Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 20 - Episode #8.20 - full transcript

Which remaining castaway will push their willpower to the limit to win the Immunity Challenge? Tribal Council then sees the game flipped on its head once more as desperation sets in.

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GEORGE: Hayley's the...

..when George discovered Hayley's

The blindside of Queen Hayley is on.

..he created a new alliance
with Liz and Nina.

The Jacuzzi alliance
that will run out the end game.

The Jacuzzi alliance.
ALL: Cheers.

Today is about
WHO is the better game player -

King George or Queen Hayley?

And with Simon winning
his third individual immunity...


..the plan to blindside Hayley
was on.

Me, you, George and Nina...

..are on Hayley the others can do
what they want to do.

But Hayley had a plan
to take down King George.

We take down the king.

If anyone's put anything to me
that's NOT a decoy plan,

yes, please.

Let's do it.
We're gonna slay the king.

OK, done.

At tribal council...

Tonight for me is about somebody
that goes rogue

and they will be punished.

..Nina kept her word
to the Jacuzzi alliance...

17th person voted out
and fifth member of our jury.

..leading to a right royal blindside.

Did not see that coming.

OK, Hayley, the tribe has spoken.

That was good, Nina.
Thank you.

Six are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

Day 40.
Oh, yeah.

Seven days to go.

GEORGE: Waking up this morning,
it feels bittersweet for me.

Hayley just got outplayed.

Earlier on.

It's because she had nothing
in the game, Matt.

After blindsiding my friend
Queen Hayley...'s clear that I've played
the best game here in Samoa

by an absolute country mile.

And with seven days left in the game,
my conquest isn't over.

I've set myself up
better than any other person.

Because I have two top-three deals.

One with Gerry and Matt...

OK. Alright. I'm believing you 100%.
Yes, Gerry.


Alright, I'm on board with that.
I'm on board. Yep.

..and one with the Jacuzzi 3
with Liz and Nina.

So the next six days
are going to fly.

Oh, they will fly. Mm.


I just really want us
to get to the end.

We can. We definitely can.

I've got the options beneath me.

I built these strong alliances

and the fact that I can pivot left
or right is why I'm going to win.

If anyone wants to scoop me up
as a number and use me now, great.

But if not, running out of time.

But...anyone who's willing to...

..send out an olive branch,

like, I''s right now.

Yeah, maybe I'll get back
to ya on that.


I usually say every move that I make
is SO critical and so crucial,

but I have fumbled my way through
this post-merge game...

..and it's actually put me
in a better position

than I probably ever
could have imagined!

It hasn't been the worst strategy

and I feel like I'm actually
building a narrative...

..that I can stand
on my own two feet with.

GERRY: How's that water!
NINA: Oh, it's just so good!

I have constantly been on
the wrong side of the numbers.

But if I can get to the final two,

this strategy that I have taken,

to have no agency
and to have no strategy

and be making all
these dumb decisions,

might be enough to blindside
everyone in this game.

Right now, in this tribe,
I am a lone wolf.

I have no-one.

I have nothing to lose.

So I'm going to fight...

..with every last bit...

..of coconut I have left in my system

or I'm gonna go down swinging.

How you doing today, mate?
Yeah, not too bad.

Not too bad. What about you?
Oh, yeah.

Doing alright.
Another day in paradise.

The pointy end.

Yep, mate, we need to chat
sooner rather than later.

Because, like,
this is all getting away from you.


And you're running out of time.

Yep. Yep.

Mate, way I see it now,
I just see with George

and he's got three pawns
around him and... much as I hate to admit it... guys are just his pawns.

Like, literally,
he's moving you around as he needs.


And they all see it on the jury
and they won't see it any different.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, fully.
Alright, I'm gonna put this back.

Have a think, mate. And then we'll...
Whatever you need.

Literally called me a pawn.

He said,
"It's George and his three pawns."

Of course Matt's my pawn!

But I need Matt to feel like
he's a valuable part of my kingdom.

When he gets back into camp,
I will back you in, OK?

Fight, fight, fight.
Back, back.

And what's he doing?
Bombarding Gerry now.

