Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Episode #8.18 - full transcript

With numbers dwindling, it's anyone's game to take out the title of Sole Survivor. When two castaways put their best moves forward, will their plan to win over the alliance work?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

I won the ¤60,000
Set for Life reward.

Any other player on this tribe

finds out about my secret prize,

I'll know that I'll have
a problem with Hayley.

George's paranoia took hold

after Simon flipped
on the Vigilante alliance.

But when Simon won back-to-back
Immunity Challenges...

Simon's in the position of power
but I need to control this tribe.

..George was forced
to make him a deal...

You vote for Shaun, you say it,
you have one more round.

That's the deal.
Sounds like a deal.


..until he stumbled upon
Liz and Shonee's secret alliance.

You can't take the villain
out of the Shiz.

GEORGE: When did the Spice Girls
become the Shiz?


Do we do something crazy
and just get rid of Shonee?


At Tribal Council...

(SOFTLY) Thank you for teaching me
your social skills. (CLICKS TONGUE)

..George pulled off
a shocking betrayal...


That's OK.

..leaving Liz devastated.

No way!

Are you kidding?

'Bye, guys.

Eight are left.
Who will be going home tonight?





The biggest risk of the blindside
of Shonee was losing Liz

and I've just reeled her back in.

Mmm. This juice is good.

That was. Mm. Yummy.




Morning, George.
Good morning.

Sleep good, mate?

I've been awake for, like,
probably four hours.


When you were all sleeping, I was
walking around with necklace on.

I was.


I might go to the well.
Does anyone need water?

SIMON: I would love water, George.




I feel awful. (SNIFFLES)

Shonee was my person,

and now I'm with a bunch of people
who just lied to me.

I know that George is responsible
for Shonee going last night.

Well, at least he says he is,
and that almost is worse,

because, you know,
Shonee, George and I,

we've been working together
since day 2

and now I just feel like this whole
time I've just been taken for a ride.

Taking Shonee away from me,
like, exposes me.

I feel like I'm in a corner
and I'm at the bottom.


It's hard because
you can't go back into camp

and cry in front of everyone
and, like, expose your emotions

and it comes across as weakness.

I put on a brave face last night,

but it's just covering up
how you really feel.

Here I am!

This was my plan all along.

Now that I've voted off Shonee,
I can wear her clothes.

Last night's actions spoke volumes.

Hello, everyone.

LIZ: Obviously I'm out for revenge.

I wanna get back at George.
I wanna rip him apart.

But George holds a lot of power
in this game.

Do I look more vulnerable?

So I need to bide my time and pick
the perfect moment to take him down.

You're making moves.
I've made moves.

I can smell it.
Smell what? My chilli breath?

Or the edge?
The edge.


Can you?

I can...I can see it. This is
how you gotta look at the game.

You gotta go move, move, move...
It's a chessboard.

It's a chessboard.
It's a chessboard.



Yep. Yeah.

And um...

Right now, on day 36, I'm still
in a majority alliance of five,

with myself, Gerry,
Liz, Hayley and Matt.

This is the best possible alliance
for me in this game right now

and I'm in complete control.


They are just...gone.

At the last Tribal Council,
I made a deal with the devil.

If I voted for Shaun, then George
wasn't gonna vote me out next.

Yeah, whenever you want.
Yeah, let's go.

Let's go for a...go for a chinwag.

SIMON: I know in this game
I'm just clutching at straws,

hoping I'm actually hanging on
to something solid right now.


So the fact that I was told
to vote for Shaun

and it was a decoy plan

and Shonee went home,
I actually don't really care.

I held up my end of the bargain

and as long as George holds up his...

..that's all I need.

Um, I just wanted to, um...
to touch base,

um, and just...see how...

Like, we obviously had
a bit of a deal the other night.


And I just wanted to see
if that would...that still stands.

It still stands for me.

Hayley and Matt were telling me
last night it still stands for them.

So that's where we're at.

I've never been in this position.

And when I start working backwards...

..and who potentially
I'd wanna sit next to at the end

knowing that I don't have
a lot of agency

and knowing that, like...


That might be the only chance
I've got,

the only chance
I would have to get through

to consider taking it
through to the end.

Mm. That's a...
that's a thought bubble.

Simon's offering ME a top two deal?


Your only hope.
It might be my only hope.


I mean, the nerve of him.

Just wanted to leave it...
leave it with ya.

It's something to think about.

