Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Return of the King - full transcript

Survivor history will be made as the game is raised to a whole new level. And a jaw-dropping Tribal Council leads to an all-out war, leaving one player's game decimated.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

Do you wanna mark day 13
in the pole?

Ooh, OK.

..Gerry arrived
at the Villains' camp

with a secret mission -

to survive 48 hours
and return to the Heroes with intel.

But a secret alliance with George...

We have to have mega trust here.

'Cause I'm being screwed over

..had him questioning his loyalty.

Where I sit in the Villains tribe,

it's a lot stronger than I've ever,
ever had over in the Heroes tribe.

At the Immunity Challenge...

Ben, Ben! Sign them to me.

Another one. Another.

..the Heroes outsmarted
the Villains...

HEROES: 'O', 'O', 'O'! claim a nail-biting victory.


At camp...


..Simon was still gunning for George.


And he naively thought
he had an immunity idol...

The thing that's so powerful
about this

is that no-one knows,
apart from the Joker.

..and the majority.

Like it.

But it was George who held
a real immunity idol.

And when he found out Sarah
was playing both sides...

I think Sarah's more with the guys
than us.

..she became his number one target.

100% the Sarah discussion
is happening.

At Tribal Council...

Any small murmurs of shiftiness...

(WHISTLES) "See you next time."

..both sides were questioning
her loyalty...

We need to move forward
with people we trust.

I agree with the Joker
so overwhelmingly.

Congratulations, Joker.
Thanks, George.


..leaving Sarah blindsided.

The tribe has spoken.

18 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?




We will erupt if he's back tonight.

Poor Gerry.
I think it'd be more dramatic...

SHARNI: I'm not gonna lie,

I've felt pretty miserable
for a couple of days now

sending Gerry to the Villains.

It doesn't feel good.

My game strategy was just to play
a very honest game

with honour, integrity, loyalty.

That's why I can align myself
with Gerry.

He's so lovable and he's so honest.

So it's easy for me to believe that
Gerry survived that Tribal Council.

What's not easy to believe is

why our tribe voted him out
in the first place.

How are you feeling
with everything now?

I haven't spoken to you. That's
why I just wanted to have a chat.

Everything that's, like,
happening now,

or today even,

in anticipation of "Will Gerry be
there? Will Gerry not be there?"

it's not really something
that is in my control.

Coming back to us

would mean that the group
made the right decision...

Yeah. sending him.

And it would mean that he's
infiltrated himself so perfectly

into that tribe

that they had no idea of the mission.

I'm a little concerned that...

..they're gonna have, like...
they're gonna be out to just get him.




Yeah, she probably has woken up,
had eggs, bacon...


Three or four cups of coffee
would do me.


GERRY: Tribal last night,

here I am thrown in with the wolves

to be eaten.

I've survived.

They'll be fired up...
Thank you, mate.

GERRY: Sarah went home.
I'm still here.

Who would've bloody thought?

Camp could do with a tidy-up.
That's fine.

But, hey, look at the outlook.
Look at this.

We don't have to die.
We're already in heaven. Look.


GERRY: As it stands now,
I'm fairly comfortable where I am.

On the Villain tribe, they accept me.
They love me.

Righto. Here we are.
Here we are!

Are we gonna win today?
Oh, yeah.

Of course we are, Gerry.

GERRY: But in this tribe...

..there's a big division.

You've got Simon, you've got Stevie,

you've got young Fraser,

Jordie as well.

And you've got George's
two lovely girls, Liz and Shonee.

Hey, you live up the road from me
at Noosa.

Oh, really?
I'm at, um...

GERRY: And the four of us
just clicked.

We can actually work together.

You did a great job with
the shelter. It's a palace.

Yeah, I'm...I'm really proud of it.

I really am. Yeah.
You should be proud of it.

GERRY: Unfortunately,
I've been lying to these guys

ever since I've been here.


GERRY: Two days ago, I was sent over
here to collect intel

to take back to the Heroes tribe.

I have to go back there today.

And I feel a bit guilty.

Oh, my gosh. Here, Gerry.
Take a load off.


Are you right?

Yeah, it's fine.

GERRY: I had time to reflect.
I had time to think.

I thought, "Hang on.

"The hierarchy over at the Heroes'
have actually stitched me up."

They didn't even ask me.
They did it all behind my back.

So I've realised
I've gotta look after myself.

Bugger it. Playing my game.

I'm...I'm feeling a bit of a crack
within the...

It's just Simon loves
to be the leader

and authority and control.

And I'm personally fed up with it.

Well, I'll tell you is
if we go to tribe swap,

he will side with the other boys.

Shaun, Sam, we've got Dave.


I know the way they work
and it's...and it's out there.

Interesting you said that.

Yeah, yeah. You watch. 'Cause he's...

He's very matesy with them.

LIZ: Gerry's told us a few secrets
and whispers.

And I feel quite confident
in trusting Gerry.

You've worked it out very quickly,

LIZ: He's a really lovely guy.

Like, I think he's the newest member
of the Spice Girls.

Yeah, yeah.

