Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Hard to Crack - full transcript

Group chanting to keep morale high; smashing eggs and playing with nails; contestants show off some of their unique skills.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[soft music playing]

Some people say, sleep is priceless.

You can't put a price on some good rest.

Our contestants say, "The hell with that."

-[audience laughs]
-They'll risk rest for riches.

While you were sleeping,
the people behind me

were trying to win a million dollars.

[audience cheering]

[James] Think you can count quarters
for 24 hours straight

-for a chance to win a million dollars?

Don't sleep.

This is Awake:

The Million Dollar Game.


[applause continues]

[James] Tonight, we have Ashley,


-Thank you!




and Kyle.

I'm your host, James Davis.

Welcome to Awake.

Now, contestants, are you guys awake?

-We're ready!
-Yes, we're ready!

[James] Y'all ready. I like that.

Let's talk to Tiger.
My man, Tiger over here.

That's... Okay.

How was the last 24 hours for you?

I can see through time and space
right now. That's how tired I am.

Now you were leading everyone
in a group chant.

What's up with the group chant, dawg?

We got tired sometimes,
so to kinda perk up our energy,

count our quarters, we would go...



-[high-pitched] Whew!
-[James] Oh!

You know what?


You know, you guys really say,
"24 hours without sleep".

-Yes, we do.
-You really do.

[James] Okay. Let's talk to Ashley
for a second.

A lot of firsts happening
for you right now.

And I'm not talking about staying awake
and counting quarters.

So, up until now,
I have never been on a plane,

I have never left the Mid-west, so,

here I am, 20 years old,
just venturing out,

and getting to see California!

-[Ashley] Whoo!



Is everyone ready to do this?

-Bring it!
-Are you ready?



I didn't even know you could do that.

I see it now. I'm glad you guys

are really in it to win it as a team.

-Oh, yeah.
-But here is the thing... ha ha...

Only one of y'all...

[Lucy] That's true.

[James] ...will walk out of here
with, perhaps,

one... million... dollars!


[James] Okay, contestants, we're about
to step it up a notch based on your count.

So let's have a look
at your past 24 hours.

[coins clattering]

[Tiger] Oh, I've used my hands...
I'm using my hands.

[Kameron] We got this, man. We got this.

[Lucy] Remember, it's about to go down!

This is nothing like I've ever done before

in my entire 61 years

of being vertical on this planet.

But, I will win.

-[Kyle] Oh, boy.
-[Nancy] Sorry.

My bad. I used my superpowers.


[coins jingling]

Ah, I busted it.

I busted it. I need a new bag.

-[Kyle] Looking good, peeps.


[classical music]

Lucy] Come on, Kyle, wakey, wakey.

Morale's a little low.
It's turning into Lord of the Flies.

Nancy, over there,

she flirted the idea
of cannibalism already.

[Chloe] I'm sleeping in my mind right now.

And I get really goofy when I get sleepy,
so I'm surprised, I'm not, like...

laughing for no reason.



-[indistinct speech]

[Kameron] What is going on over here?

Oh, man!

-It's hot in here.
-[Kameron] She is crying.


[groans softly]



Let's get back to that count.

It's gonna play a major role for you guys,
throughout the show.

Just before you came out here,
you each secretly told us

how much money you think

you counted in the last 24 hours.

Well, guess what? We have verified it,

and we know exactly how much
each of you actually counted.

Based on the results,
the person who counted the least,

and the person who counted
the least accurate,

will be going home

right now.

[audience] Aw...

The player who counted the least,

and the first person eliminated,



[music playing]




[Nancy] All right, see you later.

Bye, Nancy.


[James] Hey, don't smile yet.

The person who was the least accurate,

and the second person eliminated, is...


[audience] Oh!

Oh, man!

Hey, y'all give it up for Kameron.

-He gets to sleep.

Kameron gets to sleep.


All right, congratulations.

The rest of you are now one step closer

to that million-dollar prize.


Go. Go!

Are you guys ready?


