Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Thrown to the Wolves - full transcript

The Heroes and Villains are presented with a major prize of lasagne and photos from home up for grabs. Which tribe will dominate the Reward Challenge and possibly help create bonds stronger than ever?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

If you say you're going
to help, just don't, like, swan in,

pick up a palm frond
and then not do it.

The divide between George
and Simon raged on.

STEVE: Alright. You're...
You're helping him.

But at the immunity challenge...

We're beating 'em. Let's go!

..the Villains tribe came together...

Burn! Burn!
Burn! claim victory.

HAYLEY: Oh, that's not good.

At the Heroes' camp...

I'm not gonna write Gerry's name

NINA: Yeah, yeah.
It's just not gonna happen.

My intention is to write down
Ben's name.

..the plan was to split the vote
between Ben and an injured Gerry.

So, Gerry, Gerry, Gerry?
Yep, yep.

But at Tribal Council...

Tonight, you'll be voting to send
someone to the Villains tribe.


However, if that person survives
the next two days in the game,

they'll be coming right back
to the Heroes tribe.


SAM: Like a little bit
of a staycation.

..a twist saw Paige put her hand up
to undertake the secret mission.

I can win 'em over.

You know you guys can trust me.

There's a red flag here already.
I'm telling you.

I'd prefer probably to send someone

who may not come back.

But the tribe was clear
who they were willing to lose...



Oh, I'm just a wibbly old man. Gerry set off to infiltrate
the Villains tribe.

19 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


No, no. It's Gerry.

Gerry! Hey!


How are ya?
Yeah, good.

Oh, mate!

Hey, guys.

What is it?

We got a friend.
SHONEE: Welcome, Gerry.

Oh, look, I've been on the bottom
since I bloody hurt my foot.

JORDIE: Oh, right.

Oh, so good.

Having Gerry join our camp
is the perfect case scenario,

considering how many Villains
we are down.

So he definitely could be
the useful number for me.

I don't think I could ask
for much more.


GEORGE: Why don't we all scoot over?



I don't really mind that Gerry's
come into to the camp.

But Simon's put out the welcome mat
for the old codger.

If Simon bands with Gerry,

my position in the tribe
isn't as strong as it was before.

Need to make sure that Gerry
doesn't get too close to Simon.


DAVE: How are you going this morning?

SHARNI: That's where the (BLEEP)
crab bit me.


SHAUN: So you were down the
other end last night and it got ya?

Yeah. Can you believe?
Didn't feel a single crab down here.

I'm not surprised.

Do you know, he ran across my chest
as well.

Same one.
Oh. Yeah.

So it was out for a vengeance
because I'd moved,

and Matt was like,
"Are you alright?"

and I went, "No, there's a crab."

And I first...first one,
I punched him,

because I just woke up,
like, swinging.

I was like, where is it?

And then he went away.

Waking up this morning,

I am pretending that I'm OK.

I'm not OK.

Last night was very, very clear
for the first time for me

where the loyalty really lies
in this group.

Our four strong boys were willing
to send off Gerry

with the risk
that he may not come back,

and they weren't willing to do that
with Paige.

So their loyalty is not to Gerry.
Mine is.

So we're a little bit divided
right now.


They would have questioned it.

Yeah, I know. Yeah.

As soon as they would've seen her,
like, "They did not vote you out."

What annoys me about the way
last night unfolded

is that all the whispering
behind Gerry's back.

I don't know why that had to unfold
that way,

and it's just going
to make Gerry feel even more low.

He's so dejected.
Like, he's just so bummed.

The reality is Gerry is
the oldest person on the tribe

by about 25 years.

He's got a really bad ankle.

If they lose that challenge
tomorrow, he's definitely gone.

My hope is that Gerry can survive,

but I think the most likely scenario
is that we win immunity

and Gerry goes.

It's not ideal, but at the end
of the day, it's Gerry.

And I feel he's more expendable

than anybody else we perhaps
could have sent over there.


SIMON: Yeah, I know.
GERRY: Yeah, nice place, but.

I know, right?

Waking up on day 13, it feels
like things are finally starting

to turn a corner for us.

Instead of losing someone, we won
yesterday's immunity challenge.

We've gained an extra player.


Gerry's a bit of an old sea dog.

And I'd like to think that I've got
a little bit of that in me already,

so I'm really trying hard
to kind of get to know him

and form a bond with him
and a connection.

How's the foot holding up there?

This is a huge opportunity
for me and my game.

That's someone that I can
potentially work with

and to get me through to
the next phase of the game.

Gerry, did you have any inkling

that you would be copping
a vote last night?

Um. Oh...

But did anyone tell you?

