three-year-old.

-[James] Ooh.
-And that's... Yeah, that's...

And I've got a five-month-old
on top of that.

-So, yeah...

Yeah. Well, you know, chill out today.

-[James] You know?
-Yeah, yeah.

-This is a vacation.

-[James] A sleepless vacation.

[James] But this game is about to get
real serious, based on your count.

So, let's take a quick look
at your past 24 hours.

-[audience cheers]
-[coins clattering]

Everybody's settling in.

They're thinking about
the strategy they're gonna use

to keep the count.

My main man.


-My main man!
-Wait. What?

My main...

And I'm gonna play Jedi mind tricks
to throw you off.


Get the quarters from the middle.

They're easiest to count.

[Taryn] I am focusing over here

and Tony should not be hollering,
"Wait, wait, wait!"

I'm a librarian and I will shush you.

[Tony] Yeah, Dan!

If Tony claps one more time,

we gonna have some issues.

If it wasn't for me teaching
Anger Management,

I probably would end up snatchin' him up
by his throat.

Hey! Hey, hey!

[Tony] Roses are red, violets are blue.

What am I talkin' about?

I don't know, but you lost your count,
didn't you? [giggles]

I used to think George Washington
was a cool dude.


Six hours in and I feel motivated,
I'm focused, I'm ready to go.

I got this in the bag.

[Gina] Twenty hours in and I am not

feeling good at all.


I'm having a hard time comprehending
just about anything.

[Ben] And I can see everyone else is

dealing with the same sort of thing I am.

I tried to stay focused
and I tried to stay awake,

but even a million dollars
can't keep me awake.

-[snores softly]
-[audience laughs]


[James] Well, let's go back

to that 24-hour count.

It's gonna play a very important role
throughout the show,

starting right now.

Contestants, just before
you came out here,

you each secretly told us
how much you think

you counted in the last 24 hours.

[James] We have verified it,

and we know exactly

how much you actually counted.

Based on the results,

the person who counted the least

and the person who was the least accurate

will be going home

right now.

[audience] Aw.

The player who counted
the least number of coins,

and the first person eliminated,


[music plays]


[audience groans]

Hey, now I get sleep.

-Get out of here, girl!
-See ya!

[applause and cheering]

[James] All right,
another person has to go.

The person who was the least accurate,

and the second person eliminated,


[music plays]



[audience] Aw.


-[James] Gina, thank you so much.
-[Gina] Thank you!

Y'all give it up for Gina.


Congratulations, y'all!

The rest of you are now one step closer

to that one-million-dollar prize.

-[James] Yeah!
-[audience cheers]

One million dollars!

[James] All right, it's time
for our first challenge.

You know, when I'm tired,
I like to bust out some dance moves

to get the adrenaline pumpin'.
You know, a little...

[audience laughs]

[James] You know?

Y'all like the dance moves?

-Oh, yeah.

Well, that's good to hear,
because you're about to get jiggy with it,

and I'm not talking Will Smith style.

-Mm hm.

That's right.

It's time to get...

Jiggy With It!

-[audience cheers]
-[coins clattering]


In this challenge, each of you

have a huge container filled with quarters

strapped to your body.

You've gotta find your groove

and shake those quarters out
into the bucket below.

The contestant who gets
the most coins in their bucket

will be movin' and groovin'
on to the next round.

But get the least and your victory dance

will be over.


I'm definitely gone come away
with the prize in this.

I mean, we got Grand Daddy Ben, right?

We got Jamayla, I ain't gonna say her age
or anything,

but she's pretty up there,
if you know what I mean.

These young knees gonna take it.

-[James] Are you guys ready?

[James] A guaranteed spot

in the next round is on the line.

Your challenge starts...


-[buzzer sounds]
-[audience cheers]

[James] Dance through that exhaustion.

Come on, my jiggy little friends!

Oh, I like that.

[cheering continues]

[James] Our well-rested testers averaged
450 quarters in 90 seconds.

So, let's see how
you sleeping beauties match up.

[coins jingling]

I was shaking it, you know what I mean?
Pop lockin' it, droppin' it.

But I still ain't see
no quarters come out.

