Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 22 - Episode #8.22 - full transcript

We've reached the top five and it's crunch time. Desperate to win the Immunity Challenge, one castaway is looking strong, but can they hold out?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
on Australian Survivor...

..Gerry was feeling betrayed
after being voted to isolation,

along with Nina. can't trust
what he's gonna do.

And when Matt won
his third individual immunity...


..George was ready to redo his plan
to get rid of Simon.

I am not having a brain fart
two minutes before we vote again.


And Nina was working hard

to turn Gerry against George.

At the spa, we made a jacuzzi three.

He's been making top threes
with everyone.

I'm the hero coming in to destroy
the villain that is King George.

But when Simon opened his mouth
at tribal council...

George has played one of
THE best games of Survivor

that I have ever seen.

He has set up three pawns

to protect him,

and I've been
quite impressed by that.

..Gerry set him straight...

George's expertise in this game
is second to none.

I've been working with George
and learning from him,

and he's been a bloody good teacher.

GEORGE: Thank you, Gerry.

No, but it's true.

..sending the Lone Wolf...



The tribe has spoken.

Snuffed, finally.

Five are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

GEORGE: It's muffins!

Liz, open the scroll.
NINA: Yeah, Liz.

"Congratulations. You have made it
to the final five."


Well done.

"Enjoy these special treats

"and celebrate an epic game
played so far.

"With five days to go, you will need
all the energy you can get."

That's like an advantage.

# Bom-bom-bom! #
Oh, my goodness.

What's this?
Probably sugar.

OK, let me put it in.


Can we just eat a spoon of sugar
for, like, an entree?

MATT: Just have
an entree spoon of sugar!

NINA: Yay!
We're having a spoonful each.

Don't kick it.

GERRY: Thank you.
That's a big spoonful!

Oh, my goodness!

That's a lot. I'm just gonna do...

LIZ: George, you lunatic.

We've got to eat it
while we have it.

I know.
It's amazing!

GEORGE: Oh, that sugar's so good.

That sugar was amazing.
It's, like, caramelised in my mouth.

LIZ: This is breakfast, everyone,
so enjoy it.

GEORGE: I might as well put
a fourth one in.

We can't...

NINA: That's too much.

GEORGE: OK, just one more
for good luck.

MATT: The sugar in your beard
looks so good!


Cheers. Top five.

Best top five ever.


Oh, my goodness!

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.

I never put sugar in my coffee,
but, God, it's good.

Being out here for 43 days,
this is exactly what we needed

to boost morale out here.


We're laughing! We're not crying!

Happy day, Liz!

My energy levels have just
gone through the roof.

My brain just feels like
it's suddenly, like, unlocked.

I've had way too many coffees!
I'm buzzing!



I'm gonna wash my shirts
three times today!


We're all gonna be, like, "Drrrrrr!"



MATT: Everything went from being
a little bit black and white,

a little bit fuzzy,

to, suddenly,
there was colour again.

NINA: Oh, my gosh.

LIZ: My God, he's gonna fly! Go!



That's what coffee does.

It's day 43 and I'm in high spirits.

NINA: Come on in, guys!
"Come on in!"

Come on in, George.

I feel like I've really
achieved something again -

playing Survivor
for the second time,

and I'm in the top five again.

I've gotten to the top five

by being a ruthless and fun villain,

willing to take chances.


I've worked really hard
to position myself

still in the middle of the tribe.

I can stick with Gerry and Matt
and go to the top three with them,

or I could go back
to my jacuzzi alliance

and make amends with Nina.

I'm now drowning.


GEORGE: But what's made my game
so special

is the fact that I've been investing
in genuine relationships.

So close to the end, Gerry.

So close to the end.

The thought, for me, of the three
of us - you, Matt and I...

The deal we brokered in that shelter
20 days ago.

You know?

Yep. Let's...let's do it.

Let's, the three of us,
go to the end together.

Yep. Let's just...
let's just get there.

I've found a lifelong friend
in Gerry.

Gerry's wise,
Gerry has life experience,

and I highly respect and value
Gerry's advice.

Mate, it's just...

And I've learned so much from you.

We've got four more days, Gerry.
Don't worry.

The fun hasn't ended yet.

Still got a lot to learn.

Do you know what
my legitimate next steps are?

What, mate?
Just enjoy every single day.

Yep. Yep.

Because whether I finish fourth,
third, second or first,

I'm proud of myself either way.
Yeah. Yeah. Me too.

