Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 9 - One Surprise After Another - full transcript

A favourite brings a shocking twist that will flip the game on its head.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
on Australian Survivor...


..after an explosive tribal council,

Jordie found himself all alone...

Last night, George ousted me
as a traitor.

..and his last hope was to stay close
with Liz and Shonee.

Whatever happens, us three
I know can have fun.

Yeah, absolutely.

And when Shonee found
an immunity idol...


..she kept it secret from
the Spice Girls alliance.

I'm so happy.

At the immunity challenge...

Simon still has an idol.
Thank you, George.

Yes, I do still have an idol.


..power duo Shonee and Liz...

Keep going.

..proved they were unbreakable.

It's OK.

Villains win immunity,

sending Heroes to tribal council.

At the Heroes camp,
Gerry returned with a vengeance.

Are you, you know, strong?

If you bloody turn on me,
I'll turn on you.

Yep, OK.

And when he outed the alliances...

..Ben realised it was him
and Gerry on the chopping block.

At tribal council...

..Ben played his idol...

Playing this for yourself?
I am.

..and threw Sharni under the bus.

The tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

MAN: Hang on a minute.

Oh, this is a dream.

It's the auction. Oh, my God!

God, we are spending big today.


How good!

Villains, get your first
look at the new Hero tribe.

Sharni voted out last tribal council.

Oh, really?

So, David, are you surprised
to see Sharni gone?

I mean, there was a lot
of chat during tribal.

I think she was surprised
that it was her.

I think it's fair to say that.

But, yeah, that's all I'll say.


Alright, in case you hadn't
already guessed,

welcome to the Survivor auction.


Let's get to it.

First item has a little something
for everyone.


Wanna see what it is?
ALL: Yes.

It is...

..time to drop your buffs.

We are switching things up.

God. What?!

This is what you've been
waiting for. Take 'em off.


I want it to be even. Even now.

Alright, this is how
it's gonna work.

You're gonna come up one at a time,
take a buff.

You're gonna open it up.

If you have a yellow buff, you're
gonna go back to the Heroes bench,

if you have a purple buff, you're
gonna go back to the Villains bench.

Alright, who wants to go first?

Go, Nina.
Nina. Right out of the gate.

Stay true!
I just wanna get it over with.

OK. Open it up.

What's it gonna be?


Come on, Ben. Come on up.

Cannot get away from the Heroes.

Go, Sammy!


Alright, Gerry.

You're back.


SHONEE: I am 100% praying
that myself, Liz and George,

the Spice Girls,
do not get split up.

That will be a travesty.

Yellow buff.

I'm going, I'm going.
Go, Liz!

Here we go, Liz! This is it!


MAN: Oh, back to the dark side.

Go, Shonee.

SHONEE: I'm in two minds
about picking my new buff

because two of my closest allies
are both on different tribes now.

I want a refund, Jonathan.



Whoo! Hero tribe.

I'm feeling distressed
and depressed.

I'm away from my BFF Liz.

Welcome, Shonee.

But luckily I have George
on my side.

Another one joins the dark side.

Alright, Shaun.

Oh, Shaun!


Alright, Simon.


BEN: Come back, Matty.

Back to where you belong,
golden boy.


Alright, Stevie.
Tell me what you want.

Yellow. Think yellow.



Yeah, it was always gonna be purple!


JORDIE: I'm still with Simon.

And I have immediately swapped
into a minority.

My biggest worry was
that if Simon got

anywhere near that big group
of alpha boys,

he was gonna run straight over
to them, and I can already see it.

The Survivor gods work
in weird ways, don't they?



JORDIE: We've got a lot of muscle
in this tribe.

Being around that
makes me very uneasy.

Alright, let's see who we've got
on our new tribes.

For the Villains we have
Nina, Jordie,

Liz, Hayley, David,

Sam, Shaun and Simon.

New meat tray. New meat tray.
New meat tray!

The meat tray's extended.

And for the Heroes
we have Gerry, Paige,

Flick, Shonee, Matt,

Ben, George...and Stevie.


George, are you worried
about the meat tray?

No, I don't concern myself
with meat trays

'cause historically they don't do
very well at this game.

And if you think that's
the only thing that matters

in the eighth season of Survivor... truly don't understand
the game.

Alright, shall we get
this auction started?

ALL: Yeah!

This is how it's gonna work.

You are gonna bid as individuals
just like a regular auction,

but each tribe will have a kitty
of only ¤2,500 to spend.


So every item you win will be
paid for by your tribe.

How selfish or considerate you are

with your tribe's money
is up to you.

There's a ¤500 maximum bid per item.

Like always, the auction
can end without notice,

so if you see something you like...

..I suggest you bid on it.

About ¤320 each, guys.

Small bids.

Start the bids small.
Wear them out.

Alright, first item.

Here we go! Here we go!

Cheeseburger with fries...
MAN: Oh, my God!