Simon seems to have crossed
his wires here.

The moment I changed my vote
to Shonee, the deal was gone.

Enough is enough.

It's time for Simon to go home.

But good chat, Simon.


Come on in!


So, Shaun, sometimes in Survivor,

it's just about getting
through the night.

Now that you made it through,
does it feel like

there's a new dawn for your game?

Yeah, it does.

I think you rarely get
second chances out here.

So when you do,
they're always very welcome.

And it is a new dawn,
so there's gonna be opportunities,

there's gonna be paths to go down
that weren't there two days ago.

Liz, it's no secret
that you and Shonee were tight.

How was your first night
without your BFF?

Um, I was pretty exhausted,
so I slept like a log.

Yeah, it does feel a little bit
quieter without Shonee today.

I definitely am going
to miss her lots.

But I understand the move
and the play that was made

and, yeah, they got me.

George, the cruise is throwing
its people overboard.

Should the rest of the crew
be worried?

I don't think it's a cruise anymore.

It's a pirate ship now.

You're either a good pirate
or you're not good enough.

Shonee was a phenomenal gameplayer.

Everyone that voted for Shonee
had that

front and centre of their minds.

Shonee let her guard down
at the wrong time,

and that's why she's gone
to the jury benches.

Alright, are you ready to get
to today's Reward Challenge?

GERRY: Let's get it on.

Today's challenge,
you are gonna use only...your feet.


On my go,
you're gonna release a rope,

dropping blocks into a bin.

You'll then stack those blocks
in a circle

and finally place a flag
in the middle.

First person to finish wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?


You will have the choice between...


..a brand-new 3-litre
turbo diesel Isuzu D-MAX

or a brand-new 7-seater Isuzu MU-X.

Oh, my God!

Both of these Isuzus have
a 3.5-tonne towing capacity

which makes light work
of any heavy loads.

In addition,

you'll celebrate your win
with a sophisticated picnic.


Worth playing for?

Wow. Yeah!

Hells, yeah! Alright.

We're gonna draw for spots
and we're gonna get to it.


A choice!

I really want that D-MAX.

Do you?


Alright, here we go.

For reward. Survivors, ready?


Using only your feet,

first thing you need to do is
release those blocks.

Drop them into the bin.

George wasting no time.

Matt has his in the bin.


If any of those blocks escape,
you can pick 'em up with your hands.

Stick 'em in the bin.

Get to work with your feet.

Everyone has their blocks.

Nina wasting no time.

Matt working very quickly.

Using only your feet is tricky,

but Matt's making this look easy.

Matt in the lead.

Start building a solid foundation
that you can rely on

to get you all the way to the top.

It's kinda like
the game of Survivor itself.

Every day, building foundations...

..working on alliances you can trust
to get you to the end of the game...

..knowing full well they could
come crashing down at any moment...

..just like they did last night.


Looking to build three levels
with a flag at the top.

Nina has her first level completed.

Those small feet an advantage.
Moving on to the second level.

It's Nina in the lead now.

Matt right behind her.

Simon there also,

working quickly even though
he also has big feet.

Liz is in on it now.

Finally Hayley has
her first level done.

Lots of nervous energy from Hayley.


Oh, this is hard!


Shaun trying to catch up.

Shaun struggling with his big feet.

Useless here.

Simon working very quickly.

Simon placing his fifth block
on that second level.

It's now Simon in the lead.

Nina just behind.

(BLEEP)! Stop shaking.

Matt chasing now.

Liz is right there.

Simon moving onto his third level.
Keeps pulling ahead.

It's Nina, Matt and Liz
trying to catch him.

Simon super-focused again.

It's all coming together.

This stack gets more difficult
the higher it gets.

Becomes more precarious, easy
to knock over one of those blocks.

All it takes is one mistake and
the door is open for someone else.

Nina drops a couple.

That's gonna set her back.

Matt's on the third level now.

Getting close.

Simon cool, calm and collected.

Determined to drive outta here.

SHAUN: How's he doing it?
HAYLEY: I don't know.

Simon places another one.

Matt places another block.

Matt right there with Simon.

Neck and neck.

Simon trying to pick up the pace now.

Simon and Matt block for block
on that third level.

Simon down to his last block.

All it takes is one mistake

for everyone else
to have an opportunity.


..not getting rattled,
going for the win.

He's got that flag.
It's the hardest part.

Need to get it up and over the blocks

and drop it into that small hole.

Matt chasing him down.

