Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 14 - I'm Hungry... for a Blindside - full transcript

The greatest end game is about to be unleashed. Can alliances reunite, as enemies collide?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

I was like, "Ahh!"

..with the Spice Girls
alliance reunited...

The band is back together.

..Liz spilled the details
of the plan to blindside Hayley.

GEORGE: The fact that the Villains
are turning against Hayley

is alarming to me.

And he made sure to tell Hayley
at the Reward Challenge.


At the Immunity Challenge...

Got it, George?

..the super-stacked Villains tribe...

Gonna get tough in the wet, guys,

so make sure you're
gripping your bag.

..held on for victory.



At camp, Flick and Matt

were on the chopping block.

MATT: Yeah, I've decided.
I'm 100% in.

But when Matt pledged
his allegiance to George...

If I say I'm loyal, I'm loyal.

..and Flick made a deal
with Shonee and Liz...

You're not gonna dog us, are you?
No, I wanna work with you guys.

..a power struggle...

..threatened to break up
the Spice Girls.



At Tribal Council...

..when Liz threatened
to save Flick with her idol...


..Stevie was sacrificed
to keep the peace.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


Ooh, Georgie!
Oh! Oh, it's George.

Dude, I thought it was, like...



Seeing George strip off like that,
I think he just needs

a little bit more sun on those buns.

They were quite brioche white.

Shut up!
I swear to God.

In your life?
I've never done it.

(GEORGE SIGHS) I kept thinking
about poor Stevie last night.


I think he's gonna have
nightmares about that Tribal

for the next 10 years of his life.

Oh, God.

I felt like last night
was a make-or-break moment.

Liz and I made it extremely clear

that we wanted Flick to stay.

And I'm glad that our alliance
was able to compromise with us.


Thanks. Seriously.

Very appreciative.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I feel like merge
is just around the corner

and I know that's when you really
get a spring in your step.

And I am excited to have Flick
a part of this girl gang.

The girls really have
to look out for each other now.




I just don't think
Shonee and Liz see it.


I do feel that it was
a great opportunity lost

not getting rid of Flick.

But I know George
is an excellent strategist

and we need to move forward
into merge united.

Yep. Yeah. Oh, I know.





Although I'm close with George,

Matty and I, we've been
together since day 1.

I believe in this young man.
I really do.

He's got good character.

He's the ultimate hero.
He's a lifesaver.

I just wanna make sure we are
aligned all the way through.







HAYLEY: What is that?
SAM: Ohh!

We have a...a feast! (CACKLES)
Shut up!


Come on in!

Is this happening?


Oh, my God!

You have beers.

Fish? Far out.
They're that fresh.

Ooh, look at the pig!
Oh, my God!

Look at all that.
Look at that lobster!


Yeah, man, this is happening.

I'm so happy!



Oh, what?! Stevie!

JONATHAN: Villains, getting your
first look at the new Hero tribe.

Stevie voted out at
last night's Tribal Council.

Oh, my God!



SAM: Let's go!

Can I hug you?

So, Shaun, are you surprised

that Flick and Matt are still here?

(SIGHS) Look, you never truly know
what's going on at the other tribe.

But absolutely, not only because

they were part of our
original tribe,

but they're two fantastic people.

Very happy, mate.

George, what's the status

on your war between
the Heroes and the Villains?

Is someone winning?
Or is it a stalemate?

I think we've had
winners and losers to date,

but the first war
here in Samoa has ended.

We can have a time of peace
while we feast.

But, um...

Last night's Tribal Council,
I think it was a tragedy,

but the key theme was compromise

and that's what the outcome was.

There were promises made
before Tribal Council,

during Tribal Council
and after Tribal Council

and whether those promises hold

will determine whether there's
a second war here in Samoa or not.

Well, after 28 days of Heroes
and Villains battling it out,

it is time to see what's gonna happen

when the two sides come together.


You can drop your buffs.
We are merged.




Here are your new buffs.



Thanks, mate.
Mate, yeah!