It was harder than it looked,

but I looked good doin' it.

I hit the Dougie,
you know what I'm sayin'?

[James] Oh... Oh, this is so good!

[James] Oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh.

Pretty much, what I'm thinking about
is that I'm at the club,

shakin' it like I normally do,
havin' fun and just like, "Hey!"

[audience cheers]

[James] Keep shakin' those money-makers.

You got one minute to go.

[coins jingling, clattering]

[James] Fatigue is definitely messin'
with some of these guys' rhythm.

-[crowd cheering]
-[coins jingling]

We got Fred Astaire

and Fred Flintstone puttin' down
some moves.

It's so much harder than I thought.

Everything over the course of 24 hours
has just

tightened and locked up.

And now I'm supposed to shake it
as hard as I can forever.

I'm gonna create a workout
out of this and...

rake in the cash, because my thighs
and my butt were on fire.

[James] Oh, I like that!

Less than thirty seconds left.

Don't stop now.

[Jamayla] A few seconds ago,
I was feelin' really confident.

But now, I'm so tired,
I'm doing that lazy dance.

You know, like,
when that guy approach you at the club

and you don't wanna dance with him,

but you just tryin' to be nice
and you just want to get it over with?

[James] Okay!

Final five seconds!

[audience cheering]

[music playing]

Oh, my gosh!

Time's up!

My butt hurts! It's hard!

[gasping] Oh, God!

Oh, my God!

[audience cheering]

Oh, my God! That was hard!

[James] Great job, my jiggy little things!

That was amazing!
Everybody cover up your stations

to keep your results a secret.
Come back up here.

[audience cheering]

[softly] I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!

All right, wait. You came up here
and started apologizing. Why?

It was ugly. They saw things

not a lot of people have
the privilege of seeing.


-[James] Taryn,

-you were ownin' that dance floor, girl!

That was like... [grunts]

I saw it.

I studied it. What do you do for a living
that has you groovin' so well?


Well, I can't say I use it at my job.
I am a librarian.

-You're a librarian?
-I am.

I don't mean to stereotype,
but I've never seen

a librarian who's as spunk

and cool as you.

It's always somebody
with the triple bifocals

and the thick glasses

and the flowery dress
that smells like medicine.


Maybe you should go to a library.
Libraries are pretty cool.

You know, maybe I will.


[James] Ah!

Now, guys, the person who won

automatically goes through
to the next round.

And that player is...


[cheering and applause]


[James] Taryn, you were
makin' it rain in the club

with 344 quarters in your bucket.

I'm used to gettin' down in the center
of the club, doin' my thing

and here comes Taryn, beatin' me.

She a librarian!

Come on, man!

This is where it gets serious.

The person who came in last

could be going home.

Or maybe not,

because it's time for...

the Buyout.

[audience cheering]


Here's how the Buyout works.

[James] We're gonna
offer each of you $2,500

to leave the game right now.

If you think you were in last place,

you might want to hit that buzzer.

But if you think you did your thing,

don't you touch that buzzer.

I know you're exhausted
and maybe your judgment

isn't at tip top.

Most of you were makin' it rain,

but one of you was a total washout.

So, how good are you really feelin'
about your get-down?

But right now,
you have to think about strategy.

The Buyout starts...


-[audience] Nine, eight, seven...
-I'm not gonna press.

...six, five,

-four, three, two, one.
-[James] Whoo!

[James] Ah!


[James] That's what I'm talkin' about!

Everybody felt like they killed it.


that is not the case.

That means the player who came in last

will be eliminated

and will go home empty-handed.

I'm sorry to say,

the player going home is...


[audience] Aw.

[James] Sorry, Tony.

Only 83 quarters in the bucket, my friend.


[James] Here's how you all stacked up
to our Rested Tester.

Tony, do a final little dance
on your way out for everybody, man.

-[James] Whoo.

[Tony] I feel like
I was having fun, right?

Which I thought that was
the purpose of the game,

but apparently, it was to put
the quarters in the bucket

and that's what everybody else did.

[cheering and applause]

Now, we all know the feeling

when we're exhausted
and we just can't keep our eyes open.

[James] That's because we have muscles
around our eyes

that have to work to keep them open

and those muscles are now very tired.

