Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 19 - Episode #8.19 - full transcript

A Reward Challenge where the winner gets an overnight stay and delicious feast in the Survivor Spa has everyone salivating. Then, grab the popcorn, as it all goes down at an intense Tribal Council.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

At the Reward Challenge,
Simon continued his winning streak.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my... (LAUGHS)

I am the newest owner of
a brand-new Isuzu D-MAX.

Well, this is unbelievable.

That car's worth more
than I earn in a year.

I know, I know. Good job.

And while celebrating Simon's win...

Here's to 'The Beast'.
To 'The Beast'.

..Hayley continued her secret mission

to dethrone the King.

George has already won ¤60,000.

He won it at the auction.
I thought it might've been an idol.

George thinks that he holds
the power in this tribe right now.

But his trust in me might be
the one thing that brings him down.

GEORGE: Hello, everyone! (LAUGHS)

At the Immunity Challenge...
SIMON: Ohhh!

..Simon's winning streak
came to an end.

Nina wins her first
individual immunity.


And without the protection
of the immunity necklace,

George was ready to send him home.

I think we all just dump on Simon.

But when Hayley convinced George
to split the vote...

That's what we'll do.
We have to do that.

..she took control of the game.

This one vote to you, Shaun,

will send you home

and keep my puppy, Simon,
still here.

..sending Shaun to the jury.

Shaun, the tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


GEORGE: We'll talk at camp.



HAYLEY: Tonight,
I realised that the power

of my one vote

could shift who was going home.

Another interesting Tribal, though.
Oh, I know.

The fact that I'm still here,
bit of a miracle, if you ask me.

HAYLEY: I've been playing
a very low-key game

and I'm getting very close
to the end,

so I need to make sure that
I've got some moves I can claim.


If the tribe knew that
I was the one that did that,

then I think my trust would be broken
with a lot of people.

I voted Simon.

GEORGE: It wasn't anyone else.

Well, it was...Shaun, Shaun...

No, I'm telling you...

George, it wasn't me.


It's really important that
they don't find out it was me.

And George is so adamant
that it was Nina.

I think I'm gonna be safe.


I need to sleep.
Hey, yeah.

Well done, mate.

GERRY: Mate, it...
You can put it down.

You did it.

Can I have a chat, Hayley?

You wanna chat with me?

Uh, I don't think
there's really much of a choice.

George thinks he's holding
the power, but Hayley really is.

Now I'm just wondering
how I can throw her under the bus.

I need to prove to George
that he can't trust Hayley...

..and I think it's by exposing her

with the information I was given.

So I wanna let you know something.

George has already won ¤60,000.

How? How?
No way!

I know. I just want everyone to
play for the end and not play safe.



Um. No, I'm awake. Yeah.

Hm. Hmm.

So, yeah...


Why... (SIGHS)


I'm...I am big enough to say

I'm sorry I accused you
of voting for Shaun.

Yep. Thanks.
Very interesting.


It was Hayley.

I've stuffed up with Hayley!

Hayley's been trying
to screw me over

for the past couple of days.

And I...I'm in a bit of
a state of shock.




I just can't believe Hayley
would do that to me.



You've lost all your strength.
I know.

Does everything just hurt?
Yeah, it really does.

Especially my soul.

Have you got anything
for severe bottomness?

(LAUGHS) 'Bottomness'?

Yeah, I'm severely on the bottom.

Last night was the first time

that I didn't know
the exact outcome of a vote.

And I truly am shocked by that.

Hayley's a very close personal friend
of mine in the real world.

It was hard for me to find out

that Hayley was a mole
working against me.



Like, I'm cl... Like, don't blow me.

There's no way...
Pfft! Don't blow me up.

Um...because I...

Well, because...

You put put your game
on the line for me again.

I don't know how many times I need to
keep telling you I want you here.


Yeah, we may as well just go back.
That's good.

Thank you again
for looking out for me.

Ooh, God. (LAUGHS)


He found out at the reward.




Of course it is.

I'm sad because I genuinely wanted

to get to the final two
with Hayley again.

We could've stood next to each other,
friends, king and queen.

And the best player could've won.

I let my guard down.

Hayley used our relationship
outside the game against me.

GEORGE: Now I can see the truth.

Hayley is my biggest problem
in this game.

How could you betray me, Hayley?




Come on in!



So, Liz, you've been trying to work
out what's happening in this tribe.

Did last night help or are you
more confused than ever?

I'm more confused than ever
at this point.

There's just chaos going on.

But I'm here today and I'm ready
to give it a good crack.

George, I could have sworn I saw
a confused look on your face

last night when that vote came out.

Look, I think it went to plan
in one sense,

where one of the split-vote options
went home.

And then I think someone thought
they were making a big move,

but they made a big mistake.