..and an ice-cold beer.


I got 40.

40 to Gerry.


Just straight to 200?

200 to Liz.


240 to Liz.

I do want the beer.

It's the beer for you?

You've got up to 320.
Yeah, go 320.

260 to Gerry.

Do I? Do I? Do I? 320.

320 to Liz.

It's alright.
Wow. We got a real showdown.

It's all yours.

You've given up?

You're out? Alright.

320 to Liz, going once.

Going twice.


GEORGE: I'm so happy for you, Liz!


What an expensive cheeseburger
and beer, though.

You wanna take a bite of that burger?
Right now?


BEN: Oh, is it good? Is it good?


Savour it, mate. Savour it.


I'm gonna just smell it.
Smell it.

Can I smell the beer?

Here we go, next item...

..will remain covered.


Yeah, like a letter or something.

I reckon it could be.



Ben jumped straight to 320.

Anyone else wanna get in on this?

I don't think we should
let them have it.



Oh, good, they're
burning their money.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

360 to Sam.

Going once.

Going twice.

Oh, I wonder what it is.
Go, Sammy!

Is it good or bad?
Let's see what you got.


No way!

A huge block of milk chocolate.

Enjoy, Sammy.
Thanks, brother.


Alright, next item... a scroll...


..that you need to read here.

120 to Stevie.

200 to Flick.


400 to Ben.

Anyone else wanna get in on that?

NINA: He's already on
the chopping block.

Going once.

Going twice.



OK, best speaking voice.


(READS) "Congratulations.

"You have won a voucher.

"Please hand Jonathan this scroll
to redeem

"one brown onion."


Oh, my God!

Thank you, Jonathan.
There you go.


That's so bad.
Sorry, guys.

Nice try, Ben.

Oh, Ben.

You took a shot, Ben.
I took a shot.

Don't cry over it.
No, it's OK.

I'd eat it. I've eaten that.

Get it in ya.
I'll eat an onion.

Oh, God.

Alright, next item is
an insanely massive

spag bol.

SAM: Oh! Spaghetti bolognaise!


You're gonna need something
to digest all those carbs.

Oh, and wine.
And there's wine, isn't there?

Glass of red wine.


Go, Matty. Go, Matty.

Wow, it's a scramble.

300 to Matt.


500 for Shaun. He maxes it out.

I'll trust ya.
Mate, that is huge!

Oh, that is massive.

Next one is

the biggest beef tacos
you have ever seen.

Guacamole, salsa, sour cream...


..with a frozen margarita.




Wow, ferocious.

400 to Nina.

480 to Flick.

Can we go to 500?
Big discussions going on at Villains.

Nah, we're good.
Alright, 480 to Flick.


I trust you.

Oh, they're big tacos.

You've earned that.
You've earned that.


Yeah, scull it. Scull it.
Scull it. Scull it.


Brain freeze?
Brain freeze.

Next item is...

..a video call home.

Oh, my God. OK, Jordie needs this.

Jordie needs this.
Oh, my God, Jordie.

Matty. Matty...
Matty's expecting a kid.

So am I.


No. Up to you, Matt.
It's up to you, Matty.

No, you go, fella.
You go. You're alright. You go.

Go, mate. Just go.

Go. Take it, bud.

If you want it, go for it.
If you want it, just bid.

Is anyone bidding on this?


200 to Matt.


Jordie. Jordie. Jordie.

It's alright,
just go for it, brother.

I'm not gonna muck around
with someone's kid.

No, go for it, mate.
No, but it's you as well.

Yeah, it's alright. Do it.
Don't even think about it, do it.

Do it.

Matthew, this is really fascinating.

I've never seen two tribes

debate about
who's gonna take the item.

I think you just know
how much it means to them

and how much it means to you.

But you can have it if you want.

I know that the scan went
all good, so I'm good.

My wife's fine.

How far along is she?
14 weeks.

And do you know that
the baby's healthy.

I know that they're fine, yeah.

Do it.
Do it, trust me.

Go for it. You have
our blessing, man. Go.

Yeah, you do. Do it.
Do it!

Are you sure, mate?
Yeah, 100%.

Jordie, if you want it,
it's gonna cost 220.

We got 220, mate.
Gender reveal?

Alright, 220 to Jordie.

Come on up.

Thank you so much, man.

Good on ya, Matty.
You're a good bloke.

You're a real good bloke, Matt.

Oh, dude.

This is...
I've never seen you this emotional.

Oh, man.

WOMAN: Hello?

Babe! Oh, my God!

Hi! I can't believe you won,
you little legend.

Look, it's Dad!

Dad's on the phone.


Oh, look at your face.

Are you alright?

I'm good. I'm good. I'm happy.
And I'm healthy.

How's the baby?

Babe, everything has come back
absolutely perfect.

It's healthy.

It's's growing so well.

Everything's perfect.

