Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 12 - Circle of Disappointment - full transcript

The biggest blunder in Survivor history turns a player into public enemy No.1. With no alliances left, does he have any chance of survival?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor....

(TEARFULLY) I didn't wanna
send Jordie home.

..after Simon sided
with the OG Heroes

and blindsided Jordie...

NINA: We know that Liz has an idol

and the sooner I get to her,

the less time anyone else has
to taint her mind.

..Liz was looking for a new alliance.

You and I now are probably gonna
be feeling like we're on the bottom.

I am right in there
with Sam, Nina and David.

At the Immunity Challenge...

..Shonee and George
were devastated...

I interpret that move
as a declaration of war. they set out
to throw the challenge...

They're throwing it. George
started off walking like this. keep Liz safe.

Villains win immunity,
sending Heroes to Tribal Council.

At camp...

Shaun passed me this,

which he said is an immunity idol.

Do you wanna show us, Flick?
Yeah, you'll see, you'll see.

..everyone thought Flick had the
protection of Simon's immunity idol.

I think she'll play the idol for
herself. She won't play it for Ben.

Let's get rid of the snake.

But at Tribal Council...

..she tried to play
the idol for Matt.

I can confirm that this is in fact

not a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Matt
will still count.

MATT: Appreciate the love, though.

Got stitched up.


In the end,
it was Ben who said goodbye.

Thank you, Jonathan.

13 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?



MATT: Thank you for playing...
FLICK: Oh, that's alright.

..your fake idol for me!

GEORGE: I want the total debrief
and I can't wait.


..was apparently Simon's.

Oh, wow!


SHONEE: Oh, my God.

They saved Simon.

And now Simon's way of
repaying his dear allies

is to screw you over
with a fake idol?

Yes, exactly.


I 100% think this was
an elaborate ploy by Simon

and I hope to God that
I can get revenge on him.

I just... (GROWLS) I just wanna...

Mate, I just... Simon! Wow!

I can't believe he did that.


The guy just doesn't think.
No, he doesn't.

That's the thing with him.

He lit...
But what is he gonna say tomorrow?

"Oh, sorry, guys.
Um, I thought it was real too."

There's so many thoughts
running through my head.

All I know is I'm definitely
blowing up Simon's game.



You would never work with Simon
in a million years.

FLICK: No, never.

So he's obviously tried to pull
the wool over everyone's eyes.

Yeah, he's told everyone
it's a real idol.

They'd never seen the exchange.
They just see...

Oh, Shaun saw it.
Oh, Shaun saw it?

Because he gave it to Shaun
to give to me.

Oh, OK.

Mm, but Shaun's been
duped before. (LAUGHS)

MATT: He has, hasn't he?
I was about to say...

OK, well...

Maybe that's why
he gave it to Shaun. (LAUGHS)

Shaun, you've done it again.

GEORGE: It's day 23 and it's great
to be the king here in Samoa.

GERRY: Here, George.
Thank you, Gerry.

We're gonna merge sooner or later

and I'm looking to the future.

Thank you for cooking this, Shonee.

GEORGE: My alliance is strong,

but it's not a majority
when we merge.

Oh, wow, my hand's burning!


GEORGE: I've been getting rid
of the original Heroes

on the new Heroes tribe.

But right now it's time
to change the plan

and to bring Matt on board.

Gosh, after not eating much
yesterday, this feels really good.

Yeah, I know.
No beans at all yesterday.

GEORGE: Matt has
a lot of intelligence

on the alpha males
living at Villains Beach

and I'm gonna pitch,
"Work with King George

"and we'll be guaranteed
safety in numbers when we merge."


We're obviously five with Liz.

That's not a secret.

Liz has an idol,
so she's making the merge,

so she'll be one of the 12 people
that merge in a couple of days.

I look at it like this.

The first person that ties
their flag to our post is the sixth.


Look, until I have a really good
understanding of the idea

and the commitment
that I wanna make...

'Cause once I fully
make that commitment,

I intend to keep that commitment.

I can't have
this dilly-dallying around

where Matt can't decide
whose side he's on.

I don't care if Matt
is a nice bloke.

I don't care if he saves
people's lives in the ocean.

All I care about is this -

which side Matt chooses at merge,

my side or my enemies' side.

Interesting couple
of days coming up.

It is.

It will decide who gets
to the end and who doesn't.

Who would you pick off
first over there?

Whoever you want.
Basically, yeah, that's it.

That's a good carrot for you.

I did come here to play.

MATT: George has actually surprised
me with this deal to work together

and it is very tempting.

But I'm cautious and wary
about making the move.

If I, like, hypothetically...

..wanted to flip and someone else
wanted to flip as well,

would you take us
and then we'd be a seven?

Free entry for you and a friend.


I'm out here
making my own decisions

for my own best game

and the toughest part
is knowing when to jump.

But at the end of the day,
these people are Villains

and so can I actually
trust the deal is rock solid?

There's so many thoughts
going around in my head right now.