And then...I hope it happens for me.


But whatever happens, happens, then.

That's it. Mate, it's been beautiful.

Last night's tribal council
made me realise something.

No matter what happens in this game,

or who goes further,

what I know is this -

Gerry and I will still be friends
when our time ends here in Samoa.

We've made it to the end.

That's it.
But...let's do it!

Let's do it, Gerry.


You happy with that?

I'm still good.

GERRY: Yeah.


LIZ: George and I are really close,

but at tribal council last night,

I saw that George has become
extremely close to Gerry.

Not only do we have a relationship,
a friendship,

but he's also a great mentor.

And that...that's honest.

That's one of the nicest things
someone's ever said about me.

GERRY: No, but it's true.

LIZ: That's a massive threat to me.

I know that George
will never turn on Gerry.

GERRY: We just need to win immunity.

LIZ: But he's not as close to Matt.

Matt is a massive challenge threat,

and I'd say that he's
my number one competitor.

I know that if he makes it to
that final immunity challenge,

he will win.

So, I want to
get rid of Matt tonight.

Nina was a part of the jacuzzi
alliance, with George and I.

But George panicked
at tribal council,

we changed our vote to Nina.

At this point, I think the jacuzzi
alliance is severely fractured.

I'm hopeful it's not dead

because I need Nina
on board with the vote.

I'd say Matt has to go next.

We need to strike while he doesn't
have individual immunity,

because if he gets to the end,
he's getting the jury votes.

And he's winning
that final challenge.

And I think that he'll take...


Yeah, 100%.
There's no option.

He said it, so...
Oh, he said it?!

Oh, wow.

So, we need to. It's not a question.

LIZ: I think Nina does trust me.

She has no reason
to not vote for Matt.

Nina is also in
a very vulnerable position,

so I don't think she has
many options

other than to come back
and work with me.

NINA: What can I do to make sure
I don't make anyone skittish?

'Cause George obviously panics.
I don't panic.

Recovering from that...
I'm solid.

I feel like there should be
no more kind of...


LIZ: George has crossed me
in this game.

He sent Shonee home.

But I need George on my side

in order for me to execute my plan.

We've been together
since day one, George.

Yes, I know, Liz.

And we've made a bond for life.

I know.
Like, I...

Oh, my God, I feel like
I'm gonna get emotional.


I consider you like my brother.

Thank you. Thank you.

It's been good
playing with you, too.

So, I've already spoken to Nina.

And I'm telling you, Matt is next.

This is...this is good.

Gerry and Matt
are 100% voting for Nina.

Look, how's the size
of this garfish?

LIZ: Perfect.

And if you...
And I'll say I will.

You say you will as well.

"Of course he is."

As long as she doesn't
walk up to Matt and say...

No, she will not.

She will not.

He's winning
the next three challenges.

He's won every single
individual immunity.

We need to strike.

GEORGE: Sometimes,
you do need to strike.

LIZ: Today's essentially
make or break

for my path to the endgame.

My goal is to stop Matt from winning
the individual immunity necklace.

If we can strip him of that necklace
for one day,

I think it's the perfect time
to strike.

It's essentially do or die.

Come on in!

So, George... and Simon went head-to-head
a lot this season.

Do you feel like you've lost
your sparring partner?

Uh, not really.

I respected Simon's game.

He really put in a huge effort,
in terms of his perseverance.

But his time was coming,

and that was finally last night.

So, Nina, you survived isolation,
you survived the last tribal council.

Do you need that necklace to survive
another night in this game?

For sure, 'cause I think
my days are numbered

and... (CHUCKLES) could be today,

if I don't have that necklace
around my neck.

Well, shall we find out?

Yes, please.

Are you ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Let's go.
Come on, Matt.

MATT: Pass it over again.


I didn't mean it like that.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna drop a ball
in an overhead chute,

and race to catch it
on the other side, on a disc.

You'll then balance that ball
on the disc

as you navigate
a series of obstacles,

collecting additional balls
along the way.

Finally, you'll attempt to manoeuvre
those balls through a vertical maze.

The first person
to land all three balls

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 19th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots
and let's get to it.

Should be good!

Good luck, everyone.

Good luck.

Alright, here we go!

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


First thing you gotta do is drop
the ball in the chute, catch it...

..with only your disc.

Nina gets it right out of the gate.

Liz gets it
right out of the gate. Wow!

