Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 1 - Don't Sleep! - full transcript

A brain freeze challenge; threading needles; breaking balloons filled with cash.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[audience cheers]

These seven people were put
in a secret room

with a million dollars in quarters.

Their mission. Count as many quarters
as they could

and keep track of their total
in their heads.

No pens, no paper, no nothing.

[producer] Time's up everybody, times up.

[audience cheers]

[James] Their count has just finished.

Tonight, seven contestants
have a chance to win

a million dollars in cold hard cash.

That's right. Yes!

But to do it,

they'll push their tired minds and bodies
to the limit and beyond

in a series of mental
and physical challenges

here to test the ultra-tired.

Twenty-four hours, zero rest,

a million dollars on the line, people.

Don't sleep. This is Awake:

[audience cheers]

The Million Dollar Game.

There they go.

[applause and cheering]

[applause continues]

[coins clattering]

[music and applause]

[James] We have my man, IK, here.






and Ashley.

Welcome to Awake, everyone.
I'm your host James Davis.

To my people in the audience,
are you guys awake? Make some noise.


Let me hear you all. Okay!

Then let's do it!


How about y'all?
How y'all all feeling? Y'all good?

-Pretty good.
-Oh, yeah.

You not lying?

What's one plus one?


She's good to go.


She is good to go.

All right. So, let's meet some
of you guys right now.

[James] We got my girl,
Anne in the building.

What's up? How you doin'?


Anne was, like, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"


-Hey, ya'll! Hey, hey, how ya'll doin?
-What the...?

[Anne] Oh, God!

I just said hello to you,
you're like "Ooh, this show is tough."


"Asking me my name."

Oh, my god.

[James] Xandrea.

[cheering and applause]

Hey, girl.

A little bird told me
that you do some event planning.

My specialty are weddings,

but I've been in high demand
for divorce parties, lately, sadly.

[James] Okay.

So, if you're gettin' a divorce
and you're feeling kind of down,

hit Xandrea.


JC, I heard

that you stared at a picture of your son

-to motivate you during the count.

Preston. Yeah.

So, you were just looking at your son,
like, "Man, we need this."

-[JC] Yes.

Yes, we do.

Hey, you're a good dad, man.

-Thank you.

Now, we have Ashley,
who is a dentist assistant.

I see your excitement
for that million dollars.

Plus a dollar.

"Plus a dollar?" What?

Quarter dollar.

Ho, ho, ho.

[audience laughs]

Dude, what does that mean?


Girl, you so sleepy that you don't know
that you found a quarter.

I am very sleepy.


IK! What's up, IK?

[applause and cheering]

I heard...

that you stood the entire 24 hours.

-What's up with that?
-All right, so...

I'm a college kid, and my teachers told me
if you stand up

you won't go to sleep.

And it worked out 'cause

I secured the bag.


Secure the bag! Okay!

This game is about to kick into high gear
based on your count.

So, let's take a look
at your past 24 hours.

[classical music]

Oh, that's heavy enough. Holy crap.

[Anne] All right, all right.

Let's see if I know how to count still.



[coins clattering]

I got four children at home
and I am a Las Vegas firefighter.

So I'm always sleep deprived.

I don't have to listen to screaming kids.

I don't have to listen
to screaming patients.

All I have to listen to is
the clickety-clack of sweet, sweet money.

I am loving this.

[audience laughs]

Being in the military,
it's very important to stay awake.

You have to be ready at all times

and be ready to deploy
anywhere around the world.


Those are good pushups.

You know I gotta keep this sharp,
and also, I keep these guys sharp.

Do I count more,

or do I not count more?

Heads, I keep counting. Tails, I stop.

Tails, I stop.

[coins clattering]

[Anne] The spirits are telling me
not to count anymore.


[classical music continues]


[James] Everybody, make some noise.
Give it up for all your contestants.


Let's talk about that count.

It's going to play a very important part
throughout the show.


right now.

[James] The person who counted the least

and the person who was the least accurate,

will be eliminated...

right now.

[audience] Whoa!

Which two players are going home?



The player who counted
the fewest number of coins

and the first person eliminated is...

[music plays]


[audience] Aw.



Yes. I know.