It's easy to knock a block.
Can he get it in there?

He's all over that hole,
cannot quite find it.

Right there. And that is it!
Oh, my God!

Simon takes reward!
Oh, my God!


LIZ: Good job.

That car's worth more than
I earn in a year.

I know. Good job.

Good job. You did amazing.



Oh, mate! Oh...

Simon, come on over.

This is unbelievable.

It is unbelievable.

It was very impressive.

You knocked that out
without making a mistake.

Thank you.
So, big decision to make.

Right now?
What's it gonna be?

Is it gonna be the D-MAX or the MU-X?

Well, look.

They're both amazing cars,

but this is a bit of
a no-brainer for me,

'cause I'm an apprentice carpenter.

It's gotta be the D-MAX.


D-MAX it is.
Thank you! (LAUGHS)

you are now the proud owner

of a brand-new Isuzu D-MAX.

Yeah! Thank you, Isuzu!

OK, now, another
big decision to make.

You need to pick two people

to join you on your picnic.


Look, there was someone

who I haven't had
as much time to bond with

and someone who has missed out
on a lot of rewards.



Matt, Hayley, come on over.

Thanks, mate.
Oh, mate, you're welcome.


Oh, thank you so much!

(LAUGHS) You're welcome. Thank you.



You know what? I'm feeling generous.
Pick one last person.


Oh, man.


Oh! I didn't expect that.
Nina, come on over.

Oh, my God. Thank you, Simon.
You're welcome.

Alright, well, congratulations.

Simon, Matt, Hayley, Nina,

your picnic awaits.

Head on out, enjoy.

Lead the way!


GERRY: Good on you, guys.
See you guys back there.

Oh, my gosh.

I am the newest owner of a brand-new

Isuzu D-MAX.

I didn't expect to be making it
this far in the game,

but this is unbelievable.

Now I just need to break
the car curse

and take this game out.


SIMON: Look at this!



NINA: Oh, my God, there's cheese!
HAYLEY: So much food!


Oh, my God! Oh!
That is so much food!

I mean, if winning an brand-new D-MAX

wasn't already enough,

the picnic is so lavish.


This has to be
the second-best day of my life.

After your wedding?
After my wedding.

Fair enough.


Thanks so much
for choosing us, legend.

I get... I've won a car!
You won a car, dude!

I won a D-MAX!

Alright, shall we rip in?

Let's dive into it.

I mean, it doesn't get much better
than this, does it?

I mean, look where we are.
What a cracking day all round.

Ready, guys?

Cheers for pies! A meat pie!

Yum! Ohh!
I've been wanting a meat pie.

I think I paid for a meat pie
at the bakery.

Oh, jeez, I have so much
more energy after this.

It's so good. (LAUGHS)

SIMON: The meat pies
and beautiful spreads...

I'm a huge camembert fan.
I've been looking to for a long time.

Eat it.

And the cheese.
Oh, how I've missed cheese!

Oh, my God.
I'm so happy.

I feel like the appropriate name for
the D-MAX would be 'The Beast'.

BOTH: 'The Beast'.
'The Beast'!

So it's 'The Beast'.
'The Beast'!

To 'The Beast'!

I'm really grateful that
you chose me to come on this.

You could've chosen anyone.
I could have.

Same here. I didn't expect it,
to be honest.

I didn't know where
you'd go with this.

I thought you were gonna pick Shaun.
I was really hoping you'd pick me.


Rewards are always an opportunity.

The food is amazing,

but the strat chat
is way more important.

I like Simon. He's like a puppy dog.

You want some?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, I see.

HAYLEY: He is very eager
for everyone to watch him,

give him attention, pat him.

What did everyone think
of the challenge?

You're so good at
those sorts of things.

Cool, calm and collected
under pressure.


HAYLEY: It's very easy
to stroke Simon's ego

and keep him on your side.

And I'm really interested to hear
what is Simon's move.

Why does he want me and Nina
and Matt all together?

What's the play?

You picked us, yeah,
so is there something in your mind

you're thinking about
having us for a chat?



Um, look, I'm...

You know, there was nothing
in particular, um...

I, at this point, am kind of
in self-preservation mode.

I don't have any ties to anyone,
but, you know...

But, yeah, I'm very much
so open to anything.

Look, I'm close with Shaun but, you
know, I still voted him last night.

Um, Nina, the deal was
if I vote Shaun out...


..then I'm not next.


