Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - Vigilante Justice - full transcript

A powerful force has taken over the game. But can old enemies be trusted? Will vengeance and betrayal blow the game apart?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You can drop your buffs.
We are merged!

..the day they had been
waiting for finally arrived.

Thanks, mate.

I'm a lone wolf
on the bottom of this tribe.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

At camp...

..with the OG Villains outnumbered...

Being Hero-strong,

we've got the numbers
to vote out whoever we want.

..Flick reunited with the OG Heroes

and took aim at Shonee.

Yes, I pledged my allegiance
to George, Shonee and Liz,

but, with eight of us,
the odds are in our favour.

But George was working on
his own plan...

GEORGE: I'm gonna put together
the alliance

that dominates
the rest of this game.

..and he convinced his old enemies,

I'm keen on this.

..and Simon to join his alliance.

Simon was hanging around
like a bad smell

and we're still on the Simon plan.

No offence, Simon.
Sounds good. I got it. Yep.

At Tribal Council...

I believe I have strong enough
relationships around me.

This is Survivor.
It's not 'The Bachelor'.

Liz played her immunity idol.

Who do you want to play it for?

And Dave was the first of
the OG Heroes to meet his fate...

The tribe has spoken. George's new alliance
took control.

11 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


I just wanted to clear the air
'cause everyone's probably wondering

how it kinda happened and stuff.

So, I did flip, um, to the...

Well, I don't think you flipped.

I think you made a choice.
Yes, made a choice and...

No, no, no. Yeah.

There were so many moving parts,

there was bound to be
a couple of loose lips,

so we weren't totally surprised.

I was... I thought it was me.

No loose lips. Please don't...
There's no loose lips.

..mean to undermine their decisions.

Yeah, there's no loose lips,
there's no flipping.

A decision was made and that's that.

It's not the time
to just start throwing barbs.

LIZ: Anyway...

I wanna go in a hammock too!

We weren't allowed in a hammock
yesterday. Let's go!

Matty, join us, join us.


I'm feeling a little bit evil,
a little bit naughty,

um, but it's good fun.

I'm back in a majority...


..after being stuck down the bottom
for the past few weeks.

Welcome, friend!

Don't stab me.

And it's fun to be
finally playing the game

and having an opportunity to play.


Oh, my God.

Nina wanted to call
the new tribe the Vigilantes.

We're gonna call our new alliance
the Vigilantes and steal her name.






LIZ: I feel like
I've been cheated on.

SHONEE: I know. Same.

Especially 'cause I, like,
see another girl and I'm, like,

"Oh, let's look after her." Like,
"Let's bring her." There's so many...

And how is that...

I copped four votes last night
at Tribal Council

and I do know
Flick not only went against me

but it was her idea
to get me out last night.

Of all people!
I just saved her last Tribal Council.

It's definitely hurtful

and I'm very confused
why she's so adamant

about turning on me
when I'm the one who saved her.

We genuinely like you
and obviously we do know it was you

that was throwing out our names
to people.

So, I just wanted to check,
like, what did we do?

I found it really hard to be around

'cause I was very on the outs,
and I was.

Like, I was on the bottom
of the tribe.

Yeah, that's how we were yesterday.
Don't worry. I know exactly...

And that's how I was
for the last 10 days at my camp.

Just a bit sad because I actually...
I'm sad too.

..thought we were, like,
genuinely forming a friendship

where we would, like,
hang out on the outside,

and now I feel like I've been,
like, cheated on,

or, like, mugged off
by what you've said.

I thought that Flick and I had
a genuine friendship out here.

You know, we were
always laughing together,

we were talking about having some
margies on the outside world.

I feel glad that
there wasn't anything specifically

that I did to Flick,

but that doesn't change
that she is 100% my next target.

I saved her and she betrayed me,
so all I can smell now is revenge.

When I looked at the group of people
that I thought was in the minority,

I thought you guys were close and I
thought that maybe that was a threat

and then I was like,
"Let's split that up."


I respect the hustle.

Respect the hustle of,
um, the game element.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, that's good.

NINA: Right now,
they have a majority of seven.

Then there's a minority -
myself, Flick, Shaun and Sam.

We don't have a name.
Maybe the Pity Party?

Right now, we're four
and they're six, right?

SHAUN: They're a seven.
They're a seven.


