Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - Episode #7.11 - full transcript

The game is well and truly underway, with one castaway deciding the time is right to start playing alliances off one another.

JONATHAN LaPAGLIA: Previously on
Australian Survivor...


Both tribes went
head-to-head in a brutal challenge.

Go, Nina!

But a serious injury...



..put an end to Nina's game.


I can't decide if this is worse
than being blindsided.

I know that I'll be
remembered for being determined.

I was just so proud that I went
further than the Queen of Survivor.

We love you.

And at the immunity challenge...

Up you get, up you get!

..the pain of losing Nina

gave Red the strength
to push through.


Winning it for Red!

At camp...

..Jesse and Sam had a bold plan
to blindside Ben.

Where does Croc sit on it?

He's close to Benny but...

They were confident
they had the numbers.

But with his secret idol
still in his pocket,

Croc was not following orders.

OK, yep, yep.

Yeah, nah, totally.

At tribal council,
Ben was blindsided...

That's five votes Ben,
two votes Khanh, one vote KJ.

..until a shocking twist...

"This advantage allows you to steal
one player from the other tribe

"who has received at least one vote

..gave the Red tribe
the ultimate choice.

You guys know where my heart lies
on this decision.

But in the end...

..KJ became the newest member of Red.

KJ: Bye!

15 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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I was pretty upset that they
didn't want to bring over Ben.

Yeah, it really hurt.

But I'm just dealing with it
and trying to not show how sad I am.

It's definitely good to have
some more female power

after the boys club was getting
stronger when Nina left,

and the girls
are just waiting to be picked off.

I need to put my focus
back in the game

and deal with whatever's
in front of me.

I could be going home. Who knows?




CHRISSY: Oh, yeah, that's not good.

JESSE: Thought they were gone.
Tucked my shirt in.

Laid back down, like,
they're still in there.

Last night's plan was
a blindside on Benny.

And up until Jonathan spoke,
we blindsided Benny.

And then boom,
Jonathan blindsided us.

I'm just a bit nervous.

Croc's built bonds with Benny here.

He was happy that Benny didn't go.

But for me, you know, debacle.

Benny is at breakfast today.

And now we all have to get up
and be happy families.

So refreshing.

Benny, I just think, dude,
it's a new day.

Oh, no stress, man.

No stress.

Part of the game.

Like I said,
I'm comfortable as, so...

No, man, honestly,
no hard feelings...

Oh, cheers.

Part of the game.

Oh, it's so awkward.

He's saying, "No hard feelings,
love you, Aunty, we're all good."

That's not the truth. He's livid.

At tribal,
Ben looked at me and said,

"I know you haven't looked at me
all afternoon, Aunty."

And then he said,
"So, you voted for me."

You know, like, I can't lie.
I went, "Yes." (CHUCKLES)'s not great because he's
going to be playing twice as hard.

And I think he wants my blood.

Nah, Jess. You wouldn't want to.
I'd ground you for life.

But, the good thing I've got
on that is. The boys over there.

If we could just get to merge,

Yeah. OK.

We've got to throw
the next immunity challenge

because we've got
to get back to tribal

and finish the job
while we've got the numbers.

I'm ready for a big move.

What are you two whispering about
over there, Kid?

We're chatting about
potential lolly shop options.

Good cover.


Ben still being in this game
really complicates things.

But thankfully he seems to be
putting a lot of heat on Chrissy

and he doesn't realise
that I orchestrated that blindside.

Yeah. Good.

That's a fair response.

Nah. Feel good.

I feel I received votes last night
because I am a threat in this game.

People are just starting
to cotton on now.

Hopefully... all see me as an asset,
not a threat,

but if you don't,
best not go to tribal then.

What I'm going to do
in this situation

is don't get angry, get even.

Chrissy wanted me gone,
she wrote my name down

and I'm going to send her home.

I didn't come out here to spend days
in the bush, doing nothing,

having a kumbaya tribe and having
singalongs at night-time.

That is cute. I'd love that in togs.

I'm all in now. My goal is to get to
merge and play this game with Shay

and be Sole Survivor.