Do you know what we're having?
Yeah, I do.

What is it?


We're having a baby boy.



Oh, that's so nice.

Look at his feet.

Oh, he's huge! He's huge!


That is amazing, honey.

Oi, look what else
I've got for the baby. Ready?

Let's see. (LAUGHS)

He's got a little denim overalls.

Oh, yeah!

Babe, that is cute as.

I love you so much.
How are you?

I'm OK.
Are you good?

Are you happy?

I'm OK.
Yeah, I'm having fun, honey.

I'm having fun.

I don't want you to
worry about me, OK?

Or feel guilty.

I can't stop thinking about you.
I can't.

It's been really difficult.

I know, babe.

I know.

I miss ya.

I miss you so much.

We think about you every
single second of the day.

And our family...
we're so lonely without you.

But we're really proud.

And I don't wanna hear from you
until you go all the way, OK?

So don't worry about me.
I love you so much.

I'm so proud of you.

Keep going, OK, baby?

Tell everyone to
be nice to you, OK?

Sam says you have to be nice to me.


Love you, baby.
Congratulations, baby.

I'll see you soon. Thank you.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Bye, Jonathan.

Look after my boy.

Dude, thank you so much, bro.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, bro. Are you alright?
Yeah, yeah.

Are they happy tears or sad tears?
Happy for you, mate.

Alright, next item
will remain covered.

That looks heavy.
It looks heavy.

20 to George.


Oh, 100. 100.

Oh! 140.

120 to Paige. 140 to George.



320. We're burning it.

320 to George.

Nup, you have it, mate.

Paige, you gonna let him have it?

Alright. 320 to George.

Go, George, do it.
Come on up.

There you go.

What did I win?

Let's find out.


WOMAN: Oh, no.
You get to read this one right here.

OK. Whoo, I'm shaking.


(READS) "Congratulations.

"This is an invitation
to be the guest of honour

"at the Survivor surprise party."


"You will leave the auction

"for an afternoon of food,
fun and surprises."


"You can invite any two people
to join you,

"be they Hero or Villain."

"Have fun."


It's a social game, and
you want to know us better.

I'm going to take...

..Shonee and Liz.


Are we going now?
Yes, you are.

The Spice Girls!

GEORGE: It's absolutely devastating
that the Spice Girls alliance

was broken up by the tribe swap.

This is worse than when Ginger Spice
broke up the Spice Girls.

And now I'm caught in a minority
on this new Heroes tribe.

Bye, everyone. Love you.

But at least I can have
one last surprise party

with all three Spice Girls together.

Let's go, girls!

And then I will become
the king of this new tribe.

Whoo-hoo! (LAUGHS)

That's dangerous, man.

So dangerous.

Yeah, I know.

Well, I hope everyone got
what they wanted

because this auction is over.


WOMAN: Oh, my God.
GEORGE: It's a feast.

Oh, my God, there's a cheese board!
There's a cheese BOARD!

Oh, my God, party pies!
Party pies. We love party pies!

And treats!

The three Spice Girls
are gonna have

the time of their lives
at this feast.

We're gonna eat every single
block of cheese, every bit of meat,

and munch on as much cabanossi
as we possibly can.

OK, George, go.

Alright. What's in this box?
"Guest of honour."

Whoo! It says, "Set For Life."

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

What have we won?

(READS) "Surprise.
You've hit the jackpot.

"Your optimism at the auction
has paid off.

"And congratulations, you've won
¤5,000 on Replay for 12 months,

"thanks to Set For Life!

"Now you can enjoy the surprise
party and a life-changing prize!"


Oh, my God!
I just won 60 grand!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

This is gonna change
my family's life.

Oh, Georgie.
Oh, my God.

I can't wait to tell my mum.

Alright, let's feast.

Wow, is this Persian fetta?
Oh, my God, stop.

It is Persian fetta.


This literally looks like
the same one

that I get at my favourite
discount supermarket.


This is great. We're gonna eat
every single piece of this.

We need three idols as well.
Is there?

We'll look...we'll look at the end.

Let's just eat.
Yeah, let's just eat.

Let's just chew on the cabanossi.


I'm grabbing sausage,
dipping into Camembert.

There's blue cheese.

I'm drizzling maple syrup
into my mouth.

I mean, I am in heaven right now.


Take a seat, guys.

Oh. Oh!

Please be an idol, Shonee.


Yes! We've got a reward!


"You have found
a hidden immunity idol.

"You may keep it secret
or tell others that you have it."

Absolutely not.
We're not telling anyone.

No, absolutely not.

SHONEE: I came in here with
very limited accessories,

and now I've got two idols.

Things are definitely looking up.

I'm getting more glam
as the days go on.

My first idol,
not a soul knows about.

I'm so sneaky.

And this one, Liz
and George know about it.

OK, so, what are we thinking
about the new tribes?

Well, I almost started crying.

Flick was telling me at
the auction not to trust Ben.