Well, let's just say
we don't find an idol.

The way I'm seeing it,
I wouldn't know...

If we don't have an idol,

we've only really got relationships
to fall back on.

We've just got to find the crack.

I think that's the problem,
is finding the crack.

I'm not going down without swinging.

Well, me and Flick's, like...

I was like, "You've got to work on
your relationship with Simon a bit."

This could be his chance to come
back and realign with us and her

and do the ultimate take-down,
you know what I mean?

I don't know if Simon
will actually come with us

because he is in
a majority alliance.

Why jump ship?

But it doesn't hurt to try.

If he sees something more appealing
than what they're offering

or if George is taking
too much control,

Simon is gonna want some control too.

Um, I just said,
"Let's have a chat soon."

I think the way
we all probably see it is

hopefully there's gonna be
fluidity in this game.

That's our best bet.

That's our only chance
because we've got people there

that will want a move made
in Simon and Hayley

and soon,
if our numbers dwindle too much,

they're not gonna be able to
'cause all of a sudden

Simon and Hayley are gonna
have nobody to make that move.

How satisfying would it be

to actually be able to pull something
off like they pulled off last night?

We just have to find that crack.

Now that David's gone,
a solid member of our alliance,

we have to scramble, we have to find
a crack, fracture - something -

or we need to win immunity.


GEORGE: Now, I am
really proud of you, Simon.

It's not easy to build a bridge
in the game.


If you had have told me
at the start of the game

that I'd be working with George,

I would have laughed in your face.

And here I am.

Now we're a powerful majority.

And you have friends and enemies
on your side, so that's perfect.


To frenemies. (LAUGHS)
Frenemies, yeah.

I'm walking into this merge
with nothing.

I'm no longer a lone wolf
and this puppy dog has found a home.

And whilst I don't know exactly
where I sit within my alliance,

there is enough mutual interest

for us to work together
and move forward as a pack.

Mutual benefit is much better than
a relationship, you know?

When they started talking about
relationships last night,

I'm like, "What are these people
talking about?"

I'd love to be playing with Shaun.
He's one of my Survivor idols.

He is smart, he's social,
he knows and loves his game so much,

and he just gets it.

He's a strategic threat as well,

but the best thing for me,
sitting pretty with the numbers.

Even if, in your mind,
you were going,

"Ooh, it's risky
with George, Liz and Shonee,"

the key in Survivor
is actually getting to the point.


Our...our...our hurdle now
is just get to the seven.

Don't stuff it up.

And then we all make the final
eight, nine days of the game.

Pretty good.
You know?

I'm pretty keen.
I'm pretty keen as well.

I still feel on the outs
in the Vigilante 7.

I still don't know
if I can truly trust George,

Shonee, Liz,

and even Gerry.

They have been openly trying
to get rid of me.

Are they people that
I can actually work with?

Hm. That's the half-million-dollar

SAM: I'll just follow your lead.

Yeah, good.

(LAUGHS) Still alive!

Like... Yeah.

I...didn't expect to be in the... the position that I am now,
waking up.

Like, coming into merge,

like, yeah, I didn't expect this
to be the outcome, to be honest.

Like, I was pretty shocked
by it all and... Yeah.

Here I am.
Enjoy it, mate.

It's good. It's awesome.

..Heroes move soon, I hope.

Oh. What's that?

You'll be ready to make a Heroes
move with us then soon, hey?


I reckon you will be, mate.
Mate, when the time's right.

It's all about timing.
All about timing. That's it.

But, yeah, and I think, um...

Look, I think if one thing
that I've proven is that

I'm someone who can definitely
bury the hatchet

and, you know, I'm a pretty
logical player and if there's...

You know, if there's logic for me...


You're open to it.

I'm always open to it.

Yeah. Which is good.
Good to know, mate.

Good to know.
No worries.


Flicky, can we catch up later on?
Yeah, we need to have a chat too.

Excellent. Yeah, that'd be good.
Thank you.

Right now, the Heroes are looking for
any crack they can.

They know that I'm probably gonna be
the lowest-hanging fruit,

given my previous relationship
with George.

My opinion on it,
the hatchet's buried for now,

but that handle is within quick grasp
if I need it.


Oh, God.
I love it!

Oh, that's not good.

Oh, my God.

Come on in!

All in. Let's go!