So, Hayley, as someone
who's won it before,

you come with a certain
amount of baggage.

Are you surprised
that you made it this far?

I'm shocked, actually, yes.

I...I came in with a few goals
and getting here...

I'm a bit emotional about it.

I didn't think I'd get here,

so I'm really happy to be here
and with such good people.

And it's... I'm really excited
for the next part of the game.

Simon, I'm guessing
this was on your bucket list.

Yeah, this is a special
moment for me,

to be, you know,
a second-time player.

But this is new territory for me
and I couldn't be prouder.

So thank you.


As you've already seen,

there is an incredible
merge feast waiting for you.

Oh, shut up.

Congratulations, everyone.
Dig in. Enjoy your feast.



It is beer! Yes!

SAM: Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer!

Cheers, everyone.
Yes! Cheers.


This is so good.

GEORGE: Ooh, pig head!


Oh, my God.
Here we go.

Are we just going fingers?

How good's that?

Mmm! It's flavoured taro.
It's delicious!

SAM: Oh, yes!

Girl, get it in.

Oh, that goes down a treat.

Guys, that's caramelised!
SHAUN: Yeah.

Eat it. Quick. Try it.


Oh, my God.
NINA: It's so good.


And you don't get anything.
You're a fool.


GEORGE: You don't want anyone to go.



Beg your pardon?
We have a good advantage now.

Sitting down at the merge feast,

I was a bit nervous.

Right now, there are
eight original Heroes...

Guys, this thing's amazing.

..and four original Villains

here on this new tribe.

On paper, we're pretty outgunned.

But I'm at my best
when I'm leaping up off my feet.

And I'm going to
hit the ground running.

Can we open the lobster?
I haven't tried it yet.

Well, there's been...
Go. We've got the tail.

Take the head or whatever that is.

Take the whole piece.
Oh, don't get my head!

It's like, "Die, Hayley! Arrh!"



GEORGE: Right now,
my priority is simple.


Very good.

I'm on the schmooze
at today's merge feast.

And I've made it clear with my
cross-tribe interactions with Hayley

that I'm definitely willing
to work with her this time.

Let's do a toast. We made it.


Finally, finally.
(LAUGHS) It's a long time.



HAYLEY: I cannot believe
both George and I have made merge.

I would have never imagined that
that would happen.

And while it's nice
to sit down and break bread,

I know this merge feast,

no matter how nice it is,

will be somebody's last supper.

Yeah, there is a few.

HAYLEY: So if George has
a nice plan for me to jump ship

away from these Heroes
that have been trying to get me out,

I am all ears because there
is a lot of danger out here.


There's a bit of lemon in that.

FLICK: So am I! So happy.

Um, I need to rip into some fish.



GEORGE: Flick has cut a deal

where we all have
a common target in Simon.

But I know what Flick's like.

She changes her mind like the wind.

I know to take Flick's promises
with a grain of salt in this game.


I'm gonna be watching Flick

because if Flick decides
to ditch the deals

that she made at the tribe swap
part of the game,

I could be in the minority...


..and I know that me and
the Spice Girls would be screwed.


SAM: Hitting merge is so cool.

To be here is a huge milestone
in the game.

And, like, dealing with 12 people,

now it's, like, game on.

And right now the numbers

are currently in favour
of the OG Heroes.

The chairs!
They gave us new chairs!


It is now.

HAYLEY: Should we have a chat
about the tribe name?

OK, guys. Let's discuss
the tribe name.

We thought of something
Survivor-focused in Samoan

and that's the word 'molemole'.

And 'molemole' means two things.

It means 'I'm hungry'

and it means 'please'.

Just sticking with the theme
of heroes and villains,

we thought of 'Vigilantes'

'cause not quite a hero,
not quite a villain,

just somebody who takes the law
into their own hands

and gets done
what needs to get done.

I like them both.
Shall we just do a hand raise?

Why don't we all put it to a vote?

Three, two, one. Molemole?

That's six.

Molemole it is!

It's the democratic law.

I think 'Vigilantes'
would have been better,

but whatever.