They were just really gun-shy
about my foot.

And it's all about coming in
as powerful as possible.

I was really concerned coming over
to the Villains tribe last night.

But I've been greeted
with open arms.

Smiles and laughter,

as if I was a god.

They just embraced me.
I couldn't believe it.

I thought they were going
to crucify me.

JORDIE: Hey, Gerry!

Gotta mark day 13 in the pole.

Oh, OK. Where's the pole?

Day 13, new tribe,
new challenge. Here I am.

Righto. Here we are.
Here we are!

Coming in to the Villains tribe,

I was very Hero strong.

But this morning I had time
to reflect. I had time to think.

GEORGE: We're not gonna
talk about you.

SARAH: All good.

We're just going
to win this reward challenge.

We need your help to win, Gerry.

The hierarchy over at the Heroes
have actually stitched me up.

We were given a choice
who was going to go.

They chose me because I'm somebody
that's expendable.

They can get rid of me
and not bother looking back.

But in fact,

I'm out here to prove them wrong.

Through life, I've had my fair share
of knocks.

I lost my eldest son
in a car accident 11 years ago.

And recently I've got a business
that's been destroyed by COVID.

I'm a Fraser Island beach pilot.

I actually follow in my father's

I've been on Fraser Island
flying for 35 years.

Our business is a family business.

This money,
that half a million dollars...

..injected back into that business

will put my family back
in a position

where they have a future.

My family is everything.

That's why I'm playing Survivor.

JORDIE: Thank you, Gerry.
You're the best, mate.

I know what Simon's doing.

Trying to talk to Gerry.

And I'm not having any of it.

I don't need old codger Gerry
interfering the kingdom

that I'm building here
in my Villains tribe.

I think Simon just wants to get
to know him more than anyone else.

Oh, you reckon?
I'm not naive.

So what do you suggest?
He's trying to win him over?

What he's doing is so transparent.

I had a good dynamic
working with Shonee and Liz.


I've got a good relationship
with Sarah.

Then there's also my relationship
with Jordie,

which is progressing
in my favour.

But I can't let Simon get another
puppet in Gerry and ruin everything

that I've been working on
in the Kingdom of George.

Heading into today's
reward challenge,

this is a golden opportunity to find
out exactly what's going on

on that Heroes tribe.

I need to know if I can
weaponise Gerry.

Otherwise he has to go home next.


Come on in.

Come over here.

Come on in.


Hey, guys.

Villains getting your first look
at the new Heroes tribe.

Gerry voted out at last night's
Tribal Council to join the Villains.

So, Jordie, why do you think
the Heroes voted out Gerry?

By the sounds of things,

no one wanted to vote anyone out,
you know, and Gerry's injured.

And so I guess they've gone,

"Well, the poor bugger probably
needs a rest."

Matt, are they correct?

Yeah. Look, it did kind of come down
to that,

but I'm just stoked that Gerry gets
a few more days in the game.

So it was a sad one last night,

but I'm just stoked he's still here.

Why'd you vote him out?

Like what Jordie just said...

No, I want to hear it from you.
I know what Jordie said.

He's got an injury.

If he keeps going in the game,
we're going to hit tribe swap soon.

Came down to that for us as a team.

Alright. You ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

For today's challenge, you're
going to square off one on one.

You'll each be holding an idol.

Your job is to knock off their idol
before they knock off yours.

First to knock their opponent's
idol to the ground scores a point.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


An epic Survivor...

..homemaking kit.

With a hammock, chairs,
blankets, pillows...


..much needed tarp and a tool kit.


LIZ: Any food going around?

Plus, it wouldn't feel like home


GERRY: Righto.
That's worth fighting for.


Now we're in.

Worth playing for?


Ooh, lasagne.

Alright, Heroes,
you have an extra player.

You're going to need to
sit someone out today.

Cannot be the same person
in back to back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

Paige, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get it on!

Alright, Heroes,
you have first pick.

Who are you putting up?

BEN: Sammy. Sammy.
I think that's a good match.



Go Sammy.

Villains, who you putting up?


Battle of the beef!

Alright, here we go.

First match-up,
we have Sam for the Heroes

taking on Simon for the Villains.

Battle of the Brawn

for a very civilised reward.

Survivors ready?


Very simple.

All you got to do is knock off
the other person's idol

before they knock off yours.

Go Simon.

Both boys sizing each other up.

Who's going to make the first move?

Sam trying to fake him out.

Simon pushing back.

Keep an eye on it, Sammy.

Simon trying to swat him away.

Nice little fake-out.

Both swatting each other.

Oh, big move from Simon!

But it does not work.

Sam takes the first point
for the Heroes.

Heroes lead one-zip.

