Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 24 - Episode #8.24 - full transcript

The final Tribal Council has arrived. Who has the most complete resume and convincing case to be crowned the winner and take home the $500k prize that goes with it?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


A remote paradise

as beautiful as it is dangerous.

This season saw the game return

to where it all began.

As two primal opposing
forces collided.

Heroes v Villains.

Get it, get it, get it!


Here to outwit...

Sign them to me!

Another one. Another.


Go, Liz!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

..and outlast.

Matt wins individual immunity.

A hidden immunity idol.

It's in my arse crack right now.
Yeah, it is too.

It was most certainly not an idol,
I found out.

This day's the worst.

For 46 days...

You bloody turn on me,
I'll turn on you.

I want to move forward
with you guys as a double agent.

Feeling a little bit evil,
but it's good fun.

Through the most loyal alliances...


LIZ: The Spice Girls!

You can't take the villain
out of the Shiz.

GEORGE: When did the Spice Girls
become the Shiz?



..and spectacular blindsides...

You're a dead duck
unless you save Steve.



GERRY: Going back there,

I've been working with George
and learning from him.

No way.

I feel awful. (SNIFFLES)

Now that I've voted off Shonee,
I can wear her clothes.

One by one...


I'll buy you a case of beer
if I'm wrong.


Did not see that coming.

..they were voted out.

I'm playing this game so good!

No-one's resume
comes anywhere near me!

The tribe has spoken.

Now, with the end near,

just four remain.




And George.

Two heroes, two villains.

One will be crowned...Sole Survivor.



LIZ: I'm so happy.

GEORGE: I'm happy as well.


We've literally made it
to the last point of the game.

We've made it to day 46!

GERRY: Coming into Survivor,
I did not know what to expect.

But here we are - endgame.

Right from the start, I was prepared
to fly to the end of the Earth

for my Hero tribe.

But when the original Hero tribe

sent me to the Villains' side,

that flicked a switch.

I became the Heroes' scorn.


And one by one,

I slowly took out
the people that wronged me.

Bang, bang, bang!

I have been so underestimated
in this game.

And now I'm here to take it out.



GEORGE: I came in here
with the biggest target on my back.

But look at me now!

I didn't come here
to decrease my threat level.

I ramped it up.

I've proven why I'm one of
the legends of the game.

But my work's not finished.

I've got the final
Immunity Challenge

standing before me
and tomorrow's final Tribal Council.


If I can present my case
to the jury,

Heroes v Villains will be
the coronation of the King!

Nobody deserves that crown
more than me.



It's crazy to think I've outlasted
20 other players out here.

I'm humbled
to have made it this far.

But I know today's gonna be one of
the biggest and toughest challenges

of my life,

because right now,
the stakes are high.

They're higher than
they've ever been in this game.

Today, I need to win that necklace.
Today, I need to win that challenge.

I've won three Immunity Challenges

and I could easily win another one.

I just can't let Liz win it...

..'cause it could wreck
everything for me.


LIZ: It's very clear -

Matt, Gerry and George
have an unbreakable bond.

If I don't win
individual immunity...

..I'm out of here.

Being an Olympian,

my whole life has been about
pushing my body, pushing my mind,

getting in the zone,
dealing with failure.


..losing today is not an option.

Everything I've done in the last
46 days comes down to this moment.

I'm ready to get it done.


KRISTIE: Lee, you've got to let me
have this one.

(SIGHS) If you let me have
this immunity, I will take you.

(TEARY) I just want
to get to the end!



JONATHAN: Every wave now
just cuts to the bone.



Well, congratulations.
You've made it to day 46.

You have outlasted 20 other heroes
and villains to make it here

right where our first hero was born
eight seasons ago.

Well done.

Thank you so much.
That's great. Thanks.

Alright, are you ready to get
to your final Immunity Challenge?

Let's go.

For the last time,

immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna balance
on a narrow perch

while holding onto a handle
behind your head.

At various intervals,
I'm gonna turn a crank...


..forcing spikes into your back,

making it more difficult
to hold that position.

If at any point you step off,
let go of the handle,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person still standing

wins immunity

and a guaranteed spot
at that final Tribal Council,

where you will have a chance
to pitch to the jury

why you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Now, this is a tough challenge
and there's a lot on the line, so...

..we figured you might need
a little extra motivation today.


Oh, my God, stop.

George, are you ready for some love?

I'm ready for some love.

Bring it on.
Alright. Come on in!

It's Cara! Yes!



Cara! I've made it!



Look at you.


..before you fall over.

So happy to see you!

Oh, grey!

Oh, my God! Hello!

Fancy seeing you here.
Fancy seeing me here.

Hi. Hello.
MATT: Nice to meet you.