So, Liz, that was
a pretty interesting Tribal.

What was the vibe like
when you got back to camp?

Quite funny, actually.

It's interesting how one day
you're on the bottom

getting told what to do,
without a voice,

and the next day you're on top.

Nina, is that true,
that David's departure

really just shifted
the whole tribe dynamic?

Oh, 100%.

You can feel it, you saw it,
right when it happened.

And, yeah, things shifted
very quickly.

So, Flick,

did that vote clarify
where everyone stands now

or it is still somewhat confusing?

I feel like that vote clarified
where people stand for now.

To me, it feels like this game
is quite fluid.

It has been already.

But we'll just have to wait and see
what happens.

Alright, on that, are you ready to
get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Hell, yeah!

Matt, gonna have to give it up.
Oh, here you go, mate.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is very simple.

you're gonna hold onto a rope
attached to a weighted barrel.

As time goes on, your arms will tire

until you can no longer hold it up.

The last person standing wins
immunity, safe from the vote,

losers, Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become

the 13th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots,
let's get to it!

Let's do it, let's go!

Let's go!
SURVIVORS: Let's go!

Alright, everyone's in position.

For immunity.

This challenge is now on.

Everyone has 40% of their body weight
in that barrel.

All you gotta do is hold it up longer
than anyone else.

Doesn't matter if you're
the smallest in the tribe

or the biggest, like Shaun,

you're all faced with
the same problem.

Couple of rules.

Both hands need to be
behind the white line.

Barrel cannot touch the water.

As soon as it does
you're out of the challenge.


By Flick's account,
things are pretty fluid right now.

The only way to circumvent
any uncertainty in this game

is to win that necklace.

There is no better feeling
than sitting at Tribal Council

knowing that you ain't
going anywhere.

Many ways to do that, JLP.

There is,
but this is guaranteed certainty.

Shaun, how are you feeling right now?

Not fun. Plenty of things
I'd rather do.

Yeah, you're holding up
the most weight.

Yeah, but that's alright.
It's all relative, isn't it?


Hm. How much are you carrying
in your barrel, Shaun?

Probably, like, 41, 42 kilos.


Almost 10 minutes in and people
starting to feel it already.

You can feel it in your shoulders,
your forearms.

Your hands.

Lots of switching your hands,
trying to get some relief.

Doing it in the water
makes it more difficult

to get a perch with your feet.

George's barrel dropping below
everyone else's.

Come on, Georgie. Get it up there.

Good job.
Well done, George.

And after 13 minutes,
George has had enough.

Out of the challenge,
no shot at immunity.

Keep it up, Shon.

Shonee's barrel starting to drop.
No, it's not, Jonathan.

(LAUGHS) It's just
a visual illusion.


Oh, look at George.


Might as well have a look.
Why not? You're first one there.

35 minutes. We're down to 10.


Come on, Shonee.

Shonee just keeps creeping
further down.

Don't worry, Jonathan,
I'll get it right back up the top.


Go, you bag of bones!
Go on, Shonee!

Shonee's barrel
dangerously close now.

Oh, whoops!

Shonee, it's so close!

No, that's the shadow.

The water's below it.

Oh, I think you're done there,

That is it.
Yeah, OK.

I'll lower it that extra centimetre.

LIZ: Good job.

Well done, Shon.

How's it feeling, Matty?

The hands are getting sorer
and sorer by the minute.

What about you, Sammy?

Are you...are you going all day?

I want to win immunity, bruh.

Good luck to you.

I am so on board for it, OK?

If she goes now, good riddance.

Come on, Flicky.

I have not had one discussion
With Flick, Nina or Sam

since that Tribal Council.


Alright, congratulations,

you have made one hour.


We're gonna make it
a little more difficult.


You need to pick a hand
and stick with it.

One hand only on the rope.

This is gonna be so quick.

Here we go.

Three, two, one.


I'm going.

Good work, Nina.

Oh, and just like that.

Dropping like flies.

Gerry's out, Nina's out.

No, no, no!
You got it.


Good job, guys.
Unlucky, Shaun.

Shaun drops out.

Now we're down to six.

Sam, Hayley, Matt, Flick...

..Liz and Simon.

Good, Si.
Oh, Sam's going.

Sammy's out.

Oh, unlucky, Sam.

Now we're down to five -

Hayley, Matt, Flick, Liz and Simon.


