Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - Episode #8.16 - full transcript

The Vigilantes have taken over. Can the OG Heroes hang on for dear life?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor,

the OG Heroes

were hanging on by a thread...

No, no, no! the self-proclaimed Vigilantes

took control of the game.

Liz wins individual immunity!

Well done!

Vigilantes, assemble!

I've been summoned for a group chat.
This is so special.

Next on their hit list was Flick.

I'm happy with that.
I'm on the same page.

You happy with that?

Tonight is gonna be the night
that Flick finally gets the flick.

Flick's only chance for survival
was to find a hidden immunity idol.

SHAUN: I've got an idol in my pocket
that I've had for 20-plus days now.

And I would consider playing my idol
for myself or Flick.

At Tribal Council...

Where I'm sitting right now,

I made a choice
and it just wasn't the right one.

Well, Matt, you were faced with
basically the same.

The exact same choice.

I just jumped onto the right boat.

Oh, my God!
Matty, yes!

This is savage.

JONATHAN: With no idol
to protect her...

The first member of our jury.

..Flick met her fate.

The tribe has spoken.
It sure has.

10 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?




I wasn't expecting this.

Ooh, I like the colours.

Come on in.

What on earth is this?

It's a little torture tactic.

GEORGE: Looks interesting.

So, Sam.
Yes, Jonathan.

How's camp without Flick?

It's, uh, one less person
in our minority.

It''s always a tough thing.

But it's Survivor.
I'm ready to play.

Nina, does it feel like
the Vigilantes are in town

and they're taking the law
into their own hands?

Oh, 1,000%, and that's
what they're meant to do.


If anything could be under here,
what would you want it to be?

I would love chicken. I'm in
the mood for some chicken tonight.

Alright, shall we get to
today's Reward Challenge?

Let's go!
Do it.

For today's challenge... pairs, you're gonna hang
on a pole

for as long as you can.

If one of you drops,
you're both out of the challenge.


Last pair still hanging wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

You're gonna be whisked away
to a spectacular location...


..where you will enjoy
an epic feast...

..of KFC.



That's right.

KFC are bringing the party with all
the chicken and chips you can eat.

That smells good!

LIZ: I can smell it!

Worth playing for?

Oh, my God.

Alright, we're gonna draw for spots.
We're gonna get it on.


Please, gods. Please let me win.
Let me win just once.

I don't want immunity. I want KFC.

HAYLEY: Ohh-oh!


Alright, for reward,
this challenge is now on.

We have Simon with Nina.

Just do not fall. You do not want
to get an injury here.

Shaun with Sam.

Old rivals Hayley and George.

Give it a shake-out.

Best friend you have in these
kind of challenges is movement.

Gerry with Shonee.


Liz with Matt.

OK, I feel like going like this
with your heels is pretty good.

That first section is the easiest.

Has the biggest hand- and footholds.

They get progressively smaller

further down the pole.

At various intervals,
we're gonna be moving further down,

making it more difficult.


MATT: I feel like definitely
smaller feet is an advantage.

You're only as good as your partner
in this challenge.

If one of you drops, you're both out.

No shot at that big bucket of KFC.

This is literally my dream reward

and the trauma of missing out twice,
JLP, will be too much.


SHAUN: I am...
I can't last much longer.

Shaun, how are those big feet
on that little perch?

Not ideal, mate.

Slipping so much.
I can't hold on with my feet.


(LAUGHS) Thanks, mate.

Are you drying Shaun's feet?

It's all teamwork.

Johnny, it's all teamwork here, man.





Simon's struggling early.

A little slip from Simon.

NINA: Dude,
you're making me nervous.

I'm like, "You go down. I go down.

"We're all falling."
No, no, it's alright.

Seven minutes into this challenge,
Simon is in trouble.

Yeah, I think so.
OK. Can we get a ladder?

A ladder for safety.

You dropping out? You're pulling out?
Yeah, I'm dropping out.



I'm done.

MATT: Yeah, I know.

I feel like I've got plenty of time.

Thanks, Johnny.
Sorry, man.

No, no, no.

I'll get you a Family Feast
on the outside.

Alright, brother.

Eight and a half minutes in,

two pairs already dropped out.

We're now down to three.

Hayley and George.

I want that KFC. We're gonna win.

Gerry and Shonee.

How are you going, Gerry?
Yeah, good.

Liz and Matt.

Do you know what? Pain is temporary.
KFC is forever. (LAUGHS)

Big boys Simon and Shaun

unable to cut it in this challenge.


All that muscle
completely useless here.



15 minutes in.

Everyone's looking
pretty comfortable.

Let's switch it up a little bit.

Let's move down to the next section,
the green section.

OK, here we go.

10, 9...

Well done!


Am I in the right spot?


Am I good?





Far out.