I can't waste this decision.

This moment is pivotal to me having
a chance at half a million dollars.




You're such a champ around camp.

I am?

Oh, everyone I feel like...

Down at Heroes',
everyone...everyone just did stuff.

It was just, like...

Like, if someone's cooking,
someone's cleaning.

It's just so cool.

I'm feeling very at home
with this new tribe.

And now I'm playing like
the hero I was born to be.

Back to my roots -
loyalty, trust, respect.

And this is coming
very second nature to me.

So I'm feeling quite at home.

Oh, mate, gracias!
Thanks, bro.

Just gotta keep...
You're the coconut king.

Keep the big boys fed.

SIMON: By giving up my idol
and being a man of my word,

I have pledged my allegiance
to these Heroes.

Shaun has given me the word
on his kids' lives

that he's gonna get me
through to merge.

I need you as much as you need me.

SIMON: And so I just am so close
to achieving my ultimate dream

and I am not gonna
let anything stand in my way.


LIZ: The tides are definitely

starting to turn for me
in the new Villains tribe.

I should be on the bottom.

But I feel like
as the days have progressed,

I have formed a pretty strong bond
with Dave, Nina and Sam.

You could say that I've formed
an alliance over here.


Showering a grown man.

Thanks, mate.

LIZ: I am furious at Simon.

That guy is willing to do anything -
and I mean anything -

to stay in the game

and I see right through it.

Do not question my intelligence.

I know exactly what you're doing.

He needs a reality check.

SIMON: Oh, yep.

Let's show each other our idols.
Oh, yeah.

I've got mine right here.

That's good to see.
Is it actually in there?

Yes, it's actually in there!
I'm not a liar!


There you go.

Thank you for showing me that.

I've had a think about it.

I, um... not sure how much
I can trust you, Liz.

What are you shaking your head for?

'Cause you're an absolute liar.

I know you don't have one.

You have...

You've lied to me multiple times
over the last little...little bit.

You didn't have an idol
at Tribal Council.

You lied to Jordie and I
and you wrote Jordie's name down.

I'm not an idiot.

Liz, like...

No, I'm done.




You're not even willing to, like,
have a conversation about it now?

About everything...

Just be honest about what's going on

if you wanna work with me.

What's all this stuff you say about
unity, trust, working together?

You're not...


DAVID: Liz is a dangerous one.

We're taking a chance
with Liz right now.

She doesn't hide her feelings,

so if she's off someone,
like she's off Simon, she'll say it.

But I'm excited to work with Liz

because I feel like
I have a very strong three,

and now with Liz as a fourth,

we can team up
and create a majority.

DAVID: Yeah.

You were... Yeah. (LAUGHS)

DAVID: I mean, you can only
trust what she's saying.

Right now, I'm trusting
she wants to work with us

and that's great.

DAVID: Well...

No, exactly.





OK, yeah.






Yeah, I know. I know.




Come on in!

What is going on there?

It's like a climbing thing.

LIZ: I like the look of the net.

Matty's there.
Matty's there.

SIMON: Flick looks happy.

LIZ: It's Ben.
Is it Ben?


JONATHAN: Villains, getting your
first look at the new Hero tribe.

Ben voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Hello, everyone!
MAN: Howdy.

FLICK: Hello.



George's declaration of war
sent one of the old Heroes home.

Are you gonna respond in kind?

Not necessarily.

Ben was somebody that I didn't see
in my game going forward anyway.

I think a declaration of war
is definitely too dramatic.

But I guess you expect that
from Georgie.

So, Flick, what did you take away
from last night's Tribal Council?

I took a lot away
from Tribal Council.

It was very interesting

and what I will say
is that shots were fired

and war has been declared

when Simon gave Shaun a fake idol...

..which then got passed to me
a few challenges ago.

He used that idol as a ploy
to get in with the boys.


Simon, how do you respond to that?

Look, the first half of that
is exactly true,

that we passed on an idol.

GEORGE: But it wasn't an idol.

Was it an idol, Flick?

It was most certainly not an idol,
I found out.

It... What was it?

A piece of wood!
It was nothing!

It had a green gem on it.
It was in the cookie jar.

Well, Simon, you passed it on
to your best friend, Flick,

and lied to all your mates
over there.

Why don't you explain yourself?

You know what, George? I don't know
what the hell is going on.

Well, that's very clear
to all of us.

SHONEE: So, yeah, lucky
we weren't voting for you, Flick.

Otherwise I would've been gone.

I did play it, but it didn't work.


GEORGE: And you got played, Shaun.

Two seasons in a row,
you've been handed a fake idol.


Thanks, mate. Appreciate it.

We're in it together, Shaun.
We're in it together.

It was worth a shot, wasn't it?

Yeah, it was, 100%. I appreciate
the good intentions, Shaun.

Alright, shall we get
to today's Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge,

you're gonna face off one-on-one.

On my go, you're gonna race up a net

to retrieve a ring.

