Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - Episode #7.9 - full transcript

The game is well and truly underway, with one castaway deciding the time is right to start playing alliances off one another.

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With her mother no longer
in the game...

NINA: It's definitely tough,
but I thought to myself, screw it.

I'm gonna write her name down.

..Nina was ready to step
out of the Queen's shadow.

Writing my mom's name down,

I definitely think
I could add to my resume.

At the immunity challenge...

You guys got this.

..Red were determined to prove
they were stronger than ever.

Oh, no,
I've twisted the wrong way.

Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council!

At camp...

SOPHIE: This is where you've now
got to start thinking of threats.

Yeah, I know what I have to do.

..sisters Sophie and KJ
couldn't get on the same page.

I know that my name is going to be
written down tonight.

The only guarantee
is finding an idol.

She's not thinking, like,
if she looks for an idol,

everyone's gonna be like, alright,

we'll split the votes
and put votes on Kate.

And when KJ found herself a target...

It is guilt by association.

..she had to choose between her tribe
and her sister.

As her big sister,
my role is to protect her.

But like, how far do I go?

At tribal council...

I have nothing to lose anymore, Sam.
I have absolutely...

No, no, no, but my point is...
I know, just leave it.

..I have nothing to lose.

..KJ made the
heartbreaking decision...

Sophie. send her little sister home.

Sophie, the tribe has spoken.

Thank you.

Bye, guys.

I love you.

17 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


KJ: Tribal tonight was heartbreaking

because my little sister went home

and I played a part in that

And it was one of the hardest
decisions I've ever had to make.

It was self-preservation,
it was selfish.

This game is brutal.

I hope that she understands.

I hope she forgives me.

Because I really want to keep playing
this game for both of us.

Like, I'm so proud of her.

I'm more proud of her than
I am of myself.


CHRISSY: You feeling alright?

JESSE: Alright.
Alright? Last night... what it is.

SAM: Last night at tribal council,
we eliminated Sophie from our tribe.


It's gonna be interesting to see
what kind of relationship

I can have with KJ considering
the fact that it was definitely

an agenda of mine
voting her sister out of this game.



Worst case scenario,
I can do two before it gets bad.


I think she's pretty honest.


I'm not sure.






I like Khanh.

I've enjoyed playing and working
with him and we have conversations

where we can talk strategically
and I enjoy it.

Survivor is filled with threats.

An idol in the possession of Khanh
is a threat to my game.

It can be an asset but most likely
it's gonna be a threat.

I'm willing to use pretty much
anything to get ahead in the game.

And as much as it breaks my heart,

it's up to me
to play the best game that I can.

Question is,
who is the first target?


I woke up and something was itching
and then when I moved my strap

it was so swollen
I could feel where my strap was,

and it feels like a bunch
of little dots.

It got both of us.

I didn't feel anything biting much
but last night was...

Survivor's rough, mate, isn't it?

AMY: So I'm here on my new tribe
now, Red 2.0,

and I've landed myself in a
tricky spot come tribe swap.

There's six original Blue
and only three original Red -

me, Jordan and David.

With this new tribe, it's really hard
to tell where the dynamics are.

Honestly, I really don't know.

It's not like my old tribe at all.

Honestly, I am feeling quite on the
outs at the moment in our tribe.

Yeah, it was a little bit stressful
swapping camps.

You get your little routine
in one place,

then you come over and, like...

You've got to be careful.

Were you very tight with Jordie...

..Jordan before?

Yeah, me, Sammy and Jordan.

Oh, yeah. That's good.

He's a good guy.

Yeah, he's good.

Jordan and I get along really well.

We built such a good relationship
coming from the old Red tribe.

We all thought
we were quite close to each other,

but things changed a lot
because since the tribe swap,

he's here with Josh, his cousin,
and they do everything together.

And I am not a part of that family.

Yeah, I think if you paired up,

like, you might feel like
you've got more protection

but I'm not sure if it's true.