The OG Heroes are calling the shots.

We have the numbers.
We have the capability.

We have the smartest people
on this beach working with us.

So I don't care.

GEORGE: Let's get outta here.
HAYLEY: Let's do it.

SAM: Are you guys
all going for a swim?



Oh, my God.

I can't believe it.

Let's have a seat.
Let's do it.

Um... Oh, my God.

Last night, I pledged allegiance
to George, Shonee and Liz.

The idea basically is we all have
a common target, that being Simon.

But I...I don't know

and I think that...

Like, someone's gonna
need to budge somewhere

to, like, get a majority

and where's that gonna be, you know?

(SIGHS) Like...

Simon sort of seems like
the easy vote.

He's rubbed a few people
up the wrong way.

But also I'm aware of the fact that

the numbers right now in the game,

it's very, very blurry

and I've got a really
tough decision to make

on what alliance I wanna be aligned
with for the rest of the game.

I feel like we've got the numbers
to vote out whoever we want...

..being Hero strong.

Like, the OG Heroes are me, you,

Hayley, Nina,

Dave, Sam, Matt,

plus Simon is eight.

The way I'm looking at it now
in my OG Hero alliance,

I feel like I'm more
towards the top,

I'm more involved
in the decision-making

and I'm leaning more
towards that alliance.

So we're eight?


And then tonight,
at some point in the night...

Yeah. Yep.

..come down to the beach
and we'll meet up.

Perfect. Alright.
That sounds good, yeah.

Glad to have you.
Oh, same!

At the end of the day,

yes, I pledged my allegiance

to George, Shonee and Liz.

I had to do whatever possible
to keep myself alive in this game.

But now that I've made merge,

playing with my OG Heroes

just seems like
the right move forward.

And with eight of us
and only four of them,

I mean, the odds are in our favour.


No, no.
So what's the deal?


FLICK: All of a sudden, this is
our chance to have a big move

and I think we could see
some things changing up in the game,

which I'm excited about.




That's it.
Yeah, rice straight on.



What's happening, mate?


Um... What's that?



LIZ: Do we need to get changed?

Flick is a great manipulator,
but a terrible, terrible liar.

I know we have lost Flick
and it's definitely hurtful

because I just worked
so hard to save her

and I thought that the girls
could stick together.

But clearly not.

George was right.



She is the...

I warned Shonee and Liz

that Flick just changes her mind

and now Flick has thrown us
under the bus.

We need to get a plan up and running

to take back control of this tribe.

Right now, there's a block of five
between Shonee, Liz and myself

and Gerry and Matt.

But I'll need seven people
in an alliance

to make sure that I'm in a majority.

All I need to do
is convince Liz and Shonee

to take a risk.


..I think we need
to keep our options open

because we have an insurance policy
with your idol.

And I can guarantee you this -
Simon's not going anywhere.

No-one wants to get rid of him.
Simon is a new vote.

We are better off walking up to Simon

and offering him a deal
right now, Liz.

No-one's taken that...

Just think about it.
Like, just think... It's true.


One of the single
biggest moves you can make

when you're playing Survivor

is to turn your enemy
in the game into your friend,

and that's exactly
what I'm gonna do with Simon.

That's alright. You speak to Shaun.

Yeah, will do.

Simon is so low in the pecking order.

Well, I'm not getting wet.
Not gonna get wet?

SAM: Gonna swim too?


If you could give us a second.
It's not bad, but it...

Yeah. Thank you.

I might be the only person
in this new merged tribe

that gives him an opportunity
to go forward in the game,

and I'm gambling that Hayley will
be interested in working with me.

We're gonna put together the alliance

that dominates the rest of this game.

I'd absolutely love to.

Yep, let's go.

As a priority.

Come join us, Hayley! Join, join.

It's, like, all these
little groups. Hello!


Well, I think...I think that's
what's happening, Hayley.

Everyone's kind of pulling off
into little groups

and you can kind of see
where the focus of groups are.