I mean, imagine how your arms would feel
if you're doing bicep curls

for 24 hours.

That's your eyes right now.

But this challenge

is as simple as it gets.

It's time to play...

Don't Blink!

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheers]

[James] Oh, yeah.


[James] For this challenge,
the contestant who blinks the least

can take their eyes straight through
to the next round.

But blink the most,

and you could be getting a jump start

on some shut-eye... off stage.

'Cause you lost.

I am terrified of this blink competition.

[Taryn] My eyes want to close
so badly and...

everything is... Every part of me is
just kind of ready to shut down.

All right.

Your challenge starts...


[buzzer sounds]

[applause and cheering]

[James] Our Rested Tester only blinked
four times in two minutes.

Are you gonna beat that?

My strategy is to play the...

mean girl.

You lookin' at my boo

and I'll put my hand on my hip

and I'll just stare at you,
like, "Really?"


Jamayla's holdin' 'em pretty steady,
right now.

[applause continues]

I grew up with three brothers and...

and we used to have staring contests
all the time,

so I'm not really worried about this one.

I can't keep my eyes open
for anything at this point.

I know I'm blinking a lot.

This is terrible.

[applause and cheering]

There's a weird mixture of things going on

in my brain right now to distract me.

I'm singing nursery rhymes in my head

for some reason that seems like
the right thing to do right now.

And I've got sad memories

in the back of my mind

just in case I need to water my eyes,
so I don't blink.


Oh! I saw one blink.

My face is just twitchin'
and it's just, like,

can't stop.

Two blinks.

I think my body is trying
to tell me, like,

"Girl, go to bed. You did too much today."

[applause continues]

Thirty seconds left. Keep those eyes open.

Staring off into space,

my eyes are at that state
where they're burning.

I was trying to hold off as long
as I could, but at the same time,

I'm pretty exhausted.

I want to say to my eyes right now,

Just work with me."

[cheering and applause]

[James] Nine, eight, seven...

"And then you can,
you can blink all you want to."

...four, three, two, one.

[audience cheers]

[cheering continues]

Time's up!

Everybody, just...

Goodness, gracious, that was intense.

Oh, my gosh.

Get your faces out of that thing.
Just relax.

We'll find out the scores in a second.

One more time for these people.

[cheering continues]

I don't think I did too good. But...

again, I don't know
how everybody else did.

I'm walkin' up,

thinkin' "I'm taking this Buyout,"

but I know I'm gonna wait 'til
the very last second

to see if someone else is
gonna bite first.

[coins clattering]

[music plays]

[applause and cheering]

That challenge was pretty intense.

But, who's moving one step closer

to the million dollars,

and who's headed home?

The winner of the challenge,

and one step closer

to that million-dollar prize,



[audience cheers]

-[Ben laughs]

Wait. I want...

First of all,

Ben did not blink...

-at all.
-[Ben chuckles]

But I can't say the same
for the rest of you.


one of you is about to see
your million-dollar dream come to an end.

But not before...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout!

[audience cheers]

This time. I said, "This time,"

ha ha,

we're gonna offer $5,000...

[audience cheering]

to leave right now.

If no one takes the Buyout,

whoever came last

in that challenge...

will be eliminated.

[James] How's your judgment...

after over 24 hours without sleep?

Do you think you nailed it, people?


did you do so badly,

the best thing to do is get some cash

and get on out of here?

Well, think about it.

Marinate on it.

Because the ten-second

Buyout timer starts...


[audience] Nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

[James] Oh.


All right.

My eyes were watering, dang it!

-I couldn't hold it.
-It's okay, Jamayla.

Get that money!

-Get that money!
-Yeah, so...

-Thank you, guys!
-You took... Wait, girl!

-Look at you!
-I'm about to get my...

"I took the money.
It's my five thou... Can I go to bed?

[James] Can I go to bed?"

-It was real.
-That's not how it works!

Well, Jamayla, talk to me.

Why'd you take the Buyout?

Was it the tiredness...

-that had you blinking?
-It was tired. It just starts

watering up under and I was just, like...

Yeah, so...

Well, I hear you blinked 23 times, so...

