Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 21 - Episode #8.21 - full transcript

The end is in sight, but it will require damage control, betrayal of allies and master manipulation for one of the castaways to navigate the muddy waters of the game to become Sole Survivor.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...



..George was feeling unstoppable.

I have two top-three deals,

one with Gerry and Matt... with the Jacuzzi 3,
with Liz and Nina.

You're calling the shots

and the rest are pawns within
the game that you're playing.

Oh, I can't. I can't.

And when Simon failed to win
the Immunity Challenge...

MATT: I'm so excited to have won.

Having this gives me the sense of
security and sense of power.

..George had a foolproof plan
to take him out.

You two vote for Nina.

Myself and Liz will vote for Simon.

To make sure
I don't go home tonight,

I need Nina to vote for Gerry.

We need to put one on Gerry.
I know.

But when paranoia took hold...

If Matt, Nina and Simon
actually vote for me,

I'll go home.

..George began to panic.

There's a lot of fog around,
smoke and mirrors of sorts.

And a last-minute decision...

..left both of his alliances broken.



You've been voted into
Survivor Isolation.

You're gonna stay in isolation
until the next Tribal.

Your torches almost got snuffed.

You'll have 24 hours
to think about why.

Six are left.

Who will be going home tonight?



NINA: Oh, no.



Um, I'll probably stay...

That'll probably be my corner.


What did I do?


I mean, I was blindsided, so if
anything, you could probably tell me.

I, um...



What a night!
SIMON: Yeah.

Didn't see that one coming.
I didn't see that one coming either.


So that way, if Simon had...

..none of, you know...


It is what it is.

GERRY: Oh, man!

My 'supposingly' safe,
solid, best ally, George...


Has he thrown me under the bus?


Because he knows
that he lied to you.

It's (BLEEP) bullshit.

Yeah, trust is
a very, very funny thing.

Takes a long time to build

and can take a couple of seconds
to, lose.

So...buckle up.

There will be changes.

My ugly cousin will
come out of the closet.

And, um, mate...

..I've always said I treat people
the way I wanna be treated.

If they don't reciprocate,

I start treating people
the way they treat me.

SIMON: I thought
that it would've been...

I thought you guys would have split
on me and Nina.

Which we were.

But, Matty, I thought I'd just say,

Liz and I voted for Nina...

..which I know
you weren't expecting.

Um, it was just
the safest way 'cause...

The moment JLP said,
"It's time to vote,"

I just tapped Liz and went,
"We're screwed.

"We need to change to Nina
as a safety vote."

Yeah, so I just want to say
I'm sorry, Matt.

We're all still here.
We're all still here.

It's just that Gerry's in that pen
instead of Simon.



So did he tell you anything about
the spa day?

About what?
The spa day.


While at the spa, they said,
"Well, let's do a Jacuzzi 3."

So we have an alliance called
the Jacuzzi 3,

which is myself, Liz and George.

And it was supposed to be top three.

Well, so much for loyalty, eh?


I look like a (BLEEP) idiot.

GEORGE: Alright,
goodnight, everyone.

NINA: I was fooled by George.

And now this twist is I get put in
a playpen for 24 hours with Gerry.


Gerry's super upset at George,

because he looked into his soul
and saw that he was on his side.

And I really wanna be like,

"You looked into something
that was not a soul.

"I don't know what you saw,
but it's's not loyalty."

Hmm. Heroes.

When he's...

SIMON: It's Simon.
Hi, Simon.

What's going on?

Sitting in a playpen.
Sitting in a playpen.


Well, I was very intrigued that...

Like, I gut thinks

it was all kind of the plan
in the first place.


But if you do try to do something,

or choose to do something...

..he cannot catch wind of it.


Hey, Gerry, I mean...

I mean, I' know...

Is someone just there?

I will just let you guys
take the lead.

I need to think this through.
Yeah. Of course.

I need to think about

what the best move is
and all that sort of stuff.







Nina and Gerry being in isolation
is not good for my game.

I promised Nina and Liz that I'll be
in the top three with them.

I've done the same
with Matt and Gerry.

And now I'm caught between
a rock and a hard place.

MATT: But I think that Gerry
is so loyal.

It's just something to be aware of.