I thought this is a good chance
to have a very frank conversation

because the deal that we got offered
was, Simon, you're out first.

(CHUCKLES) That makes sense, yeah.

I would rather
David or Shaun, Sam goes.

So we have a decision
to make moving forward

that will determine
all of our destinies.


I'm...I'm keen on this

'cause Sam has been off me
for a very long time,

so I've been, like, clutching on,

into an alliance
just this whole time.

Well, this will be fun.


Do you know what you could say?

"Simon was hanging around
like a bad smell,

"then he walked off,

"and we're still on the Simon plan."

HAYLEY: You mind if we say that?

That's what you can say.
No offence, Simon.

Sounds good. (LAUGHS) Yep.

I've been at war with Simon
for the first half of this game,

but if I can reel him in
with an offer of peace,

I can manoeuvre him and I can
take charge of this game.

Like, from there,
do you think that...

Like, that's the best path
moving forward

for...for us from here?

What everybody thinks over there

is I have this huge
personal grudge against you.

No-one in a million years

would ever think that
I would want to work with you.

Right now, I'm a lone wolf
on the bottom of this tribe.

The half-a-million-dollar question

is how can I trust George?

Someone who has been
my mortal enemy in this game.

Right now you have zero percent
change of winning if you do nothing.

Like, the...the safest thing
I could do

is just let the plan happen

and then it's just, like,
how boring would that be?

The idea of potentially
working with George...

(LAUGHS) I can't believe
that's actually

coming out of my mouth right now.

But that is a real option

that I'm looking down
the barrel of right now.

Bloody hell.


I don't know what I'm gonna do,

but I know one thing's for certain.

Coming into this
individual part of the game,

I'm ready to show you
what the beast is made of.





Come on in!


Does the new tribe have a name?

Yeah, we do have a new name.

We've come to an arrangement
between all of us.

The new merged tribe
is called Molemole.

What does it mean?

It means 'I'm hungry' in Samoan.


So, Nina, how is Molemole
getting along so far?

So far, so good.

Everybody was chatting yesterday,
which is a great sign.

It didn't stop until...

..God knows what time. (LAUGHS)

Um, no, it's been great so far.

Simon, is making merge
everything you dreamed it would be?



I'm just really glad to be here
and still breathing.

Interesting word to be using today.

Alright. Are you ready to get to your
first individual Immunity Challenge?

Yeah, let's do it.
Let's go!


Thank you.
You're welcome.

Tribal immunity is no more.

From now on, this is what you want.


Individual immunity.

With this around your neck,
you are safe,

guaranteed another day in the game.

Without it, you could be going home.

Today's challenge
is gonna test your ability

to stay calm when every fibre in
your body is telling you otherwise.

You'll each take a spot in the water

under a metal grate.

As the tide comes in,
the water will rise

and your breathing space
will decrease

until eventually it is gone.

The person who lasts
the longest out there

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 12th person
voted out of this game.

We'll draw for spots.
We're gonna get to it.

SIMON: Hell, yeah!
Hell, yeah!

HAYLEY: Oh, my gosh.

It's horrible. It's not a position
the human body wants to be in.

SAM: I'm freaking out.
Freaking out, yeah.

And you've got no idea
how many people are still in.

Alright, here we go.

Everyone, slide into position.

Oh, it's chilly!
Oh, my... It's freezing!

Oh, my God!

For immunity, this challenge... now on.

Pretty easy at the moment.

But as that tide comes in and
your breathing space disappears...'s gonna get
a lot more difficult.

First individual immunity
up for grabs today.

That first Tribal after merge
is often the most precarious.

Finally everyone's come together,

but you don't really know
where everyone stands at the moment.

The only way to make sure

that you don't get caught up
in some madness at Tribal

is to walk out of here
wearing this necklace.

But today you're not gonna
have to push through the pain.

You're gonna have
to push through the fear.

30 minutes in

and, surprisingly,

no-one has dropped out.

Everyone fighting it out
for immunity.

That wind is picking up.

Creating some chop.

Ooh! Mmm!