Yeah. Let's get this.

[James] So, listen up. Contestants,

in this challenge,

you have to smash an egg
attached to your face

-faster than your opponents do.
-[audience laughs]


The person that smashes
the egg the fastest

moves on to the next round.

-[James] The slowest of y'all,

[James scoffs]

you out that race for the million dollars.

Are you ready?

-Let's do it

-Let's do it.
-We're gonna find out how much

lack of sleep

can wreck your reaction time.

It's wrecked. [laughs]

-It's already done, man.
-[audience laughs]


I don't think I can win this challenge.

[Kyle] Lucy is a Beach Body coach,
Ashley works out,

Tiger can roundhouse a velociraptor,

so, I'm thinking I'm screwed
at this point.

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.


[audience laughs]

It's time to play...

Egg on your face!

[coins clattering]


Ashley, come on out.

Now, I hear that...

you're very funny.

I crack myself up like a hard-boiled egg.

Jeez, Louise. Okay. Uh...

[applause and laughter]

Let's do this, okay?

I'm ready.

Place your hand on the button.

[James] The light in front of you

will turn green some time

in the next 30 seconds.

And once the light goes green,

you need to slap your face
to break the egg,

as fast as humanly possible,



[audience cheers]

[James] Our Rested Testers

averaged a reaction time
of 0.3 seconds.

Let's see how 24 hours awake

affects those reflexes.

-[classical music plays]
-[audience cheers]

[music continues]

[audience cheers]


-Breakfast is served.

What kind of bulletproof eggs
do you guys have out here?

'Cause it's clearly not an egg
that I'm used to.

It was reinforced.

-[Lucy squeals]
-[audience cheers]

[James] Stay focused, my sleepy amigos.

Show that egg, who's boss.

[audience cheers]

[James] Okay. Hey!

Let's go out!

[James] When that light turns green,
you better be quick on the draw.

[classical music plays]


[cheering and applause]

[cheering continues]

My poor sons!

[Kyle] With the great legacy
of their father, but this time...

all over Netflix.

Tiger, let's do this!

-[audience cheers]
-[James] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

[James] Oh!

I like your vibe.

Can I say that? I like your vibe, Tiger.

[Tiger] My game plan,
going into this, is...

before I stepped on stage,
I drew a lot of complex graphs,

trajectory, wind...

I was gonna hit myself on the face
with my hand.

I wasn't thinking anything else.


Remember, as soon as that light turns on,

you need to break that egg.




[applause continues]

[classical music plays]

[audience cheers]

[James] Okay.

[audience] Oh!



[applause continues]]

Tiger, you were supposed to break the egg,

not your back.


Like, many points in my life
that I do a lot of thinking,

I'm just laying in my own filth. Ashamed.

Mad that I have a Fine Arts degree
and having an existential crisis.

-The yolks on me.
-[coins clattering]


[Lucy] Okay. [laughs]

How do you guys feel you did

just a moment ago?

-[James] Kyle, how you feel?
-Killed it!

And my family gets to see me
hit myself on national television,

in the face. It's just great.

-So, you killed it.
-[Kyle] Killed it, man.

They should be put on notice
that you killed it.

If I'm not the one,
I'll be surprised, man.

[James] Ooh.

What about you, Ashley?

I smashed it.

Everybody sounds like they killed it.

-[Lucy] Mm hm.
-But, of course,

they could all be bluffing.

-So, let's get to it.

-[Lucy laughs]
-The person who won,

automatically goes through

to the next round.

And that player is...

[Lucy whimpers]

-[Kyle] What?

-[music plays]

[James] You smashed it
with point 0.39 of a second.


Congratulations, yes.

Keep on dancing. You deserved it.

You are cleared to the next round.

Now, get serious.

The person who came in last

could be going home...

right about now.

Because it's time...

for the Buyout.

[cheering and applause]

We're gonna offer all of you

$2,500 to leave the game right now.

We're gonna put ten seconds on the clock.

