Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 17 - Episode #8.17 - full transcript

With the end in sight, the remaining castaways are desperate to do anything to survive. Will jealousy cost one castaway the game, or can they keep level-headed enough to make it through another night?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

After revealing his secret idol,

Shaun convinced Simon to flip
on the Vigilantes.

But when Simon won
the Immunity Challenge...


..his excitement didn't go unnoticed.

GEORGE: I saw Simon celebrating
with the enemy.

The war's back on, buddy,

and you're gonna face
the wrath of the King.

We are voting for Sam.
We do not say a word to Simon.

But Simon wasn't the only Vigilante
playing both sides.

If we vote for George,
what do you think

the likelihood of him
actually going home would be?


Nina found an idol!
No way.

And with both Nina and Shaun
in possession of immunity idols...

If we play our idols correctly,

we can send the self-proclaimed
King George home.

..the odds were in their favour.

But when they chose to ignore
Hayley's intel...

I would like to play it for myself.

Buy you a case of beer if I'm wrong.

..they wasted two idols

and Sam was sent to the jury.

Nine are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


Now we feast.

I feel great waking up today

because I have a lot of power
in this tribe

and I have my BFF, Liz, with me.


Liz and I are the Shiz.

We do everything together.


We laugh together.
We sleep together.

And, of course, vote together.



Gerry obviously has, like,
a great story.

If we get to the final challenge,

he's not gonna stand a chance
against us.


And then, in all honesty,
I think Simon would be good.

Because he doesn't have,
like, good friends.

I know.

We do have the Spice Girl alliance.

But George is 100% third-wheeling
out here

because Liz is my BFF.

SHONEE: And I would love to have
Liz and I as the final two

because if I can't have
half a million dollars,

then I want my closest friend
to have half a million dollars.


Lo and behold...


Third time's a charm. (LAUGHS)

Going into this part of the game
with an idol is huge.

I can blindside someone. (GIGGLES)





Yeah, yeah.


SHAUN: I really wasted my idol
at the last Tribal Council,

which was my safety net.

And there's nobody to blame
but myself.

Nina and I aren't really in
a good place at the moment,

on the rock bottom of this tribe.

The opportunities are dwindling.




Mm. Mm.

NINA: When George feels like
he's been burnt by someone,

he lets it be known
that he is not happy.



He is definitely not happy.

I don't know why he flipped on us.

He literally made a dumb move.
MATT: Yep.

NINA: This is definitely
an opportunity for me to get in

with the Vigilantes.

I'm still adamant
that he's the biggest risk

to our lives in the game.

LIZ: Yep.

I need to throw Simon under the bus
and just last another day.

Look, I get it.
I'm at the bottom with him.

I'm more than OK with voting him out
if he does not win immunity.

I don't care if I'm
at the bottom with him.

'Cause... I mean, I'm...
I'm not tied to working with him.

I'm, like, you have just been
one after the other after the other.

It's just frustrating when you think
you do have a chance to do something

and it's always the same person
who frigs it up.

SHAUN: Yeah, we probably need an idol
to make something happen.


It's worth just keeping an eye out.

(SIGHS) Come on. Where are you?

Like, let's just get...rid of Simon.

That, we need to consider.

SHONEE: George wants to get revenge
on Simon

and vote him out.

But we cannot risk
having Shaun or Nina

in the game

because they have so many friends
on the jury.

That will be a clean, easy win
for them.

So I need to protect Simon

and make sure that either
Shaun or Nina are the next to go.


I've won three individual immunities
before against people like him.

Holding your breath...


George is trying to push
the Simon vote,

but we all know,
when push comes to shove,

I get my way against George.

Liz and I outnumber George
two to one.

So I feel like,
at the end of the day,

it will be what Liz and I want.

I'm gonna go supervise, um,
the others a bit more.


Coast is clear, baby.

Mmm! So good.

Tastes so much better
when it's stolen.



Can't take the villain
out of the Shiz.



Oh, God. (LAUGHS)


Oh, someone's coming.

I'll get...I'll get the bowls.



Give me a shell so I can give you
some of these chillies.

GEORGE: The Shiz?
Let's get the big bowls.

The Shiz?!

Here, you have half.

When did the Spice Girls
become the Shiz?




GEORGE: This Spice Girls alliance
has been my core and my base

since day 3 in the game.

And Shonee's been my closest ally

since the very, very start
on Villains Beach.

And now I find out Shonee and Liz

are walking around
calling our alliance the Shiz?

Hey, Gerry.


I now know how the ranking order goes
within the Spice Girls.