George gave me an olive branch
yesterday and that matters.

But I also acknowledge
his threat level.

King George, he's refined
and finessed his gameplay,

and he's really not
making any mistakes.

Any reasons he didn't win for
last time are all corrected.


And the further you let him
get in his game,

the harder it is to get him out.

I wouldn't want him to make,
like, final five, you know?

Let's be straight up.

I think he's someone that,
hands down, will win.

He's a phenomenal player.

But I'm starting to worry that
this Vigilante alliance

is all just trying
to shelter behind George,

and they're never gonna
take him out.

Especially Matt, he doesn't seem
very flexible to make moves.

Do you actually ever see yourself
writing his name down?

Do you see yourself
actually doing it?

I'd be...
Just hypothetically.

I'd be hesitant.
I'd need to really think about it.



I've tried to take a shot at George,
but it didn't work,

which was really frustrating for me.

Maybe now's the time to start
playing dirty in this game.

I need to do some real damage.

So, I wanna let you know something,

just because I think it's fair for
the game that everybody knows it.


And maybe useful.

What news do you have?

So, um, you've just won the car.

And everyone's wondering
if there's any more things coming,

and maybe there is before the end.

But George has already won ¤60,000.


Oh, no way!

I know. He won it at the auction.

I thought it might've been an idol.

No. So when he won that scroll...
The Survivor Surprise Party.


When he told me, I kept it private.
Yeah, yeah.

Like, I don't wanna tell
anyone's information...

Of course.
..for any, like, random reason.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But I just want everyone to play
for the end and not play safe.

Yeah, that's fair.


I've had to learn to become a master
of making moves in the shadows

so that nobody knows it was me.

I wanted to say this is...

I will not share any of this.
No, no, no. I know.

George thinks that he holds
the power in this tribe right now.

But his trust in me might be
the one thing that brings him down.


Oh, God.


Come on in!


What kind of torture chamber
do you have rigged up for us today?

What makes you think
it's gonna be torture?


Maybe it'll be fun.
Oh, it's always fun.

I don't think it will be.
It doesn't look fun.

Simon, you were pretty stoked about
winning that car yesterday,

but how was the picnic
with Hayley, Matt and Nina?

Look, the car, that was amazing,

but then the picnic,
to be able to, like, have a chance

to sit down and chat,
fill our bellies

and just be surrounded by
this beautiful beach,

it was pretty special.

Hayley, was it good
to spend some time with Simon?

Yeah, I'm so appreciative
that he took me on that reward.

Um, look, it's so nice to be able
to eat something.

We are all really struggling
with the food

and so I'm really grateful
that I was there.

So, Liz, Simon is on a tear
right now.

You think he could make it
four for four today?

I mean, Simon has proved that

he's extremely...talented
at all of these challenges

and he's very well rounded,

so, yeah, absolutely
he could make it four for four.

Thanks, Liz. That's very kind.

Simon, what do you think
your chances are today?

It looks like we're gonna
be out here for a while

and if my track record with
endurance is anything to go by,

I'll probably be cooked
pretty early.

But, hey, give it a crack

and see how we go.

Alright, on that, are you ready to
get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Come on, Simon.

(LAUGHS) God willing.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge... are gonna hold a squat position

attempting to balance an idol
in place.

If you move too much
either up or down,

your idol will drop
and you're out of the challenge.

Last person still squatting
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the 16th person voted out.

Let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.


This is gonna be ouchie.


Alright, everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.


Brand-new challenge
for Australian Survivor.


And even before I get that out,

two seconds in,
Matty is out of the challenge.


George is out.

Wow, within five seconds,
we've lost two already.

That just goes to show you
how hard this challenge is.

I'd be surprised if anyone lasts
more than 10 minutes on this one.

Very little wiggle room here.

You move up or down too much,
you'll trigger that mechanism,

knock over your idol
and, with it, your shot at immunity.

Oh, nuh.

Liz is out.

Three out within the first minute...
Oh, my God!

..making this one of the hardest
endurance challenges yet.

There is nothing comfortable
about this position.

No opportunity to stretch
or shake out a burning thigh.

You've just got to push through it.


Gerry struggling, but holding in.

You've got it, Gerry.

It's all gonna come down to how much
you want or need that necklace.

GEORGE: Unlucky, Gerry.

MATT: Well done, Gerry.
Great effort.

After two minutes, Gerry is out.

LIZ: Good job, Gerry.

