Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 13 - Smooth Criminals - full transcript

It's day 26 and the OG Villains are on a high with the return of a much-loved ally.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...


..George had his sights
firmly set on merge...

We're obviously five with Liz.

The first person that ties
their flag to our post is the sixth.

MATT: There's so many thoughts
going around in my head.

This moment is pivotal to me having
a chance at half a million dollars.

When Simon's idol blunder
was exposed...

Simon gave Shaun a fake idol.

..he became
public enemy number one...

I don't know
what the hell is going on.

Well, that's very clear
to all of us.

..and his head was clearly
on the chopping block...

Oh, my gosh! the Villains
threw the Immunity Challenge.

Heroes win immunity,
sending Villains to Tribal Council.

At camp...

We're going 3-3-1.

..the plan was to split the vote
between Simon and Liz.

SHAUN: If Liz plays the idol,
Simon's going home.

But Nina saw an opportunity
to blindside Hayley.


This is gonna be an epic blindside.

However, at Tribal Council...

Alright, Heroes, come on in!
HAYLEY: Oh-ho!

..a game-changing twist.

I'm gonna give you
a chance to mutiny.

You can jump ship from the Villains
to the Heroes tonight.

Liz left her new alliance behind...

Liz. be reunited
with George and Shonee.

You are now a Hero.

Welcome home!

13 are left. Who will
be going home tonight?




STEVIE: What say you, old man?

Don't forget you and I
are both half deaf,

so we speak louder
than everybody else.

Oh, yes. What did you say?


I like living in my world.

I don't like hearing
everybody else's stuff.

So I only wear my hearing aids
when I dance.

You know, so I can pick up the beat,
the Latin beat.


Oh... Huh!



I wanna soak.

This is it here.

I feel on cloud nine
since I have Liz back

in my loving arms.

OK, it's getting quite choppy.

Liz is not only important
to my game,

but important for
my mental health out here.


I feel like George and I are
that little bit extra unstoppable.

And it's just incredible to think

the Spice Girls used to run
the Villains tribe

and now we run the Heroes tribe.


SHONEE: I know.
What a great twist.


You didn't think I was
gonna write my name down?

No, but I'm just like... When
it was just you, I'm like, "Yeah!"



You don't think merge is today?

It'd be just so good
if they went to one more Tribal.

Oh, that would be ideal.

It'd be good for, like, a few more
cracks to appear within their group,

which are already starting to happen.

Like, if we actually could've
had an elimination last night,

it would've been awesome.

That's not happened.

The fact that the Villains
are turning against Hayley

is alarming to me.

Last time I played
the game with Hayley,

it was the ultimate head-to-head,
it was King against Queen.

But I recognised that if the King
and the Queen work together,

we're both indestructible.

So I've been working hard to build

a cross-tribe relationship
with my nemesis Hayley.





I want to bring Hayley into
my alliance with my Spice Girls

and the old boys Steve and Gerry

because I don't want to merge
and be stuck in a minority.

So I can't let Hayley
get voted out of this game.


Oh, Shonee, I'm tired!

I'm tired too.
It's a lot of work.

FLICK: My situation
right now on the Heroes tribe

since tribe swap
has been very precarious.

This is not moving.

Try and swing that against there
for me.

No, it's tough.

I've got to get myself out
of this minority

and I'm hoping that a new fresh face

is someone I can kind of
work my social game on

and try and make
some new relationships.

Oh, wow. Oh, my God!
Do that. Look at this.


How's it taste?


You got into that so well.



It really is. Like, it's good...

It was obviously good, just us two,

but it's nice to have,
like, just one extra, you know?

I already am like, "Yes!

"I can't wait to have
more conversations with you."

I know.

I heard that Liz was working

with Sam, Nina and Dave
on the other side,

so then I go, "Uh-huh, I have
a really good connection with them.

"I'm gonna leverage that."

The people that I was closest to
when we were together,

Sam for sure,

Dave and Nina.

Yeah, so I was really close
with Sam, Nina and Dave.

Oh, OK, that's great. That's great.


GEORGE: How are
the coconuts looking?

FLICK: We're making some now.
SHONEE: Yeah, we are.



I'm doing whatever I can
to stay alive

and just that one person, Liz,

is just, like, changing the dynamic.



I actually think they see

that I could be beneficial
to them come merge

and I think we all just get along.

I've lived with Flick
for 47 days in the Outback.

And I know to take Flick's promises
with a grain of salt.