Liz, moving onto that balance beam.

Every time you drop
during one of these obstacles,

you need to go back to the start
of that obstacle.

It's Liz in the lead, moving on.

She has her second ball.

Nina drops on the balance beam.

She needs to go back.

Liz carefully making her way

through that high step.

You gotta feel your way through.

You do not want to take your eye
off the ball.

Matt, right behind.

Liz, almost through.

Trying not to drop it.

Liz has her third ball.

Moving on to those hurdles.

Meanwhile, Matt,
coming through the high step.

Nina, back on the beam.

GEORGE: Just angle it, Gerry.

JONATHAN: Liz making quick work
of those hurdles.

Really gotta focus on your balls.

Not easy with three.

Although Liz makes it
look like it is.

You're good.

It's Liz moving on to the endgame.

This endgame is the trickiest part
of the challenge.

You gotta manoeuvre that ball

up through the maze,
using the two ropes,

while balancing on the beam.

You fall off the beam,
you need to start again.


Definite learning curve here.

Matt, coming through the hurdles.

Trying not to drop it. Almost there.

Matt's good! Matt's moving on!

He's in on the endgame now!


Nina's moving on to the high step!

George has a big tumble off the beam!

Nice save!

He can move on.

I'm fine.

Liz carefully making her way
up that diagonal.

There's lots of
micro-adjustments here.

Up, down, left, right.

Any big moves,

that ball will be on the run,

and you'll lose it.


Matt struggling to figure it out.

All that adrenaline to get to
this point, not gonna help you now.

MATT: You're not wrong, Jonathan.

Nina's through now.

Now we have a challenge.

Liz really getting
the hang of it now.

Halfway up the maze.

Nina's got something going now.


Finally, George is through.

He's in on the endgame now.

Fun times.

Liz with the focus of an Olympian,

almost at the top.

Be a shame to lose it now.

Inching her way up.

Almost there, hovering.

And she drops in the first ball.

Liz leads one-zip.

Nina, laser-focused, determined to
walk out of here with that necklace.

She's almost there
with her first ball.

Within striking distance.

And she does it, she lands it!

We're tied, one-one!

Matt was early on the endgame,

struggling to figure it out.

He's gotta hope for a miracle to walk
out of here again with that necklace.

Come on.



George ends up halfway up the course!

Nicely done!

Miracles do happen.

It'll get there, don't worry.


..working on her second ball now.

Now you gotta get it
around the curve...

..and into that middle circle...

..closing any gaps
that ball could sneak through.

She does it! Now Liz
has the lead, two-one!

Nina working on her second ball now.

It's halfway there.

Finally, Gerry's through.

Gerry's in on the maze.

OK. Progress.

Liz at the top, with her third ball.

Trying to work that curve.

It's tricky.


..the only player
seriously challenging Liz today.

Getting close with her second ball.

Oh, and she drops it!

Now Liz is on that inner circle,

carefully working that third ball.

She needs to go all the way around

to drop it in that final hole.

It is the trickiest part of the maze.

It's a lot of work
to get all the way up there.

It would be a shame to drop it.

But that's exactly what
everyone else is hoping for.

The ball is on the run.

Trying to get it under control.

Comin' across.

She's getting close.

If she can do this, she walks
out of here with that necklace.

And she does!

Well done, Liz!

Liz wins individual immunity!


Well done.


Thank you. Oh, my God.

NINA: Amazing job.

Liz, come on over.


Very nicely done.

Immunity is yours, guaranteed safety
at tonight's tribal,

and a one-in-four shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become
the seventh member of our jury.

Won't be you. Well done.
Thank you.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

See you tonight.
Come on, guys.
GERRY: Good on you, Lizzie.

GEORGE: Great win.

Yay! I won the immunity necklace!

I feel powerful.

And tonight is the night
Matt has to go.

I'm taking control.

MATT: Congratulations, Liz.

Thanks, guys.
GERRY: Lizzie, well done.

Today, at the immunity challenge,
Liz won, hands down.

MATT: Were you starting to
get the hang of it, Nina?

Yeah, I got one in and then I was
halfway up with the second, I think.

I just told myself...


I'm happy that Liz won.

Um, she definitely deserved it.
I wish it was me.

I've been on the bottom
for quite some time.

Tonight, I'm basing my vote on...

..keeping trust with Liz,

because she is my only way forward
in this game.


It's just given me
a lot to think about.