Simon, you copped
a lot of votes last night.

Did you see your Survivor life
flash before your eyes?

Yeah, I really did.

Look, I felt like I was
one of the options, in all reality.

And it's a little bit hard
when, you know,

you're on the bottom of the tribe,
not really knowing what's happening.

But, look, someone wants me around,
so here I am.

Alright, are you ready to get
to today's Reward Challenge?

Hell, yeah!

For today's challenge,

you're gonna balance on a narrow beam

while using a long pole
to stack blocks

one at a time.

If at any point your stack falls,
you'll need to start over.

The first person to stack
all eight blocks wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

A night away from camp...

Ah! the Survivor spa...


..where you will enjoy a hot tub,

a soft bed, soap,

shampoo, champagne...


..and kebabs with all the fixings.

Oh, kebabs! Kebabs!

Worth playing for?

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

Let's get to it!
Let's get to it.

Oh, my God, I want it so bad.


Oof, that breeze.

Alright, here we go.

For a very nice reward.

Survivors, ready?



Everyone has their first block.

Heading out.

End of that beam very narrow,

making it difficult
to find your balance.

If you fall off... need to head back
and start again.

Hayley has her first block.

Everyone else struggling.

Definite learning curve
on that balance beam.

Gerry finding his balance now.


(MUTTERS) These balancing ones
are killer.

Hayley and Liz both placing
their second.

You need accuracy.

You wanna build that stack
as straight as possible.

If it leans to the side,

it'll topple over.

Simon has the hang of it now.

He's right there with three blocks.

Simon super-focused again.

Back in cat mode.

Hayley and Liz placing their fourth.

Halfway there.

GEORGE: Slow down, Liz.


Hayley pulling ahead,
placing her fifth.

Liz with her fifth.

GEORGE: Slow and steady, Liz.
Think of the kebabs.

Simon right there.

Hayley trying to balance.

Looking wobbly.


Wind kicking up.

Gonna add another element
to this challenge.

Stay in the wind. Stay in the wind.

Liz coming in with her seventh.

Her stack drops!

The wind!



The wind! That sucks!

Mother Nature getting in on it.

Welcome to Survivor.


George drops.

Big gust of wind takes 'em all out.

Everyone gonna have to start again.

Oh, God! The drama!

Wait, this gives me hope!
What am I doing? Hurry up!

That's part of Survivor - you have
to deal with the environment

not only back at camp
but also at the challenge.

That was a stitch-up, that breeze.

That was a little stitch-up, eh?
Come on, Mother Nature.

Clean slate.

Let's see who learned the most
from their failed attempts.

It's Nina in the lead now with three.

Hayley chasing it down.



(CHUCKLES) George struggling
with the balance.

I'm still here.

(LAUGHS) He's still here!
Nice save from George.

I saved myself. Outback,
that's a fall into the water.

Meanwhile, Matt has quickly
rebuilt his stack.

Hayley super-focused now.

Drops her stack.

Nina drops hers.

It is Simon and Liz in the lead now.

Five blocks each.

Simon drops...

..leaving Liz in the lead,

but she needs to get
that sixth one to stick.

Two blocks left.

Matt chasing her down.

Matt has six.

Liz has six.

Matt loses everything again,

putting Liz back in the lead.

Liz coming in with her seventh.

Has something going.

That wind is picking up.

Liz struggling with that seventh one.

That's it. She has
her seventh in place.

Everyone else trying to catch Liz.


Liz coming out with
her eighth and final block.

Really feeling the pressure.

GEORGE: Take your time, Liz.
Don't rush.

It's just you
and a phenomenal reward, Liz.


Liz trying to calm her nerves.

That stack needs to stay up
for three seconds.

Can she get it to stick?

Places her eighth.

Three, two...!

And that is it! Liz wins reward!

Well done!
Oh, my God!

HAYLEY: When you needed it the most!

Oh, my God, well done!

Well done.
Girls' spa! Oh!

That was actually fun.
I was getting the hang of that.

I was so close to getting
my sixth one there.

Liz, come on over.


Thank you, Jonathan.

The Survivor spa is yours.

But a night away from camp
by yourself is kinda boring, so...

..choose someone to join you.

OK, I think I have to choose this
person because we still have...

..issues we need to resolve.

So I'm picking George.

George, come on over.

A day spa with a kebab
is a day spa I wanna go to.

And George needs to cut
his fingernails

'cause they're disgusting.

They're terrible.
They are disgusting.

You know what? I'm feeling generous.
Go ahead, pick one more.

OK, I have to pick a girl.


Sorry, Hayls.
NINA: Thank you!

Welcome. Welcome.

Good for the girlies
to have a pamper.

Alright, well, congratulations,
Liz, George, Nina.