But I think Shonee and Liz
have fallen under Flick's spell.

I really need to talk to you.




What? What have we got?

Um, Shonee, she's gotten
closer and closer to Flick.

I've noticed the behaviour.

We need to get rid of Flick
to break that alliance up.

Mate, you and I,
our brains are aligned.

She has to go.

And then once Flick's
out of the picture,

Shonee and Liz
will come straight back to us.


I can't let Flick break up
the Spice Girls

because if I don't have
Shonee and Liz on my side at merge,

I will be extremely vulnerable.

I want to vote Flick off this tribe.

I need to keep Hayley safe
on that other side.

I am going to merge in control,

just like I was in the Outback.



Come on in!


Good morning.

SHAUN: Oh, this looks sick.


How you going?

Morning. What's going on?

So, Liz,

how was your first night as a Hero?

Yeah, it was lovely.

A little bit out of character for me
'cause I am the villain at heart.

But, no, really glad
to be back with the girls.

And, yeah, went under the doona last
night with Shonee. It was lovely.


Shonee, I can only assume

you are stoked to have
your BFF back in the fold.

Did you have a lot to catch up on?

We did you have
a lot to catch up on,

lots of cuddles.


Alright, shall we get to today's
Reward Challenge?

ALL: Yes!

For today's challenge,

you're gonna pull a heavy cart
through a series of obstacles,

collecting balls
and clearing a path as you go.

Once you have all your balls,

one of you will then
attempt to land them

in a series of baskets
held up by the rest of the tribe.

The first tribe to land
all their balls wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

Of course!

A trip to the Survivor...

..sandwich bar...


..where you will find all
the spreads, breads, meat and veg

you will need to build
your dream sandwich.

Worth playing for?


Alright, Heroes, for a change,
you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.
Who's it gonna be?

First time ever,
someone on our tribe sitting out.

Alright, Heroes, who's it gonna be?

Shonee, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to strategise. Let's get it on!

Let's go!

Alright, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors, ready?


Go, Matt. Up, up, up.

It's David right in the tower for
the Villains, Matt for the Heroes.

Everyone else on the cart.

Come on. Let's go, guys.

You gotta pull that cart
to the first station.


Collect your first set of balls.

That's good, guys. That's good!

That cart is heavy.
Let's go.

Good, boys. Keep going.
Go, go, go, go, go.

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Heroes have all theirs.

Villains have all theirs.

NINA: Coconuts!

Oh, coconuts... Oh!

Now you need to clear the path
for your cart.

Two at a time.

Some 400 coconuts
you gotta toss aside.

SAM: 400. Let's go.

It's a lot of coconuts.

Come on, come on, come on.

Villains working quickly.

Great work, Villains.

Heroes not messing around.

Great work, Sammy!

Everyone desperate to get
their hands on that sandwich.

Guys, we're killing it. Come on!

George needs some help
in the back there, Liz!

NINA: Oh, watch out! Ooh!

Villains almost have it done.

Go, go, go.
A couple more, couple more!

Villains are good.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Ready? Two, one.

Keep going, guys.
That's straight so far.

Yep, you're straight, straight.
Really good.

Heroes are good now.


Alright, three, two, one. Go!

That's it, guys! Keep it up,
keep it up! That's good.

Let's go, Heroes.

OK, get ready to stop,
get ready to stop.

Villains have a slight lead.
Heroes chasing them down.

We're so in this, people.

Little bit more. Little bit more.

Stop, stop.

Villains have
their next set of balls.

Now you gotta complete the ramp
by inserting all 16 boxes.

Great work.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.

We're gonna have to adjust.
Keep going, keep going.

Alright, come back and adjust us
a little bit towards the right.

Someone adjust. I'll start this.

Heroes, you need to make sure
that your cart is lined up.

You gotta fit through
that narrow ramp.

Three, two, one.

(BLEEP)! OK, this is gonna be hard.

Come on. Hustle.

Villains working very quickly here.
Swap sides.

Heroes are way off on their ramp.
That's gonna cost them precious time.

We're gonna need to pull
this one this way.

All on this rope to pull.
All on this rope. Pull it.

It's only Liz inserting the boxes.

Everyone else trying
to work out the cart.


We're gonna have to lift it up.
We gotta lift it.

Come on.
Here, here, here.

That's it. Villains have
all their boxes in place.

Now you need to make sure
that your cart is lined up.

One, two, three.

Yeah, that's it. Now go up.

Good, good.

That's it. Good.

The Villains moving on.
They're not messing around.