But I don't think so.
I don't think so.

Day 19, feeling good.

I've got, you know, a pretty strong
alliance in a new tribe

and I'm with my cousin
early in the game.

I'm pretty happy.

Being with my cousin,
some people may see it as a threat.

Also my game is now
having to change.

I've been playing a subtle,
you know,

low-key sort of game trying to fly
under the radar a little bit.

But I know that when the time comes
and you have to take control,

I take control.

As a pilot you've always got
to have a plan B and C.

I've played my whole game that way.

Flying and aviation has taught me
how to think strategically.

I don't think there's any situation
in life where you've got an excuse

to be unprepared
if you know what's coming up.

A good captain relies on
good team members to win.

I'm with Jordan, my cousin,
sitting in the first officer's seat.

The next destination is merge.

So my gameplay is try and find
another partner,

another set of eyes and ears
out here.

Maybe someone from my old Blue tribe
I was already tight with.


Yeah, I think...


I trust Josh the most.

I feel like he's serious
and he's straightforward.

We're actually in tune with
a lot of our strategic thoughts.

Right now, I think the power sits
with Josh and Jordan.

So them being such a power couple,
nobody's gonna get in between them.

So right now I really want to work
with Josh,

but I am here to play my own game,

I don't care the consequences
or what I have to do.

I'm happy to be Josh's number two
for now.

For now.

Come on in!

Red getting your first look
at the new Blue tribe.

Sophie voted out at last night's
tribal council.

Hey, you.

So, Jordie, what do you think of
blue's decision to vote out, Sophie?

You know, well, I'm not surprised.

Yeah, there was a couple of rumours
getting around

that she was a bit of hard work
around the joint.



She went out with grace and dignity.

It was a big night for all of us,
including you.

I think I'm off
the Christmas card list.

For us, it's just a fresh start.

It's onwards and forwards for
our tribe, and that's what we need.

Well, Nina,
you just went through this.

Can you empathise with KJ?

Because when there's
somebody else there

you're constantly worried about,

it's like you can't really
focus on your own thing.

But the second they're gone
it's bittersweet

because you wish
they were still here.

But now you have, like,
this free space in your mind.

Alright, are you ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

For today's challenge, you're gonna
face off one on one on a pontoon.

You will each hold onto a pole

and attempt to pull it far enough

to knock a person from
the other tribe off a small perch.

First to do so
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know you're playing for?

Winning tribe will enjoy...
Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos. and chips.


Chrissy, is that worth playing for?
Let's go, let's go.

You're like speechless right now,

I said it. Everyone else,
"Nah, nah, nah. Barbecue."

I'm like,
"It's fish and chips coming in."

There you have it.

Alright, Red, you have an extra
player, you need to sit someone out.

You know, the drill -

cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Alright, Juicy's on the bench.


A minute to strategise.
Let's get to it.

Alright, first round is for the men.

Red, who are you putting up?


And Jordie. Blue?


..and Jesse.

I like it. Come on up.

Mark's in.

He's like Wolverine now.


Wish I'd left me shirt on.

Let's go, Marky.

Alright, first round,
we have Mark and Jordie for Red

taking on Croc and Jesse for Blue.

Kong versus Zilla, the sequel.

Survivors, ready?
Go, Mark.

Go, Mark!

The goal is to pull the pole
far enough to knock the other tribe

off their perch.

Mark going for Jesse,
and Croc for Jordie.

Both boys are digging in.

All the brothers can do
is stand their ground and pray.

Mark really digging in.

Who's going to make the first move?

Big tug on his pole for Mark.

That's it, Croc!

Croc fighting back.

Go, Marky! Go, mate!

Croc changing his grip on his pole.

Will that help?

Mark digging in.

Traction of your elbow to your leg.

Trying to wear out Croc.
Elbow to your leg.


Big pull from Mark!

Pulling furiously on his pole.
Getting close!

Can Marky finish him off?

Croc slipping on his pole again.