George is Scary Spice,
Shonee is Posh Spice,

I'm Sporty Spice.

Gerry can be Old Spice.


LIZ: It's time for the four
of us to shake up the game.

Always watch and listen.

Definitely gives me life.

GEORGE: I'm starting to really like
this old geezer, Gerry.

Gerry's told me one thing -

he was burnt by the alpha males
on the Heroes tribe.

And this is a strike of good fortune
for me.

And now that Gerry's
joined our tribe,

I can set up my next moves.

Who are you referring to?


That sweet, innocent
64-year-old geezer

is gonna put the final nail
in Simon's coffin.




GEORGE: Are you gonna go for a swim,

He could've just said yes.


George just goes, "Oh, are you going
for a swim, mate?"

And Simon goes,
"What does it look like?"

Oh, God.

And I went, "Whoa!

"What about just saying,
'Yeah, I am'?"

JORDIE: Simon is my best mate
in here.

However...'s been awful the last few days.

I'm seeing cracks emerge.

People are frustrated with Simon.


Shon, Liz and George,
they're all fed up with him.

It's come down to
a really tricky situation.



JORDIE: George and I
have secret chats

and no-one actually knows about it.

I might go watch the stars
for a little bit.


JORDIE: I'm trying to work out
which way to go

to keep my options open.




Simon is George's number one enemy.

Vice versa.

So I wonder whether I can
play George off the side

and not tell anyone.

It's a tricky one.

But I feel like I can play
both sides.

(LAUGHS) Oh, no!


Come on in!

Heroes, getting your first look
at the new Villains tribe.

Oh, my God, my heart is racing.

Gerry's there.

Gerry over there.

Gerry's there.
FLICK: Shut up!

Stop. Is he?


Sarah voted out...
(FLICK SQUEALS) last night's Tribal Council.

Hey, hey.
Good morning!

Good morning.

Hi. Good morning.


Gerry must have made quite the impact
on his new tribe

not to be voted out last night.

I mean, usually in this game,
it's last in, first out.

Yeah, I am...I am shocked.

I'm assuming...he was
possibly the swing vote.

And power to him.

I'm stoked to see him here,
I really am. He really deserves it.

Well, Gerry, congratulations.

You've survived the last two days
in the game,

which means you have completed
your time as a Villain.

And you can now go back
to being a Hero as planned.


Well, there you go.



..I'm gonna give you a choice.

ALL: Ohhhh!

You can take back your yellow buff
and go back to being a hero.

Or you can keep your purple buff
and stay a villain.

Big call. It's a big call.
It's a big call.


If you were in this situation,
what would you do?

If I were Gerry, I would tell myself
the Heroes voted him out

and we didn't.

So he should stay.

Gerry knows that he was sent on
a mission and he wasn't voted out.

And that we love him.

And we'd love to have him back
in our tribe.

STEVIE: Hmm. Well said.

Alright, Gerry,
where's your head at with this?


I need to go back.

Alright, Gerry, give me your buff.

STEVIE: Good luck, Gerry.

Good luck.
Good luck, mate.

Congratulations. You officially
are now a hero once again.

You can go back
and rejoin your tribe.

Gerry! Gerry!

BEN: Never forgot his roots.


Good to have you back again.

Good job.


Alright, are you ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


First things first, Sam.
JORDIE: Oh, hang on a minute.

LIZ: Immunity, not Reward.
Oh, OK. Oh!

SHONEE: We're really...

What do we have now - seven?
LIZ: My head's spinning.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...

..three members from your tribe
are going to attempt to roll

a heavy wooden ball into a goal,

while the other tribe will attempt
to do the same thing.

Now, you can attack or defend,
it's up to you,

but full contact is allowed.

First tribe to score two points
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the sixth person
voted out of this game.

Heroes, you've got
four extra players today.

You're gonna need to sit out
four people. Who are they gonna be?

Come around and turn.

BEN: This is gonna be
very, very physical.

SIMON: Shaun, you're probably due
for a sit on the bench, yeah?

I need a rest day, actually, yeah.

Rest those arms,
rest those big shoulders, mate.


Alright, Heroes.

Paige, Sharni, Ben, Gerry,
you're all on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute to strategise
and we'll get to it.

JORDIE: What's the strategy, team?
GEORGE: Just win.

SIMON: Just win!
Just win.

STEVIE: Just win.



Here we go.

First round is mixed -
two women, one man.

So who's going first?
SIMON: I'm going first.

JORDIE: Fire up, girls.

Come on, Shauno.

Decent team.

We need to outsmart them,
not out-ego them.

Yeah! Let's go!


Alright, here we go. First round.

We needed Shaun to be in the one
where we lose,

not the one that we needed to win.



We have Simon, Shonee and Liz
for the Villains

taking on Shaun, Flick and Hayley
for the Heroes.

Survivors, ready?


Let's go!
Go, Villains!

Both tribes on the attack.

Heroes race away.
Come on!

Simon tries to stop him.

JORDIE: Good, good!

Simon, you're defending a ball!

Defend the ball, Simon!


Keep pushing!