And instantly, Liz is in pain.

Those lower footholds
are much narrower.

SHAUN: Gerry,
you're doing unreal, mate.

Tough old bastard.

You can't make people like Gerry
these days.


But if you wanna step off, mate...

But if you wanna step off, Gerry...
Go for it.

..please do so.

We still love ya.

I'm getting a pedicure
I didn't ask for up here.

Far out!

Wow, Hayley switching it up.

GEORGE: Hayley could do this
for about 12 hours.


Shonee stretching it out.

This is quite comfy,
what Hayley's doing.


Liz continues to struggle to find
something comfortable.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

I'm sorry!
Try a squat again.


Nuh, I'm literally gonna slip off.
Are're done?

I'm done.

Liz struggling...
I'm done. Sorry.

..with sweat.

GEORGE: Be safe on your way down.

Almost 25 minutes in.

NINA: Good job, Liz!

Liz is out.
Gimme one, Liz.

And with her, Matt.

Sorry, Matt.
Well done. Great effort.

And now we're down to two pairs,

Hayley and George,

Gerry and Shonee.

Let's see who can last
on the final position.

Alright, 10, 9...

Nice, Georgie.


SHONEE: Oh, my Lord!

GEORGE: It's all toes, Hayle.

..6, 5...

HAYLEY: Oh, Jesus.





Well done.

Everyone's in the final position.
NINA: Good job, guys.

And no-one is happy now.

SAM: Great work, Hayley.

SHAUN: Gerry,
that's unbelievable, mate.


Those narrow footholds
are just drilling into your feet.

SHONEE: Oh, my God.
This is like razors.

George and Hayley
moving around a lot.

Clearly uncomfortable.

Gerry and Shonee struggling now.

Shonee not happy.


Doesn't feel like
she can hold in much longer.

You want to see George
win a challenge?

Put KFC on the line.


Who can hang here the longest?

George is all over the map.

GERRY: Nuh. I'm done.

That's it. Gerry drops out.

That is it!
What a challenge!

Hayley and George win reward!
Gerry, you're unbelievable.

KFC! KFC for Hayley!

Well done.

Would you believe it?
KFC. George and Hayley.

Well done, guys.
Good job, Gerry!


Hayley, George, come on over.


Finally you've called me up.

You've just won your dream reward.

It is my dream reward. Yeah.
Yeah, I know!

Now, a party of two is fun.

But a party of four,
well, who knows what can happen?

Much better.

Much better. So go ahead
and pick one other pair to join you.

Look, it would only be fair
that the pair that came second...

..would get to join us.

So come on down, Gerry and Shon!



That is so lovely!

Enjoy it, Gerry.
You're a legend, Gerry.

Oh, you're welcome.

Alright, congratulations, Shonee,
George, Hayley and Gerry.

Your KFC feast awaits.

Head on out. Enjoy!

Go through.

GEORGE: 'Bye, everyone.

SAM: See ya!

See ya, guys. Enjoy it.

See ya, legend.


What a day!


Nina, Simon, Sam, Shaun, Liz, Matt,

got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy the beans and rice.


Plenty of beans and rice.

SAM: There's always opportunities
in this game of Survivor.

Especially when
half the tribe are gone

and you're left with
some of the half

that are part of that
alliance that's left.

They're, like, long gone.

So this is the perfect opportunity

to pitch a proposal with one of
the three on the majority.

This is the perfect time to strike.

GEORGE: There is the Survivor heaven.

Red-and-white KFC dreams.


Big buckets of chicken,

of popcorn chicken,
of chips, of sauce.

I wanna dip everything in the sauce.

And I can't wait to
stick some KFC in my mouth.

Hey, George, could you
pass the plates?

Take a napkin each.
I'm too excited to sit down.

Your fingers are gonna need this
'cause it's gonna be delicious.

There is cutlery.

When you're eating with
your bare fingers,

day in, day out,

I can tell you there is nothing like
rocking up to a table

and using a plate and some cutlery.

We are doing it polite, you know?

They're so hot.


For me, that's the best
I've ever done on a challenge.

Clearly winning it with you, Hayley,

is one of the Survivor highlights
of my entire playing career.

Your motivation was so high.

Like, it was... KFC's
your favourite thing ever!

Hayley and George
100% made the right decision

on bringing Gerry and I
to the reward,

because not only do they get
to spend the afternoon

with some great people,
but we're all in the same alliance.

Only 10 left.

And then we're in a really, really
good spot for the next week.

We're in the pole position.

Let's get rid of our
next three targets first.

That's, um, Shaun...

Shaun, Nina, then Sam.

Sam and then, um...then go Simon.

Yeah. Yeah. Last, him.

Simon is someone who needs
to build up his resume,

so I'm definitely concerned
that he will be switching

and chopping and changing.