Thank you for playing, though.

[Anne] I mean, I could've kept counting.

But I just felt like I really did my best.

All right. Another person has to go.

The person who was the least accurate

and the second person eliminated
from the game is...


-[audience] Aw!


-I'm sorry.

I think I counted... $12.500.

So you actually counted $17.875,75.

I'm definitely bummed, but...

being sleep deprived and trying to count
at the same time is just insane.

You guys really are a family.

-This is devastating news.

Are you tearing up a little bit?

-I like her!
-[James] Don't you, don't you dare!


[audience cheers]


The rest of you are now one step closer

to that million-dollar prize.

[James] All right.

All night, all stars,

it's time for our first challenge.

Brain freeze. Get on out there.

[James] In this challenge, each of you

has a big old cup of slushie
and a giant straw.

The person who drinks the most

gets a guaranteed spot in the next round.

[audience cheers]

But hold up! Drink the least,

and you could be headed home.

I grew up with slushies.

So if anybody's gonna win this challenge
is gonna be the guy who

has started out drinking slushies
instead of formula milk

as a baby.

[James] Are you ready?

Your Brain Freeze challenge starts...


[James] Get it! Get it! Get it!

[applause and cheers]

Come on!

Come on!

Listen to this guys.

[James] On average,
our Rested Testers managed

to chug down 35 ounces of this slushie.

How're you stackin' up to that?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

[Ashley] I've been up for 24 hours.

And drinking this slushie

is a very weird sensation.

Forget about brain freeze.
I have ab freeze.


[audience cheering]

[James] I'm not gonna lie.

You guys look like
you're in a lot of pain right now.

[cheering continues]

A brain freeze is nature's way of saying,
"Put on the brakes!"

But that's not an option for these guys.

Oh, my God!

How am I going to drink
50 ounces of slush?

Being awake for 24 hours already,
my brain itself feels like a slush.

[audience cheers]

[James] Get it! Get it!

Come on.

Come on! Come on!

My brain is freezing right now.
I feel my stomach expanding

and everything is going cold
and blurry around me.

I came here for the one million dollars.

So let's do this.
Let's leave it all out before right now.

[music playing]

[James] Giovanni, Ashley, and Laric,

all fighting the pain
for a spot in that next round.

My head is killing me.

But this person in the audience
was screaming, "It will not kill you."

And those were the words that I was
hanging on to get through the pain.

This isn't gonna kill me. Probably.

But I went with it.

[James] Ten seconds.

Nine, eight, seven, six

five, four,

three, two, one.

-[James] Okay! Time's up!
-[buzzer sounds]

Straws down!

-Oh, my heart. [laughs]

[James] Cover up your cups.
So no one can see how much you drank.

Great job, slushie superstars.

Now come on back up here.

That was fun.

[audience cheers]



Anybody got brain freeze?

-Oh, yeah.

I know, 'cause you train.
I know your muscles is like,

"What are we doing? Where is the protein?"


[James] Okay.

The person who won,

automatically goes through
to our next round.

And that player is...




[James] Congratulations.


[James] The person who came in last

could be going home.

Or maybe not.

It's time for...

[audience] The Buyout!

...the Buyout!

[music and applause]

We're gonna offer each of you $2,500

to leave right now.

That's if you think you were
in last place in the challenge

and you think you're going home anyway.

You might as well take that Buyout.

But if you think you crushed it,

-and maybe, you know...
-[JC] I crushed it.

You good,

then don't do anything at all.

I know you're exhausted,

but think what strategy

you wanna use.

Twenty-five hundred dollars.
A million dollars.

What are we going to do?

The Buyout starts...


-Gio, think about it.
-I can't. No, bro.

-[IK] I know you're thinking about it.
-I'm not gonna.

-Okay, rock, paper, scissors.
-[James] Six, five...

Rock, paper, scissors.

I was really thirsty.

-...two, one.
-[Giovanni] I'd still hit it though.

-Zero. It's over!
-[buzzer sounds]

-[Ashley] Oh, God!
-[James] I like it!

Everybody here believes in themselves.

Make some noise.

-[James] No one's

taking The Buyout.

And that's good.

You gotta believe in yourself.