Flick is out. Now we're down to four.
Go, guys!

Oh, my God!

Good work, guys.
Good job, guys.

OK, darling, concentrate, focus.
Focus, Liz, focus.

No silly business.

She's got it, I think.
She looks so solid.

And look at Hayley, again...

Yeah, the muscle definition
on that chick.

It's going. It's going.

Oh, Matt's gone.
Matt. Oh, my God.

Matt drops out
and we're down to three.

NINA: Let's go, guys!

Hayley, Liz and Simon battling it out
for that necklace.

All three looking very strong.

Simon's got his best game face on.

And as I say that, he slips
and he is out.

Man! Wow!

Now we have a showdown
between the girls.

Hayley and Liz.

Two true challenge beasts.

SAM: Let's go, Lizzy!

Well done, Hayls. Well done, Liz.

Within two minutes
of going to one hand,

seven people drop out just like that.

Oh, (BLEEP) this.

Liz continues to fight.

Come on, Liz!


Liz digging deep.

Well done!

Hold on!

Hayley slips. That is it!

Liz wins individual immunity.


Well done!

Good job!
Wasn't that good? Yeah.

HAYLEY: Red raw.

Yeah, the girls! Good job, mate.
That was so close.

So strong, mate. Congrats.

Bloody epic.

GEORGE: Well done!
Well done, mate.

So good. Congratulations.

Enjoy this moment.
Well done, well done.

Start celebrating.

Liz, come on over.

NINA: Go, girl!

SAM: Great work, Liz!
Yes. So good.

GEORGE: Well done, Liz!
So good.


Individual immunity is yours.
You are safe tonight.

Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a 1-in-10 shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,

Tribal Council tonight,
where one of you will become

the first member of our jury.

Won't be you. Well done.
Thank you.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

GEORGE: Lead, Liz. Lead.



FLICK: I feel like I am in the most
hot water out of everyone here.

But that also makes me
an obvious choice,

and obvious choices
aren't always the target

at Tribal Council.

So buckle on up
and get ready for the ride.


Good job, Liz.
So strong.

Good job to you, Hayley.
Yeah, you did amazing.

I think we're all dead.

I'll come with you.

Caucus meeting!

George the unifier has brought
seven very different people

together for the common cause -

to get the King to the top seven.

I've got a loyal foot soldier, Gerry,

my old frenemies Simon and Hayley

and a new mate in Matt.

With allies Shonee and Liz,
those four Heroes can't do anything

to stop my crusade
for that holy, holy crown.


You've missed the meeting!

I'm happy with that.
Is someone summoning me?

I've been summoned for a group chat?

I'm looking at you down there...
This is so special.

..I'm like, "Hurry up!"

Oh, this is a strategy group.

Guys, we are literally the top seven

unless something
goes catastrophically wrong.

Why would you jump into a minority
that's unstable?

It's that simple.

Really, I'm concerned with Flick.
So am I.

Yeah, same.
I'm on the same page.

That concerns me.
I'm happy with that.

Any inputs, anyone?
Are you happy with that?


Flick has been skating on thin ice
for a while now.

She somehow survived the Tribal
Council when Stevie went home,

but tonight is gonna be the night
that Flick finally gets the flick.

So how would we...
how would we like to split it, then?

We can't...
I think it's all on one.

We can't. We can't.
We have to dump on her.

But what happens if they...
they play an idol?

Then one of us goes,
that's the risk that we take.

It's a risk, mate.
It's the game, you know?

You can't mathematically split it.

I'm happy if we just dump it all.
Just dump it.

Realistically, me and Shonee
are most at risk,

and there's nothing we can do.

I still don't trust Simon
on this tribe,

but I'm gonna watch Simon
like a hawk,

because if Simon tells them
that the vote's on Flick tonight

and one of the minority four
have an idol,

I'm worried I could be going home.

So are we all happy?

We're done.

I'll get that.
I'll go fetch...

But I'll just wash this as well.

Is that clean?
No, we're just cleaning it now.

SHAUN: What else can we do
but have a look?

Get this going
and then just search around.

Tonight's voting for us minority
is a struggle street,

to say the least.

Stakes are higher than ever.

We're as desperate as Simon is
for a mirror out on this island.

This afternoon just try
and use your contacts,

try and find out, "Look, you know,
just tell me if it's me," or, like...