That's my only worry, but.

And it's so hard to, like, go there
and have conversations

without...everyone hearing.

Now I'm realising
this twist is difficult because...

Because, like, you can't...

..I can't go over there
and be whispering to Gerry.

What you have is
a very, very angry Nina

harping in the ear of
my close mate Gerry

and that does worry me a little bit,

because if Nina starts
getting into Gerry's ear,

she might detach him away from me

and that would be really bad
given that Gerry seems like

he's really, really angry.

Brought you your chair
while you were sleeping.

I said, "I brought you the chair
while you were sleeping."

Oh, thank you.
How was the night? Rough?

No, I was...
Soft sand?

Did you have enough clothes? Do you
have all your clothes with you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Breakfast is nearly ready, guys.
It's minutes away.

OK. Morning.


Is there anything that
you need from us while we're gone?

Probably a bit of water.

Think that's about all.

Thank you, mate.

We'll...we'll talk to you
where we can.


But, um, I literally...

I told Matt I (BLEEP) up.

Mmm. Yeah.

We'll be right back with...

Mission accomplished.

My relationship with Gerry
is rock solid.

As long as Gerry is loyal to me

to the very last moment of this game,

I will march my way through
right to the end

and I will win.



He was like, "I thought Matt
flipped on you, Gerry."

Since merge began,
I've been at the bottom.

I'm still fighting.

I've been able to outlast
a lot of people

and make my way to top six.

But I didn't come here
to not make it to the end,

and I'm this close.

I'm not going to be Nice Nina

to these people
who just blindsided me.

I'm telling you, Gerry,
everything George is telling you

is making you feel better,
you know what I'm saying?

While here in isolation, I can see
the tribe that backstabbed me.

And here I am, stuck with Gerry
in a corner.

But having a think on it,

it's gonna be my saving grace.

Because Gerry is definitely starting
to disconnect from George.




You're on it.

So while everybody's at a challenge
that we cannot compete in,

I wanna take this moment
to plant seeds of doubt

and be clear on where
my intentions are.

GEORGE: See you.

Tonight, I am voting George.

He's promised a top three to Hayley
and look where she is.

He promised a top three
to myself and Liz,

and look where I am.

You're next, dude.


How do you feel after having
those morning chats?

Out the door?

Do you have a game plan
going into tonight?


LIZ: Oh, God, what's that?

Come on in!

MATT: We all fit on the mat.

We all fit easy.

So, Matt.
Yes, Jonathan.

Tensions have been high lately.

Has putting Nina and Gerry
in isolation helped

or just made the matter worse?

Um, I don't know
whether it's helped,

but Nina and Gerry are back at camp

and getting to know each other
even better.


Not only are you still here,
but your odds of winning today

have gone up significantly.

Are you the luckiest man alive?

Oh... (LAUGHS)

Yeah, look, maybe in this game.

I've definitely had
more than one life.

Like, yeah, I've got the 25% chance,

but so do all these people as well.

Alright, shall we get to today's
Immunity Challenge?

Let's do it.
Hell, yeah!

Alright, Matt.
GEORGE: What are we doing?

What have you cooked up
for us today?

Well, you'll see.

Once again, immunity is
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna stack blocks
one at a time

on a hanging table while rotating it.

The goal is to stack your blocks so
they fall like dominoes at the end.

First person gets it right

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 18th person
voted out of this game.

Draw for spots and we'll get to it.

Let's go! Good luck, everyone.
Should be good!

Yes, good luck! (LAUGHS)


That was evil!
That was evil.

That's his villain laugh.


This is a good tradies' challenge,


Alright! Here we go.

Alright, here we go. Focus.
For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


Brand-new challenge
for Australian Survivor.

And it's a tricky one.

You can only place your blocks
through that window.

So the first section...
is easy enough.

But as you progress, you're gonna
need to rotate the table

to reach the next position.

GEORGE: Good time for a puzzle,
some time after merge.

The more you rotate, the more tension
is wound up in those ropes.

It's gonna wanna unwind on you.

You need to resist that with one hand

while you're placing blocks
with the other.

Not easy,

and only gets more difficult
as the challenge goes on.

Goal here is to place your blocks

so they fall like dominoes
at the end.