Go, Shonee, go!

Flick! Flick! Flick!

Go, Shonee! Go!


JORDIE: Hold it, girls, hold it!
Hold it!

Shonee taking on Shaun.
David versus Goliath.

Back to back
and then jump on, Shaun.

Shonee digging in!

But it's like trying to
hold off a bus!


Ooh, God.

Heroes' ball getting close.


Simon and Liz trying
to hold them off.

Flick, swap with Shaun.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Shaun breaks away
and leaves Shonee free.

Can she get there?

Quick! Defend Shonee!
Flick, get her!

SHAUN: No, no, Flick, here! Here!

Alright, Shonee!

Liz by herself now trying to defend.

Hayley and Flick digging deep.




Hayley pulling Liz off.

Yes, Flicky!

Yes, Heroes!

Flick does it,
winning it for the Heroes.

Heroes lead, 1-zip.

OK, bro.
Well done.

So, let's just get this right.

You are defending the yellow ball.
Never leave the yellow ball.


Next round, we have Sam, David
and Matt for the Heroes

taking on Jordie, Fraser and George
for the Villains.

SIMON: They're not good
with the circular balls.

We'll be fine. (LAUGHS)

Heroes lead, 1-zip. Playing to 2.
Survivors, ready?

Let's go!

Let's go.

Go, Villains!

Hard tackle with Sam.

Yes, Jordie, get him!
Get him, Jordie!

Go, George!

George trying to pull David off now.

Get him off, George!
Push him back! Push him back!

George latched onto David's ankle
like the Bankstown Bulldog.

Get over here!
Good job, George.

Come on, mate!

Jordie struggling there by himself.
The Heroes getting really close.

George, go help defend!
Someone has to help Jordie!

George coming to help out!
Let's go! Go! Yes!

Trying to pull it back.
It is on the edge!

Go! Push, push, push!

Go, Georgie!

Come on, George!

The ball needs to be
all the way across.


And that is it!

Heroes take it out!

Heroes win immunity,

sending the Villains
back to Tribal Council.


Yes. Now we can get George...
get George out.

Heroes, well done yet again.
Immunity is yours.



You're all safe. Nobody going home.
Head on out. Enjoy your night off.

Goodnight, guys.
Good luck, guys.

Good luck.

That's one big tribe.

Look at us! Look at us!

We're so small
compared to all of them.

This is the smallest tribe
I have ever been on.

And it's pre-swap.


Oh, yeah, yeah.

And pre-Tribal Council tonight.


SIMON: This is not good.

We can't keep losing Villains
at this rate

or we're going to be
completely decimated.

Something has to change

'cause I don't want to end up
with collateral damage.

Timing is everything in this game.

And tonight, I think putting
as much space between George and I

is the best thing for my game
right now.

Let's say goodbye to the cockroach.


FRASER: Tell you what, I didn't see
that twist about Gerry coming.

SHONEE: Oh, my God! Either!

GEORGE: Oh, well. We've got business
to attend to tonight, so...

Mm-hm. I might quickly
go grab the rations.

Is everyone pissed off?

You alright?

With Gerry leaving the tribe,

leaving us only with seven,

and going straight back into
another Tribal Council tonight,

it is time to call in
the extermination squad,

Jordie, Stevie and Fraser,

and get rid of that pest
from Bankstown

once and for all.

Come in.

The timing is right
to take down George now

because we have four votes
and they will have three.

And also...

..I have a little

hidden immunity idol in my pocket

that no-one else knows about
except for Jordie.

So this is our time to take control
of this game.

And we just blindside the King.

And then we become Kingslayers
and we have that under our belt.


Jordie and I are really tight.

Like, he's my best friend out here,
which is awesome.

He's someone that I know
that I can trust.

And that's gonna let me create
some chaos from here on out.

Alright, done.
Let's do it.

What do you have?

Stevie, I wanna know
what you think tonight.

Oh, I asked you first.

(LAUGHS) Come on.

We have four people in our alliance.

Myself, you, Jordie and Fraser.

They have three.

What do you think?

It's the moment of truth.

We call this Operation Anaconda.

Operation Anaconda!

You like that?
Yeah, that's good.

The snake? Yeah.
The snake. That's good.

And it has to be bittersweet.

In other words, George
must not know anything,

so not even aware of
how we're gonna do this.

Operation Anaconda is to

eject George out of the game,

Tonight's the night
for that big move.

Strike while the iron's hot,
they say.

And the iron is...damn hot.

You need to pretend this afternoon
that you're going to vote with them.


You're gonna be the mole?
That is the one.

That's the one.
That is good.

Why do you wanna vote me out?

Why would I want to vote you out?

OK, well...
Too big of a physical threat?

No, no. For too long now,
Simon's been calling all the shots.

He's telling you...
I keep telling you what to do.

Yes. Yeah.

You're a smart man.

I love being sneaky.

Amazing how you think.
I'm so happy that you...

Stevie, you're my man out here.

We need to bounce off each other.

I've protected you and here you are
protecting me, so thank you.

Of course.
Thank you. Come here.

Oh, alright.
I appreciate that.