So close for Red.

And that's it!
Red takes the first point!

Red leads, one-zip.

Good job. Great job.

Good job, boys.

Alright, next round
is for the women.

Blue, who are you putting up?

Sam and Chrissy, Red.


Mel and Shay. Alright.

Let's go.

Lock in.
Mm, mm.


Alright, next round we have
Shay and Mel for Red,

taking on Sam and Chrissy for Blue.

Chrissy's been dreaming
about fish and chips.

Fish and chips, Aunty.

She can taste it right here.

Survivors, ready?

Go, Mel!


Lock it in!

Both evenly matched back and forth.


..getting a little ground on Chrissy.

Chrissy not giving up,

really fighting back.

Lock it in! Lock it in!

Good, Mel. Yay! Good, Mel. Yay!

Big tug from Chrissy. She gets close.

Can she knock Shay in?

So close. Mel giving it everything.


Chrissy can taste
those fish and chips.

She would love to get this reward.

Can she do it?

Another tug and it's over.

It's knocked Shay in, and that's it!

Chrissy putting Blue on the board.

We are tied 1-1!

Alright, next round is mixed.

We have KJ and Ben for Blue.
Man, look at how skinny he is.

Ben's legs are so skinny right now.

Taking on Amy and Josh for Red.

Survivors, ready?

It's all you, Joshy.


Ben has a definite
height advantage here.

Will that help?

Josh has locked in.

Big pull from Ben.

But Josh is holding him off.
Keep it going, keep it going.

Josh digging deep.

KJ can't bear to look,

but she also cannot look away.

Another big tug on his pole from Ben.

Keep going!

Ben furiously tugging on his pole.

Big tug from Ben!

Amy looks terrified.
Josh is struggling.

Really fighting back.

Josh giving it everything.

Pulling it back into the middle.

Wow. Back and forth.

Ben getting close again.

Amy can feel it coming.

She's not happy.

Just touching her shoulder.
Can he do it?

Oh, no! Big tug from Josh!

And Josh takes it out of nowhere!


Argh! (BLEEP)

Red leads 2-1!

Well done.

What a battle.

You're our hero, Josh!

Alright, next round,

we have cousins,
Josh and Jordan for Red.

Go, cuz. Go hard, bro.

Taking on Khanh and Croc for Blue.

Come on, Croc. You've got it.

Red leads 2-1. We're playing
to three. Red can win it right here.

Go, Jordan. This is the animal, man.

Work off the ramp, Jordan.
The beast of the jungle.

Right in close.

Survivors, ready?


Both boys sizing each other up.

Who's going to make the first move?

Jordan makes a break for it.

But the Croc holding him off.

He's under, Michael! He's under!

Burst of energy from Croc.

He's starting to slip on the pole.

Jordan just digging deep.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Croc desperately
trying to hold him off!

Jordan gets closer. Can he do it?

Khanh leaning into it,
not going to give in that easily.

Giving Croc a chance.

Go, Croc! You've got it, Croc.
You've got it!

Big burst of energy from Croc,

catching Jordan off guard,
he loses some ground.

Go, Croc!

Yes, Croc!

Another bite from Croc.

Now it's leaning the other way.

Red had it in the bag,
but they've lost it.

Now Croc could be the hero here.

The pole is on Josh.

Josh trying to hold it off.

You've got him, you've got him!
Hold on! Hold on, Croc!

Jordan, hungry for victory,
gives it another tug.

Croc slipping on his pole again.

And that's it!


Jordan does it!

Taking reward for Red!

Bad luck, Croc. Bad luck.

Croc is not happy.

Red, congratulations,

your fish and chips will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Head out. Enjoy.


Alright, Blue, got nothing for you.

Head on out.

CHRISSY: I'm starving.

It feels like your stomach's eating
your entire body from the inside,

Like, my belly was like this big
when I came in.

Now I feel like
that's what I feed it.

Frail old corpse.