I am so keen to, like, not break.

Just keep it going with our alliance
of seven.

If we lose Simon along the way,
like, whatever.

After 32 days of basically
wilting away,

I am so excited to just be reminded

that delicious things are around.


This is fun!

(LAUGHS) Whoo!

(LAUGHS) Come on!



What a reward!
I know!

KFC with friends and allies...

..and now this!

SHONEE: Oh, my God. I'm in heaven.

I am feeling so satisfied

and so full.

I'm not worried about the six
who are left back at camp

because I have my BFF, Liz,
back at camp,

so I know she'll hold down
the fort for me.


SHAUN: This looks comfy.

For the last couple of days,
I've been dying to get a chance

to talk to Simon without drawing
too much suspicion.

Simon is somebody that
I really wanted to trust

but he burned bridges last time
not voting with us.

So it's risky,

but I'm not gonna leave this game
having not tried this move.

I've been thinking a lot, and...'s all hypothetical
until we find an idol - if we do.

Say we did.

My plan - and I haven't
even told you this -

is that if we find one...

..they're gonna have to split 4-3.


So the vote will be George.

And it will be the biggest move
of the game.

I wanna win half a million dollars.

And I know you wanna win half
a million dollars and win this thing.

Look, and I know you've been working
with him out of necessity.

But I know that...


Out of necessity, exactly.
So that's gonna stop.

So, Sam.

Um, we're trying
to get Simon on board.


So if we find an idol,
the four of us will vote George.


If I play my idol right

and I put it on the person
getting four votes,

then I only need four votes
to send King George home.


I've got a lot to consider.
You've got a lot of hunting to do.

The next part.

NINA: You swear to God?
I swear to God.

When did you find it?
Doesn't matter.

OK, you're right. (GASPS)
Are you kidding?

Shut up.
Yay, Shaun! Calm down.

I've managed to have
a secret idol now for 22 days.

I didn't play it for Flick
because I really wanted

to wait till the right
opportunity to use it.

And right now, I'm worried about me.

This is the time. This is the moment.

We can't afford this, mate,
to go back, please.

We can't afford this to go back.

Please do not.
Even if you don't...

Even if you choose not to...

It doesn't matter.
Please don't, mate. Please.

You know what?

Either way, the best thing
I can do is keep you guys on side.

And telling other people
would do nothing for me.

I can at least keep you on side
by keeping that to myself, you know?

'Cause otherwise, if I happen to
make it to the end,

then you three... know, if I keep this, well, at
least you've got my word, you know?

Mate, this is the move.

This is our last chance
to make a move on him.

Let me...

..sleep on it.

Fair enough.

Home again, home again.

Hello, everyone.
Anyone home?

Anybody here?



No, you can't do that!


SAM: Welcome home!

How was it?
GERRY: It was amazing.

SHAUN: Good.
Well done, well deserved.




Is that from Sam's pizza box?




And I've...

I...I know.


We're swinging for the King.

We're going for the King
because that's what's...









GERRY: Yay for the Mighty 7.

Yay for the mighty
cruise ship passengers.

The cruise - onwards and upwards.
SHONEE: Mm-hm.

HAYLEY: Where's the cruise going?

The cruise is definitely
gonna sail away tonight.


And when you're not on board
the ship, you're finished.


The Vigilante 7 have taken control
of this game.

This is the exact reason

why I took a huge risk
in trying to unify

seven very different people
and Survivor players

under my rule.


GEORGE: Gerry's wise.

Gerry has a very good instinct
in this game.


Matt's a nice guy.

He's completely loyal to us.

And then you've got Simon.

One team, one dream.

Definitely one dream.

Simon's just an alliance
of convenience

and the strongest faction within
the Vigilantes is the Spice Girls.

I'm just happy no heat's on me.

SHONEE: Mm-hm.

You know?

GEORGE: But my true frenemy
in this game is Hayley.

I'd love to get to the end
with the Queen

because nothing would say

more than beating Hayley
at the final Tribal Council.

There's one reason why.

We have the same problem.

It's the money issue.

What do you mean by that?

Well, people might not want
to give you the money twice.

I know that. I know. I know
it's a tough spot for me to ask.

And I won the ¤60,000 Set For Life
reward at the auction.

At my surprise Survivor party.

You did not?!
I did.

If any other player on this tribe
finds out about my secret prize,

I'll know that I'll have a problem
with Hayley

and that's exactly why I've told her.

So we will both have
the same problem...

Congratulations! That's awesome. final Tribal Council.

I'm so happy.
I know.

Oh, that's so good.


HAYLEY: Yeah. I won't...
Yeah, right.

George spilling secrets
is good news to me

because he wants to keep me close.

But while I am grateful

for him to pass this information on,

I know that that is
all being passed on

in his best interest.