And we're down to four -

Hayley, Nina, Simon and Shaun.

All looking pretty solid.

If you think votes might be
coming your way tonight...

Hayley, hold it.

..all you need to do is win.

Thighs are just gonna be
on fire right now.


Just gotta push through that pain.

As a pain researcher, I'm sure Hayley
knows a thing or two about that.


You've got it, Hayley.


Simon shaking.

LIZ: Simon's having a fit over here.

Simon would love to walk out of here
with that necklace

for a third time in a row.

Hayley shaking. She drops out.

And we're down to three -
Shawn, Simon and Nina.

Nina, you look amazing.

Everyone digging deep.

Mate, they make 'em tough
in North Carolina.


After 37 days out here,
not much food, not much sleep,

how much is left in the tank?

That's what it's gonna come down to.


Simon's idol going up and down,
up and down.

And that's it. He drops out.

No shot at immunity.

And now we have a showdown
between Shaun and Nina.

The smallest in the tribe
taking on the biggest.

A real David versus Goliath showdown.


MATT: Come on, Nina.

Both Nina and Shaun
have been runners-up

in the last couple
of Immunity Challenges.

I'm sure they'd love to
take it home today.

LIZ: This is so impressive, guys.

10 minutes into the challenge.

Whoa! Amazing!

What a great effort.
That is a killer wall sit.

Great pain management from Nina.

Could she be the first Twine
to ever win a challenge?

Sandra never won one, did she?

She needs to win one, then.

Come on, Nina. You can break
your family's challenge drought.

Shaun grimacing in pain.


Nina struggling now.

Go, Shauno. Keep digging, mate.

Massive move last Tribal Council
with a wicked blindside.


Who knows what could happen tonight?

Sure would be nice to have that
necklace and not worry about it.

But that is it.

Shaun drops and Nina wins
her first individual immunity.


The first Twine to win a challenge.

LIZ: Well done, Nina! Oh, my God.
Wow, Nina.

SIMON: Congratulations.
Thank you.

LIZ: That's impressive.
GEORGE: That was huge, Nina.

Thank you.

You did great, mate.
That was full-on.


You right?
Yeah, I'm alright.

JONATHAN: Nina, come on over.


First individual immunity win.
How does that feel?

It feels amazing.

I was definitely nervous
about this one,

but the fact that I was able
to keep cool, calm and collected

really helped.

Well done. Well, you are safe.
Not going home tonight.

Guaranteed a one-in-seven shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight

where somebody's gonna become
the fourth member of our jury.

Won't be you.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Well done. Alright, head on out.
I'll see you all tonight.

Lead the way, queen.

Yes, ma'am.
Well done.


I won!

I finally get to wear
this beautiful necklace.

My mother has never
worn this necklace

in her five or six seasons

I'm in a really great position
right now.

I'm safe tonight

and this is the opportunity for me
to get in with Vigilantes

or at least some of them

and secure my spot in this game.



GEORGE: Nina won
today's immunity necklace

and I couldn't be more happy.

How special. Congratulations.
Well done.

Finally got one!

Finally got one.
Good girl. Well deserved.

Thank you.

GERRY: Indeed.

SHAUN: Completely out.

And tonight, Simon is gonna
look destiny in the face

and it's gonna take him
out of the game.

Let's walk down by the beach.

We'll keep going down this way.

The only thing that Simon achieved

voting for Shaun
at the last Tribal Council

was giving me the opportunity
to win Shaun over for tonight's vote.

This is great for me because I wanna
use Shaun as a tool moving forward.

I see you as a lever now,
late in the game.

Yeah, I agree.

If Simon legitimately goes next,

so many permutations
are open for you, Shaun.

Yeah, that's what I... That's what
I was just sitting there, thinking.

I said, "As soon as he goes,
this whole thing opens up."

But I completely agree
and I genuinely...

I really want him to go.

GEORGE: I'm gonna be honest here.

This is truly a spectacular game
that I'm playing.

This is why I should win.

I feel like disaster and misery
follow Simon in this game

wherever he goes,

and I'm not going in the wake of it
anymore, not even out of necessity.

That's exactly why
I want to work with you.



So, I'm having a really good chat
with George.

There's a sentence that
I didn't think I'd be saying

at this part of the game.

Oh, mate, I'm all on board
with Simon.

But playing with George is a little
bit like dancing with the devil.

You could have your feet stepped on

or you could have
a beautiful romantic night.