Please, sir... (LAUGHS)
..I want some more.

Oh, my gosh.


Look at this!

Are you kidding?

Walking into the reward,
all you see is, like, so much food.

You beauty!


It's definitely an Aussie staple,
the old fish and chips.

Got chippies!

And being someone who's been vegan
for almost six years

and just started eating fish

I just wanted some calories
in my mouth.

There was no time for cutlery,

I put that fish right down my throat.

Go, go, go!

Oh, my God, it's got sauce on it.

This win boosts morale like no other.

Just sitting there
and having a laugh over food

and watching Jordie do stupid tricks.


Oh, yeah, swallow, swallow.
Don't swallow.

Why so rough?

Like, it's nice to enjoy
each other's company

and feel a real connection
in the tribe.

Yee-hoo! Hey!

Good one.

JOSH: After the fish and chip reward,
I'm pretty quiet.

I haven't been able to stop thinking
about the game the whole time.

You always have to be thinking
one, two, three moves

ahead of your opponent.


MARK: Up top.


I think I'm getting burnt up there.

Mel, she's not physically as strong
as other members of our tribe.

I think she's the type of player

that is just trying
to coast through the game

and, you know, latch on to someone.

She's latched right on to Mark
right now.

What's that?



My game plans is just to stay strong
with our alliance

so we're working towards
getting to merge

and getting out a few members

that I just don't click with
as well socially

and won't really help us
in challenges.

Oh, yeah.

I've got my cabin crew ready.

With the strong alliance that I have

and the connections I have
at Blood 2.0,

I know that I can take control
of the situation

and make sure the vote goes
in the direction that I want.

That was good.


Got our whole life
to eat fish and chips.

We don't have our whole life
to eat you up.


Right now,
we have lost the last immunity

and we didn't win reward.


If this continues,
we could be in trouble.

And I don't wanna keep losing reward

'cause that's where you get
that energy that you need from.

Just hard 'cause you're tired,
you're hungry, you're irrational,

you haven't slept.

And you don't wanna bark on,
like, it's a once-in-a-lifetime

but Christ...

Do you know what,
the hardest thing for me,

it's been 19 days
without seeing my babies.

It's starting to get
a little bit real.

I'm tired, man.

You look good.
Do I?

Don't look tired.
(SCOFFS) I feel tired.

From...the challenge or...?
Yeah. Just everything.

Mental, physical, emotional.

I've sacrificed a crapload
to be here.

My kids are at home without their
mum, hubby's at home by himself.

Just so lonely
and I'm so sad that he's not here.

It's nothing like I thought it
was gonna be. (CHUCKLES WRYLY)

I didn't think it would be this hard.

I know I just need to worry
about myself, stop self-doubting...

..and, like, find the GOOD...
in today.

KHANH: The vibe around camp
is very sombre.

I think people are really sad.

Do you know what?
This is the lowest I've ever seen
morale in the Blue tribe.

Especially when it's not
an elimination.

It's not like we've lost immunity.


I'm actually not missing anything.

I don't really care about the reward
right now. I want to be safe.

If we can win one or two immunities,

I should be safe enough
'cause I've got an idol.

I should be OK to get into merge.

But you know
what's really interesting,

at this point in the game,

sometimes losing a reward
is what you kind of need... figure out
who's not feeling great,

who is a bit worried.

So that you can try
and push them out.



Ben's really annoyed. Ben's...

..really harsh on himself.

CHRISSY: You gotta calm down, Benny,
on your anger when you finish.

You're fine.'re so disappointed
in yourself,

you're in it way longer than
anyone else could have been.


World's biggest critic is myself.

I know and I get that,
but if that energy comes off...

You know what I mean?
Like, you gotta be our rock.


Oh. I just like control.

I'm here to play Survivor
'cause I wanna play Survivor.

And, like, this is so cool.

It's ridiculous,
like, it's day 19 and I'm still here.

And I have an idol.

But we need to win
the next immunity challenge,

then I get to keep my idol safe
for another vote.