But, who knows?

-Maybe, somebody blinked 24.

Doesn't matter, because, guess what?

You got 5,000. Not blinks,

but dollars!

-Thank you.

But, before you go,

let's find out officially

if you made the right choice.

The player...

who actually lost the challenge is...

[music plays]


[audience cheering]

You knew. Here's how
you all performed in Don't Blink

compared to the average
of our Rested Testers.

Now you can go to bed.

Everybody give Jamayla
a round of applause.

Thank you for playing.

Why would you have a challenge like that?

"Don't Blink" and you know
we haven't had any sleep.

I'm blinking now, thinking about it.


I'm tired.

I don't know who I am
and what's going on right now.


All right, guys.

How you feelin'? You tired?



You feeling good about your chances?

Really don't have any energy left
at this point.

[James] Got you.

All right, guys.


You are just one challenge

away from one

million dollars.

[audience cheering]

How many of you would like
to be laying down

in a bed right now?

-Okay, I get it.

[James] Well, guess what?

Here's the deal.

In this challenge,
each of you will put your head

on a pillow.

On either side of that bed,

there is an alarm clock.

When you hear the alarm go off,

you need to figure out which alarm it is

and shut it down as quickly as possible.

And to make sure this challenge
is really testing you,

you'll be wearing a sleep mask,
so you can't see nothing.

The contest who shuts down the most alarms

will be moving on. Get the least,

and you may be sleeping in your own bed
quicker than you thought.

It's time to play You Snooze, You Lose.

-[audience cheers]
-[coin clattering]

-Get in that bed.
-Uh, no!

-[audience member screams]

[Ben] Oh!

-Ben, you have two kids, correct?

-And you have a 90-minute commute to work?

I do.

Do you ever get to catch up on sleep
throughout the day?

It's called a parking garage nap.

-Okay, so, wait...
-Talk to me.

So, what you do...

you eat your lunch
at 11:30 really quick at your desk.

And then, at noon, tell everybody,
"Hey, I'm going to lunch."

And then you go down to the parking garage
and you sleep in your car.

Do you...


[James] Take notes.

-Take notes.

-Are you ready to do this?
-I am ready.

Put the mask on.


My strategy for this game

is to follow the headboard to the...

alarm clock.

Your challenge starts...


[buzzer sounds]

-[James] Oh, oh!

[James] Wrong side, Ben.

Okay, so wait,

where's the headboard?

[alarm chirping]

He is not getting a lot of good sleep.

And Ben, on average,

our Rested Testers got 22 out
of 25 alarms.

So, no pressure.

Taryn, you're up next.

-[alarm chirping]

[James] This librarian is searching
in the wrong section.

[Taryn] I feel like
I'm moving pretty quick.

I'm hoping I look like
a ninja flying back and forth,

but I'm sure I look like
some crazy person.

[James] Daniel, come on, man.

-[audience cheers]
-[James] [Oh!

[James] Oh, oh!

Oh, he's a leaper.

Daniel's trying to fly to those alarms.

Literally, just fly to them.

[audience members shouts]

My brain is obviously sleep-deprived,

so I'm having a hard time
hearing these alarms.

It doesn't sound like anything's
coming out of them.

[James] All right.

You got 30 seconds left.

Fun fact, these guys need to keep moving

and not get too comfortable,

because sleep-deprived people can
fall asleep in a matter of seconds.

[James] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

I'm moving as fast as I can, and honestly,

it burns.

My body just burns.

[alarms chirping]

He's lost a pillow.

This is tough.

Oh, oh. The trip is up.

[James] Five, four, three, two, one!

[buzzer sounds]


[applause and cheering]


[Ben sighs]

[James] Oh, man.

Ben. So...


-How was it?
-Oh, it was...

I was just hitting dead...

Oh, there's no... There's no headboard.

I just realized there isn't one.
There wasn't one, was there?


[audience laughs]

-It's official. Ben is seeing things.
-[Ben] I swear...


You're really hosting, right? Like,
I'm not just some crazy guy up here...

I don't know. I don't know.

No, you did your thing.
Everybody, give it up for Ben.

All right, thanks.

Thank you, everyone.