So that could be, like, a first
option that's a consensus.

Thankfully, I'm with,
like, strong people.

You are so good.

But if we do lose, I'm worried.

In the event that the Villains lose,

we have an idol that only
three of us know about.

We must not tell a soul about...

I'm not telling anyone.

OK? This is the Spice Girls'
secret idol.

Secret idol, cheers.

SHONEE: If I get back to the
Heroes tribe and I feel secure,

and Liz, on the other hand, doesn't,
then I will give this idol to her.

I literally look like the
Hungry Caterpillar right now.

Like, I'll need to go
do a workout now

'cause I'll need to shred
after this.

Well, you can do a workout with me.
I'm the alpha on our tribe.


I wanted to explain
a few things to you.

Yeah. Yeah. What's the rules?

So, basically,
everyone helps out around here.

No-one slacks off.
Great. Yeah.

And I won't stand for anyone
slacking either.

So, um...

Our tribe is a bit of a flop.

We don't have our muscle men.

I just like to do things around.
House improvement is my...

It's my forte.

I can do that for you.

We have five OG Heroes and three
Villains in the new Heroes tribe,

George, Shonee and Steve.

I'm so...
feeling so great right now.

Oh, good.

Oh, we're stoked you're here.

Having Benji on our tribe
is a bit concerning.

I'm so hungry.

Ben's definitely a snake.

He twisted my words
at previous night's tribal.

George is not trustworthy also,

but I could work with George
for the first couple of tribals,

get who we need to get out.

Scrub this pot...

And I'm going to do the rice.

Cool. Yeah.


I just think if Benji...

..if Benji and, um...

Put the knife down.

If Benji and George work together,
we're (BLEEP).

Oh, I know.

We can send Ben down the river. We
can throw him under the bus a bit.



You eating tonight, Flickie?

I'm so full.
I might just have the tiniest bit.

I want you guys to have a lot.


So, my target would be Benji.

I want him out of here.
I don't trust him.

I'm used to dealing with snakes
where I come from,

so getting rid of one won't be hard.

This is so nice, this beach.

I just can't put into words
how excited I am.

Like, I'm more relieved.


Yeah, I don't think we could be
happier with the swap either.

What a power team, power tribe.

This has to be the most
stacked and jacked tribe... Australian Survivor history.

And I am so glad to be a part of it.

My old Villains tribe
were getting absolutely pillaged

at every challenge.

I could only carry them through
so much.

This is like a breath of fresh air.
You have no idea.

So, now this new stacked
super Villains tribe

are going to absolutely kill it.

Literally, man, to be here
with you and Sam.

You are two of the people who, like,
inspired me to play.

It's great to play
with all these people.

I know.
It's unreal.

It's been a crazy ride so far.

The reason that I was the target
from the girls,

you know, I had my idol
to be able to get through.

It was almost like,
hey, it sucks. It's no good.

It's no good. Right?

And how are you feeling
about this game coming back,

having a lot of big boys around
and stuff?

Like, it's good coverage for you,

It's brilliant, mate.

Which is why I, like I said,
from the start of the game,

I was like,
my goal is to take big boys.

That's why I was excited
about the swap,

not just because
of how physically good our team is.

But you were there.

I saw you guys come over.

I'm like, "This is only good
for my game."

The Beast joins the Me train.

So, we have Shaun, Sam, David
and myself.

And we are going
to shred this game apart.

Do you do a sport?
I did.

But body building has been my thing
over the last few years.

25, 26, got into body building
and stuff.


Yep. I'm still with Simon.

Fantastic. Yay. So good, buddy.

Seeing you guys in that first season
was like, wow, I would...

Look, I grew up watching this.
Oh, did you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, so you loved it.

Yeah. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Simon is crawling his way
into that big group of alpha boys

little pocket, leaving me
at the bottom of the tribe.

So I need to try my hardest
to blend in with those boys

so that I don't stick out
like a sore thumb.

I recognised your face straightaway.

I've watched you play for years.
Oh, really?

Yeah, dude.

Because obviously...

..South Australian boy. Yeah.
South Australian.

The thing about big muscly boys

is you need to sort of drop yourself
to their level. OK?

Footy, footy, footy.
That's the dream?

That's the dream.

Oh, how about the footy, eh?

And what are you doing now?
Oh, I'm doing stock market stuff.


Are you a crypto guy?

You want a crypto guy?

This is how you bond
with these boys, right?

And I'm putting in the work.

He's huge.

Has he cut the sleeves
off his T-shirt?

I'm going to do that.

I probably won't look
as good as he does.

I've grabbed one of my T-shirts
and I've gone,

"Shaun, can you show me how you cut
the sleeves off your shirt like that?

"You're so clever."

Yeah. I'm next. Mine next.


Liberating. How good does that feel?

That's it. Look, very similar.

Some of my best work.