Yeah, mate. Come on,
we're gonna get this.

Let's get this back.

George might be a lot more sneakier
than me,

but this has become
a new mission for me -

maybe I can be better than George.

I'll be the master villain,

super-duper sneaky.

Oh, by the way,
tell the boys also that

if someone mentions 'mango',
it's go, go, go, right?

If someone mentions 'papaya', abort.

Something else happened
and we need to regroup.

OK, sounds good.
Mango and papaya.

Mango - go, go, go. Papaya - abort.

You go that way, I'll go this way.
Sounds good.


Who cares if we talk?
Oh, OK.

We're allowed to talk to each other.
We're adults.

Why don't we just
sit down and enjoy?

Yeah, let's enjoy it. Relax.


We gotta decide on what to do.

Don't do anything that'll
jeopardise your game.

But I'm fed up with Simon
telling me what to do.

All the time.

You know, everything has to be
his way or the byway.

Stevie's being...

..a little bit cagey with me.

I'm just keeping an eye on him.

I've been meaning
to say this to you,

and I don't want to
blow up your ego...

No, no. Go, Steve.

But I really, um...admire you -

I didn't want to say it
in front of everyone else -

because you use
your political acumen

to get yourself out of tight spots.

And you always get out.

Almost always. (CHUCKLES)

I think of you as one of the biggest
players, you know what I'm saying?

I really do, yeah.
Good. Thank you.

So there you go. I said it.
I blurted it out.

Thank you, Steve.

Thank you. I appreciate it.
Thank you.

Mission accomplished.

Operation Anaconda... a go.

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't
be eating all of this, but...


Jordie, I might see if we can grab
another coconut.

Gonna need one more.

The feeling in camp at the moment
is pretty intense.

I'm Simon's best mate in here.

But as time goes on,

Simon's ego has unfortunately
got the better of him

to the point where

people are getting sick of
his leadership style.

I'll just go to the well.

OK. Good stuff, girls.

I'm at a point where
I have to decide between

game and friendship.

Hey, buddy.

You and I have a choice tonight,
my friend.

Just to let you in on
what's going on, right?

For the last few days...


Say we all get split down
the middle. Say we merge.

He's going straight
to those big guys.


I know that as soon as
these tribes come together,

Simon is gonna be jumping
straight into bed

with the rest of those alpha guys.

But if you're smart enough
to look at the numbers,

you'll realise...

..the alpha males are outnumbered.

They are going to get picked off
one by one.

And I'm not going down with
his sinking ship.


Who does?

Oh, my God.

So... So...

Where the (BLEEP) did he find it?
Where did he find it?

In the cookie jar.

Oh, my God.

Don't know. I'm not sure.

So just stay calm.

No-one knows except me.
BOTH: Yeah.

So we need to make him think
it's someone...

Well, you've gotta make him
think it's me.

Well, he will think that. Correct.

He's coming for you.

Well, he has to go.
It's an even higher priority.


We don't have a choice,
'cause it's either you or him.


Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

This is, like, a legacy decision.

You're drawing a line in the sand

that you're not just one of
the boys for the boys.

I'm not doing that, man.

I'm not going over there
and joining that alpha club.

Being a villain... a tricky thing.


What it means is you're willing
to compromise friends for a win.

And today, I am.

Today, I am.


If that's what you reckon.

Let's do it.


So right now, Simon thinks myself,

Fraser, Stevie and him

all voting for George.


What is actually happening is

myself, George, Shonee,
Liz and Fraser

are all voting for Simon.

If we pull this off tonight,
it'll be... of the biggest moves ever.

Blindsiding Simon
with an idol AGAIN?

SIMON: After this afternoon's

everything fell into place so well

and I don't think there was any
additional funny business going on

so I'm confident that we are gonna
pull off the blindside of the season

and take down the King.

What's happening?
Jordie and Fraser...

Now I just need to create
trust with George.

Tell 'em that I'm voting for Stevie.

Operation Anaconda is mango.
Go, go, go.

I think that it makes more sense
to get rid of Steve.


George, I think we need each other.

And we need to keep, like,
us as big threats around.

(LAUGHS) As much as I hate to admit
it, we kind of need each other.

Yeah. Yeah. OK.
(LAUGHS) Which is good.

Ah, Simon.

He has no idea
how to play this game.

He's just clueless.

Sometimes it's better
the devil you know, right?

Simon's dug his grave so deep

he's not even gonna realise

that he's about to go home
with an idol in his pocket, again.

And it's all thanks to
Jordie's treachery.

I know that I need another
big threat in this game

and the more that I have,
and the more villain big threats,

and then we can just
duke it out later on.

Alright. Great.
I'm completely on board.

I walked in here on day one

with one simple mission -

glory or death.

Alright. Let's get this fire going.
Thanks, Simon.

Yeah, thanks, mate.

I have a hidden immunity idol
that I'm not gonna play tonight.

And so does Simon.

But I've done the legwork,

so Simon's going home

with another idol in his backpack.

This will be the death of Simon and
the second coming of King George.