If you don't believe in you, who will?

But at the same time,

that means the player who came in last

will be eliminated

and going home with nada, no money.

But you will get to dream about the time
you had a chance to win a million bucks.

-I'm sorry to say...

...the player who is going home is...

[music plays]



[audience] Aw!

[James] IK, you managed
only eight ounces of slushie.

Here's how you all performed compared
to the average of our Rested Testers.

[James] You're gonna be good, man.

You're gonna be good, man.

I will not drink another slushie
for the next 30 years

because I am a sore loser

and the fact that I lost
to these amateur slushie drinkers

makes me mad.

I came to this competition to win.

And then I ended up losing first.

He's gonna get some sleep.

But the rest of you are now
one step closer to winning

one million dollars.


[James] All right.

Are you guys ready
for your next challenge?

-Let's do it.
-[all] Yes!

So let's do this!

[applause and cheering]

Now, imagine using
your sleep deprived hand-eye coordination

to thread needles against the clock.

These contestants behind me
don't have to imagine it,

because that's what
their next challenge is.

[audience moans]

All right, pillow posse.

It's time to...Thread the Needle.

[applause and cheering]

[James] This challenge, your mission is
to thread as many needles as you can

before the time expires.

Thread the most needles,
and you're safe from elimination.

But, come in last,
and you will be in danger

of going on home.

I'm exhausted.
I can barely keep my eyes open.

I have no confidence in this.

But I'm not letting
anybody else know that.

I want them to be shaking in their boots
and shaking in their hand.

You'll play till you hear the alarm

for a chance to sew up a spot
in the final three.

See what I did there? I said "sew"
'cause they sewing. Okay.

Your challenge starts...


All right. You've got two minutes
to get as far as you can.

[audience cheers]

[James] Looks like Ashley's
hand-eye coordination is out the window.

[applause and cheering]

[James] I'm seein' a whole lot
of shaky hands.

When you're this sleepy, the body's like,

"Do we really need the money this bad?"

[applause and cheering]

The fact that I've been up
for more than 24 hours,

I'm starting to have blurred visions.

I can't even see this hole on the needle.


Laric's already got three.

Looks like he's holding the lead
right now.

Only one and a half minutes left, folks.

JC is still struggling' on
that third needle.

[applause continues]

Let's check on Ashley.

Ah I got it!

[Ashley] I am a dental assistant, so...

I have to be precise, exact,

but I have a very shaky hand

and my hand-eye coordination

is just not functioning.

[James] On average,
our Rested Testers threaded 11 needles.

Let's see how many
my sleepy sewers can thread.

Oh! Laric is crushing it over there
with the six needles.

He's like the Usain Bolt of sewing.

As I'm going through
this challenge,

I literally cannot believe
what's happening to me.

All the stars aligned

and my needle's going right through
every single time on the first try.

[Giovanni] I have no experience
in threading needles. I don't know how

I'm gonna get through this,
but I gotta do it.

[cheering and applause]

My sleep deprivation is kicking in.

And the crowd was telling me,
"You got it!"

I'm, like, "No, I don't!" "You got it!"

"No, I don't. No, I don't!"

[James] Giovanni, he's just so muscular.

I don't know if he's building something
or breaking it apart.

That's a really small hole!

[James] Looks like Ashley's trying
to give Laric a run for his money

while beefcake and baby face are
still stuck at the back of the pack.

Ten seconds, people.

Ten seconds!

[James and audience] Nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

[buzzer sounds]


[James] All right, all right, all right!

Time's up!

Threads down.

Cover up your stations

so nobody can see
all that work you were puttin' in.

And now, come up back here, with your boy.

[coins clattering]

[audience cheering]

[Ashley laughs]

We saw how it all went down.

[James] JC...

-Yeah. got any experience

-in the needlework?

Growin' up I used to help my mom out.

-[James] Really?

Are you literally
just the best human ever?


This guy is freaking me out!

Stop being so nice!


[James] You are a human Care Bear.

Giovanni, a.k.a.

Black Panther.

Hey, yeah, yeah!

All those bicep muscles, they gotta be

-for sewing and what not.
-That's it.

"I do a thousand sews in the morning."