The Survivor spa awaits you.
Head on out. Enjoy.

Have fun!
The spa awaits!

See ya, guys.

Have a great night.
See you tomorrow.

The day-spa reward is
just what we needed.

We're getting lit!
We're sculling the champagne.

We're gonna clean ourselves up
and then get a plan together

to take out Hayley.

We'll talk when we get there.
I've got a LOT to say.

If you're gonna get rid of
people from the game,

you may as well do it looking cute.


NINA: Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Look at the food!

Oh, my God!

And robes!

Oh, my God! Oh!

OK, quick.
Let's go, let's go.


Don't break an ankle.

My jaw is honestly
on the floor.

It is the most beautiful set-up.

It looks like something
out of a romance movie.

I want to light all these candles.

It's so romantic.

Look at these.

Brownies! Oh, my God, brownies.

Shall we just... Let's just have
a brownie now to celebrate.


Oh, my God.

We've got a big tray of brownies,

you've got, like, a super-king bed,

you've got a beautiful, like,
Lebanese spread,

you've got your dips.

We've got fans.
Got fans.

Toe clippers, George.

Got some champagne.

Well, I think I've found the...

You're living your dream.

And the jacuzzi is massive.

What is this?

It smells fascinating, like s...

And there's lotion,
shampoo, conditioner,

exfoliators, scrubs, lo...

Like, everything you could imagine.

I'm dying to get into that bar.

We have so much food
we can have breakfast as well!

Oh, my God, you guys, this is...
This is...

This is a phenomenal reward.
Do you guys want some?

Why not?

Since George blindsided my bestie,

I like the look of this.

..I need to form a new alliance
to get me to the end game.

Do whatever you want.

I think Nina has
a pretty similar game to me.

I want everything.

Nina is also in
a very vulnerable position,

so I don't think
she has many options

other than to work with us.

Words can't even describe,

like, how thankful I am
for all of this.

You can thank me in ways later,


Oh, man, I miss meat.

The way that you pulled me up
at Tribal Council

opens up the game.

For you, first and foremost.

And then it crystallises it for me.

That opened up the finish line
for you, Nina.

And I really do hope we progress
together as a bloc.


And this is the start of us
working together,

'cause we've only really
had conversations,

and the time just hasn't been right.

I really hope so, because I want to
throw Hayley under the bus.

She deliberately threw me
under the bus,

then told me to my face,

"Well, I'm just gonna keep telling
George that it was you.

"Is that OK?"

And I thought she was my friend
from the outside world,

and then I've had a realisation
over the past 24 hours

that a friendship outside
of the game

is not a friendship inside the game.

But no, Nina, are you solid
for us to be the top three?

When I tell you,
'solid' isn't even a word.


We have a clear path to the end...

..a fair path for all of us.

We are home and hosed.



I could get used to this.
This is our top three toast.

Thank you.

Cheers. No worries.
To us.

Looking at Liz and George

and thinking about my journey
in this game,

I actually wouldn't mind
sitting next to them at the end.


I'm gonna have another brownie.
Do you girls mind?

No, eat.

Maybe there's a hidden
chocolate idol.

(CHUCKLES) A chocolate idol.

We should just break something off
and be like,

"Look, it's got a green gem on it."

Yeah, or bring home
a piece of cucumber to Simon

and say, "Look, I found an idol!"

Yeah. I like Nina on champagne.
She's fun.

Oh. Just wait.
Just wait till I finish this glass.

Just wait. We've got one more
bottle. (LAUGHS)

George and I,
throughout this entire game,

have been trying to push
each other out.

I was never gonna play with him.

But I also know how quickly
this game changes.


Now, that's a hot piece of meat!

Who knew my biggest enemy,
being self-proclaimed King George,

would become the biggest asset
that I needed

to go forward in this game?

Oh, my God!
I'm getting light-headed.

Not any higher!

Oh, OK.
I can see your foreskin.

Now, pull it down.

I've had a really good connection
with Liz.


NINA: I want to trust her.

Oh, my God.

NINA: I hope I can trust her.



NINA: For the first time I can see
the clear path to the end.

Oh, my God.

What's the worst thing that happened
to me in the game?

It was last night.

I know.

I thought I was gonna be
the villain.

We just need to get rid of Hayley,

and then I think
we're literally laughing.


Hayley's pulled the wool
over all of our eyes.

And so has Matt.
Yeah, and you wouldn't expect it.

That's the funniest bit.

We haven't thought of
the worst-case scenario.

Hayley wins immunity, what do we do?


So that's the plan.

If Hayley is immune, Simon.

If Hayley's not immune, Hayley.

I learnt
a very important lesson.

Sometimes your real enemy
is your friend.

And there's no room for friends
in Survivor.


Bam! Boom!


He was talking about, like,

getting our kind of stories
and stuff together.