So you're trying to work out
that spacing.

You want them close enough
so they hit each other.

If they're too far apart,

they won't connect and create
that domino effect.


You also wanna make sure you have
enough blocks to reach the end.

You need to get all the way
around the table.

Simon working very quickly.

Has a nice lead.

Simon is in cat mode,

yet again.

Super focused.

Liz right there.

She drops a couple of blocks.

Drops a few more.

Every time you drop
a block on the ground,

it needs to go back on the table.

Oh! Got it, got it.

Every mistake you make
will cost you precious time,

just like George found out.

He drops a whole bunch of blocks.

Pretty heavy.

There's definitely a weight
to that table.

That's gonna factor into it.

The more you rotate that table,

the more it wants to unwind.

Simon has a nice lead.

Everyone else has had blocks drop

except Simon.

Yet to make a mistake.

Matt trying to catch him
but struggling.

It's so heavy!

The tension and weight of the table.

Simon was moving quickly
at the start of this challenge.

Super slow now.

Opening the door for Matt.

Quickly closing the gap on him.

I think I've just worked out
what I was doing wrong.

I hope it's not too late.

Matt thinks he's figured out
the trick.

They're way too close together,

You think so?

You'll run out.

17, 19.

And I'm nowhere near halfway.

If those blocks are too close,
you will not reach the end.

Oh, no, I'm too closely spaced.


After last night's twist,

your odds of winning immunity today

have gone up significantly.

Simon has all his blocks
on the table.

Realising that they're a little
too close together now.

Now he's respacing them.

That opens the window for Matt.

Matt working a little bit faster,
but dropping blocks along the way.

We'll see which strategy pays off.

It's Simon still in the lead.

Oh, come on!

Matt not far behind.

It's coming down to Simon and Matt.

Neck and neck.

This is gonna be a real blockbuster.


Matt down to his last block.

Both Simon and Matt have
all their blocks on the table.

They've done all their readjusting,

now they're starting
to unwind the table.

Who's gonna have a crack at it first?

Jonathan, I'm ready.

Matt goes for it first!

Simon still unwinding.

Matt has the first crack.
Will the spacing be good?


Come on! Come on!

It looks like it.

Come on!
It's almost there!

And he does!

Matt wins immunity.

Well done!
Good job! OK.

Well done. Thank you for helping me.

That advice would have got me home.

Matty, for the record.

For the record. My goodness!


You won by one second, Matty.

Unlucky, Simon.
Well done.



Matt, come on over.

Yeah, buddy!
Go, Matt!

Congratulations. Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight.
Not going anywhere.

Guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
including those in isolation,

someone's gonna become
the sixth member of our jury.

Not you. Well done.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

You've equalled Simon's
post-merge record.

Thank you.
Lead us home.

Jeez, that was a hard one to lose
in a nailbiter like that.

I've been on the bottom
for a long time now.

But last night,
a few people got spooked,

a few people flipped and it didn't
go the way it was meant to.

Now, with the fractures
starting to form,

I reckon I could actually
be scooped up

and utilised by either side.


NINA: I'm pretty sure
they're gonna come back,

they're gonna be pitching me,

which is fine.

But as long as they don't think

you're gonna deviate...


Hi, guys. How are you?

See you in a sec.



You lobby Simon.


I'll lobby Matt.

So full of shit so far.

Well done.
You're killing it, dude.

It was a tough challenge.

You are two away from
matching the record now.


And if you win the next three,
then you break his three.

(LAUGHS) Look, let's not
get too far ahead of ourselves.

Good one!

NINA: Gerry is willing
to blindside George,

which is amazing.

He can reel in Matt
because they're super close.

Simon isn't even a question.

I could be like, "Dude, it's on,
write down George."

It's like dangling meat
in front of a tiger.

This is epic.

I feel like I'm the hero coming in
to destroy the villain

that is King George.

GEORGE: So let's have a chat.

Decision tonight.

Confirm that we are doing the plan
that should have happened last night,

which is me and you
are voting for Simon.

Me and Gerry are voting for Nina.

I'm not having a brain fart
two minutes before we vote again.

Not again.

If I say anything to you, hit me
on my head with your water bottle.



