Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 23 - Episode #8.23 - full transcript

Betrayal is central to some players' strategy, driving the remaining castaways' paranoia to maximum as they strive to become the Sole Survivor, and this episode's twist will send tensions through the roof.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

..the top five were on a mission...

It's Liz in the lead.

Matt right behind. get their hands on immunity.

Liz wins individual immunity!

Now that that necklace
is around my neck,

this is the time to get rid of Matt.

Liz was sure she had
Nina and George on board

to take out challenge beast Matt.

You have to manage Gerry
in that equation.

You're giving Gerry
way too much time and effort.

He's making you soft.

I'm thinking clearly
and I'm striking.

But George was at a crossroads.

Social George is telling me, "Vote
for Nina and keep Gerry happy."

But strategic George is saying,

"Just vote off Matt.
That will set up the win."

Until Nina showed she was a force
to be reckoned with.

I've had opportunities that
I was able to seize myself.

But I think people
got this golden ticket

and they're just not letting it go.

But being instrumental is what I, as
a jury member, I'm gonna wanna hear,

not just, "I was told a name
and I wrote it down."

Shouldn't have said that probably.

And Nina's fate was sealed.



Four are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


Well, here we are, George.

You kept Matt and now I'm screwed.

I'm pretty pissed with George
right now.

I fully was committed
to the Jacuzzi alliance

and he voted out Nina who was gonna
get me and George to the Final Two.



Yeah, I'm well aware and
you just signed my death warrant,

so thanks for that.

Are you joking?

You, Gerry and Matt are like this.

The fact that George
has just dogged me again,

I'm seething.


GEORGE: I'm not concerned at all
that Liz might be a little bit salty

after that Tribal Council.

This is the best decision for me.

I've had to make a decision

between which top three
I was gonna progress with.

And I've decided
to stick with Gerry and Matt.

I've got options in this game.

I have more influence
on Gerry and Matt than Liz does.

If Liz feels isolated, that's great.

She can either vote with me tomorrow
or get voted out.

Waking up today and I'm feeling...

..very nervous.

I think I had...a handful of hours
of sleep last night.

It's very real now

the fact that I'm at the bottom.

I don't know what got
into George's head.

He did me dirty with Shonee

and now again with Nina.

JONATHAN: Seventh member
of our jury...


He's forgotten our relationship.
He's forgotten our alliance.

I'm furious.

But I'm putting that aside

'cause I need George in my hand.

I'm just staying focused and
thinking about myself and my game.

If you told me 45 days ago,
you'd be in the top four,

I'd be like, "Oh, yeah, right."

That's what my reaction
would have been.

The honest truth is,

if she basically said minimal
at that Tribal Council,

I wouldn't have changed my mind,

She said a lot.
She said way too much.

And I'm, like...
So you're telling me you were...


So I was voting Matt.

Well, it's happened now.

Just gotta get on with it.

She will be super bitter, though,
in that jury.

Yeah, she will.

I did hear what she said to you,
which is fine.

She's not the first person
to get that reaction

after I voted someone out.

Nina was a very
confrontational-style player.

She turned on Gerry
when she didn't need to.

And that was the deciding moment
for me -

"I've got to send Nina home."

I know I can fix an upset Liz,

but I've just earnt back
Gerry's trust

and if Gerry's trust was broken
in me again,

I would have lost Gerry for
the final three days in this game.

The plan doesn't change, Liz.

You're just as likely at
winning the immunity as Matt is.

That's what I'm hoping for.

And if Matt does win immunity...

..we bind together on Gerry.

That's what happens.

The fact that I've kept Gerry
and Matt on my side is fantastic

and I'm the only ally Liz has left.

I've got deals within deals,

which means I'm gonna get
to the top three.

Look, we've done great up today.
We've kept off that bloody jury.

Yes, I know. It's incredible.

Nina is very upset with me,

but Nina said
at the last Tribal Council

she'll be voting
for the most strategic player.

Hello! That's me.

And if I get
to that final Tribal Council,

I will win

because this is a good jury
dominated by past players.

People like Hayley

and Shonee,


..they respect gameplay,
they respect strategy

and they will vote for me.

We need to win that challenge today,
don't we?

Yes, we do, Gerry, because then
it's mission complete, Gerry.

Then it is mission complete.

After being shunted
to the Villains' tribe,

fuelled by a great hunger
of revenge,

I went on a mission to take out
the controlling forces

of the OG Hero tribe one by one.