OK. Let's go.

So that he can get to the end
with me and win against me.


Right now, I don't know if I can see
a clear path to the end for myself.

But I'm not here
just to be George's puppet.

I am realising that I should start
finding some agency in this game

and not get dragged along.


I don't want you to think that I've
closed the door on working with ya.


I know you guys are
in a strong alliance

and whatever it is happens happens.


But I just want you to, like, know
with my hand on my heart

that I'm not
a one-dimensional player.

Yep. I know that.
My door is open.

If there was an opportunity
that ever popped up...


..and I'm still here
and whatever else...


..I want you to know you can trust
me. I'm not here just to get ya.

Yep. That's good to know.


Anything I'm doing going forward

is me trying to predict
what would put me in the best spot.

It's not personal.

Not trying to work with anyone I've
known before, anything like that.

It's always me just looking
and saying,

"How can I get myself
a little bit further..."

And not just a little bit further

'cause we're getting so close
to the end

that it's now starting to be like,

"How do I look at that end
and see myself there

"with someone I think
I can do better than?"

Because there's still I think
a lot of people in this game

that'd beat me at the end.

If you had to sit in the jury
right now, if you didn't win,

who's playing the best game?





HAYLEY: George is playing
a fantastic game.

He has corrected his mistakes
from last time.

He's refined and finessed his game,

so his strategy's amazing,

but now his social gameplay's
also fantastic.

Look at all the people
who I have prioritised as targets.


They've been under-the-radar players.

Players that aren't passionate
about the game.


HAYLEY: And that makes him

Really, George is
the biggest threat out here.

That way your line
is not going below the belt.


But with kindness and compassion.
Yeah, exactly. Exactly.


I think we're about to walk off.

But I appreciate it.

And I appreciate you listening.
Of course.

And, like, I'll be here to listen
to anyone who'd want to talk.

Perfect. Yeah, of course. Of course.

All good. We walking out?
I think soon.


HAYLEY: George thinks that he holds
the power in this tribe right now.

But I wanna make sure
I have the numbers

to play the way I want to play.

If Nina, Shaun or Sam
win immunity today...

..I know it's a dangerous game
to play,

but I think I can make a move

without George having any idea
what's going on.


LIZ: There are some sort of blocks.

Come on in!

So, George, you've been dreaming
about that KFC reward forever.

I did.

What was it like living the dream?

It was phenomenal living the dream.

It was everything
I could've imagined.

I won my first-ever
individual challenge

with Hayley coaching me through it.

But even more important
than the chicken,

I got to spend it
with some great friends.

So, Simon, your pals
went and partied without you.

Was that tough
or did you make your own fun?

Look, it was well deserved to them

and, you know, good to see them
make the most of it.

Look, I wish I had room
for a few more friends.

But you know what?
That's the way the cookie crumbles.

So, Shaun, I think it's no secret

that you missed the boat
with this tribe.

Could a win today be
the life-preserver that you need?

Yeah, look, it could be, mate.

You just never know what Survivor's
got around the corner,

twists, turns, all that.

So today anything could happen,
regardless of the result.

Alright, shall we get to today's
Immunity Challenge?

Hell, yeah.

GEORGE: Don't give it to him, Liz.

Thank you. Don't listen to George.


Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna pull on a rope,

balancing a wobbly frame

while attempting to stack
letter blocks one at a time.

If at any point your blocks fall,

you'll need to start over.

The first person to spell
'Heroes vs Villains'

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the 14th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

GEORGE: Let's go!

This is gonna be a fun one.


SAM: Good luck, everyone.

Good luck.
Good luck.

Good luck, team.
Good luck.


Alright, here we go.

For immunity...

..Survivors, ready?


Everyone racing out
with their first block.

Now, there's a learning curve
on that rope,

trying to figure out
just how much tension you need

to balance that frame.

That tension will vary
the more blocks you have stacked.


Sam having trouble
getting that first one to stick.

This is tough, man.
This is tough, hey?

Frustrated already.

If at least one block is still
on your frame when you drop,

you can still pick them up
from the ground and replace them.

If you drop everything,
you gotta take them all the way back.

Nina drops.

Simon coming back like a cat,
super focused.

About to place his third.

Hayley with her second.

Gerry has two.

Sam had three.

(CHUCKLES) Now he only
has one up there.

Shaun is in it now.

He has four.

Oh, Simmo!

What a disaster for Simon.

Oh, no!

He drops all but one block.

And just as I say that, Shaun drops.

It's now Liz in the lead.

What on earth's happening?

That's how quickly things can change.


Look at me.


Oh, sugar!

Bloody hell.

Now that sun comes out.

GEORGE: Oh, this is
a sauna here, JLP.

Blistering hot today.

It is hot today.

It's gonna make it difficult to focus

and that's what you need
with this one.