[Laric] No way that challenge
is for a muscle bod.

You need a dad bod
to complete that challenge.

[James] Ooh.

Okay. Okay.

It's time to find out how you did.

Who's moving one step closer
to the million dollars,

and who's headed

to dreamland.

The winner of the challenge is...


[music and applause]

Good job, bro.

I'm crazy. You're crazy.

That's crazy. That's what's up, man.


Laric has gone two for two, people.

-He's going crazy!
-[James] He's on fire!

Now, unfortunately,

one of you is about to see
your million-dollar dream

come to an end.

[audience] Aw.

But, not before...

the Buyout.


[James] Hold up!

This time,

we're gonna offer $5,000...

[audience] Oh!

[James] to leave right now.

But you know how it is.

If no one takes the Buyout,

whoever came last in the challenge
is eliminated.

The bottom two sleeping beauties
in this challenge

were only two threaded needles apart.

But who was the shakiest of them all?

This could be a million-dollar decision.

Good thing you have
ten seconds to make it.


The Buyout timer starts...


[James and audience] Nine, eight, seven...

-I'll see you.
-[James] ...six,

-five, four...
-Dude, no one's doing it!


[James] Oh!

I had to do it.

-I had to do it.

I had to do it. I better be right.

I better be right, dude.

Giovanni, I like the way you think.

You're like, "You know what?
I can always take five racks."


Do you guys know how many protein shakes

-you can buy...
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-...with $5,000?

You can get the best. The best shake.
The one that The Rock drinks.

All right. Well, let's find out.

Was taking the Buyout
the right thing to do?

The player who actually lost
the challenge is...

Say it.


Oh, no!

-You only threaded three needles, JC.

What? [chuckles]

I didn't do the worst? It wasn't me?

Oh, my God. I feel like a sucker!

[audience] Oh.

You know, JC is a very, very crafty guy.

You know, his poker face really got me.

Can I give you guys
the $5,000 back, please?

-Aw, man.
-I'm sorry, man.

Ay, JC! Right here.

Whoo! I'm still in this game.

That was good. That was good, bro.

Thanks, Gio. I owe you one.

[James] This is how you all stacked up
against the average of our Rested Testers.

All right, Giovanni,
go get some rest, man.

Thank you very much.


So, this... You guys think it's easy?

But, you're here for 24 hours, straight.

Yeah. You do it,
and you come find me afterwards.

-[audience cheers]
-[James] Laric...




-[JC] Thank you.
-Y'all are just one challenge


from making it to the final two.

This one is all about

depth... perception.

Here's the deal.

These balloons are filled with money,

you'll have to pop them
on the spikes way up there,

then catch as much money as you can

before it hits the ground.

The person who catches the most money
advances to the final two.

The person who catches the least

could be eliminated.

Our Rested Testers grabbed
an average of $19.

So get greedy, people.

It's time to play...

Breaking The Bank.

-[coins clattering]
-[audience cheers]

-[James] All right!

The round one,

round two champ is here.

-[James] Now, Laric...
-That's right.

I hear you do
a nice valley girl impression.

O-M-Goodness. Like, you have no idea

how confident I am right now.

-[James] O-M-G.

[James] O-M-G.

Laric's been beating you this whole time,

but now it's time for Larissa to step in

and totes bring it home.

Laric, are you ready?

I'm ready, of course.

Your challenge starts...

-[buzzer sounds]

Watch out for falling quarters.

Catch as many of those dollars
as you can.

[audience cheering]

Oh! I got it.

I look up, and I catch the first color
that comes into my perspective,

and it's a freakin' balloon.

I missed that one.

I'm, like, "That's not money!
Don't go for that!"

[audience cheering]

I'm supposed to be catchin'
as much money as I can,

and quarters are
just hittin' me on the face.


[cheering continues]

[James] Catch it!

[James] Get all that money.

I have been up for 24 plus hours,

and everything's slow motion.

The hand-eye co-ordination's definitely...

left the building.

So, my strategy is
to throw two balloons at a time,

because more the... I can...

All right. Okay.

So my strategy is to throw...


Can't even talk.
I feel like I'm slurring my words.