GEORGE: Back so soon, Jonathan.

It's like you never left.

So, George... Gerry left your tribe
to return to the Heroes.

What did you make of that decision?

I think Gerry should have stayed,

because Gerry knows
what the Heroes tribe think of him.

They voted him out.

Maybe he felt like

he was safer
in a bunch of athletes...

..athletes that tend to
win challenges together.

What does that make us?

Not a bunch of athletes, Simon.
LIZ: Yeah.

George, maybe Gerry's plan
was just to create some chaos.

Who knows what Gerry's plan was.

But, um, I know
what the plan is tonight,

and the plan is to
strengthen this tribe

by chopping off the weak.

And that's what I'll be doing
at the voting booth tonight.

You can't vote for yourself, mate.


What do you mean by that, Simon?


I don''re not
our strongest horse in the stable,

is what I'm saying.

Oh. Thanks, Simon.
That's alright.

I mean, you've trained hard, but...
Is that a fair statement?

Oh, yeah, I agree with you, Simon.

Thank you for pointing that out,

that I'm weak.

Liz, I see your eyes bugging out
as the tension builds down here.

I know. Can I move seats?
I'm scared. (LAUGHS)

What do you think's going on here?
I don't know.

These two are always biting
at each other's heels

about something.

But they get along enough
for the tribe,

and for challenges,
they work together well.

I don't know what's going on.
I'm just gonna stay out of it.

Well, Stevie, on that point,

do you think the obvious tension
tonight is gonna affect the vote?


I can feel the tension in the air,
just like you did, right?

We've been dancing with each other,
getting to know each other,

but there comes a time
when something has to happen

to break the impasse,
whatever it may be.

So, Jordie,
if I'm hearing Stevie correctly,

it sounds like
this tribe is at a crossroads.


Depends how you look at it.

You could think that.

Right now, we need to make sure

that we're unified.

It's time to stick together
as a team now moving forward,

because we are outnumbered.

Well, George,
last night you lost Sarah.

Today you lost Gerry.

This tribe is shrinking fast.

Very, very fast.
(CHUCKLES) Very fast.


There are not many places to hide

I...I look back at why I decided
to come back for a second time,

because when I went out
to the outback,

I literally achieved
everything under the sun

that I could ever have dreamed of
as a lifelong Survivor fan.

And I don't have a legacy to add
here in Samoa.

Some past players are coming
with mistakes to fix.

And some are coming to build
a legacy of their own.

So, when I go out,

whether it's tonight, tomorrow,

or in the next 30-odd days,

I can tell myself

that I haven't lost anything
and nothing changes,

nothing will take away the legacy
that I've left in this game.

You don't want to win?

It's not about winning, Simon.

Winning isn't everything.

No, it's not everything.
It's definitely not everything.

But, like, came...

..came second.

You didn't win.

I know.

Everyone's wigging out tonight.

Everyone is wigging out hard.

Remember the last conversation
you had and stick with it, please.

Shonee, do you know which
conversation he's talking about?

Yes, I do believe I know
what Jordie's talking about.

Well, good. I'm glad you're on
the same page as Jordie,

because tonight...

..this Tribal
is a little bit different.

LIZ: Oh, no.
Excellent! Just what we needed!

Don't worry. Someone is still
gonna go home tonight.

However, I'm gonna give all of you
a chance

to win individual immunity...

..right now.


There is a challenge waiting for us
just over there.


And once we finish that challenge,
we're gonna come back

and pick up right where we left off.

You're kidding.

I'm not kidding.

So, everyone up. Grab your torches.

Let's go.


Awesome. Look at that.

Line up between the two rocks.



This challenge
is for individual immunity,

guaranteed safety
at tonight's Tribal Council,

and it is a Survivor classic.


For tonight's challenge,

you're gonna fashion a pole
out of sticks and rope

long enough to retrieve a flint.

Once you have your flint,
you'll make a fire high enough

to burn through a rope.

First person to burn through the rope

wins immunity,
safe at tonight's vote.

As for the rest of you,

you're gonna be vulnerable.

Alright, let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.


Alright, here we go.

For individual immunity.

Survivors, ready?


You each have the same number
of sticks.

Same amount of rope.

What you do with them
is gonna make all the difference.

You need to tie
those sticks together,

form a pole
long enough and strong enough

to reach that flint.

JORDIE: Ooh, it's quiet.

It's very quiet, Jordie.

Very, very!
I'm not used to this.

Everyone taking their time.

Simon quickly has something together.

There's a lot of flex.

Not quite long enough.

GEORGE: Oh, my goodness.

George has participated
in a similar challenge before.

In the same lane.

The same lane.

And he was not happy last time.

No. Definitely not.


How did it end for you, Simon?

Mate, I believe you quit.


You wouldn't know.
You weren't there, remember?

No, mate, I didn't make merge,
that's right.

You constantly remind me of that.

No, actually, it's the first time
I've mentioned it, Simon.


Oh, my God!

Shonee working away quietly.

Just gonna take it for a spin
before I rebuild.

She's gonna take her pole for a spin.

It's looking pretty limp.