Oh, man.

Shaun has quickly rebuilt.

Oh, he's using the mouth.

He now has the lead.

He would love to close this one out.

Guaranteed safety
at tonight's Tribal.

The longer this goes on,
the more exhausted you get

and the harder it is to focus.

Simon has quickly rebuilt.

Nine blocks.

Oh, complete disaster for Shaun!

He drops everything!

He needs to take his blocks
all the way back and start again.

That is the window that
everyone else was hoping for.

Nina drops.

Son of a gun.

It is now Simon in the lead.

I have never seen Simon this focused.

Simon with a big lead.

Wow. Go, Simon.

GEORGE: Oh, amazing, Simon.

Taking a moment.

Does not want to risk
losing what he's built there.

Shaun quickly rebuilding.

How does Shaun do it so fast?

Simon coming back with his 14th.

Good work, Si.

Simon like a cat,
hunting down his prey.

GEORGE: Like a stray cat,

ready to be culled.

This is the opportunity
that Shaun needs.

Simon...placing his 14th.

Barely moving.

Shaun placing his 11th block.

Hayley with 10 blocks.

Bit of a wobble from Simon.


Reaching for that 15th block.

Can't quite find it.


There it is.

Hayley chasing him down now.

Ooh, that sucks!

Ow! Ow!

On myself!

Shaun quickly coming back
with his 12th block.

Simon with the lead.

He's down to one block.

Slow and steady, Simon.

Slowly coming back.

Shaun down to his last four blocks.

Simon placing his final block.


SHONEE: Incredible.
Great, Simon.

And Simon drops a couple.

That's the window you're looking for.


(SIGHS) Why is it so far away?

So Simon has 14 on deck.

Trying to recover two from the ground

without dropping everything.

That is not easy.

Shaun coming back
with his 14th block.

Does he go for broke
and chase Simon down

or does he take his time and hope
that disaster strikes for Simon?

Simon has all 16 blocks in place.

Just needs to get
all the way back to the mat.


Shaun drops out of it now... Simon inches his way
back to the mat.

Go, Simmo!

SAM: Go, Si. You got this, brother.

You're good, bro.

So close.
Just be calm.

Can he get there without dumping?

There's one foot back.

That's it!

Simon wins individual immunity!



Well done!
Well done.

Good work, brother.
That's mad, man. Good work.



Good job.

Well done, Simon. Congratulations.
Thanks, bro.

HAYLEY: Good job.

I'm always watching what people do
when they win challenges.

And who did Simon celebrate with?
The opposition.

Simon's hugging Sam,
Simon's hugging Shaun

and Simon's hugging Nina

and I'm telling myself,

"Why do they look so happy
that Simon's won?"

Something's up here.

This is a red flag for me.

That is a dream come true.

Simon's not on board
this cruise ship.

I can promise Simon one thing -

the war's back on, buddy,

and you're gonna face
the wrath of the King.

Simon, come on over.



Immunity is yours. You are
safe tonight, cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-nine shot
at winning this game.

BOTH: Wow.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight

where somebody's gonna become
the second member of our jury.

But it won't be you. Well done, mate.
Thanks, mate.

Well done.
LIZ: Well done, Si.

Alright, head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

Nice win. Lead the way.
Lead the way, Simmo.

Thanks, everyone.
SAM: Go, Si.


Oh, that was insane.

Oh, thanks, mate. Thank you.

That was insane. That was so hard.

GEORGE: It's great that you won.

It was so hard.

With this around my neck,

I am actually unstoppable

and I am wearing this proudly,
like a cape.

Tonight, my plan is to ride
the lightning and take down the King.

How good's that, hey?

Yes, I have this necklace.

Yes, it makes me powerful.

But tonight...I don't
really even need it,

because I'm the swing vote

and that's more powerful
than anything.


No, I'm gonna keep this for now

because, uh, I think it looks good.

I think it was... I think it
was destiny that you won today.

Ohh! Yeah, it was cool.
It was awesome.

Thank you.

How are you with tonight's vote?

(SIGHS) Yeah, excited.

Like, I think...I think we knew.
The cruise ship continues.

100%, Gerry.
What's the general consensus?

I was thinking between...

Look, I don't think that Sam
is a threat at all in his game.

And then so that kinda comes down
to either Shaun or Nina.

I think that we just
put our primary vote on

who we think we want to go home.


Put four on Nina.

It must be Nina.

I'd like to...

I'd like to vote Nina, then,
if that's...

Yeah, I'd like to...

Why don't we just... OK, let's go
guys on Nina, girls on Shaun.

OK. Easy.

That'll just simplify it
and there's no confusion.

On Nina.

Guys on Nina. Nina it is.

We won't change the plan.

We've snookered them with a 4-3.

Got him.