I need to lie, cheat and steal

to flip any burger pattie
of a tribemate that I can

to get them on my side.

I am stoked. I am so happy.

I was basically sitting there, like,
with puppy dog eyes staring at them,

pleading for them to take me.

And I'm now on the Red tribe.

It's just a nicer lifestyle.

How are you feeling from last night?

I'm ecstatic
that the Red tribe stole me.

I've got those relationships with
Jordie, Mark and especially Josh.

I am really close to Mel also,

so going forward, yeah, I would hope
I'm in the majority.

I'm in with you guys.

Yeah. And we knew that.
That's why we did it.

OK. Yeah.

From my conversation with Jordie,

it's really him, Josh, Dave,
Mark and Jordan at the top.

And then you've got
Mel and Shay on the bottom.

It's funny 'cause that was happening
before we heard about Benny.


I don't to be here just as a number.

Like, I want to play with you.
I'm really dedicated.

Yeah. Cool, babe.

That was the best-case scenario.


Oh, did she?

What did she say?

She was complaining
that it's a boys club.



Right now, I could take a picture

it's the front page
of the Survivor Men's Calendar.

Here it is.

I do love my husband,

but the boys on Red 2.0,
they're just parading around,

so it's a bit hard
not to have a sneaky glance.

You give credit where credit's due.

A couple of good-looking roosters.


Boys club might need
a female presence.

I'm happy with that.

It is a boys club,

but that boys club needs a female
to shake it up a little bit.

We need an iron lady.

A real Margaret Thatcher style.

So here I am. Mamma Bear's
here to play with them.

It really hurts that my tribe
didn't choose to save Ben.

People are welcoming KJ,
listening to her stories,

it was a bit of a kick in the guts
just watching that.

I think the reason we brought KJ is
because she's another easy number

whereas Ben and I together

might just look like
a super powerful couple.

My head is going in so many circles
I can't even capture one thought

and figure it out.

I feel on the outs as per usual,

but this time even more so
because I don't have Nina now.

If we don't win immunity,

there's a huge chance
I could be the one going home.

I have to fight
for my place in the game

No matter what.

But if we win today,

that could potentially
put Ben on the chopping block.

So it's a win-lose situation
in this game of Blood V Water.

You winning,
means your loved one losing.

Come on in.


not only did Blue
try to vote you out,

but Red chose not to steal you.

How do you feel about that?

I'm fine with it, Jonathan.

I'm fine with all of it actually.

Red tribe, I know
it would have been a silly move

as I currently am a danger
in this game.

It was a great blindside.

Pity it didn't pull off.


you and Ben buried the hatchet?

We're fine.

We'll be fine.


So, you went from "we are fine"
to "we will be fine".

We're OK.
We're fine, Aunty.

We're fine.

Alright. Shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Immunity challenge.

First things first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're going to work together

to move balls
through a series of mazes.

On my go, you're going to use
a paddle to manoeuvre your ball

through a maze and then pass it
to your next tribemate.

If at any point your ball drops,
you need to start again.

First tribe to transfer
all three balls to the finish

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
ninth person voted out of this game.

Red, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

Jordan, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to strategise. Let's get it on.

Alright. Here we go.
For immunity...

Survivors, ready?


Ben first up for Blue.

Ben drops the first ball.

Mark for Red.

Drop the ball
and you'll need to start over again.

That's just part of this challenge.

There's definitely
a learning curve here.

Ben taking his time... prove to his tribe

he has what it takes.

Wants to prove them wrong,
voting him out last night.

Mark, working his way through
that maze with military precision.

Mark, trying to transfer
that first ball to Jordie.

This could be the trickiest part
of the challenge.

Jordie on the second maze for Red,

Ben coming up to the transfer.

Nicely done with Khanh.

He's now moving
on to the second maze for Blue.

Khanh, working quickly now,
wasting no time.

Mark drops the second ball.


trying to transfer
that first ball to KJ.


nice transfer to Sam.

She's moving on.

Ben working on the second ball now
for Blue.

No-one wants to make a mistake
at this stage.

Jesse coming through
with that first ball,

transferring it to Chrissy.

Oh, it's looking wobbly.