I just wanna hold onto it.

Come on in!

Jordan, your tribe has won
the last two challenges.

Is Red on a tear right now?

Yeah, we've had some good success
in the last challenges.

I think we are on
a bit of a tear at the moment.

Like, pretty confident.

And after a big feed as well,
like, we're feeling pretty good.

Well, Ben, usually you want
your loved one to succeed in life.

But if Shay, and Red,
go on a winning streak,

that could be bad news for you.

It would be bad news for everybody
on the Blue tribe, Jonathan.

But, look, I'm glad
Jordan got a feed finally,

and I'm glad that she's got
a belly full of food

and everyone over there
is ready to rumble,

because we're ready to take it
to the next level today.

Well, on that note, are you ready
to get to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

First things first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

one at a time,
you're going to use a long pole

to carry spools
across a trip obstacle

and attempt to stack them at the end.

if you hit the obstacle to hard...

..your stack will fall...

..and you'll need to start again.

First tribe to stack
all eight spools...

..wins immunity - safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,
where somebody's going to become

the eighth person
voted out of this game.

Red, you have an extra player -
you need to sit someone out.

It cannot be Juicy -
he sat out yesterday.

OK, we've got it.

I'm very clumsy, Jonathan.

Mel, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, let's get it on.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


Let's go, Amy.
Come on, Amy.

Amy, first on the course for Red.

Nice, Michelle.
Michelle for Blue.

Both pick up that spool
with their long pole.

Good, Michelle.

Making their way
across the trip obstacle.

Well done, Amy.

Those small feet - advantage.

Nicely done.

Placing your spool
is only half the battle -

now you need to get all the way back
without rocking the boat.

Good job. Great job, Amy.
That was awesome.


Shay, next on the course for Red.

Watch the chain. Watch the chain.
Chain. Watch the chain.

Michelle, slowly
working her way back for Blue.

Go get it. Go get it.
Good job.

Good girl.
Go, Sammy.

Sam, coming out now for Blue.

Shay, placing Red's second spool.

Nicely done.

Focus, Shay. Focus.

Watch the chain. That's it.
Watch the chain, Focus.

Perfect, Sam. Perfect run.
Right in the middle.

Sam places the second spool
for Blue, and she's heading back.

Good job.

This challenge, it's all about
balance, patience.

Jordie, with the fifth spool for Red.

Straight, straight, straight.

Good job, Chrissy!

Chrissy, coming in now
with the fifth one for Blue.

She does it.

She starts heading back.

Jordan, coming out now
with the sixth spool for Red.

Red still have a lead.

It takes a lot of energy
to high-step through that obstacle.


Can they keep this up?

Jordan, really slowing things down.

Does not want to risk that stack.

Jesse, on the course now
with the sixth spool for Blue.

Big steps.
There you go. Zig-zag. Zig-zag.

OK, steady, steady.

Jordan hits the obstacle.

The stack wobbles...

Nah, nah. All good.
OK, steady, steady.

Stay still.
Let it balance.

..but it doesn't go down.

That was close!

Allowing Jesse to catch up.

OK, steady, steady, steady.

Red had a lead,
but now we are neck and neck.

Careful here. Take your time here.

Nah, that's good. Good, Jordie.
Good, Jordie. That's good, Jordie.

Jordan, placing the sixth
out of the eight spools for Red.

Take your time.
Take it nice and easy, mate.

We've got the lead.
Easy, Jordan.


That is a huge disaster for Red.

Run, run, run, run!
They have to start again.

Sorry, guys.

Jesse does not want
to risk that stack.

Blue have the lead now,

with six spools.

No rush, no rush.

They're five behind. It's alright.

Jesse really taking his time.

Does not want to mess up
at this stage.

David, coming out now for Red.

They really need to pick up the pace.

Try and restack.

Catch Blue.

Good boy.

Or they have to hope
for a disaster from Blue.

Take your time, Croc.