(LAUGHS) Sorry. Hello!

Hi, Cara. So great to see you again.

So, George came into this game
as a villain.

What's your take on that?
Do you know what?

He's learnt from the last game,
I think.

And he's come in...
And I think he's a hero.

Alright, Liz, who are you hoping
you're gonna see today?



Let's see if we can deliver.
Come on in!

Oh, my God.


There he is!


Oh, my God! (SOBS)

This is unreal.






I know.

Oh, my God!
And I missed your smell. (LAUGHS)


This is Daniel.

Come stand with me here.
MATT: Come in the middle.

Come on the mat, mate. (LAUGHS)


Liz, how much have you missed Daniel?

Oh, my God, I can't even put it into
words how much I've missed him.


Daniel, how much have you missed Liz?

A lot. A lot. I'm very proud.

So, are you surprised
that she's made it this far?

Not at all. Two-time Olympian, mate.

It was what I was expecting.

Alright, Gerry, who do you hope
we have hiding back there?

Well, of course, my fiancee, Pam.

Come on in!

There she is.

Oh, look at her. (SOBS)

PAM: Oh, my God!




Papa Smurf.


You be careful.


Hello! Happy to meet you.

Join us, join us. We'll make room.

Look how beautiful she is.

So, Pam, is he normally
that affectionate?



So he's a keeper.
Very much so.

I'm not always a mongrel.

Alright, Matt.

So, as I understand it,

before you came out here,

you found out that your wife
was pregnant, right?

That's correct.

It must have been tough being away
from her for so long.

It's the hardest thing
I've ever done.

Come on in!

Come on, Kirstie!


Darling, you look like a caveman!


I've missed you, my love!
I've missed you too.



Are you OK?
Yep. Yep.


Oh, darling.

Well, Kirstie, first,
congratulations on the new bub.

Thank you. (LAUGHS)

And Matt's been playing this game
as a hero.

Is that true to who he is back home?

(LAUGHS) I think so.

I don't think you could say
he's a villain. (LAUGHS)

Wait and see.


Alright, loved ones, we're very happy
that all of you could come out

and lend your support,

but you're gonna be cheering
from the bench today.

I'm gonna give everyone a minute
to catch up

and then, Matt, George, Gerry
and Liz, we're gonna get to it.

It's gonna be good!

I've lost so much weight.

DANIEL: I've missed you so much.
LIZ: I've missed you.

This is the most I've missed you.

Can't believe
how much I've missed this.



Alright, everyone,
take your positions.

Feet on the perches.

Hands on the handle.


For immunity...

..this challenge is now on.


This is it.

All the chips pushed in on this one.

The only guarantee that you'll be
there at that final Tribal...

..and have a chance
to pitch your case

is to win this challenge.

That easy.

It's that easy.

Nah. No good for the shoulders.

I think this one's gonna be
a grind, people.

You just need to keep
both feet on that perch.

You need to keep your hands
on that handle at all times,

even when you're readjusting.

You step off, take your hand off the
handle, you're out of the challenge.

I mean, there is
the little complication

of the spikes in your back, but...

Can't wait for you
to backstab us, JLP.



Tonight's Tribal Council is
the last chance to make a big move.

How nice would it be
to be immune from that?

Matt, how much do you think
you need that necklace tonight?

Oh, look, I really, really want it.

I'm gonna be up here
until I can't be anymore.

I think so.

That swell is kicking up now!

Those waves are gonna start smashing.

Alright, might be time
to turn up the heat a little bit.

GEORGE: Ooh, let's see what happens.
Here we go.

Let's see what happens.


First crank.

GEORGE: Ohhhhh!
MATT: A little bit of a massage.

LIZ: Oh, that's nothing.

Give it another spin.

You want another spin?

We've got to go Tribal Council.
We don't have time.


Alright. You got it, Liz.

Whatever Liz wants...

..Liz gets.

That's 12cm of spike right there.

There we go.

Bloody hell.

GEORGE: God...

God help us.




Ah, here comes the rain.


You got this, darling.

Two OG Heroes and two OG Villains.

Nice even battle.

Not only are you battling each other
and battling the pain,

you're also battling the elements.

Everything's wet now.

Gonna make it harder
to hang onto that handle,

keep your feet on that perch.

One lapse in concentration...

And it's head first into the rocks.

No shot at immunity.

Alright, you've been up there
for one hour.

Come on, guys. You look good.

PAM: Come on, Gerry!
KIRSTIE: You got this, darling.

Come on, Lizard!

Let's give it another crank.

16cm of spike.

There's lots of movement now.

Every time you turn around trying
to find something comfortable,

you keep bumping
into those pesky spikes.

Gerry looks really uncomfortable.

Looks like he's in pain.

Soaked by the waves.