Oh, no!

Another big surge.

Everyone going under.

Your breathing space is disappearing.


Finally, after 32 minutes,

we have our first person

out of the challenge.

And with that,
Sam is out of the challenge.

That water is
right up at the bars now.




Desperately trying
to clear her airway.

It's too much for Shonee.
She is out of the challenge.

Now we're down to nine.


Shaun trying to breathe through it.

Trying to find that Zen place.

A big surge.

This might sort out a few.



Liz can no longer take it anymore.

We're down to eight.

SHONEE: Good job, honey.


And out of nowhere...

..Shaun is out of the challenge.

Oh, (BLEEP).

Did not expect this.

Simon's out of the challenge.


And now we're down to six.

It's David, Matt, Nina,

Gerry, Flick and Hayley.

And everyone is under again.

That takes out Gerry.

Now we're down to five.

Still five? (BLEEP!)

If today is any indication, then...

..we're gonna have
some fights on our hands

for that necklace coming up.

Flick starting to panic now.

Really struggling.


Water covering her face now.

She goes down.

Flick drops out
and we're down to four.


Hayley completely under water.

Hayley's out.

And we're down to three.

It's David,


and Nina battling it out.

Nina continues to blow out bubbles.

The boys have their snorkel.

Nina with her own technique.

Pretty incredible to watch.

David trying to breathe through it.

And David is out
and we have a showdown

between Matt and Nina.

GEORGE: Wow. Amazing.

Nina taking on the lifeguard.

Determined to leave here
wearing that necklace. Wow!

Matt really protecting that airway.

How many more surges
can he press through?


Nina's pushing through.


Almost 50 minutes.

GEORGE: This is incredible.

SHONEE: Go, Nina!

Matt gurgling.


Who's gonna drop out first?

Nina really breathing heavily now.

She goes under.

And that is it!

Nina is out and Matt wins immunity.

Well done!
GEORGE: Well done, Matty!


Almost 50 minutes.
Well done, you two.

Good job, Matt.

MAN: Nina!

Matt, come on over.

Yeah, Matt!


First individual immunity is yours.
Thank you.

How does that feel?
I'm pretty excited.

It's definitely
on my Survivor bucket list,

to get individual immunity,

and to be safe tonight
feels pretty good.

Huge effort today. Amazing.
Thank you. Thanks.

You're safe.
Yeah, Matty!

Not going anywhere.

As for the rest of you,
amazing effort from everyone,

but sadly, after 29 days,

someone going home tonight.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight at Tribal.


SAM: Matt winning
individual immunity

is definitely a positive
for our alliance

and we're going to Tribal Council
tonight with a plan.

Shonee and Liz, they're both
massive threats in this game

and if we can take
one of them out successfully,

we're weakening their alliance.

Clear battlelines will be evident
after tonight's Tribal Council.


DAVID: Yeah! Well done, Matty! Yeah!

Very hard.
GEORGE: A Survivor classic.

Now I get to tick this off
the bucket list too?


And you've gotta get the tattoo.
Now I have to get the tattoo?

We'll workshop that one.

MATT: This new tribe for me,
I'm in the position of power.

Alright, let's get some food going.

And as a lifeguard,

everyone out here trusts me,
believes me.

That's why I've been cast
as a hero in this game.

And right now, the OG Heroes

think that I'm still
working with them.

But I know I'm going George's way,

over to this new-formed alliance

and I just need to keep my head cool

and keep making people
continue to trust me

the rest of this afternoon.

SHAUN: Anybody else for water?
Cool, thanks, mate.

I'll get started on this fire.



SHAUN: Do we have
anybody following us?

Anybody crawling around
in the bushes?

NINA: I don't think so.

OK, alright, so tonight...
Yep, straight to it.

..what are we doing?

So, I mean, based on our chat
that we had last night,

one of the girls.

SAM: Yeah?

Ahhh! Whee!



We know that Liz has an idol.


Want me to try and flush that?





Um, so do it last minute?
Yeah, yeah.