Keep going.

Meanwhile, Heroes are stuck.

OK, let's try...let's try
and fix it again.

Alright. Three, two.


One, two, three.


One, two, three.


Close enough.

Let's help Liz.


Yep, good work.
Stop, stop, stop.

That's it. The Villains are through.

Collecting their last set
of course balls.

Heroes are nowhere right now.

Oh, for godsake!

This is gonna be a blow-out.
Come on.

Go, go, go, go, go.


Push it.
Villains moving on.

You need to be all the way to the end
before you can start shooting.

Shaun's side a little more.

That's it. Keep going in.
Keep going in. Keep going in!

Keep going in.
One more.

That's it. That's touched.

It's Simon, Sam and Shaun

holding up the goals
for the Villains.

Now you gotta land all nine balls.

David takes the first toss.

Just misses. Second one.

He lands it.
Nice, David.

Villains lead, 1-zip.

OK, one in.
Yep, gently, gently, gently.

Yep. Got it. Slam it.

And another one.
Villains lead, 2-zip.

GEORGE: Great.

Finally, the Heroes
have their ramp complete.

Come on, Heroes.
You need to pick this up! Let's go!

Keep it coming.

Villains have three.

Yeah, keep going, same one.

Villains have four.

Villains have five.
Same one, same one!

That's five.

Villains have six!

David is on fire.

Go to another one, another one.

Ready? Go.
One, two, three. Pull!

Get some momentum up.

Here we go, here we go.
Come on!

Big pull.
Don't let it stop. Let's go.

And another one.

Seven for the Villains.
Well done!

No contest right now.

And another one.
One more, one more!

Villains lead, 8-zip.

Keep pulling!
David going to the win.

Here we go.

Oh, in and out.

I'm resetting. Go again.
For the win!

There it is, guys.

That is it!


Whoo! Good job! reward.

What a blow-out.

MATT: Guys, guys, guys. Just stop.

They won.
George, Liz, they won.

LIZ: Oh, my God.

They've won.
Oh, well, good team effort, guys.

Hey, hey, hey!

Yeah, brother!




Eat some food!
That was brutal.


Well done, mate.


Villains, congratulations.

Your Survivor sandwich bar
is open and waiting for you.


Here are your instructions
on how it works.

Read it when you get back there.


Alright, head on out. Enjoy.

DAVID: We will.
Enjoy, guys.

Thank you.
See you, guys. Take care.

See you, Sam. See you, Simon.
See you, guys.

Have fun.

Alright, Heroes, got nothing for you.
Head on out.

GEORGE: Thank you.
GERRY: Thank you.

Thank you, Jonathan.

We suck. (CHUCKLES)

HAYLEY: George dropped a bomb.

He whispered to me
that Nina was trying

to blindside me
at the last Tribal Council

and now I'm nervous.

Is George telling me the truth?

He doesn't really have
any reason to lie

and Liz would've told him
that information.

I don't feel safe
in my tribe anymore.


SHAUN: I'm so pumped
for the sandwich bar.

It's exactly what I'm after.

I just want meat.

I want carbs.

This is like a dream come true.

Alright, Nina, what have we got?

What are we dealing with?
(SINGS) # Dun-dun-dun! #



(READS) "Congratulations.

"You've won a trip to
the Survivor sandwich bar.

"Inside, you can make as many
delicious sandwiches as you can eat,

"but you'll have to enjoy them


"..because there is only
one person allowed

"in the sandwich bar at a time."


"But it's up to you as a tribe
to decide unanimously

"on the order in which you visit.

"Have a great time."

How good?

It's definitely gonna be something,
that sandwich bar, mate.

We all get to indulge

in the sandwiches,
which is amazing.

And, you know, sometimes at rewards

there's hidden idols,
there's hidden clues.

I'd love to go first.


HAYLEY: ..because it's gonna be hard
to agree with anything else.


While at the challenge,

I saw a few whispers,
across the mat,

George to Hayley.


And I am worried about what he said.

It could jeopardise my game.

So I don't want her to go first

because I don't want her
finding anything.

Oh, he got the short!

OK, wait, hold your sticks up.

Alright, I'm gonna get in there.

Don't be a dog!

HAYLEY: Enjoy your sangers.




Have a look.


Oh, man, bread is so good!

That is good!

There's olives. That's unreal! Ah.

It's got to be here.
It has to be here.

But I've got no idea.


Alright, get some meatballs
with chilli.



I don't know where this thing is.

