Awake: The Million Dollar Game (2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - Million Dollar Pose - full transcript

Contestants try to identify animal noises, but hallucinations kick in; a tricky coordination challenge.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[James] "I overslept" is probably
the most common excuse people use.

"Why were you late?" "I overslept."

-"Why didn't you show up for the wedding?"
-"I overslept."

"You were the groom!"

-"I know, I overslept."
-[audience laughs]

But these people here

have been up for 24 hours.

If they oversleep, it could cost them
their chance to win

one million dollars.


Don't sleep! This is Awake:

The Million Dollar Game.

[cheering and applause]

[applause continues]

[applause continues]

[James] Tonight, we have Hayley,






and Jason.

Welcome to Awake, everybody!

I'm your host, James Davis.

Let's do this.

[James] What's up, Trey?

What's up? I'm good, man.
How about yourself?

Oh, I'm great, man.

-Okay, that's what's up.
-[James] Now, according to you,

you always have
a "fresh off the runway" look.

Always. I will not step out of the house
any other way.

[James] Got to look fresh.

I'm looking for a wife. What's up?


I mean, you gotta put
that best foot forward.

I like that. Well, look,

-you are lookin' fresh without a doubt.
-[Trey] I feel dead.

But are you feeling fresh?

Unh uh, I feel dead.

I feel dead. Yes.

[James] Now...

Ashley, how was
the last 24 hours for you?

I started hallucinating.

Tell me more, please. Explain.

[Ashley] I'm counting,
I'm really concentrated,

and at the corner of my eye

I see these lovely trays
that hold our quarters and...

to the corner of my eye,
it looks like a bathtub.


And I'm like, "Why is the tub dirty?

Didn't I tell him to scrub it?"

And I was like... [gasps]

"I'm not at home."


-[James] Wow!
-"That's not my tub."

You were hallucinating
and reprimanding your imaginary husband?

-My imaginary husband, yes! I...
-[audience laughs]

Give it up for that.

I like that.

-Now, Jesse.
-Yes, sir?

Tell me about your passion for dancing.

So, I grew up where a lot of guys,

they like to come together
and put on performances for people.

Even if it's at a club,

or it's at the schools.

We get down and dirty, but you know,

I really put it down
for my people back home.

Okay, okay. I like that.


Got to represent.

-Got to represent.

Hit 'em with a move.
I know you got all the dance moves.

-Man, I got it down pat! What's good?
-[James] Hey! Hey!

[cheers and applause]

Matter of fact, anytime you're feeling it,

just break out a dance move.

-We are dance-friendly over here.
-[Jesse] Gotcha.

You feel what I'm saying?


You know! You know what I mean?

All right. Well, we wish the best of luck

to everybody standing up here.
Make some noise for all the contestants.

[cheers and applause]

But now, let's kick start it!

[James] Let's get into it.

All right? The last player standing
at the end

will win all the money he or she counted

and a chance to turn it into

one million dollars!

[cheering and applause]



But first, let's take a look

at the last 24 hours.

[light-hearted music playing]

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

You might need that!

Get it!

I'm not telling anyone
that I'm an accountant,

so I may as well be
a little bit of a sleeper agent here.

[Elizabeth] I forgot what number I'm on.

[Kelsey] We can do squats with these.

You know, they're massively heavy.

-[Elizabeth laughs]

[both laughing]

[whistles softly]

A day at the Pentagon,
I may count an upwards

of 2,000 to 3,000 badges.

[Jason] Monotonous work,
but this challenge was designed to

turn your mind into mush.

[audience laughs]

Good thing none of us are germophobes.

-[inaudible laugh]
-My body hurts, but... uh...

I'm going, so that's good.

I don't know if I'll get
my opponents dancing,

but my biggest thing is
to get them distracted.

That way, I can dance my way
to a million dollars.

[coins clattering]

[audience laughter]

Oh, man! That sucks!

Did anyone stop counting to help him?

No, not even me.

Ashley has checked out of the building.


I can't remember what I was on.

[suspenseful music]

[audience laughs]

[Jesse] Ow!

[coins clattering]



[James] So, I gotta ask.