We've caught Simon
with his pants down.

And this is the final
red flag for me -

trying to be on the majority
of a split vote.

Because he wants to change his vote
with the minority

and probably vote for me.

I saw him celebrating with the enemy
at a challenge.

And now he's trying to protect
his boyfriend, Shaun,

more than anything else.

And I have to convince
the rest of the Vigilantes

to change the plan.



We don't have much time.

Simon, he is NOT with us tonight.

Simon's flipping.
Yeah, yeah.

Simon's gone, OK?

We are voting for Sam.

We will tell Matt it's Sam.

We do not say a word to Simon.

We are voting for Sam.
We are not opening our mouths.

And we'll play out the rest of the
afternoon like nothing's happening.

So then there's still three
on the bottom tomorrow

but now Simon's one of them.

Now Simon's bottom and he's...
And it's 6-3. OK.

And then he'll learn his own fate.

That little dog.

Simon thinks that he's gonna save
Nina and Shaun

and walk outta this Tribal Council
with new friends.


But what Simon doesn't realise

is that Sam is gonna go home.

I think it's a good plan.
Yeah, guys on Nina, the four.

I can see this game
moving down a path

where George is dominating everybody.


But I need to watch out for myself.

So far, I have been playing

very low and in the shadows.

But I am ready to stick my head up.


Um, so...

Talk to me about, um, where you see
the threats in this camp.

Who do you think is
playing the best game?

Having never met George, coming over
here and watching what he's doing...


If he makes it to final two...
He wins.

I would vote for him. No offence.
I know. Me too.

Especially the way he's surrounding
himself with these people.

He's corrected his game
from last time.

The things he did wrong last time,
he's not doing it wrong again.

Right now, everyone sees George
as this amazing player.

George plays very big,
bold, open strategy

and I've been a lot more subtle.

I really can't let myself

move towards a final two with him

when I don't think
I could win against him.

That makes me wanna make risky moves
and try something.

Um, let me just say to you...

Oh, really?

If you have an idol,
DON'T play it tonight.

You don't need to.

Do you think one of the boys should?


Do they?

I don't know. Well, they haven't
told me if they did have something.



So then my only question is
if they have one,

it's played for Sam,
and say we vote for George,

what do you think the likelihood of
him actually going home would be?


If Shaun, Nina and Sam

have an idol between them,

and they play it correctly tonight
on Sam,

where the votes are
being loaded, not split,

then George will be
going home tonight.


Should we chat for much longer?

Uh, we can finish this here.

Yeah. Is that cool? Thanks.
Yeah, you go first.

And then I'll get up.


A bit smirky, though, I'm noticing.

You're very smirky.

Because I just had a really
good chat with her. She gave me...

If we have an idol,
to play it for you.

For me?



I just... I don't know
if I trust her, eh?

For some reason,
I'm going with my gut instincts.

I don't believe what she's saying.

She's so smart,
she's seen this from a mile away.

Sam doesn't believe this plan
that I got from Hayley,

not even a little bit.

Hayley's told me the votes are on
Sam tonight, but she could be lying.

I had a chat with Hayley.

I don't know. I don't trust her.

Can we trust Hayley?

I mean, I've got no reason
to trust her at the moment.

She flipped on our alliance,

I haven't spoken to her and she
hasn't looked at me in four days.

She could just be trying
to flush an idol.

Just can't act any different
to what we did last Tribal...


..because now that
we've actually got a small chance

of making it through tonight.

Luckily, I've got an idol
in my pocket and Simon as well.

Is that who Simon wants?


And I think what we need to do
this afternoon

is keep our separate ways from Simon.

Well, let's just keep our eyes
and our wits about us.

We'll go for a little look now
and then come back for a few chats.

They can get fire going themselves.
Yeah, I'm not helping.

NINA: Shaun has an idol.

But there's three of us
in trouble tonight.

It doesn't hurt to look
for a second one.

We choose to kinda split up,
cover more ground

and hopefully one of us
will come across something

and we can have two idols.

SHAUN: Yeah. Absolutely.


We want to check by the beach.

We want to check behind the shelter.

These places that have large
landmarks that you would recognise.

This is a great place.

They wouldn't be up in the tree
somewhere, like, high?

If it was, I think it'd have
like a little string or something.

Hi, boys!
Gonna catch your friends there?

I don't know where they went.


Shaun and, uh, Sam?

They misplaced their idol, they said.



I...think we've snookered them
tonight with the 4-3 vote.


If you want to go monitor them,
go for your life.

Alright. Well, I don't know. We've
scoured everything, haven't we?

Ssss... Shh.

SAM: Yeah?

What did you find? Hey.

Nina found an idol!
That's great.

I know.
Nina's never found one!

Hey, where was that?

It was that little nook.

Where? In where?
That little piece right there.