Mess this up.


HAYLEY: After the challenge,
George whispered to me

that Nina
was trying to blindside me.

More...more food
than you could ever eat.

I'm not gonna run out.

Now my head is spinning.

I did not see that coming.

Who's up next?

Alright, we're in. the mouth.



I need something to keep me safe,

so I need to keep focused
on hunting for an idol.

Just like the food.

Where else could it be?

HAYLEY: Because this reward
is exactly where

an idol or a clue would be.

Is she out?
Yeah, here she comes.

Hayley going before me
into the sandwich reward,

that's not a good thing.

Any luck?


I'm suss that she has
found something.

Oh, meatballs!

That could be another
Tribal Council she survives.

I'm definitely gonna be
watching her.

Going last, I mean,
you don't get to go first,

but going last, you've got free rein.

You do what you want.

(SAM YELLS) Let's go!

You've got to be kidding me!

Let's go!


SAM: No-one was going after me,

Food, bro.

That was unreal.

I tossed 'em, threw over the thing,
pulled all the bread, everything.

The whole joint's cooked.

The whole joint is cooked.

That is so fun in there.

SAM: If I didn't find anything
the way I was treating that joint,

I don't think
anyone found anything.


Let's get this fire going, Gerry.
Let's get it going.

Up until this point in the game,

I've been trying to be Hero-strong.


Save us!

But I noticed last night
once Liz came over

that Flick switched into overdrive
trying to build those relationships.

It's actually quite nice and
relaxing being in the water, like...

I want to soak.

I feel like I never spent
enough time

to, like, actually
get all the grime off me.

I've been really trying to keep
my options open.


I know right now
that I need to make a decision.

To save myself,
I don't see many other options

than to jump ship
and work with George.

My only concern is whether
I got in too late.

Can't hear us.

Whether Flick has beaten me

to attaching herself
to the mast of their ship.


Yeah, go.

I feel like I made a decision

of how I want to move forward
in this game.

I want to move forward with you guys
as an alliance.


Um, I did mention it before.

But I just, essentially,

want to offer
to you guys moving forward

as a possible idea going into merge

as a mole.



Yeah, interesting.

It's just, like,
depending what happens

at the next Immunity Challenge...


..those conversations
will be critical.


I just want you to know...

No, no, it's all good.
..where I'm at.

Whether we win or we lose,
I still want to be with you guys.

No, that's very beneficial,
what you just told me.

GEORGE: Matt has finally
seen the light.

That's music to my ears.

Thank you.

All good, mate.

I would rather take a chance
and work with Matt,

who I think is a stable
game player...

If you say you're in...
100%, yeah.

I can look into your eyes,
I-I can tell that you're genuine.

GEORGE: ..than someone like Flick...

..who, just like
the social butterfly,

she'll fly off and away
at merge.

Had a chat with Matt...

Um, now I'm on the same page as you.
Yeah, good, good.


So I hope you stick with us.

Because things will get...

Things will spice up very quickly.
It'll escalate really quickly.

Once I say I'm loyal, I'm loyal.

That's good.

that's what it's all about.

And we'll just ride the bus, mate,
ride the train.

We're not gonna ride it,
we're gonna drive it.

We're gonna drive it.
Stand up and drive that puppy.

You've got to drive the bus,
otherwise you're just a passenger.


This is the extra number
that I've been looking for

to make sure that I'm in
a merge majority.


We have five people here
in the alliance

on the Heroes tribe.

If we include Matt and Hayley,

that's the magic seven.

So no matter what happens
this Immunity Challenge,

Flick's days are numbered
on this tribe.



Come on in!

What are we doing, holding that up?



Hey, guys.

Shaun, tell us about
that sandwich bar.

What did you find when you go there?
It was a Survivor classic, mate.

It was everything you could want
in a sandwich bar.

There was chicken teriyaki,

all the lettuce, tomato,
cheese and mustard, tomato sauce.

Alright, guys, I got the picture.

Alright, shall we get to today's
Immunity Challenge?

Yeah, let's do it.
Hell, yeah!

Who has it? Stevie.

Here you go, JLP.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

SHAUN: Whew.

For today's challenge...'ll each hold a sandbag
above your head

attached to a trough of water.

If you tire,
you can drop out of the challenge.

But you'll need to hand your sandbag
to one of your tribemates.

At the same time,

one person from each tribe
will go head-to-head

attempting to solve a puzzle.

First to get it right
can then choose one person

from the opposing tribe
to drop out of the challenge.


