Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Episode #7.10 - full transcript

It's another epic reward challenge, this time for a picnic with all the trimmings, and while the winning Tribe is ecstatic, one Castaway is nursing an injury.

on Australian Survivor...

..the battle of Blood V Water

raged on...

Go! Give it some, Benny!
Go, Josh! cousins Josh and Jordan
were a force to be reckoned with.

Go! Go! Go!

Jordan does it,
taking reward for Red!

But at the immunity challenge...

Steady, steady, steady.
Beautiful, Kid.

..things came crashing down...

Take your time.

..and Blue tipped the scales
in their favour.

Nice and steady, big dog.
Big deep breaths. Yeah, buddy!

Blue wins immunity,
sending Red to tribal council.

At camp...

..Amy was gathering
the numbers to blindside Jordan.

But when Shay told Josh the plan...

..Amy became the target.

And Nina found herself
holding all the power.

At some point, Jordan has to go.

Yeah. I can confirm we have enough.

At tribal council...

There was a lot of really good ideas
put out today,

and I know who I want
to wake up with tomorrow.

..Nina stuck with her alliance...


..leaving Amy blindsided.

The tribe has spoken.

Tell Khanh I love him.

16 are left,

who will be going home tonight?

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KHANH: OK. Breakfast is up.

We have been here 21 days.
I worked it out. 21 times three.

It's, like,
66 meals of rice and beans.

The funniest thing is because
you've got to fake it to Khanh

because we've got to be grateful
that he's cooking

three meals a day
of rice and beans,

every day it looks worse.

So, every day this guy's
trying harder to get us to eat it.

Oh, come and smell this.

It started off on a leaf,
beautiful bed of rice,

some kidney beans
that looked like kidney beans.

And now it looked like
someone had had the runs.

I don't think it looks beautiful,
but it smells really yum.

It's getting wetter and darker
and less every day.




Let's get up and about today,
let's bloody cut sick.

Go off like a cut snake.

You slept well, huh?

You've got ash on your face.
You've got charcoal.

You've got charcoal over your face.

It looks like you just got done
eating, like, a chocolate cupcake

and you're just like...
Oh. I just brushed my teeth.

With charcoal.

So, we had a kind of crazy
tribal council last night.

It came down to my vote

and I decided to vote Amy out
and get rid of her.

I think I made the right choice
sticking with Josh.

I've got, like, a resting bitch
face. It looks angry.

Yeah, you're not, like,

But then after I was up that night
that you were talking to Mark

and then I kind of joined
the conversation, I was like...

I'm definitely in the majority
right now

amongst the big boys.

With Josh, I feel like I've built
really good trust with him.

But I want to remain in control,

and I feel like a lot of the guys
think they're in charge.

Shay's a weapon as well.

What do you think, Nina?

I'm considering it.

I'm more than willing to play
along with it,

but one thing I said to myself
was coming in here,

I would not allow anyone
to manipulate me.

And if I'm voting using my head,
I don't want Shay to go home.

I mean, Shay,
her endurance is insane,

like, she is the challenge beast.

She's so going to save it.
She saved it. She saved it.

Well done.

But also I feel like
she's almost a friend.

I say that lightly in this game,

She's really at the top of my list

of who I want to work with
when merge comes.

Oh! Jesus.


I thought I did it elegantly.

More point next time.

When people go to merge,

the big guys always go first
because they're the biggest target.

That's true.

So, the guys that we have
are very hardworking

and I feel like
we can use them as shields.

And that's actually really smart.

I hadn't considered the first person
to get voted off

would probably be Mark
if he doesn't win the first...

He's the biggest dude.
Everybody's intimidated by size.

I'm super focused
on the strategic side of this game

and I'm willing to do
whatever to win.

I'm here to play.
I'm here to get as far as possible.

I've been unhappy at my job
for over two years,

and I work in a processing plant
in accounting.

Nobody even cared
to get to know my name.

But I still push through

because money is my motivation
for a better life.

I do feel pressure to do well, not
just for myself, but for my mom.

I want her to know that she's taught
me a lot and that I can do this.

And right now, I actually feel
like I'm in a really good position.

I just need to make sure
that I have control over the votes

and think about
what's going to benefit my game.

So just really quick...

..I was just
trying to do the numbers.

Last night's tribal
had a few unexpected votes on Mel,

which is great for me
because I want her gone next.

I was thinking if we can,
maybe Shay, vote Mel.

Mel, she's smart,
she knows the game,

and that puts a target on her back,

I'm hoping to push her name,

so it's not Shay.



Happy anniversary. Three weeks.

Day 21 and the dynamics
are really shifting right now.

I'm in the majority with Sam

and power couple Chrissy and Croc,

which is a great place to be.

Then you've got KJ,
Michelle and Benny.

Whoo-hoo. She's high.

Getting higher.
It's getting higher.

We did it, team. We are literally...