Nina's gone.

My payback is complete.

That's great.

Now we can concentrate
on the endgame,

the last four.

We're here. The final four.
We're here. We made it.

Now, somehow we've got get
to Final Two.

Yeah. Yep. Yeah, I'm pretty keen.

I reckon we've got
a really good chance.

I think if...if one of us
wins immunity today,

George, yourself or me...

We haven't broken any promises.

Integrity's intact.

We go to Final Three.

I'm a man with loyal values.

George and I have been solid
since we aligned

back when I went over to the
Villains' tribe all that time ago.

Unless he goes against me,

he has my loyalty

down to the last vote.

Yeah, right. I'm solid as a rock.

And then we have young Matty.

I have the utmost respect
for young Matt.

Our relationship has blossomed
throughout the game.

We dearly want to get
to the Final Two.

I'm proving

you can get to the end

with trust and loyalty.

This is how I live my life
in the real world.

This is how I play the game.

LIZ: Today's a make-or-break day
for me.

So, I'm on edge.

If I don't win individual immunity
today, I'm gone.

The bond that Matt, Gerry
and George have is...ridiculous.

Like, it's bordering weird.

They are like family. I don't know
how I could possibly break them up.

And the fact that George
flipped on me last night,

I can't trust a word he says.

After the blindside on Shonee,

I probably should have
seen this coming.

But I've got my plan

and if he wants to play that way,
then I'll put myself first too.

I think I've proved to myself
and to everyone else here

that I am a challenge threat.

I'm focused

and I know that it is essentially
a life-or-death challenge for me.

So no matter what it is,
I'm gonna put my body on the line.


Come on in!

LIZ: Oh, goodness.

This looks scary.

Good morning.


So, Liz, how does it feel
to be the last woman standing?

What can I say, Jonathan?

I'm very proud, I'm very honoured
to the last female standing.

I had a very rough start
to the game.

So the fact that
I've made it to day 45,

I actually can't believe
that I'm still here.

George, on that point,

how does it feel to be
the last returning player standing?

I couldn't be prouder,

but sometimes the cream
rises to the top, Jonathan,

and that's what happened again
with me.



Alright, are you ready
to get to today's challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

Goodbye, my necklace.


This could be a pleasant surprise.
I know.

I hope there's something
to nibble on under there.

Today, immunity is not up for grabs.



Instead, you are playing for this.


An extra vote
at tonight's Tribal Council.


The power to cast two
out of five votes tonight

could make or break your game.


Worth playing for?


Yeah. Wow.

Alright, for today's challenge...

..on my go,
you're gonna swim to shore,

collecting balls along the way

that you'll attempt to land
in an overhead chute.

You'll then crawl under a net
and solve a puzzle.

Finally, you'll climb a deck

and attempt to land sandbags
on a series of perches.

First person to finish
wins the extra vote.

Huge stakes.

Draw for spots.

Let's get to it!
How exciting!

MATT: Let's go.
Wow. Too votes.

Love a good twist.
MATT: Yeah, very interesting.

First time for everything.

Good luck, everyone.
Good luck!

GERRY: Good luck.

Alright, here we go!

For an extra vote at tonight's
Tribal, survivors, ready?




First thing you've got to do is swim,

pick up the bag of balls,

get them to shore.

Matt has his bag. Liz has hers.

Gerry and George
struggling to get there.

Matt and Liz back first.

Now you gotta land both balls
in that overhead chute.

Matt, first toss, gets one!


Liz struggling toss after toss.

George and Gerry in on it now.


George gets one.

Matt and George neck and neck.

Matt gets the next one.
He's moving on.

You've got a long army crawl

ahead of you now.

Gerry gets one.

Liz yet to land one.


That army crawl is no fun
on that gravel.


It's gonna leave a rash for sure.

Matt's through.

Start working on your puzzle.

16 blocks.

It's pretty simple.

The difficult part is that
it's a vertical puzzle,

meaning that you've got to start
from the bottom, build up,

unlike a regular puzzle where
you can start wherever you want.


Wind! Oh!

Bloody hell!

Gerry has two. Gerry's moving on!

Gerry was last at the start
of this challenge

and he's really made up for it.

He's slowly coming through that net.



..getting frustrated.

Oh, God.

Toss after toss.

Falling behind now.

This is (BLEEP)!

Oh, my God!

Finally gets one!