How many coconuts
are you eating a day?

Uh...a fair few.

Yeah. So, we'd like...

Hayley actually got really good
at cracking them.

Did ya?

I'm good...
Coconut queen.

Tribe Swap is the scariest time
in the game.

But we have five OG Heroes
and three OG Villains,

so, we do have the numbers advantage
here, which is really great.

Too true. You're right.


Simon's clearly desperate
to get in with us.

Tell everyone that you're shit.


But we can't let that happen.

I want to be OG Heroes strong

so I can be running the show
with the people that I trust.

Come on in.

GEORGE: Oh, slow down, Gerry.
Slow down.

Hi, friends.

Simon, when you look around
at your new tribe, is it unbeatable?

I tell you what,
in the history of strong tribes,

I reckon this has to be
one of the strongest,

definitely a stacked tribe.

Nothing's set in stone in this game,

but we'll be coming in
harder than ever.


Are you ready to get to today's
immunity challenge as new tribes?

ALL: Yes.

First things first. Need that.

Thank you so much.
No worries.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge... member of your tribe
is going to be locked inside a cage

that the rest of you will transport
through a tunnel under a heavy gate.

Up a ramp,

down a slide.

Into a water trap.

Once you're down the other side,
you'll free your tribemate.

And then two of you
will attempt to solve a puzzle.

First tribe gets it right, wins
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council

where somebody's going to become

the eighth person
voted out of this game.

Give you a minute to strategise
and we're going to get it on.


OK. Puzzle.

So, I'll do the puzzle with Steve.


My chariot awaits.

Alright, here we go.

With Hayley in the cage
for the Villains.

OK, it's coming down.
It's coming down.

Shonee for the Heroes.

This is the most comfortable
lie down I've had in weeks.

Yeah. Exactly.

And we have Nina and Steve waiting
with the keys to unlock the cages.

Let's go, Villains!

For immunity. Survivors, ready?


You got to drag that cage
all the way through the tunnel

one foot at a time.

Slow work.
It requires clear communication.

ALL: One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

Villains, right out of the gate
have a nice rhythm.

One, two, three.

Wow. Villains have made quick work
of this. They're almost through.

You can feel the adrenaline.

One, two, pull.

One, two, pull.

Heroes struggling already
in this challenge.


You're gonna need to pick this up
if you want to stay in this.

One, two, pull.

One, two, three.

Villains are through first.

Now you're going to pick
up that cage, stick it in the track.

One, two, three, lift.

Great communication, guys.

Villains are ripping through it.

One, two, three.


Jump back.

It's Sam and Simon
on the gate for the Villains.

Here we go. Ready? Same time.
Let's go.

There we go.

They have it open, everyone else
sliding the cage through.

Keep going, keep going.

One, two, pull.


One, two, pull.

..Heroes still struggling
in the tunnel.

Double hands.

Finally, the Heroes have made it
through the tunnel.

OK, now one-handed.

Get it in the track, Heroes.

Come on, let's pick this up.

Alright, guys. We've got this.

Villains are through.

Working together very well
at this stage.

Moving on to the ramp.

Go straight up.

Now you've got to get that cage
all the way to the top of the ramp.

One, two, three.

It's going to take everyone
giving it everything.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

Hayley hanging on for dear life.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

almost at the top of the ramp.

All that extra meat
clearly paying off here.

One, two, three.


..sending Hayley on her way.

That's how you do it.

You're good, Villains.

Everyone needs to be on the mat

before you can start
unlocking the cage.

Go, go, go.

Nina unlocking Hayley.

Three... Push!

Heroes still struggling.

62-year-old Gerry
and jillaroo Paige on the ropes.

Push, push.

Finally through the gate.

One, two, three, push.

Let's go.
Let's go.

Heroes moving on to the ramp.

Villains have a nice lead.

All good. All good. All good.

Can they keep it going on the puzzle?

It's Hayley and Nina on the puzzle
for the Villains.

You've got time. You've got time.

Purples. Pinks.


Don't stress. Take your time.

We're not on the rail.
We're not on the rail.


Oh, rough ride for Shonee.

One, two, three.

desperately trying to catch up.

Yay! Almost there.


One, two, three.

the Heroes at the top of the ramp.

The back. Lift the back.

Come on, keep going.

Down she goes.

Nice entry for Shonee.

You're good, Heroes.

And Stevie, unlocking the cage
for the Heroes.


Heroes got a lot of time
to make up here.

Just go for the...

It's Stevie and George on the puzzle
for the Heroes.

What do you reckon? Is that good?
Do you think that's good?

Double edge.
Yeah. Perfect. Cool.

Nina and Haley in a nice rhythm,

working methodically together.

Good work. Good work.

Hayley, a lot of purple goes
on the left side of the table.

This one here, I know.
Cover across the half.

Yeah. Yeah.

So this is kind of like...

Maybe we can find one
where the tones change.