Croc, on the course now for Blue.

Taking his time.

Those big feet
will be a disadvantage.

Slow is smooth,
smooth is fast, alright?

Really slowing things down.

Mark, on the course now for Red.

Pressure is on him
to pick up the pace.

But he also has big feet.

Rivals Mark and Croc going up
against each other again.

Mark really focusing.

That's good, Mark.

Coming in with the third spool
for Red.

Meanwhile, Croc, going to place
that seventh spool.

Does not want to screw it up now.

Mark really focusing.

Croc coming back in stealth mode,
setting up the kill for Ben.

Not a race, Croc.

Go forward. Go forward.
Get your feet, alright?

Get your feet.

Blue have seven spools in place,

Red, only three.

Croc taking his time.

Croc, trying to get back

without making a mistake.

20 days out here, taking its toll.

Blue missed out
on that reward yesterday.

Watch the shinnies.

Not much in the tank.

Amy, coming back out for Red.

That's great, Amy. Awesome, Amy.

Working quickly.

Those small feet - advantage.

Great, Amy. Great.

Placing the fourth spool.

That's great, Amy. Awesome, Amy.

Meanwhile, Ben
coming out on the course

with the final spool for Blue.

It's all good.

He has long legs.

This is going to help him
get through that obstacle.

But he also has big feet.

Nice and steady, big dog.
Big, deep breaths. Yeah, buddy.


Ben takes a big breath.

Does not want
to lose that stack now.

Places the eighth spool.

Yeah, bruh. Nice and slow now.

He needs to get all the way
back to the start...

..for this to count.

Red are hoping
for a disaster from Blue.

Ben thinks he has it in the bag.

Almost there.

And that is it!

Blue wins immunity,
sending Red to tribal council.

OK, bruh. Nicely done.

Good job, guys. Good job.
Well done, bro.

Blue, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Thank you so much, Jonathan.
Thank you.

You're safe, nobody going home.
Grab your gear, head on out.

Enjoy your evening off.

Jordan, tough loss?

Yeah, that was pretty rough, mate.

Especially because it's my fault,
so... Yeah, that one hurts.

Alright, Red,
tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become

the eighth person voted out
of Blood V Water.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you tonight.

I am not looking forward to
head back to tribal council tonight.

I'm feeling really shitty.

At the end of the day,

Jordan was the one
that knocked the blocks down.

Honestly, if it's up to me,

he's going to be the one
going home tonight.


Very unlucky.

Yeah. I'm pretty flat.

It's never good
heading into tribal.

And when you've had a major part
in the team going there,

you know, you don't feel great.

Uh, definitely feeling vulnerable.

With my old tribe, I was in
the majority alliance from day one.

Where I am now, I'm in the majority
alliance by association to Josh.

You know, he's got the relationships
with his former Blues.

It doesn't necessarily mean
that they're...they're tight with me.

I need to trust

that Josh has built strong enough
relationships to save me.

JOSH: So, to keep Jordan
out of the firing line right now,

the plan tonight is to target Mel.


Mel, you know, is lovely,

but she's probably not the strongest
in challenges.

At the same time, she's trying
to play, like, a middle game,

fly under the radar and she's not
really committing to anything.

She's not giving us any
indication of where she sits.

And I know my old Blue tribe
members, we all have the same idea.

She never commits to anything and
that's going to get her in trouble.

JORDAN: Even though
we've already got a majority

because I am so tight with Amy,

I just want to speak to her
and let her know what's going on.

AMY: So, the vibe amongst
the Red tribe is quite funny.

I feel like Josh and Jordan are kind
of running the show on our tribe.

But that's not for me.

Jordan and I
actually were really close.

But since the tribe swap,
I don't know if I can trust him.

I feel like
it's time to split up the couple.

I want Jordan to go home tonight.

Even though I was close with him,

you've got to do what you got to do.

Do you want me to do your back?

My back? Yeah.

Can you do mine?