So far, my strategy has been
to build genuine relationships

with everyone on this tribe.

But I think it's time to come out
swinging and make some big moves.

No matter where you go, I've won.

Well, anyway, it's best of three.

Coming into this game,
I was blown away

by how much people really assumed
because I was young

and they call me the Kid

that I really didn't know
about what was going on.

But little do they know

I've actually got a really strategic
mind for this game,

and I love this game
and I want to make big moves.

KHANH: As soon as it browns,
I'm just going to scrape it.

I'm not going to bother
getting pieces.

How are the beans?
Are you gonna check them?

Ever since day one,

I've been waiting for an opportunity
to get rid of Benny.

I always feel a little nervous.

You know, so often big guys
get booted around this time.

Always worried, but not too worried.

Benny is someone who's physically
very powerful and very threatening.

Plus his partner, Shay,
on the other side, she's dangerous.

She's good in challenges
and a threat in this game.

So we don't want them
to come together

and then really take control
of when it comes to merge.

There should be.

Wait, there's nothing in there.
No beans?

What's the rations?

Pop them in because we'll have them
for dinner if we get them on now.

It's an hour-45.

I've noticed that clearly,
particularly Benny and Croc,

the big boys are really feeling
the lack of food, and that excites me

because if they're weakened,
that means they're easier prey.

The last two days, it's just...

Oh, man.

I never go to sleep hungry or angry

and out here, I'm just...

Have you done both?


It's just killing me.
I know.

It's just really getting to me.

The longer we go without a feed,
the more Benny is handing me gold

because he's walking around camp,
he's complaining.

He's making a big fuss
about how he's not eating.

I have a moral dilemma. I'm going
to eat the whole thing myself.

You're not getting any.

Every night around camp,
he'll scrape the bottom of the pot

completely dry, meaning
we've got no crispies for dinner,

so every little thing he does

is beginning to rub people up
the wrong way.

And I'm sitting back
and I'm watching that

and I'm seeing people's minds tick.

I'm going to... You eat it.
You eat it.
It's hot.

Yeah. I'll wait a little bit.

This is an idea that we obviously
have to propose to everyone,

but basically I feel like
we may need to get Benny out.

To be honest, if I had my
dream scenario right now,

it would be Benny.

Benny's definitely a threat.

Got to get him out before merge.

There's only a few opportunities
to make these kind of moves

with so many people.

A little cheeky part of me

is flipping looking forward
to that moment

when Benny's just like,

and all of a sudden he realises he's
not the mastermind he thought he was.

I'm really excited because
I have an awesome opportunity

to make a really big move
in this game

and remove someone that talks about
how he's going to win this game

almost every day.

Little does he know
the young, 21-year-old,

the Kid,
is actually running this tribe.

Come on in.

Blue, getting your first
look at the new Red Tribe.

Amy voted out
at last night's tribal council.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good.


Khanh, what's the feeling
seeing that your sister's gone?

I don't know
what happened over there.

Obviously, I'm sad, but at the same
time, I'm super proud of my sister.

I think that Survivor
has made us closer...

even though... (VOICE CATCHES)

..we didn't get a chance
to play together.

But she's obviously feasting at home
right now, so super jealous of that.

So, I think she's going to be OK.

Sam, this might be Blood V Water,

but it's still Survivor.

How do you balance the game
with these real-life emotions?

I mean, there's so many things like,

I can't believe the anticipation
before you guys walk out

and you just want...

We've all felt it. Every single
one of us share that in common.

There's actually
a lot of commonalities

that we're all experiencing because
of this Blood V Water season.

Alright, you ready to get
to today's reward challenge?
ALL: Yeah.

Yeah, baby.

For today's challenge,

each tribe is going to be divided
into two teams.

On my go, one member from each team

will race down a slide,
grab a ball...

..and attempt to land it
in a net at the end.

First to do so
scores a point for their team.

First two teams to score two
baskets for their team win reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

Winning two teams will escape camp
for the afternoon

for a family picnic...

ALL: Oh...

..where you will enjoy quiche,
Greek salad,

crusty bread, cheese.

Worth playing for?
ALL: Yes.

Is that balsamic?
Yes. That is balsamic.

Does that make all the difference?

Oh, it's balsamic!

Now you're excited.

Alright. We'll draw for teams.
We'll get started.

Let's go, guys.

Yeah, I'm good.


Let's see who we have on the teams.

Light blue, we have Khanh,

Ben, Chrissy and KJ.

On Blue we have Michelle,

Jesse, Croc and Sam.

On Red we have Shay, Josh,

David and Mel

and on Pink we have Jordie, Mark,
Jordan and Nina.

Alright, so first rounds.

Pink, you get to pick first.

Yeah, you go first.

Mark's going up.





Light Blue? Ben.

Alright. Come on up. Let's go.

Booyah! How good's that? (CHUCKLES)

Alright, in the first round,

we have Ben for Light Blue,

Croc for Blue,

Josh for Red,

Mark for Pink.