"But I need to know who's going,
but can you keep me safe?"

And stuff like that.
"Would you keep me?"

Mate we've got nothing to lose.

I'm a glass-half-full kind of guy.

Right now, the game plan is really

to find any cracks
within the major alliance.

Have some conversations

and try and find out
whose name's been thrown out.


Super. Super.

How are you feeling?

Better than I was two days ago.

Much better than I was two days ago.

Do you think I should keep looking?



I can't budge yet.

GEORGE: I know it must not be
a good feeling.

What's done is done, and, well,
I don't really know what to do.

You have done nothing to me
that's negative.


Cool, thanks.
So that's where we find out.

Hey, Hayley, can I
speak to you quickly?

Yes, yes.
Just privately.

Yep, yep, all good.

I just thought this is worth a try.
Go for it.

I don't know how you're feeling
about this, but...

(LAUGHS) No, no.

Nothing? Yeah.
I'm sorry. Yeah.

I think I'd be burning the group
that I just joined.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So yeah, I can't, I'm sorry.

It's alright. It's worth a try.

Totally worth a try.
Got to do it.

Because if you don't know,
if you don't ask, the answer's no.

Yeah, exactly, yeah, yeah, yeah.
OK, let's keep looking, then.

If there's anything that I can do.

We worked well together,

and I haven't done anything wrong
by you.

If anything, I've tried my best...
Mm-hm. the best of times, and I just
want to leave you with that.

Of course.
And to keep an open mind.

That's right.

No, no, that's fine.


That's all I ask.

The majority are not
giving us anything.

Our fate is signed,
sealed and delivered.

It is air-expressed
straight back to Australia.

One of us four
is going home tonight.

Our only options moving forward,
one of us is gonna go tonight.

Unless we find an idol.

Who should we put the votes on that
isn't gonna have repercussions...

I pitch Matt.
And I...I semi-agree with that.

SHAUN: I'll go Matt.

Just because I think
he's in this, like, cosy spot,

his name has never come up.

At least he'll be like, "Oh!"

Scare him.
All on Matt, yep.

Is there any way, like,
if we somehow found an idol...

That's why I feel like...
I've looked over everywhere.

SHAUN: I feel kind of bad having to
lie constantly in this game,

but the goal for me.

coming out here
is to win.

I'm gonna look around the shelter.
Yeah, you look around the shelter.

Look around the shelter, yeah...

SHAUN: I've got an idol.

I'm gonna go again, like,
down that little beach

where we walk in,
and just look again.


I found the idol,
without Sam knowing,

on the pizza reward.

I've had it in my pocket
for 20-plus days now,

and nobody knows about it.

I'm not gonna tell anybody about it
just yet.

I don't want to just play
the idol now

because I'm in trouble,

I want to use it
at the exact right moment.

If we can find another one,
that's the best-case scenario.




I'm having no luck
trying to find this idol.

And I've got to do something
to get myself out of it,

try and find some cracks.


I've seen way worse.
Oh, yeah, so have I, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

It's a last-ditch effort.

This has been a chat
that's been long overdue.


We know that Simon has
had beef with George

previously in this game,
and quite a lot,

so maybe that's something
we can leverage off tonight.

Obviously, I'm not pressuring you
in any way.

But I just feel like...
not time is of the essence,

but at some point it might become
too late to make a move on George.

George, Shonee and Liz are so tight,
and Gerry, because...


Oh, OK, yeah.

So that's four people right there
that are locked in.

I know.

And that's four votes every time,
you know?

It's a pretty big cloud
over everything, isn't it?


I think there's a risk
Simon will flip to her.

Uh, yeah.
She's very good with her chats.

Got it.


And do with it what you will,
but, like, my...

Yeah, my only pitch, I guess,
right now

is that we can have
the numbers potentially

to take out George.


..before maybe more of us go
and then we don't have the numbers.

Flick's hit the nail
right on the head here.

And I burnt trust with
about half of these Vigilantes.

I've buried the hatchet with George,

but there's only so long
I'm willing to bury the hatchet for.

If an idol gets played correctly, one
of us is gonna be collateral damage,

and there's a high chance
that it could be me,

so I just want to check George's plan
with Hayley.

I'm just a little bit concerned

that that just seemed a bit too
straightforward, Hayls, to be honest.