[cheering continues]

[coins clattering]

[James] Whoo!

Well, contestants,

that was the final challenge.

I won this round.

I killed it 'cause of these long arms.

And these quick legs.


He's been scared of me all day.

[James] Ooh.

Look at our librarian punking
the other contestants!

[audience cheers]


silent warrior.

Well, they know my reflexes.
They saw 'em in the...

In the coin counting station,
so you guys know how quick I am.

[James] Ooh.

He said, "Check my stats, y'all.
You know how I do."

Well, we're about to see who's bluffing.

Let's find out.

The person who came in first

and has a guaranteed spot
in the next round is...


[audience cheers]

I was flailing around that bed like one
of those balloons

you see outside of the used car lot.

I can't believe I won.

So the fact that I'm standing
in the final two

is absurd to me.

That's two out of three.

-[James] You on fire!

All right...

Dan, Ben,

you guys were neck and neck
in this challenge.

That means one of you
will be leaving here right now.

The question is,

will you be leaving with some money

or no money?

It's time for...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout!

[cheering and applause]

[James] Oh, yeah.

Fellas, fellas, fellas...

we're gonna offer you $7,500...

to walk away right now.

But if no one takes the Buyout,

whoever lost the challenge
will be eliminated.

If you wanna take the money and run,

hit that button.

But if you wanna take a shot
at a million dollars,

I would not.

Well, we're about to see

who's bluffing.

I feel like it's...

I'm just kidding. I don't know.


But let's find out.

Ten seconds on the clock.

Your Buyout starts...


[audience] Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one.

[cheering and applause]

Daniel's smart.

-I think that was smart, dude.

[applause continues]

Daniel, you took the Buyout.

You are leaving here with $7,500.

-Thank you.

You waited to the very, very,

very last second, though.

I told you, I have quick reflexes.


was taking the Buyout
the right thing to do?

[James] Ooh.

Let's find out.

The player who actually lost the challenge




[James] Well done. Well done.

You know you.

-You know you.
-Thank you.

[James] Wow.

I want to say this.

You really know yourself,

'cause the difference between you two
was just one point.

-[audience moans]


-Whoo! It's getting dicey.
-[Daniel] Yeah.

Here's how you all did compared
to the average of our Rested Testers.

[audience cheers]

Daniel, thank you for playing.
Let's give him a round of applause.


I mean, 7,500 bucks isn't a million,

but it can definitely buy

a lot of nice snowboarding equipment

and I'm really stoked about that.

Hey, not bad for a ski bum from Utah.

-[James] All righty.
-[Ben] Whoo!

[James] Congratulations to the both of you
for making it this far.


there can only be one winner.

Now, remember way back
in the beginning of the show,

when you did all that coin counting?

You secretly told us

how much you think you counted.

We've added up
how much you actually counted,

and the person who's most accurate

will win everything they counted.

The other will leave

with nothing.

[audience] Aw.

[James] Whoo!

I'm nervous and I'm not even involved.

How are you guys feeling about
this current situation?

I'm feeling pretty good.

-I'm pretty good about my numbers.
-[James] Okay.

-[Ben] Yeah.
-Talk your talk, Ben.

[James] Taryn, how are you feelin'?

I feel pretty good, too.

I had a good system.

-It was pretty consistent, so...
-[James] Okay.

Well, if you're worried at all

about how you did,

and you think you may not make the cut,

we have one final Buyout.

[audience cheers]

That is right.

You can give up now

for $10,000, guaranteed.

All you got to do is
be the first to hit that button.

But if you're feelin' confident
about your count,

and you want a shot
at that million dollars,

you might not want to take the offer.

Your ten seconds

to hit the Buyout button starts...


[audience] Ten, nine...

I'm gonna tell you, I'm not gonna hit it.

-[audience] ...six, five...
-I'm pretty confident.

...four, three, two, one.

[audience cheering]

[Taryn giggles]


Whoo! Y'all be up here
raisin' my blood pressure!

[Ben laughs]

Taryn, talk to me.

I really wasn't that confident.

I said a couple, like, "thirty-tenths"
when I was counting.

What's a "thirty-tenth"?
That's not even a number!

