Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 8 - Who Dropped the Box? - full transcript

After the most explosive Tribal Council ever witnessed, the Villains are in disarray. With alliances burnt to the ground, can anyone rise from the ashes?

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

Gerry's there.

Shut up!


After making strong alliances
at the Villains tribe...

The Heroes voted him out
and we didn't,

so he should stay.

Gerry made the shock decision
to return to the Heroes.

And in the Immunity Challenge...


..the Heroes quickly overpowered
the Villains.


At camp...

Myself, you, Jordie and Fraser.

..Simon had the numbers
to take down George.

Operation Anaconda!
(LAUGHS) I like that.

But when Jordie
made the ultimate betrayal...

I'm Simon's best mate in here.

Who does?

Oh, my God.

..Simon was doomed.

This will be the death of Simon and
the second coming of King George.

But at Tribal Council...

The plan is to strengthen this tribe

by chopping off the weak.

You can't vote for yourself, mate.

..a surprise fire challenge...

Simon wins individual immunity!

..sent George into overdrive...

..exposing Jordie's betrayal...

Jordie's told
every single person here

about your idol.

I had to make a call, man.

I'm so sorry.

..and giving Simon an ultimatum...

Play your idol or you are finished.

You're a dead duck
unless you save Steve.

..that would end his alliance
with Stevie...

Steve, I'm so sorry.

I'm flabbergasted. I'm in shock.


..leaving Fraser...

..caught in the crossfire.

So amazed with you, George.
Thank you, Steve.

17 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


I want to say I'm so forever
grateful to both of you.

You literally, with George,
saved my Survivor...

We did. you did.

'Cause we want you here, Stevie.
I know.

We did what we did yesterday
to save you,

and now we're all here.

And that's what matters.


That's good.

Aw, Stevie!
You're welcome.

You're a good guy, Stevie.

It's a very tough game.
It's so intense, this Survivor.

It is.

I never expected it
to be like this.


Stevie, darling.

Thank you, girls, thank you.

It's alright.
You know we're here for you.

We are.


This morning

there's an eerie vibe in camp.

You know, everyone's
a little bit rattled.

There's an elephant in the room

and no-one knows
how to talk about it.

Last night, George ousted me
as a traitor

when he could have
just stuck with me and used me.

The idea was to blindside Simon,

send him packing with his idol,
just like last time.

Would have been fantastic.

SIMON: Jordie, are we gonna chat?


Everything was taken away
from me last night.


My plan

and the opportunity that we had
together, that we spoke about,

that I thought you were on board with
and you wanted to get rid of him.


Dude, they've been whispering
about you for days.

I know they've been whispering
about me for days.

Yeah, but what was I
supposed to do, man?

It was either go with you
and go down with you

or try and stick with the majority.

And how did that work out for you?
Yeah, not well.


So right now
I'm in a tricky situation.

Last night's tribal has created
a lot of challenges for my game

moving forward.

With George and Simon
both ditching me, it's hard.

I don't know where to go.

It was less than a year ago

that I was sitting on
a different beach in Survivor.

Last time, I battled
from the bottom.

You know, I was three days off
that half-a-million dollars.

But last time was different.

I was a single guy
with not a care in the world.

In fact, my life at home
was terrible.

I'd just lost my stepmum
before coming into the game.

I didn't want to be at home.

I didn't want to be there.

Now... (LAUGHS)

..a year down the track,

I've got everything
I've ever wanted.


Sam, she's amazing.
Incredible human being.

We got engaged not long ago,

and just before leaving...

I found out...she's pregnant.

So this time
my motivation's different.


It''s tough, you know,

like...I've given up
an important portion of my life

to be here

when I could be at home, you know...

my pregnant fiancee, like,

enjoying life, you know,

enjoying this adventure together.

So I want to make sure
that I leave nothing on the table.

The tribe's a mess.

It's chaos. It's...
Everyone's gone mad.

As we all know,

the Joker thrives in chaos.

You cannot control your outcome
in this game.

There is only so much
you can control.

Just keep going day by day.

And that's how I will survive.

My hair feels so dirty.


Oh, is that nice?

I feel like I'm getting baptised.


(COUGHS) Shonee...