Um, let's go get some food.
Let's go eat, hey?

So, the intention going in tonight
is wanting Simon gone?

Of course.
100%. 100%.

Well, Simon thinks that deal...

Do you think
he still thinks it's on?

He thinks it's on

and he doesn't realise the deal
was off the moment Shonee went home.

Yep, yep.
It's that simple.

So, what do you suggest we do
for the vote, then?

I think we all just dump on Simon.

It's the best thing to do.

I feel good about
my position in the tribe

because I'm sitting in a majority,

but it is really being led by George

and, right now,
his game is better than mine.


But I am gonna change that.

Would anyone be comfortable
with this? Like, if we have...

If this vote is split the right way,

it would allow me to dictate who
goes home out of Simon and Shaun.

Did we put rice in yet?
No, I don't think so.

It's the perfect opportunity to pull
the rug out from underneath George

without him having any idea
what's going on.

It does work.


OK, that's what we'll do.
We have to do that.

Me, Gerry, Matt vote for Shaun.

Everyone - three girls and Shaun -
go for Simon.


I'm here to play this game hard
and take control.

Liz, we need you.
..Simon. Boys on Shaun.

So, what we're going to do is this.

At first, we were gonna
dump the votes on Simon

and now we've come up with
a foolproof plan.

It's a complete safety thing
that Hayley just opened my eyes to.


Myself, Gerry and Matt
are gonna vote for Shaun.

You three are gonna vote for Simon.

Shaun knows to vote for Simon.

Still Simon goes home.



How are we? Fire's up and going,
so that's alright.

Well, I'll be candid with you.

There's gonna be a split vote
with Simon as the primary.



Um, everyone else should vote
for Simon, including yourself.

I appreciate the honesty.


When we have seven people left in the
camp, then options open for everyone.

But I need both of you two.


And we just need Simon to go home.


I like the sounds of that.

So, I only need one vote

and then I'm packing my bag
and I'm going to Jury Villa tonight.


SHAUN: This is not ideal!


There's a foolproof plan

that Queen Hayley
has cobbled together -

the split vote
between Simon and Shaun.

The plan is quite simple.

Myself, Gerry and Matt are gonna
put three votes on Shaun.

Hayley, Nina, Liz and Shaun will be
putting four votes on Simon...

..and that makes Simon's lonely old
vote completely irrelevant.

Only one thing can go wrong
with this plan.

I still don't fully trust Nina.

Going to tonight's Tribal Council,

we need Nina to vote for Simon,

otherwise Shaun could go home.

I don't want Shaun going home.

I have plans for Shaun

and I'm putting my entire faith
in Nina right now.

This makes me feel
a little bit uncomfortable.


What I'm saying to you is this -

please just vote for Simon tonight...

No, I am. I am.

..'cause literally you have the keys
to the game...

..potentially opening up tomorrow.

And everything we've done always
gets ruined one way or another

and I don't understand it.

There's only so many chances
that I can give somebody

and, if anything,
I've gone above and beyond

trying to give him multiple, so...

It is what it is.

There is a way this plan can fail.

I've got huge trust issues with Nina.
Yeah, I don't want Nina here.

I don't want her here.

I honestly think she's just trying
to get one more, one more.

She's doing that and then...
So, she'll do...

I think she'll vote with us.

She does not feel close to Simon.
She does not feel close to Shaun.

Yeah, but...
She could still vote with them.

Then we should be fine.
It's just being overly cautious.

OK, good.



My Spidey-senses are tingling.

Something is just not right.

Tell you what, they really
involved... Didn't they?

There's been a lot of conversations
that I've been left out of.

Today, I don't have that necklace
around my neck

and all I've got is
a deal with George

holding onto my game right now.

And I'm a little bit nervous.

What are you...
What are you thinking tonight?

Well, I don't know.

That's the thing. It's, like...

Can something big happen tonight?


SIMON: I've had a few swings
at the King now

and if I can't move on him,

then maybe I need to start
taking out a few more of his pawns.

I mean,
I'd...I'd do anything, really...

Yeah. try and...


He's a very good boy,

but it seems like he doesn't want
to play with anyone.

Yeah, I'm really surprised by,

He's on a good wicket now,
but he's such a closed book

and such a closed mind.

We should never sort of
close off to anything.


It's very clear that Matt
only wants to move forward

with Gerry and George.

So, let's continue this hunt.