The villains try offering advice.

They had the muscle to get here, do
they have the brains to close it out?

Great work, girls. Look at that.

Open them up.

Stevie, that's orange.

Stevie and George, they can
really feel the pressure.

Keep communicating.

Stevie, look what I'm doing.
Can you see what I'm doing?

Do not touch those. It's correct.

Alright. Alright. Alright.

It's like there. Done.
Oh, OK.

We got it.

Get in the zone. Breathe through it.
You guys have got this.

This puzzle is deceptively difficult.

See if that one goes there.
Does that go there?

All your blocks are the same size,

so it's only the pattern on the front
that's going to help you today.

It's a fish. A fish coming in.

It's a fish.

Yes, Nina.
Nina has something going now.

Well done.

You're doing well, girls.

Yes, Nina. That's good.

That whole left side is done.
Left side is done.

Girls, smashing it.

Just right now,
borders on the outside

just so we know they're borders.

You mean orange black ones.

I thought they were...

Stevie pulling out pieces that George
previously thought he had right

If they look correct. Was that...?

No. No. It was correct.
The black.

Now they're starting to bicker.

Heroes quickly falling apart.

Use the side of the table
to lay them out.

Ben itching to get in on the action.

Do you want to swap?

You just go in there.

Ben subbing in for George, trying
to make up for some lost time.

The Villains
quickly coming together now.

Come on, girls.
You're doing really amazing.

Just take a breath. Just breathing.

OK. Boom.
Yes, yes. Yes.

Let's go!

Villains down
to a half dozen blocks.

Let's go. Let's go, let's go.

Fronds. We need some yellow fronds.

Steve, jump out.

George back in now for the Heroes.

Will it be too little, too late?

Villains down to four pieces.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Getting close.

Moving pieces around.


Do they have it?


Villains win immunity,

sending Heroes to tribal council.


Villains, nicely done.


Immunity is yours.


You are safe. Nobody going home.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Good luck. Enjoy.
Good luck.

Alright, Heroes.

Tribal council tonight
where one of you will become

the eighth person
voted out of Heroes versus Villains.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
I will see you tonight.

I'm in a bit of a predicament.

I was thinking Benji at the start.

But the boys want us to go
for the big dog, George the King.

The more I think about it, maybe
it's time to get rid of George.

Guys, guys. Let me be the first...

Hang on. Just wait
till everyone's here.

Righto. Everyone in?

Righto. Now we can debrief.

OK. Thank you.

I am sorry I let you all down
in that way.

No, Steve.

We didn't win,
and it's not anyone's fault.

Oh, rightio.

So, we don't have much time.
So we need to get on the fire.

We need to get food going.
So, we need firewood.

I'm going to get the fire going.

We've got to get the rice ready.
If you can do that.

Tonight's vote is crucial.

It's the first one since
we've dropped our buffs

and it sets the complete tone

for the rest of the Heroes tribe
moving forward.

Oh. There we go. Oh.

Stabbing a teammate, eh?

Flick and Paige have already told us
that they're unhappy with Ben.

So, Shonee and I should be safe
on this new Heroes tribe.


This place is so big.

We just don't even know
where we're going.


I see a great future with you,
me, Paige,

Matt, obviously.

Hey, come on in.

Am I allowed?

You don't need permission.
We're not...

Come one, come all.

How are you guys feeling?

Well Paige said to me
it was going to be Ben.

I'm happy for Ben to go.

So, he's been enemy number one...

For a while.
..for a while.

Done. Alright.

Paige and the original Heroes
turning on each other.

And this is really good news for me.

So my plan is simple.

I don't want Ben going home.

And I want one of the other
original Heroes to be sent packing.

The real call is this.

Tonight is going to come down

to what you and I
tactically think is better.

Think about what God would want.

What would God want?

Stevie, this is like a pathway,

so we try to just keep everything
over there.

Steady up
or you're gonna smudge it.

Yeah, my... Oh, trust me, I've been
doing the fire the whole time, mate.

I don't think God likes Paige.

Let's just get rid of Paige.

At tonight's tribal council,

I think the cowgirl
is going to ride her pony home.

Paige won't see
her blindside coming.

The two Spice Girls
here at new Heroes,

we need to pick up new recruits
and we've got fantastic options.

What do you reckon, mate?

Five Spice. Stevie.

I think that's brilliant.

And Flick, is she OK with that?

Oh, my gosh.

I can do that.

What good are two Spice Girls
when we could have four?

Old Spice. Gerry.

I like how you're just chilling
here, Gerry.

Mate, that's what old people do.

Gerry got really, really burned

when he got sent from the Heroes
to the Villains.

And Gerry has made it
very, very clear

that he wants to work with me
moving forward.

So he's with me
as far as I'm concerned.

Mix it up a bit.

Have a bit of fun.
That's what we're here for.

We are a majority
on the new Heroes tribe.