Battle of the big boys.

Family slip and slide Survivor style.

Come on.

Survivors, ready?


Slip and slide about to turn savage.

Mark gets to the ball first,
Croc right behind him.

Mark has it, takes a shot.

And lands it for Pink!

Good one, Mark.

Just like that.

Pink taking the first point.

Far out.

Alright, Red,
who are you putting up?

OK. Mel. Blue?


Light Blue?

KJ. Pink?

Nina. Come on up.

Oh, I'm scared.

Let's go, Neens.

This is the worst part,
coming up here. Oh, God.

Oh, shit.

Alright, next round.

We have KJ for Light Blue,

Michelle for Blue,

Mel for Red and Nina for Pink.

Survivors, ready?


Mel gets there first.

Oh, a hard hit from Nina.

Folks, this is neck and neck.

They both miss.



Oh, no.

Take your time!

And Mel takes it for Red.

Is she OK? Is she OK?

Is she alright?
I hit my ankle.

I don't think I can walk on it.

Nina, are you OK?

Nina, what happened?
My ankle.


Which ankle? Which ankle?

Oh, dammit.

Come on, keep coming. Keep coming.

Alright. Medical.

Can we come in?

Tell me what happened.

When I landed in the water,
this foot got caught

and just completely twisted
that way.


I don't think I broke anything,
but it hurt.

Any pain here?


Should we see if he can stand up
on it?

Dr Moon?

At the moment,
Nina's twisted her ankle,

so we might have to wait and see
how she is over the coming hours,

for the next day or so.

Are you OK?

Alright, I'll leave you to it.


Moving forward.

OK, next round
we have Jordan for Pink,

Mel for Red,

Michelle for Blue,

Khanh for Light Blue.

We have a tie between Red...

Come on, Mel.
Mel, you got this.

..and Pink.

Go, Jordan.
Go, Jordan. All over it, mate.

Survivors, ready?


Jordan fast out of the gate.

he's all over the slide.

He gets his ball, hangs on to it.

Khanh catches his ball forward.

Jordan takes a shot, comes up short.

Khanh in on it now, almost.

Mel takes a wild shot.

Jordan takes a shot.

Good job, mate.

Jordan secures
the first spot for Pink.

Well, done, mate.

Great job winning. Winning.

Alright, next round.

Pink have secured a spot.

We're looking for one more.

And we have Dave for Red.

Red has one.
They can win it right here.

You got this.

Croc for Blue.

KJ for Light Blue.

Go, KJ!

Grab it.
Go, KJ!

Survivors, ready?


Croc comes down first.

He would love to get on the board.

Can he do it?

Go, Croccy!

Croc takes the first shot.
Oh, no, he's wide.

Juicy gets in there, he's wide.

KJ, it's netball. You've got this.

KJ's trying to get
some space in there.

It's tough with all those boys
flailing around.

Croc takes another shot.
Dave takes another shot.

Oh, just on the rim.

Take your time, Dave.
Plenty of time. Plenty of time.

David goes again.


And he does it!

Red wins the other spot
at the picnic.

I know. They're coming over.

Yeah, you want to get up?

Just so whenever we get out.
You good?


Red and Pink, congratulations,

your family picnic awaits you.
Head on out. Enjoy.

Nice balling. Nice balling with ya.


Thank you, Mark.

I'm super worried about this injury,

but I'm definitely trying to stay
level-headed right now,

especially in front of my tribe.

I hope it's not a big deal,
but I don't know.

We just have to wait and see.


There's grapes.

There's corn.
We've got heaps of stuff.

I can smell it.

Today, Red won reward.

And we won ourselves a picnic.
We were stoked.

Juicy Dave.

Good job. Good job.

Well done, everyone.

Anything you could imagine
at a picnic,

like just beautiful salads,
heaps of fruit, quiche.

Like, stunning.

Cheers, everyone.


Well done.
Well done, everyone.

Well done. Well done.

Good on you.
Bloody Red team.

What a team.

Oh, yes!

Where's the butter?

Oh, my God, a strawberry.

Oh, there's a raspberry.

Italian dressing?

Oh, my God.
I'm so happy.

Nina, I need you back again.


Save it for later.

I just love it when we get up
and everybody's like, "I feel good
today. We've got this,"

and then we actually do it.

I'm just making up the score now.

MARK: Oh, reward wins
are worth so much in the game

because you get food, you're able
to think straight for 24-48 hours.

You make better decisions.

It's team bonding.

And the final thing
is you can possibly recover

a clue or an advantage of some sort.

It just needs to be
one of the other tribe.

One of us. One of us.


If I find it,
I'm not telling anyone.

Once the information's out there,
that's valuable.

Someone will use it against you.

That's a clue
to a hidden immunity idol.

I got away with it completely
free of anyone seeing it.

This is a game changer.