It went up my nose!


It's refreshing as.

He's rattled me. I...

That was rough as.

I know.

Jordie is definitely
taking this hard,

but I don't really blame him.

George completely threw Jordie
under the bus.

Like, I told him that Simon
had the idol, like...


And Shonee and I have said
he is good for it.

Liz and I want to protect Jordie

because I actually trust Jordie
out here.

So dirty, it's...
Ooh-eeh! (LAUGHS)

And he's someone that I see myself
working with long-term.


I needed that.
Oh, this is good.

Oi, here's what I reckon, right?

Whatever happens, us three
I know can have fun.

Yeah, absolutely.

Genuine fun.

I just hope we can all move forward,
forget about the egos

and just concentrate
on what we're here to do.

Oh, this actually feels quite solid!




..colour coordination.

I mean, what more
could a girl ask for?


This is not my first rodeo,
having an idol.

And it's come at the perfect time,

because we are at a stage in the game
where there is so much uncertainty.

This is a huge turning point.

This idol is the way to look out
for my best friends.

I'm so happy!

What a good feel. What a good find.

What a good day, a beautiful day.


PAIGE: Come on, Hayley!




Returning back to the Heroes tribe,
I'm an outsider.

Come on!


On the Villain tribe,
they accepted me.

I could have stayed there,
worked with George.

But I thought, "No, I don't leave
my mates behind."

I came back to the Heroes tribe
for Sharni.

Sharni will take a bullet for me.

And I'd do the same for her.


Coming back, it just makes sense

to make sure that everybody feels
that I am Hero-strong at this point.


You made it! Mission successful!
I'm here.

Well done!

You're the one person, mate,

that could work their way in,
just charm everybody.

Yeah, yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.



How are you feeling,
Gerry, coming back?

Are you Hero-strong,
or, like, are you...


Am I back here?

Yeah, like, for good? Like, you're
not gonna side with them?

But if we got to a swap,

you bloody turn on me,
I'll (BLEEP) turn on you.




Yeah, OK.

You know?

If you want to be a snake,
I'll bloody bite you back.

(LAUGHS) You know, like...

What did you think
the dynamics were of the tribe?

They're nice, you know? And...
Of course they are.

And they sort of like hung onto me
as if I was the Holy Grail.

They made me feel welcome.
They loved me.


Hey, they didn't vote against me,
not like you bastards.



(LAUGHS) Two...

Two nights in a row, you know?

They threw me to the wolves,
my beloved heroes.

Yeah, the reason why we voted you,

it wasn't like,
"We're gonna send Gerry home,"

that was not the intention at all.

I know that,

but it...but it does show me

exactly where I am
in this food chain,

and that's right on the bottom.

Well, because you had
a really bad injury, you know?

You were really...

No, I know, but at the next vote,
my injury was better.

And still when we were collectively
trying to decide

who was going to go next door,

Sam said, "No, we need to send
somebody over that we don't need,

"that we can do without," you know?

Put yourself in my shoes.
Of course.


Hey, Gerry, you know,
full transparency,

I discerned that you voted
for me that evening.

Well, I-I thought that you'd be
a better ambassador than I.


I appreciate that.

What did they want to know about us?

Um, nothing, really,

'cause they knew everything,
you know?

Well, they know that these three boys
are the hierarchy.



Then you've got Matty the apprentice,

then you've got you two girls
right here,

and everybody else is sort of
down there at the bottom.

GERRY: I'm not pulling any punches.

They're not honest,
they don't care about me,

so the Hero-strong thing,

well, that can just slide
a little bit.

I'm actually Gerry-strong.

Gerry comes first now.


When Gerry points out

there's a hierarchy to the group,

everyone feels uncomfortable

because I think everyone
secretly agrees.

I...I was like,
"Oh, I've got two new things."

I'm like, "One, I'm at the bottom,
and two, I've got a silver tongue."

I'm like, "Thanks, Gerry." (LAUGHS)

I'm either at the bottom
of the hierarchy

or very, very close,

and I do not want to be
where I am at the moment.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It feels like there's more beans,
it feels like there's more rice.


Yeah, um, yeah. I'll get...

There's this.