Liz said that her and George
want to get rid of Matt.

And if that happens,
Gerry is gonna be furious.

But it doesn't really concern me... this point in time.

I can't trust, 100%,

that Liz or George will actually
write down Matt's name tonight,

because they've already written down
mine multiple times.

But the jacuzzi alliance
is all I have right now.

So, I'm voting for Matt tonight.

This is gonna be very interesting.

Very interesting.

Do you want to have a chat first?

I-I'm...I know
what I'm doing tonight.

We'll just...are we just...
..loading up?

It's's loading up.
It's the obvious thing to do.


You, Liz and myself, and Gerry...

I'm 500%.

The problem with Nina,
if she gets to the end,

she's the one
that will actually win.

She has more locked-up votes
than anyone else.

She will get Simon.
She was the closest to Simon here.

And then she gets
her three former allies.

MATT: Yep.
Flick, Shaun and Sam.

And you think Liz is in?

I think Liz has no option.

Yep, Liz has no option.


Today's plan is we're the four
going through -

George, Gerry, Matt and I -

we're sticking solid
and voting for Nina,

when, in reality...'s not the case.

I know the real plan.


Now that that necklace
is around my neck...

..this is the time
to get rid of Matt.

I think the path
is very clear now...

..that we just need to...execute.


But I've seen George
get extremely close to Gerry

over the last few days,

and it's really worrying me.

I said to Nina
that it has to be Matt that goes,

and that you're solid.

But you have to manage Gerry
in any vote shift.

We have to keep Gerry happy.

I feel like you're giving Gerry
way too much time and effort.

Like, just get rid of Matt.

Just keep it simple.

I suppose we can just do it simple.
We need to be, like, more...

..just pull the trigger.

He's playing to your emotions
and it's working

because the way you're talking
to me now,

you would have never spoken to me
like this a week ago.

That's true.
He is making you soft.

And you need to snap out of it.

'Cause I'm thinking clearly

and I'm striking.

I'm not here to make mates, George.

Liz is telling me to put my feelings
and friendships aside

and to play a more strategic game
with herself and Nina.

But Liz doesn't know
the heartache I felt

when I voted my best friend,
Cara, off

in fourth place in the outback.

All I focused on was strategy.

That's part of the reason
why I lost.

Sometimes, you do have to weigh up
the human element of the game,

and making sure
you keep people happy,

like Gerry, who has no reason
to turn against me.

We are the majority.

It''s the plan.

The safest way
for me to get to the top three

is to continue working
with Matt and Gerry.

But I think Liz is right.

Matt is a threat in this game.

He's a challenge beast.

MATT: Alright, let's get a couple
of these logs back over there.

I know what's gonna happen

if I go to the final three
with Matt and Gerry.

Matt will win
the final immunity challenge

and he'll take Gerry to the end.

And I have to make a judgement call.

I can take the safe route
and get a bronze medal

or maybe I can consider
the riskier route

and play for gold.

I can cut a strategic deal...

..with Liz and Nina,
and re-form the jacuzzi three,

making the right
strategic decision -

to vote out Matt.

If I wake up here tomorrow
at the beach,

I've got to make sure
I'm around the right people

for the final two parts of the game.


And do you think
I'm one of those right people?

I always thought you were
one of the right people.

Social George is telling me, "Vote
for Nina and keep Gerry happy,"

but strategic George,
ruthless George from the outback,

is saying, "Just vote off Matt.
That'll set up the win."

It's a very complex vote.

If I send the wrong person
home tonight...

..I could go to the jury benches
tomorrow night.

Well, I don't feel too bad.


And George is debating
if he's gonna vote with you guys

or me and Liz, which is you.

Nina tells me that George
is weighing up whether

he votes for me, with her and Liz,

or votes against her,
with Gerry and myself.


Alright, well, good chat, Matt.


Nina is trying her best.

She knows she's on the out

and she knows she's probably
the next one to get picked off.

However, I'm still worried.

Let's get the rice on.
Yeah, let's get the rice on.

Um, Nina, obviously...
What did she say?

Oh, she's just pleading her case.

She said that Nina and Liz
were voting for me

and you were deciding in between.

LIZ: What?!

That's what she said to me.

Well, I've never said that.
I think she's gonna...

I think she's gonna try
and flick the vote against me.


I think that Liz, George and Nina
had an alliance.

Maybe George, Liz and her
have talked about

this idea of voting me out next.

I'm still concerned a little bit.