Posh Spice and Sporty Spice,

they're their own clique

and they're starting
to leave Scary out.


That's really scary to me.


Come on in.


Simon, that was
a pretty eventful Tribal.

Were the last 24 hours at camp
just as eventful?

Yeah, it was definitely
a lot that was going on.

But we're throwing ourselves into
the final part of this game

and we're coming in hot.

So, Shaun, you're hungry,
you're missing your family.

What's keeping you going right now?

The thought of winning this thing.

I mean, that's why
I've come out a second time.

I didn't come out for the experience
or do better than I did last time.

It's been to win it.

Swimming with sharks
makes you feel alive, mate.

It does.

Alright, on that, are you ready to
get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Hell, yeah.
Come on, Simon.

I know you're in love with it,

but you're gonna have to give it up.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Once again, immunity is
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

it will take place over three stages.

In the first stage,

you're going to attempt to land
three sandbags on a hanging disc.

The first six people to do so
will move on to the second stage,

where you'll throw your sandbags
to knock rungs out of the ladder

and then use those rungs
to build a bridge.

The first three people
across the bridge

will move on to the final stage,

where you will be tethered
to a spinning table

and attempt to stack
a series of discs.

The first person
to stack all their discs

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 15th person voted out
of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to this.


Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


This is a challenge of elimination.

First six people to land
three sandbags

will move on to the next stage.

Oh, you dog!

It's a pretty simple carnival game,
if you can nail it.

Simon has one now.

Simon has two.

Oh, that's a good run.

Shonee's struggling to connect.

Mine is swinging so much.

Simon has three. Simon's moving on.

Looking for five more.

We're wide open at this stage.

Gerry's moving on.
SIMON: Nice, Gerry.

Looking for four more.


Nice, Matty!

Matt's moving on.
Looking for three more.

That looks good, Liz.
That's good!

Oh, come on!


Liz is moving on.

Two spots left.

Oh, come on, Neens.

And that's it.

Shaun gets it to stick.

He's moving on. One spot left.

It's Nina, George, Hayley and Shonee

vying for that last spot.

Come on, Hayles.

SHAUN: Keep going, Neens.

One spot left. Who's gonna get it?

Yes, George!

Come on. One more.

Come on, come on.

Come on, George. Flick that wrist.


Oh, Georgie! Run!

And that's it! Hayley closes it out.

Hayley moving on.


Good job.

Nina, George and Shonee,
no shot at immunity.

Good job.
George, well done, mate.

GEORGE: Oh, well.
I'll go to the losers' lounge.

Alright, moving on to the next stage.

We have Matt, Liz, Gerry,
Shaun, Hayley and Simon.

Survivors, ready?


GEORGE: Good luck, everyone.
NINA: Let's go.

As soon as you knock down
all those rungs,

gather them up,
start building your bridge.


First three people to get across
will move on to the final stage.

Killin' it, killin' it.
Ay, caramba!

Everyone very accurate today.

Yes! Go, Shaun.

Shaun has all his. He can move on.

Hayley has all hers.
Simon has all his.

Go, Gerry!
Gerry has his.

Go, Liz.
Liz has hers.


Matt has his.

Everyone moving on to the bridge.

It is a scramble.
Go, Shaun!

Well done!


First three across will be moving on.

It's Simon, Hayley and Shaun
neck and neck.

Shaun coming out with
a big armful of rungs.

Simon right there behind him.

Hayley, a couple at a time.

Oh, look at Hayley go!

Let's go.

Looking for the first three.
Simon and Shaun neck and neck.

And Hayley across...

..almost at the same time.

They are moving on.

Gerry, Liz and Matt,
no shot at immunity.


Two alpha males doing as expected.

That's what happens
when you keep 'em around.


Alright, here we go. Final stage.

We have Shaun, Hayley and Simon.

Survivors, ready?


Let's go!

The goal is to stack 10 discs
on a spinning table

that you are tethered to.

Every step you take

will cause that table to spin.

So the learning curve is trying
to figure out how fast you can go

without knocking over your stack.

If your stack falls,
you need to pick up all those discs,

take them back to the table
and start again.

Nice and slow, Hayles. Good job.

The key is trying to find
the centre of those discs.

Even if one is slightly off,

it'll cause the whole stack
to wobble.

And if it falls,
it's gonna cost you precious time.


Come on, Hayley.

Hayley struggling
to get hers centred.

NINA: Take your time.

Oh, this is so difficult.

GEORGE: Shaun's is terrible.

The bottom one is completely off...
Off-centre, yeah.

Simon in the lead.
Coming back with his fifth disc.