And I don't know
what I've just found,

like, is this
a hidden immunity idol,

is this a clue?


I've watched quite a bit
of Survivor,

and I haven't to my knowledge

seen anything quite like this.

I know that it's not
an immunity idol.

It comes with no instructions
confirming that it is.

I don't know. I've got a clue.

But I don't have
the corresponding pieces

to make sense of what this means.


On the outside looking in, the
Heroes are a very cohesive tribe.


"I'm on your team.
I have your back."


..I think that's a fairytale,

and I've not been a kid
for a really long time.

If this clue leads me to an idol
that I desperately need right now,

it could be a game changer.



Come on in!

Heroes getting your first look
at the new Villains tribe.


Fraser voted out
in the last Tribal Council.

BEN: Oh, wow.

Simon, that was a pretty intense
Tribal last night.

What happened over there?

Oh, look, I could tell you
that there was a unanimous vote

and Fraser went home,

or I could tell you that...

..George was swinging an idol
around his head, yelling,

"I'm the king of Survivor,"

and next minute
Fraser was collateral damage.

But you guys can make up
what you want to make of it.

BEN: Interesting.

That's...that's one interpretation.

The other one was Jordie organised
the blindside of Simon

for the second time with an idol.

He was so oblivious
he had no idea it was coming.

Then we had an individual
Immunity Challenge

that Simon crushed

and he saved himself

and sadly for Fraser
he was collateral damage

in a minority vote.

And I played my idol.

MAN: What?

BEN: Oh! That's a saga.


Simon still has an idol.

Thank you. Thank you, George.

Yes. Yes, I do still have an idol.


Alright, you all ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?

Alright, who has it?


Here you go, mate.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

in pairs, you are gonna hold up
a wooden block

using only your feet.

At any point the block slips,
hits the deck,

you're out of the challenge.

Last pair standing wins immunity
for their tribe.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the seventh person voted out.

Heroes, you have five extra players.

You're gonna need to sit out
three women, two men.

It cannot be the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Nina. Hayley. Flick.

Matthew. Shaun.

You're all on the bench. Everyone
else, a minute to talk about it.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

Everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

For the Heroes,
we have David with Sam,

Paige with Sharni...

..Ben with Gerry.

For the Villains,

we have Simon with Jordie,

George with Stevie,

and Shonee with Liz.

I'm sure the Villains would love
to win this one

and avoid another scrappy
Tribal Council.


Breathe through it.

Deep breaths, Gerry.

Gerry not happy.



I'm gonna go.
BEN: You're gonna... Oh.

JORDIE: Oh, well done, Gerry.
Gerry and Ben drop their block.

Well done, Gerry.
Out of the challenge.

GEORGE: Good effort, Gerry.

The Heroes are down to two.

Ohh! (BLEEP)!


Simon's starting to shake.

JORDIE: You alright there, fella?
Oh, yep.

Meanwhile, down the end here,

Shonee and Liz, locked and loaded,

looking very strong
in this challenge.

SHAUN: Shonee's in the zone
over there.

She is in the zone.


JORDIE: Oh, dear.

Simon almost in tears on this one.


Mate, if you want to go,
we can just go.

I'm OK. I'm OK.

Don't hurt yourself, mate.
These guys have got it.

Oh, careful, bud.
I can't think. Actually...

Simon and Jordie drop. They're out.

You gave it everything, mate.

Bad luck, fella.

You got 'em, guys.

Villains down to two now.
Heroes down to two.

David and Sam continue to struggle.

Just push hard, George.

This is sore on my knee, Steve.
It's too hard.

George and Stevie struggling now.

Bring it up.
Otherwise it's gonna drop.

Oh, George, no.

No, George. No, no, George!

Up, up, up. Three...

That is it. They are out.

Take a spot on the bench.

Oh, my knee.

It's all up to Shonee and Liz now.

Paige with Sharni.

David with Sam.

They're still in it for the Heroes.

Come back in to me.
Come back in to me.

Sam really struggling
down the end there for the Heroes.

DAVID: Hey, hey, hey. Look, look.
You got this, guys.

Drop your chin, bro. Push in.


And that is it.

Good job.
(BLEEP), man.

After almost 30 minutes,

David and Sam drop out.

