Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Acing the Joker - full transcript

Twenty-one days into the game and the recent tribe swap is breeding fear and doubt among the new tribes.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

Welcome to the Survivor Auction.

..a Survivor favourite
brought a shocking twist...

Time to drop your buffs!
We are switching things up.

GEORGE: Oh, my God!

..that left the Spice Girls alliance

SHONEE: I'm away from my BFF Liz,

but luckily
I have George on my side.

But when George won Guest of Honour,

he took Liz and Shonee,

where he won ¤60,000...


..and Shonee secured her second idol.
Oh. Yes!

SHONEE: If I feel secure
and Liz doesn't,

then I will give this idol to her.

And the Villains' camp...


JORDIE: I'm still with Simon.
Oh, God.

..Jordie, Liz and Simon
were outnumbered.

This has to be the most stacked
and jacked tribe

in Australian Survivor history.

But Simon still believed he had
the protection of an Immunity Idol.

I've my idol
to be able to get through.

Well, a public idol's almost like...
It sucks. It's no good.

At the Immunity Challenge...


..the new supercharged
Villains tribe...

SAM: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Come on, let's go!

..were a force to be reckoned with.


At camp, the OG Heroes
had a plan to blindside George.

If we can get Gerry on our side
to vote for George,

then we have the majority.

But at Tribal Council...

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

..Shonee wasn't taking any chances.

I'm gonna play this for George!

GEORGE: Thank you, Shonee.

And it was Paige...

A little bit too late, mate.

..who was sent packing.

That was very well played.
Not my first rodeo. (LAUGHS)

15 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


I feel great about my new position
in this tribe.

We have George and myself
running the show.

And then we have our loyal friends,
Stevie and Gerry, on our side too.


I'm now getting five-star treatment
and I deserve nothing less.


Steve's being very productive today.

That's good. Let's keep him working.
More working, less chatting.


Paige ran an extremely tight ship.


You know, the rice has to be cooked
a certain way,

we're not allowed
to have crispy rice.

Madam and sir, the beans are ready.

But you're not here anymore, Paige.
I am.

And I'm going to eat all
the crispy rice my heart desires.

Alright, can't wait to eat
this special fried rice.

FLICK: I know. With crispy bits.

We started at the bottom.
Now we're here.






DAVID: No pressure.

NINA: Wait.
I gotta make it straight.

SIMON: Yes, it's hard to know that,
like, maybe... (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)

20 days! Almost three weeks.
Oh, man.

You know they say it takes
three weeks to form a habit?


Feels normal to, like, just be
moist and damp the whole time.

Yeah. This is marked.

Yeah! Thank you.

Day 20!

LIZ: I am feeling really exposed
without Shonee.

I miss her so much. Like...

I'm gonna get upset. (SOBS)

Shonee and I have just grown...
so close over the last few weeks.

She's like a sister to me.

We've just formed this,
like, incredible bond.

I've honestly hated waking up here
without her in, like...

But now I'm feeling really like
the Heroes have come into this tribe

and just pushed myself,
Simon and Jordie aside.

Thankfully, with Jordie, I have
that one person that I can rely on

and I know that I can trust, but...

..we feel like sitting ducks.

SIMON: You guys made any in-roads?

I have been trying.


They're tight.




Worst-case scenario.

Play the idol, 1-in-3 chance.

There's a 33% chance
that all of us are...


Sorry. Yeah.


Is that right? (LAUGHS)

That's right.

Is it?

There's 1-in-3 chance
that we play the idol correct.

Simon has his idol

and he said he's willing to share it
between the three of us,

but I know for a fact
that he's too selfish to do that.

But... Ugh! this instance,
we do need him as a number.

This is so hectic.

SAM: I'm gonna go up,
just because...

SHAUN: Yeah, go up. Go, go go.

It's, like, them and us.
I know.


GEORGE: I feel glorious
waking up on today's beach.

Absolutely glorious.

Me, Shonee, Gerry and Steve
are a majority of four

with seven players left
on this new Heroes tribe.

We control the numbers.


And we can't wait
to put out hit after hit

on Ben,

on Flick

and on Matt.




Alright, let's just sit down.

Now we're a four out of seven

We have the majority now.

You and Gerry are equal in the
partnership with me and Shonee.


I don't care who goes as long as
it's not one of the four of us.


BEN: Can I... Will I be able
to join the chat or am I intruding?

I can give you space if you like.

I wanna talk to you anyway.
I really wanted to talk to you.

I don't feel I've had a chance...
No, no.

..with either of you.
It's just bang, bang, bang.

It's pretty hectic, isn't it?

Last night's vote ended up
being a vote based on fear.

And I'm going to be
completely honest. You scare us.

You are a really intelligent player.

So when we see you and Stevie
and Shonee come into the tribe,

we see three incredibly
intimidating threats.

I'm not blowing smoke up your arse,
by the way.

I'm just telling you
where my headspace is at.

I can't believe what Ben
is actually saying to me.

He truly is clutching
at straws here.