That means
there are five other people

who have a collective interest
to vote out Matt

if he's not gonna even consider
working with them.

SHAUN: If we can get Matt
across the line...

That'd be huge.

It's really hard to trust anybody
at this point in the game.

George has promised
that I'm safe tonight,

but I know I'm with the split vote,

so right now, this is something
that I have to consider.

It's for self-preservation
and self-preservation alone.

But I'm just not sure about Liz.

The whole Shonee blindside
was huge for her.

Like, she's devastated by it.

That's what woke her up.
That's a wake-up call.

Hypothetically, like,
if they moved on you and Shaun,

do you feel like it would be
an opportunity for you

to have a move under your belt?

Who would you want to target?

I don't know.

Matt was, like, super closed.

Like, he only wants to play
with Gerry and George.

No, I hear you.

We just need to confirm with Hayley.

Where is she?
I don't know.

She's probably...
I saw the three boys go that way.

Do you wanna find her?

I'll watch the risotto.


So, I was just left in camp
with Nina and Liz.


They have appetite to move on Matt

if you can get back
and talk to them now.

OK, sweet. Tonight?


I'll go. We need to reconvene again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go speak to them.

SIMON: I think this Matt vote
is about to take off.

Have I just gained some agency
in this game?

Um, I've been sent to talk to you
about voting out Matt.

There are so many different plans
going ahead.

Simon's name is on
the chopping block.

Shaun is up as an option.

And now Matt is an option
to flip the game.

This is perfect for me.


GEORGE: I know I have the numbers

heading into
tonight's Tribal Council.

I'm in control and I can smell
Simon's blood in the air.

And I'm excited
because once Simon goes home,

the seas will part and I'll be able
to march right to the end.

HAYLEY: At this point in the game,

my Survivor resume is made up of
very subtle moves,

but it's become very clear to me
I need to step up.

People have forgotten that
I am a ruthless game player.

Tonight's the night for a big move.


Watch Heroes and Villains collide

in the ultimate battle for survival,

with full episodes over on 10 play.



We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.


..Sam and Shonee.

Voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Hi, Jonathan.



So George...

..I know that you and Shonee
had a connection this season.

And so what's the feeling

when you see her sitting over there
on the jury?

I think she looks fantastic.
Look at her!

Um, but it's a poignant reminder
for tonight's Tribal Council.

Anything can happen
at a Tribal Council.

And the moment you let your guard
down in the game of Survivor,

you're at your most vulnerable.

And then there are lots of sharks
swimming around

on this Molemole tribe,

myself included,

and that's the time to strike.

Should we expect
some more bloodletting moving on?


I think expect fireworks.

Bring more on. That's what I say.

Liz, I'm judging by your reaction
last Tribal Council

that you were blindsided
by Shonee's blindside.

Yes, Jonathan, I was blindsided.

Why did you look squarely at George?

Because George
orchestrated the blindside

behind mine and Shonee's back.

But I understand that it's a game

and I feel like in order for me
to progress moving forward,

I have to let it go and move on,
otherwise I'll get left behind.

So, Shaun, last Tribal,
you had a near-death experience.

Do you feel like you have
a new lease on life now?

Uh, I do. Yeah.

You don't often get a sort of
second chance in Survivor,

and I felt like in
the last few Tribal Councils,

the sort of door's been very closed.

But now it's just ajar a little bit

and with a slightly open door
come new opportunities.

Well, last time we were here,

you were also preaching the value
of making moves early.

Are you gonna practise
what you preach tonight?

Yeah, I mean, I'm...

You know,
I'm a big advocate for that

because, you know, there are
some savvy players here

and I said it, if you don't get them
first, you'll get got.

Simon, where do you think the power
lies in this tribe now?

Um, look, I think the power
has shifted.

Um, I think that George, Shonee
and Liz held a lot of power.

And now I think that George,
Matt and Gerry hold a lot of power.

Either way, I'm still on
the other side of that...

..of those numbers,
on the other side of that fence,

and I, yeah, feel
I can still swim with the sharks.

And that elicits a big smile
from George.


The last time someone
tried to throw a bus at me,

I got a bigger and badder bus out
and ran them over.

So, careful, Simon.

But thank you for the compliment.
I'll interpret that as a compliment.

So, Nina, you're the first Twine
to ever wear that necklace.

I sure am. (LAUGHS) Finally!

Took, what? 25 years?

GEORGE: Seven combined seasons,
I think.


Mama's gonna be proud, right?