If it any point
someone drops a sandbag,

the trough will dump

and your shot at victory
will wash away.

Last tribe standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 11th person voted
out of this game.

Heroes, you have an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

It was Shonee yesterday.
Who's it gonna be today?

OK, yeah.
You sit out, then, Gerry.

Gerry, you sit out.

Alright, Gerry, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

We'll get to it.


You're the best puzzle person left.

GEORGE: If we get that puzzle first,
we take Shaun out.

Steve, I'm happy for you
to do the puzzle.

We will just hold it up
for as long as we possibly can.

OK, I'm good at that.


Alright, everyone's in position.

Puzzle-makers, you may begin.

This challenge is now on.

Go, Stevie!

Go, Nina.

It is Stevie and Nina
racing to finish that puzzle first.

Whoever does will get to choose
who they want to knock out

from the other tribe,

putting them at
a significant disadvantage.

Everyone else doing their part,

holding up a 5kg bag
above their heads.

Just need to keep
at least one hand on a bag.

It's a classic Survivor challenge

with the addition of a twist,
a classic Survivor puzzle.

Stevie working on the outside
of his puzzle.

Nina's working on the middle.

GEORGE: You got it, Steve.

It's the Survivor logo.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You can get this very quickly.

Heroes would love for Stevie
to nail this puzzle,

take out one of the Villains'
big boys.

Great job, Nina.

Nina showing some nice progress
with her puzzle.

There we go.

Nina, this is looking

Villains very happy
they put Nina on the puzzle.

She's the puzzle queen.

Cool, calm and collected,
just like Mama.

Come on, Stevie!

I'm trying.

Try your best.

Maybe move the puzzle pieces you
have on the right to the left

so you can see them.

Yeah, half of them are covered.

Big difference in puzzle-making
skills here,

Nina proving
she is not to be messed with.

Oh, she's very good.
She's very good.

They've almost got it.
Yeah, I know.

Yes, Nina!

And another piece for Nina.

Powering through it now.

Far out.

Nina down to a dozen pieces.


Stevie still scratching his head.

Yeah, I am scratching my head.


I just don't get it.

Let's go, Nina, let's go!

Nina down to four pieces.

Far out, guys, get ready.

Really taking her time,
torturing Stevie.

Don't give up yet.
Don't give up yet.

No, she's done.
Nina down to one piece.

How we going?


And that is it.

Villains have their puzzle done.

One word, Neens!

Alright, who do you want
to knock out?

Matt is out of the challenge.

You all good, Shonee?

I've got it. Give it to me.
I've got it.

Got it?

GEORGE: Let me help you.
No, I'm alright for now. You rest.


Matt, Stevie, Nina,
take a seat on the bench.

Keep it up, guys.

STEVIE: Sorry, guys,
I just can't do it.

Heroes down to four.

Liz has two bags now.

Five bags per tribe,

that's 25kg.

How you distribute that weight
is up to you.

GEORGE: It's a balance issue for me.
George has two bags now.

All it takes is one bag to slip,

that trough will dump
and so will your shot at immunity.

You've all been at it for 10 minutes.

The rain's kicking in now.

Like we needed, like,
more of a disadvantage.

Gonna get tough in the wet, guys,

so make sure
you're gripping your bag.

What's that?

NINA: Guys, just do not slip.
Do not slip.

That's it.

Just one lapse of concentration
on the other side,

they've dropped it.

I'm worried about tonight
at Tribal Council.

No, but you're fine.

Yeah, I promise.

Oh! Eeee!

George trying to push through
the pain.

I've got it, George!

Hands off to Liz.
Do you want to give me your one?

GERRY: Hey, team,
keep swapping it out, guys.

Come on, guys!

Liz digging deep.

Screwing up her face in pain,
not happy.


Do you want to give me this one?

Are you rested?

Liz trading off with Flick.


Those bags are all over the place.

Lots of transfers.

Lots of opportunities for a mistake.


A little slip from Flick.

That was almost it.


Both tribes have been at it
for 20 minutes now.

You've got to wonder

how much the Heroes
have left in their tanks.


I hope not.
I'm telling you.

OK. I believe you.

Thank you.

Tell me what to do and I'll...
I'll 100% do it.

I need help. I need help.

I've got it. I've got it!

I'm good for a bit. Rest, George,
'cause I'm giving it to you.

I'm resting the left.

OK, I'm coming, Liz.

(SQUEALS) Georgie!
No, this way!

Liz begging George for some help.