Bad luck, bud. Bad luck.

Just moved a bit quick
for my own liking.

Villains, who are you putting up?


Come on up, Shonee.


BEN: Yeah. Go Flicky.

Flick. Alright.

Next round, we have Shonee
for the Villains

taking on Flick for the Heroes.


Heroes lead one-zip.

Remember, we are playing to three.

Survivors ready?


Go, Shon.
Come on, Shon.

Both girls getting straight to it.

A little wrestling match
in the middle there.

Yes, Shon!

Shonee meaning business.

Watch yours, Flick. Be careful.



GEORGE: We got it. We got it.

Oooh, that was close, but...

..Flick's idol hits the ground first.

Shonee takes the point
for the Villains, tying it up, 1-1.

Nice one, babe. That was great!

Alright, Heroes.

Who's next?




Showdown of the century.

No king hits on me, Hayley.

JORDIE: You've got her, George.
You've got her, mate.


This is the match-up everyone
has been waiting for.


Survivors ready?


No surrender.

This here, this is fun.

Both circling the pole.

Don't be risky, Hayley.

Don't be reckless.

Don't be reckless?

Hayley looking for an opening.

She's aggressive.

George trying to swat her away.

Oh, oh! Great save from Hayley.

Go George!

Goes again. She is relentless.

Good, Hayls.

George is looking worried out there.

Use your fancy feet.


Hayley gives him a kick.


Something behind you.

And that's it!

Good job.
Good job, George.

Great job.

Heroes lead, 2-1.

Remember, we are playing to three.

FLICK: You just did so good, mate.

The throw up and the catch!

Alright, Villains, who you got?


Alright, Heroes.

Come on!


Let's have fun, Shaun.

We're gonna have a ball.
Let's go.

This should be interesting.

Survivors, ready?


SAM: Go boys!

Shaun with a clear reach
advantage here.

Hold it back.

The Joker's going to have to think
of a different strategy.

Give it a nudge, Shauno!

Hold your arm back!

Shaun going right for it.


Big move from Jordie
and he pulls it off for the Villains!

Sorry, mate.
Well done.

Villains take that round,
tying it up, 2-2.

That was a great move.

GEORGE: What a clutch move. Bam!

How did you even get there?

Alright, Heroes.

NINA: You got it, Dave.



Let's go, Simon.

Simon having another crack,
taking on David.

Alright. Here we go.

Final round.

Whoever wins this wins reward
for their tribe.

Survivors, ready?


JORDIE: Go, Simon.
FRASER: Go, Sime.

Focus, mate.

Good boy. Keep it back.
Keep that arm forward.

Focus on your idol.

David getting right to it.

Taunting Simon.

Simon looking for some redemption.

STEVIE: Watch his eyes.
Watch his eyes.

He's going to throw it.

Simon with a big move!

And it doesn't work!

Ohhh, shit!

GEORGE: Ohhh, there's too much ego.

Heroes win reward!

Good effort, mate.
Really good effort.

Lasagne! And we'll cook it
on the fire!

Heroes. Congratulations.

A very nice home-making kit
is yours.

Come grab it.
Yeah! Beautiful.

Head back to camp. Get comfy.

Dripping the Taj Mahal.

Yeah, I'll take it, Sarah.

See ya!

Well done. See ya.

Villains, got nothing for you.

Grab your gear,
head back to camp.

Rock and roll, team.

GEORGER: Well, the Villains lost
today's reward challenge,

but King George never misses a beat

to get some juicy gossip
from the other side.

And Hayley gave me some crucial
advice - to trust Gerry.

I think the Heroes' loss
is the Villains' gain.

And I can't wait to unleash
the villain from inside of Gerry.


SAM: I'm so excited.

We've come back to camp
with everything from comfort items

to tarps, to nails, to axes,
you name it.

We just got our Taj Mahal upgraded.

FLICK: Good stuff, team!

SHAUN: Let's get stuck into
some food.


To have homemade,
like, legit lasagne.

So good!

Honestly, it is the best thing
that could possibly happen

right now in this game.

DAVID: Now this is living!


This is why I came to Samoa.

PAIGE: I'm just absolutely peaking
right now.

Never thought I'd want to cry
over lasagne.

This looks amazing!


Homemade, crispy, heaps of cheese.

Every part of me just wants to
shove it in my face.

Oh, my God.

I can tell you, the best lasagne
I've ever had.

HAYLEY: I think of cheese
every single day out here.

And when it's melted,
like, it's so good.

How does today get any better?

How is it?
So good.

BEN: Oh, my God.

How do you think Gerry's going
over there?

He seems pretty happy.

What is that?
Photos from home!