Ben's rock bottom,

but I'm willing to
let him prove his worth.

We'll be back in a sec.

I've just got to finish the chat
with Steve.


All bullshit.

Every single one of them.




Hmm? Mmm.


FLICK: Um...
Join us, Flick.

Yeah. I'll join ya, join ya.

I actually wanted to
chat to both of you.

Don't know where your heads are at.

But I've been thinking a lot.


And I feel like I can offer you guys
completely loyalty.


But I can also offer you
the ability to be a double agent.

How the tides shift quickly
here in Samoa!

I mean, what a day!

Firstly, Ben grovels for his life.

And now my old nemesis, Flick,
is coming up to me

and she's offering
to work as a double agent

between the Heroes
and the Villains tribe.

This is good.

This is good.
Nice coconut washing, girls.

Yeah. Yes.
Great coconut washing.

Alright, I'd better get back.
We've been away from camp forever!


Been a busy boy.

I feel like the lady
at the delicatessen right now.

Take a ticket and you'll be ready
to chat with the King

because here comes Matt...

Alright, let's go over here.
And there's three worried people.

This is like the conga line of
people on the bottom of the tribe,

walking up to the King,
"Save me, sire! Save me!"

I wanna lay everything out to you
because I don't have, um...

I have some alliance over there.

But it is more imperative
that I move forward in this game...


..than being stuck to something
that's only gonna dwindle away.

Mm. Mm.

But if you were to take me to merge,

I could be somewhat of a...
a double agent of sorts.


Just when I thought this day
couldn't get any better,

here comes Matt offering me
the same deal that Flick just did!

Matt wants to be a double agent!

What do you think?

I think that is
a very interesting offer.

I wasn't expecting to hear
from you, Matt.

I truly am at the top
of the pecking order

and I can't wait to decide
who goes home next.


Come on in!


Paige. Paige. Paige.
There's no cowboy hat.

Oh, it's Paige.

Villains, get your first look
at the new Heroes tribe.

Paige, voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Hayley, are you surprised
that Paige was sent home?

It looked like Heroes had
an advantage in numbers,

so I wonder if there was
an idol played.

So, Shonee...
Mm. hero down.

Should the rest of them be worried?



I think some people on the bottom
might now be on the top,

which is great.

We love the underdog!

Alright, you ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge,

members of your tribe
are going to be tethered together

and loaded down with a weighted bag

holding a percentage
of your body weight.

On my go, you're gonna race
around the course,

attempting to catch the other tribe.

Now, you can drop out if you want,

but if you do,

you're gonna have to hand your bag
to another tribe member.

First to catch the other tribe
scores a point.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

A big juicy Aussie brekkie.


Eggs, bacon, sausages, avocado,

mushrooms, tomatoes
and, of course, delicious bread.

Worth playing for?


Alright, Villains,
you've got an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.
Who's it gonna be?

Nina, you're on the bench.
Let's get to it.


First round, we have Matt, Shonee,
Ben and Flick for the Heroes

taking on Shaun, Hayley, Liz
and Simon for the Villains.

For reward.

Survivors, ready?


GEORGE: Go, Heroes!

Oh, both tribes picking up the pace
right out of the gates.

You've got it, Heroes!
You're doing great.

Yeah! Yeah, good, guys!

They're going quick.

Gets a bit deep here.

That water is deep.

It's gonna wear you out fast.

This is hard.

Definitely easier
on the beach side of the course.

You got this, guys! Let's go!

Hayley struggling to high-knee it
through the water.

Oh, careful! Oh!

Ooh, Hayley takes a tumble.

Oh, shit, sorry.

Oh, Ben stumbles early.

Sorry. You get it.

Hands off his bag to Flick.

Go hard, go hard, go hard!

Flick carrying two bags now.

Shonee dropping out for the Heroes.

Heroes down to two.

Offload it if you can't do it!
You wanna shred it?

I may need to shred it.

Well, everyone dropping like flies
in this round.

We're gonna do this.
Hayley taps out for the Villains.

Liz dropping out now...

I'm sorry.

Yeah, Shaun, let's go, mate.

..leaving Shaun and Simon
to hunt down Flick and Matt.

They're almost on them!

Keep going, Heroes!
You got 'em! You got 'em!

This could be all over for them.
That's it.

Villains take the first round.

You're right.
Well done, team. Great job.

Villains lead, 1-zip.

Alright, this round is four boys.

We have Sam, Shaun, Jordie
and David for the Villains...

Give it some.

..taking on...

..Stevie, Gerry, Ben and George
for the Heroes.

Go, Stevie. Look at Stevie. (LAUGHS)

BEN: OK, ready, Stevie?

Survivors, ready?


Sam has run this challenge before
all the way back in season 1.

Came out victorious.

Let's see if he can do it again
for his team.

Around this corner.
Let's go around this corner hard.

Come on, guys. Keep going.

Supermen. That's what you are,
Steve and Gerry. Supermen.

Let's go, guys.