There's only three votes on Ben.

And Ben's vote,
completely irrelevant

whilst I will be putting
four votes on Paige.

Paige likes hunting sheep
and eating them on her farm.

But Paige is the one
that'll be hunted by me

at tonight's tribal council.

I don't know.

I know. I'm the same.
Are you feeling pretty good?

I feel good. I know it's not me.
No. Good.

It would be a huge thing
to take George out for the Heroes.

The boys on the other side
are waiting for this move.

And now is the time to hit.

Does anyone want water?

So the boys, I was talking
to the boys when we were hugging.

And they said
that they want us to go for George.

Just get rid of the biggest player.

Go for George.

It's a huge play,
but the boys are terrified

that we're going to trust George.

The biggest threat on Survivor
is George.

So I want to blindside George
at tribal

and get him gone.

FLICK: OK, there's two ways
this can go.

We either stay Heroes strong, right,
and vote for George,

or we go...


MATT: Fill some water up.
Yeah, fill some water up.

Perfect, Benji.
Just the person we wanted to hear.


I think we go for George tonight.

This is our only opportunity,
I reckon.

If we go for George
and we actually get him,

our old teammates will be
so (BLEEP) proud of us.

So I think you're right.


Get George out first, because the
more he progresses in the game...


I do know, out of anyone here,

just how dangerous it is
to play a game with George.

Um, so...



Benji a complex person

and I don't know
if I can trust his word,

but I think moving forward,

we need to be able to be
Heroes strong.

And we're just going to
rely on Benji today.

The only extra step in all of this

is making sure
that Gerry's on board

because Gerry is prevaricating.
I'm worried about Gerry.

So if we can get Gerry on our side
to vote for George,

then we have a majority,
like a proper majority.

I can make a pitch to him
about remaining Hero strong.

I think we've all got to
check in with Gerry, too.

If we want this to work,

we can't just rely on
one person checking in with Gerry.

It's gonna be all of us.


But we really need to get food on.

Yep, OK. I'll do food.

BENJI: I don't really quite get why
Paige is suddenly calling the shots,

but after last tribal council,
I made some big moves,

so I have to present a public face
that I am a good team player.

That I am the obedient
little Asian guy around camp.

Here are beans.

It also actually
makes logical sense,

because we in the old Heroes tribe
have the majority.

So that's me, Flick, Matt, Paige,

and hopefully Gerry.

OK, so this is my plan, right?

So listen up.

Because it gains trust
with the remaining Heroes.

It proves...
They're all suss on you and me.

They're suss on you
because you've gone to Villains.

They're suss on me
as per last tribal council.

I'm going to have
a very strong think about it,

but I can't promise anything.


So you can understand where I'm at.

I understand because we're in
a similar head and heart space.

But it's got to be head tonight.

Why would I be telling you
this otherwise?

We're in a very similar position.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You and I, bottom as shit.


As I said, I'm just going to have
a big think about this.


I'm not sure where Gerry stands
right now, and that worries me.

So we've got to have
some conversations fast.

On George.
What do you think?

I haven't made my mind up yet...

..what I'm doing.

So I just got to decipher all
the information and go from there.

Hey, Gerry, can I speak to you
for a second?

Yeah, mate.

I'm thinking
longer term and longer game,

and I see massive potential

in us all working together
to take out George.

Yeah, yeah.

And how do you feel about that?
I'm getting closer now.

I just want you to know that,
you know, if we can make it there,

we can be strong.

Let's do it. Let's do it.
Yeah. OK.

I'm keen. Alright, good.
Yeah, OK.

Good chat, good chat.

We really need you to be
Hero strong.

Are you with us tonight?

Because you're not
on the chopping block at all,

because we need to be Hero strong.

I know, like, because you've been
over there and you know them...

We really appreciate that, Gerry.

Yeah, feeling pretty confident
coming in tonight

that Gerry is Hero strong

and he's going to be
voting George tonight.

We need to stick together as a team.

So you're sticking with us?

Really appreciate that.
Thanks, Gerry.

Thanks, mate.
I honestly appreciate that.

So I'm really looking forward
to taking out the king of Survivor.

Being on that blind side,
it's gonna be excellent.

MATT: What did you say to Gerry?

Oh, he's on our side. He's voting
for the other side tonight.

SHONEE: Oh, what an afternoon.

GEORGE: Yeah, we put beans on.


You got it under control, Gerry?


With the new tribe,

I'm not quite sure
about the trust just yet.

I'm still not quite sure where I am,

what I want to do.

We are all on the same page.

Paige's page.

I've just got to let things pan out

before I actually make a decision,
the right decision for me.

Then I know who to align with
and who to target.

SHONEE: There is a lot of
nervous energy in this joint.

And everyone's just so on edge.

So I'm a little bit suspicious.

Going into tonight's vote, I'm not
even sure if I can trust Gerry.


