Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Burn Before Playing - full transcript

The previous night's Tribal Council has revealed cracks among alliances: which players will take advantage?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...


..Shonee and George were enjoying
their new-found power.

MATT: If there is a way
that I can earn your trust...

GEORGE: I truly am at the top
of the pecking order

and I can't wait to decide
who goes home next!

At the Villain's camp...

I swear to God, on my kids' life,

that we will take you
through to merge.

..Simon solidified a new alliance
with the OG Heroes...

SIMON: My chocolate chip of chaos. giving them what he still
thought was an immunity idol.

You either die a Villain

or you live long enough
to see yourself become a hero.

At the Immunity Challenge...

Hit it hard!

..when the Heroes claimed victory...

..Shonee gave Jordie an idol
for protection... Shaun passed Flick what
he thought was an immunity idol.

At camp...

Oh, my God!

I honestly feel like I've hit
the jackpot. My heart is racing.

..with Liz and Jordie both in
possession of immunity idols...

We are safe tonight.

We're both going to play these.

..Jordie thought
he could sway Nina and Hayley.

"We have two idols. It's not
a threat. Let's build trust."

If I see... It is. Promise?
Let's just do it.

God, this game!

But at Tribal Council...

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you would like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

..the ex-Heroes called his bluff.

And with the help
of their new ally, Simon...

..they split the vote.

We're tied. We are gonna re-vote.

..sending the Joker home
along with his immunity idol.

I've done a Simon!

The tribe has spoken.

14 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


Today at the challenge,

we were told by our friends
on the other side

that Stevie has potential
to be flipped.


Like this.


Look, I don't know what "This is
your destiny" actually means

to Stevie,

however, I trust my friends
on the other side.

Do you think that...


FLICK: Mm-hm.












LIZ: The plan backfired last night
at Tribal.

Instead of getting rid of Sam,

they got rid of my best mate.

Jordie was my guy over here

and he's gone.

And I'm now on this Villains tribe
as a lone wolf.

SAM: How is that? Is he alright?

You alright, big fella?

SIMON: Yeah.
You sure?








(SIMON SIGHS) I didn't wanna...

..send Jordie home.

HAYLEY: Oh, yeah.

Like, he's just being
such a good friend out here.

Like, that was really hard.

And also I think I was
just so headstrong about it

that I just knew, like, you know,
that was the right...right thing.

I think maybe my heart's just
catching up as well on that.

Last night's Tribal Council
was an absolute mess.


Thank you for that.

My cup feels very full.
NINA: Yeah.

I should be at home...
I should be...

I was sent packing last night
at Tribal Council

if it wasn't for Jordie not playing
his hidden immunity idol.

This has changed my entire game now.
My outlook, my perspective.

There's clearly cracks that are
evident now within the OG Heroes.

The only person I really trust
anymore is David.

He's like my best mate out here.

This is a woke-up moment for me.

Outside of you and me,
I'm very malleable.

I'm very flexible.

I now have become bendable Sam.
Like, bendy.

Right now I'm ready to change.

You and Nina are my two number ones.

And we give each other
every bit of information.

Depending on how you feel
with, um, Nina.

My trust hasn't been dissipated with
Nina. I get it. Yeah, it's been...

No, that's good to hear that.
..a bit damaged.

But it hasn't been...
No. Nina's cool, man.


NINA: I wrote Sam's name down.

I didn't want to do it, but I do
feel like my hand was forced.

I mean, Jordie and Liz put idols
in Hayley and I's faces

that it's either you or them.


SAM: 16 days...

It makes me realise these people
are on a different level

and I have to step it up.

Moving forward,
I'm gonna kick it into high hear

'cause the OG Heroes have been
cruising way too long

and I'm not here to play
a cruisy game.


If this season was made for anybody,
it would be made for me.

I am a Survivor child.

My mom actually played as a villain
here in Samoa and won.

This is my chance to carry on
the family legacy

because last time I played,
day 22, I was forced out.

JONATHAN: Sorry to say but we're
gonna have to pull you from the game. motivation for coming back
is to finish what I started.