Come on, Liz, you need to pick it up
if you want to stay in this!

Ooh! Oh!

Matt, he's speeding
through this puzzle.

Coming together quickly for him.

Gerry's through.

Ahh! To be young again.

He starts working on his puzzle.

Meanwhile, that extra vote is
slipping away for Liz and George.




Just like that...
We both got it!

..George and Liz at the same time
land their second ball.

They're moving on, putting
the pressure on the puzzle-makers.

Matt getting close.

But he's moving on!

George making quick work of that net.

Yes! I did!


Liz really struggling...

..inch by inch

with that army crawl.

It's painful to watch.



Oh, I'm claustrophobic!


Finally, Liz is through.

Matt has a huge lead
in this challenge.

George and Gerry are slowing
working on their puzzle.

Matt's starting to toss sandbags.

Need to land a sandbag on each perch.

Five perches in total.


Matt lands one.

Pulling away now.

Matt lands another sandbag.

Everyone else still trying
to work out that puzzle.


Matt extending his lead.
He's gotten the hang of it.

And Matt lands his fourth.

All he needs is one more
and he gets that extra vote.

Everyone else needs to pick it up
or he's gonna run away with it.

Come on! Let's go!

Don't give up, anyone.

Matt going for that fifth.

Used all his sandbags.

He needs to reload.

This opens the door for everyone else

if they could pick up the pace
on those puzzles.

Come on, puzzle box! Uhh!


Matt coming back
with an armful of sandbags.

He's landed four.

He's going for the win.

And that's it! He does it!

Well done, Matt!
Matt wins the extra vote!

Nicely done.


Good effort, guys.

Good effort, Gerry.

Good effort, Liz.

Good job, guys.



Matt, congratulations.

Well done, Matty!
The extra vote is yours.

Thank you very much!
Well done.

GERRY: Good on you, Matty.


..that vote will not be used
against anyone here.

Because you'll all be voting tonight

to remove someone from the jury.


Oh, my God!

That's right.

The jury member with
the highest number of votes tonight

will leave the game immediately.!

That means they will not be voting
at the final Tribal.

Wait. What?!

They will have no say
in who becomes the Sole Survivor.

Oh, my God! I'm gooped!

At the end of this game,

there will be seven jury members.

Oh, my God.

And that means a Final Three...

..pitching to the jury.

Every jury vote counts now.

So you'd better make sure
it's not one of yours going home.

Oh, wow. moly!

I know, it's a lot to process.

You'll have the afternoon
to think about it.

Grab your gear, head on out.

My heart was in my arse.
I'll see you tonight.

Ohh! I reckon this is funny!
Isn't it a great game? (LAUGHS)

OK. Thanks.

Holy moly!

Lead the way
with your vote, Matty. Wow!

God, I love this game. What a game!

Oh, my God.

That is phenomenal.


MATT: Yeah.

We're all safe!

We're all here tonight!

Last challenge!

We all get to do
a last challenge together.

We do. That is really...
That is...

Huge! But, nonetheless,
Matty, congrats.

Thank you.

You absolutely smashed it.
Thank you.

Let's just get the beans going.
Let's get the fire going.

And then we can start our
interesting scramble for tonight.

Yeah! Have a big discussion around
who do we kick off the jury!

A top three pitching.
What are... What are...

With only seven jury members. makes it
very interesting

because if you've got
guaranteed votes...


..with, like, friendly jurors, makes you
much more likely to win.


You can win this game
with only three votes.

Everybody's pretty blown away
by the gravity of the situation.

Come on, Gerry.

The stakes have never been higher
than tonight's Tribal Council.

If I had the opportunity to remove
a bitter jury member in the Outback,

I might have already had a crown
coming here into Samoa.

Wanna put some salt water
in that beans when they're dry?


And that is why tonight's vote
is so important.

I want to take the barnacle
off my winning cruise ship.

Everything is so heavy now!

And if I can convince
every single person

to vote
with what suits George best...

..George will be the Sole Survivor.

We have to steer this conversation
when we have it.

Yes, I know we do.
Because we need it...

Oh, my clear preference
is getting rid of Simon.

Same. Same.

He's a guaranteed vote
for Matt or Gerry.

I know.
Because...I look at it like this.

I want us in the finale, OK?
Yeah, I know.

We're now there, OK?

Let's just get through tonight
and tomorrow's challenge.

One more scoop, please?
One more scoop?