Oh no, that means that he needs

to go all the way back
to the start of his maze,

costing Blue some precious time.

Meanwhile, Mark, working
on the third ball for Red.

KJ is close
to getting through her maze.

Stay there until he gets it, KJ.

Transferring it to Josh. Nicely done.

Red had the lead.

They have all their balls
in the maze.

Ben waiting with the last ball
for Blue.

Lots of pressure on Sam
to figure this out.

Alright, guys. Take your time.

Jesse. Put yours up, OK?

Turn, tilt.

Turn, turn, turn, tilt.
Level it out. Tilt. Good.

Nice handover to Jesse.

He's moving on.

As Red continues to pull away.

You need to get all three balls
to the end.

Anything could happen.

Immunity on the line,
somebody is going home tonight.

Juicy gets through
with that first ball.

Very careful.

Nice transfer.

Shay moving on now.

Red continue to extend their lead.

Ben, trying to coach all his
tribemates through this maze.

He does not want to go back
to tribal council tonight.

Slowly go.

Croc gets through.

Wobbly transfer to Michelle.

But she saves it.

Push through. Push through.
Push through.

Traffic jam over at Red,

waiting for Shay

to get her ball through her maze.


Shay hands it over to Mark,

coming up the rear.

Michelle fumbling around
with her maze.

CHRISSY: frustration,
it's all G.

Mark working his way through
with that first ball.

Michelle, holding up progress
at Blue...

Tilt your back arm.
Tilt your back arm.

..creating the traffic jam.

Mark really focusing.

Doesn't want to screw it up for them

Mark, military precision.

Ye...yes, Marky.

Yes, Mark!

Mark finally drops the first ball
for Red.

Red is leading,
one ball in the chute,

two more to go.

Finally, Michelle is through.

Successful handoff to Ben.

Ben trying to work quickly now.

Meanwhile, Shay coming through
with the second ball.

Ben desperate to bank the first ball
for Blue.

Drops it in the chute,
putting them on the board.

We are tied, one each.


Mark has the second ball now.

Michelle feeling the pressure.

Almost through,

carefully handing it off to Ben.

He's good.

Ben with the second ball now
trying to hunt down Mark.

Mark's right there.
He drops the second ball for Red.

Ben drops the second ball for Blue.

Shay, with the last ball for Red.

Almost through her maze.

Chrissy, working quickly trying
to catch her.

You can feel the pressure.

No-one wants to make a mistake
at this stage.

Pass the bloody thing,
Chrissy gets through.

Oh, wobbly transfer, they lose it.

She's going to need to start again.
Go. Go. Go.


Opening the door for Red,
taking the pressure off them.


If Shay drops here, she's going
to need to go back and start again.

Nice transfer to Mark.

It's all on Mark's shoulders now.

Blue hoping for a mistake from Red.

That will be the only way
they could catch them.

Croc, he's handing off to Michelle.

A lot of pressure on Michelle now.

Mark, getting very close.

He does not want to screw it up
at this stage.

And that's it!

Mark drops the ball.

Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council.

Better not be (BLEEP) me again.

Red, congratulations.

Once again, immunity is yours.

Cool. Thanks. Cheers.

Thanks, guys.

Alright. You are safe.
Nobody going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

See ya.

Alright, Blue, tribal council
tonight, where one of you will become

the ninth person
voted out of Blood V Water.

Head on out. I'll see you tonight.

JESSE: We lost
the immunity challenge,

but I'm super stoked about it.

That means
we get to go to tribal tonight

and absolutely finish the job
and send Benny home.

SAM: So, we've lost the challenge,
but Ben is the obvious vote tonight.

He got five votes last night
at tribal council.

he should have been going home.

And so it makes sense to finish,
you know, unfinished business.

What are you thinking?

I just said
that my head's at Benny

because he said me and you,
and I find that hard to get over.

Let's just all go on, Benny.
OK. I'm happy...

My thought is that everyone
on the other side

already knows that he's dangerous.

Ben goes to merge,

we have no idea what kind of chaos
he's going to create.

It was emotional for me yesterday.

The last couple of days was hard.