To be here on the island of Samoa

where my mom played
as a villain and won

and I'm here as a hero,

I was made for this.

I am willing to make moves.

I wanna play, I wanna take risks.

Last time I proved myself
as a player.

This time I'm gonna prove myself
as the winner.

NINA: Like, I wanna do
everything in my power

to show you guys I'm serious.

I have no hard feelings against you.

At all.

I understand what you had to do.


But let's just not vote
my name next time.

Yeah, yeah.

And if...if Dave believes...
and he's on board...

..let's just vote together.


Dave is my number one
and Sam is his number one.

That's a solid three right there.

But in a tribe of seven,
to make a majority, you need four.

We know that Liz has an idol.

And if I can get in with her
and we have a merge,

she has people on the other side
that I don't have.

I want Liz to build trust
with my group

and I want her to distance herself
from Simon

because he's with the boys,
he's not with her.


I mean, I know Simon's a snake.

When I thought he couldn't get
any worse, he somehow does.

I honestly don't trust
a word he says.

I need to now explore other options.

How are you feeling, mate?
I'm alright.

Well...mind if I jump
in on this one?

Can we just have
our own private one first?

Then you and Sam can have one.

If that's alright?
Yeah. You wanna talk to him?

Yeah. Cool. That'll be good.


You and I are probably right now

gonna be feeling
we're on the bottom.

Which is understandable.

Now there's been cracks,

I trust Dave.

Him and Nina are, like, unbreakable.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It sounds like you've got
a good little relationship

happening with Nina.

Keep that going.

My advice would be
to keep that going.

It's insane how things
can turn so quickly.

And now I am right in there
with Sam, Nina and David.

Thank you.
I'll do my best.

I really appreciate it, Sam. Thanks.
No, of course. Of course.

Thank you.

My position within the tribe
is starting to look up.

BEN: Day 22.

Stevie has officially completed
a 100% improvement

on his last season in terms of days!

Oh, yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Because you were 11 days
the first season.

And now it's 22.

GERRY: There you go.

I'm happy. I'm happy.
There you go.

FLICK: Day 22.

I'm feeling slightly optimistic.

Yesterday, Shaun passed me this

which he said is an immunity idol.

I'm currently sitting in
the minority, myself, Matt and Ben.

So to have something like this
in my back pocket is amazing.

If we do have to go
into Tribal Council,

I have options now
if we stick together.



BEN: Yeah.
FLICK: Yeah.

I just want to reiterate that,
like, we're solid as a three.


I feel tight with you guys,
but I feel like you still are...

We've got our back up against a wall.

..very precarious position.

To have an idol would be amazing.
Yeah, and I don't have one.


OK, I think that's all we can do
for the time being.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Alright. I'm just
gonna find some wood.

FLICK: We haven't told Ben
that I have Simon's idol

because I fell like he's
a little bit untrustworthy.


With Stevie,
we're trying to swing him

to vote with us.

But I think it's gonna be...

Far out.

There is a tiny bit of hope
for Stevie.

Whether or not it sticks,
I don't know.



The only two girls left.

Yeah, we've played here already
for so many days

that we are mates.



GEORGE: I know Flick.

She's an extremely social player,

a threatening player,

because she's good with
her relationships

So I want Flick to go home.

Oh, sorry.

Sorry, who is the priority?


Flick, yes, it is.
GERRY: Get rid of her.

I would rather lose the next
challenge and send Flick home.

In order to throw a challenge,
you've got to be pretty confident

that you're safe in the game.

And I know that I am,

because all of my hard work
is paying off.

I'm sitting strong
in a four-out-of-seven majority.

It's myself, Gerry,
Stevie and Shonee.

And now the four of us
control this tribe.

At the next Immunity Challenge,

I will sit down on the mat
with Shonee

and you two

and we can massage each other
and lose the challenge.

You know?


The Heroes need to lose
today's Immunity Challenge.

That way, Flick can go home
at tonight's Tribal Council...