Stop! Are you serious?

It just gets better!

Sam's already on.


Awww, hello!

Yeah, didn't wanna get emotional.

So yeah, this is Amy.

We've been together
for 18 months now.

But, no, she's amazing.

She's one of the most selfless people
I've ever met.

The feeling of love I feel for her
is, yeah,

something I've never felt before.

Yeah. So, yeah, that's Amy.

SHAUN: You big softie!

MATT: You big softie!

This one's mine.


We had a little picnic
when I proposed.

Oh, it'd be almost like six...
six years ago.

Yeah, I was really happy that day.

I was so nervous.

You look it!

I think I did about
four nervous poos.

This is Jimmy.

Tall Jimmy! Tall Jimmy!

Yeah. This is just after
we bought a house.

Thank you, Survivor.



There's the high school sweetheart!
High school sweetheart!

This is Scott.

We've been together
for over 20 years.

20 years! That's incredible, eh?
I know. I know. It's wild.

And it doesn't feel like that at all.

It's funny, you know, because, like,
we've got each other in this game,

but at the end of the day,
you kind of have to play alone.

And as the days go by,
that hits you more and more

that you don't have the
sounding board that you're used to

to be able to check in with.

Sorry, I didn't know that was
going to come out of me.

This is the man that raised me.

Noel? What a legend.

It feels like forever, eh,
since we've been home.

What's her name again?
Nadia. Nadia.

She's so beautiful.
Oh, my goodness me!

I'm batting overs, that's for sure.

PAIGE: Talking about everyone's
loved ones,

it's definitely emotional.

So just my dad, military,
my mom, Sandra.

Some of you know her.

I've heard of her. I've heard of her.
Some of you may have heard of her.



Dad mode activated.

Dad mode fully activated.

I think it is important
to wear your heart on your sleeve

when you need to.

This is Mitch.
Been together for three years.

Sharing everyone's loved ones.

I think it's definitely emotional,
it hits home, but...

I knew the photo of my grandma
was coming.

Oh, Paigey.

SHARNI: What's her name?



She raised me, so she was really
more like my mum than anything.

And she just battled through every
single thing that ever happened.

She's so independent, like myself.

And I get it from her and I just
really appreciate she was in my life

and it's a shame we had to say
goodbye not long ago in April,

Losing Grandma definitely
taught me to stay strong.

She definitely wouldn't want me
sitting around crying

because she would tell me
that was no good.

So yeah, I've just kept going,
kept working

and grieved a little bit
at a time.

And yeah, it's definitely
made me a tougher person.

And that fiery, fiery nature.

Yeah, definitely.

As well, she wasn't afraid
to stand up for herself.

She was shorter than me
and more fierce than me.

No! No!


So, yeah, I get it from her.

It's great.

That was a massive surprise, eh?

The food couldn't be better
at this moment.

HAYLEY: This will be one of
the best days to remember.

Yeah, this is a huge day.
A turning point.

Day 13, lucky 13.

Yeah. It's been a good day.

Time for a swim.
Yeah, let's wash it off.

STEVIE: You know the drill.

We need more firewood.

Go get 'em, guys.

Alright. We need...
GERRY: I'll go and get wood.

GEORGE: I'll help you, Gerry.

At today's reward challenge, right
at the end, when I hugged Hayley,

I asked her the very important

"Should I work with Gerry?"

And Hayley whispered, "Yes."

Very conscious about not
leaving camp alone

because I never want to be accused
of looking for an idol.

But here's something for you.

When Hayley hugged me, she whispered
something to me.

She said, "Make sure you work
with Gerry."

Well, mate, you don't know me
from a bar of soap.

So I'm happy to tell you what
the actual dynamic on this tribe is.

Yeah. Yeah.
Because it's not a tribe
of happy campers.

And at every single scramble,

we tend to rally behind the loudest
voice, which has been Simon.

Simon just thinks that if he just
commands orders,

everyone will fall into line.

While I've been here
with the Villains,

I've had a lot of time to think
and process.

The hierarchy over at the Heroes,

they really don't care
whether I'm there or not.

So it's time to fend for myself.

I've got to look after myself.

Because she's got the kind of
experience to play.

Where I sit now
in the Villains tribe,

I have a strong position.

It's a lot stronger than I've ever,
ever had over in the Heroes tribe.

Both George and Simon want me

We have to have mega-trust here.

Because I've been screwed over
big time.

I shouldn't even be here.

So I'm here.

So I'm living another day
and I can go further.

And we can go further together.

A long way together. OK?


Thanks, Gerry.

With the Heroes, what they've done
by throwing me into the wolves

to be eaten alive,

I don't think that they realise

that I may come back with the pack
behind me.