You are doing the right thing
for you,

riding on someone else's coat-tails.

Oh, right. I'm gonna go for a swim.

There are three people here who
are just riding on your coat-tails.

You're calling the shots...

..and the rest are...

..pawns within the game
that you're playing.

And you know what?

I would rather go down
fighting for something

than have my game dictated to me.

Told what to do, told where to vote.

LIZ: That's not how it is, though.

The only reason you're saying that

is because you haven't been
in the alliance.

And the reason you haven't been
in the alliance

is because you've burnt
every single bridge

when people have tried
to work with you.
Hear, hear. Liz. Hear, hear.

And you're, like, alone
because of your actions.

And walking around behind my back,
calling me a pawn,

well, yeah, I'm not gonna work
with you and you will be alone

because say it to my face.

You know what?
I was gonna say this to the jury.

I don't have a problem
with calling you a pawn,

to your face or behind your back...

Oh, I can't...

MATT: I'm a bit lost in my game
at the moment.

It's hard being out here

and then having people say that you,
like, have done nothing,

and then believing them.

I had George set in concrete when
I got sent to the Villains tribe.

NOT riding on his shirt-tails,
working with him.

MATT: I don't feel like I have a lot
of huge moves on my resume.

That's the bit that's, like...

..just getting to me more.

Yeah. Yep.

I sacrificed a lot,

being out here,
being away from my family.

Just thinking about my wife
at home,

she's pregnant at the moment.

Not being there has been
one of the hardest things for me.

But my motivation hasn't changed.

I'm here to win
half a million dollars.

It would really set myself

and most of all,
my wife and our future baby up

for the rest of our lives.

But to get there...

..I need to take a big swing.

A big shot.

Holy crap!

Right now, I don't know
where my trust lies anymore.

These people that I'm meant
to be working with

obviously didn't trust me enough... let me in on their plan
to blindside Hayley last night.

However, I trust Gerry the most
out here at the moment.

Because we've got our final-two pact.

Can I be honest with ya?


..I'm worried that at the day spa...

..George made a deal
with Nina and Liz.

Yep. 100%.

I also feel like, though, George may
not tell you if it's gonna be me

and he won't tell me
it's gonna be you.

No, he won't. He won't.

He won't.

Just like he did to Shonee.

Just like he did to Hayley.

That final tribal is really close

and so now, I'm trying to reassess
what could my next move be?

You''ve gotta know
when to pull the trigger.


If you're gonna pull the trigger,
you can't miss.


And maybe I could try
and get in with Simon.

It's a great opportunity,
that no-one would see it coming.

While George and Liz aren't here
and Gerry's asleep...

..the one thing that I did think

that this morning's big blow-up
does give us, in a way...

Mm-hm. chance that maybe no-one
would actually suspect...


'Cause obviously...

Just a thought I had.
Don't throw me under the bus with it.

..if you're opening a door
and opening a conversation..., tell me where to vote.

Mate, all you have to do
is give me the, um...

..give me the opportunity.

And all I need is
just a name from you.


Yeah, baby!


We only need three to seize
half the tribe right now.

If Matt is serious
about working with me,

that might be enough
to dethrone the king.

This is a good day!

LIZ: Mm-hm.

Come on in.

What's this torture chamber?

Oh, Lord.

George, out of all the days
that you've played Survivor,

this is the first time that Hayley
hasn't been in the game with you.

How does that feel?

It's a bittersweet moment for me

because Hayley is a close, personal
friend of mine

but sometimes the game

And when I saw that Hayley was
working against me in this game,

I struck first.

And it's that simple.

Alright, on that, shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes.

I guess so.
Give it up, brother.

Here you go, mate.
Thank you.

Thank you.
You don't look happy about that.

Oh, you know my track record
with endurance, mate.

Well, for today's challenge,

you're gonna stand on very narrow
pedestals with one hand on an idol.

If at any point you step off
a pedestal

or you take your hand off the idol,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council

where somebody's gonna become
the 18th person voted out.

Alright, let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.
Good luck, everyone.

Let's go.

For immunity, this challenge... now on.

Pretty simple.