[applause continues]

Okay. Yeah. Maybe not two.

Maybe just one at a time.

[James] Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Missed a catch!


[James and audience] Seven, six,

Five, four, three, two, one.

-Time out.
-[buzzer sounds]




Now, let's bring those other contestants
back out here.

[coins clattering]


[James] To your podiums.

I like that.

A little, uh...

fake camaraderie before it all goes down.


Now the person who came in first

and has a guaranteed spot

in the next round



[James] You grabbed
a whopping nine dollars.

[JC] Good job, buddy.

-[James] Look at that.
-He's a freakin' beast.


[cheering and applause]

Holy cow.

JC and Ashley.

That means one of you two

will be leaving here

right now. The question is,

"Will you be leaving with some money

or no money at all?"

You were within two dollars of each other.

Ashley, JC...

who beat who?

You know what time it is. It's time for...

the Buyout.

Check me out, okay?

Right now, 'cause we're so deep
into the competition,

we're gonna offer you $7,500...

to walk away right now.

And if no one takes the offer,

whoever lost the challenge

will be eliminated.

You said $7,500?

Seventy-five hundred dollars, JC.

Seven thousand five hundred.

Sometimes it sounds more
when you say it that way.


Seventy-five hundred.
Seven thousand, five hundred.

It could be for you, Preston,
and all your emotions.

Diapers are expensive.


-[Laric] Oh, man.

the most important ten seconds

are on the clock.

Your time starts... now.

[JC] Oh, yeah!



-I like this!

[James] That $7,500 is yours.

I had to.

[James] Yo.



Yo? Yeah, that...

that was a strong, firm decision.

-[Ashley] I like buttons.

I mean,

we might have to check the button
to make sure it works.

-Because you were like, "Yes! Now!

Give me the money! Give it all to me!"

That was the most awake I've seen you.

[Ashley] I know.

-JC, are you emotional over there?
-Yes, I am.

Let's see if you made the right decisions.

The player who actually lost
the challenge is...


-[audience cheers]
-Oh, yeah!

You only grabbed seven dollars, Ashley.

You know you.

If anybody knows you,

-it's you.
-That's right!

[James] Here's how you all did compared
to our rested testers.

JC, you actually tied Laric
for the dollar amount,

but Laric grabbed the nine bucks
in a faster time.


[Ashley] Yeah!


Come here.

-[JC] Good luck to you.
-[Ashley] Good luck!

If I wasn't sleep deprived,
I could have caught a lot more.

-[James] Ashley, thank you for playing.

[producer] Do you want to know
what your actual count is?

How much?

You counted $19,683.00.


How did you get an 83?

With quarters?


[cheering and applause]


-Thank you. both of you gettin' this far.

But there can only be one winner.

Now, remember

way back in the beginning of the show
when you did all that counting,

you secretly told us
how much you think you counted.

I said that was gonna be important,
and here's why.

We've added up
how much you actually counted,

and the person who is the most accurate

will win everything they counted.

The other will leave with...


[audience] Oh!

Twenty-four hours

is a long time to keep track of anything.
How confident

are you guys in your count?


-I'm very confident.
-We get it.

-[Laric] Listen.

This game's on a one track.

And it's gonna be hard to derail.

"If you ain't first you're last, right,
Ricky Bobby?"

[James] All right. JC?

-How are you feelin'?

I feel good about my count.
He was going a little too fast.

[James] Uh huh.

He thinks he's on a winning streak,
but I got him on this one.

Okay, okay, okay. But...


if you think maybe
in the back of your head

you might not make the cut,

then you're in luck,

because we have one final Buyout.

[audience cheers]

Yeah. You can give up...

right now...

for a guaranteed $10,000.

[audience cheering]

[James] But if you're feelin' confident
in your count,

and you want a shot
at that million dollars,

you might not wanna take that offer.

The Buyout starts...


[James] Nine, eight, seven, six...

[audience cheering]

-I like it.
-[Laric] Good luck, man.

I'm so worried. You're gonna beat me.


[applause continues]


I like it. No one took the final Buyout.

That means,

for one of you

this is the end of a very long day.

Twenty-four hours, no sleep, challenges.
It could be for nothin'.