Come on in.

BEN: It's like a crucifixion's
about to happen.



Hey, Gerry.


Did that reward make your camp feel
a little more homey?

It made us actually feel like home
for several reasons, actually.

Like, getting a taste of
a home cooked meal

turned out more emotional
than we thought.



So, Hayley,
which did you enjoy more -

the lasagne or the love from home?

Look, the lasagne was pretty good.

The melted cheese on top
was hard to pass.

But photos from home
are more important

because that's what gives your heart

..what it needs to keep pushing
in this game.

Alright. You ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Gonna have to give it up.
Here you are.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back
up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

on my go

you're going to race out to a raft,

paddle it back to shore,

crawl under a net with your paddles,

tie them together to retrieve a key.

You will then use that key
to unlock puzzle pieces,

and you'll use those pieces
to solve a word puzzle.

First tribe gets it right, wins
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody is going to become

the fifth person voted out
of this game.

Heroes, you have an extra player.
Going to need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back to back challenges.

Alright, Nina,
you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

Whoo! Let's go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


NINA: Go Heroes!

Everyone charging out to the water.

SAM: Duck dive and back up.
Duck dive and back up.

Do you run? Do you swim?

It's that in between depth today.

Both tribes get there
at the same time.

Go Heroes!

Let's go!

Everyone needs to be in the raft
before you can start paddling.

Is that everyone?
Quick, go!

Heroes have everyone in.
You're good, Heroes.

Start paddling!

One, two, three. Stroke!


NINA: Come on, Heroes!

Villains have caught up.

OK, go.

One, two, three, four.

Simon switching positions, throwing
the Villains off course.

Heroes getting close.

Keep going, keep going, keep going!
Wait for it to hit.


Good, Heroes.

You need to get that boat off.

Heroes moving on.

Villains are back.

Get your raft up. Let's go.

NINA: Come on, Heroes!

Army crawl!

Go, stand up.

You need to get you and your paddle
all the way under that net.

It is tight.

Shaun using his body as a tent pole.

Yeah. Nice, Shauny. Awesome idea.

Great strategy from the Heroes.

SHONEE: I'm claustrophobic!

Meanwhile, the Villains
are struggling over there.

Oh, my God. It's never ending.

That is no fun.

We are talking a full body
exfoliation from this one.

Good job, guys.

Heroes are almost through.

On the mud.
You're good, Heroes!

Start tying your paddles together.

That's gotta be real tight.

Heroes have a nice head start

on building a pole
out of those paddles.

How many you use is up to you.

Just needs to reach that key
all the way up there.

That is awful.

Finally, Sarah and Simon come
through for the Villains.


They're moving on to the pole.

Alright, this is good.

Done. Done.

Yeah, Shaun!

Pretty good.

Heroes think they have something.

Gonna use their long man
with a long stick.

Shaun giving it a crack.

Oh, in one swipe
he gets the key! Wow!

Heroes have the key.

Sam moving on.

Unlocking the puzzle pieces.
That's great.

Really putting the pressure
on the Villains now.

They can feel it.
They're starting to panic.

You got this, Sam.
That's good, Sammy!

Heroes have their puzzle pieces

Go, Jordie.
Jordie's going to have a crack.

Tap it, Jordie!

Yes! Yes!

Jordie is right there.
He has the key for the Villains.

Villains moving on.

Its Liz on the lock
for the Villains.

She has it open.

GEORGE: Go to your positions,
everyone. Get a block.

Villains trying to make up
for some lost time.

Alright. Two, up, two, up, two up.

It's Matthew and Paige going up
for the Heroes.

HAYLEY: Pass them up.
Just get 'em up.

Start on the far side, Matty.

BEN: Get them all in, put them
face out, put them all in.

It doesn't matter what order.

Just chuck them down.
Chuck them down.

Now you need to drop all
the letters into the frame.

Stand back, try and unscramble them.

You're looking to spell
a five word phrase.

Don't put them where the spaces are,
so just keep dropping them.

There's a Survivor Connect Four,
but with a word puzzle.

Once you think you've figured
it out, you pull the release,

empty the frame, then rearrange those
blocks in the correct positions.

Jordie, get up here now!

It's Simon and Jordie
on deck for the Villains.

I'm going to pass, you stack.

Heroes have a nice lead.

You're going to need all the time
you can get on this puzzle.

W. W-O-N-T. Won't.

Side word could be 'can't'.

Just be careful
how you put it down.

It's George taking charge
for the Villains.

You've got a blank here,

so we're not going to see one,
but it doesn't matter.

Put it down.
It's alright. Good, good.

That's good. That's good.
OK, so there are Ss.