JORDIE: How does she drive?
Not good.

Wouldn't recommend.


Simon going again.
He's reinforced his pole.

He's added some length.

He's gonna have another crack.

It's looking long enough.

But will it be strong enough?

Teasing that ring with his pole.

Oh, stop it!

He's right there.

And he gets it, and he drops it.

Simon hooks it again.

Oh, it's looking good.
Can he get it back?

That's it. Simon has it.
Simon can move on.


First person through,
moving onto the fire-making.

Not feeling any pressure.

Jordie coming out now.

Jordie almost there.

Come on, you dog.

Nuh. (SIGHS)

Meanwhile, Simon...
going for a spark now.

Can he get the husk to catch?

Someone is going home tonight.

If you walk out of here
with that necklace,

it will not be you.

Simon has his husk alight.

It needs to be high enough
to burn through that rope.

He has a legitimate blaze
going there.



Simon breathing some life
into that fire.

Yeah, mate?

No-one challenging him.

Big flame now.

It's been a dream of mine
for a long time

to win an individual
immunity challenge.

That is it!

Simon wins individual immunity!


Well done, bud. Good job.

Good job, Simon.
Wow, look at that fire!

Are you right?


It's just a special moment for me.

Are you crying, bro?

Yeah, just really proud.
Come on, bro.





Simon, come on over.

Yay, well done!
Yeah, mate.

Good job.


Individual immunity is yours.
You are safe tonight.

Cannot be voted out.
Thanks, mate.


As for the rest of you,
you're all still fair game,

so grab your gear, grab your torches.

Let's head back to Tribal.

Well done.
Thank you.

Let's go, bud.
Let's go.

Good job, Simon.



GEORGE: Come on.





SIMON: Let's start this, see how
we go and then we can reconvene.

(LOUDLY) Yeah?


LIZ: Well...


Why? What if we're...

If the six of us are sitting here,

why don't we all have
a conversation together?


SIMON: Yeah.
Everyone, sit down, sit down.

Sit down. We'll have a chat now.

We'll have a chat now.
We can... We can chat in a tick.


Alright, Simon, well,
you won the immunity.

You want to have a chat, so...

..the floor is yours.


Well, look, that was
extremely unexpected.

Uh, I'm pretty humbled
to be, like, sitting here

with this around my neck.

Yeah, it's a dream come true.
It's a kind of... It''s...

That was a really special moment
for me.

It meant a lot for,
you know, as a fan,

I felt like I had some unfinished
business last time I came through.

So, Simon, tonight's win
was quite emotional for you.

I mean, obviously, part of that

is winning
your first individual immunity.

But was there any sense of relief
that you're safe tonight?

(SIGHS) Look, yes, it was, like...

It was partially emotional the win
itself, which was really cool.

Um...but I think that I was going
to be copping a few votes tonight.


So the fact that I have this
around my neck is a very big relief.

It also worries me as well

because it means that potentially
someone that I am aligned with

and someone that I trust, their head
may be on the chopping block

and that changes things.

So, I am...concerned
at the same time.

George, is Simon correct?
The plan has changed tonight?

Well, Simon told me the plan
was Steve, so...

..clearly it must have changed
multiple times today.

Steve, is this news to you?

Well, that's news. (LAUGHS)

Yeah, well, um...

..I have...
I need time to process that.

I just can't think right now
if that's the case.

If they're gunning for me.

I mean, I can't see
what have I done to deserve that.

I've been contributing to the tribe
immensely in many different ways.

Yeah, Simon, why did you tell me
the plan was Steve?


Why did I tell you the plan
was Steve, George?


I think when you have
those conversations,

you're never gonna tell one person
what you're telling the other.

So, there's always gotta be
a backup,

'cause what do you tell Steve
if Steve's the one going home?

But you know what, Simon,

I think Steve can make his own mind
up tonight.

He's a 62-year-old man.

I've just got one question.

Let's go back to
the second Tribal Council, right?

My name came out.
I know, Simon shopped...

Simon is, um, pushing for my name?
Of course he has.

Is that what happened?
Is that true, Simon?

Steve, there were people that I told
your name to to keep them happy.

But I have been aligned with you
from day 1.

Oh, OK.

You were someone I wanted to respect

and someone that I wanted
to work with in this game

because I feel like

this world needs more people
like you in it

who are so giving and caring
and respectful of others.

That means a lot to me.

And thank you for your friendship
out here

and you have given me
throughout this...

..this game.

It has meant a lot.

I think tonight will show
the friends are.


I think tonight will show
where the numbers are.

Maybe it will show both.

George, the fact that
you put yourself on a pedestal,

you call yourself a king,
that's what grinds my gears, George.

But I think
it's just jealousy, Simon.

That's what's grinding your gears.
Let me finish.

No! You cut me off before.

I have not done anything to you
in this game.

I've been civil to you.
You've literally yelled at me.

And then you are
so passive-aggressive,

you feel the need to speak over me.

You never make this game personal,

Thank you, George, for that.

Don't make the same mistakes
you made in the outback.

I'm not going to.

Just a quick meeting.