Just gotta balance
a couple of sharp pegs

until your feet can stand it no more.

You're on the front two pegs
at the moment, which are the easiest.

At various intervals, we're gonna try
different combinations of the pegs,

making it more difficult.

All it takes is one lapse,
take your foot off, overbalance,

let go of that idol,

and you could be letting go of
your place in the game.

Good news is we've done
this challenge before.

Bad news is these pegs are nastier.

Oh, good.

I stood in that torture chamber
for 4 hours and 50 minutes.

On much smaller pegs than this,

Simon, you've said a couple of times
now if it weren't for this necklace,

you wouldn't be here.

Is that the case today?

Ooh. That sun is coming out.

Heating things up a little bit.

No breeze.

It's not gonna help.

Alright, we are 15 minutes
into this challenge

and we're gonna make it
a little more interesting.

Gonna get you to move
to the back two pegs.

If you fall when you're making
that move, you're out.

Alright, I'm gonna count you in.





Oh! Missed.

George cannot make the transition.

He is out.
(BLEEP) hell.

Everyone else, nicely done.



Nina in pain now
in the second position.

Just hold that idol and breathe.

Lots of movement from Nina.


Really struggling to find
something comfortable.

Keep breathing, Nina.

I'm stepping off.

Oh, Nina.

Unlucky, babe.
Sorry, guys.

That's 20 minutes.

Nina steps off,
she's out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

That is not for me.

Now we're down to four -
Liz, Matt, Gerry and Simon,

battling it out for that necklace.

Guaranteed safety
at tonight's tribal.

The way things have been going
recently, you're gonna need it.

Gerry, still in it,
even with his bunged-up foot.

And back.
And back.

And shoulder.

And hip.

No pressure, Gerry.

Shall do my best.

Alright, we are 45 minutes in
and we're going to move on

to the final position -

front peg, back peg,
one hand on the idol.

I'm gonna count you in.



Yes. Well done, everyone.

NINA: Good job, guys.
Everyone makes the transition.

Holy shit.

Now you're really stretched out.

Might feel good for a minute, there's
nowhere to go in this position.

That looks so uncomfortable.

Some shuffling from Liz now.



Oh, my God!

Liz slips after 50 minutes.


Out of the challenge.
Well done, Lizzie.

No shot at that necklace.

Unlucky, Liz.

Now we're down to three -
Matt, Gerry and Simon.

Good job, guys.

Keep pushing, Gerry.

You've been up there for one hour.

Good job.

That's some incredible feat.

I get more impressed by you, Gerry,
every single day.

You've got it, Gerry.

You've done well, mate.

Been incredible.

Just keep pushing through.

I thought he was a pawn, Simon.

Look, yesterday in camp...
I don't wanna go into this now.

It's not the time to
have this conversation.

We can pick it up tonight
if we need to.

Simon, believe me, mate,
I'm my own man.

I know you're your own man, Gerry.

I mean it in the complete sense
of the game.


Lots of movement from Simon now.

Lots of different positions,
trying to find some relief.

All it takes is one lapse
in concentration...'ll come off those pegs or
you'll take your hand off the idol.


After an hour and 20...

..lapse in concentration for Simon
and he slips off that peg.

No shot at immunity tonight.

Now we have a showdown

between Matt and Gerry -

young gun taking on the old gun.

Well done, fellas. Keep it going.

Hey. Let's go to one foot.

We could go to one foot.

Let's go to one foot.
Oh, yeah!

Yeah, if you agree to it,
you can do it.

GEORGE: Alright, this is exciting.

I'm gonna let you choose
between the two of you

which foot you wanna go to.

Wanna do your front foot or foot?
It's gotta be back foot.

Alright, let's do back foot.
Back foot's harder.

OK. You agree on back foot?
BOTH: Yep.

Alright, I'm gonna count you in.

GEORGE: Let's just watch over here,

Matt and Gerry,
wanting to turn up the heat.

Here we go. Three...
Get comfortable.

You ain't moving it.
Good job, guys.


Wow. Both on their back foot.

Now it's all about balance.

Stay focused!
Come on, guys.

This is exciting.