The caucus has decided
to split the vote.

Me and Liz will be voting for Simon.

Matt and Gerry
will be voting for Nina.

I think Gerry's fine.

We got this, Liz.
We got it.

GEORGE: Right now, I think Nina
is a much bigger threat than Simon.

But at the same time,

I've been trying so hard
to take Simon out of this game.

They called me the cockroach
of Bankstown in the outback,

but there's only one cockroach
here in Samoa.


SIMON: How did you go?

It's gonna be the same as last night,

without the vote-flipping
from myself and Liz.


And you know where I kind of sit.

I'd appreciate to at least...

I don't need to know the numbers,

but I'd appreciate to know
if I am gonna be the split

or where the split is, or...

I think the split's gonna be
2-2 again.

And you worked out...

On you and Nina.

And you worked out last night
what you needed to do.

Might need to vote Nina out.
Nina will need to vote me.

I don't know if Nina
will vote for you.

She might actually vote for me.

'Cause she's blaming me
for the break-up of the...

..the day spa alliance.

George has actively been
ignoring me in camp.

since I outed his pawns.

And also it's been really nice
not to have him

"Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah Bankstown"
in my ear the whole time.

It's actually nice to have someone

talk strategy with me
for the first time in a long time.

It's up to you what you do, Simon.

You made the smart call
on your own yesterday

without anyone telling you
what do to.

Nina. I don't even have to
think about it, mate.

The sooner she's out of this game,
the better it is for me.

It's, like, a pretty
straightforward one for me.

Just finish the job, otherwise
it comes back to haunt you.

George and I have been
mortal enemies,

we've worked together, been mortal
enemies, we've worked together.

It's been a wild ride.

Guess we're gonna have
a bit of fun, then.

Let's have fun. We're at the end.
That's what this is about.

Aim to have fun.
Five more days of torture.

Something exciting's
gonna happen tonight.



GEORGE: I know that Gerry
completely trusts Matt.

If Matt takes charge

and makes sure that Gerry knows
that the alliance is strong,

Gerry will vote
like I expect he will.

Hello, beautiful people.
Hello, friends.

GEORGE: The only problem I have
is Nina will hear every single word.


We have a good plan.

MATT: Well...

So, I'm keen to run with
the same plan we had

going into last night...if you are.


Yeah. Yeah.

And we can keep the same...

The same vote formation.

We'll find out
who has an idol tonight.

Yeah, but, hey...

It's essentially the redo
of last night.

I've still got the necklace.

We're still solid.

That's the plan.

Alright, 100%?

No deviation.

Thanks, guys.

We'll come back
and bring you food soon.

Do you find it interesting
that when they came over

he made sure Matt told you
what happened, not him?

And made sure Matt
explained everything, not him?


I think that's more interesting,

because he knows that
you're upset with him, not Matt.

And remember I said to him
this morning...



I think Nina's got in his ear
a little bit.

Just that one comment
he said about...

..should we dump on...

BOTH: Simon.

That was a little bit, to me,

does he actually just really
want to save Nina?


Which he's probably made a deal
with Nina to save Nina today.




GEORGE: I don't know what to think
about Gerry right now.

You can't trust him.

I could be in huge jeopardy
at tonight's Tribal Council.



NINA: Come on, who's next?

Who's coming to
the Survivor Isolation?

Simon is coming this way.

GERRY: Hello, Simon.

Yeah, how... How are you guys?

How did discussions go today
between the two of you?

I can see where your head was at,
mainly, Gerry,

'cause, obviously, after last night,

about George turning on you
to save his own bacon last night

without keeping you in the loop.

How do you feel about the three
of us voting for George, then?

My vote is not changing.

GEORGE: Did Matt tell you?

Nina might actually vote for me.

The only problem I have is this.

If...if I cop three votes,
I go home tonight.

You're not getting three.

I might get Gerry, Nina and Simon.

And don't start panicking.
I'm not panicking.

You are.
No, no, I'm not panicking.

I am absolutely panicking.

GERRY: Back in isolation,
I had time to reflect,

I had time to think.

But if I'm being betrayed...

..all bets are off the table.

I'll come gunning for you.


Matt's coming over.