Did you guys really give it your all
during that count, when you were doing

workouts or reprimanding
the husband who wasn't there?

[audience laughs]

I might have hallucinated my answer.

[James] Uh, oh. Well, you know
what I'm sayin'?

Keep your positive vibes going

-[James] because it's about to get serious
-Yeah, it is.

-[James] Yes.

It's time to find out
which two players are goin' home.

Just before you came out here,
you each secretly told us

how much money you think you counted
in the last 24 hours.

Well, we have verified it,

and we know exactly how much
each of you actually counted.

Based on the results,

the person who counted the least...

and the person who counted
the least accurate...

will be going home.

[audience gasps]

The player who counted
the least number of coins,

and the first person eliminated,


[suspenseful music]



-I knew it. I knew it. It's all right.
-Give it up for Ashley everybody.

[cheering and applause]

[Ashley] I always tell my daughter,
"Baby, it's not about the winning.

It's about, you know, the friendships
and all that good stuff."

[upbeat classical music]

That was a lie!

It's about the winning.


[scattered applause]

Let's get sad again.

All right, next up.

The person

who was the least accurate,

and the second person eliminated, is...

[suspenseful music]

[music climaxes]


[shouts] Ashley, wait up!


Jason said, "Ashley, wait up, girl!"

Hey, one more time for Jason.


Protecting the Pentagon.

[announcer] Jason, you actually counted

Wow! I guess a lot of that
could be explained from...

the several times that I dozed off
throughout the night.

So, I wanna wish all you guys luck
in the competition,

and I hope you make tons of money
while I'm sleeping.


Congratulations to the rest of you.

You are now one step closer
to that million-dollar prize!

[cheering and applause]

-Come on!
-[James] Yes.


It is time for the first challenge.

So let's play a quick game
with our audience first.

-Audience, y'all ready for this?
-[audience] Yeah!

All right, so when I call an animal,

hit me with the sound it makes, cool?

-[audience] Yes.

[audience] Oink!

Correct. Giraffe.



[stammering] Them some weird giraffes.


"Why are you playing this game, James?"

I know that's what you're askin'.

Well, I'll tell you.

Sleep deprivation wrecks
your ability to listen

and retain new information.

So, our contestants are gonna do
a simple memory test

with animal noises, obviously.

That's why I did what I did.

[audience laughs]



it's time to play...

"Quackin' Off."

[cheering and applause]

[James] All right, audience,

remember... they've been awake
over 24 hours straight,

so their memories are
like that of a goldfish.

[applause continues]

[James] Contestants...

we're gonna play you a series
of everyday animal noises.

In front, will be 32 pictures.

Once you've heard all ten animal sounds,

all you have to do
is find the pictures to match.

Then, place them in the stand
in front of you in any order you like.

The player who gets the most... correct,

automatically "moo-ves" on...

to the next round. See what I...

See what I did there?

Our rested testers were able to match
all ten animal sounds.

So, let's see
how well you tired troopers do.

Everybody good?

Your challenge starts...


[cheers and applause]

[rooster crows]

[cow moos]

[dog barks]

[monkey screeches]

[duck quacks]

[horse whinnies]


[cricket chirping]

[pig squealing]

[sheep bleating]

[James] Okay, you've heard all the sounds.

Now, do your thing.

[buzzer sounds]


So, I do have a three-year-old
and she loves animal sounds,

and sometimes she asks me
to make the noises, so I got this.

[audience cheers]

[James] Forty-five seconds left.

[console beeps]

[console beeps]

[Trey] This challenge seemed
pretty simple.

Alter in the fact I've been awake and...

working for 24 hours,

that adds a little kink in the equation.

[audience cheers]

[console beeps]

[cheering continues]

This is a good challenge. I like this.

-[consoles beeping]
-[cheering continues]

In my head, I just hear this buzzing noise

and I'm looking for the mosquito,
I can't find the mosquito and I'm like,

"Oh, where is the mosquito?"

It's in my head.

[audience cheers]

[buzzer sounds]

[cheers and applause]

[James] Time's up!

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

[cheering continues]

There was one I couldn't figure out.

I put an ostrich. I'm like,
"What does an ostrich make?"