Stevie, Fraser, you wanna come in?



What did you say?





I think this is the most
exciting Tribal Council

we've ever had, Jonathan.

Me too. I'm loving it.
I just wish I had some popcorn.

Have you ever seen scrambling like
this on Australian Survivor before?

Simon, you want me
to help you choose someone?

Ha ha ha! That's funny.

Oh, dear! Dear, dear, dear.

(SIGHS) I did not walk in
expecting this at all tonight.

This is, um... This has been a lot.

It's a, um...

..difficult decision to,
you know, to come up with

when we are such a small tribe
and kind of coming down to it,

so it's a horrible situation
that we're in

and someone does have to go home.

I'm...sorry for you two...
you know, you two,

Shonee and Liz,

about not including you
in those conversations.

Yeah, well, your actions speak
louder than your words.

I understand.

I would like to apologise if
I have ever made you feel like that.

I am always one to try to speak
to everyone on the same level

and I always aim to lift people up.

And that's what I tried to do...

You literally called me
physically weak an hour ago.

Oh, George...

OK, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

George, you said
it was egotistical of me

that I lost
when I was trying my best.

If you're, like...
Do you know what, Simon?

Stop putting on a show.
We're over it. For Godsake!

Alright, OK. Let's not get nasty.

We're speaking nasty
and it's getting personal.

This is a game
and we need to remember that.

Life is bigger than what...
your two little spat, alright?

This is Survivor.

We're here to have fun.

Not be arseholes to each other.

I agree, Jordie.
Let's have fun tonight.

So, let's have fun.

We'll see where the chips lie
and we'll go from there.

For a change,
I actually agree with you, Jordie.

And I think it is time
to settle this with a vote.


Wanna win a top-of-the-range
Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X?

Head to the 10 play win page now
for all the details.


It is time to settle this
with a vote.

Simon, you're up.



Just...don't forget about the people

you've walked over
on your way to the top.

Just treat people...with respect.

It's just...human decency.



Simon, you are gonna
get shown tonight

no-one's a bigger warmonger
on this game than me.

And I'm about to blow shit up.


Wow, they're green this year,

Isn't that interesting?

It suits the colour of my dog shirt.

Oh, Georgie.


JORDIE: That is wild.

So, who are we sending home?

I'm voting you out, George,

simply because of my immense,

profound respect
for your gamesmanship.

I recognise you as the biggest threat
of them all.

That's why

your name's here.

Well, are you gonna save Steve
with your idol, Simon?

Pressure's on.
Are you a hero or a villain?




You've been played, Simon,
and it wasn't by me.


I'm gonna go count the votes.

You're a dead duck.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Well, I happen to have found one
in my lava-lava.

we are one-third through the game.

You've made a lot of mistakes.

You've treated me as your enemy
when I'm not.

Better the enemy battering down
at your front door of your fort

than the traitor within.

Jordie was going
to do something to you

much, much worse than what Dani
did to you in the outback

because Dani didn't pretend to be
your best mate

like Jordie does.

Jordie's told every single person
here about your idol.

This is good for one Tribal Council.

And if you don't save Steve tonight,

talking about loyalty,

you will literally
stand for nothing.

I'll make you a deal,
because this is what I do, Simon.


We are both waking up
on Villains Beach tomorrow.

But you know who your enemy is,
who you can deal with,

and you know who the traitor
from within is.

I'm begging you
please save Steve.

Please start this new
third of the game

as a hero, not as a villain.

'Cause all of these people
have voted for Steve.

And that's my pitch to you,


I'm playing this for me, Jonathan.



And that's for me.

Alright, I can confirm
this is, in fact,

a hidden immunity idol.

Do the right thing.
Any votes cast for George...

..will not count.
Save the good man on the end.

Send one of the traitors home.

Jordie, do you have anything
to say about that, mate?


They were all coming for you, man.

I was outnumbered.

I didn't wanna go to a swap
or a merge

on a minority.

I had to make a call, man.

I'm so sorry.

We've spoken about trust
at Tribal Council.

Are you gonna let Steve
go home or not?

So, who'd you vote for, Jordie?


STEVIE: Save my life, save my...

Start the game fresh and you'll have
a good reputation in the game.

If you're selfish,
you're a dead duck

in three Tribal Councils time.

So, how... I know that
I can trust you, George?

Because I make deals, Simon.

This is a truth-telling session.

You're a dead duck
unless you save Steve.

You can wake up in a majority with
one traitor left tomorrow morning

and if there's no tribe swap,
the other traitor goes.

That's why I'm an operator.

You are finished unless
you make friends tonight.

Play your idol

and save the person that's been
the most loyal to you tonight

or you are finished.

Why'd you do that, man?

I had no choice, dude.
You did have a choice.

No, I didn't, dude. I had no choice.
You did.

I didn't wanna move forward

into a new tribe

in less numbers
than I could have.

I could have moved forward
with the majority.

And that was the plan, man.

I told you the truth when I said you
were playing worse than last time

but you've got the chance
to be a legend, Simon.

Don't be a rump that gets
cooked in the fire there.