You'll then attempt to land that ring
on a high hook.

First person to do so
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to 3 wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

Yeah, what are we playing for?

A massive Chinese banquet.


We've been talking about
Chinese banquets!


All your favourite
stir-fries, spring rolls...

Spring rolls! Yes!


..maybe a fortune cookie or two.


Worth playing for?

DAVID: Oh, yeah!

This will be fun.

A minute to strategise.
Let's get to it.


Alright, here we go.

Villains, you have first pick.
Who are you putting up?

I'll go.


Yeah, Matty.

Come on up.

Whee! Big boys!
Go, big dogs.

Go, Matty!

Come on, Matty.

Playing to 3.

Matt for the Heroes taking on
Shaun for the Villians.

Survivors, ready?


NINA: Let's go!

Shaun has long legs.

Yeah, get it!

But Matt is no stranger to the water.

Go, Matty!

Shaun loses the ring early,
but he grabs it back.

Go, Shaun!

STEVIE: Come on. Over, Matt.

Quickly over the net.

Watch your ankle.

Big leap in from Shaun.

Matt dives in.
Go, Matty!

Come on, Shaun!
We need the dumplings!

Shaun gets there first.

Shaun gets very close.

Yes, Matty, yes! Ohh!
Nice toss from Matt.

Nice toss from Shaun and he does it!


Villains lead, 1-zip.

Spring rolls!
Good job!

Good job.

Good player.


A healthy dose of Samoan rain
for this challenge.

When we're wet, you're wet.
Our lucky day!


Alright, Heroes,
who are you putting up?

Yeah, yeah. Go, go.

I'll go.

And Liz. Come on up.


Oi, oi! He's a fish!

Alright, here we go. Next round.

We have Stevie for the Heroes

taking on his old tribemate
Olympian Liz for the Villains.

It's on, Stevie!

Survivors, ready?

GEORGE: Go, Stevie!

SAM: Yeah, Liz, let's go!

Liz wasting no time in the water.

Those long legs coming in handy.

GEORGE: Look at Stevie go.

He can't see a thing,
but he's at the net.



Liz struggling on the net,

allowing Stevie to catch up.

Go, Stevie!


Stevie sticks his head
right through the ring.


Wasting no time
and dives into the water.

What the hell? (LAUGHS)

LIZ: Go, Stevie!

Steve, there's a hook up there.

Stevie does not have his glasses,
but can he see the hook?

One-shot wonder!


And Stevie does it!


Tying it up, 1-1.




Alright, Villains,
who are you putting up?


I'll go.

And George. I like it.

Get it.

The battle of all battles.

FLICK: Go, George. (LAUGHS)

Get him, George.

No contact!

No love lost between these two.

Should be interesting.
Gonna have...have some fun.

Next round, we have
Simon for the Villains

taking on George for the Heroes.

Survivors, ready?


Simon quickly swimming out
to the net.

SHONEE: Go, George!

George gotta chase him down.

Oh, big leap from Simon, but he...
(LAUGHS) ..loses his ring.

And George quickly tosses it behind,

taking the lead from him.


Simon scrambling up now,

trying to make up for some lost time.

He's right there.

STEVIE: Come on, George!

Trying to get to the toss first.

Go, go, go!

They're neck and neck.

Simon falls back in.

George is in now.

Both heading to the hook.

Who's gonna be the bigger tosser?

Simon. (LAUGHS)

Simon just misses.

Go, George!

George just misses.

Simon catches George's ring,

tosses it behind.

STEVIE: Play fair, Simon.

No pressure on Simon now.



NINA: Go, Simon.

Oh, and he does it,

taking the next point
for the Villains.

Good job, George.

Villains take the lead, 2-1.

SAM: Nice, nice, nice.

Good job, bro.

Alright, Villains lead, 2-1.

They can win it right here.
Heroes need to win it to stay in it.

Heroes, who are you putting up?

I'll go.


Alright, Villains.

Let's go, Flickety-Flickety-Dock.

Sam for the Villains.

A very nice reward on the line.

A Chinese banquet that everyone
has been dreaming about.

Dumplings! Dumplings!

Who's working with Simon?

Oh, my God, mate, if you guys
can throw the next one,

that would be amazing
to get rid of Simon.

Survivors, ready?


Go, Sammy!

GEORGE: Go, Flicky!

Both swimming out to the net.

Both strong swimmers.

NINA: Let's go, guys!

Sam slightly ahead.

Flick right on his tail.
Come on, Flick.

It's Flick in the lead now.

Go, Flick.

Go, Flicky!

Sam chasing her down.

Go, Flick! Give him the flick!

Flick just misses.

(LAUGHS) Oh, very close for Sam.

Get him, Flick.

Flick misses. Sam misses.

Sam going again.

Both really struggling.

Two of Australian Survivor's

most athletic challenge beasts

struggling on this one.

It just goes to show you
you cannot be good at everything.

Come on, Sam!


Sam does it for the Villains.
Villains win reward.