When Hayley pulls me aside,
I'm gonna say this.

I'll just go,
"Nina, she admitted it."

And I'll be like,
"She finally admitted it, Hayley,

"and she's out, she's finished."


"And then I asked Liz,
I pulled Liz aside,

"and I'm like,
'Why did you take her?'

"And Liz told me, 'To stop her
from finding an idol'."

I think that's the thing.

And you just go to Hayley, "George
kept pressing me to admit it,

"and I did just to shut him up."

The key to blindsiding Hayley

is for me and George to make her
think we are butting heads,

and that cannot change at any point,

whether it's at challenge or at camp.

If she catches a whiff
of anything weird,

we're screwed and we're not gonna be
able to blindside her.



Here's to the Survivor spa.

The Survivor spa
and the Jacuzzi alliance

that will run out to the endgame.

Jacuzzi alliance.
ALL: Cheers.

Jacuzzi alliance!


GERRY: I wonder what
tomorrow's challenge is going to be.

SIMON: Dunno.


Oh, that's better!

Today, Liz won the Reward Challenge

and took George and Nina to the spa.

And this is really,
really bad for me.

Do you want some coconut?
Ta, mate.

I think, um...

Yeah, not a good...
not a good result with, um, Liz.


Liz taking that out.

And taking those four.

What's the chances that they don't...
Out you?

I think it's low.

I know I'm in a precarious spot
right now

because Nina knows
that I voted for Shaun,

so if that gets blown up...

..George will be out for revenge.

Well, George is still more likely
to believe you than Nina, right?

Yeah. Unless they just spent
an overnight trip convening about it.


Then what would happen, I think,
is I become the target.

What's our best way
moving forward now?

I don't wanna just sit here
and have everything dictated for me.

Know what I mean? If we don't have
this then George parades on through.

I understand it's in your
best interest. Here comes Matt.

The biggest problem
playing with Simon

is he is like an excited puppy,
but I don't know if he can be tamed.

I'm trying to make very subtle moves.

Oh, my God!

But Simon is a difficult puppet
to control. (LAUGHS)

The coconut's really good!

MATT: That coconut's amazing, Simon.
SIMON: Thank you.

How are you feeling about
the run in to the finish line?

I was like,
"Oh, that's so long away.

"Like, what's the chance that
I actually get down to that final?"

And then now to be here,
it's like, "Wow!"

And it depends what
your motivations are.


Yeah, just wanted to have
an open conversation about

just how big the George factor is
in this game right now

and why George needs to go.


Oh, my God, Simon.

I don't know what is going through
Simon's head.

Gerry and Matt are very close
to George.

I think he's lost his marbles.

My puppet is like this.

I'm probably gonna be next
on the jury, anyway,

so, like, what I have got to lose by
sharing my opinion and my thoughts?

Your proposal is to take out George.

Explain to me your logic
around that.

My opinion -
George is calling the shots.


He's the one who is doing the deals
at the end of the day...

..and negotiating.

And without you ever stepping out
of George's shadow,

no-one's gonna give you
any credit for it.

Oh, I hear what you're saying.

But the timing's not right
to take out George.

Nah. Nah.

HAYLEY: My ideal would be to train
Simon to be this extra person for me

to navigate through the game

and...I just don't think
it's gonna happen.

I need to at least try.

Thank you for your time.

In conclusion...

Gerry and Matt

are just so closed right now.

They are under George's spell
and there is just no hope.

I don't have any agency,

so I have to get creative with
how I take control of this game.



Oh, look, I'm not really proud of
the level I'm having to stoop to

to try and claim moves,

but as it sits right now,
I can't get any lower.


GEORGE: So should we do
one final rehearsal, Liz?

'Cause you're gonna get
interrogated by Hayley.

So I'll be Hayley. You be Liz.
Yep. Go.


Oh, so, Liz, what happened
at the day spa?

Oh, God, as soon as we got there,

George and Nina were
just going at it.

I mean, and in the end,

Nina just admitted that she did it

and then at that point,
I was, like, checked out.

And I was, like, "Look,
I'm enjoying this moment."

I'm gonna go, "Hayley,"

I'll go, "People make mistakes
in this game.

"We've gotta punish them. We've
gotta stick with the vote tonight."

And then she'll run off to...

She'll run off to Matt after she's
finished speaking to me and you.

I'll bet you 500 bucks.

Seriously, I will bet you 500 bucks.


If Hayley loses immunity,
it's Hayley.

OK, we're all across it. Yay!

SIMON: The only control
I have over this game

is who wears that necklace.

And if I can at least
famish everyone,

that's an advantage
that works for me.


Anyone seen a papaya?


Not only did I...throw
the rest of the rations out,

I also ate the one ripe papaya
all by myself.