[laughing] I don't even know.

I don't know why I put that up there.

[coins clattering]

[James] Alright!

Let's get into it.

You heard a lot of noises

and then you did what you did.


[James] You thought you heard somethin',
you put up the card. Simple.

Easy-peasy! Correct?

-So easy.
-[James] So easy.

-[James] Did you kill it?
-I think so.

-Should she be worried?

-[audience laughs]
-[James] Whoo!

-[James] All right!

Does anybody just wanna come out there
and say right now,

"I'm the best at that."

I'm the best at that.

[James] Oh, thank you.
I know somebody got some confidence.

-[Trey] I don't know.

I know my farm animals.

-Oh, she knows her farm animals.

There's a lot of confidence
right there, okay?

[James] Well, let's see...

who's bluffing and who's not.

The person who won automatically goes
through to the next round,

and that player is...

[pulsating music playing]


[applause and cheering]

-[James] All right!
-The team! That's the team!

My team gonna have it!

[James] Trey, you got nine of the animals

-[James] In other words, you killed it.
-I'm sorry.

I told you!

[applause continues]

Congratulations, man!

Thank you. Thank you.

[James] Okay. Silencio!

This is where it gets serious.

The person who came in last

could be goin' home.


maybe not,

because it's time for...

the Buyout.

[applause and cheering]

We're gonna offer all of you $2,500

to leave the game right now.

If you think you were in last place
in that challenge,

and you're gonna go home anyway,

you might wanna hit that buzzer.

I saw how you guys did.

It seems some of you
don't know a growl from a gobble.

Ask yourself, "Did I beat them

or did they beat me?"


we're gonna put ten seconds on the clock.

The Buyout starts...


[audience counting]
Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three, two...

-[music plays]


We were supposed to dance through
all the challenges.

I know, I know, I know...

Now, before you go,

you know we gotta find out
if you made the right decision.

'Cause you might've saved somebody,
and Kelsey was thinking about it.

Were you, Kelsey? A little bit?

-[James] No?

-Oh, that was a fake out!
-A fake out? Yeah.

I see you, Kelsey!

-[James] Well...

the player who came in last
and would've been eliminated is...

Jesse. You knew!

[James] Whoo!


[James] Jesse, you only got
six animals correct, man.

Let's see how you all stacked up
against our rested testers.


[crowd chanting] Go, Jesse!

-[crowd] Go, Jesse!
-[James] Do your thing! Hey! Ho!


[audience cheering]

Hey, man! Get some rest. You the man!

You the man!

I've been up for 24 hours.

I don't know what sounds
these animals make.

Yeah, I got it.
That's what I'm talking about.

Twenty-five hundred.
I'm cool with that. I can live off that.

Everybody up here straight?

-You good?

Well, that's about to change,

because this next challenge is definitely

gonna throw off your balance.

In this challenge, there are four frames
with a level on top.

Your job is to put a ball in the tube

and make the pictures level,
so the ball doesn't roll out.

Once you've done one frame,
you can move on to the next.

Most sleep-deprived people

shake like a chubby baby
in a shopping cart with a busted wheel.


Sorry chubby babies out there.
It's the truth.

The player that wins the challenge,
will move on

to the next round,

but lose the challenge

and you might be out... the picture.

All right?

It's time to play...

"On the Level."

[audience cheers]

[James] Trey!


Before you get into challenge number two,

having won challenge number one,

let's get into it. You're a model, right?

-[James] You get your modeling on.

What's your signature pose?

[audience cheers]



I like it. I like it. Okay.

-Are you ready?
-I'm ready. I'm ready.

All right. Take your place.


[chanting] Trey, Trey, Trey, Trey...

Your challenge starts...


[audience cheers]

[game music plays]

Okay. Don't!

[Trey squeals playfully]

[Trey] This ball is a lot heavier
than people realize.

The more tired I'm getting,

the less legit it's becoming.


Come on!

[Trey shouts]

[cheering and applause]

Come on!

Come on.

[James] Kelsey, Elizabeth, and Hayley...

-Come on!'re up!

I level things all the time
when I'm doing my woodworking

and hanging up my art pictures.


I got this.