Villains quickly closing the gap.


Villains showing no mercy today.

This is gonna be
the fastest round ever.


Sam does it again.

Good work.

Villains lead, 2-zip.

Alright, Villains lead, 2-zip.

Heroes need to win this one
to stay in it.

Survivors, ready?

Go, Sammy.


Villains are wasting no time
powering through the deep end.

They can taste
that breakfast already.

Heroes not gonna give it to 'em
that easily.

They wanna get one on the board.

We got it.

Hayley tapping out for the Villains.

Help me to let go?

Liz tapping out.

Hold on, hold on!

Interesting strategy.
It's all up to Sam and Simon now.

Come on, supervillains!

Go, go, go!

We'll see which strategy pays off.

We got it, team! Keep going!

Villains really picking up the pace,

closing the gap.

Come on, Heroes!

Villains like predators
stalking their prey.

Getting ready to pounce.

We got it. We got it. We got it.

Simon's a cheetah over there!

Go, Sam, go!

Simon pulling Sam.

Simon's almost there.
He does it. That is it!

Villains win reward.

Great effort. Great effort, guys.


Villains, congratulations.

Your big Aussie brekkie will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.


Well done!
Thanks, guys.

Heroes, you did your best, but got
nothing for you. Head back to camp.

Head back to camp.

Twist. Thanks, JLP.

SHONEE: We got decimated
in the challenge today,

but, I mean, I am so anxious
about what's happening to Liz.

She told me that her and Jordie
are in major trouble,

but I still have one idol
burning a hole in my pocket

and I need Liz and Jordie
to be in this game.



Let's go!
That's solid!

Look at this!

I'm cooking. I'm cooking.




Bacon, hash browns, cheese, butter.

Oh, my God!

Oh, the bread!



Breakfast one of my favourite meals.


We've got so much food.

Eggs! Avo!
Got cutlery.


Oh, my God, I love breakfast.


Who else?
Oh, Hayls has gone straight in.

To the most stacked tribe ever,

so here is to the supervillains.



Mmm! Mmm!

Oh, man! That is so good!

Let's get that fire going.

I'll do the veggies.

I can be on coffee.

As soon as we all drank
our cups of coffee,

we were buzzing.

Well, first coffee down.

Yeah, don't be shy
to pour me another one.


We could have an all-nighter!


LIZ: Yum!
Let's go! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh, best day ever.

I hate being in this position.

I'm finding it hard
to connect with these alphas.

I have nothing in common with these
men and what they're talking about.



Whoo! (LAUGHS)

You know,
Simon's running around, scrambling,

and it's so obvious
how desperate he is.

Oh, give us another sip.

Oh, mate.
It's so good.

But he is forming
all these relationships

and I definitely feel like
I'm at the bottom of the pack,

JORDIE: Take a plate
and let's spread out a little bit.

Who needs hashie?
You guys got hashie?

The advantages of me
being on the outs

have definitely taken a step back.

I've let the boys feel like this is
their camp and they run the show.

SAM: Cheers. It's a cheers
with the plates. Come on.

One, two, three!
Three, two, one!


Now dig in!

And that's just allowed me to be
a bit more reserved, excluded.

I can do my own thing
and no-one is missing me as such,

so I can sneak off.

Oh, they're so rich.


Thank you.
Yeah, it's too much.

I am, like, so done

being on the bottom of the pecking
order with these alphas.

There's a big jar.

Jordie, there's more egg in there.

But I'm not giving up.
There is no way. I've come this far.

And I've backed myself,

so being separated from Shonee

and not having that person on my side

to push me to make these decisions
and back me,

I just need to do it myself.

Simon, do you want that?
I'm not gonna say no.

Have you finished your plate?


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Finding this idol changes everything.

I'm so excited, I could cry.

I honestly feel like
I've hit the jackpot.

I means the world.

Yeah, all good, all good.
Thank you.


SAM: Another coffee, daddy!

JORDIE: Simon,
how do you have yours?

SIMON: A bit of milk would be great.

Coffee! Yes.


Do we need more wood? Should we go
look for some more wood, Simon?

I mean Jordie.
Simon? How dare you!

Should we? Do you want to?
Yeah, well, we need it.

We don't have any.
We'll take our cup.


I think we can go right.
Go down that way?

Hold this. I found something.

No, you did not! No, you did not!

(GASPS) Where do you find it?

In, like, the root of a tree.

Oh, my God, babe!

So, we're good.


Oh, my actual God.

I'm, like, shaking.

That's amazing.
This is for us!

Fantastic. What are we gonna do?

Now we need to think.
Oi, that has changed everything.

It's nice to know we've got
a little bit of a safety blanket...


..but we need to play smart.


That's amazing.

At the Immunity Challenge,

the plan is to tell Shonee
that we need her idol

because two is better than one.

We'll be alright.

At least we have us,
you know what I mean?

So, then Jordie and I,

we have the opportunity to do
a blindside on one of the heroes.


We'll get some firewood?