You don't actually have it in you
to start fresh.

I always do, Simon.

What did I do with Hayley
the moment she turned on me?

I worked with her straightaway.

What do you think, Jordie?

What do you reckon, dude?

Don't even.

What do you mean, "Don't even"?

You believe what
he's telling you, man?

Save Steve.

STEVE: He's got... He's got us all.

He's got us all?

I've snookered you. Now save Steve.

Start the game fresh.
He covered all angles.

There's no way out.

Are you saving Steve or not tonight?



Well, are you gonna save Steve
with your idol, Simon?

'Cause all of these people
have voted for Steve.

Save Steve.

STEVIE: He's got...he's got us all.

Are you saving Steve or not tonight?
That's the test.

Someone has to go home here.

Someone has to go home.

That's the reality of it, right?
I'm very sorry, Steve.

It's OK.
I'm very sorry.

You're a good man.

I really wanted to wake up tomorrow
with you.

Now you know who was loyal to you
in the game or not.

You said here last night
you had made your mind up.

If I save Steve,

potentially one of the other four
people that I want to work with

is gonna go home.

Like, it's a lose-lose for me,

Yes, that's why
I'm a political operative.

That's why I'm the king
of Australian Survivor, Simon.


You're all learning a lesson.

Are you saving Steve or not?

Because JLP's running out of time.



Thank you for everything.

Last time I played this game,

I played as a hero.

And this time,

I have a goal
on what I want to achieve,

and I'm not gonna put my neck out
for everything.

I hear you already.
And I... From the...

It saddens me from
the bottom of my heart

but this is something
that I can't do,

because I'm gonna need that
moving forward.

I'm gonna need some people
I can be with moving forward.

And I'm not gonna be held
over a barrel by this pelican.


Now you know who you can trust
on this tribe.

Steve...I'm so sorry.

I'm flabbergasted.
I'm in shock. What can I say?

One of us has to go.

One of us has to go.

But the next round, you'll be going.


I can get myself through
another vote

and then we'll just...
for 24 hours in the game.

I protect my people to the death,

because glory or death, Steve.

Don't forget that.
JORDIE: You're a liar, mate!

You said you'd protect us, you flog.
Glory or death.

And you'll...
Do you feel protected, Jordie?

When you wake up tomorrow morning,

you'll know who you can believe.

Let's get on with it.

OK, Simon.


I don't think we've ever had
Tribal continue right before a vote.

Should we get on with it?


JORDIE: Let's go.

I'll read the votes.

SIMON: I'm sorry, Steve.


First vote...


Does not count.


Does not count.




That's one vote Stevie.

Stevie. Two votes Stevie.




Two votes Fraser.
Oh, my God.

One vote Fraser.



We're tied.

Oh, my God.
Two votes Stevie.

Two votes Fraser.

One vote left.


Now you know who you can trust.

Sixth person voted out
of Heroes v Villains...


GEORGE: Checkmate.

Now you know who you can trust
tomorrow, Steve.

This was a test.

Thank you for the conversation
at camp.

It really meant a lot to me,
and that's why I saved you.

OK? Now you know.
STEVIE: Thank you.


SIMON: Hey, man.
Now you know, Steve.


Now you know.

We're gonna chat,

because he was trying
to call my bluff.

He was trying to pull the wool
over both of our eyes.

He was trying to burn my idol.

JORDIE: Oh, man.
STEVIE: Oh, Fraser.

SIMON: Georgie, Georgie, Georgie.

Back in your home arena, hey?

Enjoy being in a minority, Simon.

Oh, mate, we've been in a minority
since the start.

Well...thank you for telling Steve
he's not worth saving.

Crazy night.
JORDIE: Far out.

I'm gonna miss you, bro.

I gave you the chance
to start fresh, Simon.

You just told me to burn my idol
on Stevie. You lied to my face.

I told you to save Steve.

I told you that Jordie and Fraser...
Just...just stop.

..were voting for Steve.

Just stop.
Can we give Fraser his moment?

Let Fraser have his moment, man.

Hang on. It's Fraser's farewell.
Come on, let's be respectful.

What a night, Fraser.


Fraser, the tribe has spoken.

STEVIE: Oh, I'm so sad.
FRASER: Love you, guys.

Be well, alright? Take care.
JORDIE: Be well.

Thank you, Fraser.
Thanks, Frase.



So amazed at you, George.

Thank you, Steve.

I've just got nothing to say.

Please hand out for me
on election day.



Well, only one of you may have
made fire tonight,

but right now it's clear

this whole tribe
is going up in flames.

SHONEE: It really is.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.


Oh, I'm actual rattled, eh.
I'm...I'm shaking.

I can't believe
what's just happened.

That is wild.


That has to be the craziest
Tribal Council I've ever seen

in Survivor history.

I didn't see that coming at all.

I honestly think I was just
caught in the crosshairs.

Guess you've gotta be flexible.

Hopefully George's plan works.

What happens between George and Simon

is, honestly, anyone's guess
from here.

I think it's gonna be
eat or be eaten.


Captions by Red Bee Media