-[audience cheers]

[audience chants] Hayley! Hayley! Hayley!

[James] Hayley must have
a special relationship with frame one

because she just can't seem to quit.

[Haley] Come on!

[audience cheers]

[Hayley] I am getting so,
so frustrated with it.

This is just so crazy that it won't go
where it's supposed to go. [chuckles]

[applause continues]

[James] One minute left.

[Kelsey] Oh, my gosh! I'm gonna get this.

[audience chants]

This one's a little bit harder.

This is awful! This is so difficult.

[audience cheers]

[Elizabeth] I can tell the lack of sleep
is really impacting my reflexes.

It's taking way too long,
and I don't think

I'm gonna be able to get very far
in this challenge.

[audience cheers]

[James] This game is close.

Everyone is on frame two
except for Hayley.

Come on, come on, come on!

His mouth is open.

He's pleading for that ball
to stay in a good position.

This one's a lot harder.

[cheering continues]

Oh, no.

Frame number two is
giving everybody trouble.

Just stay!

-[James] Thirty seconds left.
-It doesn't wanna stay!

Come on, come on!

[James] He's like, "Come on, come on!"

Yes, I did it!

[James] He's on fire!
Looking like a balancing machine!

-[James] Ten seconds people!
-It won't stay... the circle!
-[James] Seven, six,

five, four, three, two,

-Now it stays!

[buzzer sounds]

Time's up! All right.

Let's bring everybody back out.

[coins clattering]

[cheers and applause]

-[James] All right, tired ones.
-[Kelsey chuckles]

Let's talk about it.
How was that challenge?

I think I did amazing.

[James] Ooh!


-I did it in my sleep.

-I sleep walk...

[cheers and applause]

[James] Yeah!

Well, I just would like to say
that everyone here is telling the truth,

or they're lying.


[James] Who knows?

Who's bluffing?

All right. The winner of this challenge,

and one step closer
to that million-dollar prize, is...

[melodically] Trey.

[cheering and applause]

[James] So, you got...

three out of four.

[cheers and applause continue]

But unfortunately,

one of you is about to see
your million dollar dream...

come to a finale.

But not before...

[audience] The Buyout!

-...the Buyout.
-[audience cheers]

[James] Yes.


Now, listen up.
This time, we're gonna offer

five thousand dollars...

[audience cheers]

to leave right now.

Five thousand dollars.

[applause stops]

But if no one takes the Buyout,

whoever came last in that challenge,

will be eliminated.

All right?

[James] So, did you do well enough
to level up to the next round?

Or were you straight up
flatlining out there?

The ten-second buyout starts...

Hold on one second. Now!

[audience] Ten, nine, eight, seven...

-Hit it?
-[audience] ...six, five,

-[audience] four, three, two...

[James] Whoa!

Oh, you got it?



Kelsey, you took the buyout.

-I did.
-Which means you will be leaving here

with $5,000.

[audience cheers]

It's not a million,
but it's not nothin', right?

-But did you make the right choice?
-[Kelsey chuckles]

Or did you just save one of these ladies?

The player who actually lost the challenge


[tense music climaxes]


[audience] Oh!

I had a feeling.

Hayley, you, Elizabeth, and Kelsey
only balanced one frame each,


but you took the most time
to balance that one frame.

And here's how you all compared
to our rested testers in this challenge.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Thank you for playing.

-Yes, of course.
-One more time, give it up for Kelsey!


I hope Hayley's happy
that her student loans get paid off.


Because I gave her that one.

Hayley, Trey, Elizabeth, congratulations.

Just one challenge stands between you

and making the final two.

Hayley, how lucky are you feeling
right now?

-I'm feeling really lucky.

Yeah, I would have gone home
with no money, so...


-But you're still here.
-I'm still here.

You gotta take advantage.
I hope you guys are ready.

Your last challenge is gonna see
how 24 hours without sleep

has messed with your reflexes.

[James] Each of you will step up
to the reflex rig.

Inside is a metal pole
that is suspended over a sheet of glass.

You must decide how many inches
from the top

you wanna place that glass.

The lower the number,
the better the score.

You'll then have to catch the pole
before it breaks the glass.