Shaun placing his fifth disc.

Shaun loses his stack.

Needs to go back. Start again.

MATT: Unlucky, Shaun.

Simon super focused again.

Back in cat mode.

Coming back with his sixth disc.

Hayley still stuck at four.

Come on, Hayley.

That is so off.

Maybe it's...

Alright, let's just keep going, hey?

GERRY: Gently, gently, Hayles.


Simon coming back with
his eighth disc.

Really slowing everything down.

Giving the other two
an opportunity to catch up.

Watch your bottom one, Hayley.
Yep, gotcha.

Simon placing his eighth disc.

Hayley and Shaun
are gonna have to pick it up

or hope that Simon will drop.

Oh, dear!


Need to be careful.


Hayley loses her stack.

She's gonna have to start over.

It's Simon in the lead.

Shaun chasing him down.

Lots of gameplay going on right now.

Sure would be nice to have the
security of that necklace tonight.

Simon placing his ninth.

Shaun has five.

Hayley back at one,

working quickly,
hoping that Simon will fall.

Simon really taking his time.

His stack has a wobble to it.

Won't take much to knock it over.

Simon placing his final disc.

But now he needs to get all the way
back to the table for the win.

He does not want it to fall now.


Simon heading back ever so carefully,

reaching for that table.

Couple of steps.

And that is it!


Simon takes another
individual immunity.



Simon, come on over.

Thank you.

Second immunity win in a row.
Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a 1-in-8 shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become

the third member of our jury.

Won't be you. Well done.
Thanks, mate.

Alright, head back to camp.

Lead us off, Simon.

I'll see you tonight.
(SIGHS) Date night.

My favourite.
Mine too.

Back-to-back immunity wins.

The Beast is here to play.

I took a dive
to go swimming with the sharks,

but this is where I do my best work.

As long as it's my torch
not being snuffed tonight,

that's a good result.




Thanks, everyone.
Good on you, mate.

Thank you.
Great job.

Yeah, yeah, I'll come with you.

MATT: The original plan was gonna be
to send Simon home, however,

Simon at the moment is just like
that itch on your back

you just can't scratch away.


HAYLEY: Exactly.



Well done, mate.
Thanks, guys.

Yeah, good job.

I'm...I'm sorry.
No, don't be sorry.

What are you talking about?
Oh, I just...

I know that...
It's good to have that...

It puts both of you
in a very precarious situation.

Mate, don't worry.
It is what it is, huh?

NINA: Simon winning the necklace
today is not good.

That means Shaun and I

are definitely gonna be going
head-to-head tonight.

We need an idol.

That's about all we've got, so
we'll spend a bit of time looking.

Yeah, good one.

Who do you think you would vote for
out of the two of them?


I, like, um...

Look, as much as I've had fun
swimming with sharks

the last little bit... there room for one more?

Where you put your vote tonight
will help tell us.

But if you guys split 3-3,

can that leave me with the option
of who...

..I send home?

GEORGE: Somehow
at tonight's Tribal Council

Simon's in the position of power.

I don't want Simon deciding
to send Nina home.

I would rather keep a player
like Nina in the game

who's willing to make a move with me

rather than someone like Shaun.

I need to control this tribe.

You know what?

It makes sense
for me to work with you

if you can promise that I'll
at least be the last one standing

out of the two of them.

Maybe we can make that deal
with you,

then we'll tell you
who to vote for.

How would you like me to vote, then?

Are you interested in the deal?

I'm very interested in the deal,

Please vote for Shaun.

It's that simple.

Nina, like, with her...

Non-negotiable. That's the deal.

Otherwise you lose immunity,
you're gone.

Pretty tough situation to be in.

Like, I do care about Shaun
and I want to help him in this game.

But I need to get back
in the Vigilantes' good books.

I have to think about my game
at this stage.

There's half a million bucks
on the line.

Sounds like a deal.

Our expedition will continue
this way. I'll see you tonight.

George, pleasure doing business
with you.

It's that simple.

Oh, let's tip it on here, yeah?

Hey, George. Or should we...
We cornered Simon.


I go, "Simon, if you want to go
last, you vote for Shaun tonight,

"and if you don't want to go last,
you don't vote for Shaun tonight."

Tonight's vote is very simple.

If Simon holds his deal,
Shaun should be going home.

I'm in control of this tribe
right now,

and they'll do my bidding.

So, obviously you and I
are above George.

LIZ: 100%.

If you win,
I'm, like, so happy for you.


And vice versa.



Since the very start of this game,

Shonee and Liz have been
my closest allies.