..and I maintain total domination
of this tribe.


Come on in!

Here we go.

Moment of truth.

Hayley, Sam...

..Simon, Liz...


Oh, wow!

Heroes, getting your first look
at the new Villain tribe.

Jordie voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

There you go.

Flick, are you surprised
to see Jordie gone?

I'm thinking something big
happened at Tribal last night

just by the look
on everyone's faces.

George, what do you think
happened over there?

I think it's more of the same

and I interpret that move
as a declaration of war.

We've got two hostages here
and I'm ready to cut them loose.

It's a promise.



Simon, that was a pretty
intense Tribal last night.

How are you feeling this morning?

Um... Yeah, look, not great,
to be honest.

It's pretty hard
losing your best mate.

But the game moves on.

You gotta pick up the pieces
and go from there.

Alright, shall we get to today's
Immunity Challenge?

SAM: Yeah!
Let's do it.

George, you want to hand that up?

Thank you.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna transport giant blocks
over a series of hurdles,

through a gate,

and up and over a ramp.

You'll then use
those blocks to assemble

a giant staircase puzzle.

First tribe gets it right

and gets everyone
to the top of the deck

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the 10th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, I'll give you a minute
to strategise. We'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


Here we go.

Those blocks are heavy.

That's good. Good. Good momentum.

Oh, oh, oh. Let's straighten up,
straighten up, straighten up.

You need to work together
to get them over those hurdles.

Go straight!

Heroes struggling early.

Straighten up, straighten up,
straighten up. Here we go.


Villains over the hurdles.

It's Liz going up to untie
the gate for the Villains.

NINA: Go, Liz.
A whole bunch of knots.

Push, push, push!
Push! Keep pushing!

HAYLEY: They're throwing it.

George started off
walking like this.

He's not trying to do it.


They're throwing it.

BEN: OK, one more. Yep.

Come on, Heroes! Pick it up!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

OK, go, Stevie! Go!

Stevie going up now for the Heroes.

Yep, she's got it.
Well done.

Finally, Liz has the gates open.

Get your boxes through!

Let's go, let's go!

LIZ: Push, push, push!

Stevie's making quick work
of those knots for the Heroes.

BEN: Great, Stevie!

OK, let's start pushing.

Stevie, yep. Great.

Come on, Heroes! Let's go!

You're not far behind.

Oh, of course we lose it.

I am not walking up those stairs.
Oh, no.


One block at a time on the ramp.

OK, go back.

From the bottom.

Flick and Stevie
pushing a block for the Heroes.

Villains down to their last block
on the ramp.

Heroes still have three to go.

BEN: Keep going, Gerry and Stevie!


NINA: Keep going! That's number one.
HAYLEY: That's number one.

Villains have all six blocks.

Now you gotta assemble them
into a staircase.


You will end up spelling your tribe
name on the side of the staircase.

NINA: This one should be next.

Heroes have one block to go.

MATT: We'll have to go
to the side here.

Don't worry.
We won't go until you move.

Flick and Matt working hard
for the Heroes.

Shonee and George, not so much.



You really do not want
to make a mistake on this staircase

because those blocks are heavy.

Yes, push it in!

It's gonna take a whole lot
of effort to rearrange them.

OK, come on.

Finally, the Heroes are across
with all their blocks.

Find the first one.


Villains have three blocks in place.

This is the bottom!

Ben thinks he's found
the first block.

George, push! Push!

Is he right?

OK, let's move this in.

FLICK: Slot it in.
It's in.

OK, here, here.
We need this one. Yep.

Villains coming in
with their fourth block.

HAYLEY: That's it. Stop.

So 'S' on the bottom. 'Heroes'.

Black 'S' on the bottom!
Black 'S' on the bottom!

Ben feeling the pressure.

He does not want to go
back to Tribal Council.


SAM: One, two, three.

Villains sliding in another block.

Come on.

Now they're left with
their most difficult block.



SIMON: Good, man. Hold it. Push.

Big move from the Villains.

Simon gets up there for a final push.

Wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop, stop!