What is that?

Come on in!



We'll now bring in the winners
of the spa reward.

They look moisturised.

HAYLEY: Totally. They look plump.

GEORGE: Glistening with
our exfoliated skin.

Oh, this looks fun!

Oh, man!

How good!


Hello, hello.
Hello, guys.

Oh, wow!
We missed you.

Do you wanna smell us?
So good!

We probably smell like sugar scrub.

SIMON: Don't smell us, then!

Smell, smell, smell.
Oh, my God!



Yeah, hello, everyone.

You are literally glowing.

I'm guessing the spa reward
was pretty good.

Jonathan, it was
honestly incredible.

As you can see, I'm bright-eyed
and bushy-tailed this morning.

And my legs are really smooth.
Can you see?


So, Nina, did you wake up
this morning

feeling like you're gonna crush
the next eight days?

I sure hope so.

The spa was very...interesting
and I made the most of what I could

and I'm hoping that
that'll be helpful today.

Alright, shall we get to
today's Immunity Challenge?

Let's go.


Thank you.
Thank you.

Once again, immunity is
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna build a fire in a drum

on one side of a giant scale.

Once your fire is burning,

you'll then fill up
the other side with water.

When your water drum is heavy enough,
it will tilt the scale,

raising your fire high enough
to burn through a flag.

First person to burn
through their flag

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where you know the drill -

somebody's gonna be voted out.

LIZ: I know.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

SIMON: Sounds good!
GEORGE: Sounds amazing.

It will be!
Let's see.

LIZ: Damn all you boys!
SIMON: I offered you lessons.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity. Survivors, ready?


OK, first time making fire.

First thing you gotta do,
build a fire in that drum.

You each have the same
materials in your kit.

Flint, husk, kindling, wood.

Making fire is an essential skill
in Survivor.

For everyone, George.

And after 39 days out here,

you should have a pretty good idea
how to make one.

There's a first time for everything.

You wanna build the fire big enough

so that it lasts long enough

for you to fill the drum
on the other side with water.

There's no point building a fire
that's not big enough,

because it will go out
before you raise it up.

Nina, you need to use
the blunt side of the knife.

Ugh, God!

Matt has something going.

Hayley has something going now.


Adding some kindling.

Trying to keep it going.

Oh, you're doing well, Hayley.

What am I gonna do if I
run out of this kindling?

Simon has a little flame.

He's trying to nurse it.

Everyone else scraping magnesium.

Jeez, the wind!

Oh, shit. OK.

Hayley's has gone out.

Whole lot of smoke there.

She's trying to bring it back.

Simon has a little fire now.

Scrambling to try and build it up.

And that's it.

Matt first to break away.

Oh, Matty!

Has his bucket. Coming back.

A full bucket of water,
but here's the rub -

both your bucket and your drum
have holes in them.

The water's gonna leak out,

which means you're gonna need
to put in extra water

to keep your fire up.

Matt powering through.

Comes back with his second bucket.

Simon breaking away now.

Should I help Matt, Nina?

Yeah. Screw it.

Liz making a run for it.

Matt, I'll help you.

Liz helping out Matt.
That's within the rules.

And now we have a showdown
between Matt and Simon.

MATT: Get it in here, Liz!
Get it in there!

Liz coming back with
another bucket of water

that is raising Matt's fire bucket.

Here's the test.

Will it stay up long enough
and will that fire be strong enough

to burn through the flag?

Simon desperate to catch up.

He's really gonna have to hoof it.

Another bucket for Matt.

That should secure it in position.

Just waiting for it to burn through.

HAYLEY: I've got no kindling!

Simon coming back now
with another bucket.

Will that be enough?

Not quite. He's gonna
have to go out again.

This really opens the door for Matt.

Keep filling the bucket, Matty.

It's flowing over.

Little sticks!

Matt's fire's been
up there for a while

but it's not quite strong enough yet.

And that's it.

Simon finally raises his bucket.

Simon's fire is licking that flag.

Who's gonna burn through first?

Simon trying to build it up now.

Matt doing the same.

It's a double-edged sword.

You need to manage your fire,
make sure it doesn't go out.

You need to work quickly whilst
the other drum is draining water.

Simon going out again
for another bucket.

His fire drum slowly coming down.


It's good, it's good, it's good!

There you go.

That's it. Simon brings it
back into position.

I'll get more water.

Yeah, keep grabbing the water.

Matt has lots of water in his drum,

making sure that his fire drum's
going nowhere.

Everyone else
well out of this challenge.

Simon's fire is starting
to burn through the flag.

It's getting close.

Oh, shiver.

Matt's flag is burning now.

Both Simon and Matt's flags
are on fire.

It's up to the Survivor gods now
which one's gonna burn through first.

Come on!