Or will it be for everything?

Oh, man.

The person whose count was
the most accurate

wins all the cash they counted

and has the chance to win

one million dollars.

[applause and cheering]

And that person is...





-That was good, man!

Oh, wow.


It's okay. It's okay, bro.

It's okay, man.

It's all right. You good!

You good! Let's go!

Good job, buddy.


Unfortunately, Laric,
it's all over for you.

Thank you for playing.
Give it up for Laric.

-Thank you, man.
-Good job.


I was gonna take the Buyout.

I just knew
he was counting better than me.

And what did I do?

I blew it.

This is easily the most tired
I have ever been in my life.

[James] Go get some rest, man.

And I just wanna go to bed so bad.


Congratulations, JC.

Thank you.

Now, we know that this is gonna go
to loved ones and people who deserve it,

but we want specifics.

I can't do it!


[cheering and applause]


JC, stop pullin' your baby
out your pocket!


You know it makes me emotional.


All right, you are two critical decisions

away from one million dollars.

[applause and cheers]

Here's the deal,

you can take that money that you counted

over the past twenty-four hours,

or you can risk it

to win the money everyone else counted,

which we call...

the Big Bank.

[applause and cheers]

The total is $138,718.

[cheering continues]

It could be yours.

Here's how you do it.

Tell us how much you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.

Thirty-three thousand dollars.

Thirty-three thousand dollars.

If that number is within $500,

$500 below or $500 above

the amount you actually counted,

you'll win the Big Bank.


you'll still get a chance to play
for a million dollars.

That's what I want.

[applause and cheering]

But if you're just $0.25

outside that range,

you'll leave here today
with absolutely nothing.

[audience gasp]

How confident are you feelin' right now?

Are you gonna keep what you counted,
or are you gonna risk it all

and play for the Big Bank?

[cheering and applause]

I'm going for the Big Bank.

You're going for the Big Bank?

-Let's go!

Let's do this.

All right,

here's how it works.

If you're within the $500 range,

the Money Meter will turn green

and you win.

If it lands outside the zone,
it will turn red,

and you lose.

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

I'm rootin' for you.

We all are rooting for you.

-[audience cheering]
-I may have a freakin' heart attack.

-Are you ready?
-I'm ready.

Let's find out.

Come on, green,

Come on, green, green, green.


Green, come on.

-Green, come on.
-Come on, come on, come on.

-Come on!
-Come on, come on.

Come on... Green!




[cheering and applause]


That's what I'm talking about!

That's what I'm talking about!

[James] He did it, y'all!

[applause and cheering continue]

You just won $138,718.

Sound it out for us.
What does this mean for you?


Preston! Preston! Preston!



Okay, that's an unbelievable amount
of money.


it could be more.

[James] Here's the deal.

You can either keep

the $138,718 you just won


risk it all

for the one million dollars!

Go home!

To win that million-dollar prize,

the amount of money you counted

has to be within $25

of your actual count.

If you're off by only $0.25,

you leave with nothin'.

After 24 hours awake,

and a million dollars on the line,

what's it gonna be?

Keep what you have, or go for the million?

Thirty-three is my lucky number.

And I came here for the million.

I'm gonna go for it.

[audience cheers]

Let's do this.

Come on, my baby.

You said you counted

-thirty-three thousand dollars.
-Come on, baby. Come on, baby.

Let's find out.

Have you just won one million dollars?

Let's check out that money meter.


Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Green.

Come on, come on.

Show me green. Show me green.

Come on. Green. Green.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

-Come on. Come on, baby.
-Do it. Do it.

Come on, baby.

[audience groans]

Aw, man.

You were off by...

two hundred and sixty-four dollars,

and fifty cents.

Which means you're leaving here

with nothing money-wise,

but you got Preston.
So make some noise, y'all.

[audience cheers]

I don't leave here with nothing.
I've got my winnings right here.

[James] I like that.


I mean, come on,
it's a million dollars, right?

You gotta go big or you go home.

I mean, if you had the opportunity
for a million dollars,

wouldn't you go for it?

It's that simple.

We're far from done here.

Keep watching,
'cause the next episode starts in

five, four, three, two, one.

[theme music playing]