Now you need to start
working it out.

But it's not 'count'
because there's space.

A lot of discussion
from the Heroes.

Shaun literally scratching his head
on this one.

Focus your silence.

The top word could be 'they'.

I have never heard the players
this quiet before in a challenge.

George, do you want us to drop
and start getting blocks up?

Do it.

Villains get their letters
ready for an attempt.

Don't stress, guys. Do not stress.

Lift them all up. Lift them all up.

Drop! Drop!

Heroes drops their letters, quickly
getting them back on deck.

We've got it.

D! D! D! Down. Down.

That's perfect.

They think they have something.

Hold. Hold.

What's the Villains' strategy here?

Are they waiting for clues
from the Heroes?

Yeah. Yeah. I'll sign them to Paige.

I'll sign them to Paige.

What's next? Ben, what's next?
Yeah. Paige.

Two. Two of them.

It's Ben taking charge
for the Heroes.

Perfect. Perfect. That's excellent.

Another one. Another.

What's next?

Ben signing the letters to them.


He thinks he can see it.

I'm signing to her.

Yes. Perfect. Perfect.

Yep, yep. Perfect.

Villains still stumped.

OK. Should we copy them?


Snuffed. It's 'snuffed'.

Bottom word is 'snuffed'.

Do it now.

Villains taking their cue
from the Heroes.

You right?
Quick, quick, quick.

Do the Heroes have it right?

And can the Villains build it
quickly enough?

GEORGE: Do it!

And then, Simon - E, B, blank, T.

The Heroes pulling ahead.

Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey!

Villains are starting to panic.

Steve, you tell Jordie,
we'll tell Simon.

Trying to keep up with the Heroes.

Simon, T!

Trying to drop blocks
simultaneously to catch up.

R! R! R!

Heroes convinced
they have something.

TORCHES! Torches!
Write 'torches' now! Jordie, T!

Villains just trying to copy them.

Working very quickly now.

It's going to come down to the wire.

Yes! Down! Torches!



Who's going to get there first?

Who's going to make a mistake?

What a strategy from the Villains!

Can they pull it off?

One block left for the Heroes!

And that is it! Down to the wire!

Heroes win immunity, sending
Villains back to Tribal Council.

Did you guys get it?

We needed to drop it.

We did.

I feel like that must have
been a millisecond.

Oh! Well done, mate. Oh!

Ben, in all my time on Survivor,

I've never seen anyone use
sign language to solve a puzzle.

My mum's deaf, so...

Yeah, it was good, good strategy.

Yeah, my cousin's deaf,
so I know how to finger spell.

Wow. That's amazing.

That was amazing.

Well, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.


You are safe.

Nobody going home. Head on out.

Enjoy your night off.

Good luck.

Alright, Villains.
You know the story.

Tribal Council tonight where somebody
is going to become the fifth person

voted out of this game.

Head on out.
I'll see you tonight.

See ya tonight.

Bloody close.
So close.

Almost paid off.

I'm the new kid on the block here.

So I am concerned about tribal

but there's a real division within
the camp between Simon and George.

Hopefully I can continue to sink
myself within a solid foundation

with the Villains, so I can
survive my 48 hours.

Then I can head back
to the Heroes tribe,

stronger than I've ever been.

Man, I'm sick of losing out here.

Like, I know we've had a couple
of wins on the board recently,

but, oh, I feel like we're still
up against it

because we are still
dropping like flies.

GEORGE: At one stage I think
we were ahead of them,

but then they just got it
right at the end.

Yeah, right.
They beat us by half a second,

If I knew they were signing

I could have literally read
what they were saying.

I had no idea
they were hand signing.

I could have seen them, but, like...

That's so smart.

JORDIE: Let's get some food.
I'm starving.

Let's get the fire going.

SIMON: George's head is definitely
on the chopping block tonight.

He's definitely the most strategic
person out here on this beach.

You know he's always working
one, two or three votes ahead.

And that is dangerous in itself.

Yeah? OK.

We have a tribe of nine. All I
need is five votes to go on George.

I've got myself, Jordie, Fraser
and Stevie as a tight four.

Having Gerry join our camp,

I thought he could be a number
for me.

But just seeing George already
talk to Gerry,

I don't really know
where his head's at.

Hey, Sarah.

Sarah is meant to be this
beauty queen with a savage side.

She might be a number I can use
as a vote.


He's royalty.

And I think that the only royalty
here is myself.

But anyways...
(LAUGHS) Yes, good.

In saying that,

he's tried to strategise with me
a little bit,

but I just know from previous
seasons he is a snake in the grass.

And as I like to say, I want to
step on snakes with a stiletto

and get rid of them out of here

Oh! Cold. I like that.