Fatigue really kicking in.

Bugger it.
Gerry drops!

Oh, Gerry!
GEORGE: Oh, Gerry, you OK?

You alright, mate?

Big effort, Gerry.
Careful, Gerry, careful.

Gerry's had enough.

Steps out.
MATT: Well done, Gerry.

Do you need a hand?
It was a big effort, Gerry.

Oh, God, I feel so bad for him.

He did amazing!

After an hour and five minutes,

Gerry had enough, drops out.

We're down to three,

Matt, Liz and George,

battling it out for one necklace.

One guarantee

of absolute safety tonight.


Alright. You've been at it
for two hours.

Time for us to turn up the heat.

Here we go.

24cm of spike.



Those spikes really have you
stretched out now.

Lot of pain with every readjustment.

The further out they come, the
harder it's gonna be to readjust.

Yeah. It's really hard already!

The sun, the wind, the rain,

the angry ocean smashing you.

It's all gonna take its toll.

So, George, it seems like
you have this one in the bag.

I hope so.

It'd be a good time
to win a challenge.

Do you need to win it
or you just wanna win it?

I think everyone needs to win it.

It's the guaranteed way
to pitch to the jury.

But I definitely want to win it.

No-one wants this more than me,
I reckon.

So, Liz, George thinks
he wants it more than you.

George can think what he likes.


We'll see who's the last one
standing, Georgie.

We will see.



This challenge has been going
for three hours.

Three hours. Well done, guys.
Well done, you guys.

I think it's time to match
the aggression of the sea.

Let's crank it again.

This is where the rubber
meets the road.

28cm of spike.


George starting to shake now.

Just cannot find any relief.

Come on, Georgie.

George really digging.

Not giving up.

Come on, George! You've got this!

You've done double this.


Big painful readjustment from George.


I can feel that pain
all the way over here.

Everything's gotta be hurting by now.

GERRY: Unbelievable, guys!

The whole three of you
deserve to win this challenge.

George clearly in a lot of pain now.

Find that next level, George!

(GROANS) I think...I'm coming down.


After three hours and 50 minutes,

George cannot hang any longer.

Amazing effort.

Brilliant, Georgie.


My legs are good.
It's just my arms are dead.

Well done.
Thank you.

PAM: Well done, George!
KIRSTIE: Well done!

Now we have a showdown.


Hero versus villain.

Matt taking on Liz.

DANIEL: Come on, Liz!
KIRSTIE: You're doing so well, Matt!

Doing so, so well.

Who can stay up there the longest?

Who's gonna take the honour

of that final necklace?

That is four hours.

GERRY: Good on you, guys.
KIRSTIE: You can do this, Matt!

Watch out!

It's a mental game now.

It's purely about
pushing through that pain.



Keep going! Keep going! Think of
everything you've been through.


All the ups and downs.

Keep pushing. Keep...
Just breathe and focus.

You're almost there.

You know how strong you are.

Think of what this will mean to you
when you're home.

You want to go again?

Matt, Liz wants me to crank it again.

Let's just do it.

Alright, both Matt and Liz
want one more crank.

Here it comes!


That is it!

That's a full 32cm of spike.

Matt really shaking now.



Holy (BLEEP)!

Trying to weave her way
to the other side.


Ohh. Just...




This is pure willpower now.

DANIEL: Think of the pain
you've been through before.

Think of what this means.

Matt's struggling to hold on.

Fingertips on the edge
of that handle.

Fatigue and cold the obstacle now.

Liz continues to shake.

Keep breathing!

Focus on your breathing!

The pain is just unbearable.

Hand comes off.

And that is it!

GEORGE: Liz just won! You won, Liz!
CARA: Whoo!

After four hours and 10 minutes,
Matt is out.

Sit down!

..and Liz wins final
individual immunity.

Well done, you!

Wow! What an effort.

You did so, so well.

You're amazing.

Wow! (SOBS)

You are a superwoman.


CARA: Look at Georgie...

You're amazing. (KISSES)


Liz, come on over!
GEORGE: Well done, Liz!

Well done.
Take your time, take your time.

Oh, still jelly legs.



Wow. What an effort.

Individual immunity is yours.
GEORGE: Well done, Liz!

Guaranteed a one-in-three shot
at winning the title

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Daniel, how proud are you right now?

Mate, she's a legend, eh?
GERRY: She is. She is indeed.

Indeed. Well done.
That was a great effort.

Thank you.

George, Matt, Gerry,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the final member of our jury.

It won't be you. Well done.
LIZ: Thank you!

GEORGE: Well done again, Liz.

Alright, I'll give you a minute
to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Thank you, Cara.
Head back to camp.

I'll see you in Double Bay
next week.