OK, so...


No, who is gonna do two on Liz?

SAM: You and Matty.
Me and Matty?

Matty's coming.

Yeah, come in. Quick, quick, quick.

And then head back.
Real quickly...


The only thing is, right,
I'm concerned right now

is if we don't get that Simon vote.

SHAUN: At the end of the day,
we don't know

how much we can trust Simon,
but he is a lone wolf

and as far as I see it,
he's a number up for grabs.


..and then I'll gauge where he's at.

I think our best way forward

is to pitch to Simon... he doesn't get any ideas

about switching back to his
original Villains alliance.

Yeah, so...

Who are you guys voting for?


This is Simon's test tonight.

If you're in,
we've got eight people.

SHAUN: Simon, if you can just
give us that one vote on Shonee,

we'll know that you're onboard
and we will happily take you in.

GEORGE: Going into tonight's
Tribal Council,

the scramble is absolutely hectic.

The first vote at merge

is one of the most important
in the game.

And I know we need
to dismantle the alpha alliance

before they start winning
immunity challenges

and I have a target in my sights.

It's Sam.

Sam is someone that
focuses his game on loyalty.

He's someone that brings
the boys together

and if he makes amends
with Simon and Matt,

my majority of seven that's formed

will turn into a minority
very, very quickly.


Yep, yep.

Yes. 100%.

Let's do a quick one.

Let's do a quick one.


Voting for Sam? Yes, 100%

I'm solid.
That's enough.

And if you need to use the idol...
Got it, got it. Go, go, go.

Go, go, go.

George the unifier
will succeed in this campaign

and Sam will be sent home
in an epic Survivor blindside.

Are we all here?
What are you saying, sorry?

Just, like, if you chop off
the leader, which is Sam...

SIMON: Yeah.

..we're the seven majority
and Sam will never see it coming.

MATT: Yeah, 100%.
That sounds good.

Simon, just look a tad nervous.

Let's scram. Simon...
OK, break it up.

I just keep going for it?

Put on your acting skills,
like I did, and off you go.

Just be, like, "Boys, boys, boys,"
but know that it's not boys.

That's awesome.
What... Yeah, cool.

The most doubt
that I have right now

is with George, Shonee and Liz.

These people have openly burnt me,

they have dragged my character
through the mud.

Are they people that
I can actually work with?

I have no idea.

So I just need to get
a quick sense check

to see what Hayley's feeling

and if she's picking up
any further information from George.

HAYLEY: Um, what's your
anxiety levels?

Are you... I think
they should be low.




And is it correct that you are...

You know what?

I have no idea who's actually
gonna go home tonight.

The one thing that's evident to me

is that I came into merge
as a lone wolf

and now I am the swing vote

and one of the most powerful
influencers in the game.

What's going on?

This is unbelievable,
like, unbelievable.


LIZ: Hey, Simon.
GEORGE: Come, Simon.

Um, I just wanna, like, what's...

How are we gonna attack...


Bend us over a barrel, Simon!


We're at seven.

If we get over tonight as a seven,

you can have your revenge on Flick

because she screwed us over.

This game is wild,

how fast things change and move.

This morning, we woke up pretty
terrified that we were done for.

Now we're sitting in
a seven-strong alliance.

We've got Shonee, myself,

George, Matt,

Gerry, Hayley and Simon.

And we've decided to take Sam out

to weaken the alpha boys.

DAVID: But I don't know what...

We're just saying Simon.



So at the moment,
we haven't workshopped

where the split is,
but it's gonna be...

I think they're
throwing your name up.

Yep, I know. Well, I mean, there's
only one way you're not nervous.



GEORGE: Are you feeling alright?

Should we have a chat or...
Let's have a chat.


I actually think...

The fact that we have an idol

as a safety net is great.

But I don't know
if David's trying to trick me

so they can get rid of
Shonee or George.

I still think we have seven.

I do not.


..shield himself
with the meat around him.

Shonee and Liz don't trust Simon,

but I'm not worried one bit.