It is chaos over there right now,

'cause they are digging deep
to stay in this.

OK, I'm struggling. Liz! Ugh!

Liz coming in to help out Shonee.


This could be the end, guys.


In one, two, three. Drop it!


That is it!

Villains win immunity, sending
the Heroes to Tribal Council.

Safe from the vote!



Nina, you're the best.
That was insane.


Villains, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Thank you.
Well done.

Appreciate it.

You are safe. Nobody going home.

Head back to camp,
enjoy your evening off.

Thank you.

Good luck tonight, guys.

See you, guys. Have fun.

See ya. Maybe.

Well, we put in a good effort, guys.

We did.
We did.

Alright, Heroes, hard-fought battle.

Nevertheless, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the 11th person

voted out of this game.

Head on out. I will see you tonight.

See you.

MATT: I'm nervous,
but I really put in

a good bit of work with Gerry,
Steve and George.

And so hopefully tonight

it's not me going home
but it's Flick.

Despite losing the challenge,

I feel like I have put in
the hard yards socially,

with George, Shonee and Liz.

I feel like
we've got a little girl gang

and they're probably gonna save me
over Matt

because my social game
is a lot stronger.


It's hard carrying the same
amount of weight as them

with all those people.

Bit of a height and weight
and strength disadvantage.

I am sorry.

I just couldn't catch up.

Stevie got completely annihilated
by Nina on that puzzle.

But do you know what?

I'm not that concerned
that we lost today.

Well, I'm starving, everyone.

I'd love to get some rice on
before it starts raining.

And then, I suppose, we all have to
talk before tonight with each other.


The priority tonight
is to blindside Flick,

get back Shonee and Liz

and to make sure that I maintain

total domination of this tribe.

Get a bit of heat in it.

Bob's your uncle.

I'm voting out Flick, OK?

They've been hoodwinked by Flick.

Yeah, done. She's gotta go.

If we keep Matt...

Hayley's running straight to us.


We will get rid of
everyone but Hayley.


Five Villains on this tribe,
including Gerry,

Matt and Hayley,

we will have the numbers
to control the merge.

OK, uh...

I think our mind's on the same page,
but you tell me.


So we've got Matty online, right?


He told me that as well.
100%. Yeah.

So it has to be Flick.

It must be Flick.

Flick's the only option.
The only option.

We think alike so much.
That's how I see it.

Now that we have Matt,

this is a very good move
for us moving forward.

Don't tell Shonee and Liz
we're close to Matt.

No, no.

It's the three old men of the
Villains that are sticking together.


I know that our alliance
will be stronger

and better together in the future
if we chop Flick now.

She changes sides like the wind.

Why would I leave Flick in the game?

So she can run off back to Sam
and David the moment we hit merge?

Shall we sit down?
Hurry up.

Come on, we don't have much time.

So, where are you at?

My thought is now Matt.


He's not gonna stick by us.

And we need the numbers
going into merge.

I have a different interpretation.

But she said she reckons that
they would wanna work with us.

No, no. This is what will happen.

Because Flick will be Flick.

Lovely girl,
but we're not the priority.

Flick just will flick
on the game like that.

The safest thing for us
is by getting rid of Flick.

But I feel like I trust her when
she says she wants to work with us.

Trust me.


MATT: Yep. I'm 100% on board.

Great. You're in a solid grouping.

Have no concern.

We are locked and loaded.

Flick's gonna think
we're all voting for Matt.

STEVE: Got it.

Roger that.


Or copy that.

Doesn't matter. Either. Either/or.

FLICK: I've noticed
that there's been

a lot of strategy chats happening.

But I haven't been a part of
any conversations,

which makes me very nervous.


Yeah, yeah. Come for a chat.

Just before we, um...

Let me just put down
the wielding axe. There we go.

I obviously feel really nervous.

I just wanted to know
where your head's at.

I was talking with the girls.

And the plan is Matt.


That's what the three of us
feel more comfortable with.

So that's what we're doing.

I know how George plays this game.

I played with him for 47 days before
on my last season.

And I just feel uneasy.

I...have a weird feeling.

So that's basically where it's at.

I don't believe it for a second.


I thought I was safe,
but I think I'm in trouble tonight.


Is it still dirty?

No, no. Do you reckon you could wash
that other pot as well?

Oh, yeah.
So we can do the beans.

Anything for you, Liz.

Oh, thanks!

It's clear to me that George is
trying to blindside me.

You good?