I just looked in that!
Nina's never found one!

OK. Hold on. Pay attention.

Hang on. I'm gonna go up
and be watcher, alright?

Yeah, you go.
Oh, wow.

That's awesome, babe.
Oh, my God!

Just jump. Look. Just jump.

(LAUGHS) OK. Chill.

Seeing that idol

is a mixture of like, "This isn't
real, I'm hallucinating,"

and, like, over-excitement because

I have never found one,
I have never seen one in the wild.

'Cause it blends in with the trees
so well!

Which is now I know why
they're so hard to find.

But it's real and I have it.


I can't believe this.

Right now, we have two idols.

SHONEE: Things are heating up.

What? No!

Can I give you a pat down?
What for?

HAYLEY: Oh, Simon!
MATT: Simon!

Just checking.

Nothing in those pants
of yours, mate?

SAM: That was intense.

I thought I was coming through

on the way from Mexico!

Airport security.



HAYLEY: Oh, Simon!
Hang on. (LAUGHS)

Oh, my God.

LIZ: Really?

SAM: Oh, we'll just reheat
the beans, are we?

NINA: Yeah. Get it hot.




Hayley said it's not me.

That's what they would say.

That's why I'm like...
we just have to do it right.

That's the problem.

SAM: Yeah.


Yeah. Let's do it.

Of course. Yeah.


Going into tonight's Tribal,
if we play our idols correctly...

..we can send the
self-proclaimed King George home.

That's the biggest move.

So many people have been trying
to do it this entire time

and tonight is the night
for it to happen

and I'm gonna be a part of it.

Six predators. Four prey.


How are you feeling?
Um, good.

How are you feeling?

Yeah, good. Really good.

With a necklace,
you must feel real good.

I do feel real good.

HAYLEY: If leaking information to
the minority alliance goes to plan

and they have an idol
and they can play it on Sam,

it's good for my resume,
it's good for my game,

but it's a lot risky.

I, like... Look.
I've come here to play the game.

And I don't want to
get dragged to the end

to be beaten by one of
the greatest players ever, George.

I need to look after myself.

JONATHAN: What happens
after the tribe has spoken?

Watch the drama continue on 10 play

when castaways reunite
in the Jury Villa.


We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.

you're looking great, Flick!

LIZ: Look at you!

..voted out at the last
Tribal Council.


Oh, my God. You look so clean.

So, Shonee.

The reward yesterday
was the first time

this tribe was split in two.

What happens when you spend time
away from your tribemates?

Ooh, it's a little bit scary

when you're only
a group of four v six,

but we have a great alliance

and we still had three members
back at camp.

So, hopefully,
they held down the fort

while we ate some delicious KFC.

Nina, were you able to make any
inroads with Matt, Liz or Simon?

Definitely saw
opportunities for chats.

I don't know if anything...

I don't think anything came of it

from the lack of information
I've gotten.

George, any part of you concerned

that they took this opportunity

to try and peel away some passengers
from the good ship 'Vigilante'?

Absolutely not because the alliance
of Vigilantes that formed

is mutually beneficial
to every single player

that decided to join the alliance.

And anyone that jumps ship

is literally jumping overboard
for no reason.

Gerry, I see you nodding on that.

I agree 100%.

Jump ship, feed you to the sharks.

Bottom line.


GEORGE: And then I also think this.

I mean, every single player

is eventually either
gonna be sitting over there

or sitting over here

and if I end up over there
because somebody jumped ship,

I can promise you this -

I will not be voting for them
at a final Tribal Council.

So, Hayley,

tonight's the first night
that we have a jury member

witnessing the Tribal.

Do you think that's gonna impact how
people play the game moving forward?

It's tricky because at Tribal,

you want to keep your secrets

so that what happens there
is a surprise,

but you also want to let
the jury know what your game is.

So it's just that delicate balance

getting a little bit
more complicated.

Simon, every vote going forward

is really an opportunity
to impress the jury.

Yeah, it really is.

Um... (LAUGHS)

Look, it's new territory for me.

But it's always
in the back of your mind,

who's gonna be there and what are
they going to be saying and thinking

about the two or three people
sitting here at the end?

So, yeah, you have
to be very careful

about how people end up over there.

Nina, on that point,

you, Shaun and Sam
represent three votes.


Should some of the Vigilante
use you tonight

to build their resume
to impress the jury?

I would say absolutely.

Um, it's a very good opportunity,
a very good time to do it.

I think it's a bit late
to make your first move, JLP.

We're on day 33.

If you haven't made a move by now,

what have you been doing
for the past 33 days?

Shaun, would you agree?

Yeah, I actually would.

Um, if you haven't made
at least one move by now,

you better hop to it.

Three-quarters of the game's over.
We go home in two weeks.

Your ship sailed 10 days ago.