Burn, baby!

We are down to the wire.

Come on!

It's only a matter of seconds now.

And that is it!


Simon wins individual immunity
yet again.


Oh, man.


Yay, I got fire!
My God, finally! (LAUGHS)

Seconds, Matty. Seconds.


Whoa! That was hard.
GEORGE: Oh, well.

Unlucky, Nina.

So close, Matty.

I tried to help him.

I know. I tried to help him.


Simon, come on over.

Well done, Simon!
Thank you.

When it feels like
the whole world is against you,

sometimes you have to
find the strength

to turn up for yourself.

Well, individual immunity yet again.

Safe at Tribal. Cannot be voted out.

Well done.
Thank you.

Guaranteed a 1-in-6 shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
after 39 tough days out here,

Tribal Council tonight,
where somebody's gonna be voted out.

Well done. Head on out.
Thanks, brother.

I'll see you tonight.

Well done.
Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

Very happy for you today.
Thanks, mate.

Simon is really not
a threat on this game.

Now we have the opportunity
to make the move on Hayley.

Hayley broke my trust,

but my cannon that blasted Shonee
off to the jury benches

is gonna blast Hayley

out of the water.



GEORGE: Simon's won
the individual immunity necklace.

SIMON: Thank you.
Epic end, mate.

GEORGE: And I couldn't be happier
for him, for once.

Because this has set up

the golden opportunity for me
at tonight's Tribal Council.

Hey, Sime...

I think I was wrong
about the day spa.

Oh, no!

GEORGE: The blindside of Queen Hayley
is on.

Oh, yeah.

GEORGE: I need every single person
involved in this plan

to play their part.

Hayley likes a split vote,

so I need Hayley to believe
that I'm doing a split vote

on Nina and Liz.

Jacuzzi, bar -
we were struggling ourselves.

Oh, sounds amazing!

NINA: I need an idol.

But really, the Jacuzzi 3
will be voting for Hayley.

She's not gonna see it coming.

Good to be back, Gerry.
Good to have you back.

OK, so, it's Hayley.

Me, you, George and Nina on Hayley,

and the others
can do what they want.

Yep, righto.

I know we can trust Gerry,

but I don't trust Matt at the moment.



When we got there,

I confronted Nina
about flipping on Shaun.


And then she denied it,
denied it and denied it,

and I just told her,
"You're digging your own grave."

Yeah, exactly.
You've just got to admit it.

Yeah, OK.

Her whole pitch to Liz and I was,
"You've got to get rid of Simon.

"He's gonna win every challenge."

Like, of course we were like,
"Yeah, yeah, yeah,

"of course Simon's our priority."

If he wins it.
Simon's not my priority.

She's 100% my priority.

You and Gerry have to vote on Liz.

And then me, you, Liz
will all vote for Nina.


And then even if she has an idol,
I don't care.

LIZ: Is it OK if I intercept?
No, no, please, please.

Come in, come in.

Discussing the reward?
Oh, yes, and the...

Yeah, a bit of everything.

So, they have been going at it
like Jack Russells.

And I was like, "You guys are
killing my experience."

Oh, no! It wasn't like
a relaxed day spa?

No, it was like a debate.
I was relaxed.

Yeah, but you know how you get,

I obviously took George to,
like, hash out all our stuff,

and then Nina,
because I was terrified of her

looking for an idol,
because, like...

Yeah, smart.

And Nina looks sullen.

She looks so sullen.

Her whole game plan
that we gave her hope was,

"Oh, yeah, of course we want
Simon out of the game."


A lot of immunities for Simon.

A problem for another day.

It's just an easy one, and then...

..get rid of Simon tomorrow.

Liz has pulled it off,

and Nina's running all scared-looking
for an idol.

I think we've got Hayley.


HAYLEY: So, I'm weighing up

making a safe move

to take out Nina...

..with making a big move
to be in control of these votes.

Let's go down and...and wash...

Yeah, good call.


I have been playing very low
and in the shadows,

but I am ready to step out
behind the curtains and strike.


It's a split.


No way!

We take down the King.

That's amazing.

HAYLEY: George is a really close
friend of mine,

but Survivor is brutal,
it's ruthless

and you have to be selfish.

So I can separate my friendship
with George

from what might be
the best move for me.

Just sit here in camp,
keep opening the coconuts,

don't say anything.

Don't try to... Don't do the Simon.
Do you know what the Simon is?

It's a good plan
and you're gonna twist it.

Don't twist it. Just leave it.
No. Just leave it.

Leave it.

Jeez, are you really that worried
about me putting, like...

Yes, because this is, like...

This is the moment of the game.
This is the moment.

It's done.

We're doing George.
We're taking down the King.


Um, excuse me, is someone offering

to work with me?

Yes, please!