Obviously, I do need numbers to
be able to pull off this big move.

I just need to convince the ones
sitting on the outer.

Because Jordan is also a threat.


(SIGHS) Lucky you're only little.



I think this is the perfect time
to do Jordan now.

Me, you...

It's definitely going to be
difficult to convince Shay.

Shay and Josh are super tight,

but I think Shay will understand
why we want to get Jordan out.

I trust you. Yeah.


You obviously can't trust people
so much in Survivor.

It's a game of lies and deceit,

but I do think that we'll be able
to pull this move off.

I was just saying down there,

it's been it's been a good day.
You know?


I feel like myself and Jordan,
we're in a pretty solid position.

But, you know, as a pilot,

you've always got to have control
of the aircraft at all times

watching what's happening.

There's always that chance

that there's more going on under
the surface than I'm aware of.

I don't know why, but Amy has just
thrown herself under the bus.


If you come for me or my cousin,
we will make you pay

and we'll make you pay
pretty quickly.



JORDAN: Hearing your name
before trial does put you on edge.

You can't trust anyone.

This is the game
that brings out the feelings,

it brings out liars, everything.

But, you know,
this is Blood V Water,

so I'm very fortunate
that I'm playing with Josh.

He is the only one I can trust.


Done deal.

I'm still
in a dangerous situation here.

I could go home, so we need the
numbers now to get the votes on Amy.


I don't want to show
that I'm nervous.

I need to have full trust
in my alliance.

Loyalty and trust
is all you have in this game.

If you're loyal to certain people,
they'll take you far in this game.

But, you know, if you start
burning that, you're going home.


NINA: I actually find that

Try and get original Blue

to vote for Amy.

My plan going in tonight,
was getting rid of Mel,

but now Amy was brought up
because Amy has brought up Jordan.

I thought Jordan and her
were working together.

So it seems like Amy brings
up Jordan, so Jordan brings up Amy.

Everybody seems to be OK
with me joining their conversation,

which is a really good sign.

And so now
two plans have been presented.

Neither one of them
were going to be my plan,

but they're still
really good options.

It's an intriguing idea because
I do want to be Josh's number one

and how can I be his number one
if his cousin's there?

Jordan has more influence with Josh
than I do.

At some point, Jordan has to go.

Do I do something about that now,

or do I do something about that

And that's kind of, like,
my internal conflict right now.



Are they?

JORDAN: There's a lot at stake

My name was getting thrown
around from Amy.

Yeah, I'm pretty nervous,

and I just have to trust
in Joshua's alliance

Or I could be going home.

I'm pretty sure it's simple enough.

I've rounded up enough votes
to get Jordan out.

we can expect a crazy blindside.

To be a swing vote
is great for me

because I've got two
really good options tonight -

Amy and Jordan.

I want to say it's 50-50
between the two.

I have to weigh out all my options,

because who knows what might happen
in the future,

this could be
a really, really big decision.

JONATHAN: Go beyond the game

and jury villa at:

or on the 10play app.

We meet again.

Too often.

Jordan, you clearly were unhappy
with your performance today

and felt responsible for the loss.

Do you think that puts you
in the hot seat tonight?

Well, yeah, you never know,
you know, like,

you know, I did play a major part
in why we're here

and just don't know
what people are thinking.

But, Josh, last time you were here,
you said it was important

to keep the tribe strong
for challenges.

How do you think
that's working out so far?

Yeah, I still stick to that.

You look
at Jordan's past performances,

I don't think you can rule him out,

you know,
because he knocked the tower over.

I mean, Amy today was the star
of that challenge in my eyes.

She was, in my eyes, the quickest
one, showed us all the way.

Nailed it.

Josh, would you agree with David
that Amy is an asset?

Yeah, of course.

Everyone has their strength,

and again,
all the challenges are different,

and it's not always
just about challenges,

it's about the social game.

That's the main thing
is the social game.