Remember, hit that button,

if you want out.

Consider your options carefully,
because there was less than half a second

between the rest of your reaction times.

The Buyout starts...


[James and audience] Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five...

-I know I did. I do fast.
-Five, four...

-You're probably slow. Slow man.
-Three, two, one.

[all groaning] Whoa!

Let's roll the dice, man.

-I like that.
-[Lucy laughs]



roll the dice.

-And that's what everybody is doing...
-You're hot, babe.

-[Kyle] You're hot, man.
-...because nobody's taking the Buyout.

That means the player who came in last

will be eliminated.

And I'm sorry to say,

the player going home is...

[music playing]


[audience] Oh.

Bye, guys!

[James] A whole 1.14 second reaction time
for you, Ashley.

And here's a look
at everyone else's times.


[James] Ashley, thank you for playing.

Let me tell you that egg,
way tougher than what I thought it was.

[Ashley] And I thought that, maybe,
all the girls might've

just had to do a double take
like me. [chuckles]

But, bright side,

I get to go on my second plane ride ever.
I'm like...


[cheering and applause]

[James] You guys ready
for your next challenge?

-Let's go. Let's go.
-Ow! Yes!

Now, being awake for 24 hours,

makes it tough to even sign your name.

-Your fine motor-skills go downhill.

It's just bad.

This challenge is gonna test

-all of that.

Contestants, it's time to play...

Nine Inch Nails.

-[contestants screeching]
-[coins clattering]

Are you guys ready?

[applause and cheering]

[James] Here's how it works.

Each of you have a board covered
in nine-inch nails,

you also have a ton of coins.

Your job is to balance

as many of the coins as you can

on those nails.

The player who can balance the most

is guaranteed a spot in the next round.

But, get the least,

and it could be the nail

in your coffin.


All right.

Your challenge starts...



[James] You only got two minutes,
so, good luck.

[cheering and applause]

-[coin clatters]
-[Chloe] Aw!

I'm terrible.

Let's check 'em out.

[James] Ooh.

Those needles are really small.

[cheering continues]

[Lucy] When I started the challenge,
I was kinda having a game plan,

but I didn't know
I'd start shaking so much.

[Lucy] I'm exhausted.

[audience cheers]

She only got one quarter up so far.


[James] My man's hand control
is out the window.

Oh, man.

[Kyle] Adrenaline is the only thing
keeping me going.

I'm not in full control of my actions,

or my thoughts at this point as well.

I'm not thinking coherently.

So, this is... This is tough.

I don't know much some people
would say I do that anyway?

[James] All right. All right. All right.

-[coin clatters]

That's not even cool.

[James] Our Rested Testers
averaged 17 quarters.

But, with only one minute left,
no one's even close to that.

Come on.


And here's the thing.
The quarters keep falling.

Even if they're doing the right thing,
they still fall.

[Chloe] This is the hardest thing.

Oh, my gosh!

Our contestants are being tested.

[audience cheering]

My hands are shaking.

My hands are shaking, like,
super terribly.

So, that's why I'm choosing
to use both of my hands,

so that I can get
a precise placing on the nail.

[James] Only 30 seconds left, and wow,

Lucy's got a steady hand!

[cheering continues]

[James] You got this, baby. Oh, yeah!

We're on a roll!

Kyle's still in it. Tiger's doing well.

[James] Ten seconds!


-Eight, seven,

six, five, four,

- three, two, one.
-Ah! Don't do that.

[buzzer sounds]


-[James] Time is up!

Come on back up here, y'all.

Thank you. Quarters for everybody.

[cheering and applause]

I don't know if I was supposed to do that,
but they were cheering me on.

I owe you guys like a buck fifty.


[coins clattering]

[applause and cheering]

In the crowd.

Stunt double. What's up?

What did you say?

I got a stunt double back there, man.

-You think somebody looks like you here?

In the white shirt. Look at that dude.


Uh, Kyle...

you're sleepy, 'cause that man's black.


[James] All right, then.