You're gonna need to turn it.

But is it correct?

It's not in the right direction.
It needs to go that way towards you.

Yes, that way.

(GRUNTS) OK, one, two, three!
One, two... Got it!

Heroes desperate to catch up.

Yes, there we go.

The Villains have
their staircase assembled.

SIMON: You guys go up.

Now they need to get
everyone to the top.

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

Is that it?

Shaun's last up and that is it.

SIMON: Yeah!

Well done! immunity,
sending Heroes to Tribal Council.


Oh, far out.

Villains, congratulations.

Go, Sam.

Immunity is yours.
Very nice. Thank you.



Alright, you are safe.
Nobody going home.

Head on out.

Good luck tonight, whatever happens.

Alright, Heroes,
Tribal Council tonight

where one of you will become

the 10th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

Today's challenge was disappointing.

To see George and Shonee
not even try?

They just wanted to send
one of the three of us home.

But I'm not giving up just yet.

Stevie has the potential
to be flipped to our side

and, hopefully, send George home.


GEORGE: Today's challenge,
I put in a HUGE effort.

"Ooh, I'm pushing so hard here,

GERRY: We must reflect in defeat.

We lost. Ohhhh.

Well, I think given how physical
that challenge was,

we were pretty close with them.

We were only one box behind.

Yeah, we should be
proud of ourselves.

I threw the challenge today
for one simple reason -

to vote out these original Heroes.

A really interesting vote
last night, too, by them.

Been very interesting.

At today's challenge, I got a gossip
session with the Spice Girls.


No, he's given it to Flick.

Do you wanna show us, Flick?
I do have an idol.

Is it?
Yeah, I do.

Wanna put it on your neck, Flick?

Not really. I'll keep it in my bag
and I'll whip it out tonight.

Oh, OK.

Yeah, you'll see. You'll see.

We shall. Alright.
We will.

I'm sitting strong in a majority -

it's myself, Gerry,
Stevie and Shonee.

Come back?
No, do it now?

Yeah, sure.

As long as we can work together,

we should be safe
for tonight's Tribal Council.

Can I talk to you, Steve?
Thank you, mate.

Can you stay, Steve, so we can chat?
No, I-I...

DO you mind if I get some water?
Get water later.


Yeah, alright.
Very good.


We've gotta look at it like this -

we know it's there,
she didn't deny it.

We are a block of four.
We go four-strong.

We have a one-in-three chance
of it being wrong.

Yeah, the question is this -

who of the three
do we put our four votes on?

Well, I know for sure
Ben does not have an idol.

The way he behaved today,

he was like a desperate man
going to the gallows.

If we...
So you wanna do Ben?

Yeah. Yeah.
I'm happy with that.

I'm happy with your decision-making
as well, Gerry.

I think although we wanted Flick
this time round...

I think she'll play the idol
for herself or Matt.

She won't play it for Ben.
Oh, shit, no.

Let's get rid of the snake.
Yep. Great.



The thing that I see
which is super unfortunate for us

is that there was George and Shonee
doing whatever they were gonna do.

MATT: They were so blatant.
They didn't care.

We get back to camp and
George lets the cat out of the bag

that I have an idol.

I don't really trust Ben,
but I have to try and get him onside.

So, I have an idol.

I got... It's Simon's idol.

Simon gave his idol to Shaun
to give to me yesterday.

He also said try and work
with Stevie.

If you go up to Stevie
and say to him,

"This is your destiny,"
and do this symbol...

And then Simon's doing it today
at the challenge.

Yeah. Yes.

Anyway, last night, we had
a conversation with Stevie

down on the beach,
and basically it seems like...

And so Ben...

If we have Stevie onside
and it seems legit,

then we'll have four votes.

It's's so hard.
It's all a gamble.

But, like, the only way see this...

The only way we're
getting through tonight.


GEORGE: Are you OK, Steve?

Stevie, you have
to realise this now,

we're making a decision now on Ben.

STEVIE: So it's gonna be,
like, what?

Four on Ben.
Oh, on Ben?