So I need to convince Shonee and Liz
to save my butt in the game.

GEORGE: I'm not mucking around.

It's basically either me or Matt.

So I might have to be
a bit of a villain

and throw Matt under the bus.

Like, unfortunately,

going forward, for Matt, like...

And then it's up to you guys.
I mean, you guys have the numbers.

I'm just gonna do whatever
you guys tell me to.

I was leaning more towards Matt.

I would 100% do it in a heartbeat.

Just keep it us and George.

Yes. 100%.

Oh, yeah. It's still enough.
Well, that's four votes.

You know? So...

OK. And you're not gonna
dog us, are you?

Holy shit, no.

Come merge.

No, no. No.
I wanna work with you guys.

I really, really like
the idea of that.

OK, cool.

On the board committee
of the Heroes tribe,

we have myself, George and Liz.

And we run this place
like a smooth criminal.

But tonight at the boardroom,
we are having some issues.

We'll see what Georgie reckons.

There is a major power struggle
going on.

Liz and I are together on this vote.

We both have the same opinion,

that it is the smarter,
better, safer move

to keep Flick,

because come merge,
Flick comes with some friends

and Liz happens to be friends
with those friends as well.

Mm-hm. get the next pick.


I just wanna...
I just want, like...freshness.

..moving forward with
a solid group of people.

And, like, I know I can
have that with you guys.

Like, I feel like that.

(CHUCKLES) Thanks.



It's true!

It's just...

I'm beginning to feel annoyed.

In an alliance,
you have to give and take.

But George is a very dominant

He likes to, you know,
be the leader of the group.

That is a big problem.

She even said the words to me
"Sam's my number one."

That's the problem.

It's just so frustrating.

Nothing's getting through.


Shonee and Liz are
really pushing hard

for me to change my vote to Matt.

And I'm starting to get worried.

United we stand.

If I put my foot on the throttle
too hard with Shonee and Liz,

that's what I might lose.

I don't want tonight to be the night

that the Spice Girls
break up forever.

But I want Flick to go home.

JONATHAN: Join ex-Survivors
Khanh and Brooke

with Shannon Guss for
'Talking Tribal',

your weekly deep dive
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only on 10 play.



GEORGE: Back again.

So, Liz,

back at Tribal Council.

This time, with a different tribe.

But how does tonight
feel different for you

compared to last Tribal?

Tonight feels different for me
because I feel powerful

and comfortable being
back with my alliance.

Um, at the Villains tribe,

I was definitely at the bottom
of the pecking order.

Shonee, you're happy.

Happy she feels so at home here!

That's nice. Flick.


How at home
do you feel right now?

Oh, it's the exact opposite,

of how Liz is feeling.

I'm sure Matt is probably also
feeling the same.

Um, we've been on the bottom now
for a long time.

On paper, it doesn't really look
too good for us tonight.

And I think we both come in tonight

with about a 50/50 chance
of surviving.

Stevie, are you confident that

the alliance is gonna
stick together tonight?

I'm very comfortable right now
with this alliance.

We do have a battle plan.

We are robust and, um...

..are strong together.

But Shonee, in any alliance,

there are different opinions,
different ideas

on how to move forward in the game.

So, how do you bring all those ideas
and opinions together

and align on a night like tonight?

Yes, everyone does have
different opinions,

and sometimes it's
a little bit annoying

when you're trying to
get your opinion across

and someone else doesn't see that.

I think we all have to compromise.

The priority is to be in
the strongest possible position

when we merge.

Um, and now's the time to be unified

behind the decision that's in
the best interest of the group.

However, in an alliance,
sometimes, you know,

you take the risk with
someone else's decision

and then next time,
maybe you put a name forward.

The thing with Survivor is
every decision's a risk.

The intent is always the best
decision for the group.

Matt, this is exactly
what you want to hear -

that not everyone is in agreement.

On that point - were you able to
exploit that division this afternoon

to your advantage?

I don't wanna exploit a division.

I wanna join and be part of
this alliance going forward.

I really, honestly do
wanna work with you guys

moving forward into merge.

And I promise that
if I get the opportunity,

I'll have your backs
and do everything I can

to help us get as far as
we can in the game.

The way I see it, come merge,

I think out of myself and Matt,

I'm probably gonna a person
to do the job,

to pull the couple of people aside

that we're going to need
to have the majority.

Um, secondly,

Liz and Shonee, like, I have loved
having both of you around.

And Liz, especially
the last couple of days,

it's been so nice
to properly meet you.