Look, at this stage of the game,

if anyone's putting anything to me
that's not a decoy plan,

I'll happily sign above
the dotted line.

She doesn't have any, then.

You don't think she has an idol?

If she does, good luck to her.

She's definitely looking.

I can't wait for tonight.
I can't wait.

By telling everyone at camp

that George and I pretty much argued
the entire time

at the spa day,

no-one even suspects
that we're working together.

Why am I so short?

George is offering me
the path to the end.

But I don't know.

I 50-50 percent trust George,
but at the end of the day,

50 is better than zero.

So I'm idol hunting, and I'm gonna
look as uneasy as possible.

Because the last thing I want
is Hayley to catch wind

of any of this.


Well, her game's done.

Are you gonna go look for her?

Oh, my God.

OK, so George has come up to me
and said,

"we're...we're splitting the vote
with me and the three,"

and I didn't even suggest it.

Matt and Gerry are two on Liz.

Me, Liz and George are on you.

Which means if I move my vote...

OK. vote with you and Simon...

We could do George if we want.

If we did that...
OK. would be three on George,
two on you...

I'm more than happy...
Imagine. Imagine.

I'm over here, like, panicking.
I know.

And I think that he won't think
it's coming at all.

They are not concerned about me
at all. Which is great.

The fact that you took the blame
for that means that I now have

the real information
and we can do something with it.


I'm gonna still look for an idol
so they don't think I'm comfortable.

Awesome. Thank you.
I'm gonna put Simon in the way.

Power shifts very quickly
in this game.

Yesterday I was at the bottom

and now I'm the key
to everyone's plan.

I can help George blindside Hayley.

I can help Hayley blindside George.

I'm holding the power to destroy

the delicate balance of this game.


I've spoken to both of you
and I feel like they have no idea.


Let's do it.
We're gonna slay the King.

OK, done.

I'll be there in, like, two minutes.

GEORGE: Today is about
one simple thing.

Who is the better game player?

King George or Queen Hayley?


She just said, "I should slip
the idol." I'm like, "Good."


Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. Yes.

I think that was really reassuring.


I agree.

Yes, exactly.

I could never...could
never have predicted

that we would still be here.

Well, I'm...I'm surprised as well.
Honestly, I could never.

Sometimes you can't predict things,
but fate is fate, Hayley.


I honestly think after tonight,
this is the turning point.

Yes, tonight is 100%
the turning point of the game.

There is no more...


Just... It's a point of principle.

It''s that simple.




Alright, let me check with Matt.
All good.


NINA: This is gonna be
a game-changing moment.

Blindsiding Hayley, honestly,
will feel pretty good

because she threw me under the bus.

Or I can blindside George who
I never, ever wanted to work with,

yet here I am!

No matter what decision
I make tonight,

a huge player in this game
is going home.

JONATHAN: Join ex-Survivors
Khanh and Brooke

with Shannon Guss
for 'Talking Tribal',

your weekly deep dive

into Heroes v Villains,

only on 10 play.




We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.




And Shaun.

GEORGE: Wow. Gangsta Sam.

So, Liz, I've never seen anyone
come back from reward

so happy and relaxed.

How different is the Liz tonight from
the Liz of the last Tribal Council?

I honestly feel like
leaving the day spa this morning,

it was like the game
had restarted for me.

And I had quite a rough few days

and it was honestly just
the perfect timing for me

and it was incredible.

Why did you choose to share it
with George and Nina?

I chose to share it with George
so we could clear the air.

We've had a tumultuous week.

And then I chose Nina as well

to stop her looking for idols
back at camp.


Sorry, Nina.

It's fine.

So, Nina, do you feel like
that spa rejuvenated your game?

No. Uh...

The second we hit camp after Tribal,

I was hit with accusations
about how the vote went down

and that didn't stop
when I hit the day spa.

So, George, is this disagreement
between you two

gonna factor into tonight's vote?

Most definitely.

I think if you make a mistake
in this game,

it could cost you the game.

And it's not just only
what happens in a vote

when, you know, people get excited
at the voting booth,

they...they think they're making
a big move when it's not a big move.

It's what happens
back at camp as well.

And if you're gonna make
a big game-related decision,

you should own it,
you should be proud of it.

You shouldn't hide in the shadows.

That's just my view on it as well.
Maybe people think differently.

So, Liz, the tricky thing
about a reward like that

is that you get to share it
with a couple of other people,

but you leave four others
back at camp.

Were you worried about
who you left behind?

Uh, no, not at all,
to be honest with you.

I left behind some close allies
and people that I trust

and I'm sure that whatever was
happening back at camp was...


Well, Simon, last time we were here,

you talked a lot about
seizing the moment.


Did you see that as an opportunity
to make something happen?

Yeah, I certainly did.