And I'll see you tonight.
Thank you for coming.

Oh, you made me happy seeing you.

'Bye, guys!
Good luck.

Nice to meet you, Kirstie.
See you, guys.

The fact that Liz has won
is not good for me.

Because she might
turn on me tonight.

The stakes are really high.

But strategy is the sport
that I'm good at.

Liz might be the Olympian,

but this is my Olympics

and I'm here playing for gold.



Thank you, George.

Thank you.

I'm in the top three
and it feels bloody good.

It is such a special moment for me.

Thank you.

MATT: Absolute amazing effort.

If I didn't win
this final challenge,

Matt, Gerry and George
were sending me to the jury bench.


Thank you, guys, thank you.
That was amazing. That was awesome.

Now, the boys I can see...
they're petrified.

Whereas I'm walking around
in my beautiful necklace.

Do you reckon you could've lasted
way longer?


Tonight, my wicked, wicked plan

is to send George
to that jury bench.

George has blindsided me
three times in this game

and this is my moment
to take revenge on George.


If I can pull it off,
this will be the perfect blindside. wait till you see
the three of you. was incredible.
It was torturous.

I am so watch.
Thank you.

Oh, thank you, Gerry.
That's so kind.

So humbled to watch.
Thanks, Gerry.

Such a good day.

Met Kirstie, so...
Well, we don't have time for that.

OK, well, let's...let's...let's have
a round table of conversation.

Let's face it.

Youse are all front-row contenders.

Mm. not worthy after
today's effort from you guys.

No, listen to me. You guys...

I'm just saying my thing
and I'll be open in front of Liz.


'Cause I've always been as open
as I possibly can.

At the end of the day,
I don't want to break any promises.

You can go and have a talk
with yourselves.

But I reckon put all votes on me.

That's where I stand.
I'm happy to cop the votes.

I'll do my best tomorrow, Gerry.

Thank you, Gerry.

GEORGE: I can't believe it!

I'm happy to send Gerry to the jury.
That's perfect.

It's an extra vote.

I think Gerry realises

he might as well let
his best friend George win.

Every single decision that
Gerry has made has benefited me.

I mean that.
I will do it, Gerry.


And now my game comes down
to this one final move.

I need to convince Matt and Liz

that the best person to send
to the jury is Gerry.

I have to pull this one off

because it will determine
whether I win this game or not.




Obviously I want to get to the end.

And this gives us both a chance
to get to the end

if we can vote for Gerry.

I don't want to do it to him.

I told him I'd never write
his name down.


But if the only way that
the two of us can get to the end

is by voting Gerry,
it's our ticket to the end, Matt.

We have to vote Gerry.

We have to.

It's sad, but...
I guess it is what it is.

It is.

It's the best way
for both of us to get there.

Alright. Thanks.

George isn't wrong.

If I let Gerry fall on his sword,
it's the easy option.

It guarantees me the top three.

But Gerry's my closest ally
out here.

And despite it's what he wants
this afternoon, I can't let him go.


Um, Gerry, me and George
just kind of agreed to vote you.

However, I'm not gonna vote for you.
I'm only gonna vote for George.


It's the only way I can win.

You can write that down whatever
you want to do. I'm just telling ya.

I really don't want
to go to fire. Um...

Sorry to...not...not
give you your wish.

But that's just...
No. Well, let me think about it.

Yeah, you can make up your mind
there and there's no pressure.

You do what you want.
If I write you, I write you.

Yep, that's fine. Yep.

It's been a pleasure, Gerry.

It's been an absolute pleasure
playing with you.


So, what... What's the go?

Are we doing it?

I'm gonna vote for Gerry.

Me and you vote for Gerry.

And then the worst case,
I go to fire with Gerry.

OK. Vote for Gerry.


I'll do whatever you want.
I'm voting Gerry.

Thank you, Liz.
Love you, George.


GEORGE: Usually,
when I go into Tribal,

I know the outcome.

I know the numbers
because I've organised them.

And tonight is exactly the same.

Gerry, Matt and Liz,
they've never deviated away from me

even when I blindsided them.

The worst-case scenario,

I'll have to beat Gerry
in a fire challenge to survive.

But I'm confident
that Liz has my back tonight.

I said, "Glory or death," on day 1

and I reigned in a blaze of glory!

That's why I'm the King.

That's why I've gotten to the end

And that's why I'm going to win.




GEORGE: Hello.



Oh, it's back there, Gerry.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.






And Nina.

So, Liz, I said it
at the challenge today

and I'm going to say it again -

incredible effort battling it out
for over four hours

to take that final necklace.

How does it feel to be sitting here
wearing it tonight?

Oh, I'm speechless, Jonathan.

The challenge was pretty hectic,

but having our families there,

it was just, like,
all the motivation any of us needed.