But, yeah, let's just steer it...

I'm steering it in Simon...
Simon, yeah.

I know that Simon's
not gonna vote for me.

I need to convince
every single other player

that it's in their best interest
to remove Simon.

But the difficulty is this -

if they know that Simon
won't be voting for me...

..that will make them
want to keep Simon.


Um, obviously, Simon has rubbed
every single person the wrong way

in this game.

And then you, you know,
throw out the question out there,

"Does he deserve to be on the jury?"

MATT: Mmm.

Wouldn't it be a grand irony

that Simon literally criticised
every single person here...

Oh, I know. How funny.

..and then our revenge on him...

Is to vote him off the jury.

Who's the pawn now, buddy?

I'd love to see
the look on his face.

I think tonight George and I
are very equal in this decision.

We both know that we really
burnt our bridges with Simon.

So it just makes sense for us
to get rid of him.

Simon is my personal preference.

GERRY: Number one. Yeah.

He's my number one. Um...

Just the way he's played the game.

The way he's treated everyone.

So he can... (CLICKS)
Go home.

Go home.
Mm. Yep.

LIZ: At this point, I hope that
George is telling the truth

and I hope that I can
rely on our relationship.



My thoughts - yes, Simon
definitely has annoyed all of us.


And there's no way of really
knowing which way his vote's...

Mmm. That's what I mean.
..actually could go.

He's just gonna be random.


Um...there's some thoughts.

Who else is there?

Nina, like, what she was saying
at the end last night

about "I'm smarter than all of you".

Mmm., give it up, Nina! And...

She said, "Don't take him with you."

Oh, don't take him?

I feel like, yeah,
you need to think of people

that are gonna vote for the game,
not for, like, personal differences.

Yeah, yeah.

And Simon is 100% got - chk! -
a knife in his back.

Yeah. And...and, to me,
so has, um, Nina.

So has Nina.
It's so fresh in our mind, eh?

But I feel like Nina would vote
with...for the game.

And what do you think?
That she's gonna vote for Liz?

And that wouldn't be because...

That would just be
a girl power thing, wouldn't it?

No, no, no. No.

No, sorry. Oh. Ohh.

Oh, my God.

Oh, I hope that wasn't an attack
on my game so far.

I think she likes you more
than she likes us three.

So do you think we're tossing up
between Nina

and then the one person
we all had up there, Simon?


MATT: Up until this point,

George has had the final say and
the largest voice in our alliance.

However, I've got the power tonight.
I've got the extra vote.

And this moment is pivotal to me

having a chance at
half a million dollars.

This is deep enough.

Ohh! Could be...
our second-last time in the ocean.


MATT: It's really hard to know
where the jury's head's at.

We've got five votes
between all of us.


MATT: But there is someone
that is gonna be

an absolute, a locked-in vote.

So I need to do something about it.


Uh...look, I'm not
against the...the Nina idea

and the...the Simon one too.

The other one that
I'm definitely thinking about

is if Liz wins
the challenge tomorrow...

..and she goes to the Final Three...


I...I...I can see
where you're coming from

and then it also benefits me.

Um...but my biggest priority
would be to just take out Simon.

He doesn't deserve
to be on the Survivor jury.

Yeah. Yeah.
And it's that simple.

And he might just be
the consensus target.

MATT: I know why George
wants to get rid of Simon.

He thinks Simon
is the only person on that jury

that won't vote for him.

I'd...I'd like to just
get rid of Simon.

Yeah, it's...

He is the easiest one.

Gets him off the jury.

I'd love to see
the look on his face.

That's pretty funny.

It's pretty funny.

That's what...
That's what he'll get.

Mm. Yep.

I hear ya.

MATT: George is so good
at manipulating

and I can tell
that George is playing me.

I have a plan of who I want and
I need to make sure that happens.

Not what's the best interest
for everyone.

It has to be the best interest
for me.

Does anyone else wanna have a chat?

Yeah, yeah.
Wanna chat?

Let's go.

I've got two votes.

However, there's still
three other votes out there.

I need to make sure
that I can get just one more vote

to have the majority

and make sure that the odds are
gonna be stacked in my favour.


I don't know whether
we quite all grasp

how much George is actually
playing us right now

with who he wants gone.

He only wants Simon gone...

..because Simon will vote
for either of us.

He's not gonna vote for George.

Um...but Liz...Liz is 100% on Simon.

Yeah. I've got two votes.