Great job.
Good job.

Well done. Well done.

Villains, congratulations.

Your Chinese banquet will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Thanks, guys.
See ya, guys! See ya!

Have fun. Have fun.

Jonathan, would you like to
come over for dinner? I'm cooking.

Mm, let me think about that.

Mm, no.

Alright, Heroes. Good effort.
But got nothing for ya.

Head back to camp.
Thank you.

Enjoy those rice and beans.

We will! We actually will!


LIZ: Oh!
SAM: Oh, my God!

HAYLEY: Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God, stop!

Cookie Monster!

What's this?

I'm hungry.

Everything on that table
looks amazing.

Spring rolls.

God, it looks awesome.
Oh, my God.

It's a lazy Susan in the middle.

You wouldn't expect anything
less from a Chinese banquet.

Oh, my God.

NINA: Juice!

Just dig in.

Peking duck!
What is that?!

All that stuff that you just love
from a Chinese restaurant,

filled with MSG.

Here we go. Let's start with
a fortune cookie.

Thank you!

Who needs a fortune cookie?
Yes, please.

And to cap everything off,

we've got a jar full
of fortune cookies.

"He that can have patience
can have what he wills."

"There's an idol in the shelter.
You must search immediately."



Oh, my God!

Cheers, cheers, cheers!

Cheers, everyone.

Well done.

Oh, watch the sand.
Watch the sand. Watch the sand.

Good job.
Great job.





Shall we address
the elephant in the room?

Simon, we're very interested
to hear, mate.

Oh, yeah.

SIMON: Yeah, so I tell you what.

That really, really
surprised me today 'cause...

..I thought and assumed

that it was an idol
without any paperwork.

I don't know.


I feel like I've been robbed.

My heart just sank in that moment.

Oh, it was soul-crushing. So bad.

And I'd like to,
I guess, apologise for...

Uh, I...

I don't know if I... I didn't lie.

SIMON: This isn't happening.
There is no way this is happening.

It's gotta be an idol. Like, what...
what is it if it's not an idol?

And now, like, everyone's gonna
think that I lied to them?

This is horrible.

I feel like I've led people on,
but I...

There's no information that I had
that would lead me otherwise

'cause what the hell is it
if it's not an idol?

She said it looked like
a piece of wood.



There is no way that everyone
is happy about this.

There are people...there are
definitely people on my tribe

who think they have just been duped.

SHAUN: But, yeah,
I feel so bad for Flick.

Like, you get up there
and play that,

"Sorry, this isn't an idol," like...

And I did...

She was safe, which was good,
but if she wasn't...

My chocolate chip of chaos,

which could've just set me up
so well in this game,

has now just turned out to be

a brown, wooden... of disappointment.

So... you guys have
any questions for me?

And if anyone would like to...

No, man. to me alone...

If that's genuinely
how you found it...

I didn't have a hell's clue
of what an idol looks like

until I saw it the other night,
so I'd be fooled too.

So I get that. But you've seen
them before, so I don't know.

Well, I've seen necklaces before.
I knew it wasn't a necklace.

Like, I still...
I still surrendered it to...

HAYLEY: Yep, yep. guys.

And... (SIGHS)

I... (SIGHS) Yeah, like,
I wanted to use it for...for us.




This day's the worst.

(LAUGHS RUEFULLY) This day sucks.

NINA: Everybody's getting
another fortune?

HAYLEY: Yeah, you want one?

SHAUN: This one's a bit
of a kick in the arse.


"Make the most of every minute
with your family."



Shaun swore to me on his kids' life

that he will take me
through to merge.

Something he didn't have to do,
I now ask him to do so.

At the moment, I'd like to think
that I still have the sa... (GASPS)

Oh, that Chinese has got me good.


I mean, I'd like to hope that this
doesn't create doubts about that.

I mean, Shaun's a pretty logical guy.

I think he can understand... (SIGHS)

I hope he can understand
that what I had done

was with the best of intentions.

Man, I just wanted
to just apologise and just...

NINA: It's, like... Is it strong?

I'm just so distraught and I feel
like I've just let all you guys down.

Flick. She felt like an arse
and she was, like...

Today she was like, "Simon
was doing that to get rid of me,

"make me look like a (BLEEP) fool."

SHAUN: I swore on my kids' life
that I'd take Simon through to merge

in exchange for the idol.

It wasn't an idol so as far as
I'm concerned, that deal's off.

DAVID: Yep, yep. Done. Yep.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly.


HAYLEY: Yeah, yeah.


SHAUN: Simon's really
in the firing line now.

We have no reason
to keep him around.


Come on in!

So, Shaun, would you care
to describe in great detail

exactly what the Heroes
missed out on yesterday?

It was everything you'd want
from a Chinese banquet.

Were you really full?

We were all very sick
through the night.


It was worth it.

Matt, given how precarious
this game is right now,

how important is it for you to stay
out of Tribal Council tonight?

Yeah, if we go
to Tribal Council tonight,

it's probably gonna be
one of me or Flick going home.