Let's see who's moving one step closer

to the million dollars,

and who's headed...

-back to their pillow.
-[Lucy chuckles]

The winner of this challenge


[Kyle chuckles]


-Yes, yes!
-[James] You stacked 12 quarters.

[James] Way to stay steady.

The rest of you

were not so stable.


one of you is about to see
your million-dollar dreams...


But not before

the Buyout!

[cheering and applause]

This time...

we're gonna offer $5,000

to leave right now. Okay?

If no one takes the Buyout,

whoever came in last in that challenge

got to get up outta here.

It's over for you.

-So, how's your judgment?
-[Tiger groans]

You guys haven't slept.

You've been talking crazy since I met you.


Do you think, you guys did well enough
to move on?

The ten-second Buyout timer



-[James] Ten...
-[audience] Nine,

eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two,one.

[cheering and applause]


Oh, Chloe!

Chloe, what happened to all this?

It's still here. You feel me...

Why? Why did you take the money?

I didn't feel too confident
about that one.

-[Chloe] It's the little voice.
-The little voice in your head?

It was like, "Get that money."

"Press the button."

Now, that little voice in your head,

-[James] is that Chloe,

-[James] or is that the sleep deprivation?
-That's the sleep deprivation.

-[James] It's the sleep deprivation?

Well, sleep deprivation,
it looks like you won.

Because Chloe took the Buyout,

which means she'll be leaving here...

-[James] ...with $5,000.

[cheering and applause]

But, did my girl, Chloe,
make the right choice?

-[Lucy] Mm mm.
-[James] Let's find out.

The player who actually lost the challenge



[audience] Aw.

-[James] You only stacked five quarters.
-Good call.

[James] I'm sorry,
your two-handed strategy

didn't save you.

Here's how you all did in that challenge.

[cheering and applause]

Everybody make some noise for Chloe!

[audience cheers]

I listened to the little voice in my head
for once.

I am now $5,000 richer.


And I'm going to take
the longest nap possible.

Well, listen up.

Kyle, Lucy, and...

Whoo! Tiger.


Just one challenge

stands between you guys

and making the final two.

[audience cheers]

Here's the challenge.

You've gotta transfer balls
across the stage,

relay style,

using a sequence of large plastic tubes.

But if a ball hits the ground,
it's dead, and you have to start over.

The player that moves the most balls,

moves on to the next round.

Get the least, and you could be...



It's time to play...


Roller Ball.

[coins clattering]

[audience cheering]

-[James] Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!

So, you used to be an EMT,
but what do you do for a living now?

I'm a Spanish interpreter.

Well, say this in Spanish:

"I'm so tired
of seeing three of you, James."

[speaking Spanish]

You so drunk sleep, it's cool. I like it.


I'm exhausted,

and my accent is getting thicker
by the minute

but don't you dare to put subtitles on me.

[James] Two minutes on the clock.

Lucy, you are delirious,

and guess what?

Your challenge starts...


[buzzer sounds]

[audience cheers]

[Lucy screeches]

[Lucy] I'm not sure
I'm gonna be too good in this,

because I have very small hands.
These tubes are huge.

Lucy is struggling to get
into that first tube.

[audience cheering]


[James] Okay, we got a connection.

We got a connection.

Our Rested Testers averaged three balls
into that final tube.

But Lucy's a very long way
from that score, right about now.

[audience cheering]

[James] Kyle, Tiger, you're next.

[audience cheering]

Okay. There you go.



[James] Oh, man he's like
a groggy Godzilla right now.

Quit breaking our stuff, Kyle.

My motor skills are garbage at this point.

[audience cheering]

Come on, Kyle, come on.

Okay. This is tough.

[cheering continues]

[James] Tiger's got that focus.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

[audience cheers]

[James] These low rollers are so tired

that any sense of balance
has completely vanished.

The winner might have
to be based on the number of transfers,

because nobody is scoring.

[audience] Whoa!

So close.