But it's true.
It's true.

We don't want them in our team.

So, that's where my head's at.

Love it. That's music to my ears.

I reckon it's a good plan.
Yep. Yep.

Sounds good.

She seems so lovely,
like she couldn't hurt a fly.

But then she comes out with
a savage attitude like that.

That makes five. That's majority.

We can send him home tonight.



There's gonna be a bit of fun
tonight, I know.

Yeah, it's all falling into place.

GEORGE: I'm always watching
what people do,

and I'm watching Simon scurrying
around to people individually,

and he's trying to get things going.

And I know that Simon's
been targeting me from the get go.


LIZ: Hello, George.
What have you got for us?

What bothers me about Simon
is he only does it to me,

but he talks down to me.

He doesn't treat me
as one of the guys.

I think he's still holding on
from, like, your baggage.

The baggage is I went further
than him in the game,

and he needs to just get over it.

So given that he constantly
just talks down to me,

if - IF - the magical numbers
came to get rid of him,

I would not hesitate.

I'm in a block of four -
myself, Shonee, Liz and Sarah.

The magic number at tonight's
Tribal Council is five.

Now that Gerry's come on the tribe,
that's a majority.

So I was having a chat with Liz
about what we do,

given that we have a majority
in this tribe now.

Yeah, but you think that.

But I think Sarah's
more with the guys than us.

She'll go to whatever benefits her.


I don't know why Sarah's decided
to leave my protection for Simon.

As a king, I protect my subjects,
and Sarah was my subject.

Actually, yes.

And she has the gift of the gab.

If she makes it to tribe swap,

she can befriend and talk
to absolutely anyone.

Have you noticed
how well she speaks?

Also, she's so, like, well versed.


Her social game is very good.

I think it's Sarah.

Got it.

I'm cool.

I've got to watch my back for Sarah.

She's the beauty queen that pushed
another one down the stairs.

But tonight, I'm going to push
Sarah right back.

And I'm going to do everything
that I can

to make sure that Sarah
will go next and not me.


GEORGE: Let's go over here, Gerry.

The girls had a plan in motion.
GERRY: Yeah.

Shonee and Liz.

They thought that Sarah was getting
too close to Simon.

Yeah, yeah.

So I think that's the plan
that we're going to go with tonight.

Tonight, the person that needs
to go home is Sarah.

She fled from my kingdom,
and if she's willing to leave me,

she's not going to stay loyal
to the Villains at a tribe swap.

She'll run right down to those other
alpha males,

just like she did to Simon.

They won't have the chance
to get to know Sarah

because I'm going to push her
into the flames

of Tribal Council tonight.

We'll go with Sarah.

Simon's weakened if we have
another Tribal Council.
Yeah, yep.

And then me, you, Shonee and Liz
fight as a four.

Righto. OK.

Alright. OK. Well, Sarah it is.

All I need to do is get one
more vote and we are a majority.

What about Fraser? Do you reckon we
could pull Fraser over?

No, I don't think we can.

So Fraser's become too close
to Jordie and Simon.

Jordie, Fraser and Simon have been a
trio of three since the start

of this game.

Over the past couple of days

I've been building a relationship
with Jordie,

but it looks like he doesn't want
to detach from Simon.

Not yet.

So I have one option.

We must rope in Stevie,
because if it's the three old boys -

you, Steve and me - and we bind
with the two girls,

then we're in a comfortable majority.

Steve is a loyalty player,

but right now he's Steve,
the loyal ally of Simon.

Simon thinks that Steve
is his lapdog,

so I've got to work hard.

I'm going to flip Steve

so he starts working for me.

Why? Why Sarah?

Why are we picking on her?

I think it's the strategic option.



The benefit of the plan
of Sarah is this, Steve.

It's not you.

And then you survive to a tribe swap,

and then things can start happening,
you know?


Me and you are two votes.

Gerry is a third vote.

We are a bloc of three.

And together with the two girls,
then we don't have to worry.

100%, the Sarah discussion
is happening.


At this point,
I like working with Simon.

George, to me, is a huge threat
because of my deep respect for him

and his gameplay.

But now there'll be a lot
of deliberation on voting out Sarah.

I'm totally in confusion.

I'm not so sure what to do.


Things...things change here
every hour.

Yeah, it does.

I've had chats with two different
people, two of the hierarchy here.

So, uh, nobody tells me what to do.
I make my own mind.

It is a terribly difficult moment
for me to make this kind of voting

because from a strategic
point of view,

Sarah could be on my side

because I still want
to get rid of George.

He's a big threat.


SIMON: There's been a lot of
conversations in camp this afternoon,

and that makes me
a little bit nervous.