I've been knocking on a lot of doors
recently to no avail,

um, but I feel like with
these concrete boots I'm wearing,

that voice is just being drowned out
as I try to gasp for air

and then falling on deaf ears.

So, Gerry, were a bunch of new ideas
being kicked around camp?

Did any of those ideas
seem interesting to you?

Not really.


Just like that? Not really?

Oh, shit.
LIZ: Gerry.

No. No, you're just matter of fact.

It's lovely.
I'm sorry, but...

No, no.
No, no. No, I'm not sorry at all.

No. It's just when I make
a commitment, I make a commitment.

It is what it is.

And, um, yeah, we've got a plan
going in to tonight.

That's what I'm focused on.

So, Simon, you've won Individual
Immunity more than anyone else.


I'm just glad
I'm wearing this tonight.

As nice as it is to have this one
around my neck,

it's kinda heartbreaking
at the same time for...

..Nina to, yeah, be sitting here
next to me without one.

Wow. He just straight-up said,
"It's you tonight, Nina."

Um...I don't know what else
he would have said. (LAUGHS)

Like, the way these last two days
have been going, I've tried

and it just hasn't gone the way
I thought it was gonna go.

But, Simon, you've won that necklace.

So, doesn't that give you
some kind of power?

It gives me protection,

but it doesn't give me
any more power than a single vote.

So, I need some more friends

more than I need, you know...
(LAUGHS) ..power right now.

George, do you need friends
in this game

or do you just need allies
to get a deal done?

I think you need
a combination of both.

Um, friends are very important,

but I think you also just need,

um, to be able to work
with the group of people

that you want to get
to the end with.

You don't have to be mates
outside of the game,

but you can work together

and then hopefully make it to that
very, very pointy part of the game.

Hayley, how important do you think
friendship is in this game?

I agree with what George said.

There's friendships
and then there's alliances.

It depends on how
you want to play the game.


Personally, I play the game
looking for alliances

that share mutual interest
over friendships.

George, is that how you play?


I think a lot like Hayley.

And, for the record,
Hayley is a very good friend,

but you have to be pragmatic
in this game.

And at this very, very late stage
in the game

where we only have half a night
and seven more days to go

until somebody walks away
with ¤500,000,

if you're in a majority alliance
right now,

you stick to it.

And that is the most
overriding interest

of every single person
in the numbers right now.

But tonight, for me,
is about managing risk.

And the biggest risk in the game

is somebody that goes rogue

when there's an opportunity
to be included in a group

and they will be punished
at the voting booth tonight.

Hayley, what's the vote
about tonight for you?

Um...the endgame and who I do
and don't want to be there.

Liz, what about for you?

The vote for me tonight
is about taking out someone

who I think is a very silent threat.

Well, on that,
I think it is time to vote.




Well, on that,

I think it is time to vote.

Liz, you're up.



Hayley, I wanted to take you
to the final Tribal Council

so the two best players
get to the end.

But tonight,
I will reign on this tribe alone.


King slayer!

I hope this works.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Liz, one vote George.


One vote Liz, one vote George,
one vote Hayley.


One vote Nina, one vote Liz,
one vote George, one vote Hayley.


Two votes Hayley, one vote Nina,
one vote Liz, one vote George.


17th person voted out,
fifth member of our jury.

Hayley, that's three votes.
That's enough.

I did not see that coming.



Well done! Congrats.

You need to bring me your torch.

LIZ: Oh, Hayley.
Oh, well done.

I know.


See ya, Hayls.

It's true. I had no idea.
Good job.

Well done. Oh!

OK, Hayley, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks. Well done, everyone.
I didn't see that coming.

Good luck. Play hard. See you, guys.
SIMON: See ya!

NINA: 'Bye.

That was good, Nina.

Thank you! (GIGGLES)

Well, in a tribe of friends
like these, who needs enemies?


Grab your torches. Head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

SIMON: George?
You guys are just his pawns.

..could Australian Survivor's
most hapless player...

I have fumbled my way
through this game. about to destroy...

I would rather go down
fighting for something

than have my game dictated to me.

..the indestructible?

MATT: I don't know
where my trust lies anymore

and I don't have a lot of huge moves
on my resume.

No-one would actually suspect...
NINA: Mm-hm.

..that we would work this out.


I'm feeling happy.

Like, I did not think I'd even
make it this far in this game.

And if I was gonna go out,

I only wanted it to be a blindside.

And I did not see that coming.

You threw me under the bus

and then thought I'd go along with
the plan that you pitched to me?

Not gonna happen.

It was complicated playing this game
with George

because personal friendships
can get really mixed up.

We have a friendship that goes
further than just this game.

But I'm pretty sure

I'm the most successful winner
to play this game twice.

I smashed it.

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