Um, and we know that coming in
today, so we're ready to win.

Alright, shall we get to today's
Immunity Challenge?



Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

one on one, you're gonna
race out to a station

where you will memorise
a sequence of symbols.

When you think you have it,
you'll race back

and attempt to re-create
that sequence.

First to get it right
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to 3 wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers to Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the 11th person
voted out of this game.

Villains, you have an extra player.
Sitting someone out today.

HAYLEY: I've done memory before.
I'm really good at it.

Look, I'm happy to
if all you guys back yourself in.

I don't mind.
Alright, nice easy one.

I'm gonna take my spot on the bench.

Alright, Simon's on the bench.
Everyone else, let's get to it.


Alright, Villains,
you have first pick.

Who are you putting up?

Yeah, I'll go.

Big Shaun.

Heroes, who are you putting up?

George. Oh, alright!

Come on up!
Let's go, George!

STEVIE: Go, George.
You got this, George.

SIMON: Go, Shaun.

Alright, here we go.

First round,
we have George for the Heroes...

Come on, Georgie.

..taking on Shaun for the Villains...

Good luck, mate.
..for immunity.

Survivors, ready?

You got this, George.

Come on, Georgie.
Pretty simple challenge.

Just need to memorise
a sequence of symbols,

head back to your bench
and re-create it.

George heads back first.

Go, Georgie!

Shaun taking his time.

Really trying to memorise
that sequence,

giving George a nice head start.

When you think you have it,
pull your handle and drop the flap.

George going back
for another look,

opening the door for Shaun.

Shaun taking even more time.


George heading back.

Working very quickly,
and he goes for it.

He thinks he has it.

Yes, he does!


George taking first point
for the Heroes.

Heroes lead 1-zip.

GEORGE: I just forgot the last one.

Hey? Yeah.

Alright, next round,

we have Shonee for the Heroes
taking on Liz for the Villains.

Old tribe mates going head-to-head.

Survivors, ready?

Go, Lizzy!

Go, go, Shonee! Go!
Come on, Shonee!

Go, Shonee!
Quick look from Shonee.

But Liz is right there.

She's wasting no time.

Liz going back for a check.

Shonee coming back now.


Quick one from Shonee,
maybe a little too quick.

She goes back to check again.


Liz thinks she has it.

Is she correct?

And Liz is!


Oh, my God!

We are tied 1-1.

Good job, Lizzy!

Alright, that wasn't too bad.
It was great.

Alright, next round we have
Hayley for the Villains...

Go, Hayley!
Come on, Hayls!

..taking on the Heroes'
secret weapon, Stevie.

Let's go, Steve!

Survivors, ready?

Go, Hayley!

Go, Stevie.
Let's go!

Let's go.
Let's go. Take your time.

What is that?

Hayley back first.

Slow it up, Hayls! Slow!

Come on, Stevie!

Stevie now joins her.

Both really taking their time.

Hayley rearranges.

Go back if you have to.

Stevie working quickly.

Hayley thinks she has it.

NINA: The images aren't showing.
SIMON: Oh, my God!

GEORGE: Go, Stevie, quicker!

Stevie... correct...

..extending the lead for the Heroes.

Heroes lead 2-1.
Well done, mate!

Yo! Yo!

Oh! It's such an instinct
to flip it.

Stacked tribe in trouble.

Muscles are no use today.

Alright, next round,
we have Nina for the Villains

taking on Gerry for the Heroes.

Old tribe mates going head-to-head.

Heroes lead 2-1.

Heroes could win it right here.

Villains need to win it
to stay in it.

Immunity on the line.

Survivors, ready?

GEORGE: Go, Gerry!

Young versus old.

Let's see who has the better memory.


Nina just strolling back.

Nina taking her time.

Gerry's back now.

Nina heading back for a quick check.

Wave, hammer, scroll, knife...

Knife, scroll...
Water, knife, scroll...

Pressure is on Nina
to keep the Villains in it.

Nina rearranging,

opening the door for Gerry.

Gerry goes for it.

If Gerry is correct,

he will be bringing home immunity
for his tribe.

And he is!

Heroes win immunity,
sending Villains to Tribal Council.



Hey! Oh!


Heroes, congratulations!

GEORGE: Go, Gerry.
MATT: Yes, Gerry!

Immunity is yours.


Gerry! Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!

Alright, Heroes, you are safe.

Grab your gear,
head back to camp. Well done.

Lead us home, Gerry.
Thank you, Jonathan.

See you, guys.
FLICK: Have a good night.

HAYLEY: See you. Have a nice night.
Hopefully see you tomorrow.


Alright, Villains,
Tribal Council tonight

where one of you will become
the 11th person voted out.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you tonight.


It's 'cause you sat out, brother.



SIMON: Unlucky today, guys.


Maybe that Chinese didn't help.

LIZ: It did not help.

HAYLEY: It is always risky
throwing a challenge in this game.