Yeah, I feel like you made
an educated decision.



thank you for playing.

Get some rest.

I knew, thinking back to my counting,

that I messed up way too many times
to have an accurate count.

I couldn't hit that button fast enough.

[producer] Do you wanna know
what you counted?


[producer] Taryn, your actual count
was $43,719.00.

Four hundred dollars off's a lot off.
I missed a lot of quarters.

[sighs] I'm not very good
at counting quarters. [chuckles]

-Congratulations, Ben.
-Thank you. Thank you.

You did it.

You outlasted all the opponents.

Survived every challenge.

And now all the money

you counted is yours to keep.

-Thank you. Thank you.

Breathe it in.


I know the sleep, or lack thereof,

-has affected you.

But, right now, this is big.

-[James] You got money now.

Are you even tired anymore?



Yeah. Yeah.

He's, like, "It's real,
but I'm still real tired, too."

-[James] Now...

you are just two critical decisions away

from one million dollars.

[audience cheers]

[James] Oh, yeah.

Here's the deal.

You can take the money you counted

over the past 24 hours,
and leave with all of it,

or you can risk it

to win the money everyone else counted,

which we call...

the Big Bank.


[James] Yeah.

[applause continues]

The total is...

a hundred and ninety-one thousand,

eight hundred and forty-three dollars.

-Oh, my God.
-[James] Yeah.

Well, here's how you win the money.

Tell us, right now,
how much you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.

Thirty-two thousand, sixty-five dollars

worth of quarters.

If that number is within $500...

I'm talkin' $500 above

or $500 below

the amount that you actually counted...

you'll win the Big Bank,

and a chance...

to play for one million dollars.

[audience cheers]

[James] But...

if you're outside that range,

you'll leave here with absolutely...


[audience] Oh!

This is a big either or decision.

I'm gonna go for the Big Bank.

[audience cheers]

[James] You're gonna play
for the Big Bank.

All right.

Here's how it works.

If you are within the $500 range,

the Money Meter will turn green
and you will win.

If you are outside that range,
it will turn red,

and you will lose everything.

It won't reveal exactly
how much you might be off,

just if you are inside

or outside the $500 range.

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

-I'm rootin' for ya.
-Oh, thanks.

Money meter,

show us the money.

[cheering and applause]

-I feel good. I feel good.
-Yeah, I do, too.

[cheering continues]

[James] Come on. Go green. Go green.

Come on. Come on.

Oh, yes!

[audience cheering]

Well done! It's cool! It's cool.


[cheering continues]

[Ben] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

[James] Back here.

[Ben] All right. Oh, my God!

[cheering continues]


-Oh, thank you, God.
-You just did it.

You just won $191,843.00!

Oh, my God.

[audience cheers]

That's all you!

That's all you!

Ben just bein' Ben.


[James] Bein' courageous.

Well, look,

-that's an unbelievable amount of money.


[laughs] could be more.

Because you can either keep...

the money from the Big Bank you just won,

or you could risk it all

for one million dollars.

[audience cheers]

[James] To win that million-dollar prize,

the amount of money you think you counted

has to be within $25

of the actual amount.

But if you're just $0.25

outside that range,

-you will leave with nothing.

[James] Million dollars on the line.

[audience shouting]

What's it gonna be?

Keep what you have,

[music plays]

go for the million?

I'm gonna keep it.


But, before you go,

I'd like to see how things

-would have turned out.
-Yeah. Yes!

What would have happened?


-We gotta see...

...if that million dollars

-would have been yours.
-Ugh. God.

Show us

the Money Meter.


We got action.

Come on. All right.

It's whatever, you know, I'm not trippin'.

I'm not trippin'.

You good.

Whatever happens...

[audience groans]

[James] You would have won the million!


Your actual count was $32,060.00

You were five dollars out.

But the good news is,

you're walking out of here

with $191,843.00.


Ben! Ben! Ben!

Even though I'm not walking home
with a million dollars,

I am walking away with

the weirdest experience
of my entire life...

and a whole lot of money to show for it.

Ben is going home to get some sleep,

but we're far from done over here.

Keep watching, the next episode starts

in five, four, three, two, one...

[theme music playing]