Now we have a showdown.

Paige and Sharni taking on
Shonee and Liz.

Last pair standing
wins immunity for their tribe.

That's all it takes.


We are at 60 minutes.

BEN: Yes! 60 minutes!
SHAUN: Well done.

Nice work.
Nice work, everyone.

Oh, Paige. Come on, Paige.



(BLEEP), Shon.

Keep going.

Shonee in the zone.

Shonee, you've had a crack
at this challenge before.

SHONEE: Mm-hm.

Remember how long you went?

Um, two hours and five minutes.

Think you got another two hours
in you?



Nah. Hold on, girls.
BEN: Nah, hold on.

You've got plenty of dead meat
to cut off at the Heroes.

And that is it!
SHONEE: Yes, we won!

Villains win immunity,
sending Heroes to Tribal Council.

Yeah, baby! We did it!

Oh, my God!
Well done! Well done!

Oh, my...
Well done!

Don't stand up.
SAM: You did amazing.

You did unbelievable. Unbelievable.


Villains, congratulations!

MAN: Well done, ladies.

Immunity is yours.



You are safe. Nobody going home.

Finally, you have the evening off.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Good job, guys.
Well done.

Good job, guys!
Good work.

STEVIE: Good luck, guys.
Good luck tonight. Take care.

Heroes, finally, I will get to
see you at Tribal Council,

where one of you will become

the seventh person voted out
of Heroes v Villains.

Head on out. I will see you tonight.

See you tonight, mate.
Thanks, Jonathan.

PAIGE: You just go.
I'll...I'll catch up.

FLICK: You good?

That was so inspiring, mate.

You did so well.


I just wanna say to everyone
that competed in that

that was so hard
and amazing to watch you all

and really proud of both
Paige and Sharni for that.

This is incredible.
You guys did amazing.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, when you're
pushing through pain

like that, it's all mental.

It really comes down to all mental.


NINA: Food, fire, water.

Let's do it.


I'll wash the rice.
If you could get that on.

If you get that on...

Is it the ladder?

Just make sure... Tell me
if Sharni's coming over.

Yeah, well, she's in
the ocean, I think.

So in that challenge, Sharni
did not once communicate to me

that she was gonna drop that.

Oh, did she drop it?
She dropped it. Not me.

I'm really (BLEEP) pissed off,

'cause I really tried really hard
in that challenge.

Oh, my God, don't be upset
with yourself. You did amazing!

No, we know you tried your hardest.

We're all proud of you.


She made that decision for me and it
just really upset me, because...

Paige seems to think that
Sharni dropped the box first.

To be honest, in my eyes, it doesn't
really matter who dropped the box.

The box dropped.
We're going to Tribal Council.

Let's figure it out.

So...what are we thinking?

We're just thinking Ben, aren't we?

We're just split on someone else.

SAM: Last Tribal Council was a pretty
clear-cut vote between Ben and Gerry.

And things didn't go to plan.
Gerry was sent to the other tribe.

Yeah, we're...
Then we're voting Ben. Yeah.

Benji's unpredictable, man.
He's a bit shifty.

He kinda...makes me feel
a little nervous.

And he knows that he's on the bottom.

He knows that he's on the outs.

He's definitely searching
for an idol at the very least.

He would do whatever it takes
to survive in this game.

Oh, get Gerry over. Gerry!

Gerry! Gerry.

So we're writing Ben's name.

GERRY: OK. Yeah.
That gives me another day.

Yeah, mate.

No, we're voting Ben.

I feel like Gerry knows well enough

that he's certainly not at the top

'cause he's voiced this hierarchy
in the Heroes tribe.

Right now, he needs to be
working with the majority.


It's important that
we all stay strong.

You know where I stand.
You've got my word.

That's the way it is.

Sharni is very loyal.
She likes to play with trust.

And she's got a great relationship
with Gerry.

So we can't tell her.

If Benji has an idol,

Gerry will be collateral damage,



Sure. All the girls?
The four of us on Gerry.

Girls, Gerry.

There should be six on Ben,
five on Gerry.


We've hit a very good point
in the group collective decision.

I think the biggest goal right now
is to make sure that Ben and Gerry

feel cool, calm and collected.