We can't split it.
We don't have enough people.

We gotta do it, mate.
One and three?

We can't...
One to Flick and three...

No, no, no, no, no. Please.
We can't!

Because it's the same outcome, Steve.

Don't worry. It's OK.
Do you see what I mean?

We're better off
just sticking as a four.

It's great that Sneaky Stevie's
here on this tribe.

Steve is a loyalty player,

but right now he's all over the shop.

Is that OK, Stevie?
OK, Stevie, are you with the plan?

Can we throw some smoke and mirrors?

BOTH: No, no, no!
It's silence.

Smoke and mirrors
turns into working it out.

Just stick with the plan.

It only takes
one of the block of four

of three old boys
and the Spice Girl Shonee

to make one simple mistake
and one of us is going.

There we go. It's looking good.

(WHISPERS) Steve's all over the shop.
I know!

Why does he need to talk to them for?

I know. What is he doing?
He just makes me nervous.

He's making me so nervous.
I don't get it.

I'd say I'm
in a commanding position.

I'm managing two factions,
two alliances, as the swing vote.

Their destiny's in my hand.

I'm still processing all this,
what you told me.

But my issue right now
is, um, there's consequence.

If we fail this,
then that's it, I'm dead as well.

'Cause he insisted he needed
to go and talk to them.


I'm 75% there, committed.

I'm still with this plan.

FLICK: The other thing
is working out

what we want to do with our votes.

What do you think, Stevie?

It's hard.

BEN: What does your Chinese
military background tell you?

Yep, let's...let's do George.

OK, let's do George, then.

What is it about George
that people want to vote him out?

Well, he's the kind of guy
that walks in a pub

and somebody wants
to punch him in the head.

That kind of stuff. That's George.

I actually admire him so much.

You know, I think he's one of the
best Australian Survivor players.

It was him who saved me.

But he deliberately
put himself with a big target

and he loves it,

which is a bit weird for someone.

That would be a big move, Stevie.
That would be pretty epic.

It is a big move, yeah.
Why is it in your interest?

Because he is a big threat.

At the moment, it's George.

Alright, good luck, guys.
Thank you.

Thanks, Stevie. Thanks for the chat.

I'm going hunting.
Yeah, I'm going as well.

I've gotta keep going with this game

of, you know, misdirections
and misrepresentation

and, you know, sneakiness, yeah.

They have no idea
which way I'm heading.

It's my destiny. (CHUCKLES)


Let's get to the end, 'cause I want
to start looking for an idol.

'Cause if we have two
it's better than one.

Myself, Matt and Ben

all had a discussion with Stevie

trying to swing him to vote with us.

And I'm feeling good about it.

But if...if Stevie backs out,

We three have to stay strong.

So are we three going on George?

If either Shonee or George
have an idol,

they're not playing it for
anyone else but Shonee or George.

And I doubt that Gerry has an idol.

The head vote,
I think, would be Gerry.

If Steve's in, we go George,
'cause he wants George out.

And if not, we're going Gerry.

Yeah, and you decide where you want
to play the idol.


I feel like...

I think it's me.
I pissed them off once.

Both Matt and Ben are pitching to me

they're in more danger
than one another.

And I'm just sitting here thinking,
"Hang on a second,

"I think I'm in as much danger
as you."

I just don't think they'll
have the guts to put it on you

if you've got one...

You don't reckon?
..on you. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know either.
I honestly don't know.

Not gonna pressure you.

There is hope for Stevie
to get him onside.

But even if we don't,

I have a one-in-three shot

of guessing where the Villains
and Gerry are gonna put their vote,

and if I get it right,
myself, Matt and Ben's vote

will send one of them home.

Look, I'm...I'm three-quarters
confident we've got it in the bag.

GEORGE: I'm only three-quarters
confident as well.

We're not...
No, I know we're right.

Yeah, yeah. Oh, Stevie.

And Steve is just...

Stevie is acting so weird today.

So if we had, say, two on her,

three on Matt or Ben, I...

We don't have five people, though.