So, I learned today

that Paige was voted out
at Tribal Council last night,

which really hurts.

As far as I'm concerned,

this is still a game
of heroes versus villains.

I know we've got to the tribe swap,

but we worked hard
for our numbers advantage

and we can't squander that away.

I'm not surprised, mate. I thought
it would be something like that.

How, though?

I feel like the five of us ex-Heroes
in this new Villains tribe

are in a really good spot.

The problem is...

..Simon has an idol,

so we've got to try to come up with
a new scenario where we're all safe.

I feel like having Simon
with an idol in his hand right now

is very valuable to us.

He already has a target on his head.

It's not a problem. People are
gunning for him in this game.

Why don't we hold onto him, promise
him that we'll get him to the merge

in exchange for his idol?

If Simon gives us his idol to use
collectively in our alliance,

we give him our word that
we will take him through to merge.

You know what?

This will be perfect because, mate,
he's gonna burn an idol anyway.

It's gonna go to waste.
He's already told me.

He's like, "I might just
play it regardless."


I like it.
I like it a lot.

I like it. I've got goosebumps.
It could be sick. Yeah, same!

Let's go! Let's get some wood
before we go back.

Convincing Simon to give us the idol
is a bit of a hard sell.

I mean, he's a really proud guy,

but if we can do this really gently
and really carefully,

I think he's gonna go for it.

How you feeling, mate?

Mate, it's, um... It's been
an interesting couple of days.

It has, hey?

So, basically, spoke to the gang

and it was a collective decision.

You're excited, hey?
(LAUGHS) Yeah.

Spoke to the gang.
Now, there may be a 'caviar'.

I'm pitching to you as
an 'actions speak louder than words'.

If you were open -
and this is open - to empower...

I wanna take you
from a villain to a hero.

So, what I'm saying is, right now,
is because, um, I know...

Spit it out, mate.
No, no, I'm getting...

I'm trying to articulate myself.

This is your chance to be a hero

and maybe give up your idol,
if you've got one, to our collective

and that will solidify your 'actions
speak louder than words' to us

and we can take you
all the way through to merge.

Mate, that is
music to my ears to hear.

I don't wanna just
go to merge with you.

I wanna go deep.

Yeah, yeah.

And I am happy to sit
at the bottom of your alliance

and, like, happily be a part of it.


..than try to be a lone wolf
and be stern.

Oh, this could not
have gone any better.

So, I'm ready to become a hero.

If I potentially give this up
to the Heroes,

that doesn't get me through
one Tribal Council,

that gives me five new friends

and an opportunity
to get through even more.

This is a beautiful spot to be in.

But I'm not just gonna
sling it over to 'em.

I need to make sure
that this works for me.

My conditions as part of it
would be it goes to Shaun.

Yep. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I'd like to
give it to Shaun...

Yeah., as, you know, my trust there.

Giving up my idol, that's scary,

but Shaun's one of my Survivor idols
and to be working with him,

it's kinda like
a 'pinch myself' moment.

It's a bit of a dream come true.

Oh, so, hey, had a good little chat
with Sammy before.

But I'd like to hear it from you.

Yeah, yeah.

So, it's 100% legit.

I know you're a great guy.
Nina really likes you.

Sam really likes you.
Dave really likes you.

So, we're like,
"Why not work with him?"

I am still very nervous about
handing over the idol.

Of course you are.
I don't blame you at all.


This is the one and only time
I'm gonna do this in the game.

I swear to God on my kid's life that
we will take you through to merge.

This isn't a trick. We're not getting
the idol and then voting you out.

We all unanimously believe that you
are the right person out of the three

to take along.

That's a lot
and you don't have to do that,

but I really appreciate that,
so thank you.

Oh, man, I am blown away by this.

This is gonna be good.

Shaun has just gone
over and above to protect me

and that is not something
that I will take lightly.

I reckon...I reckon we're safe here.

We're good.

(SIGHS) So...

..I am so in on this.

Good, yep.

But I wanna double down on this plan

because I think there's a way that
we can actually make this better.

There's an option for, like, us
to give the idol to Flick

and to actually use that
against George.

George, someone who has been
my mortal enemy in this game,

but now actually handing over
my idol

could be the key to take him down.

'Cause right now, Flick,
Matt and Ben are in trouble...


..because the last vote looked like
it was at 4-3 against them.

Yep. I think there's two parts
to this plan.


The first part,
get the idol to Flick

and that's at least
a one-in-three chance

of keeping a hero all-round
and sending home someone.

The second part is
trying to word-up Stevie.

But do you think Steve
will come work with us?

Look, Stevie is the only one
who has been loyal to me.

Stevie's big thing is about destiny.

It'd be pretty poetic for your idol

to then go take out a villain
on the other tribe.

So, there's one final part
to this plan.

Oh, you're gonna get the idol.

It's in his butt. (LAUGHS)
Where's it coming from?

Oh, that's it, the cookie idol.
My chocolate chip of chaos.

So, did it come with, like,
a letter or any words?