I've come to win

and so everything I've done
is hinged off that one idea.

Now, I have a key to winning
the next phase of this game.

Did you find anything?

I saw Mark find a clue

and shove it in his shoe
pretending like nothing happened.

At this stage, I think he thinks

he's the only one
that knows about his clue.

I'm going to use that
for my advantage.

Can I swap the fruit
for that salad again?


I'm going to take some of this fruit.
Here. grab that.

Let's have the plate.

I hope you're enjoying your feed.
Oh, my God.

Jonathan's asked me
to make a reassessment of you

now there's been a bit of time
passed since your injuries.

Is that alright?
It is.

How is it feeling?

It's super tender,

but, like, I'm able to put
a little bit more weight on it.

Now, just relax your leg for me

Any pain running through here?


And you're OK along through here?

Excellent. And through there?

(MOANS) Yeah, that's tender.


And there's quite a lot of swelling
around here.

OK, so Nina, because of the pain

and where it's located,

it's very important that we actually
get it looked at with some imaging.

And some X-rays,

which means I'm going to have to
remove you from this reward.

I'm super worried, I hope it's not
a big deal, but I don't know.

I'll just give you a hand.

You want to take that?

Emotionally it's a lot,

but I'm definitely trying
to stay level-headed right now,

especially in front of my tribe,

because I don't really want
to concern anybody else

and not, like, distract them.

You'll be back.
You'll be back, Nina.

Enjoy, you guys.
Yep. See you soon.

But I don't want to be pulled
from the game.

I feel like I could win it.

I feel like
I could make it to the end

and I could have really good
arguments, a really decent resume.

I'm just starting to build it up.

And for this to come along,

if I'm able to come out of it,

that's just added to my resume

because we've seen so far

that injury doesn't necessarily
mean you're done

and I don't want to go
any time soon.

I want to make it to the end,

and I think that I've put myself

in such a great position
that I could do that.

Come on in.

Where's Nina?

So, as you all know,
Nina injured her ankle

at the challenge yesterday.

The medical team have reassessed
it after the challenge,

and they determined that she needed
further investigation.

Let's bring her in.

ALL: Oh, no.

I'm OK. Yeah. Watch your foot.
It's all good.

OK, so the medical team
have assessed you,

and they've diagnosed
an avulsion fracture.

What it means is that the ligament
that's attached to the bone

has come away and it's taken
a small piece of bone with it.

Now, while that injury by itself
is not a huge deal,

it could become an issue
down the road

if you don't get the right treatment.

Which is kind of impossible out here.

So unfortunately, the risk
is too great for you to continue.

And I'm sorry to say, but we're going
to have to pull you from the game.

Nina, are you OK?


I can't decide if this is worse
than being blindsided.


No, it is what it is,
can't do anything about it,

but it's just frustrating
that this is how I have to go out.

So, Nina, you've grown up watching
your mother play Survivor.

What did it mean to you
to come out here

and finally have the chance
to play yourself?

It means a lot, especially
with the people that I've been with.

I wish they were mean,
so this would be easier.

But I've actually really connected

with pretty much everybody
out here one way or another.

So, yeah, it just it means a lot,

and I wish if anything had happened
a little later.

But, you know,
I'll take what I was given

and these guys made this opportunity
and this experience,

like, even better
than I thought it was going to be.

So, yeah.

I could just hug you guys.

Losing Nina is a massive loss.

She's so smart, she knows
the game, she's lethal.

I do really feel for her.

(TEARFULLY) Chrissy...

I'll come and stay.

I know how much she wanted to play.

She's lived
in the shadow of her mother,

who's one of the best
Survivor players ever.

Nina was even better again,

so I feel like she really
didn't get to run her course.

Well, Nina, it has been an absolute
pleasure having you out here

playing Survivor with us,

but I have a feeling this is not
the last time we're going to see you

on Australian Survivor.

So let's get you out of here
and let's get you healed.

We love you.

Bye, guys. Kill it today.

Bye, Neens.

Bye. We love you.

Looking at my game overall,

I've actually surprised myself.

I know that I'll be remembered
for being determined

and being an unexpected
challenge beast

and just dominating at camp

And I was just so proud that I went
further than the queen of Survivor.

And while it's clear that this
has had a major impact on the tribe,

the game continues.

Shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

Khanh, thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna race through a mud pit

to clear a path through
a wall of hay bales,

allowing you to carry
a chariot to a tower,

where you will attempt to land
a monkey fist, releasing sandbags.

Finally, you'll fire those sandbags
from a slingshot

at a series of targets.

First tribe to knock down
all their targets wins immunity,

safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,
where somebody's gonna become

the ninth person voted out
of this game.

In addition...'ll also be playing for reward.


Oh, wow.

Want to know what you're playing for?


Winning tribe...

..will go back to camp
with an advantage in the game.


And you'll find out exactly what
this is when you get back to camp.