Gerry, trying to find it.

Gerry's got the wobbles.

Matt, looking solid,
but Gerry's still in it.

Stay solid!

That's how you do it.

Matt, starting to wobble.

Come on, Gerry. Come on, Matt.

And that's it, Gerry's out.
Well done, Matty!

And Matt wins individual immunity!

You bloody legend!
You did amazing, mate.

ALL: Well done, guys.

Matty, that was great.

You killed this today, buddy.
Well done.

Matt, come on over.


On you, Matty!
Another immunity win.

You are safe. Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
after 41 tough days out here,

someone's gonna be voted out.

You'll have the afternoon to
work out who that's gonna be.

It won't be you.
Thank you.

Well done, Matt.
Lead the way, Matty!

Head on out, guys.
I'll see you tonight.

Let's go.
Let's go.

Having this gives me the sense
of security and sense of power!

This is the perfect opportunity
to make a big move

and set up the final part
of this game.

MATT: Thanks, guys.

Good job, Gerry.

Well done, Gerry.
Yeah, good job, Gerry.

Great effort, everyone.

GEORGE: Matty won today's immunity

and I couldn't be more delighted
for him.

But more importantly, Simon didn't.

Simon has made it to day 41
on sheer luck alone.

And tonight, Simon will get
what's been coming for him -

his torch snuffed,
just like it says on his hat.

Would anyone like to chat with me

and let me know where
I should vote tonight?

No, I'm good, thanks.

Matty, where do you want me to vote?
I'm just hungry.

You're hungry. I can crack
a few coconuts. (CHUCKLES)

Do we need more wood from down there
or anything?

Yeah, mate.
We'll go get some wood.

MATT: Yeah, let's go get it.

GEORGE: The numbers are really thin
right now with only six players left.

And I've got to tread very carefully.

OK, good.

So tonight,

I have to manage the relationships
with everybody in my two alliances.

And as long as my allies are at war
with each other...

..they won't be at war with me.

A 2-2.
Because we can't rely on Nina.

So, myself and Liz will vote
for Simon.


If you guys are comfortable,
you two vote for Nina,

so you have the certainty
that she's getting two votes.


Simon on the revote for sure.

Yep. I'm 100% on board. I am 100%.

I am literally 100% on board as well.


OK, Nina.

Obviously, I'm gonna tell Nina
the plan's Simon.


So let's just get a move on.

It's simple.
I quickly spoke to the other two.

They're voting for Simon.

We need to put one on Gerry.
I know.

Either way, it's
either Gerry or him.




It's a case of it has to happen,


To make sure I don't go home tonight,

I need every person
to play their part.

If Nina puts one vote on Gerry
and Simon puts one vote on me,

I should be safe
at tonight's tribal council.

NINA: I'm gonna look
in this tree here.

Yeah, I'm gonna do the same.


..Gerry and Matt are voting for Nina.

Me and you will vote for Simon.

But if he has an idol, Nina goes,

otherwise, we just revote on Simon.


MATT: I've just got it here.

Right, I'm gonna load that up
with kindling again, OK?


And it's not to be used
until it frigging rains, OK?

Sorry, mate, I just want...

That's why I loaded all that shit up
there this morning.

Sorry, mate. I just thought I'd get
the fire going...

No, no, you've done a good job...

After me rattling a few cages,

it really feels like the door is
firmly shut with most of the tribe.

But Matt winning the immunity
challenge today,

look, not great for me.

But I'm hoping that Matt having
that kind of protection...

..makes him a little bit more willing
to make a big move.

Want some coconut?


All you have to do is tell me a name.

I'm thinking...

Gonna have a swing at him?
Why not?

You cheeky bastard.

If you pull this off, man,

that's a ¤500,000 move right there.

I'm pretty keen to try
and do something.

That's just starting...

That's my thoughts at the moment.

SIMON: This is the moment
that I've been waiting for!

Someone coming up to me

and telling me that they want George
out of this game at this stage,

it's exactly what I wanna hear.

I've just gotta get a read on Nina.

Mate, you know what?

If it's a real plan, amazing.

If it's a decoy plan...

No, it's not.