With a dangerous player
like George,

I know that I need to be so
calculated that when I strike,

it needs to be perfect.

I need to be sure I've got
the numbers to pull this off.

But before this vote, Sarah
has been closest to George,

so I still don't know if I can truly
trust Sarah yet.

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So, Gerry.


You've been on your new tribe
for two days now.

How's life with the Villains?

Um, pretty good. Settling in well.

I'm still trying
to find my feet.

But, yes, can't complain at all.

So, George, the Villains have lost
a lot of players so far.


What's it been like
having a new face at camp?

I think we all welcomed Gerry
with open arms,

and I feel like Gerry
is one of us.

The Heroes are the ones
that sent Gerry down that path

and every single person here
has had good chats with Gerry.

And we all like Gerry.

Unlike the Heroes.

But Shonee, can a hero really fit in
with a tribe of villains?


We're all lovely villains, Jonathan.

The Heroes are just villains
pretending to be heroes.

And we're just the Villains
being a little bit villainous.

I like that.

So George, a new friend could become
a new number.

Is Gerry's arrival an opportunity?

Sometimes you find your own tribe.

The Survivor gods roll the dice
in a certain way,

and then the tribe
just comes right into your lap.

And that's what's happened
with Gerry.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to
the next chapter in this game.

And when I'm making my decision
tonight, I'm telling myself,

"Who do I trust to stick loyal?

"And who do I think is going
to run off to the other side?"

And I think tonight is simply about

who can I trust at a tribe swap
moving forward, and nothing else.

Simon, I see you nodding your head,

and I don't often see you
agreeing with George.


That is a good point.

But George does make a good point

is that as we move
into this next phase of the game,

you definitely want people
that you can trust.

Jordie, is that what tonight
is about? Trust?

In some ways, every vote's
about trust, you know?

Survivor's amazing because
it's made up of, like,

a hundred different decisions
each day.

And you've got to hope you're making
the right 100 each day.

Lately, because this tribe swap
is imminent, we've been...

Who says that? Who said so?

I didn't say so.
No, well...

But what we've been seeing,
you know, with changes happening,

like potential tribe swap,
Gerry rolling up,

you see people in their sort of...

There's a bit of movement around,
there's a bit of chaos,

and you can see people start to show
their true colours.

George, you agree?

I do. The Joker speaks
very wise words.

Stevie, this movement that Jordie
is talking about,

is it moving in the direction
that you want to see it going?

It's sort of, because I'm also
trying to solidify my own strategy.

You got to start trusting
some people

in order to get your battle plan
moving forward.

What's the point
of going to Survivor

if you're just going to hang out
and just have love in camp?

I'm trying to be as adaptive
as I can, but I have already decided

who I want the most trust with

And those people know
who I'm talking about.

So, Jordie, how much of tonight's
vote speaks to character?

Tonight's vote is actually
all based on character.

It's based on, perhaps,
someone who's...

..given off shifty vibes.

What about you, Sarah?

Do you think you've picked the right
people to work with tonight?

I believe I have.

I agree with everyone here
when they say

you need to move forward
with people that you trust.

So I'm going to show that
within my vote tonight.

And how confident are you that
the plan you think is going to happen

will happen tonight?


All I can say is,
let's see what happens.

Alright. Well, I think
it is time to vote.

Alright. Well,
I think it is time to vote.

Shonee, you're up.


The sweetest girl is always
the biggest threat.

I hope I never have to hear you
talk about politics ever again.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote.



It's one vote George,
one vote Sarah.


Two votes Sarah,
one vote George.


That's three votes Sarah,

one vote George.


That's four votes Sarah,

one vote George.

Fifth person voted out of
Heroes v Villains,


That's five votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Well played, guys.

Unlucky, Sarah.

Before I go, though, I do
need to tell you guys something.

So I didn't actually push
Miss Greece down the stairs.



I'm going to miss you guys.

Bye, Sarah.
See ya, Sars.

Sarah, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Bye, Sarah.

Ciao, Sarah.

This game is all about timing.

Move out of step with the tribe
and you might take the fall.

Grab your torches, head back camp.

Thank you for your wisdom again,

Any time.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

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GERRY: Today is actually D-Day.

We should all be worried.

I think there was two people
in charge here.

I think one being Simon
and one being George.

And I think they figured out
that I was working with both of them

and I couldn't be trustworthy.

you're a lovely girl.

But I just don't know where you sit

And I think that makes you a bit
of a flake in my books.

I think the claws
of the pageant world

compares nothing to the claws
of Survivor.

My one regret is trusting
a little too much.

That's something that,
it's a good lesson to learn

in the real world too.

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