I don't want to do Simon.

I've always been pushing
to try and get the Final Three

with George and Gerry

and take Gerry and myself
to the Final Two.

Now that it's a top three, I need
to reassess and have a plan B.

Tomorrow, if I win the challenge, we
probably have to send George home.


Can I tell you where my head's at?


So...if we take Liz tomorrow, right?

She's got one person that's 100%
for her, and that person is Shonee.

Shonee? Yeah.

So I think it has to be Shonee

So, me, you and my extra vote,

we'd send Shonee home

and then we would guarantee
at least one extra chance

that we can get if me,
you and Liz end up...

Shonee's not gonna vote for you.

Shonee's not gonna vote for me.

GEORGE: Matt's starting to be
a bit strategic here.

Guess who Matt's gonna be
putting two votes on.


(GASPS) Did he just tell you?


Shonee has to stay.

'Cause she is a definite vote
for us.

I know she is.
We're not losing Shonee.

OK, well, do you want
to go break that up?

Yeah, I will.
I'll just hang here.

I'll go talk to them now.


We just gotta be smart.

I mean, Shonee, she'll vote for
them two. She won't vote for us.

Come in, George.

We're just discussing that...
we do think it should be Simon.

Oh! Good, good.

I think, um...
You're not... You're happy?


There's no-one more bitter
than Simon.


And then it's just
a line-in-the-sand moment.

Get off the jury, mate.

Yeah, that's fair enough.

Let's go!
Let's go. Alright.

It's all a bit of a hard one tonight.

The plan we put in place,

the three of us -
George, Matt and myself -

going to the Final Three.

But Matt, he's thinking,
he's strategising, and...

..flipping on George
is a possibility.


When we're talking about
who we get rid of tonight,

I think we need to be
really calculated

with who we actually target.

'Cause I...I...
Honestly, you're my ride-and-die.

I know we've said since day one.
Yep. Yeah. Yep, yeah.

But if we had to beat someone
at that Final Three,

which one of them do you think
we're better at beating?



With the... Because I don't think
that she's done...

As much as George?
As much as George.

But George has got the hate vote.



Liz has got the love vote.

GERRY: He does make a lot of sense.

He needs one more vote
to get his vote out.

I see where he's coming from.

Shonee is voting for Liz.

Are you still locked and loaded
tonight, Gerry?


Where's your head at?

You still voting Simon?

Not sure?

You think Simon will vote for you?

I don't know
what bloody Simon thinks!


I'm actually listening
to both parties, both sides.

I'm sitting in the middle swinging.

Not quite sure which way to go
at this stage.

We don't have to all vote together,

No, no, no. That's it.

I'm definitely voting for Simon.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know that.

I think both of you are.

So, um...

I think Matt's definitely
on board with Simon.

Yeah, he's, um...

I'm leaning towards Matt
and voting for Shonee tonight.

His vote is purely business.

But it goes against
my loyalty to George.

And I actually made
an unbreakable bond with George

to stick together to the end.

It's a very big decision tonight.

I think Simon definitely, uh...

He doesn't deserve it.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.

Let's just keep it simple.

I'm thinking he's the consensus.

He's not helping anyone
and he's not hurting if he goes.


Yeah. I agree.

'Bye, Si!

(SINGS) # Simon will do
whatever Simon wants

# Do you know what he won't do?

# Have a vote. #



Nah. We're the final three
new players, Gerry.

Well...not yet.

No, no, no. (LAUGHS)

Right now!



George is like, "I'm still here!"
Excuse me.

"Uh, hello? I'm still here, guys!"

This is 100% the ultimate test
to where Gerry's loyalty lies.

He can go with George and try
and send Simon home off the jury

or he can come with me
and send Shonee off from the jury.

If I can pull this off tonight,

it gives me the best chance
at winning that $500,000

and the title of Sole Survivor.



Hi. Hello.



We'll now bring in the members
of our jury.







and Nina,

voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Alright, jury,
let me get you up to speed.

As you may have already noticed,

no-one is wearing the necklace

And that is because
they did not compete for immunity.

Instead they competed
for an extra vote.

A huge advantage tonight

because they will not be voting
someone out from the tribe.

Instead, they will be voting
for one of you to leave the jury...





The jury member
with the highest number of votes

will leave the game immediately.

Will have no say
in who becomes Sole Survivor.

Big twist.

George, this could be
a half-million-dollar decision.