I have no paperwork, no wrapping.

But are you sure it's an idol and
not a nullifier or something else?

No, it is definitely an idol.

OK, great.


Mate, we're gonna put this
to good use.

Gonna put this to good use.

This is gonna set us up
for the next phase of the game.

This is a pretty desperate play from
Simon to give up an actual idol.

And what a better man to be doing
an idol handover on the tribe mat?

Second time lucky!
This is retribution!

This is retribution!

SHAUN: But this plan
isn't only gonna get Simon

off the bottom of the tribe.

It's a chance for him
to take out George.

I have played the villain.

But sometimes in Survivor,

you ei...die...
you either die a villain

or you live long enough to se...
to see yourself...


In Survivor...

(HEROIC MUSIC RESUMES) either die a villain

or you live long enough
to see yourself become the hero.

This is a pretty heroic act.

This is my redemption story.
This is it, mate.

And I'm in. I'm so in.

If this pulls off,
it is an iconic move.

We'll create history here.

Alright. Whoo! (CHUCKLES)


Come on in.

JORDIE: This one looks sick.

Oh, slingshot? Oh, wow.

Ohh, this slingshot thing.

Alright, shall we get
to today's Immunity Challenge?



Thank you.
Of course.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna race
through a mud pit,

over a net
and through a tight tunnel.

And then one of you
will chop a log... release a sack of coconuts.

Finally, you'll use a slingshot

to fire those coconuts
at a series of targets.

First tribe to smash
all their targets,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the ninth person
voted out of this game.

Villains, you've got an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

It was Nina yesterday.
Who's it gonna be today?

I'll sit this one out, Johnny.
Alright, Sam's on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute strategise.
We'll get to it.


Alright, here we go.


For immunity!

Survivors, ready?


Quick scramble through that mud pit.

Over the nets.

Stevie's a man on a mission!

Whoo! (LAUGHS)

Everyone making quick work of that.
Nicely done.

George last to come over
for the Heroes.

Yeah, go, go, go!

Now it's an army crawl,
one at a time, through the tunnel.


Call out when you're
on the mat, Stevie!

Stevie first one through
for the Heroes.

Come on, come on, guys!

Let's go, let's go, Liz!
Let's go, let's go!

Liz first through for the Villains.

Shaun now.

Like a bear squeezing
through a drainpipe.

Let us know when he's out.
He's coming out.

Alright, now go.
Go, go, go, go, go!

Look at me go!

If you don't like tight spaces,
you're not gonna enjoy this one.

On the mat, on the mat!


Jordie last to go through
for the Villains.

Matt for the Heroes.

STEVIE: Matt! Matt! Let's go, Matt!

Come on, Jordie!

Jordie's through!
Nice. Good job, guys.

It's Shaun on the axe
for the Villains.

Yeah, great going!

Smash it!

Shaun just whacking away at his log!

Go! Go!

STEVIE: On the mat,
on the mat, on the mat!

HEROES: Go, go, go, go, go, go!

It's Gerry for the Heroes.

GEORGE: Go, Gerry!

Great, Gerry!

Shaun showing it no mercy.


And that's it!

Shaun chopped through the log...

..dropping the sack of nuts.

Alright, Villains, grab your sack,
head over to the slingshot.

It's Nina on the slingshot
for the Villains.

Good. That was good.
Nice, Neens!

And Nina connects.

Yes, girl!

Villains lead, 1-zip.

Go, Gerry!
You're almost there.

STEVIE: Go, Gerry, go!

Yes, Gerry! Well done!

Finally, Gerry cuts through the log.

GEORGE: Go, Stevie, you got this.

Come on, you need
to pick this up, Heroes!

Nina almost connects.

Drag it over!
Drag the whole net over!

Alright, go, Matty. It's all you.
Go, Matty, go.

Oh, look at that, Matty!

Good job, Matty.
Here we go.

Go, Matty.

Ooh, good one!


Matt's looking pretty accurate.

Oh, here we go!

Can he get one to connect?

Yes. Yes.

All you gotta do
is chip or crack a tile.

And he does!

We're tied, 1-1!


And Matt gets another one!

Heroes lead, 2-1!

JORDIE: Go hard, Nina, go hard!
There we go.

Yes! Yes!

Nina really has the hang of it now.

Nina gets one.

Tying it up, 2-2!

Yeah, that counts a hit!

Matt gets another one. Chips the top
of the tile - that's enough.

Heroes lead, 3-2!

Get it, get it, get it.

Both tribes firing away.
That's good!

Yes, Nina!

And Nina gets another one!

We are tied, 3-3!

What a great effort.



Matt chips another tile.
Heroes lead, 4-3!

One more! One more!

And Matt connects again.

Heroes lead, 5-3!

GEORGE: Straight in the middle.

Immunity is on the line.

Somebody is going home tonight.

Matt winds up...
There it is, there it is.

And he's done it! That is it!

Heroes win immunity,
sending Villains to Tribal Council!