But trust me,
definitely worth playing for.

Blue, you now have an extra player.

You're going to need to sit someone
out. Who's it going to be?

I'll sit out this one.
Alright, Sam, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute to strategise
and we're gonna get to it.

Blood on three,
nice and loud. Ready?

One, two, three one.
ALL: Blood!


Alright, here we go.

For immunity. Survivors, ready.


Everybody charging up.

You can feel the adrenaline.

Ben, Mark helping everyone through.

Under the rope.
Straight through.

Everyone charging through
the mud pit,

and going through the wringer.

This is a perfect metaphor for
this season of Australian Survivor.

Nothing is easy out here,

and it's gonna knock the crap
out of you.

Red are through.
They start taking down their wall.

Mark smashing through that hay
like he's the Hulk.

Blue are good!

All the boys charging
that wall of hay.

Croc, Khanh, Jesse and Ben
picking their way through for blue.

Now you need to clear a path

that's wide enough for everyone
and the chariot to get through.

Josh tossing those bales
like they're made of air.


Red thinks they have enough room.

Jordie riding the chariot for red.

Brother Jesse riding
the chariot for blue.

Red have a slight lead.
Not much in it yet.

OK, are you ready, everyone?
On the hip, on the hip.

Now you need to move on
to the next stage...

Everyone happy?

..and start tossing
that monkey's fist.

You wanna hook it on that hitch.

When you do, you give it a pull
and that will release the sandbags.

Jordie has the first toss.

It's wide.

Brother Jesse tossing for blue.

Harder! You need to overshoot it.

There's definitely
a learning curve here.

It is a long throw.

Far out!

Rope management is key here.

You really want to keep
a light touch on that rope...

Far out! you let go of the monkey's fist.

Jesse lines it up. It's looking good!

And Jesse hooks it!

Big surprise. Pulls on it,
releasing the sandbags.

Alright, blue, you're good!

Let go of the rope.
Let go of the rope.

Now you need to come forward

and lift Jesse up to the tower.

We're good! Three, two, one.

Blue starting to pull away now.

Jesse goes up.
Now drop it down, guys.

Now you can collect
all those sandbags,

toss them down the chute.

A hundred sandbags in total.

Drop here. Drop here.

Jordie can feel the pressure.

Red continue to fall behind,
starting to look demoralised.

You've got it. You've got it, Jesse.

Blue starting to pull away now.

Got five more?
That's it.

Could make all the difference
in this challenge.

Blue have all their sandbags.

Now Jesse's gotta come down the rope,
back onto the chariot.

No, no, no. He's down. He's fine,
he's fine, he's fine.

Brace, brace, brace.

Let's go. Up.
Ready? Prepare to lift.

Red taking a break.

Switching positions on the chariot.

Come a bit closer, if you can, guys.

Jordie still trying to hook
that monkey's fist.

Sorry, guys.

A lot of pressure on Jordie.

He's got it hooked on the frame,
not where he wants it.

That's going to cost red
precious time.

Slowly down!
Three, two, one, down.

Meanwhile, blue is moving on
to the slingshot.

Blue continue to pull away.

Allowing blue to figure this one out.

Wait, wait. Three, two, one, up.

Everyone lifts it up.

Khanh on the chariot now.

OK, stay there.

Five targets in total.

Yeah, yeah.

Winds up the slingshot.
Ooh, it's heavy, guys.

Nah, you're good. Push back.

Your whole weight,
your whole weight.

Pulls it back.

Nice shot, but it goes long.

Come back a bit.

OK, OK, nah, got it. No, no, no,
stay there. Don't manoeuvre.

Every time you miss,

you give red an opportunity
to get back in this.


And Jordie does it! He hooks it.

Releases the sandbags. Come on, red,
you need to pick this up!

Let's go, let's go!


Work hard, work hard.

Jordie trying to work quickly
to pick up all those sandbags.



..Khanh getting close,
yet to connect.

Alright, Jordie coming down
now on the road.

Let's go, red, let's go. Let's go!

This would be a tremendous comeback.

They were so far behind
in this challenge.

Now we are neck and neck.

JOSH: Yeah, I'll have a shot.
I'll go.

Red getting in position
for the slingshot.

Josh in on the chariot now.

Now we have a challenge!

All targets still on the board.

Blue had a huge lead
in this challenge,

and we are neck and neck again.

It is now anyone's.

Who's going to take out
that first target?

Josh hit the frame
and knocks one down.

Red leads one-zip.

Red was so far behind
in this challenge

and now they're in the lead.

Yeah, we're good, we're good.
We're sweet.

Khanh feeling the pressure now.

KHANH: No pressure!
Keep having it.

Blue had all the time in the world
on these targets

and they cannot make it work.

Khanh connects!

We're now tied 1-1.

Not only immunity on the line today,
but also an advantage in the game.


And Josh connects again for red.
Red leads 2-1.