You want to be sure
you know that the vote

is gonna go where you think
it's gonna go.

Let's get a fire on,
get some food on.

Fire on.


I've gotta go to the well
if anybody needs a refill.

I...I do need water.

Anybody else?
I'm happy to come with you.

SAM: No, mate, I'm good.

Do this first.
Yeah, do rice first.

We can wash the rice
while we're at it.

Go for it.

HAYLEY: Everyone is not feeling
super happy with Simon anymore

and now we have a clear shot
at voting Simon out...

..and everyone is 100% onboard.


I'm not feeling...feeling great.


What are you thinking?

So, yeah...

What's the chats I've missed so far?
That's right. We're going 3-3-1.

Yeah, 3-3-1.

You, me and Liz going onto Simon...

NINA: Shaun, Sam, David on Liz.

Simon goes Sam.

Tonight the plan is to put
three votes on Liz,

three votes on Simon.

If Liz plays her idol,
Simon goes home.

But if Simon plays an idol,

then we're gonna be in trouble.

Maybe one of us goes home.

And so I'm very happy
for the backup to be Sam.

I think the story we feed Simon
is, "Look, we'll split on Liz,

"but Sam needs to go
because he's fallen out of favour

"with the girls
when they voted for him."


Let's do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

When you're putting a plan together
for Tribal Council,

you've just got to go to
that nth degree to make sure

that the plan's rock solid
and that nobody gets spooked.

Sam copped four votes
last Tribal Council,

so we're telling Simon tonight
that it's Liz getting the majority

and Sam's the split vote.

Getting thirsty?
SIMON: Want to fill us in quick?

Um, so...


And then...
Are you happy with that?

Yes, I'm voting for Sam
with the girls.

Yeah, so...
And what are you gonna tell Liz?


Are you happy with that?

I don't like throwing people's
names around, but if it has to be...

It's the least I can do
to take a hit. has to be.

Are we gonna have to tell Sam
you as well?

Say the split is on Liz and me.

And then I just have
to trust you guys.

Yeah, who to trust.

It's not about trust.
It's about bait, remember?

Trust goes out the window.

Trust does go out the window.


This is terrifying, knowing that

some of the chaos
that I have created

from this fake cookie idol,
which really stitched me up here.

Got water?

So I need to take
a couple on the chin,

put my name out there,

but if we flush Liz's idol...

..and she plays it for herself,

I could end up as collateral damage.

SAM: Get some coconut, bro.


Well... are you feeling?

Wonder what their chat's about.

I don't know, but all I want to know

is if my name's
being thrown around and...

No. No, my understanding
is it's a split.

We're splitting on Simon and Liz.

We have to make sure...
But what are they telling Simon?

I don't know. I haven't talked to
Simon about what he's gonna do.


I've been trying to avoid Simon.
Yeah, yeah.

I don't want to lie to him.
I'm not very good at it.

LIZ: So have you been
looking for idols?

SIMON: Not really,
but I think I might.

Well, yeah, I'd probably
do that if I was you.


And if he's gone before merge,
it's awesome.

And if her idol is gone before merge,
it's awesome for us.

SAM: Yeah, yeah, of course.

But I still feel
it's risky, and, like,

if she's got an idol, we've got
to assume she's gonna play it.

Someone's gonna have to be
the other vote.

I definitely don't want to put
my hand up to be another vote.

No, yeah... (MUTTERS)

I copped four votes
last time at Tribal Council.

Of course I'm on edge.

I need to clarify
where the votes are going

so in order to do that,
I need to speak to Shaun.

Dave and Nina are with Simon.
Oh, good.

I just wanna know
how the votes are going down.

Do we know what Simon's gonna do?
'Cause what's Simon gonna do?

I just feel like my name
might come up again.

So it's gonna be, um...



So the plan right now is 4-3.
OK, so...

Us boys are on Liz.

Yeah, I think she will.


It makes me worry, though.

Just for me.

No, I know, 'cause your name
just came up last time.

I can guarantee you 100%

Hayley, Nina, Liz,
they're not targeting you.

It's not happening.

You're not writing it down?
I'm not writing your name down.

Look me in the eyes.
I'm not writing your name down, no.

OK, made me feel more comfortable.
Yeah, yeah.

It's's not happening.
It's not happening.

What happens if there's two idols?

That's why we're out here.
We don't have a backup plan.


..our lives are in the hands
of the Survivor gods

and that's something
we've just all got to cop.


There is a lot of fugazi, 'fugayzi',

a lot of lies going on right now.

Yeah, you want a chat?

NINA: Um...


He's good.
He's spinning a little bit?

Yeah, he's spinning
a bit from last time.

LIZ: Yep.

I feel like I'm about to faint, eh?
NINA: Don't. Relax. Relax.

I can feel that Shaun's story
wasn't really adding up.

I need to clarify
where the votes are going

and I need to do that
to calm my nerves,

to make sure that
there is nothing that can happen

that shouldn't happen
tonight at Tribal Council.