Guys, we've been strong

from the beginning.

I've seen us as a four.

We already have the numbers
to get rid of him.

So we just need to finish the job.


Between Croc, Chrissy, Jesse
and I, we have a majority on Ben.

Take care of business.

Sounds good.

This is our time to strike.

CROC: I'm weighing up whether I stay
loyal to my loved one, Chrissy,

and join
her little band of merry men

and the allegiances
that she's made...

..or play my own game and then
dictate my terms come merge.

Ben and I have been tight
since day one.

I didn't vote for him last night.

Obviously, he was luckily
saved at the last minute.

I don't want to see him sent home.

I've got an idol as well.

That gives me the power
to take the bull by the horns,

steer this in the direction
I wanted to steer in,

go for a much bigger threat
in this game.

Would you like to vote with me?

Flip this game on its head.

I think he's more of a threat.

If Jesse and Jordie get to merge,
they are both challenge beasts,

both really smart, strategic,
great social games,

it's gonna be really hard
to beat them together.

If we go to merge now, right?

You guys are on the minority,

Chrissy and I will be
at the bottom of the majority.

And they'll just use us
to vote off whoever they want

until they're ready to pick us off.

The reality
of what's going to happen.

Just go five on Jesse.

One, two, three four...and Ben.

As long as we've got
a majority of four, we're good.

Yeah, it definitely makes sense,

but it's not who I want to play
with over there.

It's a big move. And it's risky.

Jesse, his alliance,

who he's been with, his OG,

it's just blowing my mind...

..that I've literally
adopted the Kid.

And for some reason, Croc's
throwing him under the bus.

This is not going to be good for me.

Gonna flip this (BLEEP).



Are you down?
On who?


That makes sense?
Makes sense. Yeah.

And then we control the game.


Are you down or not?
Yeah. Down.

After presenting my plan to Ben,

I do feel comfortable
that he realises

that this is the best option.

I've said I've got his back.

He reassured me that he's got mine

and fingers crossed
all goes to plan.

I guess our game starts now.

Mine started last night.

I actually thought about it.

What are we gonna do, Khanhy?
Let's get some rice on.


Are you genuine?

Asked me if you trust me
and I said, sure.

He wants to save me,
but he wants to blindside you.

I could quite easily go over Croc's
plan and play it safe.

But right now,
after being blindsided last night,

I don't want to play it safe

He just said, "We'll get the Kid."

I was like, whoa.
That's rough.

It sucks, doesn't it?

Croc's going to flip this
and blindside you tonight.

There you go. How's that feel?

Are you Genuine?

He just said, "We'll get the Kid."

I was like...
Jeez. That's rough.

And I just said, "Sure, no worries."

Just tell me what to write down.

But I'm with you two.

I'm showing my loyalty here as well.

If I didn't say that, you would have
had whoever is over there,

voting for you tonight.

That really shocked me.

I felt close with Croc.

I don't know what's happened
between Croc and I.

The plan was to absolutely finish
the job and send Benny home.

But right now,
if Croc's throwing my name out,

I might actually want
to work with him.

This is now the new three.

Happy to send the big guy home.

I'm happy to do that.

Let's switch this around
and say, "Bye-bye, Croc."

You reckon you can get Michelle
on board?

Yeah. It'll be us three, plus
Michelle, so that's four on Croc.


Make sure you just tell Chrissy
that it's on me,

same as what it was.

That sounds good, bro.

I'll talk to Michelle.

The plan tonight involves myself,
Sammy, Jesse,

and then we've got to get Michelle
on board

so we've got majority of four to
vote the big guy Croc out tonight.

We'll just need to make sure that
Croc and Chrissy don't find out.

Grab a couple more sticks of timber.

I have very big loyalty to yourself

and I know you have my back
because I have yours.

We're going to get Croc.

I never promised him
I wouldn't put his name down.

I mean, it's like a part
of the game, right?

But then we also have to think,
like, long-term,

what will be the best thing
going forward?


It's tough.

She wasn't happy about it,

but I have a strong connection
with Michelle from Old Red,

so I believe she's got my back.

It's going to be us four.


I'm 1,000% confident
that we have the numbers.