GEORGE: Well done, Matty! Yeah!

You did amazing.
You did a really good job.

Don't worry.
Really good job.

You did a great job. Are you... Ooh.

OK, we'll give it to you.

Shaun's gonna give it to you.
Use it at your discretion.

If we win next immunity,
you can use it.

OK, yeah.

Flick is good, OK.
Yeah, thanks.

Like this, ready? Ready?


Heroes, very nice comeback.

Off you go, Matt.
Immunity is yours.

Well done.

Heroes, you are safe.
Nobody going home tonight.

Head on out. Enjoy your evening off.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Let's go.
GEORGE: Lead the way, gentlemen.

Lead the way.
Have fun.

Can't wait for a 4-3 one.

Alright, Villains,
Tribal Council tonight

where somebody's gonna become

the ninth person voted out
of Heroes v Villains.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you tonight.

JORDIE: Shonee's just
given me an idol.

No-one just hands out
idols like that.

There's so many different ways
you could use it.

The Heroes thought
they could shut us out.

You can't expect us
not to bite back.

This is what happens -
we come at you with idols!



SAM: We gave it everything.

And, look, it is what it is, yeah?

These things happen in Survivor.
This is Survivor.

Let's just get on with it.

I reckon a wash is probably in order.



I'm gonna take this.

I'm having a bath.

Liz and Jordie know that they don't
have numbers on this tribe

and Simon joining
this Heroes alliance

means that we can take out
Liz or Jordie.

So to me, this doesn't
feel like a 5-3.

This is a 6-2. You're with us. I feel
very much like you're with us.

This is a 6-2.

This is not a 5-3.
Yep, I trust you.

We want you for the long game,
not just for this vote.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I suspect there could be one idol.

I'd be surprised
if there's two idols.

I think we do a 3-3
and go to a re-vote.

The question is who is the person
we actually vote for in the re-vote?

Yep, yep.

We know that she's not
a number that we can use.

Jordie's unknown.

We remove a variable.

We can split this vote 3-3

and have an insurance policy

just in case there is
an idol in play.

The three of us are Liz.

You two and Simon are Jordie.

We vote Jordie.

OK? Alright.

OK, well, let's make a fire.

Our plan A and B is set in stone

and I feel confident that this
is a really solid plan.

JORDIE: Yeah, I actually do.

I don't.



Oh, my God.
What is happening?


That looks like mine!

Ohh! I've never seen one.

Today, while we lost
the challenge...

..Shonee, my dear friend,

gave me a little present...

..which I'm very excited about.

Here we go.
Wrap it up.

Wrap it up.

Now I've got it, I've never had one
before, I don't know what to do

and I'm losing my mind a little
with the power.

Oh, I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.

So we need to talk
to Hayley and Nina.

I think we show them mine
and I think we show them yours.


And we go, "Look,
now is your chance to join us.

"Who would you like to pick
from the boys?"

I'm, like, shaking.
I'm shaking thinking about it.

Are you sure?

But then...

..I don't think we even
need to play them.

The Joker's back.

He's ready to cause
a bit of chaos with this bad boy.

For me, I don't want to play
with those alpha boys.

You know, they've been
shutting me out since day 1.



NINA: You found something?

Oh! Nice.

I have one as well.

Shit. OK. Really?

So we're gonna continue
to play like sad sacks.


But we are safe tonight.
OK, nice.

So we're both going to play these.


We want to come to you guys
and go now is the time...

To join us.
Yeah, well, clearly, clearly.

If you want to.



OK, OK, cool.

Shit! OK.

Well... OK.

OK, first things first,
I'mma be straight up.

I don't want Dave gone.

Sam or Shaun?

Look at her head. (IMITATES WHIRRING)


Oh, my God. It's so hard, isn't it?

I don't know. I think, um...

Sam is all about loyalty.
That's what he's about.


And that's concerning for later.

It's a difficult thing to work with.

You burn him once, pfft!

Shaun's more flexible?

So then you're asking us
to put down Sam's name?

Yes, and this is where we draw
the line in the sand tonight -

everyone's actions and votes will
decide where this relationship goes.

We are putting Sam down.

Like, I'm not... This is not
a threat. This is not a threat.

"This is a threat, but I'm just gonna
say it like it's not a threat.

"We have two idols. It's not
a threat. Let's build trust."

If I see... It is, I tell you.

If I see whispering and stuff,
I'll go...

No. No, no, no.
"Oh, God."

Then we can just change our vote.

Can I see your idol with yours also
around so I know there's two?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Alright, I'll go run
and grab my bag.

OK, cool, cool.

Wow. There we go.
Oh, it's wonderful.

Alright, so...

It's Sam tonight.

This is it.
It's Sam? Alright, we've gotta...

It's Sam.

Yeah, let's do it, let's do it.
Promise? Promise?

Let's just do it. God, this game!

Now that I've chatted
to Jordie and Liz

and I see that they have idols,

I think Nina and I
have to work with them tonight

and we have to vote
one of our own out.