You'll get two chances
to set your best mark.

The contestant who has
the highest unbroken pane of glass wins.

It's time to play...

"Ruler Drop."

[coins clattering]


[James] Hayley. Hayley. Hayley.

Are you ready to do this?

I am.

Where are you gonna put your first

piece of glass?

On the 16.



[James] Sixteen.

Put your hands in position.

The pole will drop anytime from now.

[audience cheers]

[James] Hayley! Hayley!

[Hayley] I've been up for so long

and I think that the sleep deprivation is
making me more anxious.

[James] Our rested tester's best attempt
was nine inches.

So, Hayley's being cautious right now.

[applause continues]

[audience cheers]


Oh, yeah.

[James] We are going with eight.
I like it.

[applause continues]

Not knowing when it's gonna drop
is killing me,

and I know my reflexes cannot handle it
just from my lack of sleep.



Oh, yeah.


Fifteen is where you put
your piece of glass.


[applause continues]

[James] Hayley is set at 13 inches
for her second attempt.

[James] Ooh, ooh.

[James] Oh!

You jumped it!

I did. I jumped it.

[James] Trey is playin' it safe
at 18 inches for his second try.


[audience cheers]

Well done.

[James] All right, Liz.
Your second attempt is set

at ten inches.

-[James] Liz, Liz, Liz!
-[rhythmic clapping]

I'm a little confident.

I don't think that my competitors

can get it any higher.

[audience chants] Liz, Liz, Liz!

[audience groans]


You did well.
You should be happy with yourself.

-Make some noise for Liz!

Let's bring the others back out.

[coins clattering]

[audience cheers]

[James] Guys, that was
your final challenge.

How are you feeling about it?


-[James] Good?

[James] Trey?

I'm feelin' about as good
as this sleep is gonna be after this.

[James] Ooh.


I know you like to do
the whole humble style.

How'd you feel about that last challenge?

I think I did pretty fine.

Okay. Pretty fine!

Is she bluffing?

Is she keeping it real? Who knows?

The person who came in first,

and has a guaranteed spot
in the next round, is...


[music plays]

[James] Your best attempt
while keeping your glass intact

was 15 inches.

You are safe!




that means one of you

will be leaving here

right now,

'cause it's time for...

[audience] The Buyout!

[James] ..."The Buyout."

You better believe it.

Let's take it up a notch.


This time, we're gonna offer...

seventy-five hundred dollars..

[audience hooting]

to walk away...

right now.

If no one takes the offer,

whoever lost the last challenge

is eliminated.

You gots to go.

That was a tough challenge.

One of you will elude elimination
by inches.

The other will be ruled out
for the rest of the game.

Your time starts...


-[audience] Ten, nine, eight...
-[Hayley] Do I do it?

-[audience], six...
-I don't know!

-[audience] ...five, four...
-Click it?

[audience] three, two, one.



Why did you take it?

I didn't wanna leave with nothin'.


-[James] Simple. Makes sense.

Hayley, you took the Buyout,

which means you will be leaving here

with $7,500.


Well, let's find out
if taking the Buyout...


...was the right thing to do.

The player who actually lost
the challenge is...



Your best attempt was 18 inches,

and here's how you all measured up
in that challenge.

[coins clattering]


[James] Saved by Hayley.

Thank you. Thank you.

Good luck.

-[Hayley] Yes.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Hayley, thanks for playin'.

Now, you get to go to...[snores]

-[James] ...sleep.

I thought I did pretty well,
but I thought he maybe did better.

So I am kicking myself
in the butt a little bit,

but I got 7,500 bucks
and I'm going home to sleep and...

[chuckling] that's what I'm gonna do.

[cheers and applause]

Well, congratulations to both of you
for getting this far.

You guys should feel great.

But there can only be one winner.

Remember way back
in the beginning of the show,

when you did all that coin counting?

You secretly told us
how much you think you counted.

We've added up
how much you actually counted,

and the person who's the most accurate

will win everything they counted.

The other will leave...

with nothing.

[audience groans]

How are you guys feelin'
about your count? Liz?

I'm feeling pretty good about it. I...