[audience cheering]

The whole entire stage looks like
the ball pit at Showbiz Pizza.

[James] Oh.

[cheering continues]

[James] Okay. Okay.


[Tiger] Right now,
I'm incredibly exhausted.

Terrible at it. It's a balancing act,
I'm not good at juggling.

It's complex. There's people there
that doesn't make it any better.

I don't feel like I'm going to rock
this challenge at all.


He sees it, he sees how to do it.
He figured it out.

[James] Eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

[audience cheers]

[Kyle] Go again? Does that count?

That's gotta count, James.

[James] Oh, but that didn't count.

But we'll probably have
to give you something

for how many transfers you made.

This may be the end of the road for me.

Hey, Kyle, good job.

Let's bring all the contestants
back on stage.

Right now. Let's do that.

[cheering and applause]

[James] All right.

[Kyle] Whoo!

[James] Okay.

Let's talk about it.
What happened, happened.

Lucy, how did you feel
about that last challenge?

It was challenging,
but the challenge, it was accepted.


I like that.


You good over there?

I'm good, nothing sassy to say.

-Now, you're one of the last three.

What would you do...

with a million dollars?

Ooh, uh...

I know exactly what I would do.
I wanna help my mom retire.

And she's a big Tom Jones fan,

so, I mean, the first thing we do would be

first class all the way to Vegas
to see Tom Jones.

-See him in concert.

Sounds lit.

All right. The person who came in first

and has a guaranteed spot

in the next round



[audience cheers[

Holy crap! How bad were Lucy

and Tiger at that challenge?


All right.

Tiger and Lucy,

that means one of you two

will be leaving here,

right now.

Will you be leaving with some money?

Or no money?

It's time for...

the Buyout!

[audience cheers]

We're gonna offer you

$7,500 to leave the game right now.

To walk away.

However, if no one takes that offer,

whoever lost the challenge,

will be eliminated.

If you wanna take the money and run,

now is the time.

If you wanna take a shot
for a million dollars,

I'd suggest you chill

and touch nada.

Ten seconds on the clock.

Your time starts...



Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I figured this out. You said...

"Seventy-five hundred dollars.

There's my Tom Jones money right there.

I'm out the game."

Now, Tiger,

was it the right thing to do?

'Cause here's the deal, y'all,

I've got some news.

Oh, no, there's a twist!


Oh, man.

Oh, Kyle! Kyle is the best.

The player who actually lost
the challenge was...



[James] Well, here's how you all did.

None of you got a single ball
in the final tube,

so we actually had to rank you
by your highest number of transfers.

Tiger, you're leaving here with $7,500!

My man!

This is just the reason why
I'm not into any of the circus arts.

But I have seventy-five hundred dollars,

which is nothing to scoff at,

and more importantly, I really wanna
be able to take my mom to Tom Jones.

Tiger out.

-[audience cheers]

to the both of you,

because you are now...

one step closer

to the million dollars.

But, of course,

there can only be one winner.

Now, remember,

way back in the beginning of the show,
when you did all that coin counting...

-God! secretly told us

how much you think you counted.

We've added up
how much you actually counted.

And the person who is the most accurate

will win everything they counted.

The other will leave with nothing.

[audience] Aw!

[James] How are you feeling
about your count, Kyle?

I feel phenomenal about it.


I mean, I was on, and I was focused.
You know, I was doing some...

some squats, some air-squats,
some walking around,

so yeah, it was great.

Real quick, can you show me an air-squat?

All right. It's not proper form
like my stunt double, back there,

but we'll give it a shot, right?

Like that.

[audience cheers]

Keeps you circulating.

-[James] Got it.

-[James] Ooh.
-[Kyle cackles]

Lucy? Lucy, this man is doing
air-squats over here.

He was focused. How about you?
Were you focused?

Are you confident in your count?

I am! I am!

-[James] All right.
-[audience cheers]

I'm ready.

If you're worried about how you did,

and you think you might not make the cut,

this is your moment.

'Cause right now,

we have the final Buyout.