In this game,
I trust Matt with my life.

Very lovely young man.

If I'm going to vote against George
to pull off a blindside...

..I'm going to need Matt
100% on board.

Are you good?
Yeah, yeah.

I am 100% down...


And we'll...can explain more.

Are you will to change on a nod?



Possibly. What's the nod?

Um, maybe...

I don't know if you know this.

At the spa, we made a Jacuzzi 3.

Just so you know where my head's at,
I'm voting for him.

He's been making these top threes
with everyone,

and with each of those top three,

he's like, "Ah, let me get you
out of the way."

"Let me get you out of the way."

And I think Simon's
probably gonna...

I mean, Simon might vote for George,
Simon might vote for you.

He'll...he'll vote for George.


MATT: I can't believe
what I'm hearing.


I've trusted you a long time
in the game.

Me and Gerry
have a real good bond out here,

and we've constantly
been weighing up

whether we can fully, 100%,
trust George

along this journey we're on.

Alright, well,
we'll chat about this again.

Yep, yep, yep.

Just keep that
in the back of your mind.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep.

MATT: Simon's been calling me
a pawn, just following George,

and so I've definitely
thought about the idea

of making a big move,
and now I have the necklace,

maybe I should.

If the players want me out of the
tribe, that's what'll happen, Simon.

That's what'll happen.

That's the way the cookie
will crumble.

It's two and a half scoops each.
Oh, that's all for us?




And I'm honestly at the stage,
after playing 90 days in a row,

I don't even care if I come third,
to be honest with you.

That's the plan.


I threaded a very thin line

heading into tonight's
Tribal Council.

Because if Gerry turns against me

and convinces Matt
to vote for me tonight,

I'm dead in this game.

If George goes home tonight,



GERRY: I came in 42 days ago.

At times, people take me
for a pushover,

but in reality I'm not.

To get myself
to the end of this game,

I aligned myself

with one of the best players
that there are.


He was a mentor in the game for me.

I learnt so much.

But...I don't like being deceived.

JONATHAN: Experience the game
like never before

with extended Tribal Councils,

unseen moments,

interviews and more

over on 10 play.




We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.





and Hayley.

Gerry, you only caught one vote,

but that was enough
to send you to isolation.


How would you describe
the last 24 hours?

Nina and I haven't really bonded
since we've been here

because we've been too busy
on other things.

But we got together and, um,
we chatted, we...we bonded.

Game-wise, it's been
a good experience.

We got to know a bit more
about each other.

So, Nina, was it an opportunity

to reflect on who you can
and cannot trust in this game?

Yeah, for sure.

You think about...reality,
what has actually happened,

what you have been told
should have happened

and who it came from and maybe just
trying to figure out why it changed.

What about for you, Gerry?

Did that vote force you to reassess
who you can and cannot trust?

It certainly did.

It tarnished my trust a bit.

And trust is...

Man, I tell you what,
it takes a long time to build trust.

And it can be destroyed
in a nanosecond.

So, at the last Tribal Council,

I had a moment of panic.

I'm quite defensive of the people
closest to me in life

and in the game.

Um, we changed our vote
from Simon to Nina

and I did that as a defensive move
to save Gerry from going home.

And it accidentally sent him
to 24 hours in isolation.

That was a mistake in hindsight

and I've apologised
to both Gerry and Matt.

I think tonight is about...

..rebuilding trust.

Um, I broke that,

but tonight, I'm going to rebuild it
with the people here.

We're gonna deliver
on what we've agreed to

and we're gonna get back to camp.

So, Nina, George mentioned
that he panicked.

That's why he changed it.

Can panic at this stage of the game
be detrimental to your game?

Oh, for sure.

'Cause from that panic,

he then had to mend some bonds
that he tarnished.

And some of the discussions today
could have been

instead about the past,
more about the future.

So his panic is potentially
good for your game?


So, Matt, what's the play here
with five days left?

Do you just accept
what's gonna happen

or do you seize the opportunity,

take control
and steer it in your direction?

Oh, you 100% take control

and steer it in the best direction
for you and your endgame,

and that's what I'm trying to do
at the moment

and that's what
I'm gonna keep trying to do.