Not as much as I was.

Well, no, I'm... Hmm.

It's just that Nina and Liz
and George had this alliance

and, so, 30% unsure.

I think he knows that if me, him
and you are at the final three,

that, most likely, I'd beat him
in the endurance challenge.

Right, and...
And then I take you.

I had a really serious chat
with him this morning.


And he said, "Gerry, us three
for the final challenge."

And he said, "I know,
deep down in my heart...

"..if Matt wins the challenge,

"he's gonna take you to the end."

And he said, "I'm OK with that."


Um...and that was a revelation.


And I thought, "Wow."

I trust Gerry 100%.

However, I've been working with
George for a long time in this game,

and I've seen him flip on people
a few times,

and maybe he's gonna
do it to me tonight.

Are you still solid, George,
that us three are the final three?

I'm still solid.

GERRY: Right.
It's a good deal.


Way back in tribe swap,
I chose to join this alliance

and help build it to what it is now.

I think we're three strong.

It should be three strong.
Yeah, yeah.

I think there's something else
at work.

I just can't quite
put my finger on it.

But, hopefully, the plan I'm a part
of is the plan that's executed.

(SIGHS) God...

It's not as easy as it looks, Liz.

LIZ: Exactly.

Are you writing him down?

I have to.
OK, good.

Done. We don't have to
talk about it again.

I have to.

Well, Liz has made it very clear

that the two of you
are voting for Matt.

She's made it clear to ME
that she wants Matt gone.


You're not gonna vote for Matt?
Is that what you're telling me?

No, I...I do not mind.

But she's the only person
who's given me anything.

So, right now,
that's the only option I have.


And if that stays
the only option I have,

then that's the route that it seems
like I'm gonna end up going.

It's's a very
pragmatic route.


Is that yours as well?

The dilemma I have is...

..I'm obviously very close
to Gerry and Matt.


And then I have to work out
what's best for me.

You're just weighing up
if you're still gonna...

..what route you're gonna take?

Oh, you think...?

I'm gonna be honest with you - yes.


Well, then, you're the swing.

You have the...

..deciding vote, I guess.

LIZ: I'm confident
George is gonna vote Matt

because at this point in the game,

it's not about friendships
or feelings,

it's about strategy and tactics
and getting to the end.

I'm telling George
to put his emotions aside.

"This is not the player
that you are.

"You are ruthless, you are savage.

"If you start playing with
emotions now, you're done for."

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NINA: Oh, look at it.
It's so little.


We'll now bring in the members
of our jury.

Flick, Sam,


..Shaun, Hayley,

and Simon...

..voted out
at the last tribal council.

So, Nina, at the challenge today,

you said if you didn't win
that necklace,

there was a high chance
that your torch would be snuffed.

Yeah, and I still believe that.

Um, it was a really fun obstacle
to get through,

um, but unfortunately, I wasn't
able to pull through, Liz was.

So, Nina, you've been on
the chopping block for a while now.

Why do you think that is?


I came in with a large majority
that wasn't reality -

it was just the perception
that some of us had -

and there was a much larger majority
that took control

and they stayed solid.

But you've been able to navigate
your way through to the final five.

So, when strategy fails,

can you appeal to other players'
humanity to stay in the game?

For sure. Um...

I think that's honestly one of
the reasons why I'm still here.

I've been lucky enough that
I've had olive branches given to me

and I've had opportunities
that I was able to seize myself.

There was a few cracks,
a few fractures,

and then, yeah,
they've just been solid.

I think...

..people got this golden ticket
and they're just not letting it go.


..Nina's basically saying
that she's been trying

but the alliance is impenetrable.

The alliance is solid, Jonathan.

But credit to Nina,
you know, she's tried,

and she's been in there
and she's given it a crack,

and there's not much more
you can do.

Why do you think Nina has made it
this far, despite all the odds?

I think Nina is a really great

I think she has a good social game

and she's, like,
snaked her way through

and she's still here, with us.


..Matt has proved that he's
pretty handy at challenges.

He's worn that necklace three times.

Is that factoring in to your decision

about who you want to
move forward with in this game?

Um, yes, because I'll need someone
to take me to the final two.

So, Matt's challenge prowess
is an asset for you?

Of course.

So, for George, Matt is an asset.

But, Liz, for you,
is he a liability?

Because he's pretty good
at challenges.

Yeah, no, Matt is fantastic
at challenges.

He's a challenge beast.