(SAM SIGHS) I feel like
I'm about to faint, eh?

NINA: Don't. Relax. Relax.

I copped four votes
last time at Tribal Council.

Of course I'm on edge.

SHAUN: I feel like I should
have a break from chilli.

I can feel that Shaun's story
wasn't really adding up,

but I believe in my secret alliance.

I believe in David and Nina
and Liz's word right now.

I need to clarify where
the votes are going

and I need to do that

to calm my nerves, to make sure that
there's nothing that can happen

that shouldn't happen tonight
at Tribal Council.

(SIGHS) Here was the plan
that I was told.

Me, Liz and Hayley on...


You, Dave and Shaun on Liz.

Simon on Sam.


Because if they both have idols,

then that secures
Hayley and Shaun...

When were you told that?
Just now.

I just asked Shaun
literally one minute ago

and he looked at me and he goes,
"I promise it's a 4-3 vote."



I cannot go home tonight.

My name's being thrown around

so I'm nervous as all hell.

She knows...



I've got to do whatever it takes
to stay alive in this game.


I'm following you. Done.

Don't even need to convince me.

I am a Survivor child.
I grew up in the world of Survivor.

And if we can pull this off,

this is gonna be an epic blindside.

I'm so glad that you're...
We're on the same page.

We just need to stay solid tonight.
I ain't going nowhere.

We're blindsiding
not just any player,

but Queen Hayley,

the previous winner.

This is not a walk in the park.

As long as my name's not there...

If she catches a whiff
of anything weird, we're screwed.

You talk to Dave, I'll talk to Liz.

Then just...

Stick to the plan. Done.
OK, done. Simple.

I'll go first.

We need to make sure Dave and Liz

know that we're going through
with this plan.

Do you wanna just come up here?

And we need to be
as discreet as possible.

So my job from Hayley and Shaun
is to tell you to vote Simon.

The girls on Simon.

And so the plan is then
the boys on Liz

and Simon on Sam.

Ooh, interesting.

Obviously, talked to Sam

and he said,
"I don't care what happens.

"Me, you, Dave and Liz do Hayley."


And that way,
we keep control of it here.


Sam's gonna talk to Dave within
the next however many minutes.

Stick to the plan.


Nina's gonna have one with them.

There's a...

We change all of our four votes.
LIZ: Four on Hayley.

Yeah, yeah, done. Happy with that.

And then...and then we move on.


I know. It's so cool.



NINA: We come from a Hero camp
to the Villain camp,

thinking that
we're gonna stay Heroes,

and that is not the case.

Some villainous things are happening

and I'm part of it...

..and I like it.


LIZ: I couldn't be happier
with this Tribal Council

because the thought of getting
rid of the game's biggest player

and not flushing my idol
is just the best.

Oh, I wish I had some popcorn.

I want to play a game with people
who want to throw big moves,

have some fun, do something risky.

My alliance... (LAUGHS)

..we run this tribe.


Wanna win a top-of-the-range

Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X?

Head to the 10play/win page now

for all the details.



Good evening.
JONATHAN: Evening.

So, Simon, you've garnered
a lot of attention recently.

Are you worried
that some of that attention

may turn into votes tonight?

Uh, yes, I am concerned
about what it's meant for my game.

Um, I know that you like to sit here
and ask a few questions.

That I like to sit here
and ask a few questions?


But I have a few questions
of my own...

Uh-oh. (LAUGHS)

..actually because I want to know

what I pulled out of the cookie jar.

OK, well, I can help you with that.
Thank you.

Basically, it was a clue
to a hidden immunity idol.


At your camp...

..was a coconut

with the exact same symbol on it.

Under that coconut was an idol.

There you go.

Are you telling us that
'cause it's already been found?

We're all racing home. (LAUGHS)


Well, that is fantastic to know.

I hope that can clear my name
a little bit.

So have you been feeling some heat
because of that cookie idol?

Yeah, I've definitely
felt a lot of heat

and I definitely still feel
on the...on the outs

when I was trying to do something
to get me on the ins.

So, Liz, with all this focus
to try and take out an OG Villain,

is there maybe an opportunity here
to take out someone unexpected?


There's always an opportunity,

but with two Villain numbers
over five,

I think it would be quite difficult.

You know, everyone's lovely
and I'm getting to know everyone,

but I have struggled
to form closer bonds.

They are a very tight group
with no cracks.

Simon, are you frustrated by that?
Yeah, yeah, extremely.

You talk about this unbreakable bond

that the OG Heroes have.

Do you feel like you have that with
the OG Villains on the other tribe?

Look, I'm in a unique position

where right now, I am a lone wolf.

So that essentially makes me...

..a gun for hire... opposed to, you know,
just an easy flick.


It's a pretty compelling pitch.

And he's right.

I mean, his OG Villains
burned him a little bit,

so he's scarred from that.

A little bit? (LAUGHS)

A lot.
Thank you.

So, yeah, he's like a...
he's like a dog without a home.