And Khanh hits another one,
tying it up again.

We're tied 2-2.

Josh connects again!

Alright, back to the left a touch.

Red leads 3-2.

And Khanh connects,
tying it up again. 3-3!

This challenge is so close.

Josh connects!

Red leads 4-3!

Josh could win it right here!

Josh lines up.

And Josh does it!

Winning it for red!

Red wins immunity, sending blue
to tribal council!

Red, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

You've also won an advantage.

There are very specific instructions
as to when you can read this.

Please be a good tribe
and follow them.

OK. Thank you. Thanks, guys.

Alright, you are safe.
Head on out. Enjoy.

Alright, blue, got nothing for you,

except a date with me
at tribal council.

Head on out. See you tonight.

JESSE: I was super grateful
that we lost.

I really didn't want to go
another two days in this game

without going to tribal because

I would really like to
get rid of Benny.

I want him gone before merge

because he's just
such a massive threat.

And if he reunites with Shay,
they'll be pretty much unstoppable.

BEN: Losing immunity challenges
is just like a twist of the knife.

It just plain old sucks.

Hard luck, everyone.

So sorry.

It is what it is.

We did so well.
We were so close.

We needed a bit of luck.


I mean, I guess let's just maybe

think a bit long-term, too,
about the people.

I think we stick to what we said.

We're essentially talking
about Khanh and Michelle.

BEN: Michelle, she's been the
weakest link at this stage in

and Khanh's a split vote
purely just to flush his idol.

Yeah, I think it's just,
like, the smart thing to do.

Alright, who's on who?

Benny's on Khanh, Mich is on Khanh,

and KJ's on Khanh,
and then the rest of us.

Then the rest can go...
Maybe Mich.


I'm feeling pretty good today
going into tribal council,

feeling like I'm somewhere
around the top.

Not calling the shots, but also not
getting the shots pointed at me.

So I'm feeling pretty good.

I feel like we make this decision
and then just chill.

That's it, yeah.
Yeah, sounds good.

Yeah, cool. Awesome. Done.

This is awesome.

Ben believes that the plan tonight
is to get Michelle out,

and he has no idea
what's coming tonight,

because we're about to bank
one of the biggest moves,

and that's on Benny.

Sammy, my right-hand,
has been on board with this plan

for a number of days now.

We're keeping the split votes
on Khanh

to potentially flush Khanh's idol,
but Benny does need to go.

He's going to get
completely blindsided.

He thinks Michelle will get
five votes,

but we're going to vote Benny out
instead of Michelle.

Yes, please.
All those bottles there.

Ha! There you go.

Well, looks like we're
getting voted out.

Clearly, there's a majority
I'm not aware of.

Jesse and I want Ben out.

He is a serious threat in this game.
He is stronger than all of us.

And so he needs to go before merge

allowing him to reunite
with his loved one.

In challenges Shay would be
too dangerous.

Gotta think long-term now.

I think we're all just going
hard on Benny, aren't we?

Are we going down that route?

Where does Croc sit on it?

Well, he's close to Benny...

I think he understands
because he knows

that a big boy is going to go,

and if it's not Benny,
then he's going to be worried.

Just full stop, it's Benny.

I'm just not sure
how you're meant to...

Like, if he's going to say,
"Who's my vote for,"

we've got to use someone's name.

Oh, yes.

Everyone forgets about it.

I have a really public idol.

I've had it for 16 or 17 days now,

and no-one's flushed it yet.

I just want to hold on to it
because I don't want to go home

and I want to keep my idol.

Can we just all agree that we're not
actually flushing my idol, right?

Yeah, cool.

Are you are you on board that we're
not actually flushing my idol?

Yeah, cool.

So the real vote is Benny,
the lie is that it's me.

Yes, done.

Don't say a word.

I really think there's something up
near that watering hole.

I would go with plan A,
so go Michelle.

I think it's just, like,
the smart thing to do.


From day one, Benny was really
on my radar as an enemy

that I want to keep close
to feel like we're friends,

and I've managed to do that.

Do you feel bad from time to time?

Like, we literally did a pros
and cons list about someone.

Like, it's going to come down to
it being me and/or you as well.


I don't want to think about
that day, but.

You've just got to keep going,
"No, no, not today, Satan."

Not today, Satan. (LAUGHS)

JESSE: This game almost seems like
it's getting too easy for me.

I almost got everyone in this tribe
voting for Benny.

But because we're doing
our split votes on Khanh

I just need KJ to finish the job
and pull off the perfect blindside.

I just want to explain to you,
like, what's going to happen.


So we're going to put the split,
so we're going to be 5-3.

So, then, Benny thinks we're doing
Michelle as the majority

and then Khanh as the minority.

But we actually going
Benny as the majority,

and that's locked in.



Tonight, we're absolutely
sitting pretty.

I've got everyone in this tribe
in my pocket.