And I really hope that, like,
we have more time together.

George, I played against you
for 47 days.

And moving forward in this game,
I would love to play WITH you,

alongside you,

like the brother that
I do see you as.

That's...that's quite the pitch.

I know where I wanna be

if I am to make it through tonight,

and come merge, I know
exactly where I wanna be.

Gerry, do you see one of them
a bigger threat than the other?

Yes, I actually do.

The people on the other side,

after they threw me under the bus,

I wouldn't trust them
as far as I could throw 'em.

The top of the hierarchy
was impenetrable.

But Flick is offering you
a way into that hierarchy.

Why? To be put on the bottom again?

Not to be put on the bottom,

but they will eventually
have to crack, Gerry.

I...I don't believe it.

And I don't trust you.


So, Flick, Gerry is taking
a very hard line on this.

100%, he definitely is.

And I think to be expected.

Um, if the shoe was
on the other foot,

I think I'd probably be feeling
a bit upset about it too.

But playing this game before

I know that there are twists
and turns at every moment.

And I was on the bottom for about
eight consecutive votes in a row.

I know how it feels.

I know how it feels
when everyone's talking

and you're not involved
in the conversation.

Yeah. Yeah, no, look,
that's alright.

Yeah, they're done.
Going back there hoping... align with the hierarchy...

..I just can't see it.

I don't see us aligning with
everyone over there.

I only see a couple of people.

So, George,

with all the whispering going on,
it would seem like

that the difference in opinion
hasn't been settled.

No, this is a very
complex vote tonight.

It's not as simplistic as, you know,
picking one or the other.

It's determining the future
of the entire group.

Shonee, is the choice clear for you?


It is clear.



Stevie, what's that about?
STEVIE: I'm not concerned.

You're not concerned?
Yeah, Stevie's cruisin'.


Your hair looks nice tonight,

Did you brush it back a bit?

Did I? Oh, OK.

Yeah, he's cruisin', as you said.



Can I say something?

Today's a really sad day for me

because we have two individuals,
two beautiful people,

that I got to know

and I'm going to vote one out.

And really, it's a difficult choice,

as George tried to explain before.

We are only as strong
as we are together, united.

If we start to divide ourself,
then we fall.

That's the old saying.

So to me, it's clear but it's
sad, you know what I'm saying?

I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

Alright. Well, should we find out
who it's gonna be?

I think it is time to vote.




Time to vote. Matt, you're up.






Unfortunately, tonight,
I have to send you home

for the sake of our alliance.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you wanna play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Flick.



Two votes Flick, one vote Matt.


Two votes Flick, one vote Matt,
one vote Stevie.


We're tied. Two votes Stevie,
two votes Flick, one vote Matt.


Three votes Stevie, two votes Flick,
one vote Matt.

One vote left.

11th person voted out of
Heroes v Villains - Stevie.

Thank you. OK.

Need to bring me your torch.


You played a great game, Stevie.
No worries.

See ya, Stevie.

See ya, Stevie.
See ya on the other side.

Good luck, everyone. God bless.

See you, Steve.
Well played, Steve.

There you go.
Stevie, the tribe has spoken.

And so it has.


Oh, it's devastating.
So sad.

Whoa. That's a big blindside.

Well, that was
one helluva plot twist.

It was, yeah.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Holy dooley.


It's a great blindside.
Completely unaware. Completely.

I think George had changed his mind.

Stevie, I've had to compromise
on you.

I would imagine
Shonee would be in it

and, so, probably Liz as well.

I'd like to have seen
a lot more of you,

but, unfortunately, mate,
it's time to go.

OK, cheers.

Uh, let down, disappointed.

Very short-sighted.

I mean, I was voted out.

Any of them could be voted out now

because, yeah, they all
cannot be trusted on each other,

so, let's see what happens
after that.

But it's treachery at its best.
That's the only way to get me out.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

You can drop your buffs.
We are merged.

..the greatest end game
is about to be unleashed.

It's four original Villains,
eight original Heroes.

Can alliances reunite...

We're pretty outgunned, but we're
gonna put together the alliance

that dominates
the rest of this game. enemies collide?

No-one in a million years
would ever think

that I would want
to work with you.

Right now, I'm a lone wolf
on the bottom of this tribe.

The half-a-million-dollar question
is how can I trust George,

someone who has been
my mortal enemy in this game?

And the return of
the most gruelling challenge

will push them to their limits...

(GASPS) they battle it out
to become Sole Survivor.

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