You don't want them having
any alarm bells ringing

this close to Tribal Council.

Yeah, yeah. So we just said, like...



Yeah, I...I didn't...

Are we cool? Is that
what you've been doing?


That's what I think.

Yep. Sweet.




BEN: I'm not naive.

I know that I'm up next.
It's either me or Gerry.

But what my tribe doesn't know is
that I've got a weapon in my pocket.

This morning, I found
some sort of clue.

I'm back into ferret mode.

Because time is running out.

If it leads me to something
like a hidden immunity idol,

I might have a longer chance
at this game.



Ahhhh! (LAUGHS)

This is a gold moment.




I'm just out, looking for coconuts.

And I do notice, through the bushes,
Ben at the well,

reading something.


Good what?

Yeah. Well, he had something.

Could see him reading something.

I don't know whether he saw me.


I'm confident that Ben has an idol.

Nothing has changed - this
information solidifies our plans,

that we need to flush Ben's idol

or send him home with it.

Yeah, like a clue or a...thing.


Either he doesn't get wind of it
and he gets voted out with an idol

or he plays it and Gerry goes.


Ben's got an idol.
100% Ben has an idol.

Well, then, yeah,
it'll be Gerry, then.


Hopefully Gerry will be safe

and Ben will be going home.

I think we've got a solid plan,

but you never know what's gonna
happen at Tribal.

I was told that the boys
wanna go Benji.

Yeah, so...

Yeah, yeah. Well, of course.

That's all I know.

And we'll just go from there.

Well, that's news to me.

I didn't know the girls
are voting for Gerry.

The boys, they didn't
mention a split.

So he'll play an idol?

I don't know.

If the plan is to flush Ben's idol,

that leaves Gerry vulnerable.

I don't want it to be Gerry.

All I can do at this point

is make sure that
I go into Tribe Council tonight

and stick up for the man.

Because to me,

he's the one true hero in this tribe.


BEN: Finding an idol
at this point of the game

means so much.

But what I'm worried about
is that no matter how far I get,

past swap, past merge,

I'm still at the bottom rung.

So this idol, I don't wanna
have to give it up immediately.

I need some sort of scapegoat
to divert attention away from me.

You did well regardless.

No, I'm still (BLEEP) upset
'cause I wasn't ready to give up.


I thought that's
what it looked like.

More coconut, folks.

Oh, wow.
Oh, thanks, Benji.

Thanks, bro.

You were amazing.

I'm so proud of you, mate.
That was an incredible effort.


Yeah, no, I just wanted to have
a little conversation with everyone

that, um...Sharni actually
threw that.

Threw what?
That challenge.

I wasn't the one who let go.

Did you have a chat with her
to confirm?

No, she just done it on her own.

My legs were there and then next
minute, she'd pulled away.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Paige, she's an emotional player.

Personally, I don't think anyone's
to blame for today's loss.

At the same time,


I might be able to use that.

SAM: I'm feeling very confident
about tonight's Tribal.

I feel like this is the best time
to send Benji packing

with an idol in his pocket.

Otherwise it'll be Gerry tonight,

It's as simple as that.

Let's go. Let's get it done.

I'm a storyteller by trade.

I tell people what
they want to believe.

I want the narrative to shift.

And when we've got
our backs against the wall,

we have to do morally ambiguous
things in order to survive.

And I can be a villain
if I need to be.

JONATHAN: Watch Heroes
and Villains collide

in the ultimate battle for survival

with full episodes over on 10 play.




Wow. Massive effort today.

You lasted almost an hour
and 10 minutes before you dropped.

How do you feel?

Yeah, I'm a bit sore, bit fatigued,

you know, a bit...bit down
that, you know, we didn't win.

But I guess you can't
win everything.

So, Sharni,

even though Paige dropped,
she left nothing on the field.

Nah. No, no, no.

No, no. I didn't drop.

I didn't drop that box.

No, no.

I... My legs were there.

OK, so I...I misread that.

So you're saying that
Sharni dropped it today?


I'm not saying that either,

but I know my legs
were where they were

and I felt pretty confident
that I hadn't dropped the box.

Sharni, there's only two of you
working together.