Sammy, Croc,

Chrissy, Khanh.

Michelle is now on board.

We've got KJ, she's on board.

There's not a person on this tribe
that doesn't want to work with me.

So really everyone but Benny
is on board with this move,

and everyone but Benny knows
what's going to happen tonight.

Who have you got a vote in for?

If your name's getting written down?

You know, I have heard your name.

But you're not going to be mine,
I don't think.

Like, I've literally
heard everyone's name.

But this is where I get
a little bit nervous.

When Chrissy blurts out to Benny
that he's on the chopping block,

I almost fainted.

I've done all this work to perform
the perfect blindside on Benny,

and Chrissy decides to blurt out
to the one person

that we're blindsiding
that his name has come up.

I have heard your name.

But you're not going to be mine,
I don't think.

I've done all this work to perform
the perfect blindside on Benny,

and Chrissy decides to blurt out
that his name has come up.

Like, I don't know
what Chrissy, like...

I don't know said your name

because, like, I feel pretty
connected with everyone here,

and I, like, 100% I've said that
as well from day one

that, like, the people's back
I've got, I've got,

and, like, I honestly
haven't heard your name.


Who is it?

So it should you, Mich, KJ,

and then the rest are on Mich.

Wait, five. Sorry.
Yeah, five. Sorry.

I'm out.

Sam, Jesse and myself, we're strong
and very tight-knit.

We had an unwritten agreement of,

"I've got your back
if you've got mine."

It feels safe to me
to have those two by my side.

CROC: Kid Jesse has come up with
a plan to blindside Ben.

The plan is to split the votes
with Khanh just because of the idol.

Jesse's plan kind of makes sense.

It seems pretty unanimous
at this stage throughout our tribe.

However, not that keen
to write his name down

because I've been really close with
Ben since very early in this game,

so I have a plan B.

Uh, what about Khanh?

KJ: Croc is right.

I don't know why our tribe
isn't actually trying harder

to send Khanh home with
an idol in his pocket.

Khanh from day one has been a huge
threat and he's so dangerous.

But at the moment I,
at 37 years old,

am getting told what to do
by a 21-year-old called Jesse.

CROC: He tossed my name up, but...


JESSE: This afternoon,
all of a sudden,

there's a lot of conversations
going on.

Survivor paranoia is a real thing,
and I was nervous about that.

So I really want to check
where the votes are going tonight

to make sure the numbers are there.

It's going to be about
confirming with Croc

that he is definitely
on board with the plan.

All good, boss?

So, the majority is still on Ben.

I'm gonna vote Khanh.

Oh, you wanna vote Khanh?

OK, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. No, totally.

Is there anyone that seems,
like, not on board or...

I don't know what's happened
between Croc and I,

but that really shocked me.

And now the vibe at camp,
it is really weird.

Confirming that
you're going, Benny.

I get that there's gonna be still
a merger, totally understand that.

But as long as I know that
you're on Benny...

I'm 100%. Dude, you're not a worry.

Like, I don't like...
Yeah. I get it. Totally get it.

Totally get it.
That's all I needed to know.

Yeah. Yeah.

Khanh's paranoia is definitely
increasing, which is good,

because if there's a way
that we can potentially

flush his idol, we need to
take that opportunity.

The worst-case scenario
for me tonight

is that the votes don't go
exactly as planned...

..Benny stays in this game
and then realises that myself

and pretty much everyone
has turned on him.

In this game, if you have an
opportunity to take someone out

and you miss that opportunity,

that might be it,
you might not get that again.

Hopefully, the numbers we have
will be enough

so we can perform a big blindside
on big, bad Benny.

to unpack all the latest Blood V
Water action every week on 10 Play.

We'll now bring in the Red tribe.

Oh, my God, he's got that
horrible shirt on.

Alright, so as you know,

Red won an advantage today
at the challenge,

and that advantage is the privilege
of sitting in on your tribal.

But tonight's tribal is gonna
work a little differently,

starting right now.

It is time to vote.

Ben, you're up.


Khanh, I need this idol flushed,

Sorry, you're too much of a threat.

It seems like every time
we try and force a blindside,

the other tribe is here to watch.

So hopefully this time it sticks.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote - KJ.


Ben. Two votes Ben, one vote KJ.

God, they're idiots.

It's me going, isn't it?


Khanh. Two votes Khanh,
two votes Ben, one vote KJ.


That's three votes Ben,
two votes Khanh, one vote KJ.



That's four votes, that's enough.


..I believe there is
a second part to your advantage.

Who has it?
I do.

Mel, would you care to open it up
and read it out for everyone?


"This advantage allows you to steal
one player from the other tribe.

"Your tribe will vote to choose
who that person will be.

you may only choose someone

"who has received at least one vote
from their own tribe tonight."


Ben, Khanh, KJ,
you've all received votes.

Red, you are now going to vote
to decide

which of these three you would like
to steal to join your tribe.