But also I don't want to break
all my ties to our original Heroes

because they're also
gonna be here tomorrow.

They have...


We have had so long out here

building really good bonds
with the original Heroes

and I trust them.

But these Villains?


They're kind of strong-arming us here

because they're both gonna be on
this camp tomorrow no matter what.

Have they indicated who?




We can't save that, can we?



SHAUN: This is
the worst-case scenario.

When you talk about contingencies,

this is almost the one where you go,
"It'll never happen."

We don't have an option just
to put four votes on Simon?


And flush their idols.


I know, I know, I know.
Obviously this is...


I just cannot put a vote on Sam.

What's going on?

What are youse panicking about?
Youse look like youse are stressing.


Get dry. I'm gonna get dry.

You alright, mate?

Is everything alright?

Yeah, yeah.

There's nothing else
that I'm missing?

Anything else I haven't
been privy to?


But, mate, I'll tell you
everything I know

and I assume you'd do
the same for me.

That's all I ask for, man.

Yeah, yeah.

Alright, we'll go.



They both have idols.

I'm not even kidding.
I saw them both.


What do you mean, they're voting...

They think you... Shh, shh.
You gotta be surprised.

I've gotta go back quickly.
I can't be here.

(MUTTERS) Unbelievable.

Are you kidding me?

Liz and Jordie both have idols?

This is...this is...

..this is not good.

This is not good.

JORDIE: You look rattled.

Oh, no, I'm just, like...

I just didn't want...
I just needed a moment.

I can't be around in there.


Have they told you where to vote?

No, 'cause I'm voting with you.
It's the three of us.

Yeah, you want to?

Yeah, good. Yeah, good.
That's...that's the plan, right?

Good. Yeah.

Who am I voting for?
We're gonna go...we're gonna go Sam.

Do I put Sam? The three of us?

I think so.
The three of us are voting for Sam.

I think so.

I have pledged my allegiance
to these Heroes,

but this is now about survival.

This is a fun one.
This is gonna be a really fun one.


I think they're gonna play them.
I really do.

I'm gonna vote Sam.

Let's just do it.

Us three and David
are all definitely on Sam,

then we know where
the end of this is gonna be

no matter what everybody else does.

Yep, we're done. Done. Done deal.

Done. It's done.
No need to discuss it.


JORDIE: I can't believe
my plan has worked so well.

Tell people you've got idols,

convince them to vote
for someone else,

bada-bing, bada-boom,
come home to a nice warm feed.

None of them saw this coming.
Even I didn't see it coming.

What a great day! (LAUGHS)

Join ex-Survivors Khanh and Brooke

with Shannon Guss for Talking Tribal,

your weekly deep dive into
Heroes v Villains

only on 10 play.



So, Shaun,

tribe swap can be Survivor's
biggest gamble,

but when you saw your new tribe,

did you feel like you came up trumps?

Yeah. I mean, it's pretty stacked,
so you've gotta be pretty happy.

Not only are we an incredibly strong
physical team,

but everybody here
is a fantastic person as well.

What about you, Jordie?

Are you finding this is
a bunch of people

that you could potentially work with?

Mate, I'll get straight
to the point,

'cause I know you like it
black and white.

There are five Heroes here,
there are three Villains here.

That's heavy, you know?

So, Simon, as Jordie pointed out,

the old Villains are
in the minority tonight.

Is that a concern?

SIMON: Uh, yes, it is.


..we don't have the numbers.

Yeah, it's, um...
It's worrying.

Shaun, should Simon
be worried tonight?

Um, I think we should all
be worried tonight, mate.

It's Tribal Council. Every time
I'm here, I'm uncomfortable.

But, Jordie, as you pointed out,

the original Heroes

have the numbers tonight.

So why would they be worried?

I know for a fact
that this crew are tight.

And when I say 'this crew',
I mean the Heroes.

They're a very tight bunch.

It's, like...

..well, anyone could go
of the three of us.

So, Sam, is that true,

that the old Heroes
are a tight, loyal bunch?

Absolutely. I mean...

I've been with these guys
since day one

and they've proved to me through
their actions in particular

that their words stack up.

And for me, that's all
I can appreciate and respect,

because that's what I do in return.

And until that is questioned...

..I think they know
where my heart kinda lies.

So, Jordie...'ve been through
your share of...

..chaotic scrambles this season.

So, how would you rate
this afternoon's scramble?

Mate, today was not
new ground for me.

I've been in this position
many, many times

for day after day
after day after day.

So this is sort of...

I felt like why I was able to smile
through the whole day

was because this is
my Survivor life in terms of

last season, this is the position
I had to play from.

But to be honest, the Heroes mob
have said to me... of the Villains
is going to go home.

That is...

..what we got told.

So, Liz, if what Jordie
is saying is true,

it's either you, Simon
or Jordie tonight.

That is correct.

Simon, how's that sit with you?

(CLICKS TONGUE) Uh, yeah, not great.

My fate is in the hands
of the Survivor gods at the moment.