I don't really want to play
an idol,

but as a last resort,
I might have to.

Happy tribe.

MATT: Alright,
let's get outta here.

It's our first vote together.

And when a camp is this on edge,

it means the tribal council

is never going to be as
straightforward as everyone thinks.

JONATHAN: Experience the game
like never before

with extended tribal councils,
unseen moments, interviews and more

over on 10Play.

Back again.

Regular attendees,
us former Villains.


So, Paige, have the new Heroes lived
up to the ideals of the Heroes tribe?

Well, I think it's not even been
24 hours yet,

so I can't really say so just yet.

But I think
they're fitting in pretty well.

So, George,
this might be a new tribe,

but do you think there are divisions
still along old tribal lines?

Um, I think tonight
is a line-in-the-sand moment

because the dynamic of the tribe

will be very different
moving forward.

And the best route forward

is with the people that you have
life goals in common with

or life opinions in common with.

I don't go on goals because
everyone here is for the same thing.

But, personally, I don't think
everyone is everyone's person.

Is that factoring in
to your vote tonight?

Um, yeah, probably most likely.

Flick, the old Heroes
certainly presented a united front.

Do you think that's going
to be the case again tonight?


Tribe swap is always
the scariest part of the game.

I feel like it's where
you don't have control at all

and you just get dealt the cards
and you have to deal with it.

Well, Shonee, if that is the case,

it's three old Villains

versus five old Heroes.

What can you do to shift
the power back in your favour?

I guess all you can do
is have conversations

and hopefully your plans align

and you can make something work.

And tonight is about showing people

that you do want to work with them
long term.

Well, Gerry, you're kind of
in a unique position

because you've played on both sides.

Do you feel like
your loyalties are split?

Um, my loyalties are still there.

I don't know whether
any other people's

loyalties toward me are still there.

But, um, that I'm not privy to.

The old Heroes
did vote you out last time.


So where are you at
with your trust level with them?

Trust is a really funny word.

Trust takes a long time to build,

and, Jonathan, it can take seconds
to be destroyed.

So, George, do you see Gerry
as one of your own?

Um...I'd like to hope so.

I'd like to hope so.

When you're working together,
you're unbreakable.

That's what makes alliances strong
in the game of Survivor.

So I think tonight
I know who I'm working with.

I think a good person's going home.

But the proof will be
in the pudding tonight.

What about you, Shonee?

Do you share the same confidence?

Um, I wish I did.

Why do you think George
is so confident?

George is always confident.

So, Matt, is it a concern
that a couple of the old tribe mates

may not be on the same page?


I mean, the little whispers
going around at the moment

is the...the main confusing factor.

Paige, how much confidence
do you have

in the conversations you had
this afternoon?

Yeah, confident in the conversations
I've had this afternoon.

I'm putting my trust
where I need to put my trust.

But there are whispers going on.

So things must be changing.

Nothing's changed.

We're still going with what we want,

and we're just backing that up,

George, what would you like to see
happen with tonight's vote?

I'd like to see a group of people
move forward in unison.

The right tactical decision
will win you ¤500,000

and the crown
that we all would love.

Tonight's decision
will move that group of people

just one step closer.

Alright, well,
I think it is time to find out

if you guys are gonna get
closer to that vision.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Ben, you're up.

If it goes our way,
the king is dead.

Long live the king.

Time to go home, Paige.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Me, please.

OK, I'm there.

Quite nervous tonight.


I'm gonna play this for...


Thank you, Shonee.

Hopefully I'm right.

This is, in fact,
a hidden immunity idol.

And any votes cast for George
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Does not count.

George. Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.


One vote Paige.


Two votes Paige.

Eighth person voted out of
Heroes versus Villains,


That's three votes, that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

Stronger united, never divided.

That was very well played.

The vibe was off.
Too much whispering, guys.

Not my first rodeo.

Paige, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Thank you.

Well, in this game, if you don't know
where the numbers lie,

might be time
to ride off into the sunset.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


Another wonderful evening.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

Hit it! Hit it!

..who will be next
on the chopping block?

If there is a way
that I can earn your trust... King George and Queen Shonee

revel in their newfound power.

I could act as a double agent.

This is like the conga line
of people on the bottom of the tribe

saying, "Save me, sire. Save me."

But with the OG Villains

This is so hectic.

It's like them and us.

..could a proposition...

We will take you through to merge. the end
of the Spice Girls alliance?

This was about destiny.

You either die a Villain,

or you live long enough
to see yourself become the hero.

Oh, I actually
don't know what happened.

Shonee playing her idol for George
was a huge shocker.

Wasn't expecting it.

We kind of thought
we had it in the bag.

It was going to be a big move.

Yeah, obviously, we (BLEEP) up.

Paigey, little bit too little...

..a little bit too late, mate.

So I really hope
Flick gets the word out.

Don't trust George.

I really hope they take him down.

Captions by Red Bee Media