I had a method and I kinda got in the zone

and I think I was pretty accurate.

She had a system. And she was in the zone.


[James] Trey, were you in the zone?

Did you have a system?

I had a system. I had a system.

The system changed and I got a new system.

But I also believe
that everything happens for a reason.

So whatever happens, happens.

-I'm proud to be here.


You had a system.

Trey believes everything happens
for a reason.

If you're worried about how you did

and think maybe you may not make the cut,

you're in luck,

because we have one...



[audience cheers and applauds]

[James] Guys...

One of you can give up right now

for a guaranteed... $10,000.


[James] But...

if you're feeling very confident
in your count

and you want a shot
at the one million dollars,

you might not wanna take that offer.

Your ten seconds to hit
that Buyout button starts...


[audience cheers]

Bring it to me.

[Trey] I ain't playing with y'all.

[applause and cheering]

-[James] That was fast.

I do not have the time to play with you.

I don't even know if I got "now"
out of my mouth completely...

-Uh, bow...
-Before it was like, "now," bow!

[James] Hey, listen up.
Thank you for playin'.

You're leaving with ten grand!

-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.

-Good night.
-Thank y'all.

You gotta know your weaknesses
and your strengths,

and I knew that her count is
a lot closer than mine.

That is Elizabeth's job.

No need to test those waters.

Give me the ten thousand.
We're great. [laughs]



We have made it to this point.

You are just two critical decisions

away from one million dollars.

Here's the deal.

You can take the money you counted

over the past 24 hours
and leave with all of it right now.


you can risk it

to win the money everyone else counted
here today,

which we call...

the Big Bank.


[James] Could be yours.

[applause continues]

[James] The total is...

a hundred and ninety-three thousand...

-...four hundred

and three dollars seventy-five cents.


[James] Yeah.


what would you do... with the Big Bank?

I would probably start my own business.

-[man] Yeah!
-I'm not mad at that.

You gotta follow your dreams.

You gotta be your own boss.

I like that.

Well, it's time to boss up

right now.

Tell us right now
how much you think you counted

over the past 24 hours.

Thirty-two thousand, one hundred dollars.

So, you think you counted

thirty-two thousand, one hundred dollars.

-Yep. Yep.
-[James] Okay.

If that number

is within $500,

I'm talkin' $500 above or $500 below,

of the amount you actually counted,

you'll win just over $193.000
in the Big Bank

and an opportunity to win
one million dollars.


This is your first big decision.

Are you gonna keep what you counted,

or are you gonna risk it all

and play for the Big Bank?

Did I mention how I...
thought I fell asleep

-while I was counting?
-You had said that.

And you know how many times 500 goes
into 32.000, right?

-Oh, yeah, like...
-Like 64 times.

-I was gonna say that, but...
-[Elizabeth] Ish.


All right, big decision.

What's it gonna be?

I think I'm gonna stay with the 32 grand.

[cheers and applause]

She's playin' it safe.
Congratulations, Elizabeth!

You're leaving
with all the money you counted.

Make some noise for her right now!

[applause continues]

[James] You did it!

You are a multi-thousand-naire.

Woo hoo!

You get to go home,
make some dreams happen.

What are you thinking?
How are you feelin'?

I'm feelin' really good.
Are you gonna tell me my real number

and make me feel bad?

Never! Of course.


I'm nosy.

So, let's see
if you made the right decision.

You said you counted

thirty-two thousand, one hundred dollars.

If you were within $500,

you would have won the Big Bank.

If you were within $25

and decided to take the next gamble,
you could have won the million.

You know how the Money Meter works.

If it goes green, you would've won.

If it turns red, you would've lost it all.

Come on, Money Meter.

[coins clattering]

It's still goin', it's still goin'.

There it is.

Oh, man!

You were only off by $220.50.

Your actual count was $32,320.50

You wouldn't have won the million,
but you would have won the Big Bank,

but you walked away

with all the money you counted.

-[James] You are a winner!

Give it up for my girl Elizabeth
right now!

[applause and cheering]

Elizabeth is goin' home to get some sleep,

but we're far from done. Keep watchin'.

The next episode starts

in five, four, three, two, one.


[theme music playing]