There was no way I was getting down
unless I literally fainted.

Um, that's the kind of motivation

that's been pushing Liz
throughout this game.

And I've been really proud
to work with Liz since day 1

at Villains Beach.

I like her frankness and directness.

She brings joy to camp.

But her strongest suit
is the fact that she's driven

and she showed that today.

Liz, George heaping
a lot of praise on you.

I know!

Thank you, George.

Yes, I am driven.

Today I knew I needed this necklace.

The bond that these three boys have
is like a father and his sons.

And I'm on the outside of that.

So I knew that if I wanted to be
here tomorrow for final Tribal,

I had to win.

Because otherwise I was toast.

So you honestly felt that
if you didn't take that necklace,

you'd be walking down
that path tonight?


Well, Matt, you certainly
gave it everything today.

Now that Liz has immunity,

it is kind of
an interesting situation.

You, George and Gerry,

who have been super-tight
since the merge,

now have no choice
but to vote for each other.


Um...yeah, definitely. One of us
is definitely going to the jury.

And we need to be smart
about who that is.

So, Gerry... this a really difficult decision
for you

to choose between
your two closest allies?

Yeah, it's a huge dilemma, Jonathan.

I'm loyal to the both of them.

Yeah, this is...this is the vote
that I didn't want to have to make.

So, um... (SIGHS)

..I'm stuck between the devil
and the deep blue sea.


Alright, well, I'm kind of curious
to see how it's gonna play out, is...

..time to vote.


Alright, well, I'm kind of curious
to see how it's going to play out, is time to vote.

Matt, you're up.


Gerry, it's been an absolute joy
to have played this game with you,

but I need to send you to the jury
so I have a guaranteed vote

to win the title of Sole Survivor

and that's what tonight
is about for me.



I'll go count the votes.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote - George.


One vote George, one vote Gerry.



Two votes George, one vote Gerry.

One vote left.

20th person voted out,

final member of our jury, George.

You need to bring me your torch.

LIZ: Georgie!
It's been a pleasure, mate.

All good.


Thanks, Gerry.
You alright?



It's all good. Thanks, guys.

Ohhh! It took you all 94 days
to do this.

MATT: Yeah.

Where do I put it?
Right there.


George, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

I'll see you all very soon.
See ya, mate!

Well done.
Thanks, JLP.

'Bye, George.



Liz, Matt and Gerry,
you are the Final Three.

You've gone as far as you can go
in this game.

Tomorrow night,
now the power shifts to the jury.

So I suggest go back to camp,
get some rest

and think about
how you're gonna convince them

that you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Well done.
Grab your torches. Head on out.

Thanks, Jonathan.
Thanks, Jonathan.


GERRY: Last day in paradise.

MATT: Last day

on the beaches of Samoa.

There's three parts on that sign.
It says outwit, outplay and outlast.

Did the lot.

What an honour

to be the Final Three.

Ohh, man! Let's have a great day.

Let's have a good day.
Let's have a good day.

LIZ: Last night,

I sent King George
to the jury bench.

It was difficult for me
to write his name down

because we have worked
really closely

and I do have a genuine relationship
with George.


..this is revenge for Shonee.

I have been waiting for the
perfect moment to take George out.

I've had to put my emotions aside.

I'm so proud that
I'm the last villain standing.

I'm so proud that
I'm the last female standing.

Everyone on that jury
is a second-time player.

We're all newbies.

Yeah, we're all first-timers.

I'm really nervous about
facing the jury tonight.

The jury bench
is majority OG Heroes.

Should we go swimming?
Let's go.

Let's go.

Gerry, he has a great story.

Matt, on the other hand,
he is a golden boy.

So, tonight,

it's really gonna come down to
who can sell their story the best.

Orange juice and milk!
There's juice!

Oh, let's have a looksies here, eh?

(READS) "Congratulations!

"You have made it
to the Final Three.

"Enjoy your well-earnt
day 47 Survivor breakfast!"



We did it!
We did.

Let's feast!

It's a surreal feeling. I never
thought I'd make it this far.



Oh, quick, quick, quick, quick!

It is a privilege to be here
with Liz and Gerry.

The Final Three.

And we're fighting it out
to become Sole Survivor.

Cheers to being the Final Three.

To the top three!

Thanks, guys.



I sacrificed a long being out here,
being away from my family.

But I'm here doing it for them.

A one-in-three shot
at half a million dollars

is the closest I'm ever gonna get
to that amount of money

and I'm not gonna waste
this opportunity.

Alright, coffee's brewin'.
Thanks for that, Gerry.

Look at that!




Look at that, Gerry.



GERRY: Coming into this game,
in my wildest dreams,

I never thought that
I'd get to the end.