Simon accepted my offer of peace

because Simon has absolutely
no allies in this game.

We are giving Simon hope
in the game.

Whilst I'm certain
all seven of us are on board,

I know I need to placate
Liz and Shonee.

So I'm gonna get an extra number
for tonight's vote.

If I was to give you advice,

you've gotta start
thinking about end game

and you've gotta get on the winning
ship before it sails away, Shaun.

I would rather Sam goes...

This is just about moving
the pieces of the puzzle.

Chats with George
are always awkward.

He's got this sociopathic,
calm manner about him.

I've given you my advice.

It's an open invite to get on board.

It's like you're sitting there
with Hannibal Lecter

and you don't know if he's gonna
try and eat your flesh.




So he let me know

that I need to jump off
the sinking ship,

jump on the winning one.

You're kidding.


It's just...

I mean, I don't know
what the real plan is.

I don't know what George's
real plan is. It could be me.

But it doesn't matter
at the end of the day.

We've got our plan, we've got
our group. We'll stick to it.


GEORGE: I just, um...
I had a chat with Shaun.

I go, "You can get on the winning
ship or you're gonna let it sail."

Wait. So he knows the plan?

He knows the plan.
Why does he know the plan?


No, George!

George has spilled
the beans to Shaun

that we are voting for Sam.

That is literally
the dumbest thing I've ever heard.




So now we're double-bluffing.
Are you OK with that?


And George... Come back here.

No more loose lips!
From now on...

GEORGE: The more I think about it,

there's no difference
between Sam and David.

One's a 'potata', one's a 'potato'.

And I'm gonna toss out the rotting
veggies right where they belong.

It's not. No, Matt.
This is your move, OK?

This is your big move.

I'm gonna go wash this pot.

LIZ: No, I'm telling you, this is
the seven that goes all the way.

They swapped the vote to David
without an explanation.

I'm definitely starting
to get a little bit nervous.

Gerry, how you feeling about it?

Let's go to Tribal Council,
let's knock it on the head.

George, Gerry and myself,

we made a final-three pact together.

But maybe working with George
isn't the best idea.

I don't know whether
I can fully trust him.

And so I really need to weigh up all
my options sitting at Tribal tonight

and make a decision
that's best for my game.

Tonight, I have a couple of
pretty hefty options ahead of me.

I can either bury the hatchet

and actually work with
my mortal enemy in George

and his alliance...

..or I can stick with the OG Heroes,

blend in with the big boys

and try to navigate my way
through to the end.

Right now, for tonight's vote,

I'm gonna grab my destiny
to set up my end game

and be Sole Survivor.

JONATHAN: Experience the game
like never before,

with extended Tribal Councils,

unseen moments, interviews and more

over on
10 play.



SHAUN: So many people.

Wow. Full house again.



Oh, God, it's huge.

Is this feeling overwhelming?

It feels like
starting again. (LAUGHS)

It is a bit like that.

To that point, Hayley,

the first Tribal Council after merge,

would you agree that it's one of
the trickiest moments in this game?


It's harder than the first one

because there are already now
existing relationships

before swap, after swap
and now at merge,

and you're trying to figure out
where you sit within those,

so it's really hard.

Have you been able to work it out?

I...I think I have,

but we'll find out tonight
if I got that right.

So, Matt, the last time
you were here,

you were pitching for your life.

You had no choice, no power.

And tonight it seems like
you've got both

because you've got that necklace.

I know. It...

How the tides can turn
so quickly in this game.

You've spent a lot of time
with almost everyone here,

so is tonight
a critical choice for you

about who you're gonna work with
moving forward?

I think, um, tonight's choice

is about securing
my future in the game...

..with people that
I...I want to play with.


So, George, if you could
sum it up in one word,

how would you describe
this moment in the game?

I think this moment in the game
is the turning point.

You're gonna have players
that are going to get to the end

because of the decisions
that they make tonight...

..and you're gonna have players
that fall by the wayside.

So how comfortable do you feel
about your position tonight?

I'm 100% confident tonight.