Simon, a couple of challenges ago,

you mentioned that you thought that
some of the players were pawns,

but you didn't want to talk about it.

You want to elaborate?

Oh, yes, since you mentioned it,

I will mention it
in front of the jury.

And, yes, Jonathan, I did call
three of the players here pawns.

Um...because I believed
that their game

was being dictated by George.

And George is a very smart player,

has set himself up phenomenally
in this game,

has played one of the best games
of Survivor that I have ever seen

and I feel like George has
previously called himself

the Puppet Master.

And he has set up three people
around him,

three pawns,

to protect him

and I've been quite impressed
by that.

So, you know,
I took a different approach.

It was definitely
a little bit abrasive.

But this game
is right at our fingertips

and it is a life-changing
amount of money

that is on the line right now
for each and every single one of us

and I don't think it's too late
for some of those chess pieces

to run across the board
and make something of themself.

Simon, you were telling me
that you're pretty high up

is the bodybuilding situation,
is that right?

Not really.

Did you have a mentor or a coach?
I did.

So were you his pawn?


So why am I George's pawn
when he's my mentor and coach?

Yeah, I just called it as I saw it.

Yeah, OK.
But can you now relate to that?


George's expertise in this game

is second to none.


I want to jump on board and
I want to learn some of that stuff.

Give it to me. This is gold.

And not only do we have
a relationship, a friendship,

but he's also a great mentor.

Even with the age difference.
You're never too old to learn.

George has got so much to teach you
and so much to teach me.

I recognise that because
I'm wise enough to do it.

I've been working with George and
learning from him to play this game.

And he's been a bloody good teacher

because I'm still sitting here.

SIMON: Mm-hm.

Thank you, Gerry.
Sinks from the top.

And that's honest.

That's one of the nicest things
someone has ever said about me.

LIZ: Aww, Georgie!

And it's true.

You're bloody awesome.

It's a pleasure.

Well, I think it is time to find out
what's gonna happen.

It is time to vote.



It is time to vote.

George, you're up.

After 42 long days, Simon,

I finally get to see you go home.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to use it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote - Nina.




We're tied -
two votes Nina, two votes Simon.

Jesus Christ.



That's three votes Nina,
two votes Simon, one vote left.


Oh, to revote.

We're tied.

Alright. We're gonna revote.
This is how it's gonna work.

Nina and Simon, you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Nina or Simon.


It's fine.

I'll go count the votes.


OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's two votes Simon.

18th person out,
sixth member of our jury,


It's fine.

Well done, guys.


George, mate,
thank you for everything.

Thank you, thank you.


Ahh! Damn it.

Ohhh! Twice-in-a-lifetime
experience, hey?

Sure is. Simon, the tribe has spoken.

Oh. Good stuff. Snuffed finally.

Thank you, guys.
GEORGE: See you, Simon.

Well done on your game.

See you guys soon.
See you soon.

He put in a huge fight,
for the record.

That was not easy.

Well, in Survivor,

it doesn't matter if you start out
as a king or as a pawn.

As long as you stay on the board,
you can still make the winning move.

GERRY: Hear, hear.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

GERRY: I've been underestimated.

Gerry, in fact, isn't a pawn.
He's a player.

I'm heading
straight for Sole Survivor.

Over three explosive nights...

MATT: I can almost taste
that half a million dollars.

These next three Tribal Councils
are gonna be absolute war.

Get ready for a massive endgame!

NINA: I've outwitted,
I have outplayed.

The last thing to do is outlast
and there's no stopping me.

I don't crumble under pressure.

The top five will fight
like never before.

LIZ: Now is the time to be
savage, cutthroat and brutal.

I'm ready to put my mind, body and
soul on the line to get to the end.

But which one will become
Sole Survivor?

GEORGE: I know the stakes are high.

In three days, we'll be crowning
the Sole Survivor.

But I've got a few more moves
left in me.

I can't wait to pull them off.



Tonight, we, uh, went
to ride the lightning

and sure enough,
yeah, I got struck down.

You're up, young fella.

To be on the bottom for 26 days

was a really hard thing to do when
I'm normally a natural-born leader.

But I leave here
a very, very happy man.

And...I won a car! (LAUGHS)

Captions by Red Bee Media