I've done it.

I've done it!

Little brother.
Thank you, big brother.


I am the oldest player

in Australian Survivor history.

I've proved old dogs
learn new tricks.

Winning half a million dollars

would actually change my entire life.

(TEARFULLY) My whole life
has been des...destroyed by COVID.



My business...


This money would give back
to my family...

..what I feel that I've lost.


This would get us back on track.


I need to get my pitch right.

I need to get my story
across the line,

because these people
that are on the jury,

I put them there.

I voted them out.

I've got to turn them around.

There can only be one winner.

Only one.

I want it to be me.




We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.







And George.

Voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Look at your face! (LAUGHS)

MATT: That's a moustache!


OK, we are,

day 47, in your final Tribal Council.

Two heroes and one villain,

you've gone as far as you can
in this game

and tonight,
the power shifts to the jury.

Seven people you've had a hand
in voting out,

either directly or indirectly,

will now decide which of you three
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Here's how it's gonna work.

You'll each make
an opening statement.

This is your chance
to pitch to the jury

why you think you deserve
to win this game.

Then the jury will address you.

They'll ask you questions
and you'll answer them.

Once everyone's had their say,

the jury will then go up to vote

to decide who wins Australian
Survivor Heroes v Villains.

Alright, Liz...
would you like to kick us off?

I came into the game of Survivor
as a physical threat

being a two-time Olympian.

I won the Reward Challenge
for the Villains

when the boys couldn't pull through.

I won the day spa reward and I won
three individual immunity necklaces.

Last night's necklace
was the most important

because it put me on this bench
tonight to pitch to you all.

Even though I came into this game
as a clear challenge beast,

I had no experience
in my strategic game.

I had to lean on returning players

such as George, Simon, Shonee
and Jordie from the Villains

to absorb their information,
to absorb their strategy,

and make it my own
strategic powerhouse.

I had multiple alliances
throughout this game at once.

I had the Shiz alliance,
I had the Spice Girls,

I had the Vigilantes

and I had the Jacuzzi alliance.

In order to have
all of these alliances,

I had to make genuine connections
with all of you.

And that is why even thought I have
voted for many of you on that bench,

I never burnt those bridges
and I kept you on my side.

My final point for this evening

is the take-down of King George.

Georgie Pie, you have played
an incredible game.

But when you crossed me,

I made it my mission to make sure
that I came after you.

You took Shonee away from me.

You took Shonee off the jury bench

'cause you knew that if I was
sitting here, that was my vote.

And then you took Nina away from me.

And that broke up
the Jacuzzi alliance.

I put my emotions to the side
and I thought about strategy,

and I thought, "Right,
if I'm gonna take George down,

"this has to be the perfect moment,"

and you know
when that moment was, George?

That was last night.

Many of you have tried
to take George down,

but I did that, that was my move.

I'm so proud of myself
and what I have achieved

and the hurdles that I've overcome.

And no matter what happens tonight,
I'm a winner

because this whole experience
has changed my life.

Alright. Matt, now it's your shot.


I came into this game as a lifeguard

with a hope that I could transform
my family's life.

So I'm gonna start
with my social game.

I took time to get to know
each and every person

because social connections
is the currency of this game.

Tribe swap.

I had to take my social game
to another level to survive.

That night where I sat here
and I pitched for my life.

The time I put in with George
to make myself more valuable

than one of your own
got me through that night.

My social game was then reflected
in my strategy.

The moment where I gave
my phone call away to Jordie

was the hardest thing by a mile
I'd done in this game.

Giving up that opportunity
to talk to my wife,

to find out that...
that our little baby was OK.

In a selfish game, I had
the opportunity to be selfless.

But what it did actually do
was amongst everyone of us here

it elevated my game as a nice guy.

No-one suspected me
when it came to merge

that I would be the person to flip.

I would take the opportunity
move from being probably the bottom

of the OG Heroes

to being an integral part
of the new Vigilantes alliance.

And that's what I did.

And in that Vigilantes alliance,

we had a secret three
of George, Gerry and myself.

My other attribute that I brought
into this game was my physical game.

I won three immunity necklaces
and an extra vote.

When you guys are thinking about who
do you want to best represent you,

I hope the all-round game
of my social strength, my strategy

and my physical game can
best represent us as a whole

as the Heroes v Villains.

Thanks, guys.

Alright, Gerry,
you want to bring us home?

Jury members, I know I usually have
long-winded stories.

Tonight is going to be
short and sweet.

I came into this game
the oldest person

ever to play Australian Survivor.

We know what happens to the oldest
people that come into this game.

They're usually voted out first.

I'm still here.

I succumbed to injury
in the first week of this game.

I should have been voted off
right there and then.