But the more I think about the Shiz,

the more I'm starting to realise

Shonee will take Liz
to the final two.

Shonee's a third-time player,

and if we get down to
five or six players left,

Shonee will be ruthless,

and I'm not gonna risk myself
going home.

If I don't fire the first bullet
at Shonee,

I think she might fire at me.


LIZ: Dinner's ready!
SHONEE: Come eat!



GEORGE: When Shonee and Liz
renamed the Spice Girls Shiz...

..I told myself, "If you're not
in the girl group,

"you've got to break that up
all together."

But if you're gonna make a move
in this game on a close friend,

you've got to take 'em out.

I want to eat it.

I need your advice, Gerry.

Sometimes I have crazy thoughts.

Is this the perfect opportunity...



Yeah, because you're gonna turn
the rest of those girls

on us.

Yeah, they'll turn. They'll turn.

Got it.

Yep. Yeah, yeah.

Oh, can I go to the water...

Yeah, let's just...
My mouth is on fire.


Um, so we're home and hosed
with the six.

Which means we get through tonight.

We have the opportunity
to do something tomorrow.

I think you have to strike first
or you get hit.

Correct, and this is
what I was gonna say to you,

but we don't have much time.

I had a chat with Gerry about it.



Is this crazy George talking?

I did come here to play a fun game.


Or is that too much fun?

That's the dilemma we have,

'cause we're still on
the winning ship, Hayley.

Let's just see the repercussions
of that.

The repercussions are we break away
as a four out of eight.

Who would be in the four?
You, me, Matt and Gerry?


But then that means... Who's left?

No, she'll never do that.

Liz will be upset

if Shonee goes home in a blindside
at tonight's Tribal Council,

and Liz might never forgive me

for sending home her mentor
and best friend Shonee.

But if I have to pray for forgiveness
with Liz tomorrow... be it.

It's the game.
Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah.

I don't think they have intentions
of going too far with you.

No, they don't.

We're offering desperate people
a path forward -

join our four.

Look, I'm hip...

I-I'm happy to play this game.

You want to do it?





Just make sure she's...

Nina's at the well.
Oh, is she?

Alright. OK.


It's alright, mate, go for it.


I swear.


OK, done.

Done. Done.

It feels a little bit too easy

Your Spidey senses are tingling?

I've been on that side
when the 3-3 goes down,

and I convinced one person to swing.


GEORGE: This is the ultimate
Survivor betrayal here in Samoa.

King George is gonna fire first,

blasting Saint Shonee
out of the water.

And Shonee's gonna learn
a valuable Survivor lesson.

When you're in an alliance of three,

don't be closer to one
than the other.

King George
is back on the throne tonight.

King George is in complete control.

JONATHAN: Want to win
a top-of-the-range

Isuzu D-Max or MU-X?

Head to the 10 play Win page now

for all the details.




We'll now bring in the members
of our jury...

..Flick and Sam.

Voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Fresh, fresh, fresh.

So, Simon,

Shaun and Nina have been squarely
on the bottom of this tribe

for a while now.

Is it the same old story tonight,

these two are in trouble yet again?

Look, I'm just very glad
and grateful

that I'm wearing this necklace

So if you didn't have that necklace,

you'd be joining these two tonight.

Oh, no, I wouldn't be joining
these two.

I'd be joining them.

So it's one of these two tonight.

It looks like it's going that way.

Nina, is that true,

it's either you or Shaun tonight?

100% I believe that.

It sounds like the Vigilantes

are pretty much impregnable.

Yeah, we thought they were
impenetrable last time.

Thankfully, Simon jumped ship.

But so far I haven't seen any
or heard anyone else jumping ship.


So, Liz, is that true,

the Vigilantes have closed ranks
and they're unbreakable?

LIZ: Absolutely, Jonathan.

We've closed ranks and closed doors

and we are a solid six
steamrolling to the end.

So, Shonee,
if I'm hearing this correctly,

the Vigilantes' plan tonight
is pretty simple.

SHONEE: Yeah. Hopefully,
everything goes to plan.

So, George, there's no chance
that the 10-day cruise

might end early?

I look at the deal that was cut

after the Immunity Challenge

..and I think it's a very good deal.

I'm about cutting deals.

I hold my deals.

And that deal was part
of the plan tonight

that will be executed by
the majority alliance.

Matt, I see you nodding your head.

You a part of that deal?

Oh, I mean, I heard of the deal.

And I more was nodding that
when George makes a deal

his deals are good.

Simon, were you privy to that deal?

(SIGHS) Yes, I was.