Very different pages.

Well, what am I going to do?
Go by myself or go with Croc?

I'm in a shit position.
It's as simple as that.

The plan was to finish the job
on Benny.

Now Croc wants Jesse to go tonight,

which is just
an absolute mic drop for me.

He's like my kid.
I don't know if I can protect him.

I feel sick.

The hardest thing for me tonight
is heart versus head.

Do I go with Croc
because I know he's got the head?

Or do I head into tribal
using my heart?

I just don't want to vote
for Jesse.


This is no different to last night.

Yeah. I know.
But it just feels a bit shady.


I'm not going to change my vote.
Simple as that.



That's all, like,
yeah, that's right,

I think it's pretty much
everyone's just doing

the same thing as last night.
Last night.

And then simple.

Benny goes, take two.

How you feeling, Aunty?

It's not poker. It's no clue.

The whole reason I'm here,
my social game,

which is to make friends with
everybody and know what's happening.

Croc is basically like, "No, we're
going to go with the strategy side."

What a debacle.

If I was to go with Croc's plan
and vote for Jesse tonight,

that makes me nauseous.

Jesse's like my kid.

This is a hideous Blood V Water.

Right this second,
it's not looking good.

CROC: This is a really difficult
position for Chrissy to be in.

I hope she's on board.

But I've cut
the emotional attachment.

I'm thinking now
of what's going to be best

for me and Chrissy come merge.

JESSE: Right now,
there's really three plans.

The original plan to get Ben out.

Croc's plan for throwing my name out
to blindside me.

And there's the plan
to blindside Croc himself.

I'm really nervous because
I'm not sure where the votes will go.

JONATHAN: Watch every challenge,
power play and blindside

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Fill me in.

The tribe blindsides Ben,

but you end up going back to camp
with him.

What happened next?

Benny was a good sport.

He didn't have a tantrum
like I would have.

We debriefed. We all went to sleep.
Today's another day.

So, Ben, last night you said that
if you went back to camp with Blue

that it would be
a fresh start for you.

Has that been the case?

Yeah, I mean, waters were rough
yesterday, obviously.

So I feel that Water
has found its natural level.

So, Chrissy, Ben says,
"Hey, we're all good,"

but are you concerned
that he might be out for blood now?

Maybe he can forgive us,
but not forget.

We'll have to wait and see.
I don't know.

I don't know
if I'd be as cool as he's been.

So, Sam, Ben says he's OK,
but if we're honest,

he took a couple of arrows
last night.

I mean, he's like
a wounded beast on the tundra, right?

So what are you going to do?

Are you going to finish him off

or are you going to let him limp on

knowing that eventually
he's going to bleed out?

Ben is a very worthy
and fierce competitor in this game.

You know, blindsiding him last night

was respect
to what his potential game could be.

But, you know, perhaps yesterday
was too early to do that.

So, Ben, do you believe
what Sam is saying

or do you think she's just telling
you what you want to hear?

No, I believe it,

and it is an honour
to be called a threat in this game.

So, you're wearing it
as a badge of honour.

A little badge of honour. Yeah.

So, Jesse, when a plan fails,
do you simply just try again?

Or is it an opportunity
to explore other options?

I think no day in Survivor
is the same,

and things change really quickly
around here.

So, if you're not open to options,
then you might be left behind.

Great news for you, Ben.
Fantastic news for me.

Last night, Jonathan, I thought

there were some definitive lines
in the sand,

but going back to camp
and dusting those lines aside,

we unpacked a lot.

Did it make it clear for you
who you can work with

and who you can't work with?

It definitely made it clear.

So, Khanh, last time we were here,
you received two votes.

Are you expecting
to receive votes again tonight?

I've heard a couple of names
thrown around today

and mine wasn't one of them.

So that kind of scares me a bit
because if you don't hear your name,

does that mean
that you are part of that plan,

that it's a blindside
and you are the one going?

Croc, Khanh brings up a good point,

if you don't hear your name
in the scramble,

maybe it's you going home?


And it's hard, even though
our numbers are shorter now

it's hard to be a part of every
little conversation that happens.