Correct. Yeah.

If Paige didn't drop,
then it must have been you.

Apparently. Um...

First I've heard of it.

I don't give a (BLEEP).
I'll say what I wanna say.

I, uh...

..don't think it was me
that dropped the box.

I was very comfortable
and ready and willing to continue.

Sharni, are you feeling
a bit gaslit on this one?

Yeah, I'm...I'm just having a moment

to digest the fact
that we're not celebrating

the hour and 10 minutes between us.


I didn't realise that
we were gonna come in here

and start blaming somebody
for having dropped the box at all.

I'm not blaming you. I just
answered Jonathan's question.

I am gonna throw a spanner
in the works.

We have come here
as a unified tribe tonight

with the understanding that the vote
was going to be unanimous.

But several conversations
this afternoon...

..raised my antenna.

A very trusted
core member of the group

thought that the challenge
was thrown.

So, Flick, are you aware
of the conversations

that Ben is talking about
that he had this afternoon?

No, I'm not really privy
to those conversations.



Wow. Sharni, things
just turned very quickly.

They do every day.

You know, um,

there's a lot of this going on
that I'm not a part of.



Well, Sharni, let me ask you,

did you have a say in tonight's vote?



Moving forward, it becomes
a little bit more dog-eat-dog,

like, out for individual survival.

Are you happy with the person
who's going home tonight?


I don't know
who's going home tonight.

But out of the names
that were suggested to me

that could be going home tonight,

uh, I'm deeply disappointed.

Gerry, how worried are you now?

Uh, probably as worried
as what I have been before.

Historically speaking,

my track record here
with the Heroes at Tribal Council

leaves a little bit to be desired.

For me, since day 1,
I've trusted Gerry.

I've been very honest with the group

that I won't write Gerry's name down

because I believe in honesty...

..and transparency.

I think where we lacked that
at the last Tribal Council

was, um, all this whispering stuff.

Gerry did his mission, as asked,

and he wasn't
really asked as forced.

Um, and I don't know
if he's necessarily

been given the credit that
he really rightfully deserves.

I have tried my hardest
my entire life

to be honest with people,
not to lie to people.

Um, coming in to this,

it's very clear that people
are willing to do that to you.

You know, loyalty only lives
where it lives.

You can only give loyalty back
where loyalty is due.

Loyalty is earned.

Loyalty is reciprocated.

But loyalty has to also
be the end of naivety.

And right now, we've had
a dream run as a tribe.

But we're about to enter
a viper's nest.

And we need to take the blinkers off
and the rose-coloured glasses off

and make some difficult decisions

for the benefit for the entire team

and right now, I want to play
with some hardened players.

I want people
going into the next phase

knowing what's required of them

so we can be survivors
on the other end of it.

Shaun, that's a great pitch.
He talks very well, doesn't he?

He talks VERY well.
He does.

Apparently I've got
a "silver tongue".

He's got a way with words.

It is...time to vote.



It is time to vote.

Ben, you're up.


Benji the silver-tongue.

BEN: I hope the boys
stick with the plan.

And I hope you do not play the idol
that we think you have.


I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Playing this for yourself?
I am.

Right, OK.


This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Ben
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ben.

Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.

Ben. Does not count.


Does not count.

Ben. Does not count.


That's one vote Sharni.

Sharni. That's two votes Sharni.

Seventh person voted out
of Heroes v Villains,


That's three votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.


Sharni, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

BEN: 'Bye, Sharn.

Well, if sticking up for your mates
is the most heroic thing you can do,

maybe the biggest hero
just went home.

Grab your torches, head back to camp,


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

We are switching things up!

Time to drop your buffs.


..a shocking twist...

Oh, my God!

..flips the game on its head.

If Simon gets anywhere near
that big group of alpha boys,

that is a problem.


Oh, God.

I'm a little bit shocked at just
how the Tribal Council unfolded.

Paige said she didn't drop the box,
insinuating that I did.

That's not true at all.

Thanks for being a good friend,

shield and scapegoat.

Ben's a very smart guy,

and whatever he said,
it was to save his own arse tonight.

It's not the way I would feel proud
about playing the game,

but good luck to him.

Captions by Red Bee Media