Nina, would you agree?

I don't think it's ever too late.

It just better be a big move.


So, Hayley,

is there a possibility of an idol
derailing the plan tonight?

There's always
possibilities of idols.

So you make sure that
your plan is foolproof

so that idols can't
derail your plans.

Sam, if there was an idol

and there's three of you to protect,
how do you know where to play it?

That is the winning
question, Jonathan.

That is the toughest part
of this game -

if you have an idol,
how to play it correctly.

Yeah, I don't know. You just...

It... Sometimes you just don't know.
It's pot luck.

George, how concerned
are you about an idol?

I think idols are very concerning,

but this is a very predictable game
in many ways.

You can play the maths
and the stats behind it

and it's also predictable
because it involves humans

and humans have very obvious tells

in the way that people behave
under pressure.

And I make my money
on the poker table

by reading people's body language

and applying pressure
at the right time

and when that level
of pressure is applied,

cracks appear in the people.

And that's how I figure out
how to vote

every single time here on Survivor.

It's fun.

So, Sam, what's your read

on the Vigilantes' body language?

Yeah, I mean...

Pretty confident.

They're obviously very confident.
They've got the numbers.

It sounds like they've got
a pretty good plan,

they know what's gonna
play out tonight, so...

But body language is a hard one.

Most people convey their feelings
and emotions over body language.

I'm pretty good at picking it up.

So, yeah, I feel like not everyone
on this seven is on the same page.


That's the body language
I'm picking up.

Tell us more.
Who's not on the same page?

I'm just gonna leave it
at that, George.

Oh, OK.
I'll let you figure the rest out.

So, Hayley, if I'm hearing
everyone correctly,

the Vigilante 7 is strong

and these three
are in trouble tonight.

Yep, um, that's the assessment
of the group. Yep.

It feels like it's a bit
of a threat in a way.

Uh, yeah, it does
sound like a threat.

I think it's just, um,

a way that the alliance
is trying to keep everybody in line.

We do have seven, so, you know...

You know what I mean?

I know what you mean.

I know what you mean.

So, Shaun, if I'm hearing
them correctly,

they're saying they've got seven,
they've got the numbers,

they can split the vote,
so it doesn't matter.

It's true.

That's what I'd do
in the same situation.

And that bench is full
of very, very clever players

so I'm sure that they've
accounted for all that.

George, do you think anyone's gonna
be surprised by tonight's vote?

I hope not and I don't think so.

Not tonight.

Alright, well, I think
it's time to find out

exactly which way it's gonna go.

NINA: Yay. Let's go.

It is time to vote.

Hayley, you're up.


Sam, I threw a message
in a bottle off our ship

and I hope you got it
and have an idol to play.


Scurry off back to Bankstown.

Your village is missing their idiot.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

NINA: Jonathan.


Um, here you go.

OK. So who would you
like to play it for?

I would like to play it for myself.


Thank you.

Oh, for herself!


This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Nina
will not count.

Oh! You too, Shaun?

Yeah, I'll play it.

We were starting a collection,
but have to get rid of a couple.


Me or you? You think you?


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol

and they'd like to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

NINA: I would like to play it
for myself.

Here you go.

GEORGE: You too, Shaun?

Yeah, I know! That's...


Me or you. You think you?



I'll buy you a case of beer
if I'm wrong.

I'm gonna have to play it for me.

Play it for yourself?


This is another
hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Shaun

will not count.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote.





Four votes George.






We're tied.
Four votes George, four votes Sam.


That's five votes Sam,
four votes George.

One vote left.

14th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains...



It's all good.

Well played.
Well played, team. Well played.

NINA: Until next time.


Nah, all good, all good.
Look after yourselves.


GEORGE: Interesting.





Oh, it was real.
It was real, huh?

Yeah, I'm grateful, man, to be here.

Sam, the tribe has spoken.
Yeah, they have.

Well done, everyone.
Keep going hard.

Look after yourselves. See ya.

Love you, mate.

Well, both sides fired
their cannons tonight.

But only one side hit their target.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.




Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...


..could an epic betrayal...

Are you OK to vote off George?

Yeah, I feel like we have to.

..tear apart the game's
closest alliance?

George is trying to push
the Simon vote,

but we all know Liz and I
outnumber George two to one.

Can't take the Villain
out of the Shiz.

When did the Spice Girls
become the Shiz?

Am I the third wheel
in this girl group?

Holy Shiz!

Oh, my gosh!

Everything that could have gone wrong
just went wrong in Tribal Council.

Tonight we're gonna find out

if we have a leak
in our Vigilante alliance.

I told Shaun to play his idol for me.

I was trying to look at body language
and I saw Hayley down the very end.

Man, if I had my chance again.

Aargh! That's hectic.

Captions by Red Bee Media