It's probably another decoy plan.
Let's be honest.


Sounds good. I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go look for an idol.

Even though Matt's plan to blindside
George might just be fake news...

..I still need to float it by Nina
to see if there's an appetite for it.

Have you spoken to Matt?


So whether or not it's true or not,
I don't know.


Do you think you can trust him?

I don't trust him.

Look at him.
Giggling with George right now.

GEORGE: Higher!

There's nothing there.

Nearly got it.

Now you're flipping the switch?

How can I trust you
when it's been this long?

You've never budged, not once, but
you're completely flipping today?


Yeah, he wants to do this big move
on George and I'm always for it

but everybody keeps putting George
on a platter.

Like, "Get rid of him.
Get rid of him."

So for me right now, looking at
everyone, my bench choice is Gerry.

'Cause if he goes, that's one less
right-hand man for George.

Yeah, fair.

Apart from George.

Is it...worth the risk?

Self-preservation for you.

If I go tonight...

..are you next?

I don't trust Matt at all.

But a pitch is still a pitch.

I do think if George makes it
to the end,

he has a huge chance of winning.

Yeah, I'm with the Jacuzzi alliance

but if George sees an opportunity
to blindside somebody like me,

I think he'll take it.

You wanna chase him?
Not really.

We don't need to.

I'm actually more worried about Nina
at this stage.

This could all be a sting to get me.

LIZ: Gerry wouldn't.

What did he say to you?

MATT: Nina just slipped
that she's voting for Gerry.

I want Gerry with me in the final two

so that's a big red flag to me.

And Matt was right there.
Oh, shit.

I'm a bit worried that George
is playing all us again.

Nina said she's voting for you,

She just said it to Matty.

MATT: George is known for throwing
a few of his friends under the bus.

I'm concerned that Gerry could be
on the end of a blindside.

So those two will be voting for me.

I think so.

I needed to sink my tooth
into something...

Beautiful. That's exactly
how I'm looking at it as well.

I've got a big decision tonight.

Do I stick with my alliance
that left me out of the last vote?

Or do I take a chance
and make a big swing?

I've got Simon sitting
right where I need him.

But if I do actually want to use him
tonight, I could use him.

Is everyone solid with Simon?


Simon on the revote, for sure.


Been waiting for this moment
five weeks, people.

Five long weeks.

He's been targeting me
since day two.

I finally have the chance,
after 41 days,

to write down Simon's name
at tonight's tribal council.

But the problem I have tonight
is this -

I'm splitting
these wafer-thin numbers.

And all it takes is one person
to go rogue...

..and I'll lose control
of this tribe.

JONATHAN: What happens
after the tribe has spoken?

Watch the drama continue on 10play

when castaways
reunite in the Jury Villa.

GERRY: Evening.


We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.





And Hayley.

Voted out last tribal council.

And you look great.

So, Matt, while everyone else was
clearly in a lot of pain today...

(CHUCKLES) easily took that win
with a big smile on your face.

That must feel pretty good
at this stage of the game.

I don't know about easily.
My feet are pretty sore now.

Um, but, sometimes,
just laughing through pain

is the way I get through it.

But I enjoyed it up there
so it was, yeah, good fun.

Simon, you had some pretty impressive
wins so far.

Today wasn't your day.

No, I was never gonna be...

Never gonna be my day on an
endurance challenge like that.

You know, I would have loved to have
that necklace around my neck.

I feel like there's
a high possibility

that, yes, it could be me
heading home tonight.

George, Simon has been
on the chopping block,

I've lost count how many times.

Yet he's still here.
Why do you think that is?


..I think Simon's won individual
immunity four times now

but a couple of the times
when Simon had immunity,

he wasn't gonna go home.

But...tonight, for me, it's...'s like we're looking
at the Holy Land.

It's right in front of us
and the seas are about to part.

And there's a path that you can
walk through,

straight through to the Holy Land.

It's the best path possible,

and that's the path that I'm going
to follow with tonight's vote.

Simon, do you know what path
he's talking about?


Nina, do you know what path
George is talking about?

If what I heard today was true,
maybe. (CHUCKLES)

So you're not sure?