And, so, I'd say, in that regard,

he is my biggest competitor.


Liz is also
an absolute challenge beast.

She's won three challenges herself.

She's a phenomenal competitor.

The thing is, though,
with challenges,

you never know what challenges
could be tomorrow.

It could be something
that suits Nina,

it could be something that
suits Gerry or suits George.

There's no guarantees,
going into tomorrow,

that Liz or myself will be the best
two people at that challenge.

George, it takes a tremendous amount
of strategy to get to the end.

But is it possible
to be TOO strategic in this game?


Well, I think that's what went wrong
for me in the outback,

and you've got to find a balance.

And, hopefully, I'm striking
a better balance this time.

But sometimes, you do have to
rely on strategy.

And what I constantly am... pondering about is,
"What is my best path to the end?"

I think, coming back from
the immunity challenge today,

that became very clear to me.

And that's what is guiding
my vote tonight.

But, George, I'm sure everyone
sitting over there

had a clear path to the end,

but it didn't work out for them.

So, how can you be so sure
that it'll work out for you?

Because I'm the person that
cobbled together the winning ship.

And this ship has been
a phenomenal cruise

and there are a couple of days left.

And there aren't stormy seas ahead,

so I'm gonna do what I can
to navigate the smoothest path

for me and the people
that I'm working with.

So, Gerry, it sounds like George
is the captain of the ship.

It's been great. It's been
a great ship, great alliance,

because, um...

..there's been no one true leader
all the way through.

That's true.

It's, um...

That's not what
I heard George just say.

He said that he...
No, no, no, George...

It's George's turn at the moment.
That's fine.

But, um...

..a few of us have been taking
the main role from time to time.

Everybody was included
in the decision-making.

That's why this alliance
has been so successful.

Would you agree with that?

Nina, Gerry is saying

there isn't really one leader
in this alliance.

You rolled your eyes.

NINA: Um...

..unfortunately, my perception
is not the same as Gerry's.

I see people who scramble

and they're making sure
the numbers are right,

they're counting, they're splitting
votes, doing things like that.

And then, you know, just
because Gerry was speaking,

I see him maintaining the fire,

checking in with a few people
and then laying down.

But being instrumental
is what I, as a jury member,

is what I'm gonna want to hear.

Not just, "I was told a name
and I wrote it down."

So to me... active leader
normally is running around,

making sure the numbers are right,

not at camp and just waiting
to hear what's gonna happen.

Shouldn't have said that, probably.

Well, it is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Nina, you're up.

It's either me or you.

I've been waiting for you to pull
the trigger, to flip the switch

to be a great player,
like I think you could be,

and you just got that golden ticket
and never let it go

and never flipped that switch.

Nina, you've proved that
you're a phenomenal game-player

over the last few days.

You're a huge strategic threat

and that's why I wanna see you
gone home.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote...

One vote Matt, one vote Nina.

Two votes Matt, one vote Nina.

We're tied.

Two votes Matt, two votes Nina... vote left.

19th person voted out,
seventh member of our jury...

NINA: Good luck.
MATT: Thank you.

Good luck.
Great game.


You haven't had this happen yet.
I haven't.

It's an amazing experience.


Nina, the tribe has spoken.
They have.

Thank you, Jonathan.
Thank you.

Bye, guys.
Bye, Nina!

Well, in a game of perception and
deception, humanity trumps it all.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

LIZ: I feel like my death warrant
has been signed.

If I don't win individual immunity
today, I'm gone.

..can Liz fight her way
into the top three?

GERRY: George, Matt and I,
we're as tight as ever.

Final three, that is
where we are heading.

Or is the writing on the wall...

GEORGE: I've got deals within deals.

The fact that I've kept Gerry
and Matt on my side

and I'm the only ally Liz has left,

I will be the Sole Survivor.

MATT: Up until this point,
George has had a final say

and the largest voice
in our alliance.

I don't wanna just play
to George's tactics anymore.

I need to take out
my biggest threat.

I think I'm sitting here
as a result of George thinking

I am his only threat.

Nina, your tribal council
performance tonight

made me decide to vote for you,
'cause I WAS gonna vote for Matt.

But I reckon I'm better off with
a happy Gerry and unhappy Liz.


I'm super happy with the game
that I played.

I made it to top five
and I'm in the jury.

I get to ask these people
some hard-hitting questions

and I just wanna see them squirm.

Captions by Red Bee Media