You have to decide
whether you want to move forward

with people
that, yes, you can trust,

but you enjoy spending time with
as well.

So, Amy, you've had some more time
to get to know everyone

since the swap.

Do you feel like you've had a chance
to make new relationships?

Well, yeah, I found myself
in a pretty tricky situation

when it, you know,
when the tribe swapped.

But I've had a few really good days
with these people,

and I hope that they're not
going to be targeting me tonight.

In order to win this game,
you really need a resume.

And to have a resume,
you need to make moves.

So when is the right time to start
making moves in this game?

It's always the right time to start
making moves, you know, don't want
to be just sitting there

and just following
what other people do.

You should be making moves,
you should be taking risk...

..because if you're not,
why are you here?

Well, Nina,
your mother's parting words

were make sure that you make moves
that are best for you,

not someone else.

I agree with it 100%.

I think sometimes when somebody
has a really good argument,

it clouds your judgement
on what you actually want to do.

But then again, it can also
open your eyes to something

you didn't think about.

My main thing are alliances
and how big or little they may be,

whether it's because somebody
is an individual

or somebody is in a partnership

and how strong
that partnership may be.

Yeah, there's a lot to think about.

MEL: You've got to think
about the big picture.

You've got to think beyond
the, like, this tribe

and think about
a potential merger...

..and who's a threat
when the tribes merge.

So, Amy, what kind of other things
are you considering at merge?

You know, you've got to think about
how some people

will be like when they play
with their loved one

or if they play individually.

Nina, what kind of things
are you considering

when you get to merge,

How many individuals are there?

Will there be a majority in couples,
a majority in individuals?

Who's willing to work with who?

Who have we seen bonding,
not bonding?

So, Josh, what's the vote about
tonight for you?

Staying true to the conversations

that I've had with the people
that I've worked with previously.

They've never led me astray,

and I put trust in them
that they won't tonight.

You know, I'm a very loyal person
and I can tell that, you know,

a lot of these guys
are very loyal as well.

So I'm sticking to the plan

and I'm sure they'll stick
to the plan as well.

So, Nina,
what's the vote about for you?

There was a lot of really good ideas
put out today.

And I know who I want
to wake up with tomorrow.

And that's going to be my choice.

Alright. Well, I guess
we're about to find out.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Jordan, you're up.

Maybe you should get some
cooking lessons from your brother.

You've burned yourself hard.

You being here with Josh
is too much of a threat for me.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jordan.



That's two votes, Amy,
one vote, Jordan.



We're tied. Two votes, Amy,
two votes, Mel, one vote, Jordan.

Amy. That's three votes, Amy,
two votes, Mel, one vote, Jordan.


Four votes, Amy, two votes, Mel,
one vote, Jordan.

Eighth person voted out
of Blood V Water, Amy.

That's five votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Have fun on the outside,
eat all the food.

Amy, the tribe has spoken.

Have fun, guys.
Bye, Amy.

Tell Khahn I love him.

We will.
We will.

Oh, Khahn's face tomorrow.
Oh, God.

I don't want to look at him.

Well, maybe you know
who you want to wake up next to,

but if your eyes are closed, you
might be sleeping with the enemy.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

Amy voted out
in last night's tribal council.

..Khanh is out for blood.

KHANH: Revenge is a dish
best served cold.

Hopefully, everyone's
packed their snow gear

because there's a blizzard coming.


And as the competition heats up...

Go, go, go, go.

Go, Nina.

Is she OK?

Is she OK?

..could this be the end
for one of the biggest players?

NINA: I don't want to go out like
this. I feel like I could win it.

I have just been
completely blindsided.

I honestly thought I had Jordan.

I don't know what happened.
I don't know what went wrong.

I applaud you
for wanting to make big moves,

but not when it's against the people
that I want to be aligned with.

I think my tribe definitely
did make a mistake voting me tonight

because Jordan and Josh
are very strong together.

My message for Khanh

is that you better win this thing
and I'll see you at the very end.