We don't have five people, Steve.

He's talking craziness.

Like, "Let's put five votes on Ben."

I don't know
what Stevie wants me to do.

Like, bring in a crab and be like,

"Do you want to be our fifth
alliance member?"

We can't do it.

No, but what I'm thinking of is...

No, no, no. No.
Steve, we can't split the vote.

GERRY: OK? Stick to the plan.

Sometimes in Survivor

you have to look danger
right in the eye

and not blink.

Are you gonna tell me
the plan tonight, Flick?

Yeah, George,
I'm gonna tell you the plan.

I'm gonna tell you
who I'm gonna bloody whack it on.

Of course I'm going to.


Have you thought about what happens
at merge, Flick?

Um, yeah, I've had a bit of
forethought there.

I have.



If Stevie gets confused
at tonight's Tribal Council

and votes the wrong way,
I'm finished.

But I always have a contingency.

What's your plan moving forward?

You know I'm a lever you can pull.

So it's a question of what you do.

We're gonna have a four vote know, one of you three.

Mm-hm. mm-hm. All good.
And it's that simple.


Unless we can come up with
a compromise.

What would be a compromise, George?

Well, I want to be surrounded
by big players.

You can be more tactical.

But if you do have an idol,
there's also

the 'do you have to even play it'

I've already thought about this,


Am I trusting you right now?


Look, if I survive tonight...

..and all things go to plan,

then I am more than happy
to work with you guys.

What else?
Do you have anything else to say?

That's it, Flick, that's it.
That's it? Alright.



I'm happy to test the value
behind Flick's words.

I'm gonna surprise Flick
at tonight's Tribal Council.

I'll give her an ultimatum.

If Flick shows that she's willing
to work with myself,

I'll protect her.

If she doesn't,
she'll be my next target.

I exchange peace for peace,

but if you offer me war
I will destroy you.

Watch Heroes and Villains collide

in the ultimate battle for survival

with full episodes over on 10 play.



So, George,

at the challenge today,

you declared war.

On who exactly?

I think I declared war on the old
Heroes on the Villains tribe.

Jordie wasn't supposed to go.

And that disappointed me greatly,

So there is a level of
retribution tonight.

I...I think it's very obvious.

A line was drawn in the sand.

War was declared on the other side

and we will respond
in equal footing.

The war games have begun.



Flick, is that a concern,
to hear that?

Uh, definitely,

but I've heard a lot of things
from George

over the time that
I've played with him,

and he says a lot of things
that are quite concerning.

So, Flick, it seems that
whatever's going on

at the other tribe

seems to have an influence on
what happens here

and vice versa.

That's right.
You can see it on the mats.

Everyone's trying to get in
as many words as they can

with their other people
on the other side.

Everyone's just trying to make sure

that they have their people
come merge.


Is tonight's vote about
landing a blow

against the other tribe?

For me, Jonathan,

I want to get past merge first.

Merge is around the corner.

I don't want to create too much...
too many waves.

I'm gonna take a safe approach.

Just go with the flow.


So, Ben, last time you were here,

a very clear line
was drawn in the sand.


Has that shifted or do you think
you may still be in trouble tonight?

Oh, I think everyone here feels
like they're in trouble tonight.

And I definitely do.

But I'm still here.

I've still got another
Tribal Council to play.

And that's all that matters.

So, George, Ben says that

everyone here should
be worried tonight.

Is that really the case?

I think it's definitely the case

because Flick has something
up her sleeve tonight,

which is a very big open secret.


But if Flick has an ace
up her sleeve,

all seven of us should be worried.

Is that true, Flick? You have an ace?

It is true. I do have
an ace up my sleeve.

A little gift from the other side.


..if I play it correctly tonight,

if I guess where their votes -
the majority votes - might go...

It's a big risk
but it could be a big reward.

So, who's in the majority?

My assumption is

that George, Jerry
and Shonee and Stevie

are in the majority

and myself, Matt and Ben
are in the minority.

Matt, is that how you see it?

Pretty much.