I'm never sure.

I feel like I have one path
and there's fog at the end

so I don't even know
if it's a complete path.

Matt, is it really that foggy
at the moment?

Um, there's a lot of fog around.

A lot of smoke and mirrors of sorts.


..but I hope that I'm seeing
through it all

and that what I'm seeing
is what's actually going on.

Liz, with only six people left,
surely it's...

..somewhat predictable now
where people's votes lie?

You'd like to think so
but I feel like at this point,

there's lots of chitchat.

I feel now's the time to flip-flop,

like, I don't know, people are
starting to think of their own game

rather than their alliance,

Just as you said that, there was
some chitchat and a handshake.

Well, there you go.
The proof is in the pudding.

What do you think, Gerry?

Are we at that point of the game
where it's everyone for themselves?

I'm still sticking with my alliance,
at this point.

Nina, how do you know
what is the right option

and what's the wrong option?

You never know until you read
those votes. (CHUCKLES)

And then you just weigh up
in your head,

what is the benefit
of going one route,

what is the risk of going
that same route.

And you just hope what you end up
choosing at the end of the day

is that right choice.

And, Matt, someone else's best option
may not be YOUR best option.

Yeah, definitely. Um...

You've gotta be out here thinking,

"How is it best for me
to get to that final two?"

And it's not gonna be the same
for every single person,

but I think I've come
to a conclusion...

..the best way for me
to move forward,

as far into this game as possible,

and, um, I'm trying to
best stick to that.

What about you, Simon?

Have you figured out the best way
forward for you?


Not yet.

That's simple as that. (LAUGHS)
Simple as that.

So, Nina, the tricky thing is you
wanna have a good resume at the end

but if your resume is too good, does
that potentially make you a target?

Yeah, for sure. Um... can have orchestrated a lot
or been a part of a lot

but as long as you can
keep that in check

and keep that information limited,

you might out-argue me
at the end to the jury

because your resume
is way more extensive

than I ever thought it could be.

So, George...

..would you agree that trust
diminishes as you approach the end?

No, I don't think so.

Because if you throw everything up
in the air right now,

you're just jeopardising everything
for no reason.

If you don't trust someone now
in this final part of the game,

with six days left,

something's gone really amiss.

So, Nina, do you feel that trust is
not particularly high in this tribe?

Yeah, for sure.

When you get down to these numbers,

trust is one of those things
that I just...

It's less about trust for me
and it's just more about action,

and I really don't know anything
until you read those votes.

Well, I think it is time to find out

exactly how much trust
is in this tribe.

It is...

..time to vote.

JONATHAN: It is...

..time to vote.

Gerry, you're up.

Nina, so you're gunning for me?

I hope this strikes home.

I'll go count the votes.

OK. Before I read the votes,
tonight is a little bit different.


No-one is going home.


..the two people with
the highest number of votes

will go back to camp...

..but they'll go straight...

..into Survivor Isolation.

Which means they'll spend
the next 24 hours in an area

isolated from the rest of the camp.

They'll need to rely on
the rest of the tribe

for food, water and information.

In addition, they will not be
competing in tomorrow's challenge.

Which means they'll have
no shot at immunity.

They'll only leave isolation

to attend tomorrow night's
tribal council.

If they survive,

then they'll come back to camp.

So no food tonight?

That's up to the tribe.


Alright, I'll read the votes.

Remember, the two people with
the highest number of votes

will be going into
Survivor Isolation.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

That's five votes Nina.
One vote left.


Alright, Nina, Gerry, you've been
voted into Survivor Isolation.

When you go back to camp,
you're gonna stay in isolation

until the next tribal.

Your torches almost got snuffed.

You'll have 24 hours
to think about why.

Everyone, grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

GERRY: So that means I'd go home.

That changes things.

..isolation leaves George's plans

GEORGE: I'm in a very dicey

I am absolutely panicking.

Everything George is telling you
is a lie.

Every mistake you make will cost you
in this game.

Will his right-hand man rise up
and take revenge?

People take me for a pushover
but I don't like being deceived.

Captions by Red Bee Media