So, I mean, that's definitely
something that you've got to think,

"We can work with that."

But at the same time,
Liz has many, many qualities

and many upsides of why
to play with her as well.

So you've just got to decide
what's best for not only you,

but your group.


Sam, last time you were here,
you copped a few votes.

I did, mate. I really did.

I didn't see them coming either.

You didn't see them coming?

Did it force you
to reassess your options?

Um, it wasn't so much
reassessing my options.

It was probably more just
getting critical answers

from the people who made
the decisions on the night.

It wasn't just one or two.
It was a bunch of votes.

Yeah, it was four votes.
I won't forget that.

Are you worried that more votes
could be coming tonight?


Liz, the last time you were here,

Jordie went home...


..with an unused idol
around his neck.

What did you learn from that?

Always play your idol... (LAUGHS)
..if you have one.

(LAUGHS) Oh, God.

And never be too confident
in your promises

or too cocky.

So if you were in that position,

you wouldn't make the same mistake,
you would play the idol?

I'd hope I wouldn't
make the same mistake,

but this game
does weird things to you

where you feel like you're confident

and you're on top of the situation

and you're like, "Ooh, I might
save that for a rainy day,"

and then you're walking
down that path.

So I don't know.

I'd like to think I wouldn't, but...

..this game's scary.

It is scary 'cause you just
don't know what it's gonna throw up,

like tonight.

HAYLEY: Oh-ho!

Tonight is a little bit different.

NINA: Go on, go on.
SIMON: Yeah!

Alright, Heroes, come on in!





is a little bit different.

Alright, Heroes, come on in!

HAYLEY: Oh-ho!



So, Villains, as you probably
have already guessed,

tonight is not your regular Tribal.

So you will not be voting
to send someone home.

Instead, I'm gonna give you
a chance to mutiny...

..from this tribe to that tribe.

So if you want, you can
jump ship from the Villains

to the Heroes tonight.

This is how it's gonna work.

When you go up to vote,
if you want to mutiny,

you write your own name down
on the parchment.

If you don't want to mutiny,
just leave it blank,

fold it up, put it in the urn.

I'll then go count the votes.

If there's one name in the urn,

that person will then
go to the Heroes tonight.

If there are multiple names,

we'll draw rocks to figure out
who's gonna go.

If there are no names in the urn,

then all of you will draw rocks

to work out who's gonna go
to the Heroes tonight.

So, Liz,

if someone is feeling
vulnerable on this tribe,

is this a much-needed lifeline?

LIZ: Absolutely, Jonathan.

I mean, I've gotten to know
everyone here well

and I've formed
relationships with people.

I've just got my crew over there

and when merge happens,

you know, we can reconnect,

revisit relationships,

see what's happening with everyone
and then go from there.

So, Simon, if someone does mutiny,

do you think it'll be seen as a big
move that you can put on your resume

or will it be seen as a betrayal
against this tribe?

Yeah, it could be seen either way,
depending on who it is.

So you're considering
this opportunity tonight?

There is a consideration, yes.

(LAUGHS) David,
you're shaking your head.


I think it'd be a big risk
to go over there for you,

but, yeah, not sure what your
exact thoughts are on that...

..on the matter, right?

So, David, you think it would
be a bad move for Simon?

Well, I mean, he...

At the start of the night,
he said he's been cast out

from the OG Villains and then...

He said the same thing
about your tribe.

Yeah, but he didn't cop the votes

the other night at Tribal Council.

So he's got a decision to make,

but that's up to him.


Well, let's see
what that decision is.

It is...time to vote.

Remember, if you want to mutiny,
write your name down.

If you don't, leave it blank.

Shaun, you're up.


(WHISPERS) No, absolutely not.

NINA: Thank you, but no thank you.





I'll go count the votes.


Alright, any names in this urn

will have a chance to mutiny tonight.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, blank.






One vote left.


It is...


Congratulations, Liz.
You're no longer a Villain.

Take off your buff.
Toss it in the fire.

I'm gonna give you your new buff.

Congratulations. You are now a Hero.

Welcome. Welcome!
Welcome home!


LIZ: Bye, guys!
NINA: Good luck.

We'll see you.

Alright, Heroes,
your work is done here.

You can head back to camp.

Liz, you can grab your torch
and head out with your new tribe.

LIZ: I was so scared that someone
else would write their name.

SHONEE: I thought
it was gonna be Simon.


Well, looks like one of
the lost dogs just found a new home.

The question is will the one
left behind survive

or need to be put down?


Grab your torches.


Head back to camp. Goodnight.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

..with merge in sight...

Go, go, go.
Couple more, couple more!

..George is feeling indestructible.

The Spice Girls reunited!

I maintain total domination
of this tribe.

But could a power struggle...

We need the numbers
going into merge.

No, no. This is what will happen.

..tear his game apart?

I'm beginning to feel annoyed.

George likes to be
the leader of the group.

That is a big problem.


Captions by Red Bee Media