George, Shonee, Liz and Gerry,

if the four of them decide to
take out one of the three of us

who flips to them -
myself, you or Matt -

I'd be worried about friendly fire.

I feel very good about this alliance
right now, and I really do think

that they want to knock
a few of those guys off,

if not all of them,
before they go for each other.

You know what? Hayley is actually
very reassuring me.

That's good.

This game is just heating up.

Having a bit of blind faith is gonna
have to get us through another one.

Yeah, yeah.

Happy enough.

Let's do it.
Thanks, mate.

Let's just play.
Let's just play.

SIMON: Tonight I am voting with
the solid majority

to set myself up in this game

to put myself where the numbers are

so I can move forward
and cruise on from there.

Vigilantes, assemble!

Yeah, you don't even have
to tell me.

But, you know, like,

we were obviously
very tight this whole game.


I looked after you a lot.

I feel like...

..there were a few times when

you were in a lot of trouble,
I got you out of it.

And this isn't like, "You scratch...
you scratch mine,"

but it's, "You don't
have to tell me."

But if, like I said, if you can
at least keep my name out of it,

actually, it would be appreciated.

I'm in a new alliance,
but I have to just...

..stick with,

so I can't say or infer anything,

Of course.

There's always idols at play,
so just for safety.

We can leave it.

This new majority, there doesn't
seem to be much movement

in this group at all,

so I've sort of resigned myself
to the fact

that, yeah, it's probably gonna be
one of us

going home tonight.

Yeah. Yeah.



I feel ya. I'm going for a swim.
Yeah. Jump in.


Out of the four of us,

I would consider playing my idol
for myself

or Flick, who I'm really tight with.

So, tonight I've got a decision to
make whether I actually play my idol

and try to get it on one of us

Or hold on to it
and then hope to be here tomorrow.

I'm gonna be watching
everyone at Tribal

for little cues to pick up on.

Question is, do I play it?



So, Sam...
Yes, Jonathan.'ve always said,
"Actions speak louder than words."


So that last vote must be
ringing in your ears

like it was blasted from a megaphone.

Yeah, it is. Absolutely.
It was, uh...

It changed everything,
but this is a game of Survivor, man,

and you've got to have trust
in certain people

and if that changes, there's
only so much in your control.

So what did you take away
from that vote?

Uh, I took a lot away from it, but
a lot of the things I already knew.

You know,
I...I have pretty good instincts.

I like to think I've got
pretty good instincts and...

..people get scared,
they think they're at the bottom,

they think there are better
opportunities on the other side,

but we'll...we'll see
what happens tonight

because I don't think the decisions
that were made

at Tribal Council the other night

put anyone in any better place.


George, did you just say something? I...I have
a different interpretation of it.

I think, um, people had the chance
to get on the winning ship

at the last Tribal Council

and that ship sailed
and left the port, JLP.

And just because
you're standing by at the deck

going, "Give me a ticket,
give me a ticket,"

mate, the cruise ship's gone,
it's sailed.

It's sailed.
We're gonna have a great time now.

Shaun, is that how you see it?

Uh, probably not that cut and dry.

I mean, even if four of us
go on the end here,

um, it's not gonna be a winning ship
for six of the people over there. know, and this game's
ever-changing as well.

You know, you're in peaks
and you're in troughs.

And we're in our trough,
we're on the bottom.

And in Survivor,
when you're in a trough,

you've just gotta try
and survive it.

Simon, when deciding which boat
to take the cruise on...


..what kind of things
are you considering?

You know what,
that's a pretty easy one for me.

Um, and as a bottom jumper,

um, it was pretty clear-cut that
it doesn't matter where you sit

as long as you're part
of the conversation.

I didn't ever think
that I'd be sitting here

with my new friend George,
but here we are on a cruise together

and, um, I'm smiling.

So, yeah,
it's an interesting place to be.

It is interesting.

George, you two had
a very contentious relationship

at the start of the game
and that seems to have disappeared.

Yeah, what happened is
we're both Survivor players,

we're both Survivor fans and we
built a bridge and we got over it.

And I'm just so disappointed

that my white cruising hat got lost
somewhere on Villains Beach

'cause I think tonight would
have been the perfect time

to wear it with pride.

(LAUGHS) You know what, it would've
been good one tonight, wouldn't it?