[audience cheering]

[James] Yeah.

We're taking it up a notch.

You can give up right now

for $10,000, guaranteed,

ten racks in your pocket.

But, if you're feeling confident
about your count,

and you want that shot
at a million dollars,

then you don't hit nothing.

You're ten seconds to hit
that Buyout button starts...


[James] Ten...

[audience] Nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one.

[applause and cheering]

-[James] Wow!
-I like how you roll.

-I like how you roll.
-[James] Oh.

You are going home

-with $10,000!
-Yes! I am.

I can take it. I can take it.



I am happy for you, Lucy.

Yes, I am, too.

I wish I just won $10,000.

Thank you so much for playing the game.

Everybody give it up for Lucy.

[audience cheering]

I decided to take the Buyout
because I was daydreaming.

And my friend, Kyle, he was steady
the entire night.

So, this señorita,
I've made it to your finals,

and guess what? I gonna be
walking away with ten K.

I gonna be go and party!

[audience cheering]

Congratulations, Kyle.

Thank you, James.

You did it.

-That's right.
-You outlasted all the competitors,

and all the money you counted

is yours to keep, man.

Thank you.

Thank you.


-you're leaving with some money already.

How are you gonna spend it?

What do all the pro-athletes always say?
Spend more time with the family.

Great answer. Give it up for that.


I like that answer.

You have been through a journey.

-We'll just say that?

-A very kooky one at that.

Now, you are just two

critical decisions

away from one million dollars.

[applause and cheering]

Here's the deal.

You can take the money that you counted

over the past 24 hours
and leave with all of it right now.

Or, you can risk it

to win the money everyone else counted
here today,

which we call...

the Big Bank.

[audience cheers]

The total is

a hundred and forty-eight thousand,

two hundred twenty-one dollars
and twenty-five cents.

[applause continues]

That's big money.

-It's huge, man. Huge!
-That's a hefty amount.

Life changing.

Well, here's how you win that money.

Tell us right now,

how much you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.
What's that number?

Twenty-seven thousand,
eight hundred dollars on the button.

That's what I say.


If that number is within $500,

$500 below, or $500 above,
the actual amount,

you could win just over

$148,000, Kyle.


You could win all the money
in the Big Bank

and get to play for a million dollars.


if you're just...

$0.25 outside that range,

you'll leave here

with absolutely nothing.

All right, this is it,
your first big decision.

Are you gonna keep what you counted,

or are you gonna risk it all,
and play for the Big Bank?


I'm taking the money and run.

Twenty-seven eight.

Thank you. Thank you. Everybody,

-thank you.
-I like it.

[James] I like it. Hey, hey,
listen, listen...

You hear that.

We're all excited for you.

-Yes, you played it safe.

But you're leaving here
with a nice amount of money.

-That's no lie.

before you go home,
you know I gotta do this.

I know, and it's either gonna kill me,
or make me happy.

-We gotta see...
-I know.

...if you made the right decision.

You said

you counted $27,800.

If you were within $500

of the actual amount,

you could have won the Big Bank.


If you were within $25,

you could have won the million.

Money Meter, talk to me.

[cheering and applause]

[audience groans]

[James] You would have won the million!

You were only five dollars out!

How'd I do that?

-How did I do that?
-I know what happened.

You're so sleep deprived,

-you doubted yourself.

-I would've doubted myself, too.
-Yeah, that's true.

-I would've forgotten my middle name.

I can't judge you, and guess what?
You're not a loser.

You know why? 'Cause you're taking home

twenty-seven thousand,
seven hundred and ninety-five dollars.

Let's do this.

I'm, for once in my life,


[Kyle] Hindsight's twenty-twenty
of course.

Stay up 40 hours and try to make
life-changing decisions within 20 seconds,

and talk to me then.


Kyle is going home to get some sleep,

but we're far from done here.

So, keep watching,
'cause the next episode starts in

five, four, three, two, one.

[James] Whoo!

[theme music playing]