It could most definitely be
a half-million-dollar decision

and I think of the 40
Tribal Councils I've attended,

this is by far
the most important one.

Well, at the end of this game,

there's gonna be three of you sitting
there and only seven on the jury.

With so few votes up for grabs,

does that supercharge the importance
of each vote?

It most definitely does because
the margin to victory narrows

and you only need
basically three or four votes

to win the title of Sole Survivor.

And I think everyone sitting here
can...can see that now

as a realistic goal.

So, Matt, you won
the extra vote today.

What was going through your head
this afternoon?

So many things
going through my head.

I mean, I had plans of getting
through the Final Three stage

and then being a Final Two

and...and then having
this extra vote,

having to think about
which one of these wonderful people

we're gonna have to
actually send home

and not be a part
of this game anymore.

It's a real complex dilemma

and there's been a lot of thoughts
and a lot of conversations had

amongst us all this afternoon.

Because you have the extra vote,

you have more power this evening.

So, were people coming to you

with their ideas about
who should be eliminated?

Yeah, I have the extra vote,
but I need three votes, in a way,

to have a majority here,

so I would need someone else to...
to want to take out the same person

and do anything different
than the whole group.

So, Gerry,
is there a common ground here

of who you should eliminate
from the jury?

Or does everyone
have their own agenda?

A couple of names came up regularly
from different people sitting here.

So there's a common
denominator there.

There's still a bit of a debate
going on,

but I think all are warranted
tonight to be a target.

So, George,
there's not yet a consensus

as to who it should be?

There's been a lot of fierce debate
back at camp.

And we might still be
making up our minds as we speak.

LIZ: Um...I'm under the impression
that we have settled on a name.

But we'll see once we vote.

So, are you pretty sure
there's someone over there

that won't vote for you in the end?

I mean, it's hard to know exactly

how the jury members
are going to vote.

But I know that I won't get
all of their votes.

So, it's just trying to pick
that right person to send home.




So, Matt, what kind of things
are you considering?

Uh, the two main things
considering is that,

uh, someone
that you want to get rid of

that you know is definitely gonna
vote for someone else sitting here.

Or is it someone that you know
has a bitterness towards you

because maybe you put them there?

And that's the better option
to take.



What's Gerry saying?
What did you say, Gerry?


Yeah. Me too.

We're all good?

I think so. I'm...I'm confused,
but we'll see how it goes.

Alright, well, this is... (CHUCKLES)

..this is potentially
a half-million-dollar decision

and I'm keen to see
where this gonna land.



Alright, are you ready to get to it?

Remember, you are voting
to send a jury member home.

Are you ready to get to it?

I'm keen to see
how's it's gonna fall.

Remember, you are voting
to send a jury member home.

Liz, you're up.

Simon, I'm not sure
if you can separate the game

and our personal differences.

Shonee, I think you're too locked in
for voting for Liz,

so I wanted you gone.


I'll go count the votes.

Alright, remember,

these votes are for someone
to leave the jury tonight.

I'll read the votes.




It's one vote Shonee, one vote Simon.


That's two votes Shonee,
one vote Simon.

The person leaving the jury


That's three votes. That's enough.

it's time for you to leave.

See you all!
'Bye, Shon.

'Bye, everyone! Good luck.
MATT: 'Bye, Shonee.

Just cruise on out? (LAUGHS)
You can cruise on out.

'Bye, Shonee.
See yas!

SIMON: 'Bye!
FLICK: 'Bye!

Well, in this game,
nothing is more valuable than a vote.

So you'd better hope
the one you've just sent home

wasn't worth
a half-a-million dollars.

Grab your torches
and head back to camp.

GERRY: Goodnight.



Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

GERRY: I have been so underestimated
in this game.

And now I'm here to prove
that I'm deserving

of the title of Sole Survivor.

..two Heroes...

MATT: I believe I'm a social
and physical threat.

I would love to see good
always triumph over evil.

..two Villains...

GEORGE: I came in here
with the biggest target on my back,

but look at me now!

Heroes v Villains will be
the coronation of the king!

Nobody deserves that crown
more than me

and I will get it!

Get ready for the ultimate showdown.

LIZ: I'm the last female standing.

I know that Matt, Gerry and George
have an unbreakable bond.

My position in the game is reliant
on winning that necklace.

This challenge today
is do-or-die for me.

Who will be crowned
this season's Sole Survivor?

Captions by Red Bee Media