I'm not gonna tell her, though.
She's gonna have to wait and watch.


But, Liz, was today the wrong day
for Simon not to win that necklace?

I mean, it's a bad day for anyone

to not win the necklace,
including Simon.

I feel like if you don't have
that necklace around your neck,

you should be preparing
to walk down that path.



10 days out before
the end of the game,

do you have a clear picture who
you're gonna sit next to at the end

or is it changing every day? changes.

So, you have a vague idea

of maybe who you don't want
to sit next to at the end, um,

but you know that, no matter
if you have a clear picture,

it's not gonna be like that.

Things will get thrown up
in the air.

There's necklaces, there's idols.

George, what would you say to that?

If...if any person sitting here
hasn't thought about

who they're gonna want to work with
in the Final Three

or how they're gonna get
to the final two,

then, you know, they're definitely
behind the eight ball

because the game moves

and if you haven't
done anything yet,

you might as well just stand up

and join those three
on the jury benches

because you're wasting
everyone's time.


Simon, I'm guessing from that,

you're assuming that George
is talking about you.

Oh, um, maybe not specifically,

but, look, George did say
the other day to me

that I haven't done anything
and, um...

No, I didn't say that to you.

Never said anything like that
to you at all, Simon.

You said I had
"nothing under my belt"

or something along those lines.

I don't think so.
That was probably directed to Shaun.

Not everything's about you, Simon.

No, I mean...
Not tonight.


I think the only worst thing
than doing nothing

is trying to do something
and failing spectacularly at it.

That I disagree with.

That I definitely disagree with.

Sometimes you just need to try.

It's very rare you have
an opportunity in this game

to fail and to come back.

Those of you who are able to do so

will be some of
the strongest players.

Yeah, but Simon, do you think
your social game is strong enough

to survive tonight?

(SIGHS) I'm...

I'm nervous.

As someone who has burnt trust

with every single person
sitting all the way around here

at some stage in this game,

yeah, it's very difficult,

and trying to rebuild that is tough.


I hope that, you know, maybe
something with some mutual interest

is just enough to appeal to someone.

It's not too late and, um, yeah,
what time like the present?

Well, I think it is time
to find out...what's gonna happen.

It is...time to vote.


JONATHAN: I think it is time
to find out what's gonna happen.

It is time to vote.


(WHISPERS) Matty, here's hoping

the lifeguard is about to drown
between the flags.

When it all looks calm
on the surface,

don't forget to check out

the sharks circling at the bottom.


I hope Simon goes tonight.

Every attempt of working with you
has failed.

I cannot have you here anymore

because if I try
to work with you again,

I'm scared we're just gonna fail
again and I'm gonna go home next.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to use it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote - Matt.



That's two votes Shaun,
one vote Matt.


Two votes Shaun. One vote Matt.
One vote Simon.

Simon. We're tied.

Two votes Simon. Two votes Shaun.
One vote Matt.


That's three votes Shaun,
two votes Simon, one vote Matt.


We're tied again.

Three votes Simon. Three votes Shaun.
One vote Matt.

One vote left.

The 16th person voted out
of Heroes v Villains,

fourth member of our jury -




You need to bring me your torch.


SHAUN: Far out.
SIMON: It's been a pleasure, mate.


Pleasure, everyone. Play hard.

Thanks, mate.
It's a pity.

MATT: Well done, mate.

Shaun, the tribe has spoken.
(SHAUN WHISPERS) Thanks, mate.

Take it easy. See you soon.

See ya, mate.


Well, I think Shaun would
sum this up by saying,

"If you don't get, you get got."


Grab your torches. Head back to camp.







Sunday night on
Australian Survivor...

Get it in here, Liz.
Get it in there!

..the race to end Simon's
winning streak heats up.

Come on! Move, baby!


GEORGE: Who is the better
game player -

King George or Queen Hayley? this royal showdown...

HAYLEY: Survivor is brutal,
it's ruthless.

..whose head will roll?

I hold George's life
in my hands tonight

and he will be going home.

Pretty gutted, so...

I really thought I was gonna
be OK tonight, but I wasn't.

I assume it was maybe Nina.

(WHISPERS) If I've split
this vote correctly,

swapping this one vote to you,
Shaun, will send you home

and keep my puppy Simon still here.

SHAUN: George is the most dangerous
player out here.

He's clearly in control
on this tribe,

and it is his game now.

Captions by Red Bee Media