Red, you are now going to vote
to decide

which of these three you would like
to steal to join your tribe.

It's a big decision.
So...let's discuss.

Mark, you've got
three different people,

three different strengths,
weaknesses, relationships.

How do you weigh all that up?

It's not easy,
but I think the good thing is

we don't have to form a consensus,

Each person gets a vote,

and so I think it means that

we're likely to get
the person across

who is going to be
the best benefit to the tribe.

Shay, Red tribe
could take your boyfriend, Ben,

the guy you've been missing the most.

They could scoop him up
and take him over to your tribe.

Is this like kind of
a no-brainer for you?

It's not a no-brainer.
It's a desired result.

You guys know where my heart lies
on this decision.

I don't even have to tell you.

Be nice and settling and comforting
to have him around

and hear the stories of
what's happened on that side.

I have no idea
what's happened on this side.

Well, aside from tonight.

So, Ben, you copped five votes


Why do you think
you received so many votes?

I honestly have idea.

It's a good old blindside

and if they want me out,

I don't see why I shouldn't just
pack my bags now and go to Red

and bring on tomorrow.

Right now, it's a team sport.

We're all here
to play the game together.

We need loyal, trustworthy people
by our sides.

And one thing I pride myself on
is loyalty.


..obviously not
to the rest of my "alliance".

Chrissy, I see you
shaking your head at that.

Oh, I'm just rattled still.

Made your...made your bed.

So what are you rattled about,

if you're not making the decision
about who's going?

Maybe just the aftermath of tonight.

So you're worried about the fallout?

Jordie, lots of discussion
going on in the back row there.

Yes, there is Jonathan.

This one's a big one.

You want the person that's best
for our game over here,

but we also want to make sure
that our crew over there

are gonna be safe
with who we leave there.

That's the most important thing.

Khanh, I see you nodding your head.

I didn't think of that. Like,
that...that was like profound to me.

What Jordie said
actually makes so much sense,

but I didn't even think about it.

All I could think about was like,
what tribe becomes stronger?

I didn't actually think about

the repercussions of
the other two people staying.

So why do you think
you received votes tonight?

I have an idol
that needs to be flushed.

That didn't work.

Yeah, and it didn't work.

KJ, you received a vote also.

I did. Yes, I did.

So if Red chose you tonight,
how would you feel about that?

I feel I've got enough really strong
relationships on the Red tribe.

I look over there and there's people
that I was with since day one

who I just care about so much.

And I don't have a loved one there.

Do you think that could make you
more attractive?

Maybe it could.

I'm hoping it could.

I'm ready to play. I'm not
distracted by my sister anymore.

I want that chance to play this game
that I love so much.

Depending on which way
you go tonight,

you can create another pair
in your tribe,

or you can scoop up a single.

Yeah, like I've known KJ
since day one, and Khanh too,

so I can speak to both of them,
the quality of both the people.

But it's an interesting factor
whether you take a single or a pair.

Benny's obviously in a pair.

To me, a single might be a bit
easier to deal with than a pair.

So, Josh, what's the vote
going to be about tonight for you?

The vote tonight is about

not messing up the dynamic
we have here

because we do have a strong team.

You know, looking at Khanh, do we
bring an idol over here as well?

And so I'm considering that.

It is...
I still haven't decided, mate.

My head is spinning.
Your head's spinning?


This is going to be weird.

I'm freaking out. (LAUGHS)


That's funny 'cause me too.

Oh, my God, just vote.


Red, this is how it's gonna work.

I'm going to call you up
one at a time to vote.

You're gonna vote for the person
you'd most like to steal from Blue

to join your tribe
out of Ben, Khanh, or KJ.

Person with the highest
number of votes

will join your tribe tonight.


Alright, Mark...
come and grab the urn.

I'll go count the votes.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final -

person with the highest number of
votes will be joining Red tonight.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - KJ.


One vote KJ, one vote Ben.


Two votes KJ, one vote Ben.

KJ. Three votes KJ, one vote Ben.

Person joining Red tonight - KJ.

Yeah, you do have blankets.

Alright, KJ, you can stand up,
you can take off your buff.

Toss it in the fire.


Here's your new buff.

Thank you.
Go ahead, put on.

Join your new tribe.


Welcome aboard.
Come on.

Thank you.

Alright, Red,
your work is done here.

You can head back to camp.

KJ, you can grab your torch
on the way out.

OK, thank you.

Well, one tribe's lemon
might be another's lemonade.

Just hope those who remain
aren't too bitter.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

BEN: I want to play this game.
I need to lie, cheat and steal.

Benny's back with a vengeance.

I don't want to play it safe

People are about to feel
the real wrath of Benny.

And his quest for revenge...

CROC: Ben and I have been tight
since day one.

Flip this (BLEEP).

..will leave
a trail of destruction...

..and one player blindsided.

CHRISSY: There's a storm coming,
for sure.