Um, but yeah, it's not quite, um...

Not quite what, um...


Sorry. I got a little bit
distracted there.

Oh, I was just asking Liz what
those whispers are down there.

I said I've got no clue.


So, Hayley, it seems like
the plan was simply,

"Hey, if we lose the challenge,

"we'll just get rid of
one of the Villains."

Yeah, that would be ideal.

Obviously us, the original Heroes,
need to try to keep things

just between us so that

none of the Villains
can guess where we're going.

If one of the Villains
has an idol tonight,

they're on the bottom... of course you've gotta
think about that.

Simon, you seem a little rattled
this evening.

I know. I don't usually
get so rattled.


I know we, like,
at our last Tribal Council,

we spoke a lot about compromise.

Uh, well, not compromise, but...

But I still am, like,
a little bit compromised.

There's more conversations
going on down the end here

not involving you.

Look, there's always
gonna be conversations

and I think the one thing
I've learned over the last...

..last little bit is
I can't be included in everything.

Hayley, you're no stranger to that.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, it's good fun, hey?


The old 'which way is
the idol gonna go?' move.

Yeah, little bit of scissors,
paper, rock, hey?



So, yeah, maybe that's
what Simon's gonna do...

(CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) let yourself be vulnerable
to do that.

Not everyone's willing to do that.

Thought we might have
left the oven on at camp,

so I just needed to check.

(STAGE-WHISPERS) What's going on?

I have no idea.

I don't have to whisper that!

So, Jordie,

what's your hope with tonight's vote?

Honestly, I have no idea
what's gonna happen tonight.

And that's why I'm enjoying myself,

because this could be
my last Tribal Council.

That's a fact.

Who else here feels like
this could be the last one?


And that's what we love to see!

Coming to Tribal Council -
I'll speak for myself -

I never feel confident.

I'd be an idiot if I said
I'm coming in here

and I'm 100% bulletproof.

It just doesn't happen.

I prepare for the worst
all the time.

I prepare my mindset for the worst

so that if it happens, man,
I've done my best, and... Nina said, so be it.

Liz, as a newbie, do you feel like

you've ended up swimming
with the sharks?

You could cut
the tension in the air.

But it's exciting and...

..gotta risk it to win the biscuit.


So, Hayley, how do you think
this tribe will be different

after tonight's vote?

We're gonna see where people...
who they wanna work with.

And we will find out if people here
are heroes or villains.

I hope that everyone comes away
from this night going,

"That's how Survivor's
supposed to be played."


Shall we? is time to vote.


It is time to vote.

Hayley, you're up.

I really, really don't wanna do this

but when you have two idols
put in your face

and they say it's
either you or them,

you have to pick them.

I have to stay solid
with my original Heroes.


Well, ladies, if I can't trust you
now, I can't trust you ever.

I'm not playing my idol.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol

and you'd like to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


I'm gonna read the votes.

First vote. Sam.


One vote Sam, one vote Jordie.



We're tied. Two votes Sam,
two votes Jordie.



We're tied again.
Three votes Sam, three votes Jordie.


That's four votes Sam,
three votes Jordie.

One vote left.


We're tied.


We are gonna re-vote.

Sam and Jordie, you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Sam or Jordie.

Alright, Nina. Come grab the urn.


I can't believe
that just worked, mate.

I was actually looking forward
to playing with you too.

I'll go count the votes.


Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote. Sam.


One vote Sam, one vote Jordie.


One vote Sam, two votes Jordie.


One vote Sam, three votes Jordie.

Ninth person voted out of
Heroes v Villains.


That's four votes. That's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.



I've done a Simon!



It's pretty.

Alright, guys.

Jordie, Jordie, Jordie.


The tribe has spoken.
They have.

Love you, guys.

HAYLEY: See you, Jordie.

That was great. Do more of those,
'cause they're fun, alright?

I'm gonna go and watch
my little boy grow up.

SAM: Yeah!

Well, if you're going up against
a stacked deck,

you better play your ace

or say goodbye to the Joker.

Hey, hey!

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.


Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

I didn't wanna...send Jordie home.

Like, he's just been
such a good friend out here.

..Liz fights desperately
for survival.

The plan backfired
last night at Tribal.

They got rid of my best mate

and I'm now on this Villains tribe
as a lone wolf.

And when George sets his sights
on revenge...

Jordie voted out at last night's
Tribal Council.

I interpret that move
as a declaration of war.

We've got two hostages here
and I'm ready to cut them loose.

..can the OG Heroes save their own?

Like, George and Shon
aren't doing anything.

Oh, Shonee.

I've gone home with the idol
she gave me at the challenge.

Shon, I'm so sorry.

Yes, I could have played this.

But tonight, this was merely a tool
for an alliance.

But the alliance
didn't pull through.

We had a plan. You didn't
follow through and thank God.

Sam is gonna be pissed at me but I'd
rather him be pissed and be here.


Oh, dude, this is not happening.

Captions by Red Bee Media