You should never close a door here.

Um, you can get over past grievances

and then you can have a common goal
moving forward.

And that's kind of how the
Vigilantes are looking at things.

The Vigilantes?

Yeah, the Vigilantes on the tribe.

And who are the Vigilantes exactly?

This is our Vigilante alliance,
the seven of us.

Yep. Seven.

NINA: Nice!

So at least the name was used
in some regard.


So now they're using it against you.

Flick, what would you say

as someone who declined
one of George's invitations?


Where I'm sitting right now,
obviously in the minority,

tribe swap was not kind to me

in that I wasn't with my OG Heroes.

Um, but then I had an opportunity

to make friends
with a bunch of new people

on the Heroes 2.0 tribe

and they went into bat for me,
they saved my butt

and I couldn't have been
more appreciative for that.

And then I had a really difficult
decision to make come merge.

I basically had
all these relationships

with all these different people

and I felt like no matter
what decision I made...

..I was damned if I did
and damned if I don't

because either way, I was going to
piss off one bunch of people.

I made a choice
and it just wasn't the right one.

Shonee, what do you think about
Flick's choice?

I think it was a terrible choice.

She voted... She put...

Not only did she... It wasn't as if
someone gave her the option.

She put forward my name
and Liz's name

and we were the two people

who were like, "Flick,
let's work together. Come on!"

Like, we worked so hard to save her.

So for those names to come from her,
yeah, I think that was a mistake.

I personally was just
really confused as to why.

Like, I thought it was
a genuine connection, relationship,

genuine conversations about
moving forward together,

you know, keeping the girls strong.

And then for it to flip
in a matter of hours, jaw was on the floor.

It stings a lot.

But, Liz, it sounds like
you two are taking this personally.

I mean, it's hard not to
when, like, I don't know,

the line is always blurred with,
like, relationships and friendships.

I even said I was willing
to play my idol for Flick.

So, yeah, it does sting
when I'm willing to drop my idol

for someone that I see value
in playing the game with

and then they turn around
and say, "Actually, nah."

Well, Matt, you were faced
with basically the same...

The exact same choice.

You were saved that evening,
along with Flick.

I just jumped on the boat.
The right boat.


And now we're cruising
out on the seas.

And they're...

..left behind a little bit drowning
with no lifeguard in sight.

GEORGE: Oh! Oh, my God!
LIZ: Whoa! Matty, yes!

This is savage!

Well, I think it's time to find out

what this ship's
first port of call is.

It is time to vote.



I think it's time to find out what
this ship's first port of call is.

It is time to vote.
Hayley, you're up.


All aboard!



Maybe he's the captain.


I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote - Flick.




We're tied - two votes Flick,
two votes Matt.



We're tied again.

Three votes Flick, three votes Matt.


That's four votes Flick,
three votes Matt.


Five votes Flick, three votes Matt.

13th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains

and first member of our jury,


That's six votes. That's enough.
That's really crazy.


Need to bring me your torch.

Nah, it's all good. It's all good!
Well played, darl.

See ya. I'm giving you two a hug.

SAM: Good luck, Flicky.
NINA: You did your best.

SAM: Flicky, enjoy that shower.
Oh, mate, I will!

Flick, the tribe has spoken.
They sure have.

Thank you.
See ya!

SAM: See ya!
See you later.

Well, now that the good ship
'Vigilante' has left port,

the question is,
how long will the smooth sailing last

before it hits the rough seas?

Love it.

That's bad.

Grab your torch.
SAM: Jonathan.

Head back to camp. Goodnight.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

(GROANS) Ohhh!

..can the OG Heroes
hang on for dear life...


Ohh! a rebellion...

There's still a lot of people
in this game

that would beat me at the end.


I want to make big moves in this
game and work with the minority.

..threatens to end the reign
of King George.

SHAUN: This is our one shot
at the King.

We've got the numbers.
We've got the idol.

If we do this right,
this whole game blows apart.


FLICK: The Tribal tonight
was brutal.

I am annoyed that I didn't
get further in the game.

You always wanna do better.

I flipped on the people
that saved me and it backfired.

You tried to vote me out.

I think I'm done.

I kinda stuck my head out
a bit too far there in the end,

took a bit too many risks

and, yeah, shot myself in the foot.

Captions by Red Bee Media