What about you, Shonee?

Yes, I do know about the deal,

and I have to agree, Matt.

George is great for keeping
his word on deals.

So, George, that jury bench
is gradually filling up,

which means that we're entering
the final phase of the game.

Do you think that's playing
on people's minds right now?

It plays on my mind all the time.

If I make it to the end,
please vote for me this time.


But's not that long
until we finish the game, Jonathan,

and we all can see the end in sight.

And then you can make
whatever opportunity you'd like

out of this game,

but you do have to look at
the numbers,

and when the numbers are there,
you have to go with them.

Matt, is that how you see it?

Yeah, exactly how I see it.

We're a strong six.

And moving forward,

there's no reason

to jump off the ship.

Shonee, let me ask you
the opposite question.

Do you think people are considering

who they DON'T want to be
sitting next to at the end?

Yeah, I think people
have a rough idea

of who they wouldn't want
to sit next to,

but you have to actually get closer

before you start putting
those plans into place.

'Cause if you do it too soon,

then, yeah, you could lose
your alliance,

and then what are you gonna do?

You'll probably never even get there
in the end anyway.


Is now too soon?


Nina, we often say it.

This game is about timing.

And that question always comes up,

when is the right time
to make a move?

It's always the right time.
The present is the right time.

Now is the time to do it, guys!

We're right here.
We've got to move.

That's six people moving their head.

But, George,
these three represent numbers

who are ready, willing and able
to do whatever you want.

Look, I...I think...

The...the time that you make a move
in Survivor is critical.

But you've also got to look at the
reason why you're making the move.

And, like, the difficulty
when you're playing this game,

particularly at this later part
of the game,

is there are no bad people to go.

There's no specific reason

to vote someone out.

But when you have the opportunity
to vote with a bloc of numbers

that's in the majority,

you've got to take that opportunity.

And I think that's what
tonight is about for me.

But, Shaun, isn't the smart move

to make a move
before it all goes to hell?

Get them before you get got.

Simply, that's it.

Whoever thinks that it's gonna get
down to the six of you here... behind the eight ball.

They're a step behind.

'Cause there's a lot
of smart people here,

and somebody's gonna pull
the trigger first,

and that's gonna give them
the upper hand.

Well, let's find out exactly
how tight those conversations are.

It is...time to vote.




It is...time to vote.

Shonee, you're up.

I really don't like 3-3 votes.

I don't have the best feeling,
but let's see.



(WHISPERS) Shonee, thank you so much
for being a great friend,

but tonight I'm gonna prove
a point -

that tactics and strategy are more
important in Survivor

than a social game.

Thank you for teaching me
your social skills.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.



Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Nina.


One vote Nina, one vote Shaun.


Two votes Nina, one vote Shaun.

Nina. Three votes Nina,
one vote Shaun.



Three votes Nina, one vote Shaun,
one vote Shonee.



We're tied.

Three votes Nina, three votes Shonee,

one vote Shaun.



Oh, boo.

Four votes Shonee, three votes Nina,
one vote Shaun,

one vote left.


15th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains,

third member of our jury,


That's OK.

Bring me your torch.

No way!

You played a great game.

I'll see you very soon.



Are you kidding?

Shonee, the tribe has spoken.
They have.

'Bye, guys!

See you guys soon.
See ya.


Oh, my...

Well, cruising in Survivor
is a dangerous pastime.

One minute, you're sipping cocktails.

Next minute, you're thrown overboard.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

I will take a cocktail
if you're offering it.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

I've played this game so good
and I'm so excited

and I'm definitely gonna win.

No-one's resumes
comes anywhere near me!

Will the Mad King's lust for power...

Now that I've voted off Shonee
I can wear her clothes.

LIZ: George, I don't trust him
as far as I could throw him.

..see his loyal subjects...

I don't want to be beaten by one of
the greatest players ever, George.

Hello, everyone!

..rise up...

SIMON: Hopefully,
the Shonee blindside

is enough to rattle the Vigilantes.

This could have been any of you. bring him down?

George has already won ¤60,000.

He won it at the auction.

My Spidey senses are tingling.

Have I just gained some agency
in this game?

I just got voted out!

I was very generous in this game,

giving out idols
left, right and centre.

At the time I needed to play one
to myself, I didn't.

I hope it wasn't George,
because I saved him twice.

It looks like George
wants to throw you overboard,

and on behalf of David,
Sam and Flick,

I'm so down for it.

The Shiz is momentarily apart,

but I have trained Liz well

and I have full faith that she
can become the Sole Survivor.

Captions by Red Bee Media