Pretty much it's a 33% chance
that I'm going home.

But with Flick's ace, maybe there's
a little bit more of a chance

than just 33%.

OK, but if I'm hearing everyone

there's three of you
that are in trouble tonight

and you only have one ace.


So, Flick, if you don't get it right,

one of your allies could go home.

And if you REALLY don't get it right,
you could be going home.

Yes. Oh, I'm very aware. I'm aware.

I'm aware.


A well-played ace/idol

could end up sending
someone home from the majority. could. It could.

But do you know what?

I don't play this game with fear.

I love looking at danger in the eye

and beating it.

So, George, what do you think
Flick should do with it?

Why don't you put it
in the fire, Flick?


No, think about it, Flick.
Dream on, mate.

That's a risk I'm not gonna take.

It'll lock in the future
of your game.

It will! It most certainly will.

It's something you can talk about
at a final Tribal Council.

I'll always be remembered.

The person who threw my idol
in the fire.

Go chuck it in the fire.

George, why do you want Flick
to burn her...



It's simple. I tell Flick all
the time, "I wanna work with you."

Let's actually work together.

Why not work with Flick
and, er, acquire her weapon?

I don't need her weapon.

I think Flick should
throw it in the fire and cut a deal.

We can all stand over there
and work it out very quickly.

And she'll lock in
her long-term game

and it's a highly compelling case
to make at a final Tribal Council.

if you were in Flick's position

and you were offered such a deal,
would you take it?


Five is better than three.

STEVIE: I agree.

She should cut a deal
while you've still got the chance.

I've made it very clear
I wanna work with Flick.

Burn your ace.
Let's cut it right now.

And let's go back to camp.

Alright, Flick.

The deal is still on the table.

One last chance to take it.




GEORGE: Burn your ace
and let's go back to camp.

Alright, Flick.

The deal is still on the table.

One last chance to take it.

I just don't...

I'm gonna throw it in the fire

and then they're gonna write
my name down, Jonathan! (LAUGHS)

And then I'm not gonna have
anything up my sleeve.

It's just not a risk
that I'm willing to take

right now, sorry, George.

It's a bit scary for me.
That's OK.

Alright, then, well, I think it is...

..time to vote.

Flick, you're up.

(WHISPERS) Wowsers!



The smiling assassin
with the silver tongue.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol

and they'd like to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


Rightio. Well...

Who are you playing this for?

I'm gonna play it for Matt.

Play it for Matt.

Alright, I can confirm that
this is... fact...

..NOT a hidden immunity idol...

..and any votes cast for Matt
will still count.


MATT: I appreciate the love, though!

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote. Gerry.



That's three votes Gerry.


Three votes Gerry. One vote Ben.



We're tied.

Three votes Gerry. Three votes Ben.
One vote left.

10th person voted out of
Heroes v Villains...


Need to bring me your torch.

Wowsers. Um...

Alright, Ben. The tribe has spoken.

Thank you, Jonathan.

The smiling assassin.

Well, in this game,
sometimes a genuine deal

is better than a fake idol.


Mate, if I would've known that,

I would have bloody chucked it
straight in there!

MATT: Got stitched up, Flick.

Oh, that was a dodgy one.


Hopefully we don't
see you tomorrow again.


Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

Simon gave Shaun a fake idol.

..the biggest blunder
in Survivor history...

You know what, George? I don't know
what the hell is going on.

Well, that's very clear
to all of us.

..turns Simon into
public enemy number one.

I'm so far down the pecking order

that I am not even pecking.

With no alliances left...

This day's the worst.

..does he have any chance
of survival?



Some villainous things are happening

and I'm part of it and I like it.

Flick did not play an idol.

She played a clue
that leads to an idol.

And in fact, I've got one of those
clues sitting in my bag right now

that I could have shown her and said,
"This is what you've got, dude!"

Have to send you home

because I've gotta keep my...
my alliance strong.

Should I have asked her what she
actually had in her pocket? Yes.

Would it have made a difference? No.

Captions by Red Bee Media