So, it's all about
who's had the conversations,

what we've said and then trying
to have that faith and belief

in your tribe members.

So, Jesse, we've been playing
the game for 23 days,

is it fair to assume that alliances
have started to form?

You would assume after 23 days
there are very strong alliances,

but we've really been one tribe
for a lot of this game so far

and have taken a really unanimous
approach to a lot of our votes.

Ben, as the wounded beast
of the tribe,

I know I can rely on you
for some truth.

Would you say
that some people in the tribe

are calling the shots
more than others?

I'd say most definitely, yes.

But in that being said, nobody here
goes without a voice.

So, Michelle, everyone
may have an equal say,

but there's always going to be
someone on the bottom of a tribe.

How do you make sure that's not you?

You always have to leverage yourself
more than the next person.

You have to show yourself
that you're an asset to the tribe.

And that's probably the only way
that you can get from the bottom up.

So, Chrissy, what's the vote
about tonight for you?

Tonight, I'm going to vote
definitely with my heart

and hopefully reiterate

that I'm playing this game
a little bit differently

to maybe some other people.

Yeah, let's say that.

Jesse, is that a little too cryptic
for you?

No, I know, Chrissy well enough.

I don't call her 'Mum' around camp
for nothing, so I get the message.

So, Croc,
what's guiding your vote tonight?

There's a couple of things
in play, Jonathan.

For those thinking strategically,

it's about what connections
we've got here,

what connections our loved ones have
on the other side

and what loved ones
we're going to work with.

So the vote for you tonight

is about what's going to happen
after merge.


We don't know how long till merge.

We could be battling it out together
against the other Red tribe

for more time to come.

So it's kind of like you want
to have one foot in the present

and one foot in the future,

and it's a delicate dance
between the two feet.

Jesse, how do you think
this tribe will be different

after tonight's vote?

are constantly changing.

And I think a few will be getting
much stronger tonight.

So how confident are you

that the plan you think is in place
tonight is going to happen?

I'm going to say I'm very confident,

Croc, we saw a blindside
last night.

Is it possible we could see
a blindside again tonight?

Absolutely, something could happen.

However, in the conversations
we've had

all sort of on the same page

and hopefully solid run into merge
in a good position.

How confident are you
that your plan is going to happen?

I'm confident.

Alright, well, on that,
I think it is time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.
Ben, you're up.

This is one of THE hardest names
I had to write.

But for you to ask me the blindside
the Kid, sorry, mate.

Sorry, Kid, I love you,

but I don't want to go to merge
at the bottom of the majority.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol,

and you'd like to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote,


Jesse. One vote, Ben,
one vote, Jesse.


Two votes Ben, one vote, Jesse.


Two votes, Ben, one vote, Jesse,
one vote, Croc.


We're tied. Two votes, Ben,
two votes, Croc, one vote, Jesse.

Croc. Three votes Croc,
two votes Ben, one vote, Jesse.

One vote left.

Ninth person
voted out of Blood V Water.


You need to bring me your torch.

Well played, guys.

Been a pleasure to play with you.


Croc, the tribe has spoken.
It has.

Peace out. Thank you.


I'm OK.

She's allowed to be upset.

Well, tonight you let the wounded
beast walk and you took out a titan.

No doubt there will be tears.

Then there will be blood.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.
Good night.

Tomorrow night,
on Australian Survivor...

Survivor 101 - trust no-one.

..a storm is coming.

Yes, got him. Idiot!

Who will be the first to strike?

You don't bring a knife
to a gunfight. You bring a tank.

This thing is my tank.

Croc's whole game revolved around
defending Ben.

That is what a blindside feels like.

Hurricane Chrissy...

He has a lot of explaining to do. unleashed...

Game on.

Sam and Jesse voted my loved one
out. Brace yourself.

CROC: I should have clicked on to
some of the body language around me,

no-one was looking at me.

I should have played the idol,
but well played to them.

I didn't want to play it safe.

I wanted to go all in

..didn't have the cards
to lay on the table, apparently.

Croc's going to be so mad at me.

However, Chrissy is still
in the game at this point in time.

I think she can actually
win this game.