I'm still here.

And then...I was cast
to the other side.

Deemed disposable
by my fellow tribe members.

I had work to do!

My game had to change -

change quickly and viciously.


By sending me over there,
you flicked a switch in my head

and I turned on you!

Because I was just a number
for you to vote out.

So, the top five in the OG Heroes
became my hit list.

George, he is arguably the best
strategic game player of Survivor.

I wanted that man on my team
and I got him.

We teamed up as partners.

So, we knocked everybody off
one by one.

The stats don't lie.

Every time I voted for somebody,
hit the mark.

I played this game
to the best of my ability,

as hard as I possibly can,

my way.

Alright, jury,
you've heard three great pitches.

Now it's your turn to ask questions.

Remember, you're looking
for information

to help you make
a half-million-dollar decision.




Alright, jury,
you've heard three great pitches.

Now it's your turn to ask questions.

Remember, you're looking
for information

to help you make
a half-million-dollar decision.


Alright, Sam, do you have questions?
Yeah, mate, I do.

my fellow tribemates.

I've got one question for you, Liz.

How did you play this game

as opposed to reactively?

Great question.
It's a great question.

I played this game proactively

from the moment I landed
at the beach.

I had to hit the ground running

because otherwise
I would have been left behind

by all you returning players.

And then for the tribe swap,

I was outnumbered by OG Heroes

and it was sink or swim.

And I managed to stay afloat.

I put all the skills that
I had learnt into practice.

I formed a new alliance.

I got to mutiny
and I made it across

back to my original alliance.

And I'm bloody proud of that.

Thank you.
Thank you.

SIMON: Gerry, I have a...
a question for you.

I'd like you to explain why

you believe you had control
over your game.

I was under the presumption that

you were being controlled
and manipulated

by George, in particular.

No! That's not true.

I know to succeed in this game,
you cannot do it all yourself.

I wasn't George's pawn.

We were both driving
this ship together.

I actually turned George around...

..right here on these seats.

This is George we're talking about.

That's the power of our connection.

Is that not right, George?

It's true.

George, would you like
to ask them something?

Thanks, Jonathan.

I just wanna congratulate
the three of you

because I know how hard
and how nerve-racking it is

to make a pitch here,

and the difficult thing for me
tonight is this -

the three of you were
my three closest allies in the game.

And all three of you are my friends.

But I've got to set friendship aside

and I've got to vote for one of you.


I do have a question

and it's the same question
for both Liz and Matt.

What I want to know from both of you

is what move did you make
that wasn't instigated by me?

I know Liz claimed the vote
to vote you off, George,

but yesterday,
I'd pulled Gerry aside

and I said that I was voting George.

Uh, no.

Matt, you say that you were
instrumental in that vote

and I have to disagree.

The idea for me started
when George took out Shonee.

Amidst all this heartbreak,

I knew the only way
for me to take him out

is to stay socially close to him,

to make him believe
that we were together.

And I outwitted and I outplayed

because I kept that information
to myself.

I knew George's strength
in his strategy

that he was getting to the end.

I waited and I waited,

and when the moment was perfect,
at the final hour,

George, I had to send you
to that bench.

Can I add something, Jonathan?
Absolutely. Go for it.

I actually did have a moment.

I was worried that you had flipped
with the girls

and that's when I was actually,
honestly, Simon,

really considering working with you
after the Hayley vote.

And I went to Gerry and I said,

"Gerry, we have an opportunity
right now. We can take out George."

However, moving forward,
we still trusted George,

so we stayed with him
and didn't act on it.

But that was actually a plan.

So, thank you.

Matt, a move can't be an idea.
It had to happen.

There's...there's no ifs here.
We want to know your move.


When, um, we sent Nina...
or when Nina and Gerry...

I sent to me.

What was your move in this game?


I don't want to hear how
you participated in my moves.

I'm happy to vote for you.
Just tell me what your move was.

Can I make a comment?

JONATHAN: Want to win
a top-of-the-range Isuzu D-MAX

or MU-X?

Head to the 10 play Win page now

for all the details.


I don't want to hear how
you participated in my moves.

I'm happy to vote for you.
Just tell me what your move was.

Can I make a comment?

George, there was many moments

that Shonee and I were behind
the scenes working against you

and you didn't know that
because we played a witty game.

We played it smart.

We kept our cards
close to our chest.

I saved Flick that night
when you wanted to put her down

and I said,
"George, I'll play my idol for her,"

and you said,
"OK, we'll swap the vote."

It's true.

I may be fierce, I may be sassy,
I may be blunt, and black and white,

but I don't waver.

George, on multiple occasions,
I questioned you, I rebutted you.

And when it was time to strike,

I hit it and I got you
on that jury bench.