If you don't know
what's happening on day 29,

then what the hell has been going on
the past couple of weeks?


Liz, you're used to working
with smaller groups.

Is it stressful dealing with
such a big bunch of people?


I'm very stressed.

There's only a handful
of Villains left here.

So...I'm very concerned
for myself tonight.

I think I'm near the bottom
of this pecking order.

Shonee, are you also concerned?


..'cause I'm relying on people
to make it through myself this vote

and I feel like, yeah,
there's just a lot going on.


So, David, you've come from a small,
cosy tribe compared to this one

and it's easy to make something
happen with fewer numbers.

But when you get
to a tribe this size,

it's a whole different story.

It is a whole
different story.

There's different relationships,
different dynamics amongst it

and the tribe swap throws up
different interactions

or strengthens your alliance.

Do you think you've been able
to pull in enough people

to get the numbers
to make something happen?

Yeah, I believe I have strong enough
relationships around me.

We're speaking a lot
about relationships.

This is Survivor.
It's not 'The Bachelor'.

And what matters in Survivor

is cutting a series of deals

and tonight there is one very, very
obvious person that needs to go

and my understanding
is that person will go home

and walk down that path
and we'll never see him again.


"See him"?


Flick, what do you make of that?

Uh, that it's not me. He said 'him'.

Yes. Quite clearly said 'him'.

What about you, Sam?

Do you have any idea?

I might have a fair idea.

Like, if I use my imagination.

Simon, often in this game,
the people at the bottom

suddenly become the crucial
swing vote come merge.

Has that been your experience
this afternoon?


Yeah, I came in here with not
a lot of power into this merge... a bit of a...
bit of a lone wolf.

It's, um... Yeah, I think
there is new life for me.

How important is it to move past
old grievances in this game?

(SIGHS) I'm still taking it
a day at a time.

But that's a pretty big part
of the decision-making process.

Well, on that note,
I think it is time to vote.


JONATHAN: Well, I think... is time to vote.

George, you're up.


David, we've had an epic season
of Heroes v Villains

and you've played a very
important role as a raw potato.

So consider your game now cooked.

Maybe saving me
at the last Tribal Council

was not the best decision.


Tonight, this vote is for me,

to secure myself in the alliance

that I think can take me
to the end game.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Well, well, well.

Alright, who do you wanna
play it for?



Liz, Liz.

Are you sure you wanna do it?


Shonee. OK.


Alright, I can confirm

that this is, in fact,
a hidden immunity idol...

..and any votes cast for Shonee
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

That's four votes to Shonee.


That's one vote Liz.



One vote Liz, one vote David.


One vote Liz, two votes David.


Three votes David, one vote Liz.


Four votes David, one vote Liz.

The 12th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains...


That's five votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.



See ya, buddy. See ya.

David, the tribe has spoken.

Done. See you, guys.

Go, Dave-o!

See you, David.


Well, a vote like that

will help you remember
exactly who your friends really are.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

Vigilantes, assemble!

..a powerful force
has taken over the game.

No-one can stop my crusade
for that holy, holy crown.

But can old enemies be trusted?

I'm not here just to be
George's puppet.

I wanna make big moves in this game.

Will vengeance...

SAM: Stakes are higher than ever.

We're as desperate as Simon is
for a mirror out on this island.

..and betrayal...

SHAUN: I've got an idol in my pocket

and nobody knows about it.

The goal for me
coming out here is to win.

..blow the game apart?

Are you ready to ride the lightning?

This game is about to get fiery!

Being part of
a blindside, it's, uh...

Yeah, it was surprising.
Sam thought he was the vote tonight.

Time to start dismantling
the hierarchy.

Yeah, I definitely think
there was betrayal.

And I wonder who it was.

Since the start of this game,

you've been uncertain about
having me in your alliance

and the good news
is by the end of today,

I won't be in the alliance.

Bad news - neither will you.

Hopefully, the OG Heroes
can keep going from here.

But...they need to find out
who has turned.

Captions by Red Bee Media