Congratulations to the three of you.

It is no small feat
to get to where you are.

You should all be very proud.

Gerry, self-reflection
and self-awareness

is really important to me
in this game.

Is there anything that you've done,
strategically or socially,

that you regret?

Any decisions that I've made in this
game, I don't regret any of them.

My social game...
I played differently.

We have a huge...age gap.

Over 30 years.

Because of such a huge age gap...

..I couldn't really connect...

..on your level the way I wanted to.

Football was big with you guys.

I know nothing about football.

We are so differently wired.

To bring that together as one... a feat in itself.

Gerry, you mention
your social game...


..maybe being at odds to us because
there is a 30-year difference.


But I think at the end of the day,
it's still human interaction.

And I know from my point of view

that I felt like it was
genuinely a one-way street.

It was always about you.

Mate, I'll add to that as well.

I mean, you mentioned
football was the talk.

Dave and I both played football

And that something we had in common.


That was something that I rarely
talked about unless it was with him

or asked about.

Football was a job.
It's not a hobby of mine.

Do you know my hobbies?

No, I don't.

I know yours
and some of ours matched up.

I love hiking,
I love climbing mountains and stuff.

But you made assumptions
and you didn't take the time.

I think that's the issue.

Fair enough. OK.

If that's...a mistake I made...

..I can't apologise for that.

I am who I am.

HAYLEY: Very soon we're gonna walk
down that path and write down a name

and it will change your life,

and I know that 'cause
I've had great opportunity myself.

Um...and I don't take that lightly.

So I need you to keep fighting

and tell me why I should give you
my vote to win tonight.


I came into this game
behind the eight ball.

Here I am, 47 days later.

This game...

..has given me
a 64-year new lease of life.

I'm proud of who I am.
I'm proud of what I've done.

Nobody can take that away from me.

I'm a winner!

Whether you vote for me or not.

LIZ: I wanted to come into this game
and be bold and take risks

and just YOLO it.

And I did that.
And look at where I am.

I have played
a far more exciting game

than the two finalists
sitting next to me.

I didn't have time
to build shelters, make fires.

I was at Tribal Council
every second night

using that strategy that I had
learnt to succeed in this game

and get a day in deeper.

I'm the last-standing Villain.

I'm the last-standing
first-time female player.

I took down
the game's biggest villain,

And I perfectly balanced
being a hero,

wearing a purple,
glittery Villains cape

and that is why I am in pole
position to be Sole Survivor.


Alright, jury, you should have all
the information you need now

to decide who you think
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Remember, tonight,
you are voting for a winner.

For the last time,

it is time to vote.





JONATHAN: For the last time,

it is...time to vote.

Hayley, you're up.



George, you're up.

I taught you to be ruthless.

And I taught you
how to be a villain.

And I couldn't be more proud
to vote for you.

The worthy winner
of Heroes v Villains.


I'll go count the votes.

I just wanna say,

this has really been
an incredible season.

So much fun.

Everyone, well done.


NINA: Thank you.
GEORGE: Thank you!

Thank you.

Alright, the only thing left
to do now is read the votes.

But a moment like this
really should be shared

with some of the people
you love the most.

Oh, my God!
So, come on in!


PAM: Hello!


You're a survivor.


Alright, let's get to it.

Remember, these votes
are for a winner.

I'm gonna read the votes.


First vote.



That's two votes Liz.


That's three votes Liz.

Winner of Australian Survivor
Heroes v Villains...





Let's go, let's go, let's go!

DANIEL: Well done.


DANIEL: Well done.

GEORGE: Congrats!
I'm so proud of you.


Liz, congratulations.
Thank you, Jonathan!

You are Australia's Sole Survivor...

..Heroes v Villains.

Well played.






I actually cannot believe it.

I can't believe I'm here.

And I can't believe I won.

Liz, I taught you to be ruthless

and I taught you how to be a villain
and look what you did to me.

And you're the only person
to ever vote me out.

I couldn't be more proud
to vote for you,

the worthy winner
of Heroes v Villains.


My strategy to get to the end
was to play hard, to take risks

and to push myself physically,
socially and mentally.

Honestly, playing in Survivor

is 10 times harder
than going to the Olympics.

You have played a remarkable game.

Not only do you show attributes

of a villain, of a hero
and of a vigilante,

but also of a great Survivor player.

You were ruthless
when you needed to be.

You absolutely hit this game
out of the park.

Well done.

I think I'll be remembered

as someone that played
an authentic game,

someone that stayed true
to themselves

and someone that was
a fierce player.

This moment is gonna change
my life forever.


In a season where new players,
villains and women

were endangered species,

maybe the combination of all three

is exactly what we needed